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. .\.s r\ S> »S.V I«
^^1« !Ci y Ufa .
48 Hahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
rr U NTR Y.
i .. : , -,
t'-uh/u a tit Hahnvittt La
very Satura ay
Officiai Journal of the Panth
of St* Charlti
J C. Triche ,
T ermi of Subscription $ 2.00 a ' f ".
Enteren. at (be rostoffice at Hahnvil
La., as secona cia%s matter
SATURDAY Aug. 2. > 9*9
ifMinm nandert tn
tfednesrtny evening, will lay ovei •
week following
tUfuu ocmiinn mention* mint be wi tf en on
on« side of the tiaper.
rqrtnr full name and eddie** l, f" JY*
t nr must accompany eacli cotnnimileatlio
no publication, hat *fr mstterof gtod ra
Ooi.ii.itini' atlons of personal chanicter
frill uot be recognized,unless r, "î"* „♦
dole artles la sucli cases » c.iarge
2 ,fill a 'juai't » 111 be mode.
e,r.News nun ltit«? reeling loca items are re
-tectfii ly solicited.
UM ul)It KB<Vl*»KK CAN i, 1 K1 ' P „Y,®
rêutiy , If, » hen wrlUiiK to. or «my '"«IPood*
ron our advertisers, they will simply say
!»y saw tuelr cards In tuls paper _
ifistnhlinlieM Febr uary 10 , 1873
urn, . ntK<lvertl8ement**l persipiiireflrft
.«riioa liner. mibsoqnent In«»*» ** 0 «, Ofty
*.-itipe' rich tlOtl.UO
„e eoiom" i one year - • »
Uae-naif column o«e year - •
t»je quarter column one year •
mal oanl» one veai - 10 '
advertisements and »UDScriptlon* areool
.ler.taltia lr. '-hi l«b*V In art®anca
It was movi d by Mr. Elfer and
seconded by M * Dufrene that the
following resolution ba adopted
Be it resolved by the police Ju
ry in regular meeting Assembled
that the License ordinante adopt
ed at the meeting of this Jury on
ZJecember iith 1918 be and the
same is hereby «.mended so as to
read as follows
(17) From ail ped'ers using an au
tomobile or automobile truck to
peddle merchandise sh ill „pay an
annual license of One hundred and
fifty dollars
That any one violating the pro
visions of the toregoing section
shall be su juct to me same penal
ties as set foith in the Police Jury
License ordinance adopted at the
rtguiar meeting ot December nil.
Yeas; Delaune. Dufrene. Eefcr
and Loiio
JSays. None
.»bsent Blouin
Witness ni y hand and seal this
7U. day ot May *919 at Hahnville,
Y. Schexnaydre,
Scc.etary Police Jury
The St, Charles Parish School
Board will receive through its Sec
retâry, J. B. Martin, Hhanville',
La., scaled bids for the furnishing
and operating of the following
transfers on and up to August 19
t'i 1919.
'YcAnigs Consoldated School
Transfer to bring to and from
Youngs School at Paradis, all
children formerly attending the
Bou'.te school. >iwer limit of said
route Boutte School house
Transfei to brin^ to and from
Youngs School at Paradis, all
school child. en of the fifth and up
per grades attending the des Alle
mands school, upper limit of said
route to be des Allemands
Said Tiansfers to be of the Au
to-Bus type, with standard school
transfer bodies
The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids
* £M, L. Guidry. President
J. B. Martin.
Parish ol St. diaries
June 71*1 i y i «j
The Po ice Jury of the Parish
, f Ml Char es *n er I on this 71 I 1 cj «>
of jimr, 1919 a io,.v a m, at us
oilic** 'll llamiville, La, with .hr
F Lorio presiuinn and F, SclicX
11 i\tier, recicU.iy a'. ms desk, in
op< 11 scossi 11 .
Pi ■ s. nt : ivji 10, D'iaune, Pu.e-nc
and LiP r.
