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War Department Announces
That Less Than One Thous?
and of Killed Have Been
The War Department announced
?wly in the week that General Per
shing had reported that less than a
thousand namgs remained to he re?
ported of American soldiers who had
been killed in action, or who died of
wounds or other causes. The Depart?
ment further announced thnt n full
lilt of the wounded would also soon
be available.
Tazewell county has had a largo
numhe rof casualties reported in the
papers since last issue of the News.
The list includes the following:
Sergeant Samuel Turner, Fulls
Mills, killed in action.
Walter I. Jenkins, Pocnhontas, se?
verely wounded.
Clarence E. Turner, North Taze?
well, wounded severrely.
Kcbert A. Lethcoc, Boissevaine, se?
verely wounded.
Aan.,i Carter, Shradcrs, killed in
John V, '.-..Irous, Grahr.m, wound?
ed severely.
Wm. A. Lee, Richlund?, wounded
Stanley L. Bowman, Ilorscpcn, se?
verely wounded.
Jas. R. Compton, Cove Creek, se?
verely wounded.
Bert Whitman, West Graham,
wounded Ln action.
Ellis V. McFarland, Tip Top, died
of disease.
George Moore, Tazewell, wounded
in action.
Beverly Litz, Graham, and W r.
Coloman. Bola^vaiTie, ?? irn^cJ se?
Jas. T. Wilson, Indian, wounded,
?degree undetremined.
Barnard Armstrong, Pocahontas,
slightly wounded.
T. C. Carter, of Shraders, was here
the other day trying to get some in?
formation about his boy's death. He
bad heard nothing from him for sev?
eral months. His first information,
came through the publication of r.
casualty list which reported "Aaron
Carter, Killed in Action." The old
father's grief was pitiful. At last ac?
count he had heard nothing further.
One of the first things Carter Glass
did the first of the week when he
took charge of the Treasury Depart?
ment was to discharge the incompe?
tents who had been in charge of thj
Bureau of War Risk Insurance, and
place other men in their places. It is
from this department that the allot?
ments and allowances are paid, and
it is due to the fault of the former
heads of the Bureau that the mil?
lions in allotments have been djc
Iayed. It is expected now that the
allotments will be forthcoming.
The closing of the school and the
churches, was not by official order,
as many suppose, but was voluntary.
Many of the people kept their chil?
dren at home for fear of a spread of
the epidemic, and the churches shut
down, it appears, by common consent.
Matinee 3 p. m
ADMISSION: Lower Floor
3D 1845.
It appears that ma:,y people have
pledged themselves t<; buy War Sav?
ings Stamps on or before December
31st and have not us yet redeemed
these pledges. The lime is nearly out.
ihese pledges woie accepted in good
faith by the government, and nro
solemn obligations and should be re?
deemed .i. ^nje.
Vnzcwoll county stands about third
in the list of counties in the State,
and can easily be first if everybody
will do his duty. The greater our
purchases of stamps and certificates
the fewer Liberty Bonds. Let not
the charge of slacker he justly held
against you.
The New Year, 1919, should be
started with a clean slate. Those who
owe money should try hard to pay
up. T do this you must collect what
is duo you and payable If you do not
collect you cannot pay.
The Clinch Valley News is pro?
ceeding along this line. In order to
carry out the program we must col?
lect. Some of our best nun seem
satisfied for us to "carry" them for
years. They know and we know that
the debt is good and can be made,
but they let it go along. They are
prompt to collect, o'- iry to be, bi t
some of them no-. b< prompt to pay.
Let's all repent ?' " reform. Collect
up. Figures on your laocl show if
you owe us or not. Look at 'cm.
Pounding Mill, Dec. IS.?John B.
Gillcspic went to Bluelield today on
Misses Lois, Mary and Katie Hurt
came home last week from their
schools, tue former a music teacher
on New River; the latter from Win?
ston .Salem, N. C, where they are
: n '..i. Miss Elizabeth Gillespic, of
Gillespie also returned from Win
ston-.-'alem, the scliols there having
closed on account of the influenza.
A letter today received by Mrs.
Martha Sparks from her son. Will
Roes Sparks, in Prance, states that
he expects the first of the year to
got a furlough for seven days to tour
France. lie drills five hours euch
day. He hopes to return home in
Mrs. B. Pruclt, of Shrndcrs, is vis?
iting her aunt, Mrs. J. T. Altizer.
Miss Ada was also a visitor over
Mr. Alex Beavers received a let?
ter today from his nephew Georgo
Beavers in France, a son of Mathias
Beavers, of Maxwell. He is well, do?
ing finely and hopes to get back to
his home by the first of the year.
The teachers, Misses Emma Hager
and Miss Moore and pupils will have
a Christmas tree at school house on
Friday. They expect to leave for their
homes at Meadow View on No. 6 for
the holidays. They have organized
a Junior Red Cross, to which most of
the school belongs.
