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Established 1846.
?ntered nt the Tazewell. (V?..) post
.office as second class naaU matter
under act of Congress.
J. A. LESLIE & SON,...Publishers
? (In Advance)
By mail, postpaid, one yeai,.. .$1.6u
Advertising rates on application
" For the twenty-fifth time we write
- our Christmas greeting nnd our most
grateful acknowledgments. It is giv?
en to few?perhaps to no other one
man in this state, ho far as we know, ?
,' to continue ns editor of a country |
"weekly successively for a quarter ccn- |
tury. Hence we write "grateful" nc
; knowledgmcnt?grateful to a kind j
Providence for continued health and 1
ability to work, nnd to an host of ,
kind nnd indulgent friends. We grate
fully acknowledge indebtedness to
both these magnanimous sources,
Without cither one we could not have j
possibly succeeded.
Hence, we repeat our most grate
' ful acknowledgments.'
This 1922 Christmas finds our peo?
ple in good condition financially. Com?
pared with other sections, and pnr- '
ticularly other countries our people
have every reason in the world to
return hearty thanks to a benificent
' Providence for necessary and even
innumerable blessings of every coi?- j
. ceivablc kind. As a matter of fact if j
thero is lack of the necessaries nnd '
comforts of life amongst us it is due
in the majority of cases to improvi-'
dence or extravegance on our par.tA
perhaps sin. At any rnto we nil may
be thankful that we live, and par?
ticularly livo-?v this great country of I
vast opportunities^-'
To- all'. ouj^elfilers we extend most l
^ heft'rty^/^ood wishes for a merry
?T*^Jnrlsw\n's.- In ninny homes there will
r',;. he"a?.Vacant chair this glad day. It's
jS^forrhcr occupant bus gone on before.
ES'Others nre scattered "far and wiac- '
,.--' ln every state of the union, nnd
across tho seas.
To nil these we send hnppy greet?
ings. These "exiles" though absent
arc not forgotten, and will be ru
mcmberd when tho stockings are
hung on Christmas night. Once more
A move is on foot, according to re?
liable information, to estnblisb a pool
room, restaurant and barber shop in
tho hotel. There will be n good deal
of discussion, pro nnd con, fore nnd
nft so to speak. Some of the best
citizens, who have expressed them- j
selves, JUST"no obj&t&P. ,u Ji
rotjjfl'"proper]y conducted, under prop
r restrictions. The point is made
that the town of North Tn'/.cwell
has a billnrd room which is con?
ducted in an entirely proper and un?
objectionable manner, a room where
Indies can visit nt any time with
propriety. Why not such n room in
this town? There nie bridge parties,
poker parties, Ford and bootleg par?
ties, nnd a neat properly conducted
billiard parlor might casilly supplant
some of the more objectionable'
amusements. The young men nnd
boys have no place of resort at night :
except the street. A Y. M. C. A. was
tried, failed, even the Lnymans club .
has gone the way of all the rest.
Try n. billiard room, nnd if it bt
comcs n nuisance it can be closed up.
What is your opinion on tho sub?
A woman went to the post office,
bought' a post office order for $5.00
sent it to n mail order house for cor
tain goods. She proceeded down town,
visited two of the stores, bought
quite a bill nt each place, said to tho
merchants, "just charge the bill." The
bills were charged and carried on tho
books for 12 months. If there is any?
thing fair or even honest in such
proceeding, we fail to see it. There
counld only bo one possible excuse
for such disloyalty, either that tho
goods wanted could not bo found in
Tazewell, or the prices asked were
exorbitant. It requires a good nerve,
or is it only thoughtlessness, ro ass
a merchant to credit you, and at tne
same time send ensh to the out-of
town merchant. Lets stop it!
Dr. Emile Cou. the distinguished
French physician, is curing people of
all sorts of disease by suggestion
and nuto-suggestion. Be anything,
have anything you need if only you
believe in it. "Every day in every
way, I am getting bef.tcr and better,"
is the slogan. Repeat this formula,
many times a day, and you will see I
results. Doesn't the* Good book snyj
"as a man thinketh in his heart so is
he." Try the formula. - i
The United States demands that
the doors of the world shall be open
to us, and sits on tho front porch
with a shot gun, warning every other
nation to keep out, oven Canada.
We used to laugh at Darwin theory
that mtn were descendants of man
keys, but in these latter days tho doc?
trine of evolution is tearing the
churches to pieces, Men seem not
only ready but anxious to believe,
that they" evoluted from monkey*.
