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Clinch Valley news. (Jeffersonville, Va.) 18??-current, March 18, 1887, Image 1

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t:Uuo3? Valley INo.wta
Every Kind of Wotl ?il h- don
Neatly iunt Qii.ealy.
0. AL.DRR30M,
Takwkll. C. II., Va.
Will praotlr* In the cv.ni'U of Tawwetl
county, buJ t he Court .if Aipi-alant Wy-Ihe
vi:]e. ' *.llectln< a speetol-y. Lands tot
?nie mul titlesexamined.
Ta/.eweli.,C. H., Va.
Practice in tho Circnit Conrts of Td7.?
iToll oonnty, Va., and in Mercer com ty W.
Va . and all the Court? in Buchanan coun?
ty, V?._
Bland,0. H., Va.,
"Will practice in all the Court* of Bland,
Tazewell, Wythe nad Giles countien, Vir?
ginia, nad Mercor couuly, Wer.t Virginia,
Court of Appeals at Wytliioville, Virginia.,
and tho United Stale* Court at Abiugdon.
Collecting claims a ape.ialtT.
N. B.?One of this firm will attend all
County Courts of Tarewnll.
J. & 8. D. MAY.
A tiom?yn-at-I>aw,
Praetle? \n th. Court, of Tni?well ronntr,
?nd In tho Onirt of Avi>"?hi at Wytherill
/. Va. Particular attention nalit to te? .?o
l?-Koa of ot?.irui. Oflloe opno-dtu m? 0.urt
House. I
Physlelnn and KiiT*areon,
13P~0ittcx Coort hocsi: square.
fUimi In realiU'noo c?.-t end of 'own.
O KIN X" t ST.
Ofllc? TV"tit VrunC Room, Stras bail dim
op stulr*.
T. Tt WA.H11KN.
Tahkwkll, C. B... Va.
Saloon Bs-.t front room. Nt-a* tmtldinr;,
?nrtnirs, El'-giint Ch-iin., Pia'e Gins-? Mil -
rons nnd nil thu modem Cimver tencva.
IQ-iloune nn tin: jy RofUrni -<-d.
A well-anpplied Table, ? complete LV
and good Stsldes.
TonuH moderate.
New Hi visit Depot.
This House hns'recently bfon thorough?
ly Ref.uri]iahed, and put in first class con
ditioil. Terms moderate. Karo equal t j
tho bust. Passengers on the Eoat Kivei
i. Road will have twenty minutes for dinner
'?Ci ouch way.
"'. ? f ~". '? I
. T/az&w'kll C. H., Va.
-:; j- ' ?
Will continue to executo nil work in his
line pr imptly und in the best manner. II,
employs none hut the best and most akill
eil nasisbuits, and will guarnuteo his wor'i
to givu entire mitisfnctinu. nud his prices
low aa tho lowest. Give him a chance. ?<
your work before contracting with othc
parties. His brother, Mr. Frank Kitts, \vi'?!
ohoy all callB in tha absenco of tV.e- boss.
jin.7 ly
?T-'llOM TUP.?
Maiden Spring Miife.
This Flour, which is excelled in quality
hy none, is kept constantly on hand by
J. D. Alexander & Greevkr.
fcj v PATENTS.
;1*7<|ato, Ue-iasuca nnd Trade-Marks Bocnr
srt ?ud^sll other patent canseaiu the Patent j
Office anri bpfcre tho Courts promptly nnd j
y carefully attended to.
Upon receipt of model or sketch of in?
vention, i ninke careful examination, and
adriflo as ta tho patontibility free of charge.
: FeeB n['\lerato, Bud I make no chnrgn un
'n?sa PuteV' jis secured. Information, advice
ami apocial reference* sont on application,
J. II. LITTELI,, Washington, B.C.
Hbk' NoarU.H- i'litent Office.
Fruit Trees and Crape
A large stock of the Best eorts ol
A polos; Pears, Peaches, Pining nnd
Grapes especially selected for this
section. Blight proof Pears, Kiotl'er
and Le Centre. Wild grovo Plums.
Wiagariv and Empire State Grapes.
All orders promptly filled.
Address, W. B. Kki.i.V,
Tlio majority of the Ms of the liumau
body arise from n diseased Llvor. Blin
idoub Liver Regulator bus been the menus
of restoring more people lo health and
happiness by giving llicui a healthy
Liver tbun any Other agency on earth.
?:r r.t!?f vnVi n'rer the genviitb
13 w
K >-j
The T'o'i e Cuvette will be mailed, ne
curely wr ? j-ed, to any address in the U.
ft. for lltrei months on receipt of
Liberal discount aiiov d to I OHtmantera.
Bgouta and clubs. or | 'e copies mailed
free. AiUlrutu II ord- to
V; fa cd K. Fox,
Franklin Squnre, N. Y,
accomplishes for everybody exactly what Is claimed
for 11. One of the reasons for the great popularity of
the Mustang Liniment Is found In Its aulversal
applicability. Everybody needs such a medicine.
The Lumberman needs It In case of accident.
Tho Housewife needs It forgoneralfamily use.
The Cnnnlcr needs It for his teams and his men.
The Mochanlo needs it always on his work
Tbe Miner needs it In oaso of emergency.
