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The weekly echo. [volume] (Lake Charles, Parish of Calcasieu, La.) 1868-1876, January 06, 1876, Image 2

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i^iisiwyj p « B i
I raemtie# of
(AK ......Proprietor.
".„"„.JAN. 6. 1870
____ .Mermentitn.
.. .NIMril'n Bluff.
......„.Cnmenra Piiiih.
give » Weed Sewing Ma
rk we raloed at §(«» for 40 new
subscribe!* to the Echo, at $1 50
We will send the Echo, twnnl
price fl 50, and the Demoreet 's
Monthly Magazine, mural price
$3, and a choice ebroroo, postage
prepaid ou both papers and ou
eUsoflso for one year for H
Agents far »he Kcfco.
C. W. Falter it om antboriaod agent
»» (Wrwt«».
Re». B.F. Faucher «mhw authorised
agent ia Cafe**«»«.
Mr. PWher will son» vMt oar pa
tron* la Una parish, for the pan- pose
of eoliertioc a«*m»t* due the Echo
nflSee. Bit reeeipt for amount« already
«1«# as for »d?«ts»»i*g »ad anWrip
bpw adreirtiaetuenta nnd
will he tm v*!W a* if
I proprietor of the Echo.
Fob lîr.xT— That new and hamlsoina
*t«*e budding oa Ryan street, between
the Paatoftee and Echo oftfee, oecn
pfedbyMr*. Mary E. Sawney. The
hwatlnn Ian»*of the meat eligible in
low». Inquire on *ba premise«, tf
K«w C*«mNK
1 hove just replenished my stock of
f*«**i* sad an prepared to »ell to en»
, market price for
ter Captain» and
Bklpw right*.
For sale, at tm per mit below coat :
A ßeawfn« muait la rope, amiable for
I tait «citoeaera. etc. Inquire of
Perkm*,ejrof 3. W. Bryan.
' Wawted.
tie aata with a fami'y. to
sw Mitt Boarding Hoorn The
»a the mfli or garden.
Bee, or of C. ».
hat the communie»
-Methodist Sabbath
was handed
Id not appear
It will ftp
bouquet ol
of deli
al tbi
bile oar
are smothered io
skin «ups tt*td Alaska over
, aud llieir thermometers
murk thirty degree« below zero,
we are eatiug strawberries uud
fighting mosquitos.
, bountiful
We are authorized to* »tu to that
the Lake Charles Sunday school
organized near!? ten years ago, as
a Union Sunday school, will be
continued notwithstanding the or
ganization of the new Sunday
It is well understood that a
Union Sunday school is designed
for the moral and religious educa
tion of its members, without any
sectarian prejudice«, whareby they
may gain a store of Bible knowl
edge and precious truths, which
prove beneficial to any one. let his
faith or circa instances, be what
they may. Such being the char
acter and object of this school, in
its behalf a cordial iuvifntiou is
extended to all friends of the Bi
ble to come and join in the good
We commend our renders to a
careful perusal of the remarks of
U. 8. Senator Stevensou, of Ken
tucky, in reply to Ü. S. Senator
Morton's declaration, on the floor
of the Senate, that the Kellogg
government was the only genuine
and rightfnl government of Louis
iana, and that the McEnery gov
ernment whs a fraud and n myth,
having no semblance of rigbt^or
authority whatever.
The Kentuckian Senator's with
ering exposure of the Indiaca Sen
ator's bold and infame us false
hood, was noue the less terrible
because it was founded ou the
testimony of Morton's own repub
lican colleagues iu the Senate.
Morton, however, is one of those
radicals of the Ben Butler stripe,
who really < njoy being called aud
proved liars.
MuKonic Impostor.
Prow ih« Ofttiotttat Journal, Doe. IT.
About the 15th of last month on
individual calling himself Col.
Lewis Templeton, of Sooth Caro
lina, passed through here on bis
way to Texas ; claimed to be a
iDusoo in necessitous circum
stances, and asked for relief—
which he received from Girard
Commandery, from Gordy B. A.
Chapter, aeti by private subscrip
tion among the Fraternity, Hp
proved himself to be not only u
bright ina»oo, but had letters of
recommendation from high ma
sons in this State, well known to
the Fraternity here. He passed
on to Texas, with letters of lecom*
mendatiou from here, and received
assist r
Jro. Pi
dietary, of
( there was
.. 11
, Grand
m the back
lowing *.
■ • 5 '
This 3d day of Canary, A. 0.187(1,
being the day ftxod for the meeting of
flh> 1'oHce Jury of the Pariah of Calcs
Hint, T.' I. Lyons, Président,
nod Henry Welsh were |»reseat, and
met at the Court In »use at Lake Charles,
but thee« being no quorum, it is or
Approved : THOS. J, LYONS,
President Police Jury.
Attest : J. V, Moss,
Clerk Police Jury.
1 nkd Charles, .Tnn. 8, 1876.
meet on the first Monday iu
J^jwsons indebted to me for past
fw?rv ice». will plea»« come
forward «nil settle either by payment,
or note. Further, I will inform mv
friends that owing to the cash system
adopted by the country, I will lie com
pelled to adopt the same system ; and
hereafter no call will be responded to
unie»» some satisfactory arrangements
are made for the payment of same.
