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The Ouachita telegraph. (Monroe, La.) 1865-1889, May 31, 1873, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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Published avcz'y Saturday.
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E2ditor andr Proprietor.
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it. G.I~"" Cobb, ·U
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L.H~ N. Polk,
·~4 t41(·l:EY0r,:~ Civilt E4in014ra444~·l~,l 1)44111
)7:~gI 44a444444). A·(lt 4;r~tra tcfl. 4.41 4lll-·· 1(44'44:lr
'Il~o exercises of this Insrtitutionl boooI;ol~
'VIie nohohisie yolr is ~io'idc~d inlto I WI
nooniono of twenty weekso 05011-hlint 011111~
tho loot of Jahillnory thle second~ (I h I:int
L~. 1".\'.W .1'o x, P~renidont, and~ P~rof. of I .:ItiI
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.01innl I..·cl~ '1 . i(', An Ilctc-l· l i(ltinlii ror II
111 ~lint, ollolon iil..... .0. -L:111 0i(l)1(I il,
111 1OOOOIIO lll nlto ?\rit .0lli'. .11
Icra will g .lr ~ rlt . .. ... . . 2(.(H'dI
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I ii hot l1) 1111(i........... . .1.10
I Il'1111l, per\:u Onir l . 1.1111
Prof. s0il1.OX11110 IIIIW1I.lC1'011 1 .1oll 111
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uns J'rcnidclcnt, \it Iiho 1I [1110cr lenl~llo'
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k1(1Y lclotittltoif 1111) ill. I'l, 011(111111 11111
kllooo'1cituigo (lrlL 1111100~ 5t11di0.. 11 I~;litolcll o
iii ltim ('ollio ((l~dilllllrllgl t 1)J1litll o~lrlt 111
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noul\ Itltlllll I 11110, 111111l:? Ill r11,11:11011015 !1'
Icn kepty orll lill~lltl Iio(lll~ wit l~ 111110 1101 0(111
Apr'cli lcl 1,17.:11 1-0111ll~l
0tlt·I~cili 011ii I's fi il l (01 011 'll11
It II' \\1 1111 I~\·:~ 00'. lc Ilolt r 0111 i'111'l.
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.11·: 1 ~1:lr,'' l\(f h. ~111\· . \ Oten I 1II~I L11
loll'~11 3.ISNI
By applointitent, the ienibers of the
aLegislative Caucus, imembers of the
Comnlittee of Two Hundtlred latul Exe
Scutive C'ommuitee of the C'ommittee of
Seventy, had an interview with Mena
tor Carpenter, at his roollls a:t the St.
Louis Hotel. o do llot give a lfiull
Sreport of what was sait Illl doln; but
,we believe the following will be readl
with interest:
Senator IBooth openedl the interviewi
by statingtlat tlhe olbject of the meeting
w\\ts to extcliuiige selttililltts oil tile
pollitichll troubles of llisianill1, with
tilhe view tilt tl e otiniols of tae colli
miittee :tndl oh Senator (Carpenter iiitht
le mtolitieid.
JMr. I hlrry 1Vilde gave al short state
melllt of tile trouble whicehl 1111 11 tr:is
lpred in Grant parish, itvhid'h gave rise
to a very log tlll inlltelrestillug lisctis
I sion.
HSenaltor ('irplenter illluirei| ivh "y the
I (lrand Jury of ilie UnIited States C'ourt
had not Ibeenl i bfilrnllti tlllhat loof of Lth'
ftlets statetd Iy tMr. 1ViIh i eoutl be pro
iMlr. 1Vilde-ll)o you kioLtw l how that
Sirand .lury was thraiwti ,i
Sttilator (trpeliter-- It isiattii.s not
how it was drawn, it ,.1s not lftinet
(lhe testimtony.
Mr. 1Yiltl·---l)o youll klo.o\V Iio,,V the
testioini3"y whitei trot givitei b ififrte that
Grand .Ilury it.as given "It was itte hrly
enatitor t 'arpenter--Vell, if you Ihiavie
got ito men in I.ltulisi:iiiut to tell tihe
truth, I thinl't soi;ee hiiw you eil i hell
ir.ough liieflc- thilo ( lr iandtr .1iiiy, :lnd
Senator (rIli'oitiit tr------ It. is a tight thint
vtiiy fretlsai Iont- to go h r lithe.
mraiut .ury i ul iiiilke ihis ei ltnliibiit.
