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The Ouachita telegraph. (Monroe, La.) 1865-1889, August 23, 1878, Image 3

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4olonel F,, ,q.· ,Jqes- 1 aannoune
-,would make a good sherifr, n.d
deserves well oftiti people.
Oar pinte~ hbve been organizd
apqt". p,,~l we pei uded from
gettlnga word in, even edgwie, by the
pr oeeiýngs or the several mass m
idiiiiath obiventioois' held htie. V1,e
SMrs Jllais Moore will please a o t
our thanks for the honey sent us afe
days ago. Mrs. Moore haib'a ~14
and is very~,* mmna.Iterested in
. eluaPe'.- mena i daypwa will look; t
the bees,, Mrq. fQore,4if they be stin
ý .. , . - ,r)Yif .  ;,, ,"ý " .: " i' i e"..j .
Co(maltteeto , meettomeraow ibfr tle
4 ilue* : elesunAlegates t" the
9i tlatl rnvh eh i ta'omest c) i
men with heads on.tIelsashoulders ?
.was pubilishe.4sa, a half-sheet. W1e
did Ho nppqdtlo to tlhe Badical prin -
iug law, untri two sbsecribers from
4'lalbbpehieprlita "rdeMnddab'cs'of r
half-sheet. We have thought, an l
* h9164iqeth4 gp .,oneje .bound, tp
take this.paper, half-or1ull sheet. We
have set no quarantine on subscriber,
whoreads~thin papet'and doesnot .Ie .
JI4hI4ve to publishE-his obitMi., . n "
,.we .aavea buried lots of them in tth
S tibttb'ifldd. ThoeDiviltitt` gtuuex
Wh6g qubtfifg Hebrew, said, Besioeand,
was no mean philosopher. We hava
the magnifleet pletmere'bO retutgtbg
: wip, rata,share .toall ,our diagrun
Qesiube r. b rg:
. A meaonth ands more ago- taking
time by 'the foetlock, as we thought-
we ordered, froa' St., LdduTi, a supply
ofgper for , iur niidhs. The yellow
fever wasnot then talked of., When
the eicitement began, we relied upon
getting"paper t~rough from New Or
Ieaatu ew s' eaps: was cios)dg ape
then we turned to Vicksburg Com:
mAnhficatolio  . itopped with Vleks
burg, and then we learned that the
paber dared doa h1luuiso iihaben
landed at Vicksbtbg.. by the ,"City o r
a.lena." :. ImmP'dliately, . we tele.
graphel to .the ,ditor of: the Shreve
port .tandatsd t P;3~ 9s some paper
by the Monroe and Shreveport stage` I
'*esferdsywe learned that the Monroe 1
It~s not ' ~ lrittted to 'cross' lte4
river and enter Shreveport. ! 1
:. higlly p'oAbable, therefore, that t
we'will not issune a paper next week, as I
we have not a dozen quires left; and
unaless ir can smuggle some paper
through the quarantine, the TELE
GRAPH will disappear, until the next e
killing frost.. . : '
" The yellow fever scourge has not
teaehed Monroe, but the yellow fever
panic has, in spite of the judicious and
strict quarntine, regulations, adopted m
and enforced by our city authorities. A
d,.ni'iarr f families have gone to the
"-1'.tT, leaving behind their chickens
and turkeys, and we hear, as a matter t
o.fTact, that a number of families from
Vicksburg, New, Orleans and other
places want, to. come to Monroe to
escape the epidemic. We can say that
the inhabitants of Monroe were never
healthier than they are now. The I
resolutions adopted at the mass meeting, I
Wednesday, bear us out in this asser
tlieh. Pegople are running about-as it
they were afraid to die, or expected to
live. forever. We do not understand.
that this idea Is taught in any of the a
es, or in the Bible. It is a'p-'
poin unto all men to die. This we t
learned at Sunhday school, long ago.t
And Solomon asked, what went yo out
for to see? a reed shaken by the
wind ?
But, even as we smile tbrough our
tears, we must bow our head in sym
.lifiy for the amlicted people of New
Ouleans; Gronada, Vicksburg and
'M'.rpais. They are in ldistreess, and
Death, astrld9 of his pale steed, is
abroad within their limits. New Or
leans, the capital of Louisiana, is an
unknown city; Grenada is almost de
populated; Vicksburg reports thirty
deaths fornom yellow fever Wednesday, I
and Memphis reports the fever spread
ing there. The people of these cities
havo our profoundest sympathy.
Among the few things they can be
grateful for is that the hand of afflic
tion, however heavy, rests upon them
alone, and that the people of other
cities are not such sufferers as thelmcn
that the Wilson stops somewhere be
low the latter place. :If theLiLttle B6b
did not pass down yesterday evening
The Republicans of this parish held
a mass meeting Satau t e~ is
ner schoolhouse. T a o
jeet of the meeting Is explained in the
a colored man, has been placed in our
at 12 urdayh -August 17, 1 tIS to sd
This announcement is eddoni~d-
I ed who acted as
but I at
of the
unable t
Baker's r
why he s d ' i to
tosuppor dge
has e- . .
the aan
nominatin i I We feea8.e are.
about t hge -prI i r.iepfofiyes ow
our Radical ilends.
At a mass tneeting of the. citiuen of
QOtiscita pai-lb held. .at Monroe, La.,
August 21878i the following proceed
ings T were had:
Dr. T. Y. Aby was. equested to act
as chairman d-ad *Auetin Green as sec
On mo f lows preamble
and ti o
Whereas, Thp preal nee of yellow
fever in neigheoring And villiges
has excited the fears of this communit
lest the disease m be brought to
Monroe; and, +
Whereas, This meeting has 6ben
caled for the purpose of devising mans
to keep the disease away from thes-ar
ish of Ouachita; and,
W 'His Honor Fr. Endom,
Mayor r  iooe, and )r.
Y. Aby; erof the
ve been "n
er nhank
their eforts in.their
behalf, , -
Id- -hat in the danger of this com
.n. j faId isabloe that those who
hae- foire "acted '1fth so much
zeal, Wiilbm" and energy should be
still the sgide, sand protectors of this
~oildnIty, asid it 1i the sense of this
meeting that the whole power for the
pr tpetion : of the commpunity at large
tietsd in F. Endom and T. Y. Aby,
and that we trust to their ability and
discretion tl}e safety of the community,
andu 4iatever they advise and counsel
will meet with our approbation.
Resolved, That ttis the sense of this
mass meeting thAt after Monday, the
26th August, 1878, passenger and freight
trains on the Vicksburg, Shreveport &
Texas isailroad cease., to run between
Monioe and `Delta. That it' is the
further sense of this-meeting that Maj.
J. W. Green, Receiver and Superinten
dent of the, Vicksburg, Shreveport &
Texas ItaIlrotd,.be authorized by the
proper authorities of Monroe and the
parish of Ouachita to run such con
struction trains as he may deem neces
sary to transport material for repairs,
and supplies for emplopes, .s.ild rail
road; carrying on suCh 'tins no per
sons except, rallroad employes, and
stopping at no point infected with
yellow fever.
Resolved, That the proceedings of
this meeting be communicated at once
to the Police Jury of Ouachita parish
and the authorities ot Monroo and
Trenton for their inhmediate action.
Resolved, That it Is the sense of this
meet tt, the Iayor and City
Counn Onroe ~~TiX'renti n and
the citizens of Ouachita parish as a
voluntary quarantine force to be used
under the direction of the authorities
of the parish and of the city of Monroe
and Trenton.
Resolved, That it ist th senie of this
mass meeting that the Police Jury of
sai. parish and the authorities of Mon
roe ahd WPiPaton take immediate steps
to stop at once all ctlmmunication
whatever with any boat from Now
Orleans or any other infected ports, or
any boat connecting with any other
boat from Now Orleans or other in
fected ports. - .
Resolved, That the OUACJIITA TEL.
E(;tAPH be requested to publish these
On motion, the meeting adjournedl.
Tnos. Y. ABY, Chairman.
A1;sTTN GREEN, Secretary.
- *
-·, -i r
_ _ _ _ t:A
-IA : ps
imsecutive Committee of the
_C eongressional District. 4
o~' aos;.om , August 20, 1878.
2±0olation of the
a an elegant hair dresang stands Parker s
I h Monroe, August21),0 1878, W gro.z zth,
dangter of Fr.i and ustrinus a ndmaran
aged one year, five mothus.and seven days.
As an elegant hair dressing stands Parker's
a a humo, anle d stop or the
, haidperfb hrmle, exqur
atihe roots, it promo a us aat grot
uf; yo.1ver eonls td skin l restores gray
d de aivery t b a nalyoutfm u color,
of g at beauty. It i pleasantlya booline to
the scalp, cleanses it from Dandrffrit, ures
and humors, and stops falling of the'
Ii ' is peuthctl'y harmless, exquitly per
fumed iyver soils the skin or gums the hair,
and p=e everybody by Its many excellent
and qualIties. Buy a bottle from
G. W. MEýee, and tests Its merits.
.p a artb, as pro
(ý. 0.. ý9 rytte ~extra
4Ooy4th to
Farmer's ~Sohdo0house, Thursday, Sep
teniber 12th.
Brannon's Store, Frd epember 13th.
Near Togwkod place, Saturday, Septem
ber 14thL -
Union Church, Monday, September 10th.
Looharbor, Tuesday, September 17th.
Colony Schoolhouse, Wednesday, Sep
tember 18th.
Lo wn Thirsday September. 19th.
Cuba, Friday, September 20th.
Trenton, Satuday, September 21st.
Forksville Monday, September 28d.
Cadeville. ýiesdy, S beptembor 24th.
Mt. Vernon, Wednesday,8eptember 25th.
Pine Grove, Thursday, September 20th.
Myatt's Store, Friday September 27th.
Courthouse. Mouiroe, from Spttirday Sep
tember 28th to October 30th inclusive
when the Registration books will be
closed for the purpose of preparing the
Poll lists for connlissioners of election..
T. P. SHELTON, Rgistrar.
Monroe, La., August 20, 1878. llt
State of Louisiana, Parish of Ouachita,
Fourteenth District Court.
John P. Parker
vs.. No. 1410,
Mrs. Mary C. Adams.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
issued from the Honorable Fourteenth
District Court, in the above entitled and
numbered suit, I have seized and will offer
for sale at the door of the Court House in
the City tMQnkee, within the hours pre
scribedbyaw, eon
Saturdl September 7, 1878,
the following described property, to-wit :
A certain lot of ground in the city of
Monroe, in square number seventeen in
Stephons', Springer's and Hubbard's addi
tion, commencing at the corner of Wash
ington and Third streets; thence running
along Third street one hundred and twenty
live feet, more or less, to line of lot sold to
Mrs. Julia Strother; thence along the line
of said lot in an easterly direction one hun
dred and eighty-five feet, more or less;
thence parallel with Third street to corner
of lot owed byestate of Charles Delaey;
theoe at.r nglewith the Idl last
tecrn e1vy forty Se more ,
hencen. i a .nV'ý.ýparai'eleiý.th ore at
and on the division ne of said Delery lot
and in a southerly direction one hundred
and twenty-five feet to Washington street
to the plahe of beginnin-with all the
buildings and improvements thereon.
Seized as the property of Mrs. Mary C.
Adams,and will be sold to satisfy said writ
of selzure and' salt and costs.
Terms of sa, o twelvo months' credit
purchaser to give bond with approved
ity. T. P. RICOARDSO , rst iff.
Ward 3, Ounchita Parish!
At the Court House, Saturday, August 24,
1878, at 11 o'clock a. m., to select fourteen
delegates to the Parish Convention to be
heold atMonroe August 31, and to nomiinato
two justices of the poaco, two constables,
and one police Juror.
T. Y. ABY, F. 1'. STUBBS,
Meolmers Ex. Conm. 81 Ward.
To the @
In pursnnooo
Lion of thin state
to the voters of
amendments to 00oo
agreed to by. two-thl
ed to each house of th
its session of 1878, and
be published, three
general election for
General Assembly, in ateas
in every parish of this State.
caper shall be published.
appear more fully In acts N
the regular session of the
of 1878, and in aotNo. 12 of alpaes
of the General Assemblyof
ofllclally published for th
voters, and' which will b
Deoole at the next gen
hel on the fifth day ofNov
in such a manner and to
may vote for or against esal
arately, and II a majority of th
election shall approve and 'r
of said amendments:sthe .
part of the constitution. -
ACT No. 73, R. S. OF 18 8.
rMMtsa ONS.
That the seat of government shall be estab
lished at the city of Baton Rouge or at the city
of New Orleans, as the majority of the voi
of the State may determine at the next onsun
elcotion .taee votingto locate the state cap
Ital at Baton Rouge shall indorse.on thelt
tloketA"For State Oapital, Baton Rouge ;"
thbqievoting to locate the capital at New Or
leans shall indorse on their tickets, "For State
COpital, New Orleans."
o.trike out article one hundred and thirty
ACT NO. 74, I. S. OF 1878.
Representatives shall be chosen on the irst
Tuesday after the first Monday in November,
every two years, and the election shall be
completed in one day. The General Assembly
shall meet on the first Monday in January,
1879, and blennally thereafter, on the first
Monday in January, unless a different day be
appointed by law, and their sessions shall be
held at the seat ot government.
[Strike out-article seventeen.]
After the year 1878 the General Assembly
shall not have power to levy in any one year
for all State purposes more than one per cent.
um taxation, nor shall any collection of more
than one per centum taxation be made in any
one year, on the actual cash value of all real
and personal property liable to taxation, ex,
cept in case of a foreign invasion or a domes
tic Insurrection, and in that event any addi.
tional taxation shall only be for the immedi.
ate purpose of repelling invasion or suppress.
ing insrreotion. The city of New Orleans
shell not levy or collect in any one year more
than one and one-half per oentum taxation on
the.actul cash value of all the real and per.
sonal property lable to taxation within its
limits. No i or naniolpal corporation,
except the citi. ofNew Orleans, shall levy or
oolt n1n .ln y-py? year more than one per
centu- ilax:. upon' thii actual cash value
ofol the riaLtnd lerionti property liable to
steim littli ,its "lmlmt. The General
l y _en. Iahave power to Issue any
,ob t.hbo thit or theStalftor any
p . .shallitauthorise any prish or
m -.or+poatloa to assue many bond or
ores .deOjto-provkled, that this shall not
prislibit_ .l me of-sew bonds in exchange
for ol)i ld,whenr the debt or rate of lnter.
cat rie oticrepsed.
S muxmsa rooam
The t h Merxe4b.nere1 Ase ssembly shall
be lary vennuid dollars ($500)
pIe act atraveling expense, by
ý s ibute, not to evoeod
fif Lllsw ( ) tbe any one membher; pro.
idld, that If tw sesionb are heold in the same
yes~t shall receive for the second session
nthat a a salary of only two hundred and
fifty dollars ($250) and actual traveling ex.
pensee by the nearest practicable route, not to
exceed fifty dollars ($50) for any one member.
'the regular biennial session shall not exceed
ninety diys in duration, unless by vote of two
thirds of the members elected to each house of
the General Assembly.
[Strike out article thirty-nlue.]
The General Amalbl shball not pass any
lonI or special law ahgag the venue In
imnal.I cases m the manner of per.
son egit t hildren, vaating roads,
streets, or alleys, remitting fines, pefities,
and forfeitures, or refundlig moneys legally
paid into the treasury; affecting the estates of
minors, or person under disability, exempting
property from taxation,oreating any monop
oly, legalizng the unauthorned or invalid
acts of any oMoer or agent of the 8tate, or of
any parish or municipality; granting any
extra compensation to any pubdlo ooeer, agent,
-r contractor, after the service has been ren
dred or contracted for; changing any parish
set, or creating new parishes, except by tl
asent of a majority of the qualified electors of
the parish, or parishes, to be affected; In all
otir eeases, where a general law can be made
or hl.l
therete, ini the oe
.and: vt publoe mothe
shell beceta a low as
hose I wUh ife
who shall lot pone
ti!~CiP"" m mm~lurn, ,d'hiM ll
stare into judial dstriot, whl
electied byte u prality of avalld eleo
thereof. For each distrgh t there shall be 61.
