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The Ouachita telegraph. (Monroe, La.) 1865-1889, August 23, 1878, Image 2

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of 1870 Would turn on 1 0 , G
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earl "-lle .64,. - W
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a l Afterwards acaliod ;in g it joy, and
il"iad t ofSheha met. Caez
tie.h d t ansto hi)'eten r d
plee segf thfhe mofn sad e
ted a copyof his paper in whih he
Several eztrrcts from~ thq paper. Bcall
the ony sowd tm. n o i~ipttn g..acy L
i bt ;lld Rbw.as-Wet
" .gyp,,& it
to i r 4p. n. :_i. d .W vesicoiso,
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, WRonventio ,'ji, ` n e " 7i-F4. d o
i-t ee.~,orthis: Yo'ngrbesonal dola;Itob,
one tdm eanhors-bhoe of the vn-Ii-t
rosebit. t :3 hereot th 'hairma
"ado. todde- o loname ing withets raw ii{
"t gaitra. 3. [ I tt and Wade r o
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| dOi o idn ithll Oa bi nliri inf t ea - "
OnA notion apefhinra {le of thl a oo! :o
SWarde, B.Yaoung Ztn.t made ad- mnd
In tiod bh otl. J. Sh. Youngnbe declarea tor
the untanfm ot thoi, of this n onven- dis
"'lofortea srort te'ro them, ' sho 0 "
SYoung, ,was ,th~en nominated · by M.a
a-erOmatsionale theshopt te 'm .an
.d te un following appointments i n -i
it , Orr o , Loa h ABll. 1i, 1e8., Xhle
Stnenon t shoret Wter 1 . .' the
wela, tErle Grod;o the o W..].trlter; eri
r: motion hea.' eLtheaand, of t1 f
.oneitii woe iappolinted an eeommtte to s
atw lt U'th. cEngidatesiy and askeltet
S whwhee the did c:rh ai a stiring re- a
m l S.Oiver; West .CarreL1. , ofr.
Joh. B9. Steno; pnsarcaty
.AB~dme~; haldiel, A. I'on
Stlo WaS. tender 'thade hairmann the
and' mm'ecirti' c en. -that the prlneed- and
l'i ndawii  an dcIt otheti emoerati he an
pmUlvnsjll Dl.. I. Nor .ood* .. dIo
S.On motion 'col vation adjouW.r.ledr .1
sine a e,. • , R. W ,ICH.P n N o •
:s "i halbman, . C.
. .iP. Gwere int a ommttee to
C. B. louTiI, Secretaries. ' l" eb
ENAORLt up Ihe ailNateIOan as a
thConvhention met atdehe An.Mention su
ca dto lid t -ih a ibb C_ 'ltln-ia ,re- '~t
- COn motion,"tbe .thankfm thins . o
anrd, 9eeregisz 'aL . I'fndtae chairn G.
Tings be' publisbein' the1 OUAV i.rr
-papers in~fthirsuaiet. .' dan
.Oa motion ce. enttion adjorvtied
iu te. W n srA~tsoi eto
wV. o. RE . WICf ie, mee
0B. o- ,Iees. by
00nvention met at 10:80 A. as., In subi
Gerspar' the*. 9 H9use, the !s, wsLo
asthe call tea ~the'8sensitorif blOn Jbellel
p. - Ds motioee the 's airman appointed1
Fat H +anklin. l
A reolu on f pkered Ci apt: . 'Ec
alittl+ n+ En +, I it ,
I: ;btel tmstt t J ,ee e
w ttehe ton resoldtio ` b cN
h hMci dleoate .
. .. lk 5't . - .
s aV. onl ute all q trestion e. ea
.fi a eiore tihe8 onven,
. hectedl rtono ted to th
t a. ion , -Cpht Mvote, de Jl i
,di hee'& delrte.vivht wvote 4a h
u, t qoUqndo; Audge Bridget, thl.
