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SI Quid C 'nvirio ? Byery Reader
'f ho'frank statement of u neighbor,
telllug ihu merit* of a remedy. ,
liiils you pains* and believe.
The name endorsement
I$y sgme-airauger far ftway
Qiinimanati uo belief ut all.
Hem's a Taxewell case.
A citizens testifies.
Head and be convinced.
J. ]?'. froaon, Tazcw 11, Va , says:
-My back ached and therc^O/ere ratio*
across my sides, caused by weak kid
nuya. It was hard for me t?stmiuttten
after stooping and when I lilted, uliurp
twinges dated through" my b ?ly. ., I
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e mplete cure."
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Don't i\now They
Have Appendicitis
Many Tazewell people who have
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i;as on the stomach, sour stomach or
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?wAbaLK BY
cjors, Roofers, or
* > ? 11 t Iii -. I \l *
I Waahnisrton, Jan. 28. ? "We
want to set a large amount of
revenue on luxuries, so that we
I can put a less tax on the neces?
sities of ilfe."
This is to be the basis of the
i tariff revision in the Sixty-third
Congress, according to Chairman
Underwood of the Democratic
Ways and Means Committee.
The above expression is Mr.
Underwoods's. He made it di?
rectly to one of the big silk
manufacturers \vho was testify?
ing before his committee.
The indications are that a
feature of the Democratic policy
is likely to be free dressed and
rough lumber, shingles, laths
and fence posts. The members of
the Ways and Means Committee,
while asking questions of wit?
nesses, appeared to be in favor
of that policy.
Free meats, it is rumored,
may also be a part, of the ten?
tative tariff plan the committee
will frame to submit to the extra
session. The very air in the*
corridors outside of the com?
mittee room seems to breathe a
feeling that the Democratic
leaders intend to see to it that
the promises made to the people
before election tire to be religi?
ously carried out after election.
Why Fear Downward Revision?
High protectionists declare
even the slightest, tariff revision
downward would hurt our busi?
ness, and lessen our exports.
"The slightest revision down?
ward will throw men out of
work," is the cry of the multi?
millionaire tariff trust heads
i who have been getting an ever
increasing amount of protection
rnii iinft?^-.^;:,-.u"hi!^ w1 ^saraeJ
i time importing foreigners to
lake the places of American
workers and paying their work?
ers little more than a pittance.
Is th ire anything in the argu?
ment <>r Ov rich high protection?
ists': It' they are right in their
contention that some tariff re?
vision would lessen nur exports,
one would naturally think that
Great Hi itain, with free trade,
would have perished long ago.
But Great Britain is not perish
Iii '-jial amount oi i ida .1
\Gx*a.i ?ritasn wa8$t>20,0W,O00.
,.mtu with the ''boom figures
of November, 1911, was $11,860,
000? There is now full employ?
ment for labor in that ''benii ht
od" free trade kingdom. Even
the Protectionists are forced to
admit "a cycle of splendid trade
and national well-being/' ;1,,,i
that there is no protectionists
country that shows a parallel
There is food for reflection in
these figures. They show there
is nothing to the contention that
revision downward of the tariff
is likely to ruin business. Honest
business men of the country
fully realize this, and have no
apprehensions because of Demo?
cratic ascendency.
Mrs. A. U. Tabor, of Orldor, Mo.
had boon troubled with sick headache
for about live years, when she be^iin
taking Gharaborluhi'sTablutH. Bhu hau
taken two bottles of tdem and they
havo cured her. Kick headache is oau
?ed by n disordered stomach for whlc
tlii we tablets are especially Intended.
Try them, u;> t well and stay well. Sold
by nil druggists.
Health of the Slate.
Richmond, Va. Jan. Compula?
tions made by officers oi I he
Federal Census Bureau ond
received today by the State
Board of Health, give the first
definite information regarding
the operation of the new vital
statistics law and show that tin
local registrars of births and1
deaths in twenty-live counties
are performing their duty in a
highly satisfactory manner.