If liiffi:irs are i then o(ilitilhi you say
tltey :ire, .1 aiio not pirepiiirdi to stop at.
vwhat the report of t lie enalte Colliiit
Itoo re'Colnileitdled.. I a lllllrepPIareCd to
say that there isi no (ioverlinenllt here,
antl hint thetre inev-er c(ill lie oiit,. If
whalt you say is trlie, I allm in favor of
the (lovernmellllt at \lVashigtoin tallkilng
chllarge of the Stalte :lid ilpayiing ix ietI:eses
of everythling luntil 'you :l Iili h\e a t
lpulbliclan forl-n of goveitllnllent. If your
c'Oull'ts canllilllot hIe r'eliell Iupon)i to inve.sti
Igate tihe fauts of the case lirougllht before
theln, then you atre nlot lit for self-gov
'ir. Z:lhllria--nited States Courts
aire pIacked against us..
Senaltor C'alrlentlter-Why, thelln, do
you not halve the Judge ilmlttiaelltdl
Mlr. Fornuan-l- went libefore- the .ltili
cilry ('oillittiittie of the lHi lllse of Iltepl'
scntatives lltil a.kedtl to be heard I n
that souljtiec t.
enalltor ('lrpenter--- I yoal gi to
\ltasiingtolltl wit I- i ita ,lenria'l , ehlarging
lodgle 1)ii'ti with any in litiloiritt(y,
ant11 lie is iliit i pllcllttthttl l,3" tiy e I lo lutst
nld put oit trial btefiu'e hlie n:tltite, iltt
I shall have inthiitll 11o1r ner to say.
>%Ir. lForlnum- -Tht' dillintnlly is iii g4Bt
Uitg :t hearing.
1 Ir. irlet r r--Thler, is lil dlitr,llly 1
iii itting al h ,triiiiig. Yo'l olat liult I
thi. slplpllosilt illl. Y1"olu l lil slelemll o Slip
ol e s ( t h a t t h te I) id i e n p a lr t y i - w -n t ol I
keetp you tithwil. I tell ytiou tatlit thI
ilittst ofthti ttLiaptili.in htarrilli otl
thit they shaill lie litoaest it is i tiip
ticti-itt It
tltinllt l for thlemll I t ,e so. W\'e dholl't
tire a coiso ittlietier you are I it-int
i-rat ic or I 1epubilitan, bhit itre wtitt you
Iii tlie ti' tnr thit 1tli ti rightfullly. T ItIer'
is niot a imiitth r fit fitiher I toset of C(on
ttl' its thnt litua- iii sligitlst dtlts omtiism I
ri, oaipt: t illi ot ill It'ore vi lltr s t'tlt ill -
ill lithesohlv ioii of1 y'oull* gov'er-mniin.
Now it ens~qil- alilost ilncrtdible Unith
iuis't we itit taki it to le truiti e.v(l
Mt *. iottul i ils-Tli rn I- .rnil .:l-1 iyii
tent is asetret pirottss, ant we aro iii t
ti- :an tled l ol i olln. t a.-, lit'l thIei ul seIlir
li lt Jit' ie lit-ttll iit Io rr' l ii- t --lt
lit i. tr 'ti Ltlt-ts- I will i-1 the tit1tlio
twtit it it I bit iiirrie-t ii t litn ittvi --t gt--
(i'ilil htiir . I i is . .tt r l ll ii ,iii
manIiiNw . nla (arha h Rttinv ltiat-i,) a
/tolittlt-. I sys Ithat lt' we- iy I
cariful t, riilo Itti r l ti e I-itiilt'i - : ii ft ,i
hitli lii jh r . i% tt-l t-l - ,itt-rniy t- u h fu-v tr
it hutt I-i t- h lil 'l - Ih" tii' It
do 1i'. V e arlto- I \'l l ;d-in Ihi , ,,ilimil,. !
whrouit Jury Ih t i'rr, publi hed in '.the.l v
m 1r. i n 'he Oi enn (alh itop'u. li4" ni..i i- I:
whey lho jr y nd .iir <lhrlii-olt'.. !1" :r
one q lIo ii ith lii ife b liv l c,:i -,, ii ml I
do iso a V;nual Jur chn'pn-- ill l -iv,ly~i ri
Iof Itl icr, lr( , :u'l l |(, etel nl( thsq' of tihim .
men'ill f .ollrv. lie is ptuicilit An iiin yit !