`e"lJtee' 9 9uanhita .,are allowe t o
d.l alve. ..... S. . `....'..y..... .. b
torez..Five minu~tee .en. to O..h.ta.de. : o.
wr .il.gil.n .toX and .onstltý as to ,ho us
uhe, abnll o..d thervote. Delegationhi
qtur - ý9 ld not agE Ior. P.: ls~-.,
f .. !. YBq., fEq..
t this under aresoltion
n mojol oat.olrentonon June Ili eh B
! , ro. the Oualchita delegateo "n
ai ` a one all questions. tb
rý 1t Is pW=ing Wore the convents
ib . in me iff of' .the delegates pres t
S h dCs uirc 1 ran Garrett and. Head,. i
l .the idelgatdo ,de leWtescted toi b
t peo. of nating the vote, declarin
. te. l. ,delegate.might vote as h e
* a iae u:,na ous. " . .
Oni 1 mqtion of r.Judge Bridger, the rm
distrtes ~Qappolinteda ase followed'tbe ot
'O. v . reprat*le, chairan ; for. the.
hers ..Five minutes given to Oueohitaidel`: of
P6, they ll t.;, heir:vote. Delegation th
E motdge. of. Judde Bridgeudsoeach B
piOnmotion, othe onveachita delegation d
d .prexy .is Mietitled ta pro, hairata w
i MOC TIq t delegateM -appointed .by d
Wetl PaB4Ph:OOn toln" spf
`Bbiofleý' 2,2;.16 1 dd:..:.....22 8-19 do
ng oNo . August 19, 1878.sq no
Sa mass mtiong of the Bowden mocracys
'm. made unahil'imous'
- o n mhit parish hold pursueevant,;a ta tOa
d tonal. Executive Committee for this ourt
; - ditrIct was alppled to intedhe as followsand :
G. W. McCranie, chairman ; R. D.
'nU Bridget~, E. E;. Kidd, F. GI. Hudson, pb
by J. W bely elected Secretary. un
" On motiono, the convention adjour, the
o seconded and. MEunanimusly Chairmado n. a
SWF- .a. Thfso, Demcrac pary. ty of
eCit,on, assembled at
on ugEo, LA., August 19, 1878. anc
At anmass mefting of the Democracy a
R of.-Quachita parish hold pursuant to a Orl
u, call from S. D. Buery, Chof Oairmans of
a pthe.rmutive Commiutlotee, at the Court an
, odance, at d12 o'clock e n., on motion A. thk
r; .Wilia was called to the chair and H. can
t J. Wimtbely elected Secretary. vien mass
c. On motion of R. G. Cobb, Esq.,, the sue,
follomeeting resoled, Thaons were of hered c
by seconded and unanimpusly adopted: tial
ik Whereas, The Democratic party of zeal
eesiana at thsupporecnt regular bien-ergy
nial State Cosaidnvnton assembled at it
Baton Ropuge on 5th August, 1878, and
nominated for the officTreasurer, and of State Treas- sion
u urer Major E. A. Burke, of Orleans; the
i and, Con
A Whereas, Sidi. Cpevpntion adopted the
e platform and resolutions tor the guiby up
dance, advice and nstruction oug the Mand
d Democtrac oy the State; therefore, ofcti
Be it resolved by the Democratic the
party of the parish of Ouachita in mass beer
meeting assembled, That we do here- ion
by ratify, cslutionfirm and pledge our- call
seveston eeupportwith all our energy tabl
and ral athpproeaid nomination of E. A. of L
Buthe fhistr State Treasrer, and of the tion
platform hono rsolutions adopted by emo
the Convention atn ouana oug and arrevocably
a plsubedttd byto them to methe people of spia
a Louaisana. earn
Be on. titi urthr rovenivond, That the
Gthneral hAstryl, of hss State for the past Itsen a to
lret seeson ; that the legislation neces- Dem
saryp to' secure the assembling of said tan
.Constitutional . Convention at the ear- isse
