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Y01.46 Hahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
Published at Hahnvioe La '
nvery Saturday
Officiai Journal of the Partsh
of St* CharltS\
IV O. Brady Editor
Terms of Subscription %2.oo a vea
T --- ----- " "■ * ' ------------ ' ■'■* *-*»
Entered at the Postofiue at HahnviU
La. % at secona nass matter
SATURDAY Dec. ? 19*8
V'JMinm «cation« tiando <1 l*lortha"
V oiinasday evattin«, will lay over ani»l »•
w«na foilowinit
«rail ccm munlttation« «en«*t»« wi'.ttenoo
o»e •)<!« of the paper.
owTne full name and nddre«« of tue wrl
ter nn«M accompany each ponimnnlcatlon or
Ho publication, but era matter of jttod faith
Ooiiituiiiiicntlon« of pernonai character
«Till not be recognieed.nnieae from reapon*
dole artlea In «nch cm«« a charga of
r.Sti a <ju«rt will be iiiuOe.
•«'Mown ami interactinglooa Item* are re
teotfu lyaoll'.'Hed.
p really,if, when wrltltiK to, or uuylaggooda
ton our mlvorurer«, they will «Imply eay
ay «aw cneircnrdslu ml*paper
iSaln tdlHtied February 15 , 1878
..ran» • ntadvartl«ement«*l por«<i«iarefir»t

•*nlo# Knch «Mbaequent
•• •«:« pe* neb
•e eaium" t one year •
Oae-uaif column one year
Uaa «lunrtei colniun one year
w«l oardaoeeyeat
advertisement« and «ub«criptloi»e areool*
ilectabielnvartaM? in advance
In ««it ion, fifty
SB .00
Dec. 3. 1918
It was moved by Mr. Elfer and
seconded by Mr Deiaune, tha 1
the budget of exj enditure of the
approximated tableau of expenses
u f the Parish of St.Çha -les for the
,'p' ,
c rrent year ending June 30t"
1919 as ad* pied at a meeting of
the Police Jury o f July 13th 19/8.
be advenive in the St. Charles
Herald of the Paiish of St. Char
les f'»r 30 davs according to law
Be it further resolved that said
Tableau of rxpenses for the cur
rent year ending lune 30th 1919
be amended to lead as follows
Probable Revenues
Parish Taxses
$36.881. 4 6
Lin censes
$47,466 46
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
maintaining prisoners
Sheriff's Salary
3.5 OO .00
Sheriff's Deputy Salary
District Attorney s fees
for convictions
Coroners salary.
Justices of the Peace
Grand, Petit and Coroner
Secretary Police Jury,
600 00
Official Journal
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision auoo 00
Assessor's Clerical Expenes 500.00
Parish Treasurer ? 3 o.ou
School Fund 8,500,00
Expenses Board of
Health for Infectious and
Contagious diseases 300.0c
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stave Univer.*
*«*?» t u
Maintenance of 3 Ben
scholar at the State Nor
mal Schoo!
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Salary tor oiliug wind
mill & washing tank
Road Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
Incidental expenses
Jefferson T« ust & Savings
Excess Revenues
600 00
too OO
600 XJO
I hereby certify ihai II«
Tableau was adapted by fbe Police
—-- j
Jury at tlie meeting held on the 3
day of Dec. 1918
F. Schexnavdr*
Parish of St, Charles Dec. 3
FOR 1919
The members of the John A.
Reine Camp No. 504 Woodmen of
the World, met at their home at
LaPlace on Sunday afternoon and j
elecied the fol'owing officers to
serve the camp in 1919
Consul Commander, H. C. Maurin
Adviser Lieutenant, B. N. Millet
Banker, Augustin La.sseigne
Clerk. John A Reine
Escort, Oscar Labat. ^Watchman,
Thomassin Hymel Sentry, Sidnev
Clement. Camp Physician, Dr. E.