Since the vital statistics law
went into effect on Juno 11, the
fifteen hundred registrars scat?
tered throughout the i!.avc
been forwarding monthly, as re-!
quired by law, the originals of
all birth and death certificates
filed with them. These have been
arranged and bound and have
recently been examined in detail
by an expert sent by the Census
Children Cry
Cureau. Iii? calculations, show?
ing the death rate in all the
counties and cities, are regard* d
by the State's health officers ns
a working guide for the future.
The State rate has not yet
been determined andjj death
Certificates are expected, which
will materially increase the
present showing; but twenty
four counties of the State are
already reporting deaths in such
numbers as to indicate a careful
enforcement of the law. These
counties, widely scattered over
the Slate, include many which
are sparsely settled and which
present practically all the prob?
lems of registration. The full
lisi of counties on the banner
list of the State is as follows:
Brunswick, Chesterfield, Din
widdie, Elizabeth City, Hanover.
Hernien, Henry, Isle of Wight,
.lames City, King George, King
William, Lancaster, Loudoun,
Lunenburg, Montgomery. Page,
Prince George, Richmond,
Roanoke, Shenandoah, South?
ampton, Surry, Sussex and
"In some of these counties,"
mid an officer of the Hoard of
Health yesterday, "the showing
? is most creditable. In Lancaster
county, for example, the regis?
trars seem to have procured
'report of practically till the
deaths, and in Henry, during
July and August, the showing
was equally good. In Dinwiddic
land .lames City counties, the
registrars have done their duty.
I but t he high death rate charged
against these counties is due in
large measure to the insane
j asylums located there. Our
registrars have done splendid
work and deserve the thanks of
the Stale. We hope thai with
the next review of the records,
the number of counties reaching
the State average will at least
bo doubled.
"A 11.the cities of the Stateare
reporting (tenths rHOSt satisfac?
torily. Their rate is necessai o'.V
high in view of their large negro
population but they are filing
records of the utmost value."
Wlii n yiai wind n reliable nioi;Mui<
fur a coiudi yr iMilil litko Ohuinucrlulns
('??iii'li ItciuoOy. It unit always ho dep*
rodeo no'?n iiml im pleasant und anfn
in lake Porsido by till druggists*
A Special Offer to
Our Subscribers
For a Short Time
Three years sub?
scription to the
C. V. News and
the labor saving
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Sweeper Vac, $16.00
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Clinch Valley News
Children Cry
C A S X O R I _A
A Word to The People
There uro u greater number of
young men and en Is earning their
living today than ever before in the
history of our eountry. Teachers,
nurses, stenographers, clerks book
keepers, newspaper reporters, type?
sei tern, etc., etc.. nd inlinitum. The
young people, even of well-to-do
parents, want to lie independent and
make their own money and spend it
us they please. And im in natural,
und generally, commendable. There
is an increasing demand for young
men and young women in every de*
part mailt of trade and activity, but
uly for Htieh iih hnow how to do
things, are able and to make good.
No Ignoramui need apply. The first,
and generally the only question asked
is, "What can yon do?". We do not
believe in "short cuts" to an educa?
tion, but, in hundreds of thousands of
Instances, it is the "short cut" or no
cut at uli. ,
The business college, which offers
?l complete course from four to seven
or nine months, has been the means
of salvation, so to speak, of many a
young man and young woman. We
want the young people, who readLthia
paper, to secure the best, possible
training and propnttion for theii
life's work. Go to school. If not to a
college requiting years.to complete
tin' course, then to n business college,
which will lit you up in short order,
and at the end of the term put you in
S good, paying position, in which
you will lie able to earn your o.vn
living and more besides.
The Central Business College of
Konuoko, Vs., offers several courses
which can be completed in four to
seven months, which will put you in
a position to earn from $.'?() to $1011
per month, ami Hut mnnngomenl will
do everything in their poWorto help.