Absent : Elmiin
, , ,
The r 1 e - tien 1 announced that
this meet.I g w .s convened in pui
suance ot the or. manor, adopted
at the meeting ol this Podce lury
on April., 25th. 1919 an 1 that US '
purpose was to receive aiid pass
on such proposals as might be rub*
milted for the purchase of the
Fori y Thousand Doliat $40,000.00
Bonn Issue of Road Disnict N0.3
Ihe President asKed the Secre
tary t » read the notice calling for
bios, as puiiL-hed tor 30 days in
the oitic a journal, tins was done
11 being n«>w past the hour of
10.30 a in., the lime set lor open^
iug oids, the Secretary was asked
it any bids had been received
The secretary stated that Four
bids had b. en recetvtd
Move 1 by Mr Delaune s. c >nded
by Mr Eifer that all bids be open
ed and read and considered, This
motion being put to a vote tue re
sults was: In t-ivor: Delaune, Du
fiesne and Elfer, ihe pieside. t not
voting. Against. None, and the
motion was declared carried.
The secret«' y then read e«ch bid
received, the bids being; in sub
stance as follows;
Sidney spitzer & Co.. Toledo Ohio
p ar and accrued inteiest and a pre
mium of $250.00
Terry Briggs & Co Toledo, Ohio
Par and accrued inteiest
J. C. Mayer and Co, Cincinnati
Ohio, Par and accrued interest,
Marine Birnk ai d Trust Co. New
Ol leans Par and accrued interest
It was moved by Mr. Elfer, sec
onded by Mr Delaune. that th e
Police Jury as the Governing Au- 1
thority of Ro.id District N0.3, go
into ext cutive session to consider
and pass on the loreg iing bids.
The vote on sa'd ordinance was;
Yeas • Delaune. Kder, Du'rosne,
the pi esident not voting.
Nays ; None
and the ordinance was adopted
Thereupon the Pol ce Jury went
iuto executive sess'on.
Moved by Mr. E fer, seconded
by Mr Dufresne, ihat the bids of
Spitzer & Co., Terry Briggs & Co
and J. C Mayer & Go, i>e not con
sidered because none of said bid
ders baa complied with the ternis
of the notice none ot them having
accompanied the bids with certi
fied cheques on a Louisiana bark
his ordinance Demg put to a
vote the result was ;
Yeas; uutresne, Delaune, E'ttr
the president not voiing
Nays; None
an 1 the ordinance was declared
adopti d
Thereupon, the Police Jury as
Governing Authority ol Koad dis
trict No, 3 proceeded to consider
the bid of the Marine Bonk and
Tiust Co. and after due cous der
ation decided that same was the
Ocst bid and that it waA advanta
geous to the Road District to ac
cept same,
O' dinance
by Mr Dufresne second'd by Mj.
Be it ordained bv the Police
Jury' of the Pa i h of St. Charles j
acting as t"e g >v > ning am horit y
ct Road District No. 3 ot the Pal
ish ot St. Ch r es (h>t the bid ->f
the Marine Bunk and Tni-t ( o oi
Newt Orleai s. La., be and is hen -
bv accepted, sinl hid bei' g in toe
words and in tigunsas tnll jws:
New (» leans. June 7 . 1919
Honorable Road District No .3
Parish of St. Charles, La.
For your $40,000.00 par value 5 per
cent Bonds of the Denomination of $500.
UÜ each, maturing serially each year j
j July 1, 192U to July 1, 1939, as follows;
$1,500.00 in each of the years 1920 to 192S
...... ,,
53 000 .OO " ......
, .. >. 1929 -• 1932
..... 1933 " 1937
■ ,, ,, 1938 .. 1939
interest payable January 1st and July 1st
' P*yaple both as to principal at the Mar
jne Bank and Trust Co., New Origans, ba,
We will pay you par and accrued interest
to date of delivery of the bonds to us,
and in addition, will furnish blank bonds
The foregoing offer is made sublect to
the following terms and conditions to- 1
wit.; (
The legality of the bonds is to be ap- j
proved by your attorneys either John C. :
Thompson, New York,or Woodand Oak-j
ley Chicago, a* direct tax obligations of
said Road District No, 3 j
The funds arising from the sale of .
these bonds are to be deposited in the j
Marine Rank and Trust Co. New Orleans
ba. without interest, to be checked out ,
Qnlv for the purpose for which these
bonds are issued.
