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" . i:ýaaTS'"" iatii,. fib a~"~jis.':6ir. ,
"0 fer oe6L Il. "- ~~
ýfihuwn tli- r' aM~iismn6
e21I tar,
live,ýro.,. 158 4 2 O3) 00 .
Te· tCo~ms.lrnrna)f
?s .(( !Or n):.4500 625 C 5 0 7S 0 0 1(1-CO
P'r '( I'lncoa mn) 6 00 I 41.00:
7510' , s5 00
LdAXa*BA.aE?. rx~Ilq OAR ETT.
cOweeg*a ae.*'a o-ee.a,)
es u . a.. 6. MS, al-tf
.ZQf]5 .BOB h xa
RIC5TiOR A t raistrio N ontT
raroama iear n-. t
3. b & ., M4E6ERY,
Will practice the Pia ablnd iet Cusditriof
.oerns .n the Parishes of Ona s, M Preho .e
ranklia, Caldwell. and- Unicai .
As in the ree ourt of S oua s:.
sad im the United 8States bnneun the
a3[:v8 as.
*. U. awrma 3S a. W . cAsa
our .e, La..,
Will raetic a t p Court a of the 1.th Jodi
Coitiaurict, pdf the rpoOarishea of Morehooee
Franklian. C -dwlld Unio.'.
And also in the Parhe Cour o f lkon an
ad 1s the nisted 11 ts . C ts i e
.. uae. aJotIt. W. o. Ao E.
Sin M-onroe forthe p Lof practicing
Wquall, in the ihouse lately of the ith ydi
Ciori rite , e:on pedof the parishes of Msoreh -
Lsande Olechita at ll hours. familhol live
ArlPt tanijgn of children's
ndeet alu i the Pii teeth of adultkon
ad thW. tEni d of a, th and a. ao.l. ar-.
RIcM.ERrnsrr UJ~ a JEJfISX,
tim pe rai. tCosri a fs bf the 2 uldi
i trG e.. h sl . the padihea ol .. .l.e
_t4a D. Ocitve Caowith J. Plin the Ln thand
l t ttnt to the ee Pett o cl . mJar-n and
IS. in made to order pat rti
y pro ta M i "., ý.o C. . -ca nbe A t- ay oire
oppoeit'eiitof th.e rt cornSr of the publico
sulare, in the house lately occupied by- the
ta VIGdeemie toi~~·;'ijifIseittle branhenl
iany Moroeuioe f-the pturatios of childrena
seet andy ar the diaeerI-cae of theateeth ofadult.,
,sid thesouthsotinr ofteeth and arrangili ar
suilciineeth; hfueljateiyed in adyiby that I
am pt-epaamed to do anything I f any iepar~nen't
of my profirlon~aa wel- a. can be- dune. any
N. lF.-McCRAW.'
' 4 t1SIANA., Ji , 1s7e. I-e
lsrge and eommodio's resdene of CoL
completne sewy p Cticlato as a fIpstC sRi
- Ample sicmmodattons, good tare, ad conae1
ateo newdw. Boat4 rssasnable - ft sS ,
Oia1 motab wPhnaoeoademy. 1
T H. E FAIL, 8Se SIOE this ]nstitsUtion
will open on the Tdrd Monday of &ep
tember The Recttor .iU bCuciha ed by an estte
s.ew orp.otfciciest ud experie'eed teach
era; he, therefr., assures the public. that no
effort will be epared on the part of himselfand
a•Ieatast., to rendo-the clademy worthy of
lBreconoirce an4 support of all who advo
cate a.-! .rongh nad liberal coirse of educa.