Uemt.possible date should precede and effori
exclude legislation on any- and all the I
general and local matters except such d i
as is absolutely neoesary for the
interest of the State, and in our opin
lon, there should be no legislation by
the next session of the General Asem
bly, beyond the call and provision for PPO
a Convention to frame a Constitution lIho
for the tree people of Louislana. and I
ie it Afrther resolved, That in our W
opinion, judgment and convlction the
~wopru dcoable used in the tenth res
elution should be undeoistood to mean
the earliest possibl moment; that we
belleve that it is ptrcfklaWe and possi- At
rz State to
of a
de tai g~~os a f_ ,ou. r tl
atedpra a used in tenth resltn
- o omendp tbCafl6 D iberioy of every
parjeton o.he: tep.i to bk e t
*- nominate and support the netT
1tee lion of the efature no man *r
a einat; Dr eery voter'In this arldeh a
b. define his constrection of -the wo
O.. preceding. eeo~~ luo·orthar we- y,
.. Ana be1 ttiYei j une,. ... no; ,eti re'
r veniontof tm e  eo ~o  ion of o l
wlt p abee f ;s:. i
tI ton.Capt .re P . lnt w ealed
SCne •i. r number of _delegtes to .thsI
I ral -itindgalphei entlalen fro
BiJ t  tu-terirso and r e That we. Tad
vithusas everms vote ntion of the sarsh
a l t{tetovite ; ai4&; each 'u.d: vqer y7
03134120,6aQ prdjpomd, 'amŽsubmitte d
SI by:the last L-egislaturbl:.:"'
On plotln it.wqsXeWblihfidtlatdthe
SVention and the nomination of Mjo
was then loudly thealled for, Tand ad
dressed te9t~n g meeting a spirited i
L ,he parish .. T lly endosed everythIlient
one at Baton ouge,- that they we1
Novembe a .larer vote for the aargert
Urthian was polled Haring to he
corse of ti re k heo ton and action of I
Sthe Bctommtee on resotions then
SThunanimously adoijted: i by e
Whereas, The action of th se Demo- C
cratic-Conservative party of the clted
of Lousiana, at ts recenTodd, nventiq.,
hat Baton louge on the io5th ~of Augusth
thas rl distinguishedn entlemen terms the8
t other iiple and poly of the party o
n Cjo Reeves A. irke, of the city of E.N .
SOrlea ofJackson and o C of tate Tod reas.
1es- of Morehouse,-were succsiel: alled ý.
rif upon, and in teorsmd unmistakable haven
Sthusiastiate termas d theidedlyaction of the con th
Venall tion and the nomination of vention, in .0
vie w of then loudly called for,and adto n
by dressed ;tes meeting Adn; a spirited al
sucspeech, saying tical contests of the Democracy on -
, essarishon of persoly endorsed everything t
alidoes, at BatonRoge, th t they were it
now nited - and-,:would roil up in tt
Novealobeus co-oplargerativote for the party a
esolvedthan as polled filly Daring the
course of his rearkntiment' he was announced in- c
ts terrupted by loud cheers and applause. fr
D. The committee on resolutions then of
presented the following, which were p1
n; unanimously adopted: ; h
t. Whereas, The action of the Demo- ac
cratl-Conservative party of the State To
of Louisiana, at its recent convention at
at Baton Rouge on the 5th of August, and pledge to their
has 'indicated in emphatic terms the or
principltd and polcyhe triump the party of
this State in the approaching canvass, a
and has chosen as its standard-bearer W.
