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Published overy Saturday.
_-"r. T tJNT. VEoC:]L..dh.%N.TIE ,
Edlitor and Propriotor.
Pettlngil & Co............:.......... Now York.
triffin & IIoffian.................... lltimnore.
'l'rho. Melntvre....................Now Orleans.
.tJhn Schardt .'r........ ..Traveling Agent.
ail other acgencies are horoby revokedl.
.-tInsionllt advertiscolllellts lllust be paiI
i x ill adlv#ncce.
Al1 advertisoments sent to this oflice
-o.lll not otlherwise ordered, will bo inslleorted
.ilI forbid" andl chrged accsrdingtly.
:ditorial business notice~s  ill be maide
o*, o of chargo, o all advertibenuuts ordered
theo papor; for other editorial notices a
• rgo uf25 cents per lineo ritl he made.
.n oxtra chargo of 23 per cent will in
: tro bo itmado onl all cuts above o(1 itlnch
wiidth, andl upon all td'llblo-rlulllnn ad
-tLigOimiellts a sltmilitr cllharge will be IIlltaII.
;.dlvertisollnents will bo insertcd at ono
iar anll ifty ctlits Ier sqluare (ono Inch
*place or less), fo"r tho irst, and se-ellts
Stia toa.lt for (eac utslleboquent itioCrtlin, for
1 ill Ilndeor ino o1111111th. 'For lolng'r
*ids it s follows
-..Nu .si's. i ~-'. 2i .1;ni. -iii.n. ti.
• e r,'o .............. . 11 tt; I , 20 rl 40
'................ ... 15 0 7 ' li U I o i1
c'lv ................... II+ ~,1 ,  + 3
.. ,8 (7 l 2 (i 1
'I 11111-c olt) .. .. 10 0( 4i , 7, Il5 "5 lilt 14
,"iftroon ( ?;-col.)... ,!3 GO 75 10ti 140
,Onlty'-onaiOtl e.).. 55 75j00  1 0 t' ,) 2"l0i
1'arlds ol a picesoiinl chkoarcteli.a-wlhion iti
idli tiblo-wiil bte chlargol d', blo i tir rei -
ir ad ltl'eritisi g rates.
sltulary aitd iMlarriago nltIces will he
* utd 'is aldvertistmients.
0y ileraonl 'itildin"'ii ts l-o iti'w e:th Stll
t ri,: t tio e11 110 a O pst 0,tPlie, will It' Oi
I no 'i copyvtf Tuliti 'l'lT.01itt4ivt g'ritiS,
I- e:;io yeo-r.
'i ElU'd OF M-'BSCRLt 'IP' ION.
.copv, one yr ar ........................ ... .$,00
'io e pliy, six mrnonth.,.......................... 2,0O
 DVA.t' IIA TI-:`:
i.e ropy, anoA A-~,.......... ......~(
S ci: 'oIy, six tIllO litinst..........................2,
.- f'iro Subsctitioli ptrt ice of thi r'l'i:I.
•IA wi' wlas rediled froii |ive to/iou'r dollars,
.I sulihbscribors IpatyiillnIi idvi'oec 1i hvI-o ul1i
''lrmi ly liOo illowe'd Ii dtiscolntt of one diolltr'.
-tll$criboer dtayiiig plaiyiient LOIle 11 lilionth
trter it i dillle, are reqtuiroed to pany foiur idol
:'ra. T'ilero will bo lo doviattion from thibi
At. 0a. Cobb,
'i'£OitNEY AT LAW', .'tiiNtlt:l', LA.
Aug. 1i, 1871. v4-tLt
tobt. J. Cnaldwell,
S ' Jani, 25, 1873. 19:I
A. L. Slaclk.
S"I'''OINEY AT LAW andl (Cunlllll0 -
£ a Mionor for ''oxas. Oillco Wolod Sirent,
i•n. 6o, 1L.. 'rolmpL ttntioni t ivois to tl
:".'jiiis ill .Niorthli Lottilhitan. Aud . 20, i6.s: 17
L. 1. Polk,
'URVEYORt, Civil Engineer anmdl Ira
g3ihtsmlan. AlL orders left with lHichard
o & ltlcElnery, Molnroe, l ii., will lilcot
'itli propllt attelltiun. TIermsil C-Atr.
lMay 11I, 1"72. 31-ly
8-. I,. IIC11AR .o T. W. NI.A(UICII.
DIra. lichlardlon & Mlciglcr,
j A3V1N'l%iG nssoeititct ill Ilii plrato ico of
ellcdicinle, 1lt'r their ser'victs in the
ittlterenllt braili'che, tio tho'ir ll !t2.·"li-,i to hle
-itizons of Jlonroo ili l uirrolntl tilgi 1o011l
tr'y. 011co, On .hl kaC,,nII Sitrelt. aLdjonlllng
Methodlaist Chtirch. ey ", 1:-7:1. tf
**tt. 5. C'AIDII\WOOD, L0ll. THO-;. T. AIIY.
Lrs. ('aldcrwood ,& Aby.