The ladies of the Red Cross are
this week soliciting new members.
Rev. Mr. Hughes, the Episcopal min?
ister, gave a splendid talk Sunday
night on the Red Cross work.
Mrs. W. B. Steele went to Cedar
,Bluff Saturday, the 14th, and "spent
the day with her mother, Mrs. Jano
McGuire, it being her mother's 73rd
birthday. A most enjoyable day was
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Gillespie and
baby Kathcrine returned Monday
from Wittens Mills, where they spent
nearly a week visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gillespie. They
report a good visit.
The following persons are recover
Night 7:30
L5 and 25c. Balcony 10 and 20c
ing from the flu: Mrs. Henry Crucy,
und 3 ycnr old child; Mrs. Thomas
Crucy, Mr. Loon Simpson, Mrs. How?
ard Reed, Mr. Henry Crucy is yet
quite ill of the disease. Mr. Robert
Williams has been indisposed, hut is
out again.
Mr. J. T. Altizer has been ill for
several days with the bronchitis
while Orin Maxwell came in from the
bridge force with tonsilitis. Mrs. Tan?
dy Stamper has xzfiflfliTixzfiflfllluT?li
dy Stamper is ill. Dr. J. H. Smith has
attended these cases.
Mr. George Hurt was a visitor to
Pisgah Saturday night.
It is expected that services will he
held in the Church of God at 11 a. m.
Mr. James Osborne returned Sun?
day from a several days visit to his
son, Wm. Osborne and family ati
Mrs. Charles McGuire and daught?
er-in-law, Mrs. James McGuire, of
Pounding Mill, visited her daughters,
Mrs. James Asbury and Mrs. Robert
Petts here today.
Mrs. Andy Petts aad daughter,
Mrs. Mardie Ingle and baby, return?
ed yesterday from Washington coun?
ty, where they spent several days
with the latters parents. Mrs. Ingle's
husband was killed in France on the
15th dny of July.
The W. C. T. U. meeting was put
off until the second Sunday after?
noon at the church. The president
secured one paid up member today,
Mrs. Charles McGuire, who formerly
belonged to the union, and had neg?
lected her dues, living so fur away.
All old members can be reinstated.
Comer ight along.
The big store building of Steele,
Gillespie and Co. is being converted
into a residence of six rooms by Mr,
David Cable, which will be occupied
by Alex Beavers and family. Thh
firm has moved into the old building
and chnnged its name to Pounding
Mill Supply Co.
Mr. John Hoops received a lettei
recently from his son, Robert, whe
is in the army in New Jersey. Mr.
Hoops is moving to Baptist Valley
having bought the farm owned by
the late Rev. P. J. Lockhart His
friends here regret to lose this ex?
cellent family.
Henry Christian will leave rridav
for Lynchburg to attend the wed?
ding of his friend, Mr. Jackson. He
expects to bring his wife back with
Miss Margaret Hurt was shopping
in Tazewell and BlucfieM the first
of the week.
Mrs. Wm. Caldwcll and sister
in-law, Mrs. Charles Phillips, were
visitors here yesterday. Her husband
hopes to return from France the first
of the year.
Big Vein, Dec. 17. ? Mr. Walter
Lcthco and family, of Boisscvainr
were visiting in our town last Sun?
Mr. S. B. Maxey is not very well at
this writing. It is thought he is tak?
ing the influenza, but we trust thai
this is not hte cascj.
, Mrs. David Hodge died last Fri?
day and was buried Sunday near
The infant child of Andy Fnrlej
died last Sunday night and was bur
ied here on last Tuesday.
Quito u number of our citizens
attended the funeral of Mrs. Hodge
laut Sunday at Boissevaipe.
Jus. O'Noll was on business in Bluc
fiold last Tuesday night.
Mrs. W. W. Gravely died last Sat?
urday and was buried Monday at the
Bailey cemetery.
Mrs. Gravley was a devoted Ohrl*
tian and was loved by all who Itnow
her. She leaves, besides hor husband,
six children, all of whom are grown
up to mourn the loss.
All of the sick folks in our town
just t present scent to bo convalesc?
S. E. Crouch, Wm. Moore, adn W.
B. Burton were visiting sick folks on
Tug River last Sundny.
The weather is favorable just now
for pneumonia, let us take precaution
against it, as the influenza epidemic
has been so bad with us, let us guard
against pneumonia.
Tom Duncan and his folks wore
buying Christmas presents in town
Wednesday. Tom saved enough out
of the wreck to pay n Christmas sub
| scription. He has been taking this
paper for more than a dozen years
1 and has seldom, if at all, failed to pay
up in advance.
