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Local News
Official War Review No. 8 r-t the
New Theatr? tomorrow night.
Mr. H. S. Surface has taken a posi?
tion in the Tazewell National Bank.
Mis Nannie Crockett, of Graham,
is. visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Ed.
NOTICE: There will he no mati?
nee exhibition of "A Daughter of the
Sam I). May, of the U. S. Artil?
lery, has been at his old home here
for the past week visiting friends.
Gold Medal Clover, Timothy, Or?
chard Grass, Hluegrass. Alfalfa
Secdn. The Tazewell Supply Co. 2t.
James Cousins, the brick layer, is
somewhere in Ohio, or some other
point north, laying brick or spreading
Swift'? Bed Steer Fertilizers and
16 per cent. Acid I'bospbate Fertil?
izers on bunds. The Tazewell Sup?
ply Co.
Mrs. I.illie Crockett, of Princeton,
has been in Tazewell for several days
this week the guests of relatives and
Mr*. Dobbins, son and daughter, of
Kir.gsport. Tenn., are here the guests
of Mrs. Dobbins' sister, Mrs. 11. S.
Buford C. Tynes, attorney of Haz?
ard, Ky., ip*nt several days in town
tk:s week with his mother, Mrs. Har?
ri*; Tynes.
Mr*. G. M. St. Clair and children
are in Marion the guesU of Mrs. St.
Claires father, Colonel William C.
Mr. W. L. Dennis, of Orundy and
Judge Frank Maynnrd, of Hluclield,
were business visitors to Tazewell
Normo aThnadge in "Panthea" nt
the New heatre tomorrow nie.ht. This
. eat a re concludes the Norma Tal
madgc series.
The marriage of Mr. O. L. Moore
nnd MiBS Stella Lockhart took place
September 3rd at Pisgah, Rov. J. 11.
Bowling officiating.
BOY WANTED?Cood, reliable
boy, who wants to go to school this
winter can find good home in Taxewell
by applying to this office.
Misses Lucile Thompson and Mag
Strother Witten left Tazewell last
Thursday for Washington lo take po?
sitions in the government service.
Lieut. Otis St. Clair, of the Intelli?
gence Department, of the U. S. Army,
stationed in Washington, D. C, has
been visiting his home here tins week.
Stunrt Whitley, of the Naval Can?
teen service, Norfolk, was culled home
last week on account of the death of
his grandfather, Capt, John II. Whit?
If the films of "A Daughter of the
Gods" arrives in time, the picture
will be shown Wednesday night.
Watch for street car Wednesday for
Mrs. Pribble, wdio has been on a
visit to relatives in Kentucky and
Ohio, has returned to the home of
her son, Barley Pribble, on Taze?
well Avenue.
W. W. Moore.the tinner, spent some
time recently in Johnson City, Tenn.,
recuperating from injuries received
by falling from a roof in this town.
He is all right now.
There will be no speaking at Taze?
well Sunday. You urc expected to
go to North Tazewell Sunday night to
hear W. H. Werth make a speech on
the Fourth Liberty Loan.
Misses Jennie and Lucy Crockett,
daughters of R. A. Crockett, of Stan
berry, Mo., have been in the county
for several weeks visiting their num?
erous relatives and friends.
We want to buy all the Govern?
ment bonds we can, and ask those
who owe UH to pay their account be?
tween the 1st und 15 th of October.
9-27-21. The Tazewell Supply Co.
The frost last Sunday and Monday
nights, got in its work. The corn?
fields and late vegetables show the
effect. No great damage was done,
however. Corn had about matured.
Attorney H. R. Hawthorne, general
counsel of the Poeahontns Fuel Co.,
of No. 1 Brodway, New York, paid
his friends a hort visit here yester?
day morning. He returned to New
York yesterday.
"A Daughter of the Cods" has been
shown everywhere ut prices ranging
from 25c to $1.50. The war prices
offered by the New heatre should
draw the largest crowd ever assem?
bled at the theatre.
