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Calomel Today! Sick Tomorrow!
I Guara ntee Dodson 's Liver Tone
Don't take nasty, dangerous calomel when bilious,
constipated, headachy. Listen to me !
Calomel makes
Calomel makes you sick ; you lose n
day s work. Calomel is quicksilver
and it salivates; calomel injures your
If you are bilious, feel lazy, slug
gish and all knocked out, if your bow
els are constipated and your head
aches or stomach is sour, just take a
spoonful of harmless Dodson's Liver
Tone instead of using sickening, sali
vating calomel. Dodson's Liver Tone
is real liver medicine. You'll know it
next morning because you will wake
up feeling fine, your liver will he work
ing, your headache and dizziness gone,
your stomach will he sweet and bow
els regular. You will feel like work
ing. You'll he cheerful; full of vigor
and ambition.
Your drucglst or dealer sells you a
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone for a
IPs Äcid-Stomaeli
That Makes Millions
Sick and Suffer
Mfo f« dark—not worth much to the
man or woman with an acid-stomach.
A^id-atoniach kills Hope, Ambition.
Energy, Courage. It saps the strength of
the strongest body—impoverishes the
Mood—causes untold sum ring—makes
millions weak, untie and brings on pre
mature old age.
You know what acid-mouth doe« to
teeth and gum«—how the mid lirernlly
eats through the hard enamel, causing
the teeth to de?ay. Just imagine, then,
what havoc an atTdstcm.Kh must d> to
the delicate organization of the stomach.
Millions if people are weak and unfit.
Filtering nil the time, fn one way or an
other. from RuperaciJity or acid-stomach.
They don't seem dangerously sick.
Just ailing. Going through life weak,
listless, dragging one foot after another.
They're tervous and irritable; lack power
and punch, frequently have severe at
tacks of blindlég. splitting headaches;
subject'to fits of melancholia and mental
depression. And nearly always their
stomachs are out of order, even though
many experience no actual stomach pains
*—digestion poor—never getting anywhere
near the full strength from their food.
So, you see, it's just this—acfd-Ktom
ach— that is holding so many people back
—sapping up the strength' they should
get from their food—taking away thplr
vigor and vitality—leaving them weak
and Inefficient.
Get rid of the excess ncld. Thit'i
tlie secret of good health and Is the only
way to obtain good digestion and asslm
ilation. It is the right way to be well and
keep strong. Ordinary tonics won't do
any lasting good. The best they can do
is to spur up your appetite. When the
stimulating effects wear off, you are
Worse off than ever.
A modern remedy makes it possible
to remove excess acid without the slight
est discomfort. It is called EATONI(',
in the form of pleasant tasting tablets.
I heir action in the stomach is a good
deal like a piece of blotting paper taking
up a drop of ink—t h ey literall.* «b*or!»
the injurions excess acid ami carry it
tway through the intestines.
Begin using EATON 10 right now—to
day—and get on the road to bounding,
vigorous, vibrant health. Thousands upon
thousands of people who have used
KATONIC are enthusiastic in its praise.
They «ay they never dreamed that any
thing could bring them such quick relief.
EATONTC Is absolutely guaranteed so
get a big 50c box from your druggist. If
it does not help you your money will be
refunded. If your druggist does not keep
EATONIC, send your name and address to
the Eatonic Remedy Company, 1018 S.
Wabash Avc., Chicago. 111., and they will
at once mail you a 50c box and you can
send them the money for it after you re
cette It.
ING TONIC. Said by All Drag Stares.
Churches and Theaters.
For every 100,000 of the population
of London there are 45 places of wor
ship and six theaters.
California has a corporation with
$100,000 capital to establish bee farms
all over the state.
American women
nurses are installed
eight miles in the
rearjDf the fighting
lines*'"over there.
Right here at home
many women
should learn nurs
ing to take care of
the sick or, in
emergencies, the
wounded. You can
learn a great deal
by obtaining the
Medical Adviser,"
_ a book of 1,000
s, bound in cloth, containing chap
on First Aid, Bandaging, Anatomy,
iene, Sex Problems, Mother and Babe,
prescriptions for acute and chronio
ises: profusely illustrated by wood
and colored plates. Ask your drug
or send 50c. to Publisher, 063 Maui
•t, Buffalo, N. Y.
a woman is nervous or has dizzy
I, suffers from awful pains at regu
r irregular intervals sno should turn
tonic made up of herbs, and with
alcohol, which makes weak women
ig and sick women well. It is Dr.