llis ai'a Rlh ubl i enn, :tnrt, let n. o ti ed in( I
th111i ll ontrov;" c o l' i rlly- withI thielipii 1 .1 I
we trhl'i to peloel tihroug the." hil l,-i ; ,r'"
th.'I''t Grainllpi Jur u ilp itha liitrlict At-l t
t. setling forth what you claini to 1e tile
true faCrts of tlhe matter, andl they do
uot give you a fair chance to be heard
e before the gratd Jury, then 1 desire
e you to present the fact of their refusal
- to tihe louse of ltepresentatives,
if Mr. Voorhies-Suppose Judge DIurell
- should be willing to seld the witnesess
before the Girand Jury the very lmo
I Ieut they ,pas..s the lthreCShold of tlhe
t grand jury roomn they are not within
1 tihe authority of Judge lurcell. li hIlas
no right, utlllnder tll' haw, to go illnto tlhe
.girantt jury rtoitm, tit interfere in their
inve-tti'at-ons. Thierefore, so litr as
1 Judge 1,irell is ontierned, lie is, after
I tie organizattiou of tin' jury, neith er in
- our w-ty or out of it.
Senal:tcr C~arlenteir--'l'he DIistrict At
torlney stands tlhere, ini 1le a1n Ine illl
- piea'li-liI. Yio iri`e livina.g ini eivilized
Ssociety, utliI you li ixe giot to stand the
tilcOllvtiiielit`,s whitch 'iviiized siieiety
- has. If a man takes your horse, you
eaiiniot totualtawlk hiii linr it; yvo will
lhave iti resort to taln iourts to get bIiak
Lyour lhorsel'. Your ll lvsary 1ar y a get'
'iclitiilltatlataees o tlheen:isi, ;tiand aity keip,
you cult. of it" a year, ailL then, \-'heni it
cint'.s to trial, he iay brie, tihe juryo
alnl heat )you, anltl 'you will hiIve toli
stihit tol it unless'' you get a new trial
or alle t iell tot alppe'llate c'outrt.
If .y elu w ill d l'utw tp a l i lth'ir to the
I istriht Attorntey, stattin w\'hat youi
kliow 110 tI' fait lll's are, l giving hi iI theI
Iitna ltes of the \\witlnesses tl. o establislh
these falert n, i t Inii he re ts. I- o to il his
dtiiy, yeitu will sni-'-ecei in virilic':il lug
yotirself, itnil in in 's:to (hing:_ Mr. Ie 'k
2I r. Viourliets-1 Thiirii is atnotiir 'ih'
vtiiin.stli..ic' tco vhliith it- is ee'lll 5t. V:r. lo
call yoiir atteiitioii---thlat ntome but lhi
\\i t ,  cs f 'o r ti l e pl r o s e e nt l io nl alrl ' h ou, ' r d
[etifort, the G tutl r..
,Senati itr"(':illientllr---liint yiii at'it maiikike
i ctll:irge :igaiif' t. lthust ieiilopic :litd g
Stliefri the Ir:uliil.luryv yoiur..slf. In tin
No· riih, lho polh11 beli (' in ioiii.rts ofi
justiee lieing hiini-st. If you ean prove
tlii1' fuetl t t yha . vo hih:ressei lJl lh coma
Iluni'eat ions as I hitivi' s.ggcstc'ih, land
that your witini-st, were tii sent for,
you w\ill have iiiade a tremmelihlius point
iai your favor. You eotuld nit dii any
taiiing ijuitte so Valillle ti your inter
.est s to iumale s.lltuch anll illtlteint aIIil
hInt"e thten dheny yonu re~lief.
Glov. iM'l: iiriy--1(1 llul v already lv
Mr. V ilhh--amie witnesses weresint
for aiil were not lit'ard. I Tie witness
xxa. hicardi, aInI they :iteliiintem to I rw li
beat hini, and alter he\ went -twmay they
oll.ered him noniu'yo t .h.enge his slate-I
luiet. Thefi soml' on mttmt'Inhiteil to
kill hiiti.
M, itr I" ( thU'lelttl'i'-- o Vil a:y Ihlut thin t
eil'nerllil I livellir ieil is lg:ii'ist xoi1ii
your ,talt' ( ti)tl'ns'i, "r.' against you), :iitl
lietI (i-aill .Ju .1y is nagiinst y"uit. Whliy,
"or s.ilt inhtlligent .-it of awn, syo I
ti*- t i t'm iiiiit hllhpie--u set I ever .