But two shows at the New Theatre
next week. Thursday, the super-at?
traction, "A Daughter of the Gods,"
and Saturday, Theda Bars in "The
Clcrnenceau Case," with a Sunsbinu
comedy added.
An ice cream supper will he hud
at Dailey's chapel tomorrow after?
noon, (Saturday), beguiling at 3
o'clock, the proceeds from which will
be used for Red Cross purposes. The
patronage of the public is urged.
Dr. A. L. Tynes, of Staunton, and
Mrs Tynos are in Tazewell the guests
of Dr. Tynes' mother, Mrs. Harriet
Tynes on Tazewell. Dr. Tynos has
been recently commissioned a Cap?
tain in the Medical Corps of the
United States army and is now on
his way to Fort Oglcthorpe, Ca., to
enter the training school.
On hands?American Wire Fenc?
ing, Water Prnc, Black and Galvan?
ized, Pipe Fixtures, Cooking md Heat?
ing Stoves, Sheet Iron Heaters, Steel]
and Cast Hanges, Iron Beds, Springs,
Mattresses, Linoleums, etc. The Taxe
ivell Supply Co.
J. C. and R. N. Jones, who have
been on a western trip recently, have
returned to their homes at Gratton.
While in the west they bought a tine
farm in Southwest Nebraska. They
expect to move west about the first
of March.
Saturday, September 28th, New
Theatre, Norina Talmadgc En "Pan
thea," a seven reel Selz wick special.
It was this picture that gave Norma
Talmadgc her screen reputation. Al?
so Allies Official War Review No. 8.
Usual prices.
The practice of law in Taxe well has
been suspended and the filling of
Qucslionaircs taken up by the law?
yers of Tazewcll. The town has been
full of young men this week the ajres
of 18 and 20 and 32 and 'Mi, who will
be the first called in the nCXtdraft.
Miss Jessie Graham, Tascwell's del?
egate to the Y. M. C. A. Overseas
forces, left Tazewcll last Sunday on
No. 12 for New York, where she will
enter a training school for a week
before going across. She was accom?
panied by Judge and Mrs. S. ('. Gra?
The Civilian Relief Section of the
local Red Cross is anxious to serve
the parents of soldier in any way in
which they can. Don't fail In ap?
peal to the Red Cross Civilian Relief
Section if you need help of any kind.
Address communications to Miss
Mary Preston.
Next Thursday, October Mrd. the
New Theatre will offer the world
famous attraction "A Daughter of the
Cods," featuring Annette Keller
man. This picture had runs of 12
months in New York, 10 months in
London, K months in Paris and (>
months in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scoring reached
Tazewcll last week and were the
guests of Mrs. Scoring's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Kendrick. Mr. Scor?
ing returned to his duties in the
Aviation corps in Washington Sun?
day. Mrs. Scoring will spend the
winter here with her parents.
"A Daughter of the Gods" is un?
questionably the most beautiful and
stupendous film ever produced. It
cost it million dollars; it look twelve
months to make it. New Theatre next
Thursday. Admission: Lower floor,
20 and 30c; balcony, 1 ft and 25c. Nn
reserved seals.
No reserved seats will be sold foi
"A Daughter of the Gada" next
Thursday. Tickets will he on sale at
theatre ticket botlh, whihe will be op?
en at 7 o'clock. Show will begin at
eight o'clock sharp. Admission, low?
er floor. 20 and 00c; balcony, 16 and
25c. Prices include war tax.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Henry Harmon
have rented the property of Mr. K.
F. Witten on Pine Street, anil will
move here for the winter in a few
weeks. Mr. Witten, his sister. Miss
Lou, and Miss Louise, daughter of
Mr. and Mi's. F. T. Witten, will spend
the winter in the South, it is re?
A farewell party was given Miss
Jessie Graham last Saturday after?
noon by members of the Tazewcll
Reil Cross Chapter before her depar?
ture for Y. M. C. A. work in France.
The ladies presented Miss Graham
with a handsome traveling bag and
I accoutrements.
