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Established 1S45
Editors and Proprietors
? In Advanok ?
By mail, 1 08tage paid, one year? 81.00
By mail, postage paid, six months?60
AdveiUsing Kates Furnished
Ou Application.
Entered at The Tazewell (Va.) post
Office as second class matter.
TAZEWELL, VA., OCT. 11. 1912.
For President
Woodrow Wilson
I-\ ?r Vicc-President
Thos. R. Marshall
For Congress?9th District:
Gen. R. A. Ayers,
of Wise County.
Twelve Reasons Why You
Should Vote for Wilson
1. He Is the only candidate for
President who represents the real,
tho vital and the effective progressive
forces in tide country.
2. He stands for tariff revision
downward in the interest of lower
prices and the eleminntion of monop?
3. He stands for trusts legislation
which will prevent the control of
prices through any sort of monopoly.
4. He stands for income tax and
believes t'<nl wealth should share the
burdens as well as the blessings of
5. He stands for the rights of labor
and the protection of the man who
earns his bread by the sweat of his
brow, as shown in bis record as Gov?
ernor of New Jersey.
G. He Btnnds for the revival of our]
merchant marine, and for the govern?
ment encouragement of agriculture,
industrial and vocutiunl education.
7. He trusts the people and be?
lieves that the government should
govern; and that Senators should be
chosen by the people.
8. He faithfully performs in [office
the promises made out of ollice.
9. He will "CLEAN HOUSE" at
Washington aa ho "CLEANED
HOUSE" in New Jersey.
10. He preaches and practices
clean politics, and practices it effec?
tively. He unalterably opposes ma?
chine politics and the rule of the
11. He stnnds for legitimate big
business every day, but for monopoly
12. As Senator LaFollette says,
He "approaches every problem with
the solemn promise to be really, in
the highest sense, a servant of the
The one plea of the Republican pa?
pers against votes for Woodrow Wil?
son' that a specious one is the charge
that he is a free trader. This exag?
gerated statement is then followed by
the worn out cry that a Republican
vote means a protective tariff and
prosperity, and that a Democratic
vote, free trade and ruin. But they
fool nobody." ? Evening Journal.
The Republican speakers and pa?
pers in District are harping on the
same string. Not a mothers son of
them makes a speech or scribbles an
editorial, who does not drag in the
well worn, threadbare Annniasism,
that a vote for Ayers and Wilson vote
for freo trade. Do those gcntlrnen
know the difference between free
trade and tax for Revenue only, or
do , they knowingly and wilfully lie
about it? It is high time this repre?
hensible inexcusable misrepresenta?
tion was rebuked nnd denounced with
words with the bark off. Democrats
are not now, never have been, and
never expect to be "Free Traders".
Toese would-be political teachers and
governmental scientists and cross?
roads philosophers, get off in the
country where people do not read the
papers or books, and spin out great
yarns about free trade. Democratic
soup houses and such rot, and suc?
ceed in leading the blind into the
ditch. This has been done [in this
District for years, and still being
done, and that, too, by many who
know better, but who seem to have
little conscience and less regsr- for
the truth. It should bo stopped.
Every intelligent Republican, Bull
Moose or any other kind of a moose
knows that the Democrats are not
free traders. Mr.Roosevelt's disre?
gard for and reckless handling of the
truth has become infectious, and it
seems that Borne of his followers con?
sider it the thing to do now, to lie
about the Democratic positkn m the
Fron The Daily Telegraph
(Rep.) of July 9, 1912.
Representative Bnscom Slemp,
chairman of the Virginia Republican
state committee, has given out the
following statement regarding the
Roosevelt program for an independent
"If tliu third party was a legiti?
mate third party it would undertake
to got recruits from both tho Domo
crats and the Republicans, and in
such a case it would lie favored by a
great many individuals, who are look?
ing for better conditions in the state
government, which, owing to the
weakness of the Republican party in
the state they cannot seeure now."
"Hut if the third party is going to
bo composed, as aparently it is in
Virginia of disappointed office-seekers
it will fail as it ought to fail. The
Republican parly has not enough
votes in Virginia to constitute a third
party and the only way it can be suc?
cessful in building up a new organ?
ization, and this, I fear, they will
not do because the motives of third
party are not sincere. They are act?
ing from malice and not from any
fixed convictions so far as the good of
the United States is concerned."