Lake Charles, January fl, 1876.
Private School.
rpHE undersigned ret-nectfnüy
1 nonnc.«s that she wil 1 re-open her
school in Lake Char'«« for boys and
girls, next Monday, Jan. 10, .1876.
Board can be had from 8 to 12 dollars
per month.
Tekms :
Primary Department • $1 50 per
Grammar Department 82 per month.
MliB. E. F. DADE.
January 6, 187Ö.
Ht ate of Louisiana*
pa mm
SuccuMtloKs or Thos. Bu.no and Ann
|)Y virtue of a commission issued and
l ) to me directed from the Hjm. the
Parish Court, in «nul for tlie'Parish and
State aforesaid, iii the above numbered
and entitled Successions, I. Jacob
Uyuu, Administrator of said Succes
sions, will proceed to sell at the Court
house door in said parish, at pubic
auction t»» the highest bidder, on
Mono at, the 17th day or Janüajiy,
1876, the following described property,
belonging to said Sueoesduns, to Wit r
Block No 1. bounded by Bilim, Mill,
Hod« cs and Divisiuu street», measuring
400 feet on Bilbo street , bv 860 feet in
depth, more or less. Block No. 2,
bounded by Bilbo, Pine, Mill aud
Hodges »treats, measuring 400 feot op
Bilbo street, by 860 feet in depth, more
or less. Block No. 8, bounded by Bil
bo, Lnwrenoe, Hodges and Pine streets,
measuring 400 feet front ou Bilbo
street, by 860 feet iu depth, more cr
less. Block No. 4, bounded by Bilbo,
Bi lden, Hodge» and Lawrence streets,
measuring 400 feet front ou Bilbo
street, by 360 feet in depth, more or
That portion of block No. 5, lying
south of J. L. Bilbo's line, aud one un
divided half interest in the remainder
of said block ; said block bounded by
Bilbo, Beiden, Church and Hodges
stieet«, measuring 400 feet ou Bilbo
street, by 800 feet in depth, more or
That portion of block No. 6, Mug
uoith of the line of J. L. Bilbo aud the
undivided half of the remainder of said
block ; »aid block bounded by Bilbo,
Church, Ame» and Hodges treeta,
measuring 518 feet on Bilbo street, by
in depth, more or 1«
mrtion of block N. 9, north of
AL ft p *t, # .
tivif Aîiooliiv in
300 feet in depth, more or less.
J, L, Bilbo'» Hue, aud the undivided
half of the remainder of said block ;
said block bounded by Ames, Ryan,
Church and Pi dm street», measuring
OtA feet on Rysn street, by 400 feet in
1 **44e undivided half interest in block
Nt>. 10, bounded by Ryan, Church,
Bilbo and Bolden streew, m
hull interest iu the remainder ; said
bounded by Ryan, Bolden, Brlbo
wreuce streets, measuring 400
No. 12, bounded by
Lawrence, Bilbo and Pin®
block W
and Lav
interest in the re
link, being the block
Urn, Ryan, Church and
aud measuring 400 feet
Block No. 20. bounded by Ann,
Ames. Ry.'.n nm.l Church streets, meas
uring 51'2 feet trout on Attn street, by
400 feet in depth. Block No. 22,
bounded by Front, Ames, Ann and
Church streets, measuring 500 feet
front on Front street, by 400 feet iu
All that portion of block No. 23.
.north of J. 1,. Bilbo's line and the un
divided half interest in the remainder ;
said block bounded by Front, Church,
Ann and Beiden street«, being 400 feet
square. *
The undivided half interest in block
iw unmvmea n
24, bounded by Front, Beiden,
Ann and Lawrence streets, being 100
feet square.
AH that portion of block No. 25,
lying south of J. L. Bilim's line and
the undivided hall of the remainder ;
said block bounded by Front, Law
rence, Ann and Pine streets, and being
400 feet square. Block No. 20, bounded
by Front. Pine, Ann and Mill streets,
measuring 400 feet square.
About one-half of block No. 27, being
all that part east ami south of the prop
erty of Jacob Ryan ; said block bounded
by Division, Ann. Mill and Front sts..
and ihe*Lake; *aid Mock measuring 400
feet on Ann and Mil streets, and 380
feet on Division street.
Fractional i»h>ek No. 28, measuring
400 feet on Front street and including
nil the land between Front, Mill and
Pine streets aud the Lake.
That portion of fractional block No.
29, south of J. L. Bilbo's line and the
undivided half of the remainder ; said
block measuring 400 feet on Front
street, and bounded .by Lawrence,
Front and Pine streets and the Lake.
All that portion of block No. 30.
north of J. I». Bilbo's line; together
with the buildings and improvements
thereon, and the undivided half oi the
remainder of said block, being the
block bounded by Front, Lawrence.
Orange and Beiden streets and the
Lake, me .suring 400 feet on Front and
Beiden streetn.
