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Local News
FOR SALE?Domestic Sewing ma-j
chine. Apply to this office.
We have a few bags of cement left.
Mr. J. A. (Jreever is recovering
from a severe attack of influenza. .t
FOR SALK ?Three pure-bred bucks
nnd 80 choice ewe lambs. FRED R.I
20 head of nice yearling steers lor
sale. .E K. Crockett, Wittens Mills ,
Va. 10-2.->-2t.|
Mrs. Wade Howery is ill at her
home at Pisgoh with Spanish influ?
Sidney Witten, son of the late Rob?
ert Witten, is ill at his home with the
Miss Mary Moore is ill of the in?
fluenza at thehomeof her aunt, Mrs
Barbara Moss.
Mr. II. L. Boston has recovered
from an attack of influenza, and is
back in the store.
Slack lime, applied after the wheat
is up acts better than harrowed in.
Double your crop.
Come to us for roofing, we can nnd
will save you money.
Mr. W. Edgar Steele, of Puooniau
Springs, Loudon county, was here on
business this week.
Mrs. A. O. Kiser is ill at her home
hero of the influenza. The attack is
said to be only slight.
We have feed cutters, gas engines
corn and feed mills.
W. E. Hilt, of Tnnnersvillc, was in
town on business Wednesday and paid
a year's schooling in advance.
Send in your order for tires now.
We will till them as soon us we can.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. W. Herman are
having some valuable additions made
to their home on Pine Street.
There will be a Hallowe'en party
at Denbow school, October 31, 7 to
10 p. in. Supper will be served.
Miss Lucrctia Mnhood was in town
a day or two ago, looking and feeling;
well, after her recent sever illness.
Peel Harman called in on busi?
ness Tuesday and reported his son re?
covering nicely from an attack of
typhoid fever.
Miss Anita Gillespie, of the High
School faculty, while the school is
closed is lending a hand in running
the National Hank.
Willie Rees Dodd, son of Mrs. I.
C. Dodd, of Rluotield. has been pro?
moted to first lieutenant. He has
been in school in Kansas.
Come to us for gas, oil, water, free
air and hot air, they all go logethoi
from one spot.
Mis Maggie, daughter of Sergeant
and Mrs. John S. Thompson, ht'.S been
ill at her home near town with the
influenza. She is reported much im?
We are selling rooting at the price
prevailing before the war. All the
grades guaranteed.
Official Sugar Certificates for
sale at this office, It- each in
small quantities. Larger qua-1
tilies as follows: 500, $2.50;
1,000 $3.50.
Postmaster Buchanan was detained
at his home several days this week on
account of sickness, not the usual
disease, but a case of acute indiges?
tion. He is up and about again.
Buy tires now. You will not gci
them later. Many sizes can't be had
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Owens, of
Pocahontas, have been advised that
their son, William Edgar Owens, has
belli made a second lieutenant in tho
officers' training school at Camp Gor?
don, Ca.
Come in and see our new four roll
com husker. It's a wonderful ma?
Mrs. Joseph Pcnl'.e died Wednes?
day afternoon at her home in Gra?
ham of influenza. She was only ill
i. short time, 'two daughters, Miss?
es Hess and Flora Peak, are ill of
the disease.
Mrs. Geo. W. McConncl and Mrs
N. W. McConnol are both ill of the
influenza at their homer, in East
Tazewell. Mrs. George McConncl has
contracted pneumonia and is said to
he very ill.
The remains of Mrs. A. J. Burton
who died in a Huntington, W. Va.
hospital of influenza, were brought
to Tip Top for burial Tuesday. Mrs.
Burton was formerly Mian Bowman
and was reared noar Tip Top.
Cooking and Heating Stoves, Steel and Cast Ranges,
Iron Beds, Mattresses, Bed Springs, Folding Cots, Water
Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Look & Lincoln Wagons, Wagon Ma?
terial, Steel Skeens, American Wire Fencing, Barbed Wire,
1,2 and 3 ply Rubber Roofing, double and single bit Axes,
Boys Axes, Fodder Twine, Manilla and Sisal Rope, Trunks,
Suit Cases, Auto Casings and Tubes.
North Tazewell, Virginia
Read cururully what the Y. W. ('.
