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From Frunk Daniel.
Camp Humphreys, Va., Sept. 22.
Dear Mother and Dad:
I received both of your letters few
days ago and appreciated them very
much. I thought we would be in N.
J. by today, but we are still here, as
some of our clothing has not come
Dad, you think our engineering
work is pretty strenuous. So it is, at
times, but we arc getting accustomed
to it more each day, and it isn't hard
after all. We have a certain amount
of games, physical exercises, and of
drill along with the wor, which makes
it rather interesting. They are very
considerate with us here.
Of course we will have some dan?
gerous work to do "over there," but
most of it is done after night.
The infantry goes ahead of us,
and we back them up with fortifi?
cations. We have some of the real
fortifications here, trenches, tunnels,
dug-outs, etc. It seems as though ev?
ery means of protection is used.
You should see us put up bridges.
We can certainly put the macross.
Our company's first trial for a rec?
ord on a bridge was 215 minutes and
40 seconds. It doesn't sound rea?
sonable. I'm sure that a bridge 240
feet long, two trestles and eight boats
could be constructed in that time.
This bridge will carry any truck or
army equipment. We dismantled it
und put it on the bank in 15 minute:
We are going to bridge the Rhine!
I certainly think you should claim]
exemption for J im. I don't see how I
you could do without him. Am afraid]
papa couldn't nuumgc things by him?
self. You have never told mo who|
you are going to get on the place.
I certainly would have enjoyed be?
ing there for the molasses making. I
hope you will get the macadam on
over home if you get it as far as the
John Peery place this fall. I imagint
this cold weather will ripen corn in a
There are several boys from here
getting farm furloughs. Mr. Dill
Peery's boy from Wittens Mills ask?
ed for one but failed. I think he will
leave here with us.
Mother, I'll send my traveling bag
home in a few days, also some other
things. They issue our toilet articles.
Put the things in my trunk. Will send
a picture of our company. Try to
have It framed. Also will send those
pictures of myself in uniform. I be?
lieve I promised Aunt Rebecca and
Aunt Lina one. 1 had a card from
Aunt Lina yesterday. Said sha was
sending me some apples. I didn't
gel the candy Pc:>.rle sent. Edith sent
me a box of candy last weck. 1 get
lots to eat. Last night for supper we
had beef loaf, hot light rolls, syrup,
potato salad, hot lemonade, cocoa and
Mother, you sny you have wonder?
ed lots about the r:a-: masks. 'I hey
are not exactly comfortable, but cer?
tainly feel good when one is in gas.
We went through two kinds of gas.
It certainly is bad. We got a little
sniff of it.
The tea:- gas works on the eyes.
Juts makes you cry. We pulled olf
our masks in this chamber. The tears
ran down our faces in streams. The
chlorine gas is more deadly, as it af?
fects the lungs.
The masks has rubber band around
The Owners of
"Swift & Company"
(Now Over 22,000)
Perhap3 it has not occurred to
you that you can participate in
Swift & Company's profits,?and
also share its risks,?by becom?
ing a co-partner in the business?
It is not a close corporation.
You can do this by buying Swift &
Company shares, which are bought
and sold on the Chicago and Boston
stock exchanges.
There are now over 22,000 share?
holders of Swift & Company, 3,500 of
whom are en ployes of the Company.
These 22,000 shareholders include
7,800 women.
Cash dividends have been paid reg?
ularly for thirty years. The rate at
present is 8 per cent.
The capital stock is all of one kind,
namely, common stock?there is no
preferred stock, and this common stock
represents actual values. There is no
"water," nor have good will, trade
marks, or patents been capitalized.
This statement is made solely for your
information and not fdr the purpose of
booming Swift & Company stt?ck.
We welcome, however, live stock
producers, retailers, and consumers as
We particularly like to have for
shareholders the people with whom
we do business.
