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Local News
ous box candy at Boyer's.
.Precautions every day will keep the
oactor and tbe undertaker away. .
Schumackcr chop, the best for tho
cows, at Boyer's.
John P. Gose was selling fine flour
in town on Wednesday?a big truck
load of it.
For milady's dresser nothing is nic?
er than the white toilet articles. Fuii
stock nt Pobst'a.
The public schools at Falls Mill.-,
have also closed Tazewell sems to bt
willing to risk it.
Keep food or drinks steaming hot
or cold, Icy-Hot jugs, bottle-. , o.
pitchers at Pobst's,
Miss Ada, daughter of Mr. und
Mrs. Geo. W. Lewis, is recovering
from an attack of influenza.
"The Store that Satisfies," Bells
gasoline by the gallon or by the bar?
rel. '1 full quarts to the gallon.
Charles Hagy and his brother, Wil
liam, are here at the bedside of their
father, J. Albeit Hagy.
New Theatre tomorrow night, The
da Bars, in "A Fool There Was." AI
so, Sunshine comedy.
Lieutenant Louis It. ('nulling has
received hi* discharge from the army
and has returned to his home here.
Nut Oleomargarine at Boyer's. It
is clean, palatable and as wholesome
us butter and cheaper. Try it.
Mr. Combs has a Tnzewell wife,
you know, a daughter of .\ij\ and Mrs.
C. H. Reynolds. That accounts for it.
Sweet potatoes at Boyer's.
Prof. P. hi. Williams was in town
yesterday, looking about as young
and well as he looked twenty-live
years ago.
Aunt .Jemima's Pancake and buck?
wheat Flour ready to use, at Beyers.
There will be preaching in Tnze?
well Baptist church Sunday at 11 a.
m., by the pastor, T. II. Campbell.
Theme, Prayer.
Boyer's idler to exchange live lbs.
of Victory Coffee for a dozen eggs,
or two pounds of butter will hold goon
till December 20tll.
Hoheit Hopkins, who has been get?
ting fat in North Carolina, has re?
turned to his home near town. He is
much improved in health.
We have three good wagon beds
left. If you want a good bod look
these over.
Khaki-clad boys, sometimes in
bunches of four or live, are a pleas?
ing and welcome sight on the streets
of this little town these days.
You emit make a belter investment
than the purchase of a good feed cut?
ter. We have them in slock.
Robert Richmond, of the S. A. T. C.
at Hampden-Sidncy, has stopped ovet
here for a visit to friends. lie is on
his way home to Swing Vn.
Come to us for oils, tires, unto
parts, etc.
Mrs. Geo. S. Walker, of North
Tnzewell, had a bad case of the flu,
with pneumonia strongly threatened.
She escaped and is nuw improving.
Come in and look over our kero?
sene engines, mills, feed grinders, etc.
Now, that the editor has found who
had the heaviest hogs, he might be
able to determine who had the best
sausage and spare-ribs, if he had r
Don't put oil' ordering your Xmitti
oysters, cranberries, mid celery. Give
your order to Hover. He sells only
the Best.
II. T. May and his neighbor Tom
Brown, two of the mos; prosperous
and handsomest men id Adria. were
in town on Monday. Tom paid a Vic?
tory subscription in this office.
Tuesday, December 17th, Billie
Burke in "In Pursuit of Polly." This
picture closes the New Theatre's con?
tract on Rurke pictures.
The Hon. Hoberl B. Williamson,
and J. W. Hicks, Graham, were here
this week on business. "Bob" is look?
ing good and "feeling fine" after a
stay of some weeks in r. hospital.
Girls, its on you this time. Greet,
him on bis return with a nice box of
Boyer's candy. He hasn't had very
much for a long time and will ap?
preciate it.
Lieutenant Harvey Harrisson, of
Camp Lee, is at bis home here on
furlough. He expects to return to
the camp about the twentieth for du?
ty be knows not where.