7l5s1o1 , 11 A.
SLi 'FIfE in rear of llerllhtirat's tuildihh
'L-. isge'oniid stret, itwis'C'll l)e'iard illtntd the
- Z.lilroad. J .u 5, 1572 d&iw
..WILlIS IIHArI)SON. 6I 'Y iulkejl'l), rN.
JAS. i. M EN.-IL1` .
Crichardl~ous r&- 3cl~nery
LSL:JLicn llrlll lll I llll~lleirh 1 ~l
• pratico in all the P'iiiisties of North
as,,llianall, inl tie SuprenInOll C',url' IlL M1nro,
:,+ Fk,,|r:d ('ourt., ll inl Itr, Laudil ic(llto
i ,,l:1rItmet, of tthet G~en rl ~ti X ern m'eln0t.
J U ''2', 1752. t- t-I
• . ;,i. 1(U is1o0 . ,Wq. W. FAMMl i.\';l
Ylorrison a It'lErillr,
,"IlOiiNEYS A'r LA'..', 1lontroe, La,.,
.. will tlracti'e it tlo .iouts oif the P.
I; tes iif Oull'chita, Sli rot 1)L:3, liett land.
i".=,iiklinl anl~ 'ahldwel , in the Su|,re.meit
.,ir- and in the 't oitt Staltes ouris.
l nlso alttenil ito all l'ticii~n s ilitruitell io
Saonll i the .ate, andi IFe'th'ral Imlmitl (lilv..
-lit-It l
IDlr. BI'n. ,tTl(-i
•ENDES his services as , hl'hvySiian and
INul ,o, to the pnblie. lie can lie foiunild
;onl hisi pIdantationI, f*)ult mlilt bIoI.W .%l~io
elaretl II, -7I . -23-1
, s ". M- R-+-N1ITY. I. D. M E].'2ERY,
.- . " 9t. "' l. n  rEnerl,
t'HN:tIEly0 lT .Alt. .1tourni, I
.rp. tta'ctitWn in ets t :riia'- -i' srih
arsof on~ hi m. Morehoasi·r u w, 1cr-, r·' :mklin.
:0h. lanii,+ r41 id elll (" It'| t: I hi Parl shl e '
,iTien Sup rt nlt I ritl' I t .1 r , i ci,
if th(l . '. I st , r ?l ilnirnl Lt-~ t r i t't : i' i
I 15'j 05 ti~~cc Ililr' ~~ . 11,115" St-ir 1'115r: z, ·
.......c. I~ ii-ttli~nr· T. lc· ~r
,i .'I. st '.M.lT A r'+ . lt t i. t, s'- ci t fl llt
nJliTers his pro'fe'rsri,,tx: .' rvi,,, ;, i'
e.IixonIR of n konro moo:rreundii! nt
-ry. 11:inrl ani iI.+ioi I I ro
5-0)r i i the priti iiti't , hI 3 ',t'I t ibb<'ll a I
l tiving a.tiit' tii in a1t itran5 aI rs,,f hit
p tro fes .is -. a w i- lin e i , w1.' r r1 1 1 , f-1 ,,rk .
flifies rear retohe C rthou'ltsto in . 'exti'"tv
-Ath o, te Ou- rtt: iitars cl 5tt',# s . i.ic ,
tre of it."ot, ht, r . A M.:. l v's-lm.rlrd:;.y
Frank AE1ore,
g)ATUISII ,r.iVt:.'YouI :,; ,,.e:i:. and
_ Genellr.-. Lan 1i g .% ult 1I.r. Nortih !.*, -
.mna, will .'t!Itend I. an\1 huImionels inl thlis ,/
,,lininiI, TPari-' ,,,. I arne v,. Whi~ ing t,+ *oil
,r' pulrchin foal c-',i,, in l ll al Iet'=l+ an ill
tin1 it to their itarc+ow " a+, rl'hc' hinll. Hf,
'lSi¢ f'¢r, solot seve-p l-'j llthe ,.+]is if *landl in
:anehia, li,,hilnud. ,MIornI,,,u'* [- raniklinl
and Caldwell Panriahs* Per ]''".ns w'ishingl to
iell will u¢n.l1numb11ove., dec."rilpt ,una 1. 0! ,,i
provemen~lt.' nR. I ormT'., ] l:1-ine E' ru::,.,
'nnect~l.'ionts inl h,h W\ l]i*Ln ,,i #It ,'l N'r -
¢lroleans.he [email protected] pinpatrd . , reinv,,'n: litha '- al
mn eontoate,1 lutn, e-' sel -, <'*.:ain 1,*l-" P :. , -t.+,
Ofie* rea~r rea'in" c . Hlrbherards,,n , Mt+'Ir*r'¢ a
LaIw Office. F",)r p,,r:i,'nlars'l addt:'0e hi--,
a trel of Richalrdso.' & Mobi~ery. Mtearee. T.s.
Auaguslt 6, 1970
The exorcises of this Institution began on
the first Monday.in;Septomlper last.