This leads to a better mutual
Year Book of interesting and
instructive facts sent on request.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois
Swift & Company
Q^ut^IT! President
the top of tie head and chin. It is
held on by clastic bands. Wo have
a nose clip and have to breath thru
the mouth. There is an outlet valve
and an inlet valve, the inlet valve be?
ing attached to casusstry containing
chemicals which purifies the air we
breath. Wo always wear the masks
when within two miles of the front
line. I
Just hud dinner, and we had chick?
en. I had all I wanted and plenty
of gravy.
I just weighed today. 1 weigh IGS
ibs. Have gained ?lbs in the last three
write me as soon as you g>'. this.
Love to all. Your son,
Co. D. ? Engrs Training Regiment
Somewhere in France, Sept. Uih.
Hear Mother and at her:
As I have found a little lime to
spare, I will spend it writing. 1 re
reived your letter of Aug. 7th, also
one from sister, and several copies of
the Clinch Valley News, and you kno\.
us boys were more than glad to re?
ceive a ho'iie town paper, and enjoyed
them so much. The News was old,
bul good ,0 uc.
1 wish I could describe the country
and tell you how I feel, r.nd how
everything looks to me on this bright
sunny morning. I feel like a colt
just turned out in the rpring. The
country that we are now in locks like
good eld Virginia, with its (all hill.;,
deep valleys and mountain streams,
this makes us Virginia boys home
sick. That is not hard In do.
Wheat and oat cro;js are very good,|
do not sec any corn, but plenty of.
Alfalfa. The fruit crop is poor. We
do not have many apples, but plenty!
of wild grapes, r.s I call them. 1 am'
crazy for something sweet, ! Im vent i
had anything in the sweet line for
some lime.
How is everybody these days? How!
arc all of my good old nunis and
uncles? I wrote to grar.d-dud, but!
haven't heard from him. I hope he!
is well, and enjoying the best there1
is in life.
All the Tazcwcll boya are well,
Henry Hunt, Rob Herman, Tom How
cry, Jessee Vcrnon, William Meadows
Charles Gillcspit and 1 are all o. k.
1 saw Fugnto While a few days
since, he was looking line.
Has daddy heard anything from
my allotment and insurance? Tell
to call at the Bank of Clinch Valley
and see if they have received my
bonds, and if he need:; them for any?
thing, to get them.
Hoping these few lines will lind
you all well. Take good care of your?
Love to all,
P. S.?I have been receiving n good
many letters, but you cannot write,
too much. W. C. K.
The following letter wos received
[by Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Low, of Cedar
Bluff from their son Grant Low, who
is a member of the Rainbow Division
in France:
With the American Expeditionary
Forces, France, August 1!), 1918.
My dearest mother and Dad:
We are now back for a rest and
you can res' assured we need it. We
have just gotten out of (he hottest
fight the Americans have had since
they have been over here and our
Division did wonderful work. Of
course we are veterans on this side
and have had quite p bit of experi?
ence is one reason the men did so
well. We have been cited twice by the
French armies and they all know the
?12nd or Rainbow.
We are in a wonderful rest camp.
In one of these typical French farm?
ing villages where nothing ever bap
pens and all is quiet. There is cer?
tainly some contrast between this
plnce and the ones we have been in
lately or for the past few weeks. We
have seen some of the brutal work ol
the Germans and one can never real?
ize what some parts cf France, bus
p suffered until they sec with their own
eyes some of the things we have had
an opportunity to see. But never
mind we'll (tie Americans) will make
them sorry they ever started anything
and I think they are beginning to
realize it.
Yes dad I have gotten the Card the
lodge sent me and I am very proud of
it. I will be glad when I can get back
and nttend lodge again but I want to
get back only when it's over?then we
can all got home together.
I just returned day before yester?
day from a twenty-four stay in Paris.
That is the greatest city I hrve ever
seen. I could tell you about it for
hours and then not tell you half of
v Subscribers through these banks to the First
and Second Liberty Loan Bonds, wishing to ex?
change their bonds for 41-4 percent bonds, will
please present bonds at these banks At Once.