We enclose here with our check for
$ 1 , 000.00 as an evidence of our good
faith to be held by you in case of the ac
ceptance of this bid, otherwise to be re
turned to us promptly.
Bond Department
Marine Bank and Trust Company
By John Dane, Manager
^nd Be It Further Oi gained
That (be president and the treas
urer o.f this Police Jury tire hereby
authorized and directed to do ab
things necessary to nnke delivery
of the said bonds and collect ihe
purchase price under the aforesaid
This ordinance I e ng put to a
vote, the result was.
Yeas; Delaune Dufren , Elfer
the prisident not voting,
Nays None
and the ordinance was declared
adop ed
Ordinance bv Mr Delaune sec
onde.l by Mr Duircsne
1 T . a ■ .
Be Ii Qrdamed.
n accordance
with the terms of the aloresaid bid
that the Marine Bank and /'rusl
Co. of New Orle ns is hereby
made & designated the fis :nl ag-nt
and depository of ali funds of
Road D strict No.3 arising fiom
the sale Ot the said bo-ds. and
that the said bank, fiscal agent,
sh all ex cute a surety bond cov
ering s.iid Deposit signed by a
Surety Company doing business
in the State of Louisiana in the
sum of $20,000.00 the said fiscal
agent to pay no imerest on the
deposit *»f the afortraid funds, as
part of tha consideration of its bid
This oidinance being put to a
vote, the result was;
Yeas: Delaune, Dufrene, Elfer
the president not voting.
Nays: None
and the ordinance was adopted,
The meeting then adjourned
i*\ Schexnayder,
Killona, La.
Open day and night
Regisrered Druggist in charge.
A full line of drugs on hand at ail times I
Burch & Champagne,
Phone. Glendale.
F.l.F.CT!ON -
j laws of the State . of Louisiana, tllc pr oi
Notice is hereby given to all whom.it
may concern that the Board of Commis- j
sionersof the St. Charles Parish Gravity j <)f
Drainage District No. 1, act as the gov- j
eruiiig authority of said drainage district C
has called and ordered a special election j
tbbe be held in said drainage district on
the 19th day of August, 1919, between
the houss 7 A. M. and 5 P. M
That at said special election there shall
be submitted to the property tax paying
electors of said drainage district, quali
fied to vote under the Constitution and
osition to determine whether or not ;t is
the sense of the said electors to author
ize the Board of Commissioners of said
drainage district to incur an iiidebt
ness of One Hundred Sixty Thousand
Dollars ($160,600.00), and to issue and
j sell negotiable, semiannual interest bear
! ing, coupon bonds to evidence the said
(indebtedness, which indebtedness is less
than the limit fixed by the Constitution,
and the said bonds to hear interest at
the rate of five percent per annum papa
1 b , e s ,. ullannua n : .-, principal and interert
( to be payable in such amounts and in
j Sllçh p i acts as the governing authority
: ,, lav determine, the whole issue however
to be paid within the space of thirty
( 30 ) years from the date of the bonds 5c
j both the principal and the interest to be
. secure(l and paid hy a forced contnbu
j tion or acreage tax of Fifty cents (t>.5<>)
per acrt . per year, to be imposed on each j
, a:ld eV erv acre of land within til
1- ;
drainag.* district, all of said lands bring
susceptible of gravity drainage, said tax
es to be imposed for the full term of
Thirty (30) years, all in accordance with
the provisions of Article 281 of the Con
stitution oi the State of Louisiana and
Acts of the Legislature relative hereto
The above indebtedness and the pro
ceeds of the sale of the said bonds are to
he used for tue purpose of digging, con
structing and maintaining such canals &
Other works, and to pay a 1 * ti\e costs 8 ;
expenses incident to the drainage *4 alt
lands within the limit of the. St. Charles
Parish Gravity Drainage District No, 1
The polling place for the conduction
of said special election shall he at the
District Court House at HahnviHe, La-,
in the Parish of St. Charles, within tilt
limit of the said drainage district, and
the following named parties are hereby
appointed and authorized to act as Flec
tion Officers for tin holding and conduct
ing of said special election to-wit:
W. A. Brady, Sr., Paul J, Lorio, A. L.
Mougrue a,s Commissioners and I. T.
