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Save for a "Rainy
Day"?it's sure to
come, maybe soon
Rev. Mr. Arrowood Speaks Very
Plainly in Sunday Sermon on
"The Christian and His
Quite a sensation has been created
in town by the sermon delivered hi
the Presbyterian chruch last Sunday
by the pastor, the Rev. W. W. Arro?
wood. The subject of his sermon us
previously announced was "The
Christian and His Amusements." Mr.
Arrowood dealt at length with the
evil of the modern dances, paying
particular attention to certain dance
that have taken place in this town
and community. According to reports
there wus a recent dance at Tip Top
Springs, where it is said that u .num?
ber of the men in attendance partook
too freely of the brew of the moon?
shiner and were consequently soon in
a condition that should have forbid
their association in polite society.^
As a consequence of several of
these affairs the Commonwealth's
Attorney has been frequently pre?
vailed upon to make an effort to find
out the source of the liquor supply,
and has bad divers witnesses before
the grand jury and at Magistrates'
courts, but to no avail. Reports have
been current here for sometime that
the chaperonea were powerless to
prevent indecencies at some of the
(lances that have been held here and
in this community. No doubt these
reports, coming from reliable sources,
prompted the sermon of Rev. Mr.
Arrowood, some exeerts from which
are as follows:
"The modern dance violates the
recognized laws of health. "The late
hours, the impure atmosphere, the
lack of sufficient clothing, the over?
heated rooms, the exposure of going
out when the body i3 overheated, and
improperly clad?all these militate
against good health.
There must be danger in the
dance. This danger seems to be rec?
ognized even by society. Otherwise
why is it that the dance seems to re?
quire more careful chaperonage than
any other function of society ? Why
is it that in spite of this careful chape?
ronage the dance is apt to degenerate
into something so sensual and so dis?
gusting that even those who are not
Christians are shocked? Why is it
that we have had exhibitions on the
floor of the dance hall right here in
Tage well, not once or twice, but time
und time again that have been pro?
nounced by even the friends of the
dance as absolutely indecent? Why
is it that the manager of one of these
carefully chaperoned dances of the
town recently employed the town po?
liceman to keep order, this policeman
being paid out of the proceeds of the
dance ? Why was it that at a dance
recently held in the County (not in
the town) it was commonly reported
that there was much gambling as
well as much drinking? Ob, there's
something wrong with the dance.
Dancing and drinking on the part
of the young men seem to go together.
They go together here in Tazewell.
They go together everywhere. Why
is is that young men who would not
thing of taking n dring of liquor be?
fore going to cull on their girl
friends, or before attending any oth?
er social function, will take a drink
before and during a dance? Oh!
there's something wrong with the
gerous to social purity. Mr. T. A.
Faulkner, a converted dancing mast?
er, and ex-president of the Untieing
Masters' Association of the Pacific
coast has written a book called
"Prom the Ball-room to Hell." This
book ought to bo in the hands of
every mother and of every woman
who sees no harm in the dance. He
knows what he is talking about and
he says in one place, "If you have
the choice of a saloon for your son
and a select dancing school for your
daughter, 1 beseech you in the name
of Cod place your son in the saloon
and keep your daughter out of the
dancing school."
The modern dance is not a moral
institution. It is immoral in its ten?
dencies. It is the breeding place for
unclean thoughts and unclean acts.
Honestly do you think it is a proper
amusement for a Christian?
The Use Of The Telephone.
The telephone is no longer a mere
luxury. It has become an absolut?
necessity. A chapto.r might be writ?
ten on its uses?and abuses as well.
Several people were talking the
other day, und here are some of the
things they said about the phone: '"I
called three times, the other day, be?
fore I could get central. I was in a
hurry too. It made me mad." Per?
haps "central" was crowded with
calls, and did the best she could.
Another said: "I got central al?
right, but the number 1 called failed
to answer. After ringing and ring?
ing and waiting, he finally answered.
Perhaps he had a good excuse for
keeping me waiting." Another said:
"1 called twice and central replica,
lines busy." I learned that a lot of
kids were using the phone for noth?
ing in particular." And so it goes.
The idea is, put as little in the way
of quick communication as possible.