Robert Hopkins is not making as
I rapid a recovery as his family and
friends wish for. Mr. O. R. Hopkins,
Ibis father, and brother, John C. Hop?
kins, expect to leave Tazewcll for
Richmond today, and will probably
take the sick man to some Southern
point for treatment.
! Mr. Shannon Lcody, formerly of,
Tazewcll, now "somewhere" in West
Virginia, was here yesterday, looking
as young as years ago. He is broth?
er to Hiram, the blacksmith, now at
Bramwell. Shan's wife, Nettie Skel
ton, and her brother, Charles, grew
up in this town. Their mother died
here. The I.eedy's and Charles Skel
ton have all done well in business.
The New Theatre will probably
close in the near future until next
Spring, possibly until after the war.
The theatre's books and its receipts
from the collertor of internal reve?
nue are proof that the theatre has
been for sometime and is now run?
ning for the benefit of the govern?
ment. License, film and admission
taxes have run as high as $120.00 for
a single month. This money does not
hang fire, but goes straight into Un?
cle Sam's pocket to help win the war.
Are you not proud of the pace thai
Ricblands is setting in the W. S. S
Mr. D. H. Bowman, who lives in
Horsepen Cove, was here on yester?
day. He has two boys in France. A
letter from one of them follows:
American Expeditionary Force,
August 23, ' 1018.
Dear Mama: I will write you a
j few lines in answer to your letter,
which I received a few days ago, anil
was glad to hear from you nil and to
hear thnt all were well. I had a
letter from Sidney a few days ago.
and he said he was well and having a
good time.
Mama, yon ask me if 1 ever get
any good apples to eat. No, I havn't
eat an apple since I left New Jersel.
There are lots of plums und grapes
over here, but not many apples.
Mama, you wanted to know if I had
ever been in a battle yet. Yes, 1
have been in two.
Well, as news is scarce I will close
for this time, so answer soon and
tell me all the news. From yout
loving son.
To his mother, Mrs. D. II. Bowman,
Tip Top, Va.
Red Cross
The Red Cross is putting soul in
The box of knitted garments shipp-1
ed recently contained 081 pairs of |
socks; 100 sweaters, 81 hebnets.
An order has come for 200 sweat?
ers to lie ready by October 10th.
The allotment of garments for Bel-1
glum children is about completed and|
will be shippde soon.
Every family is urged to contribute
garments for Belgium relief. Send
them to W. K. l'eery's store.
Science prostituted to wholesale,
murder is the diabolical scheme with
which Germany has sought to destroy
civilization in order that on the ruins
it might build a world-controlling,
autocratic, atheistic power.
All that German scientists have
been able to achieve has been, by the
German government and the German
people, prostituted to the killing and
the maiming of millions in order that
Germany might conquer and loot the
In the air, on the land and under the
sea every device which the chemis.
and the engineer have been able to
devise for bringing Buffering and sor?
row upon the world has been put into
?Hoot by German experts. All that
the whole German nation has accom?
plished in the past in the development
of science has been prostituted to the
destruction of moral forces at homo
and to the murder of millions of peo?
ple on the battlefield.
It has been said that this is a war
of science, but, broadly speaking, wo
are not cngagud in war, for the fight
to which this nation ami our allies
have dedicated their lives is not a
war such as the world has ever
This a campaign by Germany
of deliberately, definitely-planned,
long-gloriftcd-in murder.
This is a campaign of frightfulness
which finds expression in ruthless de?
struction of every country over which
the rotten-souled armies of Germany
have inarched.
This is a campaign in which Ger?
many has glorified in its power to in?
dict suffering untold upon women and
children, in which it has ruthlessly
shot the agud and infirm, in which it
has destroyed churches and cathe?
drals with the same gloating glee of
the demon with which Germans have
destroyed womanhood and childhood.
This is not, therefore, a war of
science; it is a light in which science
as expressed through chemistory and
engineering, is being used to the ut?
most power of human ingenuity, aid?
ed by every influence which the devil
himself can put into effect to enublc
Germany to make more frightful its
hell-devised and hell-begotten plan of
mil rder.
We have been compelled to meet
German science with greater science.