Mir..I anies I ingmian, of th i.eliu-ry •
Sinati-, .-aidi: Siuitor .itri'pti'r, I
till'l -tu",u lltl yonu :iy il yviiir "lt-c-ch, tilt,
wat- fu"ll ptlut fIi-ti' youiri heinati i-iti-i
xis li'iiia l eli-vlict- , 'iii Iit that i- Ili -
tionl, you~l c nidill re,l''l \\' i- \ ih th. I,.\.
lritthl. NixxV I xx'i-h li a-k ~,oul, a-u Int
lawlyer" iilnd :l pili'hW ili, i1" ymnmtitll - hl
i tl"h:il, xvhiti :iln -h -i it is l-lbh in mc
Slati', iiIli-r tlii ftll'iii- ifl lVw, tlail by h
tli- chl-tiion rit-li i ,iai'ii./e f'i r -lnit.i
is sthviwn ih c' i-iitati tarili's wi-a dhuly.
hlet'il, hals t' iniag -a til tnatnltitiatihilil
right tli intihrv-'ni' tnlxveiw'mi the hinit-s I
ioipiiih i titill ihlo liu , ut l diiI trliii l i.
tillto l m Ih u.iiI t'. ionl of! I'r:Intli r thils+ liF -
uaniii (':irpi uuii - - I l us t~akl teIn
Stat,'o \iif \vtsiin -in . Aait uiliii-ai fr"lia a
;'It~lilhl" I' ir l ti'i ail' --I~' a it g xi'aaa ui it
salo iigov a-i \ ii.t.u -i.iil ii g vi'i iuhlh ii- filo'lit
: il"cedb 12'l\tl'ill'l Itioplll 1Ve I,\''ll:ivoll
uht, h iuIul"i ht ltthrout. aVd hinvl Sl.ili
illiiim- 'itivii l in 'tiilgeiih l iii tu-ay ii
giuiet\ . io :e+-i' xh l. lv I., tt' lii 'pi ti¢
n ,r -.h-pln -mh I, h i fIlf-rlail, " l ith 'xi.
It tI ' iiui ' i- iiuit i. rI i I ,1 x ix lln i .
lix l ii- ii-u ii 0 ln , i~i'\ iiij ii. liu iiitiiu-- i'x l.l"ii-l
fa iii- it ii-ti i iiiii-i nli, iit l iiii ,
thea u , ii ii hi ,l I x h .ir in-I .ilt e- iiit " ri-a ll:-'- - i
y- i-r tIir I\a i uy-livet I i.i - i1 t littr ltr,-- i
cin ilitiitit lit 1i liiv iii t I le 4iiioi'ii- .
i ," i .li-it ll i nl| {l ;ii-a- i t lg tii-.i b i a ix
i- r. i -ih,- ii i l,'l :a h 'h iln d " t, i
(t'h.ii'-' , r -'Iiiiiit him ill i , rt l-li , Ie i i
thll <,¢illlllter.-i:lI initelr ,.{: In o " .Nsl,\ { r- '
hl:ii-- ", w Ishi l he -:siI \,,tre hangiislhilinig
hb " ru,:-onl ofl' hi Iu . p iinlh... ri' bllll. \vhil'h
:.' i ti t eid- Ilh,,; 1,,1. II,.* h~nh.l th, :r.-i
.¢.ti' nli Ihi:il lli+.i f'io mi thi N.oith rul- :
w ith til in wll \ t.] i.¢lil 1l,4, i.|l all ill N ,,\\ i
]roi neli niti liin ,letha iil- -:tl l Ih;niil. 4,la li:t- I
tivel- Ilf thl' N oi'th tilal 1'%''-, w lins w !,rt. I
ttal I it~i ii ,.n-.
3Ir..|i iil.: .M c!° m aii I f,ll, w mt.I iii tht
.-'lHonatoi" a'iirpl'lTr thie nii rlid{tll'i lf" I
r'.h.,liev _n th:' ta n~iii irnini] iiiter,i' t- 4.f '
N e.\w {)']r lii 11+] m l " ,f iLui-im ml~ }by 11il
. 'Ithlerat ln d' ill,' luditi,':l tri' blll,-, i
Ii" m',hli'iih'l blD'-Iin wi n \v holh 'i t ii w '\
e!ecl ttion if h:tMl. I'ubth nilt isl' huhl laiih'"
thl' :tu- ,],'- "E lh' " I'stiital .t; t es,' ( ,,\- I
thalt. Tlhe el t ih, li, ii lli pr!' ,l l-,. {Ibtt I
allli,,,r- -houlI lb, oplol ntill- :ili1 ma. - I
fit' edllal y lties ,.-4 tia *,0 t'+, thl, ipii'los- 1
¢of clrry' il li thi-- t'e tlie l1 itiom l fn il
isoltit ":iplr, plridiaii,,i als" hain,|iil sl ¢ l 1
Stliousatld tdollars was: m-ude to tcarry it il
a on. tl1
IAfter sonlm furthitr conversation,
( IoV. [cEncry arose :rtn saitl tile comn- ti
unittee would not detain the Senator ti
longer, as no porsoln present desired to to
propound "any further inquiries.