- l Herther infoalm aion, apply for a cat1qg 1e
s }ocrtO i o - a- " - -" "t•
.. .. .... r: t W-'a , -.... i
T- EATON ROUGE , LA. Founde ai na
Supported byn the 'tate of Lousiaoae. F
particu lars,e ddress
Superintend tth
Baton Ronge, La ,fOct. 30 189. o18;ly
T RESPECTFULLY inform my friendu-n(
. the public generally, that I am o repared to
unufacture .
tnd everything in my line. I have a gworty tof
,nfIr·rials on hand whpTpchr owitiol a "l
tsonble Prices. -
pebruary 8, 1869. - nptlfr e
1`. . of369 n41n : '
S4VTING permanently located ian Mwoe e
 (offet; f heir" ervices o the peoplce kthe
town anbd viecnity., inthe erection of~onse.a
chimneys, walls, tombs, monuments, &c..
Material, will, be taurnished. upon rea ble
term. when esred, and at short notice.""
October 16, 1869. n4 ly
cz,. `
Watohmaker and Jeweler -
O(: pvet-y leca.Iptleoin.
All work in his line executed with neatness
and dispatch, rd guaranteed fr 12 months.
Feb24 1869. nL3
Has, at his CARRIAGE FAC
4TOL'Y, on I)eSir t Street, a fine
stock of handsome buggies, and car
rtages made to order, especially for this mar
Blacksmithing and repairingt neatly execut
ed at this shop, joining the Pactory.
eow Orleans. .Trenton.
Clothing, W estern a 'roduce amd tplantation Supplies.
WeDhae retmd aa I WAREHOUSE on thet
bank hI i~ytd '.loe red to stoge all fright ;
We reupettlly qolleit the patronage of gthe pubtle.
H~pAIgest e'ast pf4' P Z8 P Eos. nWI
Wt,.a ~th LouiavlheCourtozJournL j
Th Memphis, El raspand o
The special conraesponlent oft
ther Courier-Je .ia1 at Washing
,ton, gives us'some hints as t6o tlibt
t a evio tatint.
retofr inadw
tif -I sta
t figa'o that concejn an pee1i, a
t-least says .
is e in the schehie.
Certain dly . talfs~i aýgeat inte r:
exagge. d. -i.a-we _ Snk, w
to examine ;into ,t watius of the.r
imitnesu i rporitln since it iw'
neaw b-efore`:. Clongress O'f then
United- Alast; - -it -d~i`fgaient
and assistance. Thb company
1 was.ineorporated prior -to the' war _.
by The Legislature of the State of
Tnda'anad 'oed s ti e:'
from the State,. an1t_4i. . =-4
tdtrough a si~ci se on of eon
try, its chart alshect to .ce
for-ten' setions 'O' tof d he
nmileraptesrettieig it had-graded,.j.,
ready for-the suo Irttlettt 1:eixty t
miles of .roadln.. 3Ry lloi s e
would havepa i 0ý e- pos- j
session of the company, ha. it noat
betti fior the Conishisxiaer of th
Lauds Q0ke;3 ei:o refei toi ire-4
half doz *r'
'we for: the t laim
The iistd tii empha*k cond-i
tion till the end of the war, the
oeews ofthe road i. n iidrhi 'I
that their charter and franchisest
Convention they had -resohutioe n'
1. amnf the company a0
a cbfis ter. This wasl
,feed4-o the- Committee" of ~-r- A
ternal Improvement. This {resi
mittteelaid the matter before th
Attbreiy .ia neal- of the -tatte,
who reported that the Memphia,
pany had forfeited its charter and e
d no legal stattusi whatever in
the State. of Texas; wheqei1poi
the Qe'nv~tion declared against
giving the relief askedand threw t
open the- reserved lands of the .
coihyinyt loeatiot atnd sale - ,e
This,,then, is. tue condition of I
the c qppany which weut to I
Frane, 'and, according to. the
statements of itsdirectors, no. two t
of which-were alike,raised -i cash At
and had to their credit in bank, -1
from .three to thirteen millions of a
dollars in-gold---a road without. a i
eharter. or legal tatus_:without a .
m(te built or a car' runnihg,` and E
under the management :.of Gen.