If Interested write at onco to Prof.
T. s. Spradlin, Pros., Uoanoko, Va.
VIRGINIA : At ruli s iiri!." Clerk'?
office of the Circuit Courl of Take
well county :
John W. Ilucnnnnn and Mollie B.
Uuchnnnn, Complainants. '?
W. Harry Peory, Samuel I.. Peorj
mid others, Defendants,
the general object of this suit now
pending in the Circuit Court of Taue
well County, Virginia, is ti have and
obtain an allotment and assignment
to complainant, Mollie B. Buchanan,
and her descendants, by partition in
kind of their interests in the land in
the inii of complainants mentioned,
containing about 802 acres, more m
less, situate in Tasewoll county, be?
tween Pincastio am Cumberland Gup
turnpike and Clinch river, about om
or two miles west of the courthouse;
all lint sixteen acres thereof devised
by William l'eery by his will recorded
in Tnzewoll county, in Will Itook No.
:t, pane 458 whereby testator
devised Haid lauds as follows:
" I'n his wife Kli/.ahcth, since di
ceased, during nuturnl life, at her
death to go to bis two nous, William
and Augustus, their natura) lives,
then to descend to their heirs, if any,
?mil if no heirs, then to descend to
the otlier heirs at law.''
: And to have said devise and will
construed to ascertain the interests of
complainants and others in said lands,
and the value of tho buildings and
ottier improvements placed thereon by
complainants and others, and for sale
uf (heir interests in said lands, build?
ings and Improvements, and reinvest
incut of proceeds of ual? of interest
in Haid laud, subject to limitations uf
tlie will, as may be determined by
the Court, and for general relief.
And it appearing from affidavit on
file in -mid Clerk's office that de?
fendants, Samuel L. l'eery, Lena G.
Hudson and .1. It. Hudson, her hua
tinnd, are non-residents of the State
of Virginia, it is therefore ordered
that the Haid nan-resident defendants
do appear in thu Clerk'? office of nur
Circuit Court within fifteen days
after due publication of this notice
and order, and do what iH necessary
to protect their interests. And it iH
further ordered Hint u copy hereof be
published once a week for four
coiiHceutive weeks in the Clinch Valley
New?, n weekly newspaper, published
in Tazewell county, Virginia, and
posted cs required by law.
A copy?teste :
C. W. GREEVBR, Clerk.
S. D. MAY,
R. O. CROCKETT, p. q.
In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit
Court of tho County of Tazewell on
the 4th day of January, 1913.
Sam Dangerfield. PlaintifT,
Mollie Dangerfield, Defendant.
'I he object of tills suit in to obtain
for the plaintiff an absolute divorce
from tho defendant.
And an affidavit having been made
and filed that the defendant, Mollie
Dangerfield is not a tesident of the
Stnte of Virginia, it is otdercd that
she do appear here within 15 days
after due publication hereof, and do
what may be necessary to protect liet
interest in this suit. And it is further
ordered that a copy hereof be pub?
lished once u week for four successive
weeks in the Clinch Valley News, s
newspaper published in the county ol
Tazewell, and that n copy be posted
at the front duor of the courthouse of
this county on or before the next
succeeding sale day from the date
A co^'j?Teste:
O. W^-Greever, Clerk^
Minter find Winter, p. q.^
ill t'ir CI??fk'h OtUcu Of tUO C ircuit
Court of the Ciunty of Tazewellmi
tho 4th day of January, 1913.
Mary Srovenyi, Plaintiff,
Edward Szovenyi, Defendant.
The object of this suit is to obtain
for the plaintiff an absolute divorce
fium the defendant.
And an affidavit having been made
and filed tiiut the defendant, Edward
Szovenyi, ia not a resident of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered that
he do appear hero within 15 days
after due publication iiuryof, and do
wliut may be necessary to \mmf*fmt^^
interest in this suit. And it is further
ordered thai u copy hereof be pub?
lished unco u week for four successive
weeks in the Clinch Valley News, a
newspaper published in the county of
Taxe well, and thut u copy be posted
at the front door of the courthouse of
this county on or before the next
succeeding aale day from the date
A copy?Teste:
?. W. Greevar, Clerk.
