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The Ouachita telegraph. (Monroe, La.) 1865-1889, November 09, 1889, Image 1

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ý+ý ý +rý. Iý-1 ý dv } .. yet: ýrý Aý r ý
- V. - "1 .- " Y
- IJ-hu .e .s *1
' 1, ei a s oj s Ianil 0 r or Bood s tan i ag o to
1 4- '' ,:, . / -,-ý ,;. , .- . . . . -
- - W o .es. .. l,',
. -1 l  , - . r ' °`. . . . . . , ' : - " . - ],4 ' x " "! 'F '! !'OU I S I A N 1 ,
"ll ... A L I" '
No.2g.. I2,. 2a T NE.S
f T ' attentiln of the Trade is Bou 1 t4 .
da*l l e und, amieafli strok and prim of eoods. -19' All mailordes dhm l I mi t o.
'i.'. D4,. S, p .T .DL ,
o No. 15 Grand St., MONROE, LEA.
~ . ~ .- .' .O L Atry
ilsr Varnishes, Dye StTffs, Glassware,
Ptty, Pens, Ink, Paper, Envelopes, Lamps hd Chimneys
Purie Wines n ors for eal Purol.
.....the. C e...t successoR A to V. A. Moo'e ytr-W . H]B. tarr hs,
, - 'e. e alle 's old Sta nd 0 rand. CrV Street, Honroe, I[
Glass, Stationery, Cigars and S.o.
Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purpones
Gallett's Maarolia Gian. OgUrg
Bachinery and Egineer's Supplies.Stt ne
M No.15 Grand St., MON ROE, LA.I P
Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs, Glassware,
glvqa; e te t ylAw &
po thakmsfeu- tti e"h
assseble use.. amma. l , t
.a-re to-at en rss ibimtsh ith
t thJ t rlt . l "*-.I .i
WaltO E h ouI rher proate
aorse whied i wie enaain d het av.
"ree easinshot ahead tel .amash. sTh
heos enr the abtrar edI t
Areman put ln stick after sTak of
round the ca ves at a rpd eas btý.
bt reiadtslas wsap el .Lke."i'r' 'th
and liter and northomt reolited; tmet.
Brengine onstrained hisnd pullt~ nd galied
the top the grade here the town
it aos with thegreates' eort throattle
owas pulled wide open d the ear on thea o
ide train shot ad linot a d too soon,
closed abendor the train wormess dhed itsby."
Soon after thisoBarke ws runnng a h
freightound thecrai nes at aso ahead ofp ar
spwhen alost a bearing the Proine of
uto remaiad She fhel ws tpi ltstbd. ;
uh fleor who was then maklig a 0to r
of the Uiter ad thlig radtl hexidar-'
elg ie strain t. eds oe o hl s a pd alled t
cathe topof them grad he had the traown
dash The oal rn a - the depoteed, sad s
moatwhile going arounbtd tha crve the engine
left the track, stadklag a heepd l b I.b
closed be-ore the' expres dashed b." wi
p on one r thisBer, ~ e wl an ninm ap
fsable wrei. auorke kno w ahead hld
apdela Intgi beaing the princes tralnd at
aonces, who weas then coantry and wes
never steen he Uit re Satla, an.d
ing east it. Louis ons of hi "spells" f(
came olae the renbel ad rmey and wa
lag out with great honors. As diree
totle general of a the World's Fairane t
re while trachis s t duecaring Ii
term a tate wc. BTreasure aw head i
same line and followinge's the prean anedt
oengie "spped"i.he countp r and wg e t.
made here seen herile young. He left t
Hountry owinedg moneel to every mand was
whom ohe olaimed as h o major, aond i
ingtout with great honors. ta dtre- di
rever attepted to makes repar at in
ewfor Orleans he wasJohn Pierce as wella f
qure, whle his oim, antd duriw his o
term ae , tfte Treaurer wa on the dw
epast re orad ike hebook. . edet
Tomade here while matter up Brke t ti P
eountry owirmoney to eVery man O
lwahom heclaonsidered as hisomewhat an-d 0
everaloutempted toin hs ea reparation it
Iy his Pams. nleJoh o Pier e iswe0000
acquintaled wth ahim, and ,ndws has 0
000 Caroued Last c ear-veK io
p et record lithe tea ab boor.
speother,-ak ee. I
Tosuam tet spectionu e service, in
report to the secouery of the trur|
felsr year enderd e 80. 1889. n- ows
the d6725 ste reba werem apected, the
noeotoneago of whikh was 1,81ao ,86,i
and thousat 81 ohI rs weres. ieed.