A. does for the army and navy and
the war work for women in pamphlet
form now being distributed by put'
local organization working in the
drive. Posa the knowledge on.
Mrs. John W. Whitt has been ill
Horn pneumonia at her home in Rap
tist Valley. The distressing report
reached town several times that she
was not expected to recover. She is
now reported improving slowly.
Mrs. Narcissa Smith Thompson and
her grand-daughter, Miss Alice Mr
Cowan, accompanied by Mr. William
Dills, of California, arrived here last
week and expect to make their home
with Mrs. Walter K. Thompson.
The Clinch Valley News ha:; not as
yet declined to give time mil space
to free advertising of the various war
activities, to the amount of hundreds
! of dollars, asking no pay, wanting
I none. We have a right, however, tu
ask that subscribers pay their bills to
; help us do this free advertising. See
1 label on this paper.
Rev. R. Homer Anderson, the pas?
tor of the Burke's Garden and Taze?
well Lutheran churches, is ill at the
hospital at Camp Houston. He is in
Y. M. C. A. work there, having ob?
tained a leave from his church her
There are 2,008,931 American sol?
diers in Prance. They are not talk?
ing "peace," but preparing to receive
their Christmas packages in their
camps in Prance. No "terms of
peace" short id' military victory will
satisfy our boys.
Miss Kloise Peery, daughter of Jas.
Gilbert Peery, who recently returned
to her home at Pisgah from Martha
Washington College, is ill with fever.
She and the Coulling girls were at
school together, anil all of theni arc
ill with the fever.
.'?Iis. T. II. Campbell received the
Sad news that her nephew, Balph
West, of Newton Center, Mass., was
killed in the battle of Mihiel Septem?
ber I6lh. This strong, hopeful, edu?
cated young man leaves a widowed
mother, two brothers, a sister and
many others to mourn his death. We
cannot think that this young life and
millions like it have been sacrliccd
Mr. II. ,1. Thompson, of Staffords
ville and Jos. Thompson, of Cleat
Pork, were visitors to this oflice re
ec eitly. II. ,1. is a brother of the late
Hiram Thompson, who died here
sometime ago, highly respected by
all who knew him. If II. .1. is im
good a man as his brother, be will
pass muster. While in the communi?
ty he visited bis sister, Mrs. W. II
Hoback, Burke's Garden. Jos. Thomp?
son is a son of George Thompson, of
Clear Kork.
Redeem Your W. S. S. Pledge.
One chief source of road deteriora?
tion is the tendency of traffic to fol?
low a constant line of travel, which
wears and depresses the road crown
along this line of continuous use. The
entire rond surface, including the
shoulders, at least Ln dry wuather,
should be used with the view of avoid?
ing as much as possible this objec?
tionable propensity. Thus will our
roads wear evenly, prevent to great I
extent tho inclination to drop in hole.- |
or ruts, which obstruct proper drain?
age and cause water to soak into Ute I
road, greatly to its injury. We are all
aware how important and expensive]
a feature is the maintenance of our
good roads; let us apply willingly,
therefore, since it is to our interest, tf|
for no other reason, one of the rams,
dies for their economical use.
County Road Engineer.
Redeem Your W. s. fc. Pledge.
Hats off to C. B. Ncul and bis men
at Bed Ash. Of one hundred and
twelve men on his pay-roll oi e bun
died and eight bought 1 iberty bonds.
Total amount of bonds wus ten thous
and live hundred dollars. Hurrah for I
( hurley Ncul and bis patriotic men'
John ('. Hopkins returned last week
from Ashville, N. C, where be has
been with his brother, Robert Hop?
kins, who is taking treatment at a
hospital. Robert Hopkins is making
fast recovery from his illness and ex?
pects to be fully restored to health in
a few months.
Parents and friends of soldiers in
Prance are urged to read carefully
the instructions printed in the last
issue of this paper relative to sending
Christinas packages to France. No
soldier will he allowed to receive but
one package. Before you can mail a
package to a soldier in France, you
must, receive from such soldier an of?
ficial label. If you havn't received the
label you cannot mail a package to
him. Everybody understands the ne?
cessity for this action on the part of
the government?the shortage of car?
go carrying ships, and the large num?
ber of men in France.