The phone is used, generally by
people who do not care to take time
to write or call. Answer promptly
when your bell rings. Use the phone
when necessary. It was put in to be
And, if you happen not to have a
phone put one In. Every new phone
put in increases the usefulness and
value of the entire line, but does not,
however, reduce the cost. The "retail
price" remains the same.
Dr. Crowe To Remain,
The last quarter!iy conference for
this year was held last Thursday
night in the Methodist chruch here
and the Rev. Jno. M. Crowe was re?
quested by a vote of the conference,
Rev. J. E. Wolfe, presiding, to re?
main as pastor another year. This
docs not mean that it is fixed, for in
the cabinet of the Holston Annual
Conference to meet Oct. 8th, in Prin?
ceton, W. Va., changes mny be nec
cscsary and there are other impor?
tant churches open to Dr Crowe. He
says he has never sought and never
declined an appointment in his life
and never will.
are coming!
The celebrated concert soprano
will appear jointly with the tal?
ented whistler,?in New Theatre
Friday Evening
September 5
It will be an invitation concert.
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
will assist
This appearance of the great
concert artistes in Tazewell is the
event of the season for lovers of
good music.
Call, write or telephone me for free tickets of admittance.
They will be issued in order of application.
The "Dear Voter" Has a Very
Larger List to Select From
When He Goes to Cast His
Vote in November.
There appears to be no end to tin
depredations of the political bee in
these parts. In this week's issue of
the News will be found additional
announcements for county and dist?
rict oflices.
K. C. Patty, the young lawyer of
Graham, who recently returned from
Prance where lie served honorably as
a volunteer with the American Expe?
ditionary Forces, and helped "make
the world safe for democracy," an?
nounces that he is a candidate for
Commonwealth's Attorney for this
county, and asks the voters to give
him a hearing.
Attorney Charles Cbillon Payne,
of Tazewcll, announces that lie also
inspires to the same office, and calls
on his friends to show their friend?
ship. He has a large connection in
the county, and says be has many
promises of support from unexpect?
ed sources.
? J. A. Payne, of Horsepe n Cove,
.state:-, that be is a candidate for Com
' missioner of the Revenue for Clear
Fork District, and thinks his chanced
of election are good.
Other announcements are forth?
coming. The fight is a free-for-all.
Neither of the old political parlies
have seen fit (or dared, which?) to
endorse any of the candidates, and
consequently each voter is privileged
to vote as be pleases. There is no ob?
ligation on bis part to support an.,
candidate or any set of candidates.
In view of the peculiar condition in
Tazewcll County politics it is dif?
ficult for the prognisticutors to prog?
nosticate. Partisan politics is cutting
no figure whatever. Died in-the-wood
Republicans are working for the.
election of Wilson Democrats, and
free-erade Democrats an- working for
the election of high tariff Republi?
cans. So there you are. There's tiv
telling what will happen in Novem?
ber, unless it be that Pcory Brittain
nnd Bob Crock? tt will be elected,
neither of these gentlemen have op?
position, as yet, but who can tell
what may happen?
For Commissioner of the Revenue for
Clear Fork District.
I hereby announce myself a can?
didate for Commissioner of the Rev?
enue for Clear Fork District at the
November ( lection. I respectfully so?
licit Ute support of all the voters of
the county. .1. PAYNE,
Horoopen, Virginia.
For Magistrate of the Clear Fork
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for re-election to the office
of Magistrate for Clear Fork District
at the November election.
Pocahontas, Virginia.
For Commonwealth's Attorney.
1 hereby announce myself a candi?
date for the ollice of Commonwealth's
Attorney for Tazewcll County and
promise, if elected, to execute the
duties of said ollice to the best of my
ability. Respectfully,
For Commonweabh's Attorney.
To The voters of Tazewcll County:
I hereby announce myself a candi?
date for the ollice of Commonwealth's
Attorney ut the November election,
and most respectfully solicit the aid
und support of all the people, and if
elected 1 will perform the duties of
the ollice to the best of my ability.
Candidate For Treasurer.
To the Citizens of Tazewcll County:
I hereby announce myself a candi?
date for the office of Treasurer of
Tazewcll county at the general electi?
on to be held Novebber 4th 1!>19, and
respectfully solicit your support.