Thol'leneor needs It?can't get along without It.
' Tbe Farmer needs It In his house, his stable,
and bis stock yard.
Tho Steamboat man or the Doslsiss needs
it la liberal supply afloat and ashore.
The Borse-fanoler needs It?It Is his best
friend and safest reliance.
The Stock-grower needs it?it wtirsjera him
thousands of dollars and a -world of trouble.
The Railroad man noedu It and wlU need II se
long as his lite is a round of accidents and dangers.
Tbe Backwoodsman needs It. There Is noth
Ing like It as an antldoto for the dangers to life,
limb and comfort whloh surround the ploneor.
The Merchant needs it about his store among
his employees. Accidents will happen, and when
theso come the Mustang Liniment is wanted atones.
Keep a Bottle lathe House. Tis the best of
Keep a Bottle In tho Factory. Its Immediate
use lo case of accident saves pain and.loss of wages.
Keop a Battle Alwaya In ffae Hsablo for
vac wkeq wanted.
The Sc.-.mil Term of tills Institution will
open on Mommy the 2-11 Li of January; 1VI7.
Those who exp.-ct to atti'iul had host enter
parly to be taken into consideration ia the
nrrhngi mi nt of class; s
The First Term hits been marked for
I harmony, Prosperity, and 1)1 ligcaice; snd
I the Second promises to be full of interest.
For terms apply to,
MltS. R. 3. ?lLlRRPllS. ?
Jan.7,Im Principal.
A sweeping lawn; hroad terraces; for
away ng tho oyc can see a gleaming,
swaylne ocean. Behind the lawn a back?
ground of giant firs ihnt blot out tho sky
In that direction, ami throw into brilliant
relief the. wlilto chid figures darting to
and fro upon tho tennis ground.
Gerald Mussorccitc, having lost his
grime, flings his r?chet to the winds, and I
throws-hiiuself prone at tho fect of Nn
dino Heche. ]
"Pretty place, eh?" says he. "Sooth?
ing to the. nervesRafter t ?o town fever?"
Then looking et her and marking tho ex- i
trehie repose of her hearing, that Almost !
borders upou lassitude, ho says gfiutly, i
"Tirod?" i
"No." i
She brightens up with nn cfTort snd I
fimlles at him In her kindest fashion, i
Her thought* aro tangled?her mind per- i
hirbwl. Lieth. ?t? far from tne hue?
lasiii tsi iiihssinisiSistMiiiiiifi J ;?
fiTIl.mm hi.? ii. i, |M.,.
? ? ;
scene, before her. A seilSe" of deaftMr, bt
^Inability to mere in; tht path that
stretched out so temptingly to hel' view,
baa saddened her eyes and given a
mournful curve to her beautiful mouth.
Her days passed hero with Maurice Om an
have been intlnitoly sweeter to her thnu
ever Bhe had dreamed they might U?i The
very nearness of their companionship had
had Its charm, and tUou~h no worn of
lovo had come from his lips, still, eyes
can speak when words arc forbidden; and
lliouga honor renders one dumb, w ho can
prevent tho sense of gladness that cornea
With the touch.of one beloved!
Swtot days! too sweet lo last?aud
swift as Kweut. A whole fortnight has
gono by?two weeks crowded with auch
exquisite recollection* na will (unhap?
pily cling to her for all her Ufa. And
now It is tho ltiili?to -morrow will bo t be?
night of the gruud ball, given la honor of
Capt. Hoyla'a birthday, who Id expected to
arrive about au beur before it opeus,
and tbea? Another oraelly blissful
weeii, perhaps, and after that a ratur* to
town, and?a hurried wedding! Thon
crile from all that has made life not only
endurable bat perfect.
SoueUmoe a thought bi Haul Annerley
hns crossed her mind, but, as a rule, she
has resolutely put alt remembrance of
him far tram ber. Sh? bad told herself
that this one holiday at least should be
her ?wn. AfUvrward lrt oblivion, lot mis?
ery ooaie, but just for tacts few happy
dayn she would let utter joy hold ewnr.
She bad beard nothlrti; of bor futuro hus
bruid since bcx departure, and If at times
It bad ocenrred te her as otrang* that he
bad not written to bee from those for?
eign cities, whither his search of the rob?
ber of tbe famous sapphires led him, the
tense of relief la not having to write to
lvira Kwollov/vd up all such wonder.
"How should I feel tlredr" t-Ufl aaya
uow, smiling ui tJcruid MaKsareene, who
boa become quite, a friend uf hers.
He bau found in her an ally?o certain
partisan, frho derides the uutlou of Milll
cent's over consent tue; to fulfill her love?
less etifctngcmcut to Capt. Boyle while
her heart i* jjlven to another. That other,
now Mrelchud bt Uut pretty partiaan'a
feet, Is quite willing Lo accept her rend?
ing of tbe ailuuthui. ThuugU MiUleant
herwif lu bee-u comewbat dlfUoUlt to
unrlm ..:iul, i. little vegue la her answer*,
a trifle willful. In a dvgrec?a marked
denroj"?averoe to being brought to the
point, stIB Mr. Moaaarccuc is tucllued lo
believe in tbe creed of bin pretty confidante
when tbe declares heriudf read/ to tfllrni
publicly bur belief iu the constancy of his
fair, tf rather trying, lore,
"Well, I'm glad you nie nat," says he |
ulencantiy, allr.dlng to bor lusirlloa tb?.t j
olie known no fatigue. "To-night j
there will b? an ii.itui of gncstc, or?
dered, like the supper, tar to morrow
night, end rt wonld sot do to tie In poor
form, fta ItMik pr?e, toweT?r."