*'s Favorite Prescription. Druggists
t in liquid or tablets. Send 10c to tho
lids' Hotel. Buffalo, N.Y.,for trial pkg.
l for the liver and bowels nothing is
>od as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
A« Plant, Ark .—'T have h*d displacement
5 ve.ars; had fits occasionally and hsd
,oh trouble until at times I would nearly
I doctored with lour or five of the best
n in this part of the country but they did
, good so Itook three bottles of Dr. Fierce e
ines, one ol 'Favorite Prescription and
f 'Golden Medical Discovery, also one vial
: 'Pleasant Pellets', and I praise God lor
; men the knowledge to prepare such roedi-
as these are. I recommend Dr. Pleyce a
ie, to all suffering women for I think they
lodsend to suffering people. I am in better
'than I have been in 35 years. If I had spent
eee medicines what I spent with doctors, I
bave been well year* ago. I hope Dr. Pierce
ive long to help suffering humanity. I can t
hit medicines enough-'
-Jfri. Sary Z. Atari.
Your Best Asset
—A Skin Cleared By
easBJaAaasw ^ *
W. N. U, MEMPHIS, NO. 44-1918»
fi w cents under my personal guaran
ty e that it will clean your sluggish
liver better than nasty calomel; it
"ont make you sick and you can eat
anything you want without being sali
vated. Your druggist guarantees that
each spoonful will start your liver
denn your bowels and straighten yon
np by morning or you get your nionej
back. Children gladly take Dodson's
Liver Tone because it is pleasant tast
ing and doesn't gripe or cramp or
make them sick.
I am selling millions of bottles of
Dodson's Liver Tone to people wh<
have found that this pleasant, vege
table liver medicine takes the place «
dangerous calomel. Buy one bottle or
my sound, reliable guarantee. Ask
your druggist about me.—Adv.
Air Mail for Spain.
A firm in Spain has applied to the
Spanish government for the privilege
of carrying mail on airplanes through-
out that country and between Madrid
and the Balearic islands. If authoriza-
tion is granted, the firm plans to issue
stamps with the government's approv-
al for use in this air service.
Thousands upon thousands of women
have kidney and bladder trouble and
never suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
Tain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
such conditions.
Get a medium or large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co. Binghamton, N. Y„ for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
Largest Sugar Crop.
The 1917-18 sugar crop of I lie prov
ince of Matnnzas, Cuba, was the larg
est on record—4,831,400 bags of 325
pounds each.
Keep a little Vacher-Balm in your
nose, it Is antiseptic, and kills germs
though harmless to use, Internally, oi
externally. It also relieves the dis
tressing symptoms. 25c In Tubes, and
Jars. Avoid imitations.—Adv.
This country now leads the nations
as an exporter of manufactured goods.
grovws bÏbVbow^ MmflClNM^win comet
tbs Stoluscb ami Bowel trouble*. Perfectly bana
le*». Bo* dlraciion* on tbs bottle.
Washington expects 75 vacant homes
to be taken over for war purposes.
Tba occasional u«e of Roman Eye Balsair
at night upon retiring will prevent and re
llov* tired, watery «yea. and aye strain. Adv
Kangaroo funning Is an Important
industry In Australis
La vs
Peculiar Sect in Canada Goirn
Sack to Russia.
Their Departure a Few Years Ago
Would Have Bren Hailed With
Delight, but iientimeit Has
Undergone a Change.