We have been forced to find a way to
master its work in the air, on the land
and under the sea; and the science
of Americans and of our allies will
yet prove as far superior to the sci?
ence of Germany in its campaign of
murder as American honor exceeds
thw block dishonor of Germany.
As every telegraphic click across
the Atlantic brings a new toll of death
and of suffering our hearts should be
.Heeled to an unbending and unbend
able determination that Germany ami
che German people shall pay to the
utmost extent of human power the
penalty of their crimes, not only be?
cause they deserve punishment us the
blackest criminals in human history,
but in order that civilization may be
safeguarded for the future.
Every word of peace spoken in I
America or in the countries of our
allies is uttered by some one who is
a pro-German at heart, whatever may
be the disguise under which he seeks
clothed in the livery of Heaven, to do
the devil's work.
False to the teachings of God him?
self, false to the history of all human?
ity, fnlsc to every man who has died
and to every man who has been
wounded on the battlefields in defense
VIRGINIA: In the C ork's Office of
the Circuit Court of Tazewell coun?
ty, in vacation, the 25th day of
September, 1U18.
H. G. McCALL, Guardian of Grctton
Keesee, nn infant under the age of
twenty-one years, .Plaintiff,
vs. I In Chancery.
J. T. Keesoe, Sallie If. Keesee, Grat
ton Keesee nnd Lena Keesee, the
last two of whom are Infants un?
der the age of twenty-one lcars,
Tho object of the above styled suit
is to obtain a decree for the sale of
the interest of Grntton Keesee in al
of that certain piece or parcel oi
jam! situate in Baptist Valley, in
Tazewell County, Virginin, on tho
North side of the public rond, upon
which the said Gratton Keesee nnc
bis mother, Sallie Margaret Keesee
now reside, which contains about 15(
acre*, and which was conveyed to thi
said Sallie Margaret Keesee for he:
life, and the remainder nfter hei
death to the asid Grntton Keesee, hj
deed bearing date the 7th day of
July, 1917, and which deed is of rec
ord in the office of (be Clerk of th<
Circuit Court of Tazewell County
Virginia, in Deed Book 83. page 80.
And it appearing by affidavit filed
according to law that J. T. Keesee.
one of the above named defendants
is not a resident of this State, is is
therefore ordered that the said J. T.
Keesee do appear within fifteen days
after duo publication of this order,
in the Clerk's Office of our said Cir?
cuit Court and do what is necessary
to protect his interests. And it is
further ordered that this order be
published once a week for four suc?
cessive weeks in the Clinch Valley
News, a newspaper printed in the
county of Tazewell, Virginia, and no
newspaper being prescribed by oui
said Circuit Court, the newspaper
hereby directed.
C. W. GREEVER, Clerk.
IGrecver, Gillespie and Divine, p. q.
of civilization, false to the honor of
womanhood and the snfoty of child?
hood, is every man or woman who
utters; one word suggestivo of peace
without punishment.
False is every man who even for
on? moment thinks that an unbeaten,
unrepentant, unpunished Germany,
would not for all the centuries to
come be a blot upon civilization ami
an exerlnsting disgrace to those who
profess to believe in that righteous
wrath, which every honest-heurted
man and woman should have as we
contemplate the boundless woe and
unvoicabls sorrow with which Ger?
many has tilled the world, merely that
its people might become the murder?
ers, the outragers, the looters of all
mankind for personal and national
aggrandizement. It should seem that
even Almighty God would to such
spineless moral degenrates or cow?
ards as those who favor peace without
punishment say, "Because you are
neither hot or cold I will spew you
out of my mouth."
GERMANISM.?Manufacturer's Rec?