BANK OF CLINCH VALLEY, ' Tazewe11' Virgima
I ??IMIMPIIM?!? H*ll ?ilMMIIIMB?I?mim ??J*mTj "* "fflW" 1 rWm ?. Wl
the thir.ga I saw and at that I only
saw a little of it. It was some sur?
prise to us to get to go but we were a
happy lot when wego t the passes to
start. You see we have been ovorj
! here nearly ten months and that is tho;
: first 'eaves we have had. But 1 think
it won't be long until wo will be given
? our ten days in rest camp for tho sol-1
j diers and thoy say that 13 a great 1
1 Werth, Rill und I are getting on fine
ns usual and enjoying the best of
health. We hope all tho people in
and :.round home are well. Hope
mother and the boy are getting along
(Inc. Give <ovc to all.
Your lovii g son,
Hase Hospital II Hoys Are All Well.
The following letter from Frod W.
St. Claif to Ins lather. Mr. .lohn C.
St. Clnir, vi I bo of interest to many
people in Tnzewoll.
Base Hospital No. 41, A. E. F., <
August 81, 1018.
Dear Papa:
Have just gotten a letter from
Manie, saying that you had gotten a
letter from us. The overseas mail
service must, bo taxed to death ami;
often I guess delays are unavoidable.'
Our letters reached you on schedule
time, however.
All the boys from home arc well.
Some of them are working n little
harder than they over did, but guess
it wont be any too hard on us. Haley
is working the drug department. Pat-!
ty is in charge of the laundry, while'
Home and myself are Working in
the quarter-master department. Wc
all like our work real well, espoc- !
ially Home and myself, as we get
out nearly every day on trucks bring-1
ine; in supplies.
As yon have seen from the papers]
we are located near Paris. 1 have
been in to the city so many times that i
1 feel most ns familiar with it as I '
do with our own backyard. I have ]
not been inside many of the interest?
ing places, however, as most of my 1
trips have been for supplies. Such
places as the F.iirel tower, Place do1
Concord, Arch de Triumph are fa?
miliar marks on our down town route.
We have the Abbey of St. Dennis
just outside of the city for our hos?
pital. It is an immense building,
well suited for our purpose. I think
it was built originally by Charlaman
gue, then rebuilt, by Napoleon and
given to the daughters of the Legion
of Honor for a school, so you can see
that it is a very historic spot.
We have bundled several hundred
wounded men up to the present and
they are now coming in pretty stead?
ily. We have had only one to the so
far. I cant see for the life of me
why more dent die the way some of
them are torn up. Some of them are
1 hit in a do/on places, and than come
I In asking for cigarettes. You novor
see one of them but what he is in fine
spirits. They all say they have the
'(lei man's goat and predict the wnr
! will soon lie over. If the people at
j home could only see what the boy*
j over here are doing they would buy
'liberty bonds faster tbun they could
I be printed, and would never turn the
I Bed Cross down. You can have no
I idea what they are doing for the men
over here with the Rod Cross.
Manic asked in her letter shout
the nurses. We have one bundled,
und all I have had anything to do
with are mighty nice. I have met
one who is a sister of a hoy I roomed
with at schol and of course we got.
to be friends at once.
I am glad to hear that you are all
through with the meadow. I am afraid
that you will find that your boys
have never been very much help to
you. When I get home you can mark
my place at the table ami I promise
to be on time for every moal.
It must have been a terrible storm
you hail to do so much damage. Horn
said that lightning must have been
the only thing that would have killed
George Asbury's mules as old age.l
hard work and starvation had no ef?
fect on them.
We are glad to hear John Dyke's
is getting on so well. Horn and I
have often wished wc could have
brought him with us, as we feared ho
would lind things pretty hard.
Tell Kvclyn wc enjoyed her letter
and tell Bill he must write us again.
Oivc my love to the family.
Your son, FRED.
American Expedtionary Force,
September 4, 1018.
My Dear Wife:
This morning gives me the pleas?
ure of writing you for the first time
for a good while. I am in France
now. 1 havn't had time to write you
since I left the U. S. I hope you are
well and enjoying life. I am. France
is a beautiful place, of course. I get
lonesome sometimes, for there is no?
body in my company now that I
know. I ma in the cavalry now, hut
don't think I will he over here very
long. Write and tell me nil of tho
news ami how everybody is getting
along. I have been in France about
three weeks. I havn't been able to
see anybody I knew over here. When
you answer this letter, call up Mrs.