Candidate For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself a can?
didate for Sheriff of Tazewcll coun?
ty, at the election November 4th,
lylll, and earnestly solicit the sup?
port of all the voters.
To the voters of Tazewcll, Russell,
Buchunan, and Dickcncon counties:
Having received the Republican
nomination, 1 hereby announce that 1
am a candidate for the oflice of State
Senator for the district composed of
Tazewcll, Russell, Buchunan, and)
Hickenson, and respectfully solicit the
support of all the voters in such dis?
trict. R. O. CROCKETT.
Mr. A. J. Steele Painfully Hurt.
Mr. A. J. Steele was painfully, but
not seriously, injured last Thursday
morning by being struck by a pro?
jecting rod of a road-scrapering ma?
chine, which he was unloading. The
rod struck him on the head and the
blow rendered him unconscious for
several hours, und for a few days
after the accident his family were
very uneasy about liim. He is now
able to be up and about, and will
soon be well.
Colonel IIowcll Dead.
Col. P. T. Howell, whose illness has
been mentioned in this paper, died at
his home in Floyd County, his fun?
eral and burial taking place on Thurs?
day of last week, lie was 81 years
old. He leaves three daughters and
one son, Mr. P. F. Howell, of this
town. Mrs. Howell and five sons pre?
ceded him some years ago.
Lynchburg Visitura.
Dr. J. A. Reese, of Lynchburg and
his wife are visitors to Mrs. Reese's
old home at Wittens Mills. Mrs. Reese
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex
Witten. True to type, Dr. Reese put
in his appearance at the Baptist
church Sunday school last Sunday
morning, instead of driving around
"sightseeing," and gave a fine and in?
spiring talk. Dr. Reese is a promi?
nent and useful member of Rivermoni
' Baptist church, Lynchburg.
"Jail Robber" In Town.
James Knox Smith, the colored
lawyer and jail robber of Keystone,
W. Va., was in Tazewell for several
days this week attending court. He
was raised in Tazewell, and takes
every opportunity to return to his
native heath. Jim States that Mon?
day morning as he arose from his
couch in Keystone, and prepared for
the journey to Tazewell his sou se?
lected from his library of grapho
phonc records, the famous old soag,
"Carry Me Hack to Old Virginia,"
aad that never before bad that old
song carried him through the dim
vista of years with such marked dis
As thes strains of the old melody
were wafted on the breeze of the
early morning air, visions of the Ce?
cils, Smiths, and the older families of
Tazewell, the days of chivalry, when
knighthood was in flower, passed be?
fore him, he said, in kaleidoscopic pa?
norama. As he nenred the Tazewell
county line and his eyes, dimmed with
tears of fond remembrance, caught the
vision of the Virginia blucgrass hills,
the meadows, the golden grain, the
fat cattle,?the atmosphere of con?
viviality and hospitality enveloped
him as tho passing through a fairy
flower garden before the honey bees
had waked to sip the buttercups and
honey suckle of their sweetness. Smith
is an "old Virginia nigger," and is
ami proud of if. He was bora ami
raised near this town three-quarters
of a century back. He has practiced
law in McDowell county for many
years, and has lived in the town of
Keystone a greater part of the time.
He had scant early educational ad?
vantages, learning to read and write
and cipher at night, by the aid of the
men for whom he worked. In the same
manner he learned law. Notwitbstuad
ing all these handicaps he has made a
good living and more in the practice
of law. His record, to say the least,
is remarkable.
News Of Pounding Mill
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley, of
South Dakota, visited Mr. and Mrs.
It. K. Gillespie and Mrs. OUio Hurt
and families last week. They drove
i through frmo Detroit in their hand?
some new iJfi.fiOt) car going by way of
Hilten, N. Y., and bringing Miss Lois
i Hurt, who has been taking special
' lessons in music at Cornell Umvers
I ity, and Mrs. D. 11, Gillespie, who has
been leaching mathematics in that
institution, back with them.
Mrs. Susan Ringstuff left Sunday
for Koanoke to visit her old friend
and neighbor, Mrs. M. .). Slurgill,
Mrs. W. It. Steele, Mr. and Mrs.