The scholastic year is divided into two
sessions of twenty weeks each-tirst ending t
the last of January; the second the last of
Jllon. C
I.. I.Wit.cox, Prosident, and Prof. of Latiu,
Mental and Moral Science.t
Mliss A. CALIIOut, Teacher in Mathetmat ieS.
Miss L. TAonAlT, Assistant in Literary D)o
Ipartrlnt. i
N. A. BARB.nn Prof. of Music and French.
Misr MI. M. VWilcox, Assistant In Music.
Pulil t admitted at an, time anid charged
until ond of sess.ion. No deduction in tul-t
tion except for protracted sickness. 1
Tutiton, En glihl ... 3. $4 and $5.00 per ni.
lInstrulnenital Music, withl use
of instrunment ................. ..... O *"'
1Extrt lessoiis ill Vocal Music., 4.00 "
Fl'rcuel h............... ........... ...... 2-.00 ,,
Draw\ing .............................. . 2.5 )
lloard, excltsivo of washing, I
Iighls, and articles for toilet, I
it lpaid lin adv-anlco, for each
St?..ioll. ......... . .................12.50
If not So tidl...........................15.00 f0
Incid cntal, lpcr session .............. 1.00 '
Prof. Wilcox has now entered upon thio
labors of the tenth ryear of his connection 1
as P'rrestiolt, withll the lio r Masonic
F'etnalo College. During that tillo the
ranllge of tudtiea has bn as oxtenive asn
any institutiton of the kilnd, ald the tode .1
of inst rut ion has beeon toiipart athorolgli
knovwletode, of tho studies. The discipline
ill the College and IIoardingDoplart ent hats
beOn firml, constant, but pairental. 't'hie It
health of the pupils ihas been invariablt\ d
good. In cuonirallltion of the above, refer
enico is conlidentll made to the patrons of
the Insititution nd forter pupils scattered
t lhrouhoulut North Louisianta.
Adtitions are being made lothe lBoarding i
Mouse, so that a large tnntben r of pupils can
itie aeeontliodateil in the fainily of thto l'res- I
idnt. 1
Wi', thle nldoersignlced, having beon so:
itaittt Witih thn workiltgs of tlhe I ntittt
tion (litring. the timeo it has been unltlr the
litianlage1intiito of Prof. WVilcox, very cordial-f
t1 -ret ttmtlllnio l it to our friendts as suitable t
lilac to uend tllheir daugrhters.
F'. A. JoN i:s, iV. M.,
A. VAno, S. W.
Jons S. YoNo, J. W.,.
and JudgParilh Cottrt, i .
.1. I. RAMSEr, BSe'v,
It. T.VAeoizx , 'I'reas.,
Ioy. J. T. IAVt)MOy.o i
F'eb'y 5, 15::. .t:13 ily
A JIt A.Ut)ING jND )ASDAT 6tlOtU.. r
Y.'or Yoaueg La die ,
T'te s5ttsiot oif It72-'73 will contsua.oen 1
MoltndtUy,t d e 2d d' of Sitetnmber.
Itrs. T. V'. litrros, Principal, and fi:
structreos of the l'rimiiry I)partueient. r
Titos. O. I3:e'rox , l tt., Ilstructtor of l.o
Acldemtic Dl)oljartlient.
, Inatructrest orf l'real,
atnd a isi.tant ii the Eniglish It ranches.
Ms. I., T\V. \V\DInteI-, Instrutitros~s of
Mi"-i .L.S.PI 1PEN, Instructress In Draw- 1
tot, Painting in witter colors or oit, n- 1
tbr :iddory and fantcy noodle work.
'gItItMS (I'AyAni.B IsONTurLT):
Primary ('lo-isej....... .. $3.00 per ito.
Middle " ....4.00
Ac entic " ............... 5.00
F'renchl . .00 "
Mu.isic(with tiuof ilstrumnent) 6.00 "
Board, includiong vwashi n g,
lights, de ........................ .. . 20.00 '
lrrawing, p'ainting, to.. at tIac. eta'
sit:,-gos.. 10., P,72. 80-t f
I'hi.i ('ollogo, lnow in its twellth scholast ic
yttar, is in r:Ce.sht)i fronit the firslt I''ue la in
e ptoultt-or to (u'onimenceoreaornt )ay, i /Vitl
nttlyi- ali'er thirdl t-tinilav in Junie. h
corps of instrurtiotn is filttl th tliurae of
i tud"i amile; the lib)rtary anid iapparatusil satd
ciut:tto; tit outidowni t in hopeftil iprogre-:
Ioal1ity e lnillellly hii tthfll, rlid conltutlli- .t
ty inst(lligeni t and refilleo|.
N,11ct" r ftr l tori . lt ;ttirt], frttiti i2. ;uj Is
515.00 per month. ontingent, $1.5t)
F"or flirt itb-l t iettars, address Ifet . J. 1:.
t'ot, f'r iid iii., It. C'.