Beavers and find out what outfit Ho?
mer is with and I wil look him up.
Give my love to all and I will be home
j soon. Will close for this time.
From yours only,
To his wife, Mrs. E. M. Burroughs,
I Norlh Tascwc'.l, Va.
"Over There," Augu. 10.
Mr. J. I). Hall, North Tazewell, Va.
My Dear Father, Mother and Fam?
ily: Will take the greatest of pleas?
ure in writing you this evening. Hope
you nil are wll and enjoying life fine.
I am well at present. I hnve received
several letters from you all since 1
have been over here. I hnve been up
to the front. Everything is going
on all o. k. It reminds me of Christ
I mas, but it isn't so pleasant, a feeling
as a firecracker seems.
I would love to sec you all the best
in the world. Hope to hearf rom you
1 at an early date. Write me ail the
I news from home.
Give everybody my best regards.
Would love to be with them all. Wish?
ing you all the best of success and
happiness, I remain, ait ever, your lov?
ing und effeetionnte son,
A. E. P., Sept. 1. H)18. J
: Dear Sis:
1 I have no Idea that yon have re-'
ceived my letter yet and l am int.\u???
, to hear from the liomefo'.ks Well, I
I have been wandet ing ntv-und Ihe last
j few days, traveling the n:o<t of tho
' time. I guess you nil will be cut
l ting corn pretty shortly. 1 have nev?
er seen a stalls of corn io tins C0UI1-!
try, but ni03t everything else .
They suin do have line cattle and
horses and also lota of good looking
I? r's. but i; is no enjoyment to me
to try to talk to them, as you know
thai 1 c?nhM understand thorn. Lis-,
ten, who is going t.> leach school at]
Liberty th'f year. I hope that 1 will!
get back to show some of them a goon'
fine. Have you seen my girl since
she got lack from the normal? Ij
lad written to her the other day, but!
I am not expecting much mail over!
here intbis God forsaken place. My
friend, Cregnr left me Wednesday
and all of Ihe boys that. I knew that
came from home. Well, give my love
t > all. Am getting along line.
Your brother,
Somewhere in rFanjo, Aug. '27.
Dear pupa and mama:
1 have safely arrived overseas, am
feeling line, nltho was a little tired
from being on the water, but a day or
two of rest will put me back in good
shape. Had a nice trip coming over
the water, which was very calm and
made it more pleasant. I did not gel
sea sick as I expected. 1 like the
looks of the country line. It floes
not look very much like Virginia, but
you would not keep from fulling in
love with Ibis place. 1 hope you all
are getting on line. I wish to thank
you nil very much for the kindness
you showed Pannie. 1 am sure Sla?
win repay you all for it. (live all
the folks my best regards. With
love to you.
Your devoted son,
:i<? Prov. Co., A. 10. F,
Headquarters Co., .'tIKlh Infy.,'
A. E. P., Sept. S, 1018.
Dear Mama anil Papa:
Will answer your letter received
yesterday. Of course 1 was glad
to hear from you all. I received
Wyatt'S letter also. I am getting
along o. k., and hope you are, too. I
hnvn't beard from Pose but once
since I've been here. Guess he will
write as soon a; possible. I havn't
seen Win. K. but saw some boys in
bis company. I have seen most of
Prance and hope to see Ihe rest, and
also to go to England before I re?
turn to the States. I hope it isn't
going to be very long until I return
and I don't think it will he for we
hoys are going to finish it up und
come home real soon. Clarence
Turner anil Lindsay McGllirO nie real
close to me. I see them very often
and they are getting along line. Tell
all the folks I will write them iis soon
as I have time. 1 hnvn't had much
time to write as we are so busy and
I have ho many to write to. Don't
you und dad worry about me, for if I
neer anything I'll et you know. Din?
ner is about ready so I will close for
tbiH time. Write me soon.
With love from NEWTON.
From Newton Bwnrds to his parents,
Mr. and rMs. F. P. Edwards, Ta/.e
The Carroll Hoys Are All O. K.