John Ii. Gillespie, and baby Cathe?
rine, Dr. Rex. Steide, Dora Newman,
of this place, and their guests, and
relatives Mrs. Sarah Allen Steele and
Mrs. Rilbcccn Steele, Paint Lick,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Sleele's
mother and sister, Mrs. Jane am
Pearl McGuire, ut Cedar Hluff. Mr
and Mrs. Jim McGuire and children
? of that place were also guests,
moth, sityQK vbgkq vbgkq vbgkipi
Mrs. James Asbury and Mrs. Koll?
ert I'etts spent Sunday with their
grandfather, Floyd McGuire.
Mrs. .1. T. Atlizcr, of Kichlands,
was shopping in town tonight and
dropped in to see the W. C. T. U.
president and pay up the families
dues, the whole family of six, be?
Several from this place attended the
county convention of VV. G. T. U. at
Cedar Hluff. The Union at this place
has a large membership, almost one
hundrdc active members. There are
not many families but what one or
more belong. In the meeting Sunday
all the old officers were re-elected,
except the recording secretary, Mrs.
J. H, Johnson, resigning, Mrs. C. 11.
Griffith was elected in her place.
Other officers are: Mrs. W. B. Steele,
Pres., Mrs. Martha Sparks, Vice pres?
ident, Mrs. C. H. Kobinettc, Treas.,
Mrs. Tom Kingstaff, cor. Secy.
Chap Osborne, the noted still cap?
turing man, was here a short time
Sunday on our porch. He is consider?
ed quite a hero, pity we haven't many
more like him.
Mrs. Alex Altizer, of Kichlands,
visited her daughter, Mrs. Alex Hea?
vers on her way to her old home near
Mrs. G. M. Hunter has her friend
from Alabama, as her guest.
A high school room is being added
to the two room building here, just a
second year high school will be
taught What a jity this was noL done
twenty years ago. Many pupils had
to go elsewhere, while others had to
give up further education on account
of lack of means to go elsewhere.
Miss Barbara Hurt will be the
principal of the school this year,
while Miss Kdith Wiliamson will
teach the primary, a lady from off
will teacher tho- higher grades.
Mrs. Tom Steele, Kichlands and
daughter, Miss Annie of Washing?
ton, 1). C, spent Thursday visiting
their cousin, Mrs. W. H. Steele and
family. Miss Stele is stsenogapher in
the treasury department. Her boaru
and lodging is almost as much as the
teachers make here.
Mr. Harry Williams is visitig his
brother, Robert Williams. Harry was
in the army and will return to Hnmp
den Sidney again. It is useless to say
he will make good. He is a very
bright and handsome young man, and
belongs here, where he was partly
Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Ringstaff, George, son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Hrewster, and Orin, son
of Albert Maxwell, all of this place
have joined the navy. Many good
wishes follow them.
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Ringstaff
and three sons, Finloy, Carl and Gra?
ham, motored to Honuker Sunday
and spent the day with their parents
Mr. and Mrs. Mcade, a reunion of the
Meade family.
Mrs. Ira Simpson and omst of the
children, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Hol
brok and four children, three child?
ren of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gruey and
Howard Reed have the measles. Mrs.
Simpson and one child wee quite ill
Sunday. Dr. Smith, of Richlands, was
Interest in Holiness Meeting.
Levy Wynn, the Holiness preacher,
has pitched his tent out in one of
the bottoms in West Graham and es?
tablished himself for a series of meet?
ings. The services are being large?
ly attended, with the usual interest
shown. Mr. Wynn has been very busy
during the summer, and has conduct?
ed his tent meetings at Tazewell,
Tip Top, the Divides nnd now is in
Graham.?Graham Daily News.
29, 1919.
Architect Making Pinna For Re?
modeling Old Part or Build?
ing For a Homo For the
Now Hank.