Every newspaper, secular, politi.
nl and religious, that .comes to this
office, and many others that do not
"jumps on" tho Ku Klux. The points
of nttack seems to be, that it is a
secret organization, discrimminates
.".gainst certain classes of religion?
ists, interferes with enforcement of
the law, nnd the latest developnn.
is that it is a regular grafting ma?
chine, charging extortionate prices?
$10.00 for membership fee, etc., etc.
We hold no brief whatever for the
K. K.K. but in all candor w do not
see that tho points of criticism hurl?
ed at the order aro all well taken.
Tlic klan is a secret organization, to
be sure, so is the Masonic fraternity
and every other fraternal and bene?
volent organization, wo belive. As to
discrimination against) Jews and
,Catholics we think the klan has tht
right to Bay who shall and shall not
bo a member of tho order, us do all
other organizations, nt the same time
the order is carrying its devotion to
pure Americanism, a little too fur.
Tho other orders, wo believe nil of
tlicm, require candidates to subscribe
to some belief in religions, tenets.
The charge of "graft" may be
made similarly against any number
of orders. The American Federation
of Labor and other orders, levy tax?
es on their members, pay their offic?
ers large salaries and pile up mon?
ey. So this and other objections seem
not well founded. So far as our
knowledge extends no charge of nn
unlawful character has been laid at
the door of the klan.
In the finn1 analysis, the existenco
of tho klar, "may be duo to tho fail- ??
uro or inability of our criminal laws. ,
Take one case. In a certain communi- '
ty lived a man with a fine wife and u
family of happy children. Ho becamt
infntuatcd with n disreputable worn
an in another community, left his j
family for tho other woman. Ono'
night, like a lot of ghosts, a few
whito clad men rode through this
man's town, proceeded to the cemo
tery, shaped up n grave, put n board
at the head with this recreant hus?
bands nnmo on the board, nnd just
beneath the name the sentence, "Your
move next," and departed as silently
as they came. Next day, a neighbor
visited 'he cemetery, saw the grnve,
etc. and informed the wayward hus?
band. Tho next night he was home j
with his family., and has boen ever
since. Hero was one case outside the j
luw. A divorce could have been grant-1
cd but. the home broken up. Thero j
arc hundreds of instances of similar ?
interpositions of the klan where tho (
laws of the land failed to rench or
correct. Still all this may not justify
the existence of the klun.
If I wore ever a Ccptan I'd UJ?-'' to I
be liko him,
-VJ'An never n sword, except of wood, I
and never a look that's grim;j
Never a drum but toy ones, and nev?
er n trumpet to blow
Except of tin ns away with a grin,
over the world I'd go.
Leading little children, and wander?
ing here and thero
To heal the heart of an aching nge
and smooth the wrinkles of J
Now, whnt are wars to n Captain
like that, I'd have you toll!
And what arc swords and muskets
and what are shot and shell!
For ho does not need to use them,
but ever ho conquers men.
And sets them straight, keeps them
true, gives them gladness
With naught but the power of beau?
ty iti love nnd peaco to bring.
The tender rays of heavenly ways
that leavo no hurt or sting!
Each year ho cornea with nn army of
cheer, laughter nnd song,
And the little choldrcn follow, a? d
and the army grows so strong;
Till., hopping, skipping nnd jumping
it reaches before and behind
The farthest temples of fancy thnt
burn in human mind,
Till it comes out somewhere distant
*>t sun nnd moon nnd the sea
That sings away on Christmas day I
at the foot of the Xmas tree.
?Bentztown Burd in Bnltimore Sun.!
- I
(Youths Companion.)
A white colporteur once visited n
part of central Chinn into which to
tht best of his knowled-co no whito
missionary had ever penetrated. Gat?
hering n big crowd of Chinese round
him in one of the towns, he began to
read to them from the New Testa?
ment in Chinese. He rend tue story
of Jesus's healing a blind man and
also of his healing a lame man. Then
he read of his healing lepers, like the
lepers that crowded tho streets of
Ith town; wheroupoh the faces of the
people lighted up.
"Oh, wo know him!" they cried.
"He used to live here. Our mothers
nnd fathers have told us about him.
Ho lived in a houso down the streit.
Wo know where ht is buried. His
grave is here; we will show it to
you, teacher. When the great plague
camo the rest left us, but he would
not leave us. He gave us strange
things out of a bottle. We took the
things land were better. Wo hud
babies; they wore blind. He washed
their eyes and made them well; they
could see. Oh, we know him very
well! Ho has often walked down our
streets and spoken to us when we
were little."
"No, that could not be!" said the
colporteur. "He lived in a land far,
far from here. He belonged to n dif?
ferent nationality."
"No, sir," they insisted; "You are
mistaken. He wn^ right here. Come
and we will show you the grave!"