ey Major E. A. Burke, of the city ofalous andw th
a Orleans, for the ofeicb of State Trees. in
f Resolve and in termhat wnmstakever mable have aJ
beet annnc the differevoce of. the -Individual opin-le of
. thison tateas decdedly proprin fvety or policy the th
call of a constitutional convention, in fat
view of the paramount importance to so
o success In political contests of the con- Oe
cession of personal prtiveudieasand aunequ -
sptialities, and the unity of sincere and flo
earnest and zealous co-operation for the common an
ºt good; therefore, ree
Resolved, That we fully approve WI
i and endorse the principles and expres- p1
' sion of the sentiments announced in wt
mtho resolutions of the Democratic- 1 8
cratic-Conservative party at Baton Rouge on as
in the 5th approachingust, and pledge to their only
absupport and the triumphant election of weadical
e Major E. A. Burke ear zealous and Col
active energies. me
c Resolved, That whatever may have me
nebeen the difference of individual opin- ph
1880ion as to the propriety orpolicy of anc
uttrcaly inuting a convention to adopt and es- life
Demorattablish a new constitution for the State gempr
of Louisiana, the action ofof the conven- dos
se ion has authoritatively and unequlvo- anc
efforts tally determined that question in the me
It afrmative, and t should thand will in these
spirit and in fact, receive our sincere, Ind
earnest and zeanlous support. anf
Wheimportance of the msccess of the Demo- to
cratic-Conservative party of this tte of
oin the approaching election, 1878.not only ph
At the meerouting heland ydefeatng the ad- tizens
At the meeting held by3 the etirens I year
teto o i ard . D. f oatlk was
at a Watkins
ad a
to be held
. tle ,-viz: J.  An
sion, W. L. DeGraofihrend, W~.. O u
tore son, Mathew Wood, R M. Faust, J.
SB. BReeitter, R. XL Filhiol, D. Faulk,
yre. ea N nrvey, S. H. (Ill=
i.QF o A b alrye c alt e I
.stf y istructed to vote for John B.
r Faulk for sheriff, as long as there was, -
Lot any possible hope for his nomination.
v On' lottion, L Gavrtit was nominated
for Police Juror.
e On motion, J. Bres was nominated
the for Justice of- the Peace, and J. B. !
oeelitter for Constable. -
,re On motion, the delegates of t
c I1 - " v4XIsith& the-'- r .
: titled as a unit. D. FULK,
: Ohairman.
e F. WATxINx, Secretary. ti
As the pnblic mind is considerably
Jd excited on the subject of yellow fevet-,
now prevailintg in 'New Orleans, it
ad- may be acceptable to your readers
s ere 4f rCiWeif$ pt ubject:
m relaonto its origin, mode of propas
t tion, its contagious or infectious natu a
&ec., and 'its transmisalbility by tl
te person, clothing or goods arrivln
be qm ,gentes -of infaetioW in healthly
- localities. We shall not attempt a
review of the great discrepancles of
ed. opinion, w  i . from time to
h. time, -sod of heated anl h
acrimon among med a
ical m tenJg that it is
3. always - - m, apd others as
rge stoutly it is "of
ita dom r ow er Is a diS
t ease,, is ndentf
of forits tion on A
Seits characte
by and p al and eer
eq. other noxious agent, constituting a
ted "ýmateres rmor l" It is, believed, wit
q, good 'reason, that this toxic pranepl .
or miasma, is animalcular. These iniq 2
the finitissimal entities or animalcules are
ith so inconceivably-minute that the most
ve- powerful lenses, even those magnifying s
8000 diameters, have failed to demon
ay strate them. It is thought by-our mos o
i aeag sagacious 'and ' discriminating
p i . s that this' &arixl4cu],sr vhir s
ted ir iinasma may be generated- when =
inn and wheeverl falnlible a~mo,
hn. pheri' aid tetrebt' hflrenees" are
Scombined with ldioasmaor crowd
poison,ineldint . to accumulations 'of
tar human exreta, decaying''orianic re- w
d-. mains whether vegetable or animal,
ed and general neglect to reatove the het- G
o n erogenlous accmulatoans about large
,g towns; 'cities and commercial centers;
ire in a word, neglect of cleanliness and
in the general principles of hygiene. Thi
ty anip~alcula~ 'j9I5(t isma3 ;be- t i a fmo
he ported to indefinite distances, by C
n- clothing, bedding or goods, brought t