P. Feucht.
Board of Managers; F O. De
lanne. Wallace Lasat-igne, and N.
Alberic Millet
Relief Committee, John A. Reine,
Pierre Cassage, Robert Montz, J.
G. Madereand M Vicknair, Jr,
Committee on entertainment,|John
\. Reine, E. H. Alexander, Pierre
Cassage, Denis Madere, Thomas
sin Hymel, .tlberic Millet, Robert
Montz, Sidnev Clement, Renat
Wtbie, John StMartm. Willie Mel
ancon, Jr. and Oscar I.ab<it
The camp will install its new
officers in the latter part of Janu
nry, at which time the members
enrolled in the last victory drive
under direction of Sovereign Har
groder will be given the Protec
tion Degree. This event promises
to be most Interesting to the mem
bers who will no doubt be all pres
ent to enjoy the surptise in stoie
for them. D ue notic of the date
etc . will be given each member
The camp now boast of a mem
shtp of one hundred and twenty
one good member;, all in good
standing and real choppers, and
these choppers expect to increase
their membership very much in
the n«ar future, as the new insur
ance policies are very attractive &
no can afford to do without such a
safe protection
Sovereigns John A. Reine and
B. A'oe Millet were appointed on
committee to draft resolution on
deaths of Sovengns Jacques Per
rilioux, Francois Cambre and
Azeuor Brou
December 3. toi8
By order of Ihe Navy Dep rt
ment, no further inductions wiM
be asked for the Navy. He-eaft«i
the men will be recruited directly
without notifying draf hoards.
Those men whose inductions h*ve
been requested, will be sent in but
no other inductions will be reques
The Navy Mobilization Service
has been changed to Navy Recruit
ing Service and all Navy Mobili
zation Stations to Navy Rec'uit
'ng Stations.
No more Reserve t men will be
enro Ued with the exception of
Naval Auxiliary Reserve f >i Offi
cers' Material schools and Machin
ists' Mates for Submarine Duty.
Men in fhe^e rating? are particu
3 tar 1 y «ie>iiet|
i Tlie foil« w ng rati 'gs are desir
e.l fur ihe Kegu ar Navy. F ; rem< n
I Machinists Mates. Apprentice Sea
men tor Kad o. .'hi! w iglits, bod
< rmakers. >hlp C ooks; Hospit I
Appientires and Officer»' .'«eruants
Ah cuhsiments will be jtor four
y »is
J. I'- VV mu! ist
Lieut Commd. L'.S N. (RET)
inorMM In American Hegt Wlf
He* tc Meet WcrH Fat
«era raw rat iwtlfM I« fiUwMlaUM
et fiorl Bradwetl eo < Iwto foW
Ififif — »0 Ovw Pnu
War liDOfta
Tko«a|t toereaeed yrodrctlon and
r w rn ll<m or* will be able this year,
•e ««port moi tiara our pre-war
>tn»|» expert« *f pork producta.
WM tee Dorr/ demands added to car
Ml tue (Mo mUUmm *ko haro keea
iroed ttraa O— a appreaaton, tha
t>i|OitaMat of Agriculture and the.
Feed AdedalrtraUee ate Jaattfied to-:
day la ear omet ratloe of atlmulatlrfb
ut Dm# prodaeOoa. la the coining j eer
Ihe greeted! trerid aborts ye win be la.
fata, and perk wilt fcaip ta mt{ telg
Kn»"5ff. Ttt ëTPracv of ÿoaiay
0 1 Müaralated prodecdoa ha« built up
la tele country rapptlra which win en
pMo ao to npply a very large part of*
the (M deficiency of the world. la
hoof there aiuot bo a ahortago la Bu
rap* due target/ to limited refrigera
tor ahtp catadff. All freecer sblpr
aval lebt* haw«— » . will be filled by
Amcitaa, Arp—ft— and Australia.