He went and saw the grave and its
inscription, which was in English. Ho
looked up the history of the town and
Several years ago the editor
of the New York Sun received
a letter from a little girl ask?
ing him if there is a Santa
Claus. His answer at once be?
came n Christmas classic, and
thousands of requests arc made
each yenr for its reproduction,
which follows:
"We take pleasure in answer?
ing at once and thus prominent?
ly the communication below, ex?
pressing at the same time our
gratification that its faithful
author is numbered nmong the
friends of the Sun:
"Denr Editor:?I am eight
years old. Some of my friends
say there is no Santa Claus.
Papa says if v?u sec it in the/
Sun it's so r>Iea,se Veil mo the
truth-- ?". Liierea Santa Clnus?
115 West Ninety-fifth St.
"Virginia, your littlo friends
ni(i wrong. They bave been ef?
fected by the skepticism of a
skeptical age. They do not be?
lieve except they see. They
think that nothing can be which
is not comprehensible by their
little minds. All minds, Virgin?
ia whether thov be mens or
children, nve littlo. In this great
universe of ours man is n mere
insect, an tint in his intellect as
compared with the boundless
world about him, as measured
by his Intelligence cnpable of
grasping the whole of truth
and knowledge.
"Yes. Virginia, there is n Snn
In Clnus, He exists as certain
us life nud generosity and de?
votion exist, and you know that
I hey abound and give to your
life' its highest beauty nhd jov.
Alas! how dreary would be the
world if there was no Santa
Clnus. It would be as drenrv ??
if there were no Virginia. There
would bo no tV?\UWVke Ia\?.h
theceivy n6 poetry, no proverbs
'In mnkc tolernblo this existence.
We should have no enjoyment
except in sense nud sight a.id
the paternal light with which
childhood faith in the world
would be extinguished.
"Not believe in Santa Clans!
You might as well not believe
in fairies. You might get your
papn to hire men to watch all
the chimneys on Christmas Eve
tb catch Santa Clans, but even
ir they did not see Santa Clans
coming down, what would that
prove ? Nobody sees Santa
Clans, but that is no sign there
is no Santa Clnus. The most
real things in the -world are
those that neither children nor
men can see. Did.you ever see
fairies dancing on the lawn?
Of course not. But that's ua
proof they are not there. No?
body can conceivn or imagine
nil the wonders there are un?
seen and unseeable in the world.
"You may tear apart the
baby's rattle and sec what
makes the noise inside, but
thcro is n veil covering the un?
seen world which not thj strong?
est mnn, nor eviw the united
strength of nil the ftlrongcst
men that ever lived, could tear
v.yart. Only faith, poetry, love,
romance, can push aside thut
curtain and view and picture
the supernal beauty and glory
beyond. Is it nil real? Ah, Vir?
ginia, in all this world there Is
nothing else more real and
"No Santa Claus? Thank
God ho lives and he lives for
ever. A thousand years from
now, Virginia; nay ten times
ten' thousand years from now he
will continue to make glad the
heart of childhood." i
Graham's New Baptist Church and Its Pastor.
learned that, the mnn whom the peo?
ple had r.noken of wus a British vol?
unteer, a young doctor who had Ju it
completed his medical course, who
liad gone up the Yangtso River a
hundred miles and, brenking Into the
central and northerly interior, had
settled in the little town. The plague
at last had taken his life.
And away out there years after
when the people heard the words
c.bout Christ they called out. "We
knew him! He lived here! We knew
him we'll!"
Weather forecast: "Bananas, this
season are wearing henvier skins, in?
dicating an early fall."
room, i
"You can paper
Decoratow to newly rich
havo finished the drawing
Mrs. Newly Rich
the study on Friday
Decorator: "And what shall we do
in the interim?"
Mrs. N. R.: "Y'ou can paper that,
hves, will be finally placed on a suit
l e in the vestibule of the
church. The pastor, Rev. M. O Alex?
ander also pastor of the Tazewell
Baptist church, will be glad to re?
ceive ndditional contributions on the
dollar roll which has been contributed
to by n largo number of people.
There aro considerate youngsters
in Nottingham ns most people know.
A littlo boy whoso grandmother had
just died wrote the following letter,
which he duly posted:
"Doar Angels: We have sent you
grandma. Pleaso givo her a harp to
play as she is short winded and
can't blow n trumpet."
Western Exchange: "Mary's wed?
ding gown was of white georgette
trimmed with silver princess lace,
and ^ho carried a bouquet of white
orchids, sardines, and lilies of the
"I would
like to purcliase a
Frequent mention has been made In
this paper horotofbro of the.Graham
Memorial Baptist Church, a cut of
Which i.i given here The church is to
stand ns a memