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I *Aj d i 0 n ip h
6'T~raý*,x :' a~ý:I +." -0) tis gt il: d ý. . E1
VOUM X IMONRE,, OUS~NA's. . ý' ý , `
'i* ;: Oils, VarFishes, Dye Stuffs, Glassware,
Putty, :Tens; Ink, Paper;, Envelopes, -Lamps and Chimneys.
Pure Wines and lkuors for Kedleinal Purposes.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
r goos, Bools, Siloe, ails, &c.,
Nos. 22, 24 and 26 GRAND STREET,
Md O 1 OlE.-, - - - - .A.
hTh attention of the Trade is eslled to his well seleeted stock of
All- "Lines Complete.
Call cad examine the stock anilprice of goods. Ie- All mail orders tilled with care
ad'ah isnitch. _
Orfa the foZlloting specialties at prices to suit everybody :
-E.&I' F R" , PUE S, I1NKES, EI'O. of
- i-0--
Shot Gutss, Rifle., Pistols, Catridges, Shells
-AND- he
-o- of
ai0( Goods sold as represented or tonery returned. -U
E. H. RILLS, 16 Grand &greet, Monroe, La he
MONqONRO8, LA. iut
L. D. McLAIN, - - - President. a
---==m -
Will' pay. cash for cotton seed, at highest market prices; or at
exchange cotton seed meal for seed. uii
Meal delivered on boats or cars at New Orleans prices.
Established 1867! Established 1867 at
To. 0 OCrwnd castreet. osroe, Lae . M
Chromos, Autograph Albums, Scrap lBooks, Scrap Pielures, .
I.anmes, Knobs, Cords, Atlist's Material, al
Wire, Glass, 3oilet Mirrors, Stero Views, etc., et.., fa
Photos in oil or water colors. Enlarging old pictures a specialty. Pictures framed of
to order. 9 Pictures taken regardless of weather. - h
Corner DeSiard and Hall Sts., - - - - - MONROE, LA. is
Cgreneral VIerlchandcliaie,
Have received in the FISH LINE - -+t - ARTNACEOUS GOODS-- R
p* Fat Breakfast Mackerel, p Grated Oat Moal,
Oo Cod Fish, r Navy Reans,
jr White Fish, 5lE Green Peas, so
fs Holland Herring, Ms Buckwheat, to
a` Dried Herring, F Barley, P
Canned Salmon, ` Grits,
" Lobster, po Rice. is
" Mackerel; Sardines. p Sagego. bi
pW They have also received California Cainnedl Goods, Raisins, Prunes, :
pe Currants, Citron, Apples, Oranges, Cocoanuts, and other -V
ýA Goods too Numerous to Mention. - i
Southern Carriage Factory, .
- AND -c
The undersigned will do all winds of work in Manufacturing and Repairing P
Carriages, Buggies, Hacks, etc. He is also prepared to do all kinds of blacksuithing at ci
reasonable rates.
Horses and buggies kept for hire. Stock kept by the day, week or month at
reasonable rates. FR. ENDOM. I
- A;D --
28 DeSiard Street, : 28
Dealers in Imported and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
MEDIINM AL.: - .::
Is known by these marked _pooulialtls s
I. A feeling or weariness ani d palns the '
2. Bad breitb,, bad taste in theo'tnitlr,
and lirred tougn.
3. Constipation, With 'occasional attks '
of diarrhoea.
4. Headache, in the front of tlhe head. "
nausea; disaZlness and ye'llo~ilo ol'
5. Heartburn, loss of appeticte.
i. Distention of the stomach and bowelq
by wind.
7. Depression or splrlit, and trMt m - an"
clr¥,y wltas hiutudo and as dtappaitton
• to0 leav oiorythlng for to-morrow.
A at.ratl hew of Bile frosa the rver
is essential to good health. When this
is obstruoted it rorniuts in
which, i necgletedi Soon laelds to sorious,
diseases. ilnainolns ,ivertegulnator exerts
a moatrellcitoun luflueneovor ovoe lri in -
of biliousness. It restores the Liver to
proper .working order, regla4tes toe eerS-.i
thi of bile anId puts the digestive organs
in such condition that,4hey eilot do thttei.,
bIest work. Afiter tlting thIs muedicin no
one Wll say, "'I .li bllious.', . '
"I have been stbject tlaeere 'spill of Cps.
gestiol of the live:, setbl hve Iecn in the hasit of
taking from a5 to no grains of calomei which rep
rally laid me ip for three or foir diys. ltcly I
have bslo takin n Sinlmos Livec Rrs.ilal.
which gEave re relice wlthou an)- inter'uppion to
busines.s--J. Huu, hlisddlcportlllo. r
OA.LY GEIrrIJ r ).
has onr M staip in ;cd oa froat of, W
J. Hi. Zeilia a Co.; ýhsIhadelphIa Y.T*.
Hlow ltobcsplorro Appeared in- :the A
Eyes of Has Betrothed... , .
Eleanore Duplay, the beloved 9f
Robespiere, wrote thus to a female
friend concerning her lover, under date w
of Jan. 8,41794: .
"'Perhaps you would be surprised if k
I told you I thought him onlytoo con
scientious-so afraid to do wrong that
he sometimes takes too long in maknin II
up his mind. Yet so It is. Do not think ti
of him as a hunter of priests, for he is
nothing of that sort. lie does not like a
their impostures, of course. I remember 1l
how angry he was last'time he wrote
to Arras, when he heard thelnf pietdnd af
to the poor country people that they n
wrought miracles on a certaiu townse
man, though they did not dare to men- el
tion it to his fellow townsmen, who
knew no miracle had' been wrought at tl
all. And le does not care for the triv
ial dogmas with whiek ,religion has a
been overladen. Did 'you not care
about them either, Jeanette, in the old eC
times; but I believe you like anything ti
which is getting beaten, and dogmas o
certainly have had a bad .line. of it
lately. But, if you put aside dogmas e
and impostures; just as in politics you
must put aside personal details which of- n
ten obscure principles: In the true sense
of the word there is no more religious si
man than M1aximillain. Ills hak. al
ways been a religious family. There is b
a tradition at Arias thatrthey fled from Ii
Ireland for religion's sake 200 years ji
ago. Maximillian was always friend
ly to the chapter of Paris when he was p
in the constituent. He spoke, too, in to
favor of larger pensions for the humble Il
clergy. lIe hates the idea of the 'feast
of reason' (fancy worshiping a woman
he would not even speak to !) and all
the other Herbertist excesses.
"0, if you could hear him. I some
times fancy him a priest himself. lie
is to me what the priest used to be
when I was a little girl. lHe is always b
proper when others are wicked-dresses b
neatly when others slouch about like "
slovens. He has his old statemen- 1
Racine, Corneille, Voltaire and Ii.s gos
pel-Rousseau. lie reads them to us J
sometimes, not us the false priests used u
to drone tbelf gospels that they were I
paid to preach, but so beautifully that I
in the pathetic parts we sometimes all t
burst into tears. He believes it all so t
thoroughly; he is so conscious of a mis- I
sion to teach it. The crowds gather t
round him in the Jacobinus, as round a a
great preacher, to hear his text and his
sermon. lie says it So one cannot dis
believe. Doyou know,' I sometimes t
carry the thought further, and ask my
self whether one so good and to pure
can become a husband to me. I think I
he ought to be celibate as a priest! Beut
if 1 told him so he would be shocked, a
poor man! It is contrary to the civil a
constitution of the clergy.
,"Then you call him cruel. I Iam sure a
I have never seeh him so. I\'hcn we I
are walking together in the Champs
Elysee with his dear dog Blount fol- a
lowing us. we sometimes sit dcown ,andl
the Savoyards come trooping around,
and I never saw him setid them away I
without giving them something. And
he is so kind to us all, and so thought
ful. I can see your look of horror, you
little proselyte of La Rioche Jacquelin ,
and the Chouans! You point sie to
the guillotine and ask mer, is not that
his work ?
'"No, Joanette, I ti, nour think it i-.
I will allow this rnutch, that I loUme
times wish he had done more to keep
back the others. I fancy he do-s not
always realize things thmat are dohp un.
der cover of his reputation. He thinks
so much of principles that he some
times forgets facts. I have never told
him so, for wnen w are hloano togethl
er (it is not often-every morning be 10,
at the committee of public safety, eve',
ry afternoon at the Copvention, every
evening at the Jacobins) .--he always
tries to eeesape from these terrible
things, and to give play to bis faoc."
WU3KSlr W&L E34UOie 3UI21R 14
SThopatweekhtas benalarkeId 4 w
sea hebalighttyoooler thA6 4h,11et
vpOndlaog:we aketfopp
a.n overage rainflL qt ,over ,
inch below the normal for- tiub
and a'nearly aorifbal petentaae ddti
hlines - - :'-tý 1
Ul-s the parishes of Casddo -nsd
i- , I3NFALL, ; .
eqeeedibg 1 uirb is 7eporieii for''t : '
eib.', In't be nb'rth tauntiae'i at ,'`
~tifallli ategated" ont .turttrb
inch,'anti in: thhe raoutlbaaesttellnt, -
the state,.froQa; uoerf urtgft. A9 ttlt
fourths of an inch is pqrt e
1 ily the ralnffll was greay lsI
cleni throughout the t, t g
the showers of the 28,4 and;-14tt
greatly 'beneficial iPa eertaic a leil&Mes
waterially Ilpappyingte oodrLqg% p
all. giowlug crqpe.
The rsifils;'in inches; Were inll
w' i1 Farmeritlib .22,8br vebort r 8
Liberty HIlt 1$, Viektab* 14* et
Pleasaqt4 L,alR~rexadls.%i4, ,
The nthe~in tetnperatiate for the ? teek
was alhout' thelaverpge thbeegbott:,A t,
*!tate. Slight. excs 1a"0, F!Pp
fropm the inexrior and slight dtent
clea iia tip eastern portioi otth ttbla
i tsbectttid. • ' i . .,
The threatening' weather ofthbe upat
three dayslessened the average grsen
sage of sunstbal fqrAtlt past. : We.k l A
the western and southern p..trtidan of
the state. Ab exceis is reporid' "0rit
parishes in'dbe north andoaorthoaesith r
portiods, 'bot "the..general a'eratgelIi
about lte. normal f, th paq,,ks,p '~
was, ,enefigial for, thgroftoa.y(f eg[.q.
Farmerville-Crops Iooting fine add
the farmers well up' with the'tops ftd
the time of year. . -
Liberty Hill--Farm work almost at
a standstill owing to the drought; bad
stand of cotton from. that cau .
Vieksburg, aMtes.,-Light ralps. ptth
and eastpqi this place: very benefcia; Ti
more rain needed.
Poiunt Pleasant-Bainfall very theu9
eticial toottbonp and corsn.
'irinity--Orops in fine condition, al
though rain. ip needed badly. A
Alexandria-Rain too light to do W
good; drought .has injured crops.
Franklinton--Weather unusually A
cool, considerable bail fell in some see. p
tions of the parish; ,cotton planting late,
owing.to dry.. weather.
Clinton-Light local rains, but suffli
clent for wants of crops.
laton Rouge-Crops very much in
need of rain.
GQrand Coteau-Field work progrqs
sing; country looks its best.
Kenner-Still need rain; what, we
had did a great deal of gqod, but was
insuflcient ; hail and wind on 2.d in
jured the oat crop.
. Abbeville--ltainfall of 2.3d very op
portune; lies boneoitted the young cot
ton, which hsat begun to sutffer from
the dry weather.
U. E. KIarctAr,
Signal Crops Director.
Stonewall Jackson and Ills tien.
1l oedou Telegraph.]
In imodern times no army ever made
better use of its legs-not in retreat,
but in continuous attack-than the
'"foot-cavalry'! of Stonewall Jackson in
18GI and 1862. T'he following descrip
tion of ito sen by whose aid Stonewall
Jackson drove three federal armles, h
under GeueraIa Shields, Fresonqt andh
Banks-each of them strgonger numer.
eially and infinitely better armed and a
better found than his own-out of the
valley of Virginia in 1861, was written
from Stonewall Jackson's headquarters
by an English eye-witness, who was
accompanied by Lord, then Colonel,
Wolsley : "As we advanced, the road g
was thickly crowded by the refluent
tide of sick and furloughed soldiers.
Such gaunt, wan, bony, famished
skeletons, many of them shoeless and a
hatless, almost all in rags, the flame of
life burnt down to the socket, the eyes P
deepsunken and lusterless, the hair r
matted and tangled like a wild beast's, t
it had never been my fortune t6 en
counter before on earth. Suffering,
hungry, thirsty and reduced as the
ipoor f'llows were, not one faint-heart.
ed, liitl or compllaining word issued
from their lips." WVith men of this
sltamn, Stonewall Jackson held the vl- (
liy of Virginia securely month after 1
month against armies collectively out. I
oumbering his in the ratio of eight or
ten to, one, and with them he marched
over hills and across rivers, by night (
and by day, until no federal general
lay down to sleep without a misgiving
that when to-morrows dawn broke
Stonewall Jackson might burst odil' his
tltnk and strike panic into the 'herts
of the invades of Virginla. With
them Stonewall Jackson descendedi
with astonishing rapidity from thel
Blhe,ltidge and joined Genqral Ie
before the, seven days of batte s.O
tiolsimond*in 1862, which euded listh.
total discopmfitre of Goenerli Mecl4t
san. Iiow, it aill baeusked, wes'eb
WHwI. Jackson'p," sopt e!SVlst" Uf' ~3.
Spad ? Not in. the aapse.manger as thi
a EugJish intantry, which, on .JSq ,.'17,
S1775, attacked the raw Amerlecan ileyi
- posted on the Bunker till, 9 og1 ]o.'
oe Mitbl * i att,
r 08
+ ltrio et'' ado itra' Nita
i ut r' ' or l ' 4'l-'ex M- it
Aibt ld nak m e itt t't'eta1 ta
W euthe butPdgur a tbleabntl as tn t
tha a kesa fcel llel Fhs*hi'pb blovd
1 n'hY Ipair. -ol +ir' .aar..' •areh
. *Vh d ourbtbt p fOthn pull t y a w h ll n th y an e k" e Oh
Wheut ele dovedi s are calt a n th to
ti rket on thle pika ...ha ,lo wI
Whies the t ds awe ai a busttn l arm ;al
There a kind op loylt' tpent, desa. "i
A i tn'ft a atot p hirlin' an' lr-.
dturke on the lyh , hi , b ,
An'a whin' for somqbody a anin' from
For my .eolin'e git to buazln' like the boosa
Without at queent ý
When the bnud are all a uestin' ' tae'
woodi, a gittln' green. , 01
-StbtheanW Ifop"kin. -St
Wholesale hrlgl' '
Brown's Iron BItters
Hwift's Speplle,S . 8. 85. ..
Armn' tead's Ague Tonlta
Actur Iron EarbIh. I
Fellow's a haypophy oephloso
Blood btf'l, I . bI. t B. I"
Klut ch. que,
Owen's Sore Wash.
olo Linm greent.,
German Syrup. .
eree's Goods.n Bitters.
Bull's Goods.
PlI8tie Obloride. ' t,
ArmTlobesor's AntueTopnlo.
Sd Imon's Liver bedic.' e. I
Silmmon's ,Iverl , p gulator.
Outlenra Goods. .3 f..
Boyal GSlue. At
Ayer's Goods. fi
AT GADods. WOOD ilo's l 
The New Yblork Times prnts an e
haustive eifltorlal. In fiue of Thursday, ri
to show that Mr. Blale will, in the
nature of things, be surely nominated
at Chloagp. In cilsng the Times says: tc
,The various men who have tried to
keep alivon'e some hope that, t the last
moment, the Ilghnluog of the convenr tI
tlo would strike them, have about
given It up, even Mr. Sherman being
an exception more in appearance than c
n reality. As for those who haveIt!
oursed the lluaton that Blaine wlas ren the It
ally out and that te better element'ed
was rid of him and could choose soayme
one worthy of the place, have become asI
momretty well discouraged. If any of
them have the heirt to go to Chicago,
we shall have to admire their faith and
tender them our sIn appere ympthy.