As compared wit te he previous yeira,
-80,801 tet tonaoge, SO811a the aus
Obesr 01 Pers lieisted. The nu8 mier
o f00 n sCrded Lasm Vr ispected was
ear, w hileh more tha bstlf were i.
pertm d at the Yort Tro new York, fty
stwmbat inspetion er tiy-ce, i hisve a
report to the cremor of thaeid le reult I
u lntr los of life dmrlne the yev r wma
o 2he as follows o: By fsere 6 by ollisio
fn10, by bryenged o team80. 1889. et 8
that hs ac:eamefa we John perced, tell
net tonage of which was 1,81o,436,
To athum 81,622, materu were licensd.
SAs comspared with toe previous year,
Sthis showsan cass ol 300 vesselsalings
Only 01 P tonagSe, S061 If the n00m
of 0O0 Car sieam vese inspecled was
L 10, by breakingof osteamp pipe, etc., 8,
Nohe ·of Vie'
Attorney .
-eat oat some mdre le 'hol4
of in alid Vera btUaie dkII
thqat;hey bed il .` to th sl
iNndashe Interest ;efnd- "
yet oret itvh .dan to el t~
mttr course: ee,
ever, hade - aUsa tue
thav ted .ti yd ou r
rentratngitbe~sinay general..
pmg on e d t
the ly efl  O 3 pýd e atnlit
whichlthe'rgave s t,0 m i , botore O
the grand Jary  1s Vthey}i not thlnk 0
Attorney IPeraIt togesr was aspok-.
ea to with rferet e to- thhattit r 3 d V
Eaid that his the ftsst tl,
possible fort It . a tb
matter of bad properly, te
and hi made ono; i tothe use 1
to whicht he wou h ienformation OC
he obtainled. All he w: ats is to get Lh
the stolea bondas bk Into the treasury th
have thesm 4aoee8 d and remove all
danger of fotty "iitq Innocent Bt
parties, The h+lders reig adapit that pa
they cannot sell tire ftlwadulept boas, os
and, has Upon their lYi eneo r tle tot
woueld reeive a rneenld hthleate, at
It wthidc laeC tWhem Riin e betl pewt all
ble rpoitin d f r in atheMi totbe legs, w!
othe "absti bonds" tehort Mel* go to a
the grand jury to-day. The jOry will th
decide as to whlt witnesses to summon pc
and what partdleie line of inquiry to at
pursue. A member of a grand jury of p1
aqeral yeats ago recalls that the body oLT
of whlch h.be was aebbOdert catme with- at
in an inch of dlDeoviil g tie bond as
fraud. One of the aembers had heard at
of a loan on bonds whclh Major Barke T
contracted at one of the banks, the B
president of wbehich Is now dead. The It
grand ipquest had fall confidene In Is
e)J. Burke, but nevertheleas writed /a
him to explain. When he heard of J
the matter he expre3sed a great desire ls
to come before the jury, sod was glad oa
the opportunity would be afforded him.l
He was satmmoned to apper at woon. p
At 11 olOe k he took one of the rimver
packets and went to BEtoa BougaRe. te
returned i s atew days and this time Ib
demanded as nterview, statitng bl wi
Ib ad been c alled oaway ddealy on dl
s busfnes of state. He ame before the a
l grand jry aod deolsed blraing used I
Sstate bonds for se purposes, ad the
Ideolla satisied the jnry. It wenot nol a
fuIrther, as the bank testlsed that Ml .
I, Borke had not borrowed the mineay.
i. The members of the grand lry men-It
r, toned understand noV hew. a few
, ~uestions might have led to the dis
Scoveryt of the reed, and saedl the
ir State sad Its citsses considerable loss
is and annoyance.
r- Obhiago i. fghtlig the battle of civ.
at lllsatlon In the Crooml cans. Soelty
has no more dangeros enemy than
L- t(he secret soelety which oommite
as crime. Such meet be *iatpe d
on relentlesy or they asp the Inoedattoan
8, of order.-.P&l&t4IddpAfts lu.
ttito t
-owtb was the out fi
Apgb t 4
ift ree.oar1iThaý the
territoryS off the cotient
,thoqlgh,. the. expedition oe; . e
tritedetdiro tar Ibl(
Last ute ln++- a al eprt
of teir lare .teionry' refofis
to nacdp+ the l to plhlebl Othi
ti ylo Western fl d wTt.ejl e;
Vi lao e UI5~ Sta wridiierjt
lit of the Wethtera tweib ii stlerty
thi Jahlesly ofur laer S ates.en adcout
uof the Unlarge teM l tr Iothey refuse ld
th e g ar-ton les of l ithore ~1 .