Tho announcement that Peter Vert
pin, the leader of the 10.IMM to 11.0(H)
Russian Dukhobors, or Dukhobortsy,
has declared his intention of returning
to Russia with liis followers has caused
p mild sensation in Canada. Fifteen
years ago a similar announcement
would have been received hv the peo
ple of western Canada with explos
ions of devout gratitude. The Il
literate peasant "spirit-wrestlers," ; s
their name Implies, were disliked as
religious fanatics, who herded to
gether In community houses, arid
though peaceable and industrious
peasants, refused to conform to Cana
dian laws and regulations or to ac
cept nationality. But now everywhere
in western Canada they are recognize d
as remarkable colonists, even if had
citizens, while refer \ er an is ac
knowledged to be a genuine leader of
The Dukhobor has never been a wan
derer ef his own free will, lie lias
moved from place to {.lace in Europe
ns the result of consistent persecution.
Church and state went for him "ham
mi r and tongs," the one telling him
that all religious sects must lie brought
into conformity with established Greek
Catholicism, the other that he must
become a soldier under the conscrip
tion act of 1SS7. At first he complied
with the military law and went off to
battle, but with tlie distinct under
standing between him and the elders
that if he were compelled to discharge
his rifle he would fire it In the air.
For he has always been a consistent
non resistant, and so consistent an op
ponent of war of all kinds that, in exile
!r the Caucasus, tho community threw
away the weapons that had been con
sidered necessary to protect its mem
tors from wild animals.
In the first year of their sifflement
In Canada, the men scattered in order
to earn wages on farms, on railways,
and sawmills. Meanwhile, the women
built the future residences and. l ick
ing horses, plowed the land by har
nessing themselves, 12 pairs of wom
en to a plow with one plowman to
drive them !
Brilliant, in British Columbia, is one
of the great Dukhobor centers and the
socialist's Utopia. Here the commu
nity is wholly self-contained and has
realized something of that equality of
Its component citizens for which there
is so much striving in the world to
day. In contrast to the modern city,
there are no anxieties concerning tlie
source of the next day's needs. There
are evidently no divisions between
"mine" and "thine" no jealousies or en
vies over the possessions of another, for
no man is richer than his fellow. No
money is in circulation. One member
of the executive does all the outside
selling and buying, and all moneys
received are turned over to the
tieasury. Money, in fact, lias no
purchasing value within the commu
nity. All the necessaries of life are
doled out without It by the various
departments in charge. Everybody
has the wherewithal, which is not of
silver and gold, and there is no theft,
any more than there is visible machin
ery of government. The govern
ment is the people. Once a week they
crowd into the large assembly hall and
discuss the affairs of the commu
nity, and the managers of the sev
eral departments are given their in
structions according to popular sen
timent. The Dukhobors possess the
system of initiative, referendum anil
recall in an admirably simplified
form; their officials and tempo
ral representatives hold office as
long as they do their work well.
What Is the explanation of these
peculiar people who live so simply
on a farm or ranch which may
stretch for miles along the road and
stately Columbia river? And can
Canada afford to lose the "sisters"
and "brothers" of a community who
have huilded better than they knew,
who have created a unique state in
the midst of the wild?—Christian
Science Monitor.
Last of Kin of Great Novelist Dies.
William Dickens, the last kin ol
the great novelist, Charles Dickens,
tl'eil recently at his home In Hamilton,
Out. Sir. Dickens was born in Braun
stone, England, where his father,
George Adams Dickens, kept the Ad
miral Nelson, an old public house.
William Dickons came to this country
about ten years ago, accompanied by
liis wife, Emily Stennes, and his young
est daughter. Mr. Dickens was sevea
tv-five years of ago, and possessed a
most interesting character, resembling
In some wavs liis great cousin. When
Charles Dickens was passing thtough
the little town of Braunstone he
stopped at liis cousin's inn, a'id, no
ticing the little bright-eyed hoy, patted
him on the back and quaintly told him
to grow np to he a better man than his
father. Mr. Dickens treasured that in
cident among the fondest memories of
his life.
Air Speeds.
Every airplane lias a minimum air
speed at which it must he thrust
through thï air if it is to he main
tained aloft, and a maximum air sjieed
It. excess of which It cannot safely be
nose-dived, for the various components
will not stand the struin beyond g cer
tain given point
With finge. s! Corns and cal
luses lift off. No pain!
Magic ! Just drop a little Freezor.o
m that touchy corn, instantly it stops
telling, thou you lift tho corn off with
the lingers. Truly! No humbug!