S :lccitelmlat at' JrIudge VBS. H|. Ituti lnud --Te ltl
llurpLioni Io" th' Troulble. th
Valehnlce oi" thel N 'lo Hoho-lllpti'ity
ot Kellogg.
''liert' sceelis tt lie -a nmucnh ignor:tltlee,
t'veltn hInIng our own \Itaojlth'. ais to tiW 11
origi:lt ocf tllhe l:ati riot at ('olf:tx, thait ai
thie t'low ing tilts, :t5 related by .3 udge an
iutllantl|, a gent leimi of luilinitjiealta
Ilit v',rnity :tal integrity,muitti a iaawayt'r '
of high statdinhg, ret.-iling at ('oll.x, li
will lct rea:l w'itlh illlerest-. I
'l'th,%- irov' eon'lunsiv'el 'a tht tIo sit
'ii. l'itt Kellogg, anti aijaata him truetnc, so
rt-"ts thle resi ontsiilitiv for a.ll (t0 acts iy
of riot. tut law'la'a-Iesness in (lraniit liarish, ct
lltI ilatll te loss of liit' ctinsetllulllt ioni Ilo
ttitelling lit' armtiedi rttias, 'a'a' who i:til
etonvertt't a lpeaeeftul vilingo into a iiiil- liii
tla'ty olatattajll tiet, eti (onittlianllg ttltl', ofti
vlg hcrt'nel ll lln llat, I'Iog thl' rlives lnl
aita levying nuiit thle neiglilorinug cii
. nle ltiou laflttlr ltt ta'alhion sillf te'xi
c'un hiamitts.
'ihtge fiet that gg Itt nlh itiiiun'd J idge or
IIultrl Unit h hwe et 'lte .tcl. hi-s cllo oi
'at-ion 'a vhereIeinluicnt ititi etitiruld e
l'y iutill cl i iltel, l eltlr l iist I allogg, llttl
1n nsnIll tlltth .nitlckll n :w arll lKl'lra, Iltll' |lll. h (t
Ittio ii a:lei Nert'i teti atti hnd ro*(nsi iii
airniicti Itiiclt ol stoiie t'aaa )iitiilretl iiit'n, Ilir
tiet 'lctl dhi g lt.t y t
ti 'a llan tg ii t'l'iei i if t ull" 1on tv iati- rtnl s
tIlalil Ittelft iia jnst:( ic tattalle i tt's;, 'atl t tip
ei ) iing o "ilt l alt'iii ctlelll thtsll I litive r
tat gt't tiov. Iskllogg to llc ornlLt issio lle woir
oleiers. who were eketed -- of
wvhol w\re ltpttlicat nIt colore, I
''lin tiie ladiingt I adictaarll t nIcla
vry ltltc ch lt cinnit't lad l qiillst'ilt't Im , tll
l)i'i ty lretsa aIlcn atlemibling tatiouti I y l
Ihou. itl mal e'xcite'd mull| llullnerousl. o
urnlit'l| lo(b of sioIml tw,o hulnldred( anon, th
ist't(ada, al, it dlrivisllizaslgt 'u lfI r tll w epi
'aw\'ay, 'allea .\tat.Ork refug t in the. t. in li
lte 'avit 'atoitti'a j sttni of thte :wuit , who
waIs :llpo~intehd ulttl 'olnunliision'(I by)th
stttlt , a:Itnit t kit frit'l t th, :lr tt tiln -1a tligi
'tl tl in titha! it tte wa'llt alg-- Ia " ll'
plIcIdl il in thle, a ndliti ofl iit cllt ,t. ta l1-ii
ir·l wiho tat'tailmuttlt'O excteat itsI, btitl
Ilit'd by r'atl'ut (t f IIi'aIn( rIa tisttulo,5 ot
th, part of ttl.* nalrot. led on bytit.g
ilteat', t llot g a i aritt h .elt' -lg l it.trI 1tt l tI,
litmntley, 'aTax C'olle't'ar; tiih'd I t:tr-t
viy, I ol icg at.titi'( t; lmutll I ai. N. Illn l(t, I
I etgi.tr'l". bro't Iwr-in-l-h w\.