Fremont. F~remont .-did go to
Fiance. and, while there, made a
representation which,, if true, .
woull have entitled hini to credit; t
but, unfortunately, Minister Wash- t
bulrne exposed the fraud-.. and.
pricked the btibbl.. 1
Gen. Fremont publicly adver
tised, and I have now before .me
the "Mon .de Inustree," of the 18th 4
of May, 1869, in -which it is as- .
serted that the bonds'of. the Mem- 1
phis, El Paso and Pacific Railroad
Company were endorsed by. the
Government of the United States. 1
The matter was refered by Minis
ter. Washburne to our Government
and the answer given.. that the I
Government hi~d' no "knowledge
of any such corporation."
This was a lear e~tsie o an a t-~ i
tempt to obtain nqouey under
false -pretences.
And.yet to-day this..company
is issuing its stock qU I.through
Sthe United States "thick as leaves
in Vallnambros" and without any
value whatever, In the State of
Texas,-as I have shown, the At
ftorney General of the State has
declared' against it, and certifies
thu at tahe company has no legal
? etatus, and as yet no act has pass
Sed Congress giving it even a "lo
cal habitation and.a name."
W hatever work has been done
hi Texashasbeen-done underan
otbi `armter apd a diflierent
, L riiyasset here that their
stock;. .i valu that the
whom mktit.eIs Aa fraitd, and thu'4
the t-beft to be "deritve
from the s is favored
few, who, Ik
aufor theo ~
A nd I w o f t
he name of the
at the serviceof
ed in the hsam
con ral i f" the fa
• - ..A a bl . __ . , ....
th f t.lt ited.a ts .
-The lilt for -the rcena wukeot 1
of f eorgi& i in e brief , as to al
State of the United States, nor"
held any office eeated by-law for
Lthe adi hdiisratI s bf ay general 1
. . ,a.ie W ,ar
O' e csaueoe
of t~lribit haive- eop
it is .ihereby de ed that the fd
Safithfor"-id the e 9
tofin the- - e rf hall
: veW t Ebiy- rst~i '-ho, Are
.p dgs of the Tte
of s e ie ters, a .e
vldr for Wres otul ithea
nd be . it- ti r ft~ rther
it is herdby deT red that the i exlt
toF l rof tiey oper norh ofenadl
1 .oeleetda .X tIt'ea res tid and being
-he Uited.tse quo lheieed, pa -
va- forgis ote v citted tfats ds
tSmate or t sef preqst
e Evit the p ground OT rs e,ei
cbler :o: - 'previousC -eiinlitituof- s
I rovolutaonu ry, ,aa _ is brerJy Jpzp
Tae ti6i -7. And lie ft further
nirtestd, nThatnip~n the apgilT ae
tio ofrthie-e Governor ofh- Geeae,
.tlPse Presient o ithe UneituedSate,
shall employ such military- o eo m .
vat forces of the United States as
may be necessayy to enfor -and '
edeoete the .rovsionsof this-aot.o
eort in . Aend' en it f. rtihr I
eiiaWted; hat they LegisIikuo I'
shall ratify the Xio th ayuendiueh
.roposed .to the , Constitytio Hof
the United. States, .hef re: Sen&.
Georgia -are admitted to seats In
Congress. - itl
press contend that the Georgia
Senators were nqt legally elected,
b eause the Georgia Legislature,
afteri the expulsion of negro mei
bers, e ows not a legali bfody. Di
theyradmit that the acts of ilegal
bodies are illegaL?. If .so,what
do they say of the ratifiation of
the XVth Amendment by ladi
qua? W ihat do they saom of al
the ,atfticetions by Southetih
States7 W7hat do theeym-say ofthe.
aets of Congress itself for thle
last fotir years,
LThe Shaster, or Hindoq Bible,
1 forbids a wolman to see dancing1
r hear music, wear jewels, blacken
F her eyebrows, eat dainty fqod, sit
at a window or view herself in a
3 mirror during the absence of her
· husband; and allows him to di
I vorce her if she has rgo sons, in-.
- juroy his pro~prty, ecolds him,
- quarrels with another woman or
presumes to eat before he has
s finished his meal.
Tender- Obituay of Mr. 8ta- .