"Are nini.y oouiisgr". "Knaugh to
make un put on our beat bib and Packer
and our choicest manner*. You will ;
have to muLe your very best bow to tko
lord lieutenant ??f tb? county, cod to
sivirk at a youthful rf very fainan* gen?
eral. The only thing to be oercful about
is not to overdo it to-stgbt; tn remember
(hat the marrow will bring the big
Nan ten, and to reserve ro?ie einlies for
tbe licxo of Ibe hour."
He speak* with soroe bitterness.
"To-morrow nigbt will trlu-r "Capt
Boyle." She looks nt hlui softly out at
her e-aone eyes. "Uo net. let that mako
yon unhappy. Hin presence lueaua leas
than nothing. Indeed, I behove It will
do your cjiute good."
"Sweet prophelettt 1 would I dared
ehere your creed."
"What crs-ed*" r.elcs B?rau, who lias |
joiced them unsee-u.
"A belief Miss ltochc bus In the un?
conquerable power of love," replies Maa- ;
RPTceu? gayly, springing to bis feet and
crossing the close turf to where he. cau
see Miiliceut ^tcarlir.g, for one*, alone.
"And so yon believe ia love'o omnipo
tency," tyiyr; Duron, goring at Hod tue
with calm searching eye?. "Youf"
"Tbi-re is surprise in yonr lone?and
doubt. Why bbould I not hold such a
?.?reedr" returns she steadily, though her
hps have growu very pale.
"I cannot answer fhat here. Will yon
come with me to tlie i"ir.,ood? I shall
not keep you U:ig, and 1 tettei spealc to
you. Do not ivluso me, Nadlne. This la
probr.bjy the Is** hour we s.'udl ever hnvo
together. I leave the pari: tho day after
S!:e had shrunk a little from him when
llrel he appended 1? her, bin. Iii? plead?
ing grow,etrcBgeri more impassioned, tlie
rose. Willi her eyes downCfist, and her
color faded to a pjdlor that be-spoke nn
anguished heart, she moved beeide hiin
!r, the wood he had mentioned.
I'resenlly they enter, it. The eternal
greenness of it ?tira her blood once more
fo an admiration that rouses' box and
compels her return to tho Immediate
present. Kver since ;,he had obeyed bin
vr.!, and risen and followed him hither,
Ie had been in a kind of waking dream
i had been too sweet to permi? her
is?ire for its dissolution. Now, hewever,
? she Is fully awake to her danger as
. -i !:s to her puin, it is loo late to wlth
? from a tcte-a-tetc, that she feels
?wctticl r;ve her soul.
l.i.ran, stoppins; abruptly beneath the
spreading brunches of a huge Scotch llr,
hiyo his hand upon i.er arm thns arrest
in."; her footsteps also.
"If love fc? indeed all-powcTfnl how Is
It that Lj,ha.ve fafledf" ho atk^i In a low
tone. "No lovew.w ever stronger than
?hat I bear for yon, and yet it has beau
of no avail when matched against the
barrier that stundu between you and me.
Has It been my fsult, or is it that the
love should lie equal on both sides, and
thut?yours?falls below tho mark?"
Sho hnd'^been standing with lowered
lids and trembling hands, but now, as
though forced to it against her v/lll, fUo
looks at him. ner large, dark, mournful
syes are full of a reproach? mute, but so
terrible that hlsheyirtgrows warm within
him. Alas! how clearly In those melan?
choly eyes is her pure love lyiug.
"II Is true, then I I have your love," he
jays, always In a low voice, but none the
le?e ecstatically; "and If ?o, my dearest,
why will you repulse mef Ah! hnre
pity on me, If you wlU not on yourself!
Chink?-think before you sacrifice u?
both to a mistaken serise of duty."
"I have given my word," aays Modln*
?"my promise."
"A word?a promise?better broken.
Sediere, my love, I have lived ninny
yc:m; longer than you. Too many," ho
Miys after a paine, that Ir, filled with ro- ,
gtet for those past hours when be had
not known her, and when another had
homo his name?another unloved and
undeaired. "I cannot beur to think, what
years llo between your birthday and
mine! hut bUU my very age gives m* th*
right to apeak. Is It good that you
mould surrender ?11 your happiness to
inn for whom you haro no real regard,
|nst hecnuse yon once, gave him a bope
!o thut effect? Nay, there ts no loyalty
In thnf. Hotter let him go than llr* to
repent th* hargein ho h?.t nwlf."
"Tl'fsre In u>y ?runt," pcriJH^
meekly but ?arnestiy. MI etvnno? tnYo
Iii?? back; and. hs, too, lores inn. Ho
loves ras to rroll," declares sho wttVi act
I Intuition that has tovealod to he- the
real passion 0/ the wta whom aba has
promised to marry, "that I think it
would kill Ulm did I uow jwore fulso."
"Yon art vary loudor toward him!"
