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ar r +ý y s e - .m ^
1 } j . e°ý.fM
J.d MWoRO~ e OUAcnTiT4A. ?AIIH, LA.
Editorind Ptoprietor.
S e pys, one year ....... .~...... 4,0
S.eoopy, ob .six .................
' , ou .o.. ..e year : .,......... 5,00
nta cpy, As ý ..........
'0ýý..x is . '. •':lfý -i
Aetweseemsata wl be inaerted atorne
dollar and i cents per s rone inc
) for the dea03l-oe , w~a4 veI.
 or ms sash isu ibse que t ineent ion,br
.-"te undieia r one month. For Ionder
' pe* m4A*g ows : s
3 tr's s. sa
hte eargad double our regu
nabtioe will be
abendlas lve new cash asub
W.o tý 4nepoat-o lce, will been
LitU1tiii _ spppy of Tar Ta.nuoArar gratls
forne year.
" Trweelent. advertisements must be paid
for in advance.
At-iR&d*e4iaengents sent to this omioe
when not otherwise ordered, will be in
seerteit Sil orbid" and charged acocordigty.
Eiditorial busineps notices will be made,,
tiarf*ebirage, otY sit adeertisemonts ordered
in the paper; for other editorial notioea
ehairge aoBf centaperline will be made.
18s78. 1s7.
a. 0.. 005.. A. A. GU.S
" 3 #b u.by,,
T , ,,, 4T LAW," " QNRO. , LA.
" -"". ,MONROE, LA.
".- U. . iu, 187U ,. e.
. atletl d to free of charge.
B £PouiIs July 1,1876.. ly.
pARISH SURVUXOR,'Onnehita pariah
SfriVylg o rvmil engibeberling n
.d. ahtiD plo di tDDto. Terms
c; -MONi OE, LA.1 .
b.'7. i77. Pm,
O PFERS his services to the citizens of
ýenro and vLiinity. Oie: Corner
o tiahd and Woaod strnet on bank of the
er. August 24, 187. v8-n41
L.2A.U.S RV ..w, M rOn ee pLa.,
bar, €n bkstreet. i
O.ER -hisserviaeto the ctf.s o
1S e and vicntity. Office Ooru,
.tteh n De W6ard street, at the inter
lsr.stioa - A te4, in th2 rear room of
x AT ". W MOnroe, La,
npQ ne enrly ocindeieann's build-A
lof ther eral Government.
O1ene oai northeasett ornthe of publi
couutseadion the Las d iO the rear room of
o ibifh rly neeao edebe A. Lt
square. ' January 8, 1878.
5. . A. 3IOHA . o.. BOATEs.
ISisOreionlservis AT
wbloD, rate in mereet.
a.preme Oot t A ,. xmthe FdeIr.
ouate, the ndin he and in the Lant
thee enerl 6 ernment ral overn
ment. Ja na' Jar, 1878.
M,. ON.U OEI, LA~s.,
olPFRS his profssional services to the
-oltisems of Monro Of.oe inhi cDroun
ease le- the practice. he Wshioconfidest of
wiving satiafdaction in all branches of his
proiheaiem. s-willing to warrant all work.
Olioe at resldence on rJackon Street, near
the Female Apdemy, Moo. nreLa.
Will practie a the Parish and Distrait
courts o Noith Lo2usiana. Wll attend
these couortes d C r in person.
Will gve stpecial attention to Land Offier
matters conntewith the Land Oee at
i tL..8iEto all business immediate at
teation a abundant br s e.
Will aswer Illing tommneatrons withor the
the Femible dela Monroe y.
P1ANrUarRTeN c0O';.'
NOW S.LLUia . AT T ..
T 2W.DEB T i T2W"- *O* D!J"
282,82 Za cmes Sol .: iSVr.
..E . . , t an. age
The Best Aiwass WIns i. n IMe Lan
_, BeiRmw fybeaes!