distrit court, ecept in the parih of Orle
in whh the General Asembly may estabila
uthored b exting laws, except by a two
tHrds vote of all the members elected to b
branches of the enneral Aeb shalmbly, Udiv4
otherwle provjudicdd b lwtri, the dstrlt o
main unehangedx for four peas, and for
trnow exisng one judge, lepaedh of Orle shall
electea by a plurality o uaifed-l
have the jurldlotlon at present conferred b
tlaw;no redistrich or bagict te shall be mo
o ast courtake exept in th e parih oOrlmbeno
ay juany districh t ouma as the puoll pntere
nmpayareie nattox oen the number now
tat shall not the bers th ec thirtyo bot
bremby s all provide by lal ,for Aal
otfoure terms annovided baly of the district o
noa estry png. The Garneral Aeof Orle shll
have jupower to ionreate prut coute, to be
onsttuto redf b. o roupl a r cthe shdall be m
nisto tciorts, ecpt during the ainronbs cour
f judge istrict cour ts of d witr hicts I
ircut. To direnot the place or pber no
Aeting omb said ellt courtles so oya itutedo
least four terms annually of the mbstelct tobt
bveryanchesh. The General Assemby shlt
have powern to cratt sadout ciourt with be
oonstituted by grouping the district cud
of thextdgen of the pasrih oof Orle an sh
lircnori. To direct the plans or psalls h
snd o toet sake effeuit codurti theth aneuefatn
juradiction from the distriot disrts within
circuit where the amount involved exceedi
one hundred dollars (1100) exclusive of nter
eat, and does not exceed.voe hundred dollars
($500) exclusive of interest The Geeral As
sembly shall have power, by a twouthids vobe
of all the members eleted to both houses, tsu
restriot the appellate jurisdiction of the
Supreme Court, to caunes where the amoune
involved exdeeds one thousand dolluas ($1000) a
exclusive of interest; and f case of such re I
-rlction,the circuit courts sotto be reated shall
have appellate Jujridltion o the l of tlea
thus excluded from the appeDllate juredition'
of theS npreme Court. Thb elerks of the mdo
trict courts scall be elected by the qualifed ]
voters of their respective parishes, and shall
hold their office for four yearn.
[(Strike out artlo eighty-three.]
rIuMan ulaTssaI .
Eaob of the dilstriet Judgs shell r6eelve i
salary, to be fzed by rw, whibob, excebt in
the parlish of Orleans, shall not be le than
two thousand dollars, nor more than (Taee
thousand dollaris per annum, payabidar
terly on his own warrant, and which shal pot
be increased nor diminished durlng his term
of office. HLie must bea citieson of the United
States, over the age of twenty-five years, and
have rosdod in the State and practiced law
therein for the space of two years next pre
ceding his eleotion. The judges of the district 1
courts shall hold their office for the term of
four years. In the parish of Orleans the
annual salary of tbohedistrlot judges shall not
exceed five thousand dollar,, to be paid as
above provided.
[Itrlke out artile oeKhty-tour.]
In lilon of tbo office of ditrict attrnway,u~.
tabiished by article ninety-two of the consti
tution of 18e8, there shall be elected, by the
qualstfled voters of each parish, a State's attor
ney therefor, who shall be a citiven of the'
Udited States, ud who shall have been a rme
ident of the State, and a practicieg and duly
licensed attorney at law, for at lost two
yema. He siallI receive a salary fronm the
State of not less than' three nor more than
seven hundred dollars per amnum, to bB pro
vided by law ujin tipbel of rep n
in the Houe o _epretlSves.d aya
aqrterly on hid own warrant. f" a be
en fieo attorney of the parish, and reeeive
at the k ier....'ayl
W Iloos i Gtibbs., .... . ,..... .............
stn no, J nng a m vbo isa F a igent, , but
I aw-esll 1 fort d
constantly on ltd ooa  Oil,
Now le Belting and A tt ounhm ontr fi t Al
wan.- ,lay =o agoats anrd run no
. J. . BEtEIIER."
At' s Photograph X alery.
iAupgust 1, 1& S10
To ','aE., O,,A,.
t v UPHOsranb i"ag,
DoSlard w. troet, near O'Kully't I"
nMONtaot , LA.
t epaira sofas, lonngo~sem& aed4e ter,
i end will I n.y _arpets, cAacaetid vfr al
m .urnlure Mttss neu "lto order., 86
-+ In order to close out my pronnt stook
I will offer great naducemen thrat Lortnseand
prlves. Fooaut of atll grades In Imlrrul and
halt barrels; msAr.s and rArM wAIoJn.
r47 DoSeard Mi., Monroo, .La.
n elrV. WArfra Himoar*n , LL. D.,e
d 'rldod of" F raerlty.
SThe Twenty-sixth olloo tto yorear of stis
,Iwtltuto owll bee n n .o..s In a sitnM-an
t her. Uth. 17,,. oaj.i.rdidon ir bretuional
nm ballru by fa Lastid rtowt of leuart5er
oa ntry o iarterutd exortonra.
tn orh1e_. WtrI ,
.oTheTwent,-th it oerml ,year ofhasn
h" eerwnro t ound adnd. er ew theay an
pofalbte by aff alty gw ofurtiru
ol ainulty,, for tw u ..av y'ei',ia
- fFcly b

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