To the Noble Grands cf the Suhordi-1
mite Lodges of the 1. O. O. F. of I
Tazewell County:
I have been authorized by O. L.l
Mason, Grand Master of Virginia, to]
discontinue any and all meetings oil
their respective Lodges, during the]
epidemic of the Spanish influenza.
District D. G. M
North Tazewell, Va., Oct. 22.
Little golden service star,
How 1 wonder who you are.
Does a sweetheart or wife
Love you, little star of Life'.'
Oi a mother, proud but sad.
Who gave all, her only lad?
Mr. T. M. Hawkins has about com?
pleted the remodeling of the Gillcspie
property on Main Street, and will
move in a few days. Mr. and Mrs.
Forbes, of Graham, parents of I-'. It
Korbes, of North Tazewell, expect
to move into the property vacated by j Golden star and star of blue,
M.r. and Mrs. Hawkins. i With one soul Cod gave to you
- i Do you know how proud we ar
Garland Lowdcr came home last ; of the little golden star ?
Redeem Your W. S. S. Pledge.
Since the Richlinds War Stamp
irales was printed the following has'
been reccivod:
Mr. A. C. Gardner.$500
W. B. F. White, or Richlanus, in:
a letter to R. O. Crocke t, says: "This
report shows $18,000, marc than fig?
ures originally given us. We have al?
so oversubscribed the Fourth Loan
abount $10,000. Not bad with about
half our people sick." Thai's goin'
When I first beheld you there
You weie blue, born with a prayer.
week and look to his bed with influen?
za and was well, out and gone before
anybody knew he was sick. His
mother was also ill for several days
with the influenza, but has reeovcreu
Her daughter, Mrs. Lane Ireson, was
with her during her illness.
The Board of Health chould sec to
it, if it has not already done so, that
n strict quarantine of every case of
Cousin Jo. Crockett, the west, end j influenza be established. A qunran
merchant, sent us a sample of his
turnips yesterday, which weighs scv
al. C. H. Peery, of North Taze
wcl drops in to say that turnips ore
no good by themselves; that a little
piece of bog meat makes 'em go
mighty well. Get that, Jo?
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Martin hnve
returned from Richmond, where they
were called on account of the se?
rious illness of their son, Thomas,
who is a student of the Medical Col?
lege. The sick man's condition is
much improved. He expects to come
to his home her to recuperate.
A letter received bete last Sunday
from Lieut. J. A. Leslie, jr., in the
big officers artillery school, at Fort
Sill, Oklahoma, says: "Influenza is
still taking the toll. Twelve officers
'went home' yesterday, wrapped in
the Stars and Stripes.' lie added: "i
am well and do not expect to have the
trie of the entire town against all
visitors from infected districts would
rot be amiss. The disease seems to
be gradually creeping into this com?
munity. Unless rigid precautions are
taken there is likely to be C large
lumber of c.ibcs here very soon.
Mr. J. P. Bowman, of Horsepen,
.sends us the following list of War]
Stamps buyers:
J. H, Hunt.$700
J. P. Whitman.G00
J. G. Whitman.200
S. A. Murray. 185
Robert Whitman, . lOu
J. B. Yates, . 100
Mrs j. B. Yates. 100
J. B. Yates, Jr. 100
D. B. Daniel, .lOu
Grace Daniel. 100
J. P. Bowman. lOu
E. L. Bowman.100
Josie Whitman. ,r>0
R. H. Whitman.r.. 50
Mrs. D. B. Daniel.'. . 00
Boyce Daniel. 50
J. Payne, . 50
Dovie Belle Yates. 25
Jimmie Daniel. 25
Ms. J. P. Bowman . 25
Mrs. J. Payne, .
Mrs. G. W. Bowman.
S. A. Yates. .
0. B. Daniel. 20
Will Murrrny. 20
R. S. Gillcspie./. 15
W. E. Bowman. 10
Allen Bowman, . 10
R. L. Murray. 10
W. R. Graham. 10
Some line samples of corn arc on
exhibition at the News office, grown
by S. J. Thompson in the Cove; P. F.
llowell in this town; J. A. Leslie on
the "Experiment Farm," a freak p?.
tato by Oscar Ranis, and a huge tur?
nip, grown by Jos. A. Crockett, weigh.-1 Charles K. Bowman
ii g 5 l-l pounds, so Jo says. ThisfHarvey Hayes
corn represents different varieties, all|Ar0|]jc j Yates
good, and well worth seeing.