The committee appointed recently
by ithe judge of the crciuit court to
examine the court house, and lind if
such repairs could he ma le to the old
building that would make it adequate
to the demands of the county, after a
thorough investigation of the mail er,
have concluded that the only safe and
sane recommendations that could lie
made, would lie to tare down the old
antiquated building and erect a mod
ern one on the present site. Those
who have given tin' matter a thorough
investigation are firmly convinced
that it would he a waste of money to
undertake to patch up the old build?
ing. As the matter now stands the
records of the county, many of which
could never he replaced, are not pro?
tected from lire in case the court?
house burns. Several counties
in Southwest Virginia have paid
dearly for poor protection for the
county clerk's records, deeds, con?
tracts, etc. The Hoard of Supervisors
desire an expression from tin- people
on the matter before any definnite
action is taken.
It must he understood at the outset,
however, that the contractor who
builds the new courthouse must not
put up a joli on the county as seems
to have been done in case of the jail
Elsewhere in the News, we publish
an editorial Irom the I.ynchburg Pro?
gressive, the new daily paper recent?
ly established in I.ynchburg, in the
interests of the Progressive cause.
The article in question calls upon the'
Progressives in Southwest Virginia to
vote against Slemp, ami gives as a
reason that he is a stand-patter of the
old school. Our contemporary further
states that "any progressive who
votes for Slemp is a goat". Mr.
Slemp said, himself, in an interview
given in Washington on July 9th,
that the "Progressive party in Vir?
ginia is made up disappointed office
seekers, who are acting through mal?
ice, and are not. sincere in their mo?
Vote for Ayers seems to be -the
only course left to the Hull Moosor,
who wants the policies of their leader
put through congress.
A Question for Mr- Slemp
t "If not impertinent, we ask Mr.
Slemp for the benefit of all concerned,
if he intends to vote for Mr. Roose?
velt in November, or for Taft?
Should Mr. Slemp decline to answer
will the Sandy Valley News please
reply to this pertinent inquiry? ?
Clinch Valley Newa.
Thatfl juat what we want know,
and if it is not putting you to too
much trouble, Mr. Leslie, we would
like to know just through curiostiy,
if General Ayers will support C. B.
Slemp again forjeongress bis fall?"
?Sandy Valley News.
Why, of course. Do you suppose
Mr. Slemp would vote for himself?
He wont vote for Teddy, either.
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of Rmcll and completely derange the
whole system when entering It through
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never be used except on prescriptions
trom reputable physicians, as the damage
they will do Is ten fold to the good vou
:an possibly derive from them. Hall's
Tatnrrh Cure, manufactured by r. J.
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T?ko Ball's family Pills for constipation.
Alfalfa Questions?
The following is a reply to ques?
tion asked the Stockman ami Farmer
about mouldy hay ami alfalfa. The
reply is interesting and of impor?
tance. Several people have remarked
in our hearing,that mouldy hay will
kill horses. The truth is, perhaps,
that hay sufficiently mouldy to injure
horses will not be eaten by them at
all. Uobeit Moss, Burko's Garden,
says, "that one of the finest hunches
of cattle he ever turned on grass in
the spring were wintered on mouldy
hay." Mouldy hay is not as good as
hay that is not mouldy, of course, but
is not, on that account worthless.
.1. A. I .. Virginia writes: "Some
of my alfalfa and red clover is
slightly mouldy. Will this injure the
lood value, or injure horses and cows
if fed to them? Does alfalfa analyse
about the same growth in all soils.
We are just waking up to the impor?
tance of this great hay crop in Ibis
section, and want to know all about
it, us far as possible. Some of our
farmers think alfalfa grown here
may not be as rich and nutritious as
that grown in warmer sections.''
It is diffcult to determine whether
there would be any bad effect from
feeding hay a little mouldy. I have
not often fed it and had no ill olfect
from it. but very much of course
would depend upon how mouldy the
hay was. There is a Blight difference
in the analysis of legumes giown on
different soils as there is also in that
of non-legminous plants. Don't worry
about the alfalfa not being nutritious
Ihat is grown in this country. If you
worry at all let that be over the fact
thatyotl cannot grow enough of it It
is belter than any other roughage we
can grow in this state.
Didn't Happen in Tazewell
Two Republican candidates for the
Presidency are foretelling panic in
the ' event of Democratic success in
Only five years have elapsed since
the Uoosevelt panic. In spite of
present-day boasts of prosperity,
.some people think its force is not yet
In 11)07, when Mr. Roosevelt was
President, the number of American
workmen out of employment?more
than 2,000,000 -was the largest ever
known on this contnent.
Panics are never desirable, but if
we must have panics let us have
something else than a Roosevelt
panic. ? N. Y. World.
The New York World evidently
hnd no business transactions with the
Tazewell county banks during the
Roosevelt panic. Every bank in the
county, and a majority of those in
Southwest Virginia paid promptly de?
mand for cash made upon'them during
this critical financial period.