A. E. F., August, 1!H8.
My Dear Mother:
We have arrived over here and like
it line. Had a very good trip over.
Enjoyed the water. Warren is with
me here. 1 am so glad that we will
be together until it is all over. I will
write you in a few days. We are
real tired now. Now, molner, dont
worry about us. We are all right in
I every way. Love to nil.
Warren sends love. You will find
addresses on card von got from New
From Frank Carroll to bis mother,
Mrs. Josephine Carroll, Ta/ewell.
Consumers must buy tlu?ir
?Winter supply of CoafduriuJ
the SprirtfJ and Summer for
-loranV if i'njitnclia.o is tobe
maintained. uL a
max i in urn j urltim
country eiubled.
to avoid i ?zrions
Coal, shorhide
this WinWy
And Sour Stomach Caused Thit
Lady Much Suffering. Black
Draught Relieved.
Meadorsvllle, Ky.?Mrs. Pearl Pat?
rick, of this place, writes: "I was
very constipated. I had sour otoniach
end was so uncomfortable. I went to
the doctor. He gave me Borne pills.
I They weakened mo and seemed' to
tear up my digestion. They would
grlpo mo and afterwards It seemed
I was more constipated tban before.
I heard of Black-Draught and de?
cided to try lt. I found It Just what I
i needed. It was an easy laxative, and
j not had to swallow. My digestion soon
I Improved. I got well of the sour stom
I ach, my bowels soon seemed normal,
no more griping, and I would take a
i dose now and then, and was In good
I cannot eay too much for Block- '
1 Draught for it Is tbo finest laxative
I one can use." |
Thedford's piack-Draught hnB for
! many years been found of great valuo
. In the treatment of stomach, liver and
, bowel troubles. Easy to tako, gentle
and reliable fn Its action, leaving no
tad aftor-effectfl, It has won the prateo
of thousands of people who have used
tt NC-135
Only Roal Way to (let Rid of Come.
Which ilo yon protor ?? corn Hint
mills or it mm tlmt peals? IliiU-hi>ry
or l.iluossT Only "tlots-It" enn set
rhl of your corn the pool-olT mur, tili?
birssod way. You don't ntiutl a pull.
"Conn Ncvor Troublo Me, I Ujo 'GeU-h'"l
Why hump yourself up on Um door
mill with your Jnws eel anil oyo? nop?
ain? from piiln, Jork niul kouiio
etlcky tiipoor iihmlcrT l.lfo Is too short.
Uio Outa-lt"?It tnkci n few sqcuiuIh
to apply nntt thorn's no funning, t'oru
pnlns so. Wear now nhoi<a If yon want.
VckIoII tho corn with your lliiKora-tho
wliolo thing, root and nil, olcir ami
denn, niul U'a eonot Only "Uuti-lt"
con ilo this. TtiUo no ohnuci'n.
"Oots-lt," tho Kiiarnnlocil, money
back corn-romovor, tho only Miro
\Mi y. co. tn but a trlllo nt niiy u run more.
m'id ry.. ti. X.o "/VO300 a Co.. CbleMo. 1".
Tho po.stimisti'r (h nornl has issued
the following order:
Order No. 1931.
Owing to tho necessity Tor conserv?
ing labor niul material and In elimi !
nate a cost which is borne by the!
permanent user of the lolopliouc, a |
readiness to serve or installation
charge will be made on and after I
September I, 1018, for all new instal-1
lalionu, also a charge f.:r all changes
in location of telephone:;.
Installation charges to be r.s fol?
lows :
Where the rr.le is $2.00 a month
or less.(?.00
Where the into is more than
but not exceeding $-1.00 a
Where the rate is more Hint) $-1
u month.15.00
The moving charge to the .subscrib?
er will be the aelnal coal of labor
and material necessary for making
the chance.