'i'lso oilh,.1r \wii,) uf |temptedt', o I've!a'te|
tha t w rit ,' tao it ' at tili i at li e t va" sI r.
IK llhir ..tltingi Itttt'h i the h oie'lawtsa.t, ll
Illiltal S ting for stiaalll iai tnat (ttll',((, t tl I litii
ilh(; lt':uler' '(·); whic'h ,nt°ntent \w'a
,"led tu Ia tiatalItu t it i t I 'ahttlti l tat tilt
:'e ila l i 1"iI 1,' lat- I Ita llatta t l "taIla
ital 'I a I, it lia, hiatlh aitit ilI l itahtt - oliI.
ai'tiztnl, at i lataaaiamat tat 'turn -ilt.seh
o1" iti 'la l,'tatl, . a (t'a llit'iax. lit I t
' 'lliV- ilia iti lll furath r ,iait ft ri att l t-a
lilt: il iaI, a tri l ta, lal• I tn I ii.ttlitt 'it* Ia
aI:I1l ·II Iah il il la it-'i iaa 'l's lahttlattt. -tl lit. l
t'lie l, a llatlilt i, lI ait ' h ie rllll ,' Iat a 1 "I'
l ,lh,' 11 ll~~ I\la,i I ,ll i~· lhd.l y i . I Il l;
Iild ltti tra t. I nuilli hiti t ta' I o t i.
'~I'h a ' tatta nt i-aI I 'attatt ,'ato ill . at 1
Kellgg i tme t. LuisI~nel.110 111
ai l v it a. St' r atid a ttit h a t-~s e wa
(oiii armswlll tol Mech, i es'l|. Ilsitute lli n
ill hi, e.:eri'nil . t Ill thl. lway b]i ke ll q i n
tt- htt w I thotitiht it t\-t hti dt' tat l-ei hl
'aithd hliaate tii pta- t, ('t-tatti aaitp tlli
I atli tad h aIllt I th ttlo i th a t i t w tlib t I. a li - t
Sis le. I h .
'a'h, ln I ita.ff. tg h l til h at htiai thatt '5
a,' \ ltrpali' aaailiiits, wilh Itu l tairi'It,''
i1tt! ' al' iai't'at' t gtiv" luiin'. Ia. a Ilit ' ii
L li ,itt ' ,l t ig i l i rtt '' a lir t - i hiva r tat
; ia a Il a -a t . I .lt i' ,-Ii' r t. t 'i lit t it.;l ll latr at .
.Xrrivinii4 Iliv'l'l Intsiir(,l', t onilll unt11 i
:iata- <atI , bui it-a' atti l ' tatrii . I 'alh't ;*t I
id| : "f I nail fI - ai'a', I at V it-t 'a-it Iy i t a.o j
il it' !ittt. 'latI t:il lit\i hl. I.llh
'at alIt i:ti't altitiilg tait rala ." I 'ti.ll. ' "
: lt'I lat'ajll ttttt li sta~iti" ap\ tat nal -Ittil~l '- tlt
- ai l l,  'n l I aalglat d ti lie t rita-, Ihli
-,. I1 " Ilis t ih t I ar in at I 'a ta- t Ihl,* a
It . i ttg .- l 'a l ,-la a . 'a I- I Ita'a r l l," t a i l, l i l
I el~lhl l. i-ollh,,. l,I:i nIlil rllll l :lill s iii l:
, 'at 1,llatail ituigiu, t ha('. yata a' l ata' t tiiwi ah,"
ait- a it iltri . t A t litrii t. ta I t a'awi th' ll1
:,l~ieI we1 :w,.oartlinlylI~ dr'ovi. IK€11,;:g ep
l'+,hia-. 'itt''ii- aat- lh 'a titi'tl 'aii au~y i i 'l iii- : ti t'
ta'rla lt I a a l ii i I at -i I ir t it':y ntlul tui l il
if ht, ,liI lct Ilhink <,l. lth'llk ;ith r'i- l
%w'lr thi quel'tionl mlitil hi know lii\v li rl', hl-t
tat" I ah ''- Iu ' taioha t tIny:Irh i ta thek 'a
\ \ it h l a n' t - - it t l it t i t a i r l' i tlla" tI r - ti l l . " t il l
Jiv..lk\'ithliil'lr liste'iiii; lo lliy 'tat e- al
iliieli, unhtl hi. thll gilt thie nilr'l, Th'l
a1,', bult dlulbt,,, thi+ :-u ivi:a ility (of the:
hl i ni'i! tihe ml arrl't'. d,11 llfol'," :-':id t#,1 s111l
1]ir,,, it \w'uldl~ he diilieult tll prove' it kmli
il,. "'h I . ni(. l'+o '. hiav,.n wvi. olf t.li- :ill.