?xclahnabs bitterly. "But at ni?> how
U it with no? Ks, I ?hall nut ?t!e; I aui
not mad* of auch brittle ttult as thin
other lover of yours. I shall probably
Mvt, oven though you forsake mo; but
what of my Ul'of U it to bo all bstvieo?nil
wanted* Hove you uo pity loft for me?"
"Aloal lilt kiud to torture mr!" says
?ho, with such a forloru glance as o.ice
more reduces him to a forgetfulueja of
?elf, and to the old pnialsoato regret for
"It la klcd. If my cruelty tan rcecuo
yon from (ha Slough of Ue'pond Into
which you now are drifting It Is more
than kind. What! will you Uro out all
your fresh young lifo without a Joy?all
hope* Kndiu*, I implore yon to pauao'"
"It is too lata." like lays ber palms
upon her boiium and regar.la him with
hi cache* checks "Ohl Ulhadonlymut
you'sootier; but now?now"
"Your words tiro an acknowledgment of
jrewr lave for ma" ortet be, oasling bit
arras about her. "I will surrender you
to i.e Elan. Nadlnet Beloved! Do not
ehrtuk from mo?da not seek to unloose
uy arms."
"I mast," sah? the vehemently.
"I!ave I not told you that all t'ils comas
te* l?.l?? I?1 era to be married lu a fort?
It is his tssrn to shrink, to pole. II?
opens bis arms instinctiveJ.7, and lets her
draw back from him with quivering lips,
and iri-rabllng liinba that almost rotui;e to
arpport her.
"I will not believe it," ho anya at last
hoarsely. "A fortnight To giro your?
self bad) and soul to one for whom you
ara erring nothing?in a fortnight!
Child 1 Darling! Say it la not true**
"I cannotl" Oh? has burial ker face
in her hands.
"And that is a wanton's honor?a
woman's honesty,", says he, paelng to
I and Ivo upon th* met./ sward with a
? dteXnvhed brow, c.ni lips otarn and com
? lircsecd. "So ycu think this cum will
thank you for tho crusty ?anket yea ara
' ??Tsiring bim.? Th? body without th? soul
I would ba to nie worthless. Who shall
! aay hs daea not think as I do? Coino"?
', atoppiag short befur* her and gar.Ing ?t
: hor fixedly?"toll nie the naino of this
i cMj clerk who etauds hot.ween ua! If
I yaa will Uo nothing toward the untying
of e knot that may ruin throa lives, I
1 will."
i "Paul Aanevloy."
I "Bui d? uot pursue this mattor," sba
1 says eagerly, going a stop or two nearer
I t? him Rtd laying her hand upon his
oraa. "Co not, I lutplor? yon!"
"I ahb.il puren? It ac"l tbo iniquitous
[ words ar? skid th&4 Witt bind 70m to iilm
I lor Mr*," repllea ko doggedly. "Nr/."
! grasping hor hand an she turns hopelessly
; uws-y from him, "do not, taluk mo un?
bind, tag lov?; It Is icr your happiness as
far aiy awa I strive."
"If indeed, 70a desire n?y happiness," I
ones she. risking all things lu her long?
ing 1? save him from a venganuc? Unit ,
! some Inetinctlv? kuowlrdg? leaches her
[ ?HU ho deadly, "abstain from Interven?
tion at es?y sort. Do not s?.?.?!< Paul An
ccri?7. Lot ma fulfill my destiny. Lot
1 too marry him. Believe me, there is ao
i lie might wsrhnpj have misjudged her,
and have believed her already wedded In
heart tt> Axuerloy, but for hor conolud
:i; words. Uul these, aud the melan?
choly li;.ht in her large eyes, renssuro
hint of thj truth that In reality sb? lo al?
together Ida. There Is, hewurer, sa keen
?. sense of weariness lu her attitude aud
expression vhat he reaolvos on refraining
frost further argument.
"Veil," h? says, with an attempt at
lightness that doea not deceive her. "we
have Ktdd enough for to-day, and you look
lited. Come, lot me take you home.
Remember there will b? a large a/jdition
to our party to-night, aad of courts you
wiil like to look your Lest."
1 ."I will go beck to tho houss when you
have premised me" one thing," returns
che stetidlly; "that you will not seek
1'.-.?:I Aunerley for four days from this.
Give me these four days."
!-l.c Is trembling with excitement, and
lier eyes are full of tcarj thst will uot tie
repressed. Pour dayi. To-day?to-nior
row; the.se two ntnnot b? avoided. Were
she t? leave uow, before to-night's din?
ner'?ibat is but a herald of to-morrow
night's ball, worn Capt. Uoyle is ex?
pected, to grace bits own birthday enter?
tainment?it would he recorded ai noth?
ing lea. than an act of discourtesy by her
kindly hostess. But tin day after she
r:\ii.hl leave; Paul by that time will
surely be returned to town?and her (bit?
ter thought!)?and she can easily r,o man?
ege bh to prevent a meeting between him
and Mr. Duran.
"Tho. four days you crave ore yours,"
replies Daran gravel/, noting the fever
lu her eyes. "Xow, in iurn, concede me
a gratification. Let me accompany you
back to the park." .