Just received a large shipment of
anti-freeze compound.
Has any one of our readers any
firjf hand information of Henry Lin
k0US, the molasses king of Dry Fork ?
He hasn't put in his usual appear?
ance this fall. Did Henry "lay down
On the job" this season?
Give Buyer mid Co. your Christmas
older for' oysters, cranberries, and
Mr. M. E. Muir, of Pulaski, the
.monument dealer, is in town and will
go to Burke's Garden this morning
to erect a fine monument, at the
grave of the late F. M. Moss.
Drive your car to the tank in
front of the "Store that Satisfies,"
und fill her up with gns. 30e a gal?
lon cash. 4 full quarts to the gal?
Buy gasoline from M. J. HahEins.
"The Storo That Sntist.es." Four full
quarts to the gallon,
If you iced a good wagon, bod, wo
have it.
Robert C. Daniel, of Washington.
D. C, was in Tazewell Saturday and
Sunday to attend Hie marriage of
his sister, Miss Grade, mention of
which is made elsewhere in this
Mrs. Wells, wife of our old friend
R. A Wells, of Liluc3tnne, anil two
children, have left for an extended
trip west. In tho meantime brother
Wells will get on as best he may by
The world will witness the happiest
Christmas it has ever seen. Pobst,
the jeweler, can furnish the gifts that
will make any member of the family
happy to have them.
Rev. 1). A. Leffel, of Shawvors Mills
was in town oil yesterday looking as
pleasing and handsome as ever. We
"pulled" him the other day for several
batwillgs and he came across without
? grunt.
Yes, I am going to have an Kdison
because it has a tone that no other
machine can equal. Uuy from II. W.
I Sam I). May, another of Tuzuwell's
soldiers who failed to get a chance
at the Huns, but who wanted lo lind
HlOUgh, has been mustered out of the
service and returned to his home in
this town.
For the children, rings, neckwear,
spoons, baby sets, pins, or cheap
watches. At Pobst's.
Miss .Mary Wynn, who makes her
home with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Gilles
pie in Ibis town, wes taken to the
Williams hospital at Richlllllds Wed?
nesday afternoon for an operation for
appendi.il is.
For thcyoung man, culf links, scarf
pins, traveling cases, novelty brush?
es, watch chains, watch or fountain
December 20th, nextt week, will be
the last issue of the Clinch Valley
Mews this year. Remember his ami
tend your Chrismas speeches, ser?
mons, announcements, and advertise?
ments early next week.
For the young lady, watches, litvcl
icrs, neckwear, picture lockets, toilet
articles, manicure sets, ring or vanity
cases. At Pobst's.
Miss Ellen Scott, who has been
helping the National Red Cross run
things in Washington the past sev?
eral months, has returned ot her home
here. She has been helping in the
High School here since her return.
Fur the family, inabogony goods,
cut glass, silverware, percillators, or
clocks. 11. W. Pobst.
A writer states the daily labor of
a million men for two years, will be
necessary to reconstruct the ruins
caused in France alone, by the Ger?
man invasion. When Belgium is added
the work to be done is enormous.
A clock Is enjoyed more than any
article of its kind in the home. Pobst
has just received a large shipment.
Radiators are too expensive to
take any chances; buy our ant i-freeze
Dr. W. R. Williams the well known
physician and surgeon of Kichlnnds.
iwas here on Tuesday, attending a
meeting of the Kennedy Coal Com?
pany, of which C. W. Boyd is Presi?
dent, and W. T. Gillcspic, secretary
and treasurer.
A special Red Cross service will be
l.elil in the Christian chinch Sunday
night. The pastor, Rev. W. S. Buf
laad, will preach a special sermon
on the Red Cross Christinas Roll
Call. The young people's choir will
furnish the music.
Grat Bowcn was in town yesterday
on business. Mis mother, Airs. II. S.
Bowen and every member of the fam?
ily have had the flu, but ale getting
well now. lie reported a number of
rases at Wittens Mills, but none of
them very serious.