'lying itil-r,,iitly wh']eni thi,y got, dlown w'.i
to Il,,,.1- e ily fma wh'ilt they *|o ill thel I"%
c.ountrl-y." It I* b,  til oo1 tih,. i01-i wlllnl! IP1
ihoI ,i',. -,.ve.r:il ltlh l;iial dotllere--helt 'm,1
I finally sid hIe would take the case if L
thought it was any use.
1, of course, concurretd in the opinion
that it would be useless, after seeing
Sthe evident reluctance of the law office
to take the matter in hand. I thouen
went to Mr. Kellogg's office when that,
indtlivltual hitched his chair conftiden
tialy near to me and said, in a sort of
ulnder-ton: "Look hero, Rutlandi,
why can't you peoplo attend to this
matter up there yourselves?" I replied
tha:t we could do it very easily, but the
olhcer4,Nash and others,hesitated about
taking active mensurts until they hlad
rnceivetl their coumnisisons. "WVhy,"
said Kellogg, "I lAar'e sInlt their roaaunis
sitis by maril, am)d you can setd thena
wordl that it's ill right; to go alcead."
iIe said further: "Those ftllow.s ultj there
thave givlen Ilc a great deal of trouble,
and if Ilhero is any row, I hope you"
--mieaiiing Ituthuti and his friendtis
"will sIl'r thati fillow 1Vard." I left
lim with iii ai-islrato l that he wouhi
tim ke arrahigemnte, Is anti sOld a requl
silt' iortc' to quell the tllsturb:lnle bitt
soateltow\ I. wits irt'ofolulldly InpresoSl,
Ity his lierviouts ni:uitllor alllt vascilatiLIg
eolmrsh, iltth e con-viction tlhlt he l it
nlot Iteli Ll tlake active Iteallsuros.
''lhie restult proved thant I was correctl,
for, Iafter talkilng a great deal, dtt.ounlle
ing Wanrtl nud theo rloters frcluntly
tt:Ill scevertIly, assortIlttg that 1h iltuilutl
tli to senld Ia forcet of inctropiolittns,
wiitl aIl aitl of(itnellral Inlitol.y's, to tllh
scetlt', lit dlid tllnt lilig of tllt sort, land I
tts·tcrtltinle aftetrward r(tln oIti. 1,lnor),
himtistllf, tiat Kelhlgg ltad never spoken
to hIlim oi the .4uhjt~ll i ct, l httd lilt|,
skeiti for ani ollter or troops."'
'T'lht ahov-t itre a ft w of tint itoittis
tiutihi' fly .I tttgo ltittlttiid itt a t'oivt'r
stllio,,, wli,'h,, we rttgt'el., t'atI tint. he
give,, ill fuill, t llre were I a' lllllly er
cu'nlathsatu'.-i-shotwingl the riclikery aunt
decep~tion .yvtlenlali(ally. lUra'lctfe hy
lft'lfligg-l hat hlavt'' st'altld oltr mtllttt
ory.--.. 0. 11,-raid.
It is t-owtardlty Iti a ttewspalpter t ti e
Inolllt' at Imian who haliS lil Iei~|uml
ihtitiogli whicl to itmztke a irepliy, butti
wte IUStist, t lvet'r le t, sy that Uatilalui
J.citk is colstaitllly actilg tlihe grlnitl
rset.al. Thl.is way lie hits tit stutaling
|lutoll our Iroolp. and llrinlg hls Itllollg
tiliei wvilthouLt giving Ihieila I lclllltco to
rull is .such -llioluctlt is ino gtollten llnll
would ble guilty of.
A tantu atteto Intothis oflteo yrsterthay
llllt asketd liltr Iast- Hllitlay'fY's issetO of the
New ot\\'irk W1 irhl. A fT\w lollunds mlort,
(of ale,,ltl ~werl-t ollltl til,,, lit' Ilog:llr
iluns I icketr titan Iti ltirims It strict st'inis
of htmiit:oiily witthil hlavt'¥ ,t Nggt.sttil,.-
TiItm lrttm:tin- nit" ilfioatr vt'wretch,a t little
lluiulhiit, but h n| ot wholllly Unrecogt~lnizlt
bhe,,.wnit the, rr< lalsillots ofl his frie~nds.