Me.'.ntlme Mllllcent and Oerald Massa
rcena are Man iin-r In the warm sunshine
in ono corner of fcio tennis gTound. MlSS
Grey, who had besn playing, but has
uow reslijhed her place and h?r rocket to
another, is locking at ber con n.mlon
with an expression half wir.tful, hail1 mia
chiavous?perhaps wholly mutinous.
"Time Is flying," taya the youug man
ardently. "Have you not come lo a de?
cision yet? It I? almost the last hour.
After to-morrow there v/111 be no grace
left. He returns then."
"Granltf Yes."
"You must choose betwoen mo and
him. You know tout, nod still you hesi
late. When he returns it will give him
an advantage, because then he will again
have tho world on his side?his very
presence gives him an extra chauae. If
you could decide?if yon could let nie
speak before ha cornea."
"I don't see how his present* or ab?
sence can lufiuencs the mattor. There is
to me only one thing to bo considered?
whether or noi we can live happily when
quite poor."
"It wouldn't be quit*,'* Interposes he.
eagerly. "There would be the eight
hundred a year."
. "There would be? starvation!"
"If yon choose to term It so," says he
a little haughtily, his Irish blood uftame.
"And as. yon so choose, It of course de
olarcs to me that you havo made up your
mind not to share It." He looks at her
for a lit 11 a while with his head well
drawn up and his eyes full of an Indig?
nant entreaty. Miss Grey, receiving
this look point blank, knows that the
moment has come to keep him or lose
him for ever.
"Yin are so precipitate?so Impul?
sive," she says, with ? haste that Is sufjl
elenfly well bred to 'ie devoid of the ap?
pearance ef hurry that reelly belongs to
It. "I niirterninrnt the c??e ?s well a*
ycy (To," yrtbl^UQiy4. ''Tt W pMhrtf wj*
ARCH 18, 1887;
on* man, nliirt vrlth ih? ether. On* |
baa to deetde bsttvcen them?and?one
do? noi libs poveU-yl"
"Una* one prefer nilaaryr"
"N?o. 1 suppose aot." Than she
pause* and look* her Cwgita together,
and then unlock* them. "It U salnry
either way," aba mye.
"Not It there I* leva," entreats he
softly. "Aud?you vrlU ham to make
up your nllttd mw,
"You mean thai you will aot watt to
rectlr* my deoUioa later ouf' ask* the,
with ? euddtm swift glauoo from her
"Yes, that to what I mean," ssya
It ts to be new er wcTer, then) She
realises t'.io situation tt one*, and admires
her true hirer a littl* the mor* in that
*ho know* ho will abtd* by hi* word,
and that It as* *?*w trifle* with him, h*
will b* ever th* b*rd*r to-morrow ere
daylight *bow* th* land, aud beyond aV
recalling,' b* the T*4o* ?4 the aharmer
uavur ao iweot.
"You mesa, too"? ah* aaya, tempor?
ising a littl*.
"Nothing but that. Make year choice
now, M-day, between ane an if hl?. To?
morrow tber* will fa* a* choic* lots. l(
yon d* Hot love me, that will matter uot
at oil, and 1 skull Wave had ass escape
from ore ' wh* merely need in* na a toy
wherewith to p*M the Um?. U yon do
lere rao, it will aiatter eo lar that you
will break aU bonds and defy all discom?
fort te link your let with mine." HI*
faoo I* r?ry pal* a* k* *ay* tills, but his
?>?<? a are light with reeolulleei end hi* rote*
te firm. He is almost haudsunie a* h* I
look* at her, with hi* glance fund but de?
termined, and his right kaud ravtug *a
hi* heart laald* hti coat as though to
?till Ms tempestuous beating,
Mlsi (Irar, with a UaiucJoo* *mlle,
draw* necree to him.
"1 hove decided," *h* say* gently.
"Kiiw aud forerer."
"1* It to be Mm, vs met" Though bis
aecuut In steady, she eaa *ee that bis
rery lips ?ra blsjdlos*.
"You, you!" she say*. And then there
hi t\ long, long sllenu* bot wen them,
I They are standing In a corner erf the t.-n
ttl* ground open t* all Uut wetii, eo that
! any cVuiunsualtua of Joy or gratitude er
lev* Is UuputatbU. But erco whoa ao
tion U dialed, the eyes can spank.
"My balored:" lay* Mr. MiMuarcan* In
a tone so low tlist aba n.v. barely cattb
It, but It la an hill of Infinite delight and
love that she t*lia herself it ts siLfticleut In
lte*lf 14 uloua te L*r for the euormeus for?
tune ?be ts willingly flinging away for his
eleur auk*.
"There la only one tjthig mor?," she
cays a/tec 3, littl* hit. "Bo net speak of
thjj aetil io u~7i-)rr ha* gooo by. It will
die'.rru raunti* and Lady Yalwecih, ta&
?pell her r-sa-ty."
"Bat, It 1 lay nothing, wh*a Beyle re
lurar ka will ottll regerd you ne Migagsi
to Win a?id?and he wity e.xpeot"-?*
"lie will cxjv.fi tot hing. Wo h*r*
; Nu. Let th* matter rest until l.oely \*ol
in-ver been a luring couple, 1 aanure
No. Let th* matter r**t until Body
worth has had r.M her enjoyment out erf
her sou's birthday ball."