An apology is due and hereby ex?
tended to the veterinary physicians
generally. In last week's issue a
little piece of intended innocent fun,
wherein a doctor of medicine was
apologized to for "slandering" him
by calling him, thru mistake, a vet?
erinary surgeon. The local should
not have appeared. It was intended
only as a little bit of pleasantry, and
no thought of harm intended. There
is no more honorable or important
profession, or one demanding more
skill and hard work than that of the
man who does what ho can to relieve
the sufferings and save the lives of
God's dumb animals. We nssure our
veterinary friends, which they have
abundant reason to know already, |
', that they have our highest esteem
and appreciation.
Wm. E. Pcory, of North Tazewell,
is a believer in arid admirer of ,. ire
bred, high blooded stock animal:,. lie
has bought a number of such animals
to Tazewell. He bus recently pur?
chased from the Locust Grove Stock
Farm in West Virginia a fine stock
horse, imported from Orane, France
by Bell Bros., of Wooster, Ohio, who
sold the horse to the Locust Grove
Farm for $2,700, and used by them
for four years with the best of re
? suits. This registered horse has a fine
record as a show horse. Shortly after
landing in America he won.first hon?
ors nt the Ohio Stnte Fair and Re?
serve Grand Champion, whjch he has
won since twice first nnd twice sec?
ond at the West Virginia Stale Fair
I at Wheeling and reserve Grand
. Champion and one rcserv% grand
As a sire he hns won three times,
nnd has stood one of five best stal?
lions in each of four contests. He
comes to this county, therefore, with
tho best of show records, and the
very best of records as a breeder.
Tho horse con bo seen at the farm
of Mi". Peery at any time.
Last Friday, in the home of Geo.
W. Gibson, in Thompson Valley, hin
son, Willie, died of influenza and or.
Insl Tuesday, in the sumo home, Miss
Georgie Wimmer, daughter of Cyn?
thia Wimmer, died of influenza.
Willie Gibson was 43 yours old.
Ho had lived all these years in his
father's home as an invalid son, not
knowing very much of whnt the world
means, hut God culled him to hit.
home above, where he knows now in
Georgie Wimmer wus 21 years old,
a beautiful girl a devoted Christian
and a loyal member of thu Method?
ist church.
Funeral services were held ut tho
cent tory near Pleasant Hill church
by Itov. W. C. Thompson, assisted by
Rev. H. O. Shannon. T.
We have been hnving quite a bit
of rain for the last few days, but
arc looking for Santa Claus to chango
the weather and bring us a deep
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Rutherford and
children spent Sunday with R. P.
Yost at Gruiten. Mrs. Rutherford's
brother has come for u few days on
Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey and fam?
ily, also Miss Alice Young, of Thomp?
son Valley and Miss I'earl Hall, of
Richlunds, are recovering from se?
rious coses of the "flu."
Bowen Thompson, who hns been in
the navy for sometime, passed thru
Liberty Friday enroutc to his home
in the Cove.
Mrs. R. B. Gillespie, of this place,
spent Sunday with Mrs. II. II. Buch?
The Misses Pearl Hall, Jean Hum?
phrey and Alice Young spent the
week end ut the hitter's home in
I Thompson Valley.
I Mr. and Mrs. Walker Uowcn will
move to Liberty Hill this coming
John Perry, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Peery, died at the homo
of Mrs. Rose Humphrey Saturday,
November 30th, where he had very
ill for some weeks. He was a boy of
good character and worthy of the
many friends which he left in this vi?
cinity. He was always known to be a
kind j.nd good boy. The remr.ins were
taken to his home oh Saturday af?
ternoon and the funeral was preach?
ed Sunday afternoon ut 3 o'clock by
Rev. W. C. Thompson.
Christmas Evo, Gladys Leslie in
"Tlui Little Runaway."
Christmas Day, Mnc Marsh in
"Sunshine Alley."
Thursday, December 20th, William
Fnrnum in "The Conqueror."
Saturday, December 28lh, Mary
Garden in "Thnis."
~ W. C. T. U.
Tho Womnns Christian Temperance
Union will meet Friday, the 27th at
three o'clock with Mrs. W. G. O'Urien.
All members tnke notice of the
change, and be present and help to
make the meeting a success.
Mr. Julio Johnson, slill n young
nun?, is helpless on account of rhou
mutiam and entirely incapacitated for
nny kind of work l>y which to make
a living for Iiis family. Several phy?
sicians of the town have been catted
and have done what they could to re?
lieve hint, hut have been unable to do
It is reported in this otllco that his
physician states that Johnson's only
hope is treatment at the Hot Spring.;
and a request made that we make an
ippeal through this paper for funds
to unable the man to go to the Hot
Spi ings.
We make the statement by request
.ml without charge. Here is mi op
i rtunlty (und wo have not. uu ny
opportunities lo help sufferers in this
tow1.1, which should appeal to tho
well-to-do people here- an opportu?
nity at small cost, to relieve suffer?
ing. What will you do about il ?