HARDWA idtiROit a DRY Gt OOD:d
m i o
u st 17,Ns 1872. r 8:tt
plan. f
178 Washpg n:St., Vlekabnrg, Miss.,
r. PETiOLD, Proprietor.
Families sappl~ed with bread made of the
lor. POf every kd kept for
Auguret 17, 1872. 18:tf
D RDg the TREET,
H. PETZOLD, Proprietor.
Families supplied with breyd made of the
best flour. cl e o everys le kind. kept or
al, r m de twood-yarder.
onroo, Apr12, 1878. , &e.,
ept in stok dwook out for ldt the lowest
market prlee. Oitobdr .1877. ly
Hayirond the cornernext to prinkD. A.le thBrear
treets, nI have. a; Shagement minad to hp
·fply, fmilis wih water by the.:barrel
t the. s ammeat ceustomary
prices. AU orders left withMr..O'Keliy, or
at my wood-yard. will be promptly N ilied.
Monroe, April 12, 1878.
Look oto for the
Around the corner, next to D. A. Breard
B. MITCHELL, Proprietor.
Hair.cutting, 36e; "Shavlng;, Ie; Sham
pooine 7, 1878. , 1onroe,87
I m prepared to furnish the'citiaena of
onee and wsurrounding country with o
iag ordet aonr the country.
Terms, ai0 per Day.
rtesb .. FRED ENDOM.
I will deliver cord wood, cut to any
Alength desired, at any point within the
corlporate limite, a4 r ord. Satshe tios
guaranteed. W. C. BUFFING'TON.
Monroe, March 1, 1878.
'h h
Yc . to
 . a. . eteo
brione m t aeon ihas pefer,
ao es.- ?r ent un. t- et ate
crom mtbon 'of theduc tion, They a m eo
n 1t hae.av
Thdl estmate is roliable, and lnlude
over chn bu book an folo-.ixed Thex
eWn . lon dging and m.er
men me nd op-aon. or.med
n An n applyto thea e b chanrell
4t 8eoretary Board of Trustees.
This Ititttion. w been a boardino
oo r o n g r iie ren sitaunmd
- W a-  U.l 01 dei nt
m i- adsmNc ria 1 01 SAr
ThltCop *flflm to ill 4ua Qte from any
TheUntlverty fha o just closed the most
brilliant an d roperonsstion it has ever
enjyed. Taete .i re 4ti students in at
oo Insterutinomflaoper
p. 4..0
tibe 2 L,! ;1878. . 482m
A atpdent can get board at $10 per month,
one mile itt the cuntry and such as prefer,
msu boadrs tsasfelve - by "messing" for
sill leC - p dents buy the own tfuel
from the Poctorof thre Universit at oat.
This estimate is roliable, and icludes
every ing but books an&clothing. The
onlty Ie complete. The Universit Iin
exoellent. ondition, and all the tp art
ments, incalding the Preparatory art
menare. n operation. For catalogue
and tnformation, applyto the chancellor,
Sen. A. P. Stewart.
it Secretary Board of Trustees.
iNuts , DB DSTOWN, IoY.
This oInstUtltion hst been a boarding
hcol for young ladies since the year 181,
dring whdh time. dit has recivoe an
xteons ver trounage troen the Southern
orand uveo nof the Western States. roach
.yeqr .ba added to ethp comforts and con
venieent of the Institution, while ex
ri 'as inrei seda the qor l ofiatio .
and, abilitiea of the -condctreses and
tutqees. ese ,No solilttao tion used toh
th rteligious principles or creed of the
pu nret is open for the reception of
Terms per annum' tr the Higher Course
of Studt: With music, or ; wlwithout
music, twner Course:· With music.
frl1 'wPrt musidet 1Bo. Pardoble half
1 a;dvnce. Extr brioebrm
a For frther informaton,
Studies will resh rumed on Mondoeop
tember 2 1878.
Wli Cmaameilee its 281k Annaal cission
September 25, 178.