IV. F. ituRu:LAND,
iatrl;:ZDti f t'ros't oard of Trustces.
1.IN IT 1.I 1gUIt.Q A ND CI( AfRti,
.h :l( c(y+e".-1 ndl Lp"yr Ree!',
T11e uni tricntd hIas opened a ~Maleo in
it( lherrtlutard, ultli,iing s, wie he has sup
plioil with now lIar flxturus., the choiiirle
Iranil. of Ltiu-ors, atnd fln itiga:rs. lie hias
two ItilliOrt, talo, nurl during the OSyser
e ion (tal sslltylV freshi Oys!ers on I tho
shell. Lager Ioeer front thir blet VWest erl
icrswtcrie-s klept at this atloon. P'rotmpt at
tention ail gt ,lood "rdir will e l lol..viql.
'T (1( . To, t at"1NNS.
:)ppoit 1.:ndom's l ivery -rat,:
M O N I(Ri 1T, LA.,
I klept well slpliiol with t1:- 1test wines
in li n I; ra s -l" favoritei lrands .,f i'i ", r..
Polite aS ,n'lit ;, nt dtU1 g..n',I d rdoobr ,arantie,1.
April I.t , 1-71. i"i.i 'is ru
l-01 1T R -r" I A
l'.aes. PPas, Ie"tae, ('i -kens, felter.
ID V xt.I, Tii* . 'Ma ill tw. re., liought and
,,, Iv 11.I` n.,l 'r ile* l,. , it ((ratl I'roe- ,
r, " I 3 0 .A¢:vb I, ". u it e *)r tm ut of
Sa-.i y ..r ý " ,. ries i. pt " ,.i tt nntl-r . o
i .all i . t I-Ir:. , -an 1.- t,.
Firby -a. ".--. .1Inr e, ,at.
r m o .h aNt"( . I'r ,),ri'.--,-r
1 J.hn. in the , ntr- ,f r - it-inet - ,,rt ,e
w:'ll furni*he,.. ilqpCe .l:'tSi,, an, skll
ftl work I tirnls o . Ifa "aa,- aad ,,r
S0 Itarrata ef Fs'rk.
48:?'J.* SA"AN5eSt
What Thoy Did and What tho Pooplo Say.
From the Amite City 1),cmocrat of 2
the 26th we obtain the following account
of the proceedings had in that place to t
install the Kellogg oflicials. If we are a
lnot mlistaken, someC of our Union parish a
readers will recognize nn old acquaint
ance in the 11ev. Elia tcGeorge who
ligured. in the installation. The Demo- d
crat says: t
On Sunday night the mail train of t'
the New Orleans & Jackson IRailroad,
landed at this place about seventy 3e- d
tropolitan Policeenln, arnted with rifles. 1
They were condclicted to the Court
1 louse, it is said, by C. 1. Bradley, who
was defeated for Parish JIudge, ini No
tvetllbcr by over 250 majority, but who
has found favor with Vice Roy (Kel
logg, and has a dis(honest c'ontitni--ion
for said oflice. They took possession of
the public oftices. an Court 1 [onue, and a
oeeupied them during the night. On
Mondatl-y they formed ia line around that a
building and within it wore gathered
the Sheriff, Lanier, radley ll and the 1
RIe•. liais ;corge, who wba dtefeated d
at the election for Ileceriler, but who
has, like Bradley, a lellogg appoint- I
Inent. iBradley and (ieorge, after their
defeat at the polls, acquiesced in the re
sult and their suecessful oppiolnenlts,
Messrs. Addison and Cooper, \vere co in
mn issioned in December :and 'enterel 1
upon theicr respective oilicial dlutices. In
tFebriiary, after Cooper and Addison had
been in ollicofur mnore than two months
George anti Bradley received Kellogg
.Oinisiis-it5ll and sot iip ('aliiis to thlse
olli(es, not by ldematnuls uponct he ill
cumbents, lnor a resort to law, billt by
assutintng to discharge oflicial duties in
the guerilla style, a:way front tilht, pub)
lie olics. To install llradley and
George was the (ld''ai'ied obje'ct of this
police expedition.
)n Motlnday, thli regular term dlay: of
the i'Prish Court, lit 12 o'clock, the
Ipolibcenenl were put in line, :tlII ral:
icy, with his Sheriff, entered the court
room, ind lprohlhail7ed the court ini
Judge Adtliscon then called on theconl
lianding officer, claiming the right to t
hold the termn as P1'arishl Judge, and
was told that he would bu pirevenlted
by force from doing so. I'Unabhl to a'
resist this force, the Judge protested
andl retired for the day.