Don't Know the Have
Many Tazewell people win;
have chronic appendicitis, which
is not very painful, have doctor?
ed for yeais lor gas on the stom?
ach, sour stomach or constipation
John E. Jackson stales if these
people will try simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as comp?
ounded in Adler-i-ka, the Ger?
man appendicitis remedy, they
will be suprised at the QUICK
benefit. A SINGLE DOSE re?
lieves these troubles Instantly.
J. E. Jackson, Druggist. Also
recommended by the Richlands
Mercantile Co., of Richlands.
Send For One of these
Every reader of this paper is urged
to write for a sample copy of one or
all of the lollowing fine agricultural
publications. They are all cheap in
price, high in quailtv. The farmer
who does not read these days had just
as well go out of the business of
farming. Here is the list:
Homo and Farm, Louisville, Ky.
Southern Planter, Richmond, Va.
Progressive Farmer. Rnleigh, N. C.
Southern Agriculturist, Atlanta,Ga.
National Stockman and Farmer,
Pittaburg, Pa.
-From tho Now York World.
l:ditor Harry AI. Smythe.
Richmond Journal, :
Tho Cumberland Progress, puhlish
cd at Appalachin, Va.. which has for
sometime been edited by the Hon. II.
M. Smythe, has changed editors hy
reason of the retirement of Mr.Smythe
from the newspaper Held. Mr. W. I).
Roberts succeeds him.
Mr. Smythe, beside1* being a veri?
table old war horse of journalism,
made an enviable reputation in Ihe
diplomatic service in llnyli under the
Cleveland administration when talent?
ed white representatives were select?
ed as ministers plenipotentiary from
this country to that republic instead
of negroes, as now.
The Clinch Valley News refers to
Mr. Smythe's career in a way which
reminds us that il hns ten many
years since we first r- ..' tins undaunt?
ed anil stalwart advocate of the peo?
ple, as with spreading head-gear,
flowing lock and toweling form, he
used to participate in Democratic
State convention:: representing his be?
loved Southwest.
The Clinch Valley News says:
"Mr. Smythe has had a long ami
somewhat eventful career as a news?
paper man, covering a period of more
than thirty-live years, during which
time he has performed brilliant ser?
vice a as writer. He has reached that
stage on the road, which all of us are
destined to reach sooner or later,
when we must turn over the work to
younger men?the age of the sear
and yellow leaf. The"salutatory" of
the new editor puts tho "Governor's
age at 'ninety-six". We had no idea
he was quite so ancient, and "seven?
ty-six, or hereabouts, was evidently
misprinted ninety-six. The retiring
editor proposes to give a banquet in
1016, next presidential year. , Should
he lie spared four years we will have
a ccnlury editor if that ninety-six is
correct. Long live the "Governor,"
at any rate. He has many friends
who wish for him only sunshine as
he descends the path we all must
tre.ul May there he 'light at even?
tide!' "
We join in best wishes for tho re?
tiring editor of the Cumberland Pro
pressive, wdio, since the early days of
the Pocahontaa Headlight, which he
founded, has taken a foremost part
the development of that section.
May his latter years be his best and|
bring him ample happiness in pay?
ment of his long years of excellent,
public service. ? Richmond Journal.
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to separate a boy from a box of Buck
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I John E. Jackson's, Tazowell, Va.
Mrs. Martin Tells About a Painful I
Experience that 5v.ight Have
Ended Seriously.
Rlvesvllle, W. Va.?Mrs. Dora Martin,
In a letter from Ttlvesvlllo, writes:
"For three years, I suffered with wo?
manly troubles, and had pains In my
back and side. I war. nervous and
could not sleep at night.
The doctor could not help mo. He I
said I would have to he operated on be?
fore I could get better. I thought I J
would try using Cardul.
Now, I am entirely well.
I am sure Cardul saved my lifo. I
will never be without Cardul In my
home. I recommend It to my friends."
For fifty years, Cardul has been re?
lieving pain and distress caused hy wo?
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lor Women," scut In plain wrapper, on request.
diMo tin bra n o HLEsVK! *fi a*
"I would remove myself Crom par?
ticipation in any ami all business en?
terprises and devote myself wholly and
entirely to making for the Ninth dis?
trict of Virginia the best Congress
?nan it Is possible for me to make. 1
do not believe I man can be success?
ful in either private business or pub?
lic business b> devoting part of his
time to each. If elected I Will simply
cut out piivaiv business, however in?
teresting it might lie otherwise.
Hertetofore I have been triyng to do
both. Finding this impossible, I will
adhere strictly if elected to the
great trust imposed upon Mie by the
poeple of our district, devoting my?
self exclusively to their interests.?