From nn acre and a quarter meas
lired, on the editor's "Experiment
Farm," 00 bushels have been cribbed
of perfectly sound corn?White Cap
Yellow Dent.
Dr. Sam C. Bowen, of Richmond,
has been in Tazewell for the past
I two or three weeks, visiting his moth
Mrs. Mary Bowen and his many
relatives in the county. Dr. Bowen
! as joined the medical unil_ in Rich?
mond headed by Dr. Willis, and hns|
been ordered to report for duty. He
left last night for Richmond to entei
II he service.
Camp Lee, Va., S\ it. 16.
Dear Mother:
I will now take the pleasure of
dropping you a few lines. 1 suppose
you think that I hayo gone over to
France by this time. I am still at
! Camp Lee and well and happy. Has
! Sanders ever gotten his discharge
'yet'.' Let me know. Have you com
imenccd cutting corn. How is Jennie
land all of the people getting along.
Are they all well'.' I do not know when
I will get home again. It may be not
before Christmas.
You bad better make Howard come
home and farm if he doesn't want to
J. F. Daniel. 5
Stuart Bowman.>
Cii.. t rie Bowman. 5
Loudnma Pressley . ii
J. J. Whitaker. E
Luther Murray, . Z
S. A. Murray, . 35
dipt. Jack W. Witten, of Tazewell,
who is in charge; of the 106th Sani?
tary Train, is in New York preparing
to embark for Prance with his com
puny wi
in New York hnrbor last week. A j picture of the b?ys I work with here
large number of bis company have! Yours with love,
developed influenza, and report has!,, ? . LOCKHART,
it that they will be detained for come,Co' ' 4th Bntn" CamP Lec"
time in New York. Rodeem Your W. S. S. Plodge.
It is reported that his com-1c,omc to th.e i"'my. for the?'>oys who
.. . . . .. , , farm arc being given consideration.
Its en the troopship that sun,:, j nm somij?K you aild Jenni(. om.h ?
Redeem Your W. S. S. Pledge. -
These additions to the war stamp.;
list now being published in this pa?
per have been received:
W. N. Bundy, Adriu .SlOu
Burke's Garden Contributors.
B. R. Moss .$1,000
Mrs. B. R. Moss. 2.->
B. R, Moss, Jr. 500
M. Louise Moss. 25
E. J. Wynn. 205
Jake Lambert, . 25
Geo. W. Wynn, .
Avery Wilson, .
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Wynn, ..
Geo. H. Peery, .,
T. R. Boling. 200
Mrs. T. R. Boling. 50
You Can Trade
the Article You
Don't Need For
Something You
Do by Adver?
Makes a Beauty Lotion for a Few j
Cents to Remove tan, freckles, i
Your grocer lias the lemons ami
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply you with three ounces of or?
chard white for a few cents. Squeeze
the juice of two fesh lemons into n
bottle, then put in the orcahrd white
and shake well. This makes a quar?
ter pint of the very best lemon skin
whitenor and complexion bcuntiAer
known. Massage this fragrant, lo?
tion daily into the face, necks, arms]
and hands and just see how freckles, |
tan, sallowness disappear and how
smoothc, S'ift and cealr the skin be-1
comes. Yes. It is harmless and the]
beautiful results will surprise you.
VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Office
of the Circuit Court of Tazewell I
County, in Vacation: The lGlh day
of October, lilts'.
Fmma Anderson, Henry Glnsco and
Jess Smith.Complainants,
vs." I In Chancery.