The — trth e tt— atada by tbo pro
ducer# of thto rmtiy to the war pie
ptnaa ao applgtap. portico la rty to oa*
il teed peed— tu It Ulaatnted by tha
»apartfi —gfl id by the ü. R. Do
por—t ad ddotcultere Indicate as
Parte—a I» c—tto at 10.288.000 bead
aad UMljm hopo The— figure«
Ware —apll a fi tu faauary 1 laat
la (Mo p—bad there waa a decrease
•a aheap at P1PJPP baud. The todlc»
ttooe are that thlu fiorraa— will show
aa lamwuh aoeevdlap to receat re
Sines Summet 1 naoffictal Inform—
«ou ladtcat«* aw t—rea— in hogs of
net Do— than • yw —at and not
taw* than 13 put «eat — compared
with ewe yoav age. with as Increase la
(Mo averajo weight.
renewing the m— u t ef the U. 8.
read Afimiatetrattea for aa I acre—a
la Mag predecOea fer marketing (a the
tell ad IBM aad tira spring cf 1910 tha
Daerws usa t fteld not le— than 1,000,
•0MB* pofiada mere of pork products
(Baa were 'avaflahla last year. With
out this I— Ma tho shipping program
—ranged kg Mr. Heaver regarding am
tarai tead products would have bom
11m drama 4 Mag products during tbo
term oaouthu Bfidtag September 30,
tOIT, luoMtoi to «*,172,000 pound*
white ter tho c— s—p e nding months 6f
IKS tho drauuod hog products touted
UfljMfte aa Increase of over 374,
•DMSS paaudfi f— tho quarter.
Dur i ng tea —a period for 101T tha
record« uf Inspected slaughter of
dreseed beef chewed 1,20.1.000,000
pound# as against t,dfid^00,000 pounds
for tho thrm mouth period ending
September L this year.
On r food Go spel
w»«is nothing
Aawrka'i PleAgu ef Food
Cara Heart to tho Allioo
1 b Their Darkest Hot«
WWT» I. ,—r. An.«- Ill )
Mad. That was America's pledge t#
tha lutsrallled feed council. And be
rnera IhS American feed army had
hltherts pwfie grad they took heart
aad Mol terwurd.
Profit Making
Farm Equipment
It pays to boy GOOD farm
•qu?9in«»itt — yto can r«ly
on tne Wittioms Lino.
Power Hay Balars
Tha vellknewa
HanOard WiltiatM
T w(l I e bioOlm.
•cUAbreadins Pow
er Hay Baien hare
Bi a a r ctdmTt
feature«. Moat
e ce non d cal to operate—strong and durable. Hun
dreds at aatirfleri ««acre. Boaklat free It yon ask.
On «-Horse Hay Press
TheWi!Uam*Steel Princes*, light, auapla. W in d y ,
all —eL wah ample penser and ttrength. Make
iable bale. Stulabla far maall
'fit* '
Portable Engine«
WVSam* thmttiifig g^ erard Engine« ora cape*
ciaUv designed aad lanlt Ce délirer fall paver on
low-price kero
sene. AU «ires and
t yp«» — thousands
are giving satiety:
tonr «ernce. Full
information «eat
Free OQ roquofi.
I Tbraebora fer Prêta. M — ta,
■lea, Paaa, Dean a, etc.
•re ■ «ale and
profitable h*»e*t
menc — teesually
efficient and depend
Standard the
aovotry over. Inter
wUag circula» an re-cat.
WilttlBK Mill Mff. CD.