Jas. F. Ard, IE:sl., l)cputy Sheriff,
was ealled to act as officer of the court'
but nobly refusedl to obey the usurperl t
1Vm. Duncan, Els., the District Attor
neaty, pro toent., of thl parislh was c:ll',l
but al-o refl-ted to respe.t or notice' the 1
liisunioiis. MembiClcr.- of the bi"ar refusedl
to attend, they having formally rs.solv
(.1 not to recognize any 1'ari-l<h udgue
other thtan Judge Addison,l the elected,
colnllissiotned ant nacting Judge. '1Th'
citizens were lookers otl, with scolf'
;Ia deris:ion, denoun'ilng thli bel lll, upon
all courtis. lvcei tihn Ilereenary police
tenll, alllltlaed of lihe duty they were
on, gazed with ill titlccilceld conitelipt
at this "'Judge" ('tsav(e thi !markl'),
attempting to per:tide yoverall tu1w'ill ing
people, slunnted by the citizens, rtpu
diated by the hliio:st allclr.- o,"f (ie
pari -h, and scorntmd w)y the :atr.
A ftir a short .set:i1 thli 'Cou rt'" ad
.ourned sine di, awl trshow n-idelihd.
'This (dolt,, pagro t toirie wi t)as indL-l
ell into th,'. Ileenl,, : h1r'".. ' nir., at)-1 took
,oý('-ssimon '''·f th", 1, hih: Ih), h:til
neitlher oral ter leal right. Were,
H r i tdk P' to m e r ,, \ t'it in: -, h , \i ,,u l li , r ,"
sciy, tllrh'tithr.n, hIt u; o rni -." At nithI
thie tolicet lie . lftl; llo'dl, - nt:uiktd,
fr mnt hi.= hidinug pi) :Ico, u:ti tindl er e t)v cr
of thie night and the i h(- ,hiw o f,, tieit"
Iayui otes, left with tiehorn.1
'lT' 1pcople feel dleeply tlhis nei ouit
lrage. TIhe .Kellogg usirpatilio1, i1flt
mtous lefore,, brought n.ow iita" il o-r
conlt:act with the titizon-, gr.\.: irk
"amet beyond emtlurattcO. If flit o, ir-.
fi ';, , w ill o rn -i te1.
- ndotI . ! 1 \hI -h'. li'-c h I ti l!,w
I, t i I Ii iidi 'II, d i - i r' 'l,- r , will ,ot"ii. ni
inlu t, .<l i= y t I t, ' .- it-.
'-il'.O.'1 - T i I 'L T,.li .
All rA, ti i ':", (.) i i..'oi: li, ,
trT,:-" |"i:;i :it (',,fx o,.,.. .a, r" -t
-t night by th" r l t r of Il.
-l' e:Iti r l a-rt . b , . TI ,, -t .: , r 1:. I.
iI'nage had ju-t hu l, ,! thlio n ,,n: th .
,n c h 'al sta i ,, r t .A , : I a -:, ui .. T l ': - r ,
cq ite i ,iTit+ i l, , t --,,r ,-'
"i . .,7 I. ,,
ti ,,t r-.n "t:l ; .'< - . d.,, c" i i.
Flromle the N. O. Pic:tyune.]
It cost just about a million dollars,
after the war, to bring to this State over
20,000 colored immigrants. That is
the rock on which Louisiana split.- - l
Every State in the South that has a
brought from Virginia and other States I;
a large number of colored Immigrants C
since 1865 has boon made poorer, and r
its government has been made more t
oppressive than before.
Louisiana should now spend a million t
dollars In bringing to the State multi- a
tudes of white farmers and mechanies, a
to settle in the Stato permanently, and i
own houses here, anti who will feel a
deep interest in supporting whllesolne c
laws and a good government.
If the State of Louisiana and the city I
of New Orleans a're worth saving, why a
not at once agree upon a i,..t of salva- r
tion, and then all haumd- t. . hold and il
help carry out the plant
Saving Louisi:anl is ioe, mlerely a I
buintlti : transaction. It w\:ill lake ahout
a mnillion dollars ito do tIo , ork tef tct
natty andi llt to la3 th doctto : bill. If wo a
allow the State to etxpire, it will cost at
vast. stun of money to pay Ilneral ex
pe'nses. It would die all iltnsolvelt i
debtor. I
As the natural incrt a- of our coloredtl I
pliontlation is ltss than the mortality
atmong that race, ourt agrietilture ustl t
yearly retrograde, tlil ltiln-teotthsl of
the tillable lands must remtain unttilti- I
vated for an itltin ite period iof tilmie, t
iperhaps hailfta century, if we tido n ot
tbring niultitudles of itilnligrants to, cil
tivalte thlise idle lands.
I t is doubtful if'l'exas or \'irginia hias
spent mor10e thn a million dollirs teatch,
sincel' the war, in inlnigratiion, anti yet,
'l'exsas hits added over .10i,t0i0 to hI er
population siniei 1101, and V irgini:1 las i
greatly strengthened hter rtural polttila
lion, and is well goverlnedl.
Such an investitiet in thii S ite
wioulhl Irinzg paice aiir plrosperity to all
of thle lhonest nrl inhlustrital classis,antll
would add "lore than :t':!,000,000 to the ,
tinarl:ct vtali of Ituliitila hillands. 'The I
I:nudholor. themselve. coulld wtll al- t
ford to adlvance lto money nee ldOtleld for '
the redtenlltion of the :tiate,.