Sarah Thompson, Jennie Gnither,
Gussie Harris, Lou Thompson, Ju?
lia Thompson, Rees Thompson, De?
lia Thompson, the last ?! of whom |
are infants; Mitchell Thompson,
Nannie Smith Johnson, and all I
other persons who a.-" or may be |
interested in the subject to be dis?
posed of in this suit, whose names
are unknown, and who are proceed?
ed against by the general de?
scription of parties unknown,
The object of this suit, is to have
partition among the parties entitled
thereto, made of all the laud of which
Martin Sinkford died seized and pos?
sessed, containing about 85 acres,
situate on the South of Abb's Valley
Ridge, in Tazewell county, Virginia,I
and devised by Martin Cinkford to |
John Sinkford'a children, and to Dale
Glnsco, Reese Smith and James Smith |
and for general relief
And it appearing from the bill filed j
in said suit in equity, and from afli
j davit on file in my said office, thatl
said Sarah Thompson, Jennie Gai
ther, Gussie Harris, and Nannie
Smith Johnson are not residents 01
the State of Virginia, and that then
may be persons irit rested in the
subject to be disposed of in said suit,
whom names are unknown, and who I
ere made defendants by the general [
description of parties unknown; it
therefore ordered that the said Sa?
rah Thompson, Jennie Gnither, Gus?
sie Harris und Nannie Smith John
con, and all other persons who are or
may he interested in the subject to
be disposed of in said suit, whose
tames are unknown, and who at".
made defendants to said suit by the
general description of parties un?
known, do appear within fifteen days
I after tine publication of this order,I
: ml tlo what is necessary to protect]
, their interests; and vi al this order
be published once a wee!: for four
1 successive weeks in the Clinch Val?
ley News, a newspaper published |
weekly in Tazewell County, Virginia,
and that a copy hereof be posted at I
the front door of the Court House J
: of this county as prescribed by law.
C. W. GREEVER, Clerk.
A Copy?Teste:
C. \V. GREEVER, Clerk.
Hurman and Pobst, p. q. 10-1S--D..
Mrs. H. E. Herman lost her spec?
tacles on the street Wednesday, per?
haps on Main Street or Mjarion ave?
nue. The spectacles are horn-rimm?
ed, not in a case. Finder oleaso re?
turn to Mrs. Harinan or to this of?
We pay from IJU.OO to $;15.00 per set
(broken or not). We also pay actual
value for diamonds, old Gold, Sihe.
nnd Bridge-work. Send at once by
parrel post and receive cash by re?
turn mail. Mazer's Tooth Specialty,
Dept. X, 2007 So. 5th St., Philadel?
phia, Pa. 9-13-12t
Want to buy young turkies now for
market, also a few ''Bourbon Reds"
or "Narragansettes" for breeding.
For Sale?Best pure-bred standard
varieties a specialty. Bourbon Reds
and Mammoth Bronze. FRANK RAN?
DOLPH, Keswick, Va. <J-13-7t.
All persons having claims against
the estate of Henry S. Bowen, de?
ceased, will present them to the un?
dersigned for payment.
Administrator of II. S. Bowen.
Olio 36-inch solid French burr corn
mill, also one No. 16 bolt made by
Ncrdyke and Mormon Co. For par
t'culars, call on or address E. R. How?
ard, Wittens Mills, Va. 9-27-tf.
can both be had trn: i the Mountain
City Marble Company, of Mountain
City, Tenn., at quite reasonable prices
We handle first-clnse
material and our de?
signer is an expert
in his line, there?
fore, we guarantee
both work und ma?
terial to be number
vno. Satisfied cus?
tomers at reasonable
prices is our motto,
and if you should
doubt this just give
js a trial and we will
convince you.
We also handle
If you are in need
of anything in this line just drop me
a card and I will be at your service.
Let me at least give you prices an,!
show you designs before you buy
Agent for Mountain City Marble Co
(Now York Daily World.)
Dear Sir: In the face of this morn?
ing's message from the President to
Germany, I feel impelled to write this
public letter to you. If I withlihold
my name from publication it is only
because n long friendship with the
members of your family makes in?
loath to wound them by a personal
nctc and because I am convinced that
I speak for a very large end almost
unanimous constituency. The ndniira:
tion for you wluch I, along with hun?
dreds of thousand:; of fellow-Ameri?
cans, have felt in the past lias been
gradually undermined by your failure
to be loyal to anyone but yourself.
Doth Presidents who have followed
you in the occupation of the most
onerous and responsible position in
the world today have suffered from
your attacks, both insiduous and open
The one an old friend and political
comrade; the other, a political oppo?
nent charged with a task beyond the
power of any human being to per?
form to the satisfaction of a criti?
cal and necessarily uninformed coun?
try, has never received from you ev?
en a suspension of comment, a gen?
erous thought or a helpful word,
have read your public utterances
faithfully and I can not recall one oc?
casion on which the winning of the
war has been put before politics, or
any evidence of loyal support of your
country in its travail has been shown
or has called forth that eloquence
anil force of speech which you have
not hesitated to employ to attack, to
weaken, to try to destroy.