In the letter which Hill Kiser wrote
his parents here Ibis week mention
is made of tho following soldiers of
Tnzewell, who are reported well and
in good shape: Kotiert llarinan, fes
sie Vernon, Charles M. Gillcsple, Koti?
ert Meadows, Tom llowory, Henry
Hunt ami Lindsay McGuire, May lh;iy
jill have a merry Christmiis.
A citizen staled in Ibis . luce the
other day that he bad saved quite
a lo|. las!, year by having obi and
cant olT clothing cleaned and prcsucd
and so had his women folks.
Old, forgotten garmcnti. or gar?
ments discarded, were unearthed and
sent lo the cleaning and pre till);
shop of Alex UlekoilHUII mid 'lie re?
sults were surprising. He concluded
by saying, "'Alex OickcilSOII is an use?
ful citizen of this town."
This paper has not found time inn
space as yet to publish the proceed
inga of the Burkc's Garden Hunting
Club, as promised. Now, that Urn
war is over, (he pressure on our col?
umns will be less uXIICtlllg and begin
ning with the New Year we hope I.,
publish these minutes. Those Inter?
ested should send us their subscrip?
tions so as not to miss the first issue, j
Beginning with January issue wo
will publish the story, "five Wiz
enrds of tho Hills," being an account
of the trip made thru the country, in?
cluding the Southwest, by Mr. Edi?
son, Mr. Burroughs, Mr. Firestone,
Mr. Ford and others sometime ag ?.
This will be interesting reading and
wo feel sure our readers will enjoy
A number of very interesting lei ?
tors from Tazowell soldiers on the
batlefields reached this office too lute
for this issue. The paper will be full
of these letters, besides other inter?
esting mutter next issue.
Next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
,1 will preach at Pleasant Hill and in
i the afternoon at :t o'clock at White
I church. W. C. THOMPSON.
I have two sows and nine nigs for
sale, one sow has f>, the other 1 Pigs
about one month old. One litter two
weeks old. W. II. Carbaugh, Tnze
well, Va.
Saturday, D
ADMISSION: Lower Floor 15
$1.50 PER YEAR
A Small Sum Will Same Some
Little Orphan Tot From Star?
vation in Section Devastated
Hy Gerninn Mordes.
A "Sammy' was standing in one
of the green villages of France, gnz
! ing at the niins of what had been
j happy homes, the hits of a child's
cot, of a sewing machine peeping
? from among the bricks, lie wus
diuaitiily remembering bis mother's
pride in her home when he was a
tiny lot. I
i As he watched, a sad looking little
girl of eight or nine came around
the corner, she was carrying a loaf
of bread ill one hand, in the other a
can, evidently the marketing for the
"Hello, little Kirl." be cried cheeri?
ly, in a very bail French, but a dear
friendly voice, "We've turned out the
{ old lioehoH, it's a1' right now."
I The little girl looked up at In in
I quietly and then unswored slowly:
I "Yes, the Hochc.i are gone but my
, father is dead end my mother cries
? ecu use my little brother Is dying
and she says there never will he any
one to take my father's place."
; I tu understood thai boy of Arnorl
i i. of what availing for franco wan
Chateau Tliic ry if her children wore
Ig rng down'.' "Bill wo will savo
el," ho avowed, "we are strong
I eilOUgll l"i that."
I As a thank olYering for the boy
who went in gallantly toflghl but;
who returns to you Inku under your
tare the child ol I he mail who will
I net ei ret urn.
! II costs but (en cents II day to give
I this child its chance. What can you
buy for 10c a day Unit will comparu
'to ihc honor that is yours if in a
Kreuch home your boy's name Rlands
as that of the friend who did not
fail hl friei I .1 life or death. Sign
this pledge and posl with your check
(?> loc al treasurer, Miss Jessie O'Koffo
Uli' keep a child one. day.
$!{,00 keeps a cbihl one month.
$,'10.50 keeps a child one year.
$7:1.01) keeps a chilli 'I years.
I pledge myself to give:
cbihl of France for.years
:j.ns a donation toward the
support of a chilli.
Do you desire the name and ad?
dress of child'.'
Date .
All members ?f Tnzowell Hides are
I urged to be at the regular drill next
Tuesday night, when the question of
continuing tho organization will dis?
cussal und determined. The Govern?
ment has offered the company new
guiiH, equipment, etc., provided an
' offlciout organization is maintained.
I Be on hand Tuesday night.
According to custom, prevalent
with all country weeklies, no paper
will be issued from this office next
week. The presses will be shut down
and cooled off, and things put in
readiness for the beginning of tho
1019 drive.
in THAU:
ecember 28,
NIGHT 7:30
and 25c. Balcony 10 and 20c

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