"It eliall bans you wish, of eonrca."
Thea, forgetfd erf ororything ear* ef her,
he Inlets iwe trf bor huiida aud held* It
clokcly. "Milllceatl tell mt you have n*
regret?tbat yon de iu>t tbuak 1 hare dene
yen harm instead of good."
"1 think of nothing except thai I litre
fired inj mif t* you for weal or wee, at
he see* Dir.y be, ?jJ that I balleve It will
he for wont.
"t'.nt if net, ray darling? Mow Xhtl I
haTO n.uHy won yon, I grow falut hearted
lout yea th'/tild ever repeat. Obi If you
should du ihatl If there ahoulJ he euly
> poverty?that Is woe?before yettl"
"1 should prefer that I? weal with
Granit nr any other man," *b? nay* softly,
with *ucb u light iu her eyes a* he bad
never been in ere before.
? ?. ? * ?
The. day wanes slowly; end night drawn
near with reluctunt footstep*. IJwlhic,
standing In-fore her glKi?, 1* coiisetotit of
a thriU of enlhiQed voult7 oa oho rees the
dainty vision lUnt la giuoug luck at ber.
All In white the vlaluB BtMde: u simply
ctnd thing in virgin uivslln, but wltii a
face above It beautiful a* a dream. The/,
it la her owu face rejoices the heart of
The many guest* acentamulnting for te
morrow night's hall have nil arrived, nnd
it Is with a Hatter at'? her breaot that
Kadine Inker, a last glauee nt her ehurm
illg person, and clar.ps round her neck the
diuaieud crens? Paul Anncrley's flri<t gift
to her. It had been deemed by her loo
gmud en ornament to be wert) o* the ear?
lier cvenjngs kere, when only a almpl*
black gremullu* had btoa her dinner
dresn, but tit-night, as *ho soes berAcIf
lueikyng all that the heert of man could
deaire, lu her dellcato iudinu fabrio, ehe
teile hi-t-ut-lf that the glistening dlantuud*
are what will odd the last naUhlng touch
to uu already perfect picture.
Taking op her fen, aud returning the
maid's eougratuIotlOiis oa her appearanoe
with a *)o?:c>l little lir.igb, she Icavca her
room and goe? rilbwlf|tlowii the itatrense
tow.;.? the c:i.'..vii;g rooin. l-'ora miaut*
or two she patiaet outuhle the door, purtly
from ??ui'.'id nei viiiiiiaevsat eiieounterlug
CO many laraopern?(heir voice* coming
tohcr la a ?;:ba'l?d munuur from witbiu
?und partly to give hersslf a U?,t glanco
over in tbo hugo mirror behind her, to i
sure herself teat she la looking foirerthan
usunl, and thiit in her true lovn't eyeu sbe
may find favor. Sbe elgh* a little an she
remembers bow far she will be from Ulm
In ft few duye' lira*?lost t<? bini forever?
bound Irroroeuhly to one whom she may
roupect but eau n*7er love.
Tito smile bad died from her lips, and
bcr face in colorless as her gewn when *h*
has flulshed these soil musings, aud open?
ing th* drawing room door, edranee*
slowly te whore she eaa ses Lady Val
worth la th* distance.
The room f* somewhat arorrded. Many
look up an eh* goes by them. Some re?
gard her rlloutly?-thai* the men; porno
ask, In a depreattory way, who *h* la?
these the wouioa.
All show an nndlagnlsed lr.terrjt.
l.-.'\y Valworth, with whom th* be* be
couie a reignlag favorite, turn* te greet
her na ehe appxeaobe* bcr side.
"You must let me introduce yon to a
rery ebnrmlag little friend of mine," she
enytl to her eompanlon, Lord Anter, hold?
ing out ber band to Nadln? with a kindly
smile. "A frloud, toe, of Mllltoant'al"
Bbe gels through the Introdnctlon, and
Lord Aster, an old bean with a Juvenil*
lisp, aud a wig eallow and golden a* a
ehickon'odowu, murtnura something eom
pllmentary In a boyish tone that la as
labored a* It I* ancient.
"There are a tew arrangements aa yet
Incomplete. Somo eligible? unnastgned,"
whisper* Lady Vnl worth to her favorite.
"I should Ilk* te give yea aom* ana whe
would amuse yea th rough tbe tedleu* time
ef dinnr?. Would you Uke"
She come* anddealy tea dead ate*. Sfia
had been murmuring te th* girl In a gay
?aide, with a smile upon her face, hat now
the smile bna given place to a glanee of
tDlngled afltonlihraent and horror. Her
r*rra uro ?sWl on l^'erltra'a' bta*-' wh-Si
th? dlsmcud ?rosa?Panl Aenrrley's Riff.
?ta glittering and sparkling aiagultt.
cently es tao ?irr? gentle botoiu rlse?
and ?Iis.
"That?where did yon grt ThatJ" do
maada I.mir Val worth, lo a stilled tons.
Lord Aattr, fortunately, In glanotng
through his Jaunty ?ysglaji? at somo an*
(It ting qulto at th? other oudotth? room.
N?Un? and Lady Valnorth ara virtually
"That?" asks Kadlno nervously, sur
krtssd at Lady Yalworth'e, manner. Bhe
looks so Innocently at hor hostess that the
latter, by a supremo effort, recovering
herself, Urs her baud reassnrlugly upon
her arm.