e. from an infected place to a healthy Mc
in one, provided, always, that the atmos- lai
re phere and telluric conditions of *the the
healthy place be such that the disease 1
e- germs so transported can live there. sit,
te These animaleular, yellow fever germs, ,
)n are always promptly killed or rendered Mr
it, Innocuous byfrost; nor can they live, the
1e or be propegated in a pure atmosphere. t
In an -atmosphere favorable to the the
e activity of these germs, they propagate ent
with great celerity, - and the disease
thus becomes contagious or infectious, Ma
. In a' yllotofever atmosphere, whilst in on
re a pure or non-yellowofever atmosphere,
it is no more contagious or infectious anc
than common chill and fever., These owl
n facts, now well established as such, gar
.o account for the great discrepancies-aof
1_ opinion among physicians about the
r- contagious or infectious nature of yel- the
d low fever. This view of the origin by
and nature of yellow fever poison con
readily accounts for the facility with lea
e which it may be imported from foreign the
parts, and the great rapidity with Iles
which it spreads -when oncethe germ dire
is planted in a favorable soil. It also teo
as readily accounts for its domestic will
rorigin. In 1855, yellow fever germs the
were brought from New Orleans to the
Columbia, by the steamboats, in the thrE
month of October of that year. The redn
· meteorological condition of the atmos- and
phere, and all other conditions, aerial and
and terrestial, being favorable to the tees
life and propagation of the disease the
a germs, yellow fever spread over the 2-h
doomed village, like fire in dry stubble, nine
and in 30 days her popnlation was ul
more than decimated. Many fled to ho,,
the country after they had received the one
infection, sickened with the scourge, gl
and some died; but in no single in- so
stance was the disease communicated and
to the nurses and attendants outside a
of town, simiply because the' atmnos- p
phere of the country was unsuitable to t.
the propagation of the disease germs.
Harrisonbarg, Trinity, Monroe, and SU
many intervening plantations on the
river, were likewise infected by the
scourge, yet not one single hInstance I
occurred where the subject of infectioen a
had not direct Intercourse with the in s
sick, in the river valley. So many dece,
occurrences of similar character have S
transpired during the epidemic pre- all t
valence of this pestilence in New of Sal
Orleans, and other inter-tropical towns a
and cities, that the truth of the doctrine and
above advanced, seems to be irrefutably hold
established. J. E. WVaRIGT. and
Encourage home industry in buying tor.
the Ilichland Plantation Syrup," free
from all Impurities, made by Crosley
& Theobalds, and for sale at retail and
wholesale by Sholars & Key.
NEW ORL~EANS, AUgUSt 19.-Yellow J
fever for the past twenty-four hours
new cases, 129; deaths, 42; under tifteen
ycius, 11.
J' o-" Oa O3ANS.
.~A2~W1LQ2D~ua. anouz.d.hoia. ýr
no aýý ýtiy9e . ip te $Lt -
by the tai of Jugqq ýnrd in the
- MArVBJuaN3
We sip 'Srtfi d`4I to s o Oouanei
F. C. Jonna a candidate hbr the office of
3herdU 3n tltbeemjith meotlbiMlOuachita
pariah, subject to will-of'·sarlb o'veattion.
We are ap iiOr tiM, -te. announce Dr.
LrsOHAS P. flzoAanr r. c? 9MateC.for
Sheriff oft OuachitalraPruib, nIjsuldeet the
mction of the Demoormtio Parish Ooztenton.
Tb TRA dSPotTA Io`' bOM-t1'ANrY.
:t O ma'AD. . p...fidk.kV : ,
Leen Ne Orleans Every Saturia y.
' vm=. The . _iWs he ,1
St oroe;Trento and
.w a r t h rt iBlack and Oui ei. ta
Ofg ". apta. 1 lm  g r.O. 0
The John Wilson is an esmirel new bJoast
has splendid
a-and willam i the inteOuaiit L
t entire season.-Close conniections made
a November 21877. ,2 lrn 'eren.
SmHenry m. elm Monro,-.,
v 1s. ",o. 1de21
111. .2 11 ." t WalnutCa'{.4Aý0' 2.6
W.ýt m, neho ....00' 4. to0
I . 4o.m. Shrevepot..1000 .00
d Freight id - Baker.p
Solio at the M u o.or rle at the
tY Monroe, within the hours preer by
us Aug. 24, 1 77. S i .eri. ~Ie ind
per LEGAL.
eon hthan r1--RF 'd
f Henry Frelinatbn
SW .J.. 1219No.
e W. p . oh Baokis o tatnde1'ebf Louisiana.