4» «. Meood lUTmHiin, U
Pcant d Gnta TVrtdan, f «a— Rpa, I
Cmtnf F«ed MaC» Ma, S—k Mb
Care SAa Baa, Eel— C—a
Pta M i n . Pad Qfia, On Ini
Puata. li di ud m Mefaf mi
So, 629
Twenty-Kighth judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles, State of Louisiana
Succession of A. V. Caillet
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
of this estate and to all other persons
herein interested to show cause within
ten days from the present notification
(if any they have or can,) why the sup
plemental account presenten by P. Ar
mand Caillet, administrator should not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewith
By order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk
Gerk's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
July 18th, 1918
Prentii-c E, Ediington Jr
403 Whitney
N 07 IC*:
No burial or removal of oodles
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
from the Local Registrar (Post
master) of said District in
the death occured as per
from 71 ie Louisiana Mate
of Health
N. Meringue
Sexton Red Church Cemetery
In the meatless menu there is s fer
tile field for developing new and nour
ishing dlahe* according teB.iL Nile*
writing In the Hotel Oasette, who be
lieves that the present shortage of
meat and ''ats win not ead with Ihe
coming of peace, bat may grow more
acute and continue ter five or six
year* thus making It worth while to
develop inen— of grain, vegetables
find fish en a more or less permanent
bast* Meat oan be replaced by —reels
and other protein food* or may be
) "T* ** '* "*■
vorlnx for other food. Id making up
meatless menu# this author finds cur
American Creole aad southern cut aloe
a broad field for Investigation,
save 16.000,000 bushels
Farmery Urged by Feed Administre
tion. Frevlde 8even Bxtra Leavoa
ef Bread fer I very American.
By adopting eleaner threohlng meth
od* and by literally corabtag harveei
fields to gather grain formerly wait
ed, thresherrnen and farmer» of the
United States thla year saved fully
1(1,000,000 baoheU of wheat, estimated
aa equivalent to about —vea one-|M«utid
loavea ef bread for every person In
the country. Thla result, accompanied
by correspondtag saving» ef barley,
oat*, rye and ether grains, la shewn by
inverts from 33 grain states to the U.
8. Feed Administration. Other atatea,
although net prepared to furnish defi
nite flgnrea of con—nratlon la the
grain field* re pa r t greatly reduced
hurvest losses.
This rural food saving achievement,
accomplished la — arrely etx month» 1
time, wao In direct response to re
quests hy the Food Administration,
which naked farmers and thresherrnen
to reduce harvest looses from about
per rent.—the estimated average
la normal time*—to the loweot possi
ble minimum. Country grata thresh
ing committee# carried into every
grain growing community the official
recommendations for accomplishing
the results desired.
In numerous Instances drivera of
racks with leaky bottoms were —nt
from the fields to repair their equip
ment and frequently bad order thresh
ing machines were »topped until the
cause of waste wan removed. But In
proportion to the number ef persons
engaged ta gathering (be nation's grain
crop, cas— of cotapalsiou were com
paratively rar* The Food Adminis
tration freely attributes the success ef
the grain threshing campaign to yw
triode service by farmers, thresh—^
men and their crews. Incidentally
grain growers of the United States are
many millions of dollars "In poctaF*
as « 1 —uH ut (he grala saved.
I "After four in ozr family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and lung troubl*
j but my life was saved ami 1 gained
87 pounds through using
"H l'attersou, Wellington, Tex. f
et 3 0 «! »«SSi.O O QT 411 DBI'CGK.
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties ot Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Cadow
To B.inkers:
Write Us for Samples ana
Prices on Out
Cox Pig. and Pu*i. Co., Inc,
737 Poydias Street, New Orleans.
Important Notice
No burial into the cemeteries of
the Ho'y Rosary's Church and «les
Allemands will be allowed unless ac
companied by a burial permit from
the local Registrar (Post Master
Hahnville & Des Allemamls) as per
orders from the Louisiana Stale
Boar«l of Health
W. Parrot Pasior
Sexton of the said Cometries
Not ce
The next examinai ion for teach
ers' certificates will be held at the
Court House Dec 3 , 3, & 4,
JwhiteL a, *d Dee 5, 67 (ne
J^B.' Martin.
. A ■ «
liJjLJsl. I/
Second Conrrersiotu« \ i'i! '
Member of Congres* H.tv rb«-.;**
Higlith Senatorial Distncl
State Senator.