The Lottisiatnt lIltuigratioin anti
llontiesttiteal ('otinplatty l.s unlertaken
this nobleo wotrk, in which every honest
citizen slintlld ctllist, and, ito seture its t
succtý-, ionltriblto- meanlts to the extent. i
of his ability. If it obtains stiuhserip
tions, through its Iratnlchei. in aill thie I
country piTrishlies, averaging lten thti - ti
sand dollars in et91h pa:rish, this will
stcure- a fundlil of -live tultltiinr and sixty I
thnousanti tll llar.5 l! isiiti of thell city of
_Now Orleans. This city shouldl sul
Scribo ias u('Ilch a- all of the cllntllllry
p.uili-he, and illllre.
Thie shares of the Iotilpatly a:re livei
dollars tia-olc, and the ipaytit-itIs et p'll r
ceit . att the tilmel (if sulscribihtig, and ten I
per cenlit. qluarterly. 'Th suhl> riptlions rl
ini the city anid count,!ry wotuld give tlih,1
('ttnllpany otvetr fiour ilittlrdedl tholuatitl
dt(lli1rs( ia ytr fori twvio yetar- ti t ha litlf.,
1'lit lti this: t unitit the, ('cni laity
nipl.ht slv tei1 Statet in a fete year-. 1
'ihtey co bltll eui' -l its ialety :ut 'aina
tion in It lintih shturtir titimt vitlh liat
iiltit ell i i:r l ila I liv y. i iii ititit
i0l11 itn dollar- tintly mtoy. Ttil cost
hts boon. \,tti counted, a1 l  l tthe ihlotle
Subtta.r \-ell \oii lty Iini etmbers
of the (romp -ny.
T'ilt patrihl.e and ItnilenthiI t'hin.
Mautlr, tIt<.tiol l " of iis liii n slite
the \. "tr i*: t?.," initort,t of inanii ratiohn
lto v V "i- its antive tatt, 'il
Stlen. Il aual'g will sh w\" eat l idhel
ily 1u11l zeal in lik oil 'rt'ts o $L stve Io -
i.i Il, lii nativeo 4It;0 , i. th+, 9S -
I itlu I . 11:N N : Ii1,
,ate Agent IaI. I. :awl I. I.
N'e'tV (Olr :l i-: , .\pril _,;, 11.7:7.
i l 'l I:. TO LS.7 il:.
O i the ; ItI if 3! t t, 'I a t:til a. I I.
MI ilti, of X7 , ;."' ý-o',l'k ,'it \v, -:- fri:,,; it it ,
" Irt 1, I i, ,,t of i[ , ,oc l,
li t h i I , \' tlt:, 1 ,t n tI , . " 1 'h t ;, ci".
sf i 0 5,, ;;'y . uti1 .t i ut- I,, i: 'l sii
ifl. r r\'il \.. t , !" :l: . i ilr ".I" h ilt ' ii , i,
l ,it l , - i ' v . h,1 . l it i, , l . i i !
N ;t :, l t , i <t iT , : tl , f t r, I, ,\ , 1 t
l ' .' t tti - <", tl.. tt <.l,'l t" , C s ' .: "s
i, ; ,r:la ti:l, r1 i n, t.1 ; , , . it t itlit I
. r. I . o . li,, I 11r ri\': itl
,'tl, t Ii . , : n i
;wh1- 1 I, o tt .i l:. " ., ;ýi . 1 tnlt ! ;t, II
l i l, l 1 ' r n i i i, ; nt ; .,-. h lr , t i +
t ?ttith ,. t;. -1 "," t ; t h (,\t' ur1 t h ,l : a m )
c otlvt" - ... t . . ' i 'i i,< d T r+ . t rV.
+ i , \ -t teitst - t r, :' t - ,tl i l " l', it i,n
His O1ae Habits.
[Front the Lexington (Va.) Gazette.
In strolling around the first spring
day we stopped at the Memorial Chapel
and passed through the rooms particu
larly associated with the memory of n
Gen. Lee. The guard, a student of the o
univorsity, walked with us through G
the apartments.
Over the marble slab in the contre of
the room are wreaths of flowers, crosses
and crowns of immortelles in a circle of a
autumn leaves. The marble is inserted p
in the floor and over the vault.
From this room at door leads into the P
oflcoe once used by tile secretary of the h
faculty. This is now bare and empty. ti
From this apartment a door opens into IS
a small hall, and then into "thle Gene. s
ral's room," as it is called. It is alld. wol
known that its furniture has never been '
clhange tI. It reillains us left by (eit. It
Lee. tl
'l'ho round table in the centre of the ti
.,,rnt is still covered with his papers, c
a!l ot.i.rly arranlgetl. 'Tho scraps ot u
hIl:ttk paper were kept it a systematic 0
manntler. A. p;-oftssor took a pieco for 0
a tlenuorandltllu, when the General
hanttltel him a piece frol anotheor lot..