1l W..J. Q. Maker
. a h . NO.hefo 128L
G e.B.Hamlet io.led a a :1 d planthti eo
H0 enry Lr9 14 haDiiw rictCorLe't.
jd W. 7. Q. Baker. j
l8 By virtud of 1=14' f c i ei feems issued
I fraom the Honorable Fourteenai' Dplaetet
13 Court, in the above entitled and numbe~d
t casees, I have seisedand will offer for sale at
the door of the Court Housln ;.tbaeyoy of
ly Monroe, within the hours prescribed by
0. law, on ra..'a oa on
Saturday, o Septe bser1,r , .
ie the following an des.ried opprth to-wi
le A oerssin plantaetion ofpwn ts ock
parish, Louisana, bounde on th upper
Sor east side by t~e l.ufs and plantation of
d Mrs. Sarah Richardson, kncwGDM
t vbrunning north nine dckrb east pnd
Stending n the sonuth side of the bayyou o
le the township line between townships sev
to enteen and qlghtupuepooh o range four
east ; on the lIwer ed weat side bounded by
- the lands and plantation of MrTn. ICE 
C, Mason, fronting ten arpena more or Jd
n on both sides of the Bayou 'Deeird and
running back on each sideof said bayou
so as to include all the lands belonging to
15 and attached to said piantation' asFIt was
le owned and possessed b dematahan Mor
gan in hslisfetime, being au0 f pnfirm
ation to Elisha 'Nelson, B 41 ,,ndall thit
aof of onfirniation to .sDldvi Qjeaspnt B
ie .. not sold to Oliver ., 1Moran and all
L the auds ppurcha from the United States
by Johnathap JorgapiauIwgathips seven
, teenr and eighten, orth otnge four east,
n containing twelve hndted acres more or
h less and occupied as a cottbS-pla It.
with all the improvements ed bl
i thereon ;--exeept that part of sald land that
h lies west of a ine to begin at the railroad
ni directly south of the southwest .orner of
the Frangols Caveat confirmation and runs
O south to the back line of the triet, which
C will be p, ponsue qantaeotamln east of
g the midedl of section .e, townhip seveA
teen, north range four eaatt and c9 baf
Sthe following legal sub-divisona: all of lot
I three and four ol township eighteen, north
a range four east, being south of the railrpad,
and the west half of the northest quarter
|and the east half of the northawet quarter,
I and lot one of section five, township seven
l teen, north of range four east, eontaining in
the aeggretrgate tbelUwiKrei aaeeven ad
86-100 acreas: As, On..-hbrd agon, one
B 2-horse spring wagon; . tie ox wagon;
nine head of mules, to-wit, one gray itare
mule Mary, one brown mare mule Rody,
one brown horse mule Rolly, one sorrel
hnorse mule Sawney, one bay hose Rook,
Sone sorrel horse mule Robert, one dark
mare mule Amy. one brown horse mule
SSawney. one brown mnireau,y
and will be sold according to ltaw to Satiy
samid writs of erin reats and costs.
Terms of sale, cash, with benefit of ap
praisement. T. P. RICHARDSON
ts. Sheriff.
P arish Court, Parlsh'orOYOu h -
In pursuance of an order 'of 'tbhn.
Pariah ourt, and to us directed, we Will
sell at public ruction, between legal hours,
In said pariah, at the late aresidence of toe
deceasead, one mile above Trenton on the
Arkansas road, on
Saturday, 7th day of September, 18786.
all the movable property on the inventory
of said succession--coaprislng hhais bed
bedsteads, mattresses, hat-rioks, bar'
and washstands, pillows, crockery, china
and satoneware ; a complete let of house
hold and kitchen furniture; two pistols
and cases, clocks, looking-glasos, giustandct
and also a number of promissory notes.
described more particularly On the inve.
Terms, crih, at the appraised salue.
3t Executors.

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