Judges J.K Fleury
District Attorney L.R.Rivar* e
Parish of St Charles.
Representative f I'.Rem ; rk
Sheriff & Collector L.C Vial
Chief Deojitv, H. I> Kel': t
Deputy Sheriff R. Madere
Clerk St Recorder. I t T. 15 ; udooitr
Deputy Clerk
Coroiiei l) r V
Treasure» Vim.
• ibsesSor
Registrar I.V.''
Official Joui.ial, S . C*'.-■
Justices of he «•'. c .
First Ward \V. |. f\;nc - :
Second Ward A. !.. Moiu', t
Third Ward o. K' j. 1, ■■■
Fourth Ward Trauti.
Fifth Ward F. O. Weaie
I* i r st Ward
Sccoml Warn L I
Third Ward
Fou rlli Ward
Fifth Ward
Sergeant at Arms
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Waid
Fifth Ward V . . •
Meets » st TuejHt&v 01 < « • • '.
. SehooJ Board.
Prewdear Äf. L. GuhStS
FI/.m Ward
M.G. Becnel '
Secoua War«','
-M. L, Guidry
1 bird Ward.
'F. Keller
Fourih Ward
L, J. Dejeau
Fifth Ward
A.J.Schexnavdre I
r J. H. Mari.,,.* sum,
Lafourche Basin Levee Boa » c
lr.rt.lct t.c; S«.. 1 ,,«
S-.r.tarv W. I.
Mcnil»e r s
A. Champagne,
Lem.utn, Donalsonvil.'e:
L*»ri<», M«
! J P,Mid •*! n
CliJiutpay »it
R. Mot tz
1*., I'olinu
R. Wefcvrr
F, I.oric
F. çjCl.exni. vd 1 c
t*. i'rionx.
I . ! «■.»:»
f L. h 1 u
F.»! ..
Kilgard; f | {<
n ; 1. v
Mccloii.tghvillf-• r»
V,.""« j F, «Vis,
1 lie Stale Board of hngi
L«»rm, Moi.erlv; R, (;, Martin *fr
Albemarle; R. Rerex.
Bend; E. G. Swariy Burtfn*TV r
Titaggard. 11 J '
neer* compose (he engi„ e ,.-ring" de
pa riment and the Mate Tirasuie»
is treasurer of the B««art* A
Regula» meeting „„ serona
Thursdays uf January, Acril t,ii"
and October Fu,a,ice
meets first Monday of earl. mo„,
at New Orteausoffice.
Terms of Conn
In '.ne Parish «.f Jeffers on—
Jury Sessions ist Monday I*
Apni. and Monday i„ October
C«v.l Sessions, and Monday ig
V n \, *'» M V' a ? y in ^ovemhe^
'n the Parish of St. Charles
•[nry Sessions, rod Monday
< î Bd .* ,lü "' ,a y i " Novembe.
civ,I Sessions, ist Monday 1
February , n d Monday M . : u i v
Parish 01 St. John the Baptist. J.
Jury Sessions, ist
March .trd Monda» in j u j y
Monday «
and Monday in December
Sessions ut Mutiday ii#
3rd Monda* '
The best of the good one«.
All the or.periroeau at the G>»ver
ment tood tac peru aed «u* *:!•:, -.>
trauers A Y al- Utilvanatv p,.»
that raral raten «*.- the
*»d kvaltluevt. Cwak«r-S«ptc!i (V.j,
•mods at tee hand ef the lût ofcerav*
foods k is «X* only tea best Ibod,
but it's the cheaprat lend or. earth.
Packed ia tins it will keep uoruul
Wte anr»here éndehiàtaly.
St Charles Herm,*
Mmm *,«•-««,.
«» **»
PAMI8H 4»r »f. '
umviMirr on HfAtirus.
» i. U in «man»

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