Block No, 31, bounded by Orange,
Church. Front and Be*den streets, be
ing 400 feet square. Block No. 82.
bounded by Ames, Fl out. Church and
Orange stieels, having 506 feet fronf on
Orange street, by a depth of 400 feet.
Block No. 83, bounded by Grove.
'Ames, Grange aud Church streets,
measuring 503 feet front on Grove
street, by 400 feet in depth. Block
No, 34, bounded by drove, Church.
Orange and Beldeti streets, measuring
400 feet square. Fractional block No,
25. measuring 400 feet on Beldeil street
and 281 feet on Orange street, and run
ning to the Lake, Fractional block
No. 3(5, bounded by Grove, Church aud
Short streets and tht Luke, and meas
uring 400 feet on Sh rt and Church
.-..tracts. Block No. 37. bounded b\
.Short, Am«*s, Grove and Church streets,
measuring 500 feet front on Short street
by 400 feet in depth. Block No, 88 aud
the balance of the Southeast Quarter of
Northwest Quarter of Section 81. Town
ship 9 south, Range 8 west, containing
about 10 acres. Ad the above property
being in the town of Lake Charles.
I will ulso selLthe following ivaets of
land, viz : All that portion of lot No.
6, iu Section 29. Township 9 south.
Range 8 west, lying east of the land of
David J. Reid, aud fronting on the
river, the sum« being divided in lots
unmlwsml 1, 2, 3. 4 und 5 ; lot No. one.
bounded by the River Cntcusien on the
north, »na measuring 896 feet on %•
east line and 295 feet on the south line;
the other lots having one acre in width
by the depth of the tract from east to
Also the Northeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter of Section 32, Town
ship 9 south. Range 8 west, divided into
lots numbered 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 ; lot
No. 6 having a width of 275 feet, and
all the others 209 feet by the depih of
the tract north and south.
All that portion of the north half of
the Nortlfesist Quarter, Section 81,
west of
u p 5»
> property
including the strip between this and
of David J. Reid,
the railroad ; divided into lots num
bered 12, 18, 14,15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 :
all of said lots being one acre wide,
with the depth between the river ana
the railroad except lot 19, which meas
ures 713 feet wide.
Also the west half of Sot 3, Section
81, and the east half ot lot 2 and lots 8,
4 and 5, in Section 30, Township
»outls, Benge 8 west; to lie sold
rath, Benge 8 west; to lm sold
jg tot he leg d subdivisions of !
All of tire above property is d
ml will be sold iu aocordanc
«ml will be sold in accordance '
map and plan of subdivision made
Frank Moore, Surveyor, Nov. 1, IF
" ou file in the Recorder's office,
me cur Same Ten per cent,
adjudication, and
_i ml,—
I. will be kept for the
of regulur mnl iranitant ."
will h* KPBÎCli <»*, 6' a I»® 1
, itke nil « lm *i !• ■■
A.-» it I« his wish to pletc-e i
him *vith » eel I, he solieil
publie patfimwÿei bieerj
fel 211
Hut*. * esretuli/ to.
JAMES A. KINDER.....Pnorsun'oi;,
A Food »Stable attached. Horse»
carefully attvnded to. no 20 ly
t. skisskr, Litany..... h. c ms»ks, Unir«*»'«»
Skinner & Stone.
€ottou Faetors
Wholesale Grocers
No«. 75 & 76 STRAND,
Next doo« to Texas Banking & las . Co.
i, Trxa».
Corns tgmmouts of Cotte«, Wool
and Hides Solicited.
Oct. 21. '71.-ly.
j. c. p.vrmtsoN*
Corpus Christi.
Patterson fadei^
(Successors to Jame» A. McKee,)
Hides and Wool,
Oalvestoii, Texas.
- nov 7.'74-6tn
Park, Lynch& Co.
A uctioneers and Geii
eral Commissi* >11
Aterehants, ■
Order» for «11 kinds of Merchandise,
tilled at lowest prices, with cash in
hand, at2 ^ per cent, commission foi
buying. Prompt attention given to
I(ect»iving ami forwaveling. A stock of
(torn, Oats, Bran, Hay and Cium Meutl
always on hand. iu*v 7 '74-ly
o. iKoinnsH.
' F . M. I.ASXJUi ,
"Wliolosalo Ci 1'oFter.s,
GalTCxtou, Texas«
nov 7'74-lv
raos, a. a art.
W. A. OMPMtttV.
Xoe. 162, 164 aud 166 Strand,
Litarnl rank wdvuuet!« mmlo on eondgn
mont». Bagging and tie« furnufod at lowert
pfw«»- _______ Jyw »y
WatliR, Imnt
Whole^de Or
Liquors Tobacco's, Cif
106, 108 ft, UO Strand Qs
vest«» Taxa».
nov7 !
A J«*irnal derotsd to tbs dsfenoe of tho fetor
und right« of tb* conunanky.
RbJiihesd Morning ui>! Kvening ; Yearly
«nb*cr»i»tiivn in ndvenae, $52; liait
Ywdy. 4«: tinartsrty, $.*<;
Sfe|t© «#», & sen

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