Mrs. Mary llaraian. of this town,
will assume charge of tho Jcffcrsou
ville Hotel Monilny next, the first of
September. Tito advertised sale of
the hotel furniture, has boo'.t enn
celled, the owners of the hotel agree?
ing to sell the whole of the furniture,
and other parnplttuintia, for (he sum
of .<('.(!(?. Arel.ileeh Henry Kiser has
'been lure all this week making plans
for the alteration of the old part of
the hotel properly, which will lie oc?
cupied by the new bank, lie will also
make plans for the proposed changed
in the present hotel property. It lias
been proposed thai twenty four rooms
he added lo the rear of the new part
of the hotel, and new furniture, heal?
ing plant, and certain alterations
made which would make the hotel
more convenient and attractive to
guests. This latter change will prob?
ably not occur for sometime, as the
promoters of (he new hank hope to
interest the public to the extent that
that a joint stock company can In?
formed, and the additions end alter?
ations he made under (he supervision
of tin- new company. T;,e new hank,
as an institution, will have no con?
nection whatever, we are informed
with (he hotel.
So far as subscriptions lo the capi?
tal stock is concerned, the organi?
sation of the new hank hl-.s boOit
about perfected. There I., much to ho
done yet, however, before the insti?
tution will he ready for business, A
meeting of the stockholders will In'
culled and officers elected. Furniture
and fixtures will hive to bu secured,
etc. One of the promoter:; of the new
hank is authority for the statement
that the public has been s.Igor to
secure the stock thai double the
amount of the proposed slock could
have been secured.
Reception To Returned Soldiers.
Mr. ami Mrs. N. .1. Harris, of
Thompson Valey. gave a reception to
the returned soldiers of the commun?
ity, on Sal unlay evening, Aug 23rd.
Knell boy bad the privilege of invit?
ing the lady of his choice. At su
o'clock dinner was served, consisting
of boiled bam, turkey, and other
things in proport ion.
The spurious dining room was beau?
tifully decorated with ferns ami poll?
ed plants. If all made n picture, in?
deed, as tb<' twenty soldiers, in uni?
forms, seated beside lb.' "girl be b it
' behind him," feasted on the thing:;
iso bottnliously spread before (hem.
The |,i I ? from a distance were,
I Miss Kdilh l.ee of A nil waif, W. Vn.,
I Miss Lucille Thompson, of Tir/.ewell,
and Pearle, Frank, ami .lames Daniel,
of Horscpcn.
The evening was pleasantly spent,
with music anil games, and as they
departed, each soldier realised that
dreams do, BOmctimes, come true.
Mr. I'atly Announces.
This week's Clinch Valley News
will carry the curd of Attorney Ken?
neth C. I'atty, of Graham, who an?
nounces himself n candidate for the
office of Commonwealth's attorney for
Tazewcll county in the election this
Mr. Patty was recently elected
chairman of the Democratic commit?
tee of Tozcwell county, ami since bis
election to that position he has been
active in the promotion of parly af?
fairs, and it is understood that, be
contemplates an active campaign in
his ambition to succeed, lion. .1. W.
Hnrmiin as the prosecuting attorney
of the county. Mr. Pally has made
quite a number of friends during his
resilience in Graham, who no doubt
will be interested in bis nilliounci
mcnt. Harry Sprat t, of Tazewell, is
also a candidate for the same ollice,
and bis card appeared in the 'I'a/.e
well paper some time since. Mr.
Sprat I, who is a son of Hon. W. It.
Spralt, of Richlnnds, is a Republican
and at one time played on the Blue
field baseball team, and later was in
the big league for a while.
Both be and Mr. Paly are among
the younger men of the l'azcwoll bar,
and both are possessed of fine char?
acters, capable and energetic ami
either would no doubt fill this respon?
sible ollice with credit both to them?
selves and the grand obi common?
wealth.? Graham Daily News.
The Blueficld Fnir Next Week.
Attention is called lo the ad, of the
Blueficld Fair, which begins next
Monday, extending through the filh
of Die month.
According to statements made in
these advertisements, the Pair this
year will be of more than usual in?
terest in Ihe way of races, exhibiti?
ons etc. The flying machine will lie
an attractive proposition no doubt.
Heretofore the air-plane stunts at the
county fairs have been disappointing,
but it is confidently believed that the
promise of a fine air-plane exhibiti?
on by the management, will be fully
Of course many Tazewell people
will attend the Fair as heretofore.
Typhoid Fever Patients.
Mrs. Everett Edwards and a young
child of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Heldreth,
have mild cases of fever. Mr. and
Mrs. Vandyke who have been ill for
several weeks, are now convelescent.