Among the inducements ofeored to
patrons are the following:
Thorough instruction; rigid but paternal
discipline; superi moral influence; un
urI healthfIlness of location; kind
and competent instructors ; ample fhaitle
fur illustration ; low rates of' charges.
ard in p rivate fimili e nln r
nisaed mosr fueledr wast n , C ater
from their c ont treasuri, ForP ftn
formation, sed lolev. w. S. Webb, n. a,
47.2m Jackson, La.
tion by the of
ftruenator, ho Would`
e ~t lntertons, ao t
ou vbtes away 3l'
orke thatyoin kao
rhe ctded debt of t'
phe belneve also e -t
the lattloue J da tl
toired and inblion;
thea sued bitytge theref
athO unth ee and unly tte m
righ rt theoes mesrde
con,' ts thete `nx
the Governeinet.' _
ongess .hold w pt wold
*ooe' etAdowjil b " s
tg oureference to ou ttform tho
wise` and laex~eia et~it'
true policy pf the Got'
bet ing terests o f th at
subserved by making)
;debt, by aflbrdtng the
ablh dead as pracoprate
for the investeal of lbo in.its
then fsded debt of 'the Vt
of the believe also Ili the
tshoue sild be made ollardequte nd the
eeedings for its enforemient l
speedyebts, and cheap. You areto beO
that 'the csu s age ther Def ora4l
outhern as fee and unlimitedto thebaku
gold. If Gen. Harrison is eiedt8 quil
n o thet Treasery. meCanre, itr be nee
or theo say hthiak the `o ionhbisd
'heretoore expressed Would require
you to'answd), "ho."
.efentig t tetion labor biduestiob, h
sat you are ured 'pase froll do Trhe
reference to our latiorm Withot
nstitug tioncial meprovistions are that clause
which demands appropriate legisletloh
or thethehe Unrity f ledsbor in.its aiE
whate shallsoyed by great oorpoaatio
of the country. The security ad lie.
should be made adequate, fnd the pro
ceedings for its enforcement eanpe
speedy, and cheap. You areto betold
that -the success of the Deany mera
party meansr paymentfor slaves, and
Southern claims, even to the bankrupt
inqof the Treasury. Can It be neceas
arts histo say that the Fourtleeth Amend
ment to the Constitution forbids nmiucb
that you are a of uredwewil do? The
constitutional provisions are that
neither the i nited States nor anh
State sha favorssume or pay antd."bt
obn sligatoing Of rrtd ' aidnIt zrAta
hlionk or rebellOn 'Souagaiin poltoy Uited
States, nor ane. claim fAd the
emancpatibleon of any oslav'e. AWha.
Who tbels you that an oobih O
be'atherned r tpaid in vthat the. h:
reon the Ctutlon deals epleaw.ith yul.'
mae olut conesses thatrol of their ,doht
its hIstory the Decountryat party a$
been the whparkty of eoorads, ean e
ceeadingly ealobuts of orld'dae hY~eagaln
the Government. JudIt was given otd t re
the past, it is a safe rule, wht party +
has most favored these clato te."
In speaking of the. iAdmllt atr tiqs* '
he said: "Do you 'ask me what
think of Hayes's Southirn policy? Ho
has none. Ht1anat his Ad*shInitratetl
are ncapabof a nd le y polioy. What
they havedttne in the South I approvet
For years and years the w ems om tid
party has demanded that the ,e o j
should be taken from the b di
Southen States, and . that thes hie
Swhatere the Constitution pi
in absolute control of their .doWh
ma ffairs. Ithink you raskedmed - '
civil servitle reform. ltate fheais a l
a lie. It coxtsen the county les
than 'the whiskey frauds, &o.,'uadus
Grant and Iibrts more hypoer lteMi
and mefaner. But s given ot that
obe invholderd ihold attend to their|
didate, and le polities alone. will
Maf a setrontg Government always pre
nify a strong (loveromeni, alway~ Pan
~riýý°t R
vot t c qeL, :-."