The poison you distil is often dem?
onstrated. Rased upon your irre?
sponsible fulminations mistaken opin?
ions are formed doubts are created,
faith shaken. In the household of
your friends and family, who look up?
on you as an oracle in much the same
attitude of mind which inspires tho
entourage of the Kaiser, a fair esti?
mate of the accomplishments of the
present Administration is impossible
to attain. Intemperate language, the
result of conclusions drawn from in?
sufficient data and misinformation, is
all one ever gets. They relied you,
and you, apparently, nre not cauublc
of a just judgment. Your vision is
clouded by partisan prejudice and ig
noble jealousy Dint tho great war ?
drawing to a close successfully for
our arms without and even in suite
of your efforts. You arc reported in
the public press as having said in a
late speech at Oyster Day that the
resident's diplomacy was wo: so
than secret diplomacy, it was aim ?st
treacherous displomacy." All who
read those words must have burned
with raue and shame. Your sons have
gone to war. They went like count?
less other brave young men. You
I'gavo" them only in the sense that
you were proud and glad to have
them go. Theirs was the gift, nor
youi'3. How many other parents do
you think have done the same and
said nothing'.' -
Dut it is impossible for you to say
nothing about anything. In his last
fact lies perhaps the one thing which
renders you harmless and powerless
excepting to exasperate. We have
been so long anil so persistently inoc?
ulated by small doses of your venom,
sometimes fevered and distressed by
it, that when we are exposed now to
the disease of Rooseveltism we do noc
take it; we remain unoffected uiiu
healthy. Only we do protest that
such utterances as the one 1 have
citled as prejudiced, ignorant, unpa?
triotic and disloyal, nnd we ask that
for you own sake, and to preserve
that remnant of respect, which as a
former President we should like to
for you to retain.
-rue tACxw
Richmond, Va., Oct. 10:?"We have
long grow accustomed to the familiar
swing of an American uniform thru
the boulevards of France. We have
seen American grins and heard in?
domitable American cheer greet us
from the pillows of a hospital ward.
Today, for the first time, I saw on
the steep hillside of a little French
cemeetery a wooden cross, with the
simple inscription, "In memory of
-, soldier of the United States'
Army'," said Margaret S. Morriss,
acting director of Nurses Huts in
France, Young Woniens Christian As?
sociation, writing of the part played
by our boys over there.
"There were French graves too, and
many mounds whose inscriptions bore
the nr.me? of African troops?small
graves catacombed in the cemetery
and all facing cast, toward Mecca. I
had come with friends, to attend a
Memorial Service, and we all stood
together, men and women from sev?
eral different lands, with just one
feeling, as different troops marched
in and formed a hollow square about
the little place. The sun?that pe?
culiarly warm, enveloping sun of
France?shone on the simple wooden
cresses, while prayers were said for
the dead and for the living. Nation?
al anthems were sung, and then taps
r.nd the shots of the firing squad,
breaking the hushed stillness of the
Redeem your W. S. S. Pledge.
All parties concerned will please
take notice that 1 have sold my inter?
est in the stock of goods of Cox
Bros., at Gratton, Va., to C. P. Clay
tor on March 19th, 1018. All parties
who have not settled their accounts
due on that date will please do so at
once, otherwise they will be placed
in competent hands for collection, and
all obligations now outstanding will
' e met by the new firm of Cox anil
Thanking all my friends for past
favors and wishing you and the new
firm agreeable and pleasant busi?
ness relations.
Gratton. Va.. Oct. 15. 1018. -It.
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paper reflects your good laste. Select your station?
ery from our largest assortment of styles and finishes
in while and tints?for ladies -nd gentlemen.
Box papers, 35c to $1.00
Correspondence cards, 25c to 75c;
Pound papers, 35c to 75c
Writing; Tablets, 10c to 35c
Envelopes to match, 10c to 30c
und, of course, Fountain Pens, Pen?
holders, Steel Pens, etc.
TA* $g*?Mk siore Tazewell, Va.

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