A Booze Court.
This term of court will be know,.
Chiefly, as "The Booze Term." It is
u surprise as well us regret, that,
their are so many citizens of the
county who have no respect for tin'
laws of their country.
A Trundle Bed at Tanncrsvillt.
In reply to last week's inipiiy, Mr.
Taylor, of Tannersvillc, writes:
"Mr. Leslie: As to the trundle be i
I have one I guess is 7f> years oh
I slept on it when a boy. 1 also hav
two spinning wheels, one reel, two
flax heckles, and a loom, thai I know
are more than 100 years old.
"These I will keep till I am put
under the sod. I want my kids to
keep them as relics."
1 Yours, W. S. TAYLOR.
Auto Thief Is Killed.
Wise County officials lute Tues?
day afternoon established the iden?
tity of the body discovered late Mon
lay night near Tacomn, Vn., on the
Clinch Valley, as Charles Poindcx-I
tor, of Wise Court House, according'
to reports reaching here.
The arrest of one person who is'
thought to have been in the automo?
bile which turned over a high em?
bankment and landed on the railroad
killing I'oindextor, was reported at
noon Tuesday. This arrest was ef
fueted by Norton poliee near the coke
ovens at that place Tuesday morn?
ing. The young man held by the
Norton authorities pending the in?
vestigation is said to have been bare?
headed at the time of his arrest. It
is thought he was the owner of one
of the caps found near the wreck?
ed automobile by section men late
Monday night.
Apparently authentic information
received here was to the effect that
the automobile had been driven into
Norton Monday evening by a travel?
ing salesman from Tennesse?!. lie
hail placed it in a garage, leaving
his coal in the car. The ear was stol?
en from the garage and it is (bought
I'oiudexter and two other parties
were making their gel-away when the
accident oecured. I'oiudexter w:n
wearing the salesman'.; coal at the
limn <>f his tragic death, it was said.
Hundreds of persons visited the
scene of I he accident Tuesday. The
body was not identified until lifter il
bad been removed to Norton Tues?
day afternoon. The body was found
in a ditch and the automobile was
completely wrecked and broken Up,
The accident happened at tie- exact
spot where an automobile went over
the embi nkmcnt some two yours
ago, killing a railroad brakeinan.
Persons who were on the scene
Tuesday say the automobile would
have landed at least seventy five feet
from the county road had il not been
struck ami crushed by lite locomo?
tive. Minefield Daily " Telegraph.
New Taper for Ta/ewell (?)
Ta/.ewell, il is learned, is to have
a new weekly newspaper, ami I lu
initial issue i; to appear soon. The
new publication will espouse the cause
of the C. (). I', ami will be edited by
"Plunk" Harrison, a Tuxcwell young
man, with lb-- i>ss<st.nneu of'other
able scribes. It I? understood here
that the printing plant of Coloii"l W.
<!. O'Hrlen. the former editor of the
Tny.owoll Republican hint I.n pur?
chased by the promoters of tin- new
Mrs Ammeln Hain.lt celebrated
her 72lld. birthday on last Sunday,
Aug. 24. Her Sunday school class
were the invited guests with a few
other special friends. A few of those
present were: Mrs. C. K. Hnrlon,
Misse.* Ada and lto-.a Itlirloil, Genr
Ifie Itepass. Kmmil Dillow ami Mvrtle
Wagner. Mrs. It C. Cooper, Mrs.
Tom Yost, Mrs. .1. W. Vast, Mr. F?
lix Itnurne, and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Itepass. Mrs. A. I.. Itepass,
Mis. Henry Young, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Ashcrry, and Mrs. Ilofftrnok.
Quite a su nip ton h dinner of boiled
ham, baked chicken, ice cream and
rake was served. Every one present
enjoyed the day. She ri.ived several
nice presents All present wish her
many more birthdays just like that
Honorable Martin Williams Here.