A number of people went out on
Wednesday to see the Fordson Trac?
tor perform on or.e of the I'eery
farms. The tractor was drawing .'7
disks in corn stubble, and, us some?
one put it, "tearing the ground all lo
pieces." Being two sets of disks- -
one behind the other, it was double
disking, doing double the necessary
work of, say, six horses, and doing it
well, with only one man?the driver,
in this instance, Mr. Dribble. Under
reasonably favorable conditions, such
as prevailed at this demonstration,
tho tractor would cover some 25 acres
n day, it was claimed. And then,
too, a harrow can be attached,
and both operations?disking and
harrowing?be performed at the same
time. The Fordson seems no longer
an experiment in its field. On lands,
reasonably smoothe and not too steep
the machine is a great labor saver
and time saver. Mr. A. J. Higgin
bothnm, said to be one of tho very
best farmers in the county, was pres?
ent and much pleased with the per?
formance of the Fordson.
Sidney C. Herman, of Liss, Ky.,
died at the home of Mrs. T. B. Smyth
at Williamson, W. Va., of pneumonia.
He had been B suffered from tuber?
culosis, but was improving, when at?
tacked by pneumonia. He was a son
of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Ilarmr.n, oi
Tazewcll County. He leaves a wife
and one child and a large number of
relatives ot mourn their loss.
The funeral and burial took place
at Williamson September 21st.
W. H.
Want to buy young turkies now for
market, also a few "Bourbon Reds"
or "Nnrragansettes" for breeding.
For Sale?Best pure-bred standard
varieties n specialty. Bourbon Reds
land Mammoth Bronze. FRANK RAN
iDOLPH, Keawick, Va. 9-13-7L
All persons having claims against
the estate of Henry S. Bowen, de?
ceased, will present them to the un?
dersigned for payment.
Administrator of IL S. Bowen.
[sept. 27-8t.
I ofTer for sale my properly, sit?
uate in west end of Tazewcll, adjoin?
ing proprty of J. N. Hnrmr.n, con?
taining 7 1-2 ceres blue grass land,
fronting on West Main Street. New?
ly fenced, new barn, chicken house,
forty young fruit trees, grape vines,
nnd young shade trees. Modern cess
pool. No Detter buildingl ot in Taze?
wcll. Price, $3350. Terms to suit.
On Saturday, September 28th, 1
will offer for sale to the highest bid?
der tho following property:
1 black mare, 11 years old.
1 yearling horse,
1 cow, four years old.
1 heifer.
1 fat hog.
1 sow and five pigs.
2 Bee hives.
1 cider mill.
J. H. BROWN, Executor
of Jacob Boll's Estate.
Riehlands, Va., Sept. 20.-2t.
The postmaster Gsr.er?l has issuei
I the following order:
Order No. 1931.
Owing to the necessity for conserv?
ing labor and material and lo elimi?
nate a cost which is borne by the
j permanent ustr of the telephone, a
readiness to servo or installation
I charge will be made on and after
j September 1, 1018, for all new instal?
lations, also a charge for ull changes
;n location of telephones.
Installation charges to be as fol?
Where the rate is $2.00 a month
or less.$o.00
Where the rate is more than $2,
but not exceeding $4.00 n
I Where the rate is more than $4
a month.15.00
The moving charge to the subscrib?
er will bo the actual cost of lnboi
and material neccssf.ry for making
the change.
In accordance with bulletin No. ?
'.'.sued by roe August 1, 1018, stat
ing that "until further notice the tel?
egraph and telephone companies
I snail continue operations in the oi
dinary course of business through
I regular channels," and all cases
where the rate adjustments are pend?
ing or immediately necessary tho;
should be taken up by the company
involved through the usual channel;
and action obtained wherever poss:
ble. In all cases, however, where th"
rates arc changed such changes shcuh'
be submitted to me for approval be?
fore being placed in effect.
(Signod) A. S. BURLESON,
Postmaster General.
Patrons of the Bluefiold l'elephow
Company in this section are request
ed to make note of the nbove and at-',
General Manager.
1 Sopt.20-4t.
vnho Goes V
aroon' saw ..
OEueve \u AovJtoTvatN?
\S acnan9 N\ftK?N' 60Me OTHaR
STON6 a?e crack.such a6
" autos AlN"f COrAC f O
stan thcnb.c jest A
passim* fad
ome meal
One 2-year old Shorthorn bull for
snle. Robert Tarter, Wittens Mills,
Va. 9-27-2L
Mrs. A. M. Millard'i nice residence
properly and five acres, good houai
and all in tine shnpe. Particular!
upon request. News Office.