In accordance with bulletin No. '.:
tatted by me August I, 1018. still
ing Unit "until further notice the tel?
egraph and telephone compunios
snail coiilinuo o|iomlions in the oi
tliimry course of business through
regular cliuniioln," and all eases
where (he rulo adjustments are pcild
ing or immediately necessary they
should be 'jikcu up by the enmpnnj
involved through the usual chnnncls
and action ulitallied wherever |Kissi
bio. In all cases, however, where the
rales are changed such change.: should
be submitted to me for approval Imj
fore licing placed in ell'ect.
(.Signed) A. S. RURLRSON,
Postmaster (Soueriil.
Patrons of the Dluollold relophoiie
Company in (bis section are ro(|iu!sl
ed to make note of I he above and act
General Manager.
Sept. 211 Ii.
VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Oulce of
the Circuit Court of T.i/ewell conn
ty, in vacation, the 2611) day of,
September, 1018.
II. G. McCAI.I,, Guardian of Grnlton|
Kccncc, an infant under the ago of
twenty-ono years, .Plaintiff,!
vs. i In Cliancory.
.1. T. Kcesce, Sallie M, Kecsee, Grnt
tou Keesee and I .enn Kecsee, I he
last two of whom are iilfllllls un?
der the ago of twenty-one loiiril,
I lefoiidniil s.
The object of the above styled suit
is lo obtain a decree fur Hie sale of
the interest of Cratton Keesee in nil
of that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in llnntisl Valley, in
Tazowoll County, Virginia, on the.
North side of the public road, upon
which the said Crafton Keesee und
j his mother, Sallie Margaret, Keesee,
'now reside, which contains about 1!>0
acres, and which was conveyed to the
said Sallie Margaret Keesee for her
life, ami the remainder aller her
death to the nsid Crafton Keesee, by
deed bearing dale the 7th day of
.Inly, 1017, anil which deed is of rec?
ord in the office of the Clerk of the
Circuit Court of Tasewoll County,
Virginia, in Deed Hook 8Jt, page 80.
And it. appearing by affidavit filed
according to law that .1. T. Keesee,
one of the above named defendants,!
is not a resident of Ibis Slate, is is.
therefore ordered that the said J. T.
Keesee do appear within fifteen days
after due publication of this order,
in the Clerk's Office of our said Cir?
cuit Court and do what is necessary
to protect iii.s interests. And it is
further ordered that this order be
published once n week for four suc?
cessive weeks in the Clinch Valley
News, a newspaper printed in the
county of Tazewell, Virginia, and no
newspaper being prescribed by our
said Circuit Court, the newspaper
hereby directed.
C. W. GREEVER, Clerk.
Grcevcr, Gillespic and Divine, p. q.
Sept.27- ? ?
Cincinnn 1 iMini Discovers Drug That
j Loosens Corns So They Lift Out
flood news spreads rapidly and the
. druggists hero are kept busy dispens
' ing freojsone, the recent discovery of
a Cincinnati man, which is said to
loosen any corn so it lifts out with
the fingers.
I A (|uurter of an ounce costs very
I little at any store which handles the
drugs, but this is said to be suffi?
cient to rid one's feet of every hard |
or soft corn or callus.
You apply just a few drops on the |
tender, aching corn or toughened cal?
lus and instantly tho soreness is re?
lieved, and soon the corn or callus is 1
so chriveled that it lifts out without!
Free of Chnrge.
I Why sulfur with indigestion, dys?
pepsia, torpid liver, constipation, sour ]
stomach, coming-up-of-food-after-eat?
ing, etc., when you enn get a sample
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Hawkins Pharmaey. This medicine
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mach. A gontlo laxative. Try it.
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tion, improves the land
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Catalog mulled free. Wrlto for
It, and prices of any Seeds re
iiulred. _
Seedsmen - Richmond, Va.
Schedule Effective Jan. 6, 1918.
I.v. TnsuweJI for Norton?
0:40 n. m. 3:04 p. m.
Lv. Tazowoll for Kluclleld?
10:42 a. m. C:42 p. m.
From ltlucliuld, Euulbourut:
0:36 a. in. fur Kouuuku, Norfolk,
und points on Shcmuulonh diviMon.
Pullman sleeper und cafe war Nor?
folk. Parlor rar (Br?ilor) ftounuk?
and llngeralown.