The Honorable Marlin Williams, of
I'enrishurg, for years a representa?
tive in the General Assembly of Vir?
ginia from this county and district
and one of the best informed men in
the slate, author of a number of good
and wholesome provisions now on the
Statute books of the slate, was here
this week attending .lodge Kegley's
court, lie was asked to express him?
self on the work of Hie present spec?
ial session of the Legislature. This
is about what, he said: "Of course
this legislature w:?h culled for the
line purpose of shaping legislation
so as to meet the Federal appropri?
ation for road building. There has
grown up a controversy, as I under?
stand il, between the Governor and
lb- Gooii Koads Association of the
slate, as to the amount, of laxes now
In be levied, the Governor contending
that a levy of 1(1 cents on Hie $1(11)
worth of property, together with Ihn
increase of the automobile lax, will
he sufficient to meet, the demands;
the Good Koads people contending,
thill even though this may be true,
yet we .should levy a tax of Hi cents
al once in order to carry out the Good
Koads program mapped out. by Ihe
Association I do not hesitate to say,
that. I agree with the Governor.
I No tuxes should be levied that lire
J not necessary. I fear, before we get
through with this good roads agita?
tion that, the tax payers of the stale
will imagine (bat n freal deal of
money has been raised and expended
The League of Nations.
"You ask me what I think of The
League of Nations,' said .Judge Wil?
liams. "I will say, that as a result
of the war the world is left in chaos.
New boundary lines now constitute
new nations, new and mixed langu?
ages, new religion, new social and
economic conditions have risen inside
of these boundaries. All of these con?
ditions must be harmonized, and order
brought ml of chaos. The best tal?
ent of the world has adopted what is
known as the League of Nations, as
the only meduim thru which we can
l reach this goal. Whilst certain amend
I mcnts might be made I would regret
to see party politics come in and dc
: feat a great world scheme without
offering a suitable substitute."
The mercury dropped this week to
a degree which looked alarming. Ov?
ercoats and (ires were in order. The
farmers with late corn are apprehen?
sive. However, the weather man has
promised warmer weather next week.
la Honor Of Miss Guillain.
Judge undo Mrs. S. C. Graham
were at home on Monday evening in
honor of Miss Jessie Graham who re?
turned from overseas on Sunday. She
received ft hearty welcome from the
many frinods who called. Mrs. Gra?
ham was assisted in receiving by
Mrs. B. W. Stras, Mrs. P . D. John?
ston and Miss Mayola Gillespie, Mrs.
H. E. Harman and Mrs. Sam ?. May
presided over the punch bowl.
Itirthduy Celebration.
Gratton. Vn.
The Cool Wave.
^ Call up Phone
^ if your stationei
9 supply is low. M
-?????-?;- i.l.y?J
$1.50 PER YEAR.
Many Witnesses Before GralijL
Jury, Investifratinj? Alleged j
Violations of Virginia's Pro?
hibition Laws.
Oik- of tin* largest crowds Unit hajL.
attended court here for .sometime!
was hen- this week. The grand juvfffl
investigation of liquor cases was re^ST
sponsihle for nwiny of the pebplo|
coming to town. Up to noon yestejr-qj
day few indictments had been return?
ed It is rumored that the Tip Top
dance investigation will not dcveldjvj
anything out of the ordinary, and:']
that many other alleged violations
of the prohibition laws, after invett-;'
tigation, have failed to develop BuBI
licient evidence to warrant indict-!'
These gentlemen compose the graiis&*|
jury: -I
Ceo. A. Marlin. I'. G. Haiigh, C. fldil
Nash. Chapman II. l'eery, Wntst|p|:
Stowers, Thus. Harrison, T. II. Cilles
pie. W. Ii, Steele, .1. I), Pool y,
The petit jury:
Prot! Cillespie, John 1. Hill, II. jg|
Howling, M. Klswick, .las. II. Heav?
ers. Theo. Arms, WM. M. Mundny,\l
Wm. A. Thompson, Ii. Krank Spe.nce, I
Archie Thompson, W. .1. Sparks, Staf*
fold Itnsnnke, Ceo. W. Crabtrce, Mu^-V
lard Pruott, (iiles I.. French, If. jffl
I lowery.
As I he grand jury had made no rtflB
ports up to noon yesterday, UlO pctif^
jury had not been empannelled. N?
Some Of Those Who Were Here.