tim prole raW ,,ef tJle~kIA...
in ti ie Western, lale th* t
posn:n ps., V/orsont and, Kentlpek.
never hrvlng been Unit t.as t errl. i
tory, uet Tennessse, tbo mstide+ a
,irginhd o olatd ede* 8 her untdi er
lter ofblo thd bLwe gant46dy tsahe Ila
ithis jealousy of smaer States ad
Meat tie Unslo5 ofTb lbthe Uestplp T
Swondoertitond of nexpecte move. I
thit territory had reman led s iin 8t ala
pothe prlo we d ld sever i have po
saesed it, SJetropaln was oer most Jl -b
plrctble enemy. Napoleon
tByl it hie rwaye. n the Wgri he trtl O
about thaet ofme te United Stal
agreed to remairn nt and. t whtucky
hoeverd havinr potent simpsthltes 1ter.
ory. tra Tenn wersee witogh arqt g
Brat, Jeno laner cededo rose upon
ater in the allen and handstoO
actsh Tin th o l gret talad ,'
e wonderf and unexpoleo tred move.
slian at the same time. T,.,-In,.,r
isold it all to us. Every New E *m.**l*
that territ oppry osed rhe ic flln of Spain's
psrbe it, thery bSplna tr,, ofwa Otr st
thits n hisd beri oppi ed te the g usgg
abto hih that time pr the d, tl Lu snes
bees put by N 01otuo e oo Dturdl jld
agreed to remain neutlanl. tBut where
Thdeliver Fed the ralist s were with ( eath
Brppoitloa to this pferson . Tros poe
thI elH party In 181step of the riderd to.
-lets to, the alBritish li bestioo
t asro.sd The thwo greateedto prm et oor
Jeffers pon ofand Napoleon turneduisia.
ta wellat thet same time. T'l wist-r11
- oceirred on Louteliry Noet. 'to pay
i Senator toppos teritorhe l lad to laid.
SmdNew y Eonlnderm fs it tOr
- chale te thaosht t.6 out. .womes
e beo Inetted. Bat the Bouaath' pro
Idute tilnlo i leritaildn , ebo anQnlc.
SPoseeitiouos wO p u'bhsed. ThOe lavle
Syquelli rop at eition1 l feelig g ieroe,
-uapoe ledis, were, tbhrougl ortbeca
o worko, tmrand thrred aent t the vet lr
-epp river to eouatheis sotl. To oIat
aalhoenrad. It wrast a atr walr e -t
ion. O 00 there
b.io tIimebove nt.hs eeno
_t pllaflneO #ileo only "0,000 0to,
are i Vse fook at oe , toe ptrlO1e
aThs.she newp300e a5nd s the fien.
*fatusI nu- t in w lpiogq for the $41
,are t o Jsea 31,000,000 of e mmon
tond io the proposed Theaaor il be no
atton. Of tne 31,000,000 there wllla
be $10,000,000 - f0 6 r cent, preferred
lst timeover 0 t' et.b
ihbali be , .oIIdlW yo between the
nIt iilatuddw to Jlse only $20,000,000
týfeIta ewt ;.lk at ores the pltrpose
oelngD , Srnd et.ic tie oPeall ay' t itrr
ur .1,000,000p b relachi of the child frommon
andl llpreferred  ules. Ti t will be no
.rI this punl:,:' ba r nh set;' down
ptitrbi at Ia bt$,s " It Iedl te p
eiei ew esearitisl t of 01*4,.
00*, to te. addition to the bplantldof
**..e too gune allege all ptlo, relieves
properties owned, stimatedl and 24 t,
wIhtIhr biripalno fron teethlng or other
00,680, the two Itemrs aggrep ow o l,.
Advie o o to mes dreadfn or
au lswayst bet filsed when metropolls.en
S-..tre et aso td It relples tLher money
.uNow, rer at aCe, it produm vited to betural,
o te o rn by trstloi the childf ot -
aeohome for opeallag eleitrecel commas
nalutdri ath t the mooo, tbe monesh
h.t.nowuav brle mmedfartlr Iorthe
! woh.ti ]But erom it eoeti to brathr
Slen ses m entlye Oen dtsd Sebol.
-|leb ollnarlekolevemenut. of deaon
-ImeB, tfhe owf te aret mreafl or.
LI serm o ttoe.-Puneecpica coeor ma
" t s t " "rYt o " t " ,7,,, ,.

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