For Rent ? Rooms
in St. Clair building.
I Apply to W. E. Peery.
We pay from $2.00 to $35.00 per ??t
(broken or not). We also pay actual |
value for diamonds, old Gold, Silve,
and Bridge-work. Send at once b)
parcel post and receive cash by re?
turn muil. Muzer's Tooth Specialtr,
Dept. X, 2007 So. 6th St., Philadel?
phia, Pa. 9-13-i.*i
Two all-round blacksmiths, one|
wagon repair man. Will pay black?
smiths each 50c per hour and the re?
pair man good wages. All tools fur?
nished by myself.
9-13-3C St. Albans, W. Va.
Buy I
can both be had iro: i the Mountain
City Marble Company, of Mountain |
City, Tenn., ut quite reasonable prices
We handle firat-clas*
material and our de?
signer it an expert
in his line, there?
fore, we guarantee I
both work and ma?
terial to be nambei [
vne. Satisfied cus?
tomers at reasonable I
prices is our motto, |
and if you should
doubt this just give I
js a trial and we will |
convince you.
We also handle
If you are in need
J of anything In this line just drop me
I a curd and I will be at your service.
Let me at least give you prices and
show you designs before you buy
Agent for Mountain City Marble Co
What are you doing le ekeer
up the beys in the eamps? They
are giving their whole time and
perhaps their lives, for you.
You can do aomething te keep
his spirits ap, at very little
trouble, and the coat of a peat
age stamp, envelope and shoot
of paper. WRITE TO HIM.
lie will appreciate a letter from
yeu all the more perhaps that
yeu are of no kin te him. It la
small satisfaction te the edi?
tors of this paper, that they
send a weekly letter to the boys
scattered in various parts of the
world, aa well as in tho camps
in the United States. You knew
the boy here, and while he may
not have been nn iatinvate
friend of yours, he ia repre?
senting you?fighting for yoe,
and has a strong olairo, there?
fore, upon your sympathy and
notice. Write letters?good,
newsy, cheerful, appreciative
letters. He has money, cloth?
ing, amusements, but ne?4s
such cheer and encouragement
as only good letters from the
homefolks can give. Write?
the offener the better.
Follow Two Simple Rules
Which will protect you and others
Don't put in your mouth finger*, pencils,
or anything else that does not belong
thsre, nor use a common drinking
The Germs of these Diseases are spread through the secre?
tions of the month and nose of sick people and carriers.
Whenever you cough or
sneeze, bow your head or
put a handkerchief over
your mouth and nose.
A Few Good Tennessee Farms
Wo have several farms of all sizes in Washington
ftuid (ireene tiountioa. Stune of them we can tell at
bargains. There are good pike reads all over both
counties*. Washington and Greene counties are the
GARDEN SPOT of Tennessee with a ine climate and
splendid water. There are fine springs on nearly every
farm we have fer sale and these farms are ideal for
stock raising.
Write ua tea- a list of some of our farms.
Limestone, Tenn. 9-5-4 i
Our Fall Line of Women's Footwear
is Appreciated and Admired Daily.
There are Quality Boots in
Exclusive Patterns.
Compare eur prices en new fall merchandise and
ycu'H find it impossible to have an "alibi" for trading
"The Store That Satisfies"
You Need These Comforts and Con?
veniences for Efficiency in Your
It is the consensus of opinion of lead
rag educators that the most efficient
students are those who enjoy the neces?
sary comforts of life. Of course, there
are always prodigies?"Abe Lincolns"
?who can get along without. . But
th? majority of the best students are
well equipped with these conveniences.
Teu tun find almost evarytliing you need in
Hie way of toilet goods at our store. . W?
have given especial thought to the require?
ments of high soheol and collage students,
and will be glad U assist your selection, any
tiase, you visit your sUre.
The ffig*o?& Store Tazewell, Va.

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