Onri[eOnoný i D ýato11
M ,proeed! Q "14j "' r~kin3,~i
Oatpe UU totl - ._ , a' ..
a otat r * ^ MdI.'tf
BTurne, Riaveeath DallaS
8...Burk.rde9on 0eb
Burke, ~148..;b.Monure, 166.... 1UL~Ohtr*,;,.
A motion was made tba~ LIter hbi
mext baElot th lowct,
koippl. he mtiton wa..
Tl t~lrr eenot·1 Ballot- O ý ·) ý
Burke, 146...Mnue 188... Rai~rllheh,.p
Piftuentt 8allots
Harkeý, 148..: 18f:.:*U*.~II~
,cow- *1.ns
rrjoqsa~ qi~jF~uq~Pemwrji
'1ý[hittrsiton, 8. j" 4t tº
A mern .Qjýmn. then uk04
Fonti'ith' ý ýoMltng.
.At'temn o'eloek'oatmWeof- the N1v
4Oxiens dplas tes-Ant forhLoaW mtI
Gayv. Wicklidffe nomated Dr. Tarpr 1
of at. Landry, who received b1Rt
wetas." The` Met -belteI Bebb t,'
Ooochita, ºilve to ya46ponathe nori
kuadon of Tibis5W' tO, the- t;,
Orteber." Tabled.:
ethr balUot-DBeke, It4 6; hbbcuw.ý
406; Richardson7F~;' Tnlrle, s0.',:.
Farmer1 of Oudehlta, 4oVei to-da4 I
Jour.. Lost.~
67th bail .yirk*u, 146; . j~q 'u
ýeislldd tO bed "ýt#}. +1 1
man SerrOn. :s",4, a piv..
Laisurehle,*Yu 7116 f!z.a rmo.5
fdas~b4el4,th~ raej
l~t tieý sletiili'ti!li~aM ti[`he `fhtcse
mber~f wiss r~~eu~hehe bil
dW btý ' ib thiree to bel,
barnaaloaur delttio at olthe adf~innius
which nowE- emlete 1s thth ue.lota
a ýi t "a addt c!_nnvi4lpb v j!qpested
ai re~uct atl te:~iT~~ er ist -~m~r
VtYr Memeufs apponted ;dMema. .
Wrrs ,~~a~p~ima Thin S. pah
MoEnery, G KingSf;J"~~sa and
Ealhn S. Ywoung
Our mantles the ~vohttohr toOk a
rae~d for half an hour.
At 11 :16 the conference ~cmnmnitt
trit tat Thro.
eI nemy
Arubiamas rsof· the
ha w ,~r~·· We'·C betaQ~mibe
# tes~ _h e1<,d~IV bi.
Mo~b r trb~rP~~urp ,itt iihnt Id
pendntlm s .aftmse pat!
ratio i9.ifasC1rp
'ý. tese Stfth
mutoErtm +Tnyn ttyreiq amta,
he bute . do theyhour
warr thetr. tim aeth
owp-4~ ne tha wU en i .ryrusth
wý , : ý 1wtbetlewrºý th
Ruea c the. ý.14Althtt~?t ine
4wroSANS~pP ~lkasi iat., Api nro one
,~1 ha wp eqU45rbi righ/to· protest
·ptn~r~L~ * cnrbe l P~raNL Jostles,
or the power to givPe such pr ottf sa
h ighti whateeor.
qhero be mac bamiln gving hi
VISCeot nt overyd-dl
feloet.."or as th hour, Whe
o(. ldir ,a j~drawI ea., OOTie ma
wb41 tu to~i w egn thIrnyutrg
obthajt can achieve taukav
?e YieWnrdb, otthqituter of ~
ar's *111 rveand eill. sQurody w
taplig abou can dit Alno
wttl ow an eaalble h/o roea

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