Baudouin, Clerk
The^foresaid Officers of Flection shall
make uue returns, of the result of said
special election to the Board of Commis
sioners of the said Drainage District at a
special meeting to he held at the domi
cile of the Board at the District Court
House at Hahnville, La. , on the 2Htli
day of August 1919, at 12 o'clock noon |
Notice is hereby specially giveu that f
said Board of Commissioners will meet
in open session at 12 o'clock Noon on
the 20th day of August 1919, at its do
micile as above stated and will then and
there proceed to open the ballot box re
turned by tile Offk ?rx of Flection exam
ine the returns rnd officially declare the
Result of fhe said special election.
Paul T. Montz,
Theo- P. Keller,
On August jth at Gretna La.
the wedding of Mr.AlphonseFred
erck to Miss Esther P ; erce was
solemnized. Mr. and Mrs Fred
ernik will reside at Luling
If you have a garden to supply tho
table with fresh vegetables, a fiack
yard flock of chickens to furnish meat
and eggs, why not go a step further
as a food producer and keep a fain
lty tow? As vegetables, eggs and
poultry, meat can, as a rule, be pro
duced more economically at home
where conditions are favorable than
they can be bought, so can milk and
butter with all the by products made
from them. Vegetables fresh from
the home garden taste better than ; ,
those that are' bought, fried chickens,
are better when the fowls com« from (
the backyard flock, and milk produc-;
J ed by the family cow Is in the same
class, say the dairy specialists of the
Extension Division, Louisiana Stale
1*1 i uv Mr. Elf r a <:
Mr 1 ) -nur e, tha 1
f ex ; eml 1 ; ui e of 1 lit
j approximated laid an of rXp*" s
j <)f ^ , )t , St . v h.r les lot t
C rient \eai end ng June 3''
j 19,9
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
c -
niaintaiomg j : r 1 so in* rs
Sbt*riff's SJ.-fV
Sheriff's I) -put s' Sal .rv
District Attorm y's tees
for convictions
Coroiie: s salary, 3 " u "
Justices ol the Pc.ice 1,800.0
Constables 1,800.0
Grand. Petit and Cormier
; ju.' y 1 ,$<»0 0
Secretary Police Jury, 600 o
Ollicuti Journal Coo.o
Presitient Board of He.il 111,300.o
Assessor's C(»mmisior. *'><io o
Asses or's Cleric ii txpeues 500.0
Parish Treasuiei '-)o.o
Scnool Fund *8.500.0
Expenses Board of
tiealtii for 111 lecti->11 j atto
Contagious diseases ot
Road I und, .r
Maintenance of 2 Beiuv
3 > 0 . 0 '
•II V,
St.ne Umvei
5 1 10. 0«
. e of 3 Ben ,
r>ute N ji
6'm* or
la rv
l ai n*.
100 0 c
li i i III! vv 1 IHl -
I L > ia:ik
fio. « >c
iMJfS 1
,OWO < *•
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
Incidental expenses
Jefferson Ti ust St Savings
Excess Revenues
500. O'
60 O .O'
1000 .0
i o, OOO. I>'
26 >6. 46
I hereby certify that the above,
fahlen u was adopted hy the Polio
Jury a', the im-emig licit) on
day ol Dec. 1918
F. bchexuaydr'
Parish of St. Charles Dec. 3 19
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties 01 Mr. and Mrs. Win. Ca low
To B uikei s :
Hntc Us for v amples ana
J tilts iHl ///
"SAi-E.Y i 1 <oT
BANK t h E .. K. $
Cox Ptg. and Pu •. Inc.