Yes, Rover and Company have it:
Currants, Raisins, Citron, Fruit Cake,
Shelled Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans,
.Mince Meat, Grapes, Oranges, Lern?
ens, Crape Fruit, Conserved Fruit,
Pineapple, Cherries. Fine Candy, and
Cherries, Red Currant Jelly.
We here humbly apologize to Dr.
O'Kceffe Peery for slandering him
last week in saying that he had been
attached to the veterinary corps,
whereas he had been in the aviation
corps. Dr. Peery is now in Tazewell
doing prescription work in llunwkins'
Thoroughbred Bourbon Red Tur?
keys for Sale. Mrs. J. C. Cooper,
Tazewell, Va. 12-13-21.
F, 11. Combs has been appointed
Commonwealth's Attorney for Buch?
anan County lo succeed R. F,. Will?
iams, who resigned to accept the ap?
pointment on the State Corporation
Commission. Mr. Combs i.; an able
lawyer and will make us a good off?
icer.?Sandy Valley News.
Are you going to join the list of
Kdison phonograph buyers this year?
Do not go and pay a lot of money
for an instrument that did not have
a genius to perfect it. Mr. Kdison
spent ?:),0rt0,000 to perfect one ma?
chine. IL W. Pobst will show you
the world's best phonograph?Kdison.
Mrs. S. D. May, of Pennington Cap,
sent us a couple of good look?
ing bntwings to this Blinctum on yes?
terday. The Mays are loo scarce
around here at this writing. Capt.
Jack is in Kentucky, visiting bis boy,
Mrs. Jack is in the opposite direction
visiting at Kadford, and the hoys are
'scattered, goodness knows where.
Now, that the war is over, there
[should be a re-assembling of all the
scattered folks.
The postofiice is a regular pes*.
house. People of all ages, sexes, siz?
es and colors crowd the lobby to wait
for opening of the mail. If Mr. Buch?
anan cant prevent it tho council can
and should do so. Men who have a
surplus of time on their hands should
spend it outside, and stop this crowd?
ing in the lobby. Some men have worn
the backs of their costs slick against
the wall, waiting for their mail to
open. l.oaf outside and conserve the
public health.
Mr. George McConncll, who has
been ill at Yukon, W. Va., where he
was working with J. T. Ueldroth on
the b:g contract for the Yukon-l'oe:'
hontas Coal Co., has returned to his
home here.
A number of the young men from
the various S. A. T. C.'s returned to
their homes here this week. Rufus
Brittain, Joe N. Johnson, Russell
Painter, Hilly Cnocnhaver are back
from Hampden Sidney; Herbert Ward
from V. P. I.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. (i. Riser, along
with a number of others beere, have
been anxious because of not hearing
from their sons since Nov. 11th. Kis
er's anxiety was partially relieved by
a letter from bis son, Walter, re?
ceived Wednesday. He was all light
somewhere in Prance. There are sev?
eral million letters piled up in New
Yorl;, the papers state, awaiting dis?
tribution, and anxiety may be further
relieved any day now.
We have a very interesting letter
from Sergeant James C. Suiter, of
the American Expeditionary Force.
Mr. Suiter operated the machine in
the New Theatre here for sometime,
and is well known in Tnzewell, where
he has a number of friends. In the
letter be enclosed a picture of him?
self, which shows that he has fared
(well while on foreign soil. When he
I enlisted he weighed U>1 pounds. He
now tips the scales al 1We all
wish him well.
at present as in the flesh are num?
bered with the dead.
I know that many of the boys I
knew are numbered in the host that
our Uncle Sam sent over-seas in the
great war that has just come to u
successful end, but just what boys
were among the number 1 do not
know, or what befell them, and that
I may learn more of the details will
you kindly Bend me the Clinch Valley
News for such term as enclosed
check for $2.00 will pay for.