8:00 a. u). daily for Bast Rudford,
und intermediate stntioim.
2:05 p. in. daily Lynehburg and In?
termediate stations und Slicuundonh
Valley. Pullman Sleeper Williamson
to Philadelphia, lUunuku and New
York. Dining car.
'.>:il6 p. in. for lbmiioke, Lyftphburg,
Richmond, Norfolk. Pullman rAoopcr
to Norfolk and Huanoke to l>idfuuiid.
H:I6 p. in. for Kenovn, PertMnuUth,
Columhus, Uincinnnli. Pullman aloep
er Columhus ami Cincinnati, Cuf? car
to Williamson.
B:lf> a. in. for Kouova, Portsmouth,
Cincinnati, Columbus, I'ullnian sluup
er to Columbus, Cafe car.
1:40 p. m. for Williamson and in?
termediate stations. Pullman tdceper.
Write for further information to
W. B. Bovill, Possonger TraiUo Man?
ager; W. c. Saundora, general pas
senger agent, Roanoke, Va.
"Tin Better to be Sure than Sorry
clinch VALLEY IN?
SURANCE agency,
T A/. 10 WELL. VA.
American Central Insurance Co.
American Alliuucu bin. Co.
Firomnna Fund Ihm. Co.
Colonial Fire Underwriters.
Dixie Fire Insurance Go.
Great American Intiuruuaui Co.
< ileus falls Issum hoc Co.
Germania l'iru luuuruncu Co.
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Home lueiirance Company,
Liv. mid Lou. and Globe las. Co.
London Assurance Corporation.
National Fire Insurance Co.
Niagara Fire Isuranee Co.
N. Y. Underwriters Agency.
New HauipNliire Mru Inn. Co.
Norwich Union Fire Ins. Society
Phoenix Assurance Co.
Omen IiiHuruiice Co.
Koyal Insurance Co.
Va. Fire and Marine Intt. flhi.
h . imii ?????.? ?I.? .1 llll'lllll ?|f
gTkls! its your
?step that attracts.
Says Women Pay too Much Heed to
Their Face Instead of Their Corns.
Watch your step! A brink, lively
step is what charms moro than a
lovely skin, but yout high heela have
caused corns and you limp a little.
That's bud, girls, and you know it.
Corns destroy beauty und if race, be?
sides corns are very cany to remove.
Rid your feel of every corn by n?k
ing at any drug store for a (junrter
of un ounce of free/one. This will
coat lit He but is sufficient to remove
every hard or soft corn or callus from
one's feet.
Women must keep in mind tbut
cornless feet create a youthful atop
which enhances her attractiveness.
This freestone is a (rummy sub?
stance, which dries iiiKlnnily ami sim?
ply shrivols up the corn without in
llaming or even irritntng the sur
ruunding akin.
A few tlro[is npplietl directly upon
a tender, touchy corn relieves tue sore
neun and soon the In ire. corn, root and
all, lifts right out without pnin.
One chief .source of road deteviora
tion ia the tendency of traffle to fel?
low a constant line of travel, which
wears and depresses the read frown
along this line of continuous use, Tie
entire road surface, including tso
shoulders, at least yi dry weid&er,
should be used with the view of avoid?
ing as much as possible this Objpe
ttonable propensity. Thus will e?r
roads wear evenly, prevent 1? great
extent the inclination to drop in helss
of ruts, which obstruct propur drain?
age and cause water to soak lnte the
road, greatly to its injury. We are all
aware bow important and expensive
a feature is the maintennaco of our
good roads; let us apply willingly,
therefore, since it is to our interest, u
for no other reason, one of the reme?
dies for their economical use.
County Rend Bogkwor.
Free of Charge.
A standard medicine for 50 years,
for nil lung troubles, which has a suc?
cessful record of over 50 years. Gives
the patient a good night's rest free
from coughing, with free expectora?
tion in the morning.
Any adult suffering from ceugh,
cold, or bronchitis, is invited to call
macy and get absolutely free, a sam?
ple bottle of Boschee's Gofman Svr
up, a soothing and healing remedy

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