A bad aia has gone to oji d p
ti oph ttal yoo et -ha s `t
l4e ket. !here was a C
thaito. th b..
mer- · mt re belb"
|ty ehe, w pt
er b e -
I a,g ad. sirloiOe t .b o
stowere ed ia e etar odl Sh -
tmwrae.t-tt a ~naePoOnh .
o ba ' i-h aid r.
In n atne he w di a$
maSiergnant, and tsi 'cti,
o`iAnon that he irat-ee y "d e
i. views o n wrei~n s-.
gone. i d,' asiedmo
er el in ad' istion asa Oam nhe
Southern "peo . :ev .F o
-ere,-.hbI tlwefrlidoines fo
-tion. tHe wa4s goifne, O-ri l aul
philosophy, - buit, ,mtm temper'r-
ment taal thbpor - He beits di
eMsedity to the annitaS 64 m44
t- the feeble atr sid
ge be .d.tyt.insrikt He hs- T .
tru~2e 'he o so iouhes
u ianhis 1e4tob1 - ahws e
Stg retributhe ifon . Vis' itA t
iered for blood, foi -'a PMon
.thmncould entle him: to "
a Sfen d tterss se '1. d
oebt aes -mean h-ate srad na is
Ihtmsel 'ppointed -hima ntited
-thoa'Sietiue niCourt Jil'
ainto wild,dteheroea - aighs.-- u
th.at God whe woal d ian . pri- t..7 M
, hb buiders to oenygIthi u- tt
ous tower ofhi he plains of &id i.,
smote the .notioe ieusoon elso
that he diet Nearly atb'tW cin
jspirators against the life of Mrs.
Bjirratt -havoe been blotted-fronm
i th -world they disgraced. Con
over! was sent to the penitentiary, -
and Andrew Johnson was eoqn
signed to private life. Holtt tif
lives, but still - prays-for "death'
Stanton has gone, and Iiot-* ill
soon follow, for mot m6re certai
ry is- he burbtied who puts his
Vhand in the fames, thairis hiea
niTshed wio ckeniits a moritsL
*pongs T-'hhe wicked toon's "sine .
i'il fithd him out." It iS adikan
agreeable duty to insojber the
true charsatet of ah infatious t
public man on his tombi byqaf'is.'
e an imperative duty. Speoikqotb
ing but the truth of the dead.
1 Stanton. the infaimoug is drinkink
1 molten irons trading i1m pyroteeb..'
3 nies, and broiling hci ate#1'
furnace, and the people reoiloe.
Sir Walter BSett's ol* Bdia
burgh thonme -"dear 309 Nosit
Castle street," as he used to ,aH
itw-the house in which "Waiwrly"
1 q written, where he reeided fot
t twenty-ive years, and with whis
he parteq with such deep asdrMiw
r is now in part am attorimey's iffite
- and i4 part a lqdglng-house.
1, Earrings repreqeating butter
r flies, hoptqads, snaile and birds of
a paradise are both unique mad
Ts Mlmw*ag m·RI M*r s M
.y. Tu& " .Ge
Yo atm ý. ý ...,"..«_.. .; 7
Wiill 'tho ala
'a addppt Ae
auct promise, On.
Othedrjia ark
'sjýý f
x . _
j 0. " -
gr ir : ti .
- ed1a . b n 'h-e I
wiUi be. U · v*.8-e these tr o
cou ties.. ieoo~ their i'it
rvil ct am lso. (oar
tive) oro Go~veru9o,, by abdiit "fourn
tbindred majority; bd °it Ws
thrown~ out; Davis- will b*e !e'a
by about ther same -Vote.
B irnum does-.mot`gw~we
as_ she. grows o14er I. seeuw to
be as g i 9~a'l. air ever. Whf
-ed. tr1ft yhousand dolls. h t
upon.Dathum o?4~OdbiOa
' jf ~ tha S~Are eajiressly-t~e f~
~a ttiall b fiqiled~~~ by~ a "~
iie who eoldeato fe-t-a '~g
Yrrk hot~3'l. itiwath $i a doS~r,~

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