Will be glad to have a letter from
you, if you care to take the trouble,
telling me .something of Judge Coul
ling, S. M. Graham, Jack May, or
any others and such things of in?
terest as you may care to mention.
Yours truly,
A four-room cottage and garden
convenient to Street car line. Party
can pay rent in Washing ami ironing.
For further information, call on E
P. Witten, Tazewell, Va., 12-0-21..
can both be had trori tho Mountain
City Marblo Company, of Mountain
City, Tenn., at quite reasonable prices.
We handle first-clase
material and our de?
signer is an expert
in his line, there?
fore, we guarantee
both work and ma?
terial to bo number
vne. Satisfied cus?
tomers ut reasonable
prices is our motto,
and if you should
doubt this just give
is a trial and we will
convince you.
We also handle
If you are in need
of anything in this lino just drop me
a card and I will bo at your service.
Let me ut least give you prices and
show you designs before you buy
Will pay highest market price
or No. 1 hirge prime skins.
One chief scarce of road deteriora-1
tion is the tendency of traffic to fol?
low a constant line of travel, which I
wears and depresses the road crown
along this line of continuous use. The
entire road surface, including the Preaching in Tazewell at 11 a. m?,
shoulders, at least in dry weather,* first and third Sundays; 7 p. m.
uiii i -.i .i ..:?.. t _i.i ' second and fourth Sundays; in
should be used with the view of avoid- ^Hh Tazewell \ p. m. first und
mg as much as possible Ibis objc.c-, B0COnd Sundays, and 11 a. m. sec
Rev. John Moore Crowe, M.A.,
Sunday Schools, Tazewell and North
Tnzewell, at 10 a. m. Rev. C. R.
Brown and E. P. Moore, Supta.
2 officers and teachers, 426 enrolled.
No. 1 skunk, $4.00.
No. 1 OTos urn, $1.00.
No. I Muskrat, 80c.
I'rices subject to
The Tazewell Supply Co.
tienable propensity. Thus will our und and fourth Sundays,
roads wear evenly, prevent to great Every fifth Sunday pustor preaches
'extent the inclination to drop in hole* | in Tazewell at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m..
.,,.!,?, or ruts, which obstruct proper drain-1 Rev. C. R. Brown at North Taze
<Uk?L age and cause water to soak into the we" ilt 11 iU m- ;l,ul 7 ? m'
road, greatly to its injury. We are all
aware how important and expensive ' j. ?.?.?n?...? ? . ? ? ????????
PROM AN OLD FRIEND. a feature is the maintenance of our
llciiuotlsvillc, S. (.'., Dec. 7 1018. good roads; let us apply willingly,
Clinch Valley News. . therefore, since it is to our interest, 'f
My dear Sir: fOI- no other reason, one of the reme-i
it has been a long while since I ', ujca for their economical use.
have written to any one in Tazewell, j Respee'fu'ly
and rarely do I have a scrap of news I y ^ MARTIN
from there. ? .',> ,,-. i '
You may be sure I often think of CuUnly Rond tn*lneer
Tazewell, and of my old friends and
acquaintances there, ami with an ex?
ceeding longing to again climb the
slopes of its surrounding hills and
mountains and once again talk with
the many I knew there, and wdiile I
sincerely trust I may yet be permit?
ted to do the former. I know in the
latter case it will not be posible in
many instances because not a few of
these whom I consider and think of
FOOD gnzs,
i'hb !1 !? HI Ugy
Redeem Your W. S. S. Pledge.
Dolls from 10 cents to $3.00
Houses, Animals, Tops, Guns,
Doll Dishes, Autos, Climbing Mon?
keys, Stoves, in fact every thing a
child would want old SANTA to
We also have a big line of China,
Enamelware, Jewelry, Glassware,
and Notions at popular prices.
5, 10 and 25 cent Goods
a paste
mond if
could secure a
genuine stone at
no greater cost?
Then why be satisfied with
a mere imitation of a sing?
ers voice when by purchas?
you can secure its RECRE?