Try Froczone! Your druggist sells a
tiny bottle lor a few coins, suliiciout io
rid your feet of every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and
calluses, without one particle of pain
•-oreii. ss or iriliaiii,::. I'p-.-zon-- is tin
discovery of a noted Cincinnati genius.
A Clone Estimate.
The I'.os-—( >li, yes ; I suppose
you're hone-ff as ihe day is long.
The Job Hunter—I used to he, Imt
I haven't figured it out since the day
fight saving law went into force.
No waiting! When nr als don't lit
irnl you belch gas, acids and undigest
ed food. When you feel indigestion
pain, lumps of distress in stomach,
heartburn or headache. Here is instant
Just as soon as you eat a tablet of
Pape's Diapepsln all the dyspepsia, in
digestion and stomach distress ends.
These pleasant, harmless tablets of
Pape's Diapepsin always make sick, up
set stomachs feel fine at once and they
cost so little at drug stores.—Adv.
Glorious Tips.
Singer—The hills are tipped with
Weary Waiter—I wish I was a
blooming hill.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
lliu LilliUl Cll| (ILK* oVC LlitlL 11
Cable Messages.
About 30,000,000 words a year pass
aver cables linking British and North
American ports.
Constipation generally Indicate* disordered
stomach, liver end bowels. Wright'* Indien
Vegetable Pills restores regularity without
griping. Adv.
Oregon has a minimum wage of 840
a month for women office employees.
PC«H>p clean inside as well as outside by taking
a gentle laxative ni least once a week, such as
Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Adv.
A full-grown elephant can carry a
load of three tons upon its back.
Middle Age d
Are Here Told the Best Remedy
for Their Troubles.
Freemont, O.—"I was passing through the critical
period of life, being forty-six years of age and had all
the symptoms incident to that change — heat flashes,
nervousness, and was in a general rundown condition,,
so it was hard for me to do my work. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound was recommended to me as
the best remedy for my troubles,which it surely proved
to be. I feel better and stronger in every way since
taking it, and the annoying symptoms have disap
peared."—Mrs. M. Godden, 9C5 Napoleon St., Fremont,
North Haven, Conn. - — "Lydia E. Pinkham'e Vegeta*
ble Compound restored my health after everything else
had failed when passing through change of life. Thera
is nothing like it to overcome tbe trying symptoms."
- YVTtg Flobemcb Tw FT.i.Aj Bor 197, North Haven, Conn.
St Smek Cases
Jigs tlie greatest record for tlie frostest food
Mil mZA-WHAI if IS
mjfi p
Nothing New — Simply the Old Grip or La Grippe That
Was Epidemic in 1889-90, Only Then It Came
From Russia by Way of France and
This Time by Way of Spain
Go to Bed and Stay Quiet —
Take a Laxative -Eat Plenty
of Nourishing Food — Keep
Up your Strength — Na
ture Is the Only "Cure"
Spanish influenza, which appeared in
Spain in May, has all the appearances
of grip, or la grippe, which lias swept
over the world in numerous epidemics
as far hack as history runs. Hippoc
rates refers to an epidemic in 412
B. C., which is regarded by many to
have been influenza. Every century
ess had its attacks. Beginning with
1831 this country has had five epidem
ics th'* last in ISsp-'MI.
There is no occasion for panic—influ
enza itself has a very low percentage
of fatalities—not over one death out
tit every 400 eases, according to the
N. C. hoard of health. Tlie chief danger
1r s in complications arising, attack
ing principally patients in a run- h-wn
condition—those who don't go to bed
seen enough or those who gel up too
Grip, or influenza, as ir is now called,
usually begins with a chill, followed by
aching, feverishness, and sometimes
nausea and dizziness, and a general
feeling of weakness and depression.