"Nothing, say love. It vrat a more start
I resslved. That pretty evoes npon your
neok reminded me of one I used to nd
tnlte loug ago. Who gave It to your"
"P?'' t 'verlor?Pant, to wkcui I ara
???>(.? "rs the girl, with a little
? ? ? - v in, the pretty bauble ?tho
Tit,.to ?i ?'A.vh at ?ngntaeed by her?Is I
doTirld of all tender teltresa, earning as It !
did i>orn hlra.
"Aht a pratry geti," returns Lady Tal
worth abaanrly. In rplta at hercolt her '
mnaaer Va eo astral ned. Oho reeves away {
from Nadln? and crosses the room to |
Whore Ulllleeal is iitantllng, coavorelng
trHh 0*rakttrva Masaareen*. ftcr face Ls ]
wry pal?, and there Is eKctUmsut it* hoc |
?ye sa the approaches he* a tee*.
"Mil"!.'wit," saycafa* abruptly, tamitug |
idles Qtojr'S wrm With hor treir.W.ag .
Cngera. "Oomotlvtag mere Chan strange .
b?s happened. I taust sptab. to yon he*
?ans? you aro hor attend, ami" ??- '
"What at lit You look aa It you had
MM a gh?ctf" anelaiiaa Mies Qrey, eoaa- I
-ftlll?g ht* tjo alBa? ?(msb a ae-ataon ueaaT ,
"i harm ottrm whasl 1 tytvtr ho?? i ?* sat) 1
again i Part of tny stolen aTlaiaarwWt t '?
ho/re seen my dUeancad t-eoaaf"
A* Sort Bhaw, M. T., tho cotUesnm oca
snNorlhiag to tho proposlllaui to ltnpwrt
I Bovrrcl pucks ?f flu? dogs, U bo UtilLld
la destroying wolves, coyotes, ate,, t-;i
i ha range.?Chicago lioa uld.
??'mimkmt TO STONEWALl.
7(i 'if?t admittr$ of StotltxeM Jack
At n social gatheringin KrcdcLtckii
1)11 iv- ??Uvlllg Hl? lull? (iii ii ii Iii tllCOt
iug of ihn i.iuttrt l.mbre Kiiiyhus oi
Pythias, n lutppy "UKgvwtluii t"v.\
received tri?i unanimous itjitoinal
and thtnv sprung Irtlo tu ;*auitut\>\
ut once, an rt'x&ociutitin whose t'
|fHjji_nNjs lo ?reut itn eiuVyjfiig
ino111iiruiT~(ff'^VtlWj).1 ai-k.>11 o ?i
the spot whore Iii? fclf iJriallv
wounded, near Char.i-elloj nn iiie.?
.Monument a piCMTv? hjstttvy, t"H
er.te ihe young perpetuate the
memories Ol' tili' heroic, dead, it ml
help tu keep alive tho viitue mill
v?lor Ol llios? wIioho iri?.eu llmy
bciir, Tlu-.v uro dtio to tlmse whn
I4u\e. (lieir HycN I? a faw-o tliey
lnvi'il j to iiui'm'Ivch, in wliont? UuiiiIh
llii'ir iiiuiiiory Im n s n-nul Iruat, ami
t-< thoi-t?. who eoiiif al't??l' n-t.
Tlirr. nUtuo iif Sloiif wnll JtUiltKOtt
is wdiiliv ni" iniiiiurtal lionor, und
ciui ni'Vrf Ihi lonjiilton in Virjrinii?
and tlic tSotitli, und lliWiiijjlioiit ttie
wholf ftttiii? i-.v, inlo wlmsc i niniiinii
hi-iiiu^i- iiI'uiiiiiliiMid, paltotiHlil Uiltl
sitcrific? it. Ims now toilet. Our
ellildrt'ii and {ft'iiciiitioiis aller llicin,
and |M!oplu of all lands will tutvk tlic
m|iot. wlicro, on tlits 2d oI' Muy, 180.'*.
in ?ie Bloom of tho VVildcliiOM?. lie
l'tdeso Kori'l.v und fuiiilly wounded.
The antive iissistatiii? ?f ail who
limy see Ihi? is rt!snei|t>fully leitiioot
Th? contribution of $1 <U) will
tiuiku the (Miuiriluiror ii incuiht'r of
th? Association, and si.'tjiU'? not onlv
a prompt receipt. lull n liainlnonie
eui;ti(lciitti with h vii>rr oT the luonii
munt, when a plan shuil he tU'?iiicd
The eh am et er und cost of the
monument will he. determined hy
Ihe amount or contiilimions.
We propose lo carry this scheme
to it lilting end, with vigor and
prompt new.
UontrihutioiiH umy lie foi wnrdtid j'
lo either ineillhi.T of the Local
iuuiice Commit""- vile: CIiuh K.
? (inner, treasurer; itcv. Jilinea P.
Smith ; J. Arthur Taylor, eushici
National IJauk, Fi?ilei icltshiirg, Vit.
Hon ii 1\. Henry. Ta/ewcll G
II., in a meniher of tho " Atlvisory
Board nt Ujpi'g'.