IMr Blity.e s the man." ho have
For the l ndles. hre
Fine perfumerythy o , uble'e Etrome
Colgate's Extracts, Wright's Extracts,
Lapretty well's Bulk Extracts, Imported Co.
iogue, Home-made Gologne, Lily
Whlte, Toilet Powders, all sorts, Pine
.oilet Soaps; flne Tooth Brushes,
weomb, llair have toes, admire thei Brushes,and
,tic. Ar CALDtcRWOoD & Co's.
'Itepe have beqo takeneto disseminate
I tresstwotby.Iuiermatlos respeqUeg the
I tenderfor the see o f Nortern ymp thy.
I oreigners, and it h u detheman." t.
I staebileh a perma~et buas "t 1leI
1, e ookies Soda, Master4,,.
Stin e, ol Oil ntI Sewloing MaB en
- I. AT CALDEEawooD * Co's. ,
t too I t1a
Orla stlesg
to hbedroppged. i
we will
aiddlked,t -b,
htii 's r2 etun *
Orleanos rlut
btnsliy w agdUno -I lobt t.8
told not e propr t o
weully o~bs td "Ae .
!at orq n w wir frlsji rrý
r olollr evFe.ytb lbg.sl.
onre piln upon this opp0etmii&
cultlrvate eoloradiQe drlr t lnterl-e.e
OleOptra Ind itues tuPtpolJle bat
t t d. he t the le m r4
r b hrevopert oemor . : ,,
A promngagled l'llfttlf Greenwood
uld not githe De propert hattettdl or
asemarkable Instanco of leMlty obe.
tween salamls. Severs magnap~er~ a
fully co01 hoe what Iray t petsei
,ter ley aw the IINw t On`iiti'ivoe d
world, ,hbe next moratelpnlilth,le$n
of the nl ulepon this outiop: foun, a
cult oi thre ad youn anbists, ntd n rl
ofrea ofep bldsh fan ep took tpesp home
sad ~ptid thebm in the bd"Ir th the
kttI s. The old eat madB"do'biSge.
toll to thle arrnorean, but,, oa the
ontrhry took the lbittle trnupret- br
rabbits od kittes were d rawl rm
the sarne fountain tie llitdltu, Ifbd.
ThAs ·proa family hIae greenwo up
ftoether, united rnd happy. But the
stremarkable prt o tbce story remainsl to
be told. Theanima rbbls evramodtang a
themselvy tw ttheir surroundloa ichpn
ged from herblverous to-crrlt-erous
animals, and rapidly developeda tatle
wor rlat, mice, birds, eota, sad, beamle
ne skiloful to the pursuits, and incature o
their prey de the on the porbed tion o the
family. n fact,our arrangementrat stte
thacont they rtook the little strangers er
w. Therly bosom, aniled aboq ean be
vouehed fr by a large numbbi "of the
mosrabbi le and kittens were tdrawing r
thBeon u J. Losuntaig.n t, lifei tfe dis
tlogethed unitored and harteppy. But the
lstda newspaper of this story veremains tohe
hade vi 1884 with Alesounde c Hpmln.
anima's ls, adon. Amongpidly deetpe t
flo remats, mice, birdsy etc. and' becamton
as onskillf e reireuc i to ncathure oh
thelogdr prey's disli the for sportion of the.
Wfamily. Iton, ho, lioure mInformant ad s
pthat tlohey arove as good mousersand domas hever
lfesaw, oThe facts deomplaied of the cante ob
time' abg wes oompelled to endure.
voucThe crl meby a tlarhe Fgerst Lnumdy of the
Land, and think mbsst be extrembly
happy,' elabl citdld say almopt bitter
ly,Benson J. Lo, eng. LLadd dibt
tngu prope ria mstIam, rObftee In lWsh
W aa
t srim:sb e atompelldtedr
merep~oewi cel a~a~lit~e ris

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