The temperature is from 100 to 104,
and the fever usually lasts from three
to five days. The germs attack the
mucous membrane or lining of the air
and bronchial
tubes; tin
*ro is i
a bard cough,
had n
t night
; oftentimes a
sore throat or tor
and frequently
nil the ap
ices of
a severe head
Go to bed at the first symptoms, not
only for your own sake, hut to avoid
: spreading the disease to others—take
a purgative, eat plenty of nourishing
j food, remain perfectly quiet and don't
I worry. Quinine, aspirin or Dover's
: Powders, etc., may he administered by
the physician's directions to relieve the
! aching. But there is no cure or spo
! cific for influenza—tlie disease must
! run its course. Nature herself will
throw off the attack if only you keep
; up your strength. The chief danger
! lies in the complications which may
1 arise. Influenza so weakens the bodily
re sistance that there is danger of pneu
monia or bronchitis developing, and
sometimes inflammation of the middle
ear, or heart affections. For these rea
sons it is very important that the
patient remain in bed until his strength
returns—stay in bed at least two days
or more after the fever has left you, or
if you are over 50 or not strong stay
In bed four days or more, according to
the severity of the attack.
^>0 H/v
"Wormy." that's what's the matter of 'em. Stomach
and intestinal worms. Nearly as bad as distemper. Cost,
you too much to feed 'em. Look bad—are bad. Don't
physic 'em to death. Spohn'a Compound will remove tlio
worms, improve the appetite, and tone 'em up all round
and don't '•physic." Acts on plands and blood. Full
directions with each bottle, and sold by all druggists.
SPOH1V MEDICAL, CO.. Gonhen, Ind., U. S. A.
It I* always a terror to old peopla and a menace at some time or another to
every human being, young or old. It Is the forerunner of more ills and suffer
ing than almost any of NATURE'S DANGER SIGNALS and should never be
all owe d to go unheeded. At the very first Indication of constipation get DR.
TUTT S LIVER PILLS which for 72 years has been successfully used for this
most prevalent of all disorders. For aale by druggists and dealers everywhere
Pr. Tuff« liver Pills
The foot pads of deaf cats arc said
to be much more sensitive than those
of iheir fellows with hearing. |
In order to stimulate the lining ot
the air passages to throw off the grippe
germs, to aid in loosening the phlegm
and keeping tiie air passages open, thus
making the breathing easier, Vick's
VapoRub will lie found effective. Hot,
wet rowels should he applied over the
throat, chest and back between the
shoulder blades to open the pores.
Then VapoRub should be rubbed iu
over tin* parts until the skin is red,
spread on thickly and cover with two
thicknesses of hot flannel eloths. Leave
the clothing loose around the neck, as
the heat of the body liberates the in
! gredionts in the form of vapors.
! These vapors, inhaled with each breath,
: carry the medication directly to the
j parts affected. At the same time
j VapoRub is absorbed through and
j stimulates the skin, attracting the
I blood to the surface, and thus aids
I in relieving the congestion within.
j Evidence seems to prove that this is
j a germ disease, spread principally
I by human contact, chiefly through
I coughing, sneering or spitting. So
avoid persons having colds—which
means avoiding crowds—common
drinking cups, roller towels, etc. Keep
iff) your bodily strength by plenty of
exercise in the open air, and good food.
Above all, avoid colds, as colds irri
tate the lining of the air passages and
render them much better breeding
places for the germs.
Use Vick's VapoRub at the very first
sign of a cold. For a head cold, melt a
little VapoRub In a spoon and inhale
the vapors, or better still, use Vapo
Rub in a benzoin steam kettle. If this
is not available, use an ordinary tea
kettle. Fill half-full of boiling wa
ter, put in half a teaspoon of VapoRub
from time to -time—keep the kettle
just slowly boiling and Inhale tho
steam arising.
Note—Vick's VapoRub is the dis
covery of a North Carolina druggist,
who found how to combine, in salve
form. Menthol and Camphor with such
volatile oils as Eucalyptus, Thyme, Cu
belis, etc., so that when the salve Is ap
plied to ihe body heat, these ingredi
ents are liberated in the form of va
VapoRub is comparatively new in
New York State and New England and
a few Western states where it is just
now being introduced, but in other sec
tions of the country it is the standard
home remedy in more than a million
homes for all forms of cold troubles.
Over six million jars were sold last
year. VapoRub can be had in three
sizes at nil druggists. It Is particular
ly recommended for children's croup
and colds, since It is externally applied
and therefore can be used as freely as
desired without the slightest harmful
Of the 050 tons of Ivory brought an*
nunliy into England, Sheffield con
sûmes a third.

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