New HamI'toh, Mo., I
lob. 4 b, LB?7. I
Clinch Volley Newt:
Wo are huving n deli?hlful dry
cold winter: no ruin or wind ; hon.ltl<
gonoially good; but ov-ing to Ihe
dry ouminer forngn will bo well used
up. Stock ie wintering well; the
ground lias been covered with nnow
hi>?(?;. thu iirwt of l)e?., but lias'nt
boon more than six inches deep at
Etuy time. Time? hnvo been dull here
tho laft yeav, but everyihi g tv oiu?
to bo looking up again. We tl iuk
MihHouri baa a right to claim tho
Mousing, as she hn'i uot committed
tho unpardonable ?in, of worshiping
strange Gods na the Old Mother State1
lias dono. Wo expect to sru her sons
return to their fust love again b?
fore lfi88. Respectfully,
j. V.. Cokbll.
We take the liberty of publishing
tho above extract from a private
letter from our old friend Correll?
thinking his many friends in this
county will bis .ik glad to have
tidings from him ii" we. No bettar
(m>n ?rvor lived n 11.1071.??+. 11s.
' ... ..'r-"v-'.' .i'.'O:-.
C-b~Ko kubsorlplion trill ?? dr????t*s>i?**l
nil nil orrouniges i?ta pr.ta.
Advcrtissrue nta are psyable h? *dt*?r*
mIim apsaial l??m* nre ir.r.rte,
Mo moujmcm ?oa:nmifsiiitW vfKV be
All snVmeriptioce mo Ca? ?Mb bfbs oopy
of paper.
Addrce? all Snhlneas sewni&nleatiiMUi to
Cuxr.n ixtirxi Hans.
TTcsdecbe, Ksuee n, Dbtilhees, sad Drowsf?
tiMi. 1 hey stimulate Mio Stomach, l.lvor,
ami Bowel*, Id hr?lthy action, assist dlgi'**
lion, and Increase the. appetite. Thoy
eow.hhM eatharlle, diuretic,, and tonlo
propcrtlM cf the greatest vnlne, nr<i a
purely vegetable compound, and may lid
taken with perfect ?afety, either by chil?
dren or adnlti. K. L. Thomas, Framing*
ham, Mats,, VrrMrSi "For a number uf
jeara I was auhj.'et to violent flcadnchci,
arising frora a disordered condition of tbo
stoiusi h and bnwuh. Al>mit iv year ngo I
convmeneed the inn of Ayer'j I'lIN, and
hart mvt had a l.radmli* since." XV. 1'.
Hannah, (icrniVy I", O., York Co., Out,,
verlies: t' I hats Mied A'yer'a Tills for tbo
last thirty years, end c.?fl tsTely say that I
hsvs never (.mnl tlvelr .Mr.nl a? ncalhsrtld
r.i*drclne. I am never Tiltliout them hi
xuy bou??." C. l>. Moore, Klgln, 111.,
-crlion: " JudtgC.tlC.il, If.-ndarho, pad 1.01?
or Appetite, had ao WCBS.clied.lind debili?
tated uit system, that 1 was obliged to glvo
?fWork. After hehi.rUtiiler the doelor's
?are lur two werk?, without getting any
Mates' 1 lei-su jaMlli; Aur'.i |*|llaj. My
spycllJ end strength relumed, Slid I was
see. i cntbled to tea Ulna in/ Work, In per*
fooV htsllb."
Ayer's Fills,
/ rniiriiisn by
A>r. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mae*.
Bold by all Druggist*.
l&ldw ill's Patent Bu?
Tim al.iiro cut shown our pfitnnt
Kiiruiturc Drawer an iisvetl ill BurouuH.
Thill Drawer in Olio :if liio uiuht vulu
al)lo pnti nti (ifioi'ptl f?>r HiUa?cuii he
uhu 1 utiywbor?.
Stilto-liotiBofl, (irnin I'iiiH. Bureaus',
TttblOH, \V riling-d?Bka, Food troughs
uml many other ploooH, coat Iuhr than
uu ordiuniy drawer, cannot gut out
nf order, never hunga or fulLs out.
L'horu it ti forluun in it to livo won.
Slitte or (Inunty Rigid* at vury ruaa
.?nalilt,. prices.
W. Cl. Baliotin & Co.,
TuZAwriii C. II., Vn.
ttll.ti UK PAID I'OII
1 Premium, ?
3 Premiums,
6 Premiums,
18 Premiums,
100 Premiums,
100 Premiums,
,0O0 Premiums,
S500.00 eeoh
? 250.00 "
? 100.00 "
? ?50.00 "
820.00 "
?10.00 "
For full particulars and directions ??, Circu?
lar In every pound of Abbugkl.**' Corna.
the cheapest daily paper in tfio
Has Isa'cn enlarged and tho prie.o
educed to 7/"? ciiiitn it year. The
ihoiiptiNt weekly paperpublinhed.
both for one jeir, lor SI.50.
The two ore cheaper and better than si
siiii-w.--f.Vly. as yon get one daily iasne and
weekly for 50 sent Inns than any somi
?o?kly papor.
Daily- sent ftvo two weeks unit
?Vr-ekly onn month frco. Spriid one
?out for a postal card and order ono
>r the other on trial. Adilre??
BfrshBsaAtl, V?:

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