Extract fion C. B. Slemp's Letter or
Acieptance of Nomination for Con
g'CSl. "
"Slemp admits here that he has
been attending to his own business,
when the people of the Ninth District
had elected hin. to attend to their
business, and be had been paid for
his service by the government. He
brings here a serious charge against
himself. We have known of men be?
ing sent to jail on charges not so
grave; but tiny were poor men. We
would like to hear what others think
of this. lie had a trust?a contract
with his people to give them his time.
If he did not render this service, and
used bis time or part of it to pile up
wealth, then it fcdlows that he appro?
priated to his own cause what did not
belong to him; and if he had no inside
information for the "Invisible Gov?
ernment" as to how profitably to use
his time, but had to direct his own
clforts, in so directing his elforls be
was taking from his people and the
government at large what the one had
elected him to do and the other hail
paid hi m to do.
We claim he was that in honor
bound "to make the best Congress?
man that was in him to make;" and
to do this he would have had no time
left for his private business. We
would like to hear from Mr. Slemp
about this. It will do nim no good to
say that Mr. Mr. Martin, Mr. Swan
son. Mr. Flood, and Mr. Class have
made a lot of money the same way.
They perhaps will plead ignorance, or
say that the way to make a good Re?
presentative is to attend to something
else, or mess up in all kinds of-.
But i his is another story.
The question is up to Mr. Slemp.
Was it right? Was it Honest for vou
to neglect your public duties for your
private business? With your own
words you condemn yourself; unfaith?
ful servant.
We want the farmers to think
about this. If you had a man em?
ployed to attend to your farm, and
this man was getting rich fast, while
you hud to pinch to make both ends
meet, what would you do? Wouldn't
you take your keys away from this
man at otice? Must we write plainer
than this?
'-et together, my countrymen, or?
ganize and vote together; it is your
duty to yourself, your families, and
your country,
Every "Hull Moose" in the Ninth
District who votes for Rascom Slemp
is a Coat. ? I.ynchburg Progressive.
Bore Is a woman who apeaksfrom
personal knowledge and long experi?
ence, viz , mis. P. U. urogan, of wilson
i'a.. who says,"] know from experience
that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
far superior to any other. For croup
thore is nothing that excels it." For
sale b y ALL dealers.
In the Clcrk'3 oflice of the Circuit
Court of the County of T?te Well, on
t he 3rd day of October, 1912.
Nancy E. Laws, Plaintiff,
William Everett Laws, Defendant.
The object of this suit is to ob?
tain an absolute divorce from the de?
fendant, William Everett Laws.
And an affidavit having been made
and tiled that the defendant, William
Everett Laws is a non-resident of
tho State of Virginia, it is ordered
that he do appear here within fifteen
days after due publication hereof,
and do what may be necessary to pro?
tect his interest in this suit. And it
is further ordered that a copy hereof
bo published once a week for four
successive weeks in the Clinch Valley
News, a newspaper published in the
county of Tazewell, and that a copy
be posted at the front door of the
courthouse of this county on or before
the next succeeding sale day from the
dato hereof.
A copy?Teste:
C .W. GREEVER, Clerk.
\V. B. Spratt, p. q.
In the Clerk's office of the Circuit
Court of the county of Tazewell, on
the 30th day of September. 1912.
Pink W. Johnston, PaintifT,
John I. Johnston, Defendant.
The object of this suit is to obtain
a divorce from the bonds of matri?
And an nllidavit having been made
and filed that the defendant, John I.
Johnston, is a non resident of the
State of Virginia, and is under sen?
tence to confinement in the pentitent
iary, it is ordered that he do appear
here within 15 days after due publi?
cation hereof, and do *hat may be
necessary to protect his interest in
this suit. And it is further ordered
that a copy hereof be published once
n week for four successive weeks in
the Clinch Valley News, a newspaper
published at Tazewell, Virginia, and
that a copy be posted at the front
door of the court-house of this county
on or before the next succeeding sale
day from the date hereof.
A Copy?Teste :
C. W. GREEVER, Clerk,.
A. S. Higginbotham, p. q.
alcohol 3 PEh I I m ! ;
Promolcs DiseslionJCkf tful
ncss and [fesl.Coiilaliis tteiliirr
Opiiuit.Mor|)luuc nor Mineral
Not Narcotic.
/' ?> ' .Eii/
jilx-Saum <?
y. ???? /*
Ciurfitd Sum- ?
Aperfprt Remedy furConsflpa
t Ion, Sour Stowach.Dlai rliuca
ness arulLoss of Sleep.
lacSindc Signature of
*Iuz Centaur Compakt,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper
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11 ? 1 >-noot rr.rt En>l*lM?T*nftM
II.. ?. oi.t-iln rnirl s-ll ratenU, wKm In?rntlr.i|?
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t rains.
North Tazewell

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