Court week brought n largo nurnl? '"
er of the "sovereign voters" and somo'Ml
not voters, lo town. A number of
The Hoys, called at Headquarters?
some lo drop a hat wing or two 111?*
payment of their tuition in this/*
School of Light and Learning, others/ i
like Isaiah Harry, only to talk am,* r
gas, ami take up the editors timc\<,!'
lie generally talks well, and for this \
und olher reasons not necessary to
slate is tolerated, always a welcome
visitor. A. W. Morion, Raven, and C.
S. Faulkner, Tip Top, were among
the editors friends to call and jmy
I nit ion. These I wo hoys are mention?
ed in ennnelion for the reason that
I hey are the lallesl young bucks In
the county, and no akin either to out'
friend "Hill" .limes. Tnr.cwull's tall
Sycamores "of the Wahash" are gen?
erally speaking fine fellows, but
heller when they nie asleep than at
any olher lime. dim llowman and
Rev. Meadows, a Candidate for Com?
missioner, were here, from llorso
Pen cove. S. (1. l'eery, a son of the
lale .lames l'eery, of Liberty Hill,
called to get a receipt for hilf dlloH.
lie is much mussed up by rheumu?
tism. Horton, from Alfredton, und
bis pastor, Rev. Mr. Tiller, were call?
ers. Tiller bad a nice lot of station?
ery made, and Horton, who is a can?
didate for Supervisor in his district,
said he was certain, beyond all doubt,
to bear (be born blow in November.
Wal son Stowers was hero also. ITo
.was a witness before the grand jury.
I On Wednesday his wife and her nol'r
ghbor, Mrs. Wilson, came along to
keep on e\.u Walsou, and do some
shopping and see lo if that Watson
did not drive his cur over the editor,
as be came near doing on one occa?
sion, irmkins il necessary for the
editor to lake him down about two
not cites.
Theo. Armes, Baptist Valley, a
nephew of the lale Theo. A rme.'t, and
W. F.. Tabor, of P.oissevane, a son
of Ibe lale .lames Tabor, of Thomp?
son Valley, and (ieo. W. Cillespie,
Jr.. left several bat-wings on the
desk, and others did flic name. II.'J.
Harvey, a good farmer, of milestone,
J dropped in In pay .1. I>. Tabors sub
I scrip!ion.
These arc some of the Hoys who
rubbed elbows with the editor on
Tuesday. Space has run out.
Announcement Party.
A most, delightful social affair was
Ibat given Miss Kvelyn McCall last
Friday afternoon at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. II. Kiser at North Tnze
II when I he announcement of her
approaching marriage to Mr. Bane
(!. l'eery was made known. The
guests were met at the door by Mrs.
Riser and Miss Lyilo Met;.1.!! and
conducted lo the library, where they
weie served punch by Mrs. Ceo. It.
McCall, of Raven, and Mis. Garland
l'eery, of North Tazewell. The guests
were then shown to another room,
where a huge basket, from which was
hanging u ribbon for euch guest was
placed on a table. The visitors were
asked each lo pull a ribbon, which
was done und a heart was withdrawn
from the basket, on which was in?
scribed the names of the Miss McCall
and Mr. Peery. Congratulations were
then in order, and of course the good
advice of the many frieds of the pop?
ular young lady was freely offered.
"How" to Manage a Husband," pre?
dominated in the list of good counsel
given, which, was freely accepted by
the bride-to-be. The color scheme
was yellow and white. The home of
Mr. ami Mrs. Kiser was decorated in
golden glow und wild carrot,
Marriage Tomorrow.
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Ward, daught?
er of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ward, will be
married tomorrow morning nt ten
o'clock at the bride's home on Pine
Street to William Ralph Billiard, son
of Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Bullnrd. Rev.
Mr. Hullard will officiate, and will be
assisted by the Rev. W. W. Arrowood.
Mr and Mrs. Bullard will leave after
the marriage for Bluefield and will
take an east hound train for Now
York, where Mr. Bullard has lucra?
tive work.
Family Reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Becker, Peters?
burg, and their two children, are
visiting Mrs. Becker's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Reynolds. Mrs. Bar?
bara Reynolds Carr, is also on a
visit to the old home.
Mr. Combs and wife and children,
of Grundy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moss
nie expected home today, and a live?
ly good time is expected in the Rey?
nolds home next Sunday. The editor
is thinkink of inviting himself to be
present. ... . _

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