Minter and Mintur, p. q.
The Commonwealth of Virginia,
To any Constable of the County of
Tnzewell, Greeting:
We command you to summon M.
Johnson, Livie E. Johnson, his wife;
It. M. Sparks, s. S. P. Harmon,
Sheriff of Tazewell comity, Virginia,
ai d as such Administrator of the
estate of J, It. Sparks, deceased; The
Davis Sewing Machine Company, a
coi pot at ion ; Barns Gillespio, Truatou ;
VV. It. Steide. J, Sauuders (iillcspio
and K. K. Glllcspie, surviving
partners uf themselves und John It.
Hurt, deceased, late merchants, and
partnors doing business under the
firm name and style of Steele, Hurt
and Company; Robert llankins, Polly
R, llankins, his wife; M. M.
llankins, ami K. King Crockett,
formerly Shoriff of Tazewoll county,
Virginia, ami as bucIi administrator of
the estate of John T. Lit/, deceased,
to appear at rules to he lie Iii in tho
Clerk's office 6# our Circuit Court
of Taxe well county, on the firs) Mon?
day iu I'Vhiuaty, 11)18, to answer a
lull I,, chancery exhibited aguinat
them In our* siri:!.-court iiy Hugh
mid have then I hero (his w r 11".
WITNESS C. w. (ire< tier, GUtV
if our said court, at the liOlirlh US0
thereof, the Drat day of i. nary,
1018, und iu the I87tli year of the
C. W. G It EE V EU, Clerk.
In the (Merit's office of diu Circuit
Coin I of the com ly of ToSUWSll.
on the 21 nl day Ul Dccomher, 11)12,
J. It. Crnbtroo, next friend, Plulntiil
Uoo. W. Hurt et als., Defendants,
The object of ths suit is to remove
the defendant hh cottimlttoo for I'.
I.. Hurt.
To T. I.. Hurl :
Take Notice?Hint on Saturday,
the I Ith day of December, 1912, 1
will move the Circuit Court of Taze?
well County, Virginia, at tho court?
house thereof, to have Georgo W.
Hurl, the committee of said T. I,.
Hurt, removed as such committee,
for the reason that said Goorge W.
Hurt, now resides out of tho State of
Virginia; and to have J. Powell
Itnyall, or hiuiie other proper person
appointed as your committee in the
place and Stead of said Ceo. \V.
Hurl, committee as aforesaid.
j. is. crabtRee;
This the 12tb day of December. 1912.
My an order of the Circuit Cotiit
of Tazewell county entered on tbo
1 Ith day of December, 1*J12. it in
ordered thnt the said George W. Hurt
do appear here within fifteen days
after due publication hereof, ami.tin
what may bo necessary to protect hia
interest in this suit. Anil it is (fur?
ther ordered thnt a copy hereof be
published once a week for four
successive weeks In the Clinch Valley
News, a newspaper published in the
county of Tazewell, mu! thut a copy
he poaleil at the front door of the
courthouse of this county on or before
the next succeedinc; sale day from
the date hereof.
A copy?Teste : S
C. W. (Jreever, Clerk.
Win. II. Werth, p. q.
InHeet Bite Costs Leg.
A Boston nun lost bin Icr from the
bite of an insect two years bofore. To
a veil mich calamities from ntlugs and
bites Of bisects use DtlOklOD'S Allllull
Salve promptly to kill the poision and
prevent Inflammation, swelling ucd
pain. Heals burns, boils, ulcers, piles,
eczema, ou|s, bruises. Only '25c at J.
K. Jackson's, Tazewoll, A'a.
A 5 - Passenger,
Maxwell Auto,
20 horsepower, in
good running or?
der, price *$300

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