IIto hl:tl intlentltldl the irnt sheet for f
:another purpose, All his writing was
donei :it this table. lie uiset an atrm
chair, wit h loather sent, anll on rollers.
Ile wrote rapidly, rarely interlining or
olnitting words. There weoro o uchll
tI hings tu rough dirafts. 1lie tinishedl at
a single heat whtatever heo had in hand.
WheVin his feelinigs were onlisted, the
Pit Iltovet'r pl:ausold dlow\t to the last
prial. )Its rorders," or rather ad
dirti-ts, to the studenitts a:id iimportant
eorrespotil-ene owere intisltil wvith tin'
ink wet, on thIto first lines. Iel never
dictated, :nlI utsedl I i-: otmnial sorot-r5y
H is lavorite pen wats a largo gold
Otte, of a enrious model. It was ualmnost
as btroad ttlas it was long. It was Iheart
lhtlttd. A firmti in lalltiitoro owned e
the pattern. Tile first pen of this kind
tsedi by hiitll \:w accidentally injuredt. t
'The w\'riter, at the reqtlest of lioen. Ice,
entrietd it to latltitlore while on a
Northern tripI atil htad it ropaired aind
a:lother mltado froml the original die.
The in~stand is still ott the round
table. Th'l ink is raised by atmos- 1
pherit pressure appliedl by at screw.
The instructions on it directed thie ink .
to bhe ltowereid wheni not in use. 1io 'J
nlever failed to turn tIthe screw and lot
(tle ink down inlto (Ith stand before t
leaving the ollice. Ottne of his secrota- i
ries noticed his regularity in this par
'llt`here wats a loungttie in tile room, lut I
hi tte'ver was : iu own to rest ihimself for
at tnwoit'ttl (oi it. 'l'Itru nitever was at
pairh of slippers or a rho do thallllre in ll
his room. ItI is noodhles.s to say no 1,pipes
or tiigars wor thero-ho tewasn'lt frielndly t
Ito tolllba't't. But once wals Ihe kiowll to
violato Ithe situillest propiriety of his t
position. Iduring it dull rottitino of
t fa:eulty mIeeting," ill wartm weathitr,
the I'resitlent tldoe.td for a low tltOlltments.
lie sat as usual, ere't, butt his eyes
goetly yiehled toi the heatl atnd hum
drut. Ills coIlle'aguts, witlh courtly
giace, lot tile lIsiltess pause till tihe
brief ntap ttitlel, aMti then It tartted with
t lasit, hI ord Is the c'lhairittal iitul ht'artd.
Tllis triumpL h 41" M orphtlt-t e' a's noti,
altlteI(tl to.
''It , I 'liil lrplhiaht I ui tuiror, I f th2lll st
itilt., ha t ia a ticllt, tO ll. hl ttrotrble'u s ill
our ,ttle t, fro titt il ahi Itt' takt hite ftl
h\% i i :
Itt a tia bld trotl' s It t ten tho
T:,0 polili, 1!partic in Iunisitn' er hn
tin r , :Ianl are likely to do l o unl il ihla
l iho: ;ilnyofel"i' r p tlt-h",, rl . :u ltlrlriv1n"
.Itl-he ith , utlariI of it'' tI i tat inl
"m n uniialt. I:ta oiol e lt V i-" it Il imistalk
\whi, l t I tas c Int gJil rosil' l1. Loui
li thi- itt t,' it is that t i't'tht' flit , tiontl .
tiI rl i t ; ''i.rnov 1 hav' lioo tniltrei
maI lil t I :liy , guerrillat earint-h~l ".
c s-l i ili ,, Oiltl, ,o n tl i h:fo < -' n -M ri
. r i t lo in o ill,, looui-innat trol ublel ,
S,,!v,rih, il the mnh t- o'uln liaii,' imannel"
; i l ,t t h e i i t ,r f r t i o i " " o f f hi , !I o i-n il
(iov 'irninient il tih , 011airs '.f il, t ihes in ,
:i t O wn- , i., Ie. rat rlenl : tilhlo ti ' ihiIo t
ut rl tati i: . I,., if lh \'. , hold U 1snliti
l lin.pit,. . n-i', , aha te v to thI, , p-opl',
I ol' t h( f('<,n :,+,,. .,"r ilth 111 1tlr "ti'"h (,tii l
-titiore :t< to iin-l-, a fnir,',onl. rI at ho
poll , :i pl twoi fl l u il ;tt l i -(stator' o tIith -
s i l t \\ 0u i t] | . . r a' :t o ' l. \ " ,a ct h r a in .