ATION; pure, sparkling and
The happiest, merriest
Christmas the world ever
knew is almost here. But
in the rejoicings of peace and
freedom there is one note of
seriousness America must
not forget?there is misery
and distress and sickness all
over the world. Relief must
be given. The work of the
Red Cross MUST go on. And to carry on,
the Red Cross MUST have support of your
?all you need is a heart and a dollar
This Space Contributed by
Chapman, Peery and Buchanan, Tazewell, Va.
-2,-:* &-=
Un? (jnvh'ityifpf/larint/Se World
'Z/CH 9/ou J\<>i>d is a 7/vart
This store wns created and exists (0
solely for its patrons. ffk
Of all persons entering our doors f$\
a "satisfied" customer is the most ini
Every dollar's worth of merchan?
dise is bought in anticipation of our
customer's wants.
Every detail in our store arrange?
ment has been planned fur the great?
er convenience of our patrons. * (0
Every courtesy, every little touch (f^
of human interest is offered in our f}\
Join the
Ried Gross
?J' But it does not end here. jLi
The greatest possible value for every dollar, the lowest pos- ili
w sible prices for quality merchandise are the incentives this -J
W store oljers to its pntrons?incentives that are made possi
^/ ble only through our economy policy of "selling exclusively (f\
yfo for cash." /|\
\jj "The Store That Satisfies" j|J
Mammouth Bronze
A limited quantity of the finest
Toms and Hens we nave ever rais?
ed. Let your order get in before
they are all gone.
Burke's Garden Mills
Burke's Garden, Va.
When You Write
Buy the Right Stationery
?at the Right Prices
RIGHTO! ,Your words express your messages, your
paper reflects your good taste. Select your station?
ery from our largest assortment of styles and finishes
in white and tint??for ladies ?nd gentlemen.
Box papers, 35e to $1.50
Correspondence cards, 25c to 75c
Pound papers, 35c to 75c
Writing Tablets, 10c to 85c
Envelopes to match, 10c to 35c
and, of course, Fountain Pens, Pen?
holders, Steel Pens, etc.
?<* tRg5?^? Tazewell, Va.
We are happy indeed to announce to our customers that we have
had the greatest Thanksgiving in the history of our business exper
rience. As we predicted, our prices were better than we even antici?
pated, ranging from 4? to 45c per lb. for fancy stock, sonic turkeys
running even higher than this, but- thin, sct.ntily dressed poultry
somewhat lower. We are absolutely safe in saying that no poultry
house in Philadelphia hiul better prices 'end only a few, if tiny, had
as high prices. Our customers were very highly pleased with their
returns, which they made sure of realizing by using
Frank Hellerick db Co.
on their shipments. This is all you have to do and we do the rest.
We want to say right now that we are going to have an excellent
market for Xmas. and Now Year's. There is going to be a tremendous
demand for Fancy Turkeys for the Xmns and Holiday and tho New
Year's Market is always one of the best markets of the year. We
know what we tell you are the facts. We keep in touch daily with
the best markets, nnd aleo have a store especially equipped to handle
the Xmas and the New Year's rush season. The man who wants n
fancy Turkey for ids Xmas dinner will have the price, since his wage
earning capacity has been doubled as a result of war conditions. We
are bound to have an unusual big market for Xmas and New Year's
Write toduy for our special circular which tells all about this great
market and just what to do to get the best prices. Ship your Fancy
Turkeys for the Xmns market, and your mixed shipments for New
Year's. Have your shipments for the Xmas market nrrivo here from
the 18th to 21st, inclusive, and for the New Year's market from the
26th to 29th. Fancy stock will bring the bent prices and have well
dressed nnd packed. Don't bo negligent nnd miss the best but get in
line RIGHT NOW by writing us for shipping tags and special in?
structions. Yours for quick service and best results.
349 Now Market St., PHILADELPHIA, PA.

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