'T'his tvt'rlt,lIt tr oltrs is tolittef lit
lit' trflllh. h'lih, itdlt el of atlnlltt" six or
c.i.ght hundrh'ed hlaurthless, Unslt(lh siis t-ll
edt s(oldiels Ito thitwo(odil'h'linlt hvnt Ibe:s
uthr -tstitit-itlling Itt-t It, slay fftt-r, '-u
c;~lllC| < 'c tL~'liillF, ihtl ll cI c, -Ifl,T H IIItIl'4 I)ll
tlie'tt itrt.v of i'try tt r Illy Itnivilt.ig
il';1v1g . is' revlItilng Ito ivery stiens ll.li
h tllttll l iy.
wil,t 'Illilei, ll tnaniifIt (.al l t hll- it year,i
wtis h-i lttt ti uritreels tft I, ttor tyn
trin.Stg t 'lli llltll fit:t fiti(tls.i tily otli rt.ttil
,irttill l.'i. Tier wis a miriw l ti tltml i'turft
tI his hou', bItit wVet h.ave lievt'r Itti 'ItL
tufh Io lal titut whatt it wists.
Iit i. staitl lhitt t iithi ly (lm hl itt,.iy
yeaIrs I-w-I.Io lllvet .'(Uutelhred .3,tIIII,
IIIlls l l'i l t '.Mr to elstlr ish ailly laitpor l
in lier t'ilfy of N+ew York. WVo don't
hoiei-v it, ott if we hiat otie-tenthl of
tit,- Shill wei woVfulit't t':tro a ta'ant.iletil
viteher tillt, i:nil Iiwttu,-liepr w'irlf
Ii lII., ill - Itllv i' I itI|.jlttl.~u
tiihiy y IttaV jilut it -tf'i-ii tiist
uis jilth+d litn'gli , thaIid tll lit',l rill'" elhh' -
lllonoul. .ryv:ipl.,t-." (f ¢.tolrsl hlt titl.
\Vo lhl hint .your+- .to Ilha hi+ w\',th
fil- pil it if i,. /idn't m flf.
If il ie nally inu-, thal (:ultain .Inrk
,tie l I tit r Ii ii r linfty trtii rif rtv isly, iitd
lirt.ly wilith u-all ;Htttilittlrhe m n Ateir
!|" usIIr 11"+.+/, fou ptlulr,'+ to safef y antn1
Th,. pr,.:-.nd A1,nh, n,,paigin i. unl
I lusioy'iblyu flt,, ,I" kiltk ,illintil'y. Iea
:i t pilyv, lhnih, uhal "dl llhe brillian~Cy
shohml ln I., nompoiz,-+ hby lh ,Msn.I¢.
ii'Iit- Itl, hNf Till,; ,1IIt0 , kWiAI-.
fli- fti I 'it i i - iwtly tut llt ,:t't unii I ilt
Ii,11 II IIieiat iv, 111 ill I-tiers1 I' Iliit-t.'u I tlH ttkI'
.which emodli,..": I thP,,y nt, .lltogtlhe~r
,tenibt ihii fkitn -it-fi,itrif iiieif the gtVitr
I h-pu .Iiii1.i1 :
-il1it I lu.i irt ovi r'l'ti llttfti lt, .tid he,
Sl'lt -ty t'ti or w hirrlky of whNisky' an
fals o' higl knivi\' a'%ll I'di lu, ou1|. ()llt
wvhnr ilel ilt' W\Vt.l aill ilnviit' tv(,ry,
hevili,h r¢.dskit inl (iht hull hladtl o
what thtey fall :t c fi'Olrtont.¢. After
ih,,y'el ,,t lhar l'd knI+tk int the ]I(adt
:+' tht, lrrel' ~,% :ttld :;,'utt r |hi,+ kllive,
altl ''<tnut loose+€, so thtey'd h,( h:inuy.-
Tlitaln I'll go, +,w\y usl lea Iqvt ti,: Injuins
to th(,lm.elve.. (If c.our.Mt Iht~y', tatke
th: whisiky" atn tiht knivet,% atnd befohrt
so-lllliwnl thuIr wotuhln't lie, mlort thanl
+mn: r<.<lkinlfthf,, and tlhn 1'tl onntl
knoctk his lbrains out atl'l-t 1t, t.otldl (Io
maly l~trlce datistulge. Thilt|,sir's, theo. O"
r'+'l. way (, settleth e lint+ ljllll < donl
I"'v. lbt,+n aumon,.. '.m, nitlivt. 'If /if
Il'h'ni v f wieiwky tilt' h vi l .,,

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