"*Ili-i ln fi t, thl ,.1I v,; t1 r .v in tl!' rio p
t 'baggr cohnt 1 h . The oally
]I' " '1 tor" in L o n : iin; t1oI t I 1 i1 , 0
i y , ivi: ;, ,r tiltl n s*l,, rigrhi i
- h " " , h :t i l ,t - re I lm l .. A l 1, r ,,oe n
The New York WVorld holds General
Grant responsible for the disorders in
Louisiana; be sowed the wind when he
set the example of lawless intervention
in the affairs of that State. Imitative
ness is the most notable characteristic
of the colored people. What the Boss
Grant does, must be a good thing to
follow, of course:
"LetGrantlookat hiswork inLoulsi
ana. It is heo who has interposed to
prevent the will of the people of Loti
siana from having its legitimate and
peaceable sway. He has put forth his
hand to hold in power the representa
tives of a miserable minority of white
and black rascals of the State. The re
sult has been what it was sure to be.
The rascals, flown with Insolence and
whiskey, confident of immunity and
help from tWashington, have set upon
the decent citizens, and in thoseparishes
where rascality is strongest chaos is
conto again. Ve need not step to pick
up the threads of this trangled skein
evon if it were yet possible. But for
every item of this villiany the Presi
dent cf the United States, who has set
it on foot against the desperate protest
of every Louislanian who had a char
acter and standing to lose, is ultimately
responsible. Let Louisianians whom
ies has exposed to anarchy, and all
Amoricans whom he has disgraced, re
tmentmber this responsibility and hold
him to it."
The New York Herald, referring to
the subject, says:
''The mistaken policy of GCon. Grant
in behalf of peace in Louisiana has been
produltive only of mischIef, confusion
and ditsordler. It is but justice to hin,
however, to say that he appealed to
(ongress at the lato stssion for a settle
Iment of this imbroglio, and that Con
gress, lacking theo moral courage to sot
tie it, left tihe whole subject, to the dis
eretion of the I'resident, as the two
hItouses left the M\oritonl tdificulty, and
that the Plresident, adhering to the Kel
togg goverlmntliiit, Its lhe had notified
Congress he should do, if left to his dis
cretion, has nutado it def/uto the ,tate
The Now York Commncrcal Adver
tiser says:
"T'le bloody entcute in Louisiana
shows one thing very plainly, to wit:
That whent blacks attack white, whito
will unite with white, without distluac
tion of party, to put down black. Hore
is the great fact of race antipathy do
monstrated by the irresistible 'logic of
events.' Amtong the whites of Colfax
thero were mlon of various political
opinuions, but they sunk all such differ
tollnce, alti hid anded together as against a
icO1liiimon Cot_. ile is noI true frlend of
the iiegro who teaches him ll ither to
utneorvatlue or dlisllievo thogreat truth
which this conllict hlins so terribly Illus
])tc-orationl Day was observed iat
Viculsburg. The lrtany who have
soldier sons, friends or lovors buried
I lere will road with interest the follow
ing from last Sumitlay's I eralid:
Quietly, antd without ceremony or
ostentttitinm, the ladies of Vicksburg
procieled to the (:ity (omnotery ycstor
tlay, atld with loving hands nlnd symll
paht ltic hearts, scatterod fresh and
hiat:lftful Ilowers over the graves of the
soldieors who feill in tho Lost C(ause.
'T'hiero wa Iio) Iponip or pageantry, tno
pilan of tpraise sung in chorus or recited
in it .Ie-'h, bIut shilmply tnileont, hllaurt
of wreaths will l iisniornlles. V1Vatf.
cnthi heI more tutlching than thie htrant
of Ibehalty strowing th lulst rting llace
of valor with itlitltifiul flowers nH a
simptll oi(,lring of love? It was bltter
'lThei tax-re-sisters imr gauiniag gramit
ti-ir i-ra or lt'ne, anill ol,rtlly tleclnredl
ltha if tlhe o-mi'nllal Ict-llotgg (loverim
itti-mit initilitl yaitbl against lin, lae in
raly to ,,ltohitthe propelr IIlleasurey for
Alioit ltiin dlays sago, Itt iItipconilh's
Milk, Iniair .Jll;,riont, in Alartango co111
Sty, b lat., t of thr ro till rocks etxplod
IvaII, tlllllig severrnl perst,ns. Two
negro' 's et hal itlg lI irotken, nlld
atti,thr hlud hi.s tIotth driven dlown his
tlhrtA. A t urlti wias struic k ltuarn-ly
Ilt ilrmiiil rill II i sHld lnoxtlllrontthl ndlor
Ihi l, nlikru it I:tw. It is lt umnlroflta.
-a hil i htu 'it" tl Intif i t ailwitys rt,, ain
·i, tinua-'i iliVilltivIt Knius IHIOvistO HorIO
l Tii Sav't:illaht Advertiser, of the I:lth
i- i t ., i~-S: "Itev. WV. II Milburn, the
Ilin, Ircechecr, hutl oltained a dlivorce
fripln hliq wife, \wvli, was oinco a Iaullt
ful hi llonf iC altimore, andl mnrriid hil
- whlin lhi \was' chatlilni of Congress."
iI ,- yuIItg wiolnlan wa- rc'ltlttly taken
y fr'se 'lurnlh:rl, wMain,,l to the Rayilma
•f :t Augustan, whlo wans rcndlerd insano
frrom Iupnro -aeint-ni matter.

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