727 PoydraSjStreet^ New (jnean
Important Notice
No bujial into ihe cemeteries of
the Ho y Koxc iy's > liurch and des
Allemands will ne allo ved unless ac
com pan ic'd 0y a ouiial permit from
tue local Kegistrai (P,>-t .Master
Haniivirie & Des Allemands) as pi 1
orders from uie Louisiana otair
Hoard of Heals h
W. JLirrot Pastor
Sexton ot ihe said Ctmetries
Not ce
The next examination for teach
; , rs' certificates w.iil ne held at the
( ur. House August 4 , 5 , it 6
(white) and r\ug..st 7.8 y
Stimulates and Invigorates th*
Trees Causing Them To De
velop a Deep Root
Orchard culture and methods will
depend on size or age of tcees. nature
of root growth, and the kind of season,
whether rainy or dry, and the type c*
soil in which the trees are growing,
pays B. Szymoniak, associate horli
rulturist, Extension Division, Louisi
ana State University. Generally it is
advisable to cultivate the young
orchard in the same manner that 1
gardc-n is cultivated. A good practice
therefore would he to st«, it the homo
orchard in the home garden. The
young trees must be protected from
injury while plowing. This is dona
hy placing fence posts on either side
of the trees and by keeping two fe^t
away from the trees while cultivating
the soil with horse implements.
Un the upland type of soil It is b^st
to give level cultivation. If the young
orchard is not grown in the garden, or
if r.o garden crops are grown in the
orchard, it should be planted to cow
pens or soybeans dut ing the month
of June, planting them in rows which
should be cultivated. Fig trees grown
under orchard conditions should not
be cultivated, but the soil around the
roots should he heavily mulched witn
pine straw and leaves or other coarse
material. This Is done for the reason
that fig trees have a very shallow
root system and the trees will not do
('.veil if t*.o roots ar<* disturbed. Tho
nu'ch should not be piled up around
the in's.; of the trees but should be
applied at least two feet away from
the ba e. In growing trees in alluvial
soil where the water table is close to
the surface it is necessary to plant the
trees on wide ridges with water fur
rows between the rows to drain off
t lio surplus water.
Under Louisiana conditions, except
In the case of pear trees, which should
not be cultivated, it is seldom advis
able to grow fruit trees in sod or to
allow the grass to establish itself la
she home o"churd because the grass
makes a very rank growth and prob
ably exci;»d>s the .air from the soil.
U also cnn ;e.i the trees to develop
toots t lose to the surface where they
are unfavorably influenced by exces
,-tvo heat, moisture and drouth. Cul
tivation stimulates and invigorates
the trees, causing them to develop a
deep root system. The roots of the
trees are the foundation of the tree»
and must he prop« rly cared for by
pioper cultivation.
After the orchard has come into
bearing it is best not to give it as
intensive cultivation as is given the
young orchard, but a definite system
must be followed depending on local
conditions. The system that has given
good results in practice is to plant
eowpens or soybeans, broadcast or in
rows, during the month of June or
July to be plowed under in the'fall and
the soil planted to a winter cov >r crop
of rye or barley. This can be pastured
by sheep or calves during the winter
provided the trees are not injured.
Cattle should never be allowed in an
orchard unless the trees are protect
ed. The winter cover crop is plowed
under in the spring and the on hard
disced or harrowed two or three times,
depending on the season. Then cow
peas or soybeans are again pi ante-l
during June or July. This system can
be followed not only in the homo
orchard where the trees are mature
but it can be practiced also in pecan
orchards with good results.
Cultivation is one of the most im
portant factors in growing trees. By
cultivation the roots are given proper
soil conditions for best development.
Good fruit and healthy leaves as well
as branches depend on the root system
which feeds them. Therefore the root*
system Is the foundation on which tha
life of the tree depends and must toe
properly cared for by cultivation in ac
cordance with the demands of each
kind of tree grown. Cultivation keeps
the trees in a vigorous fruiting condb
\ K
I tion and enables the trees to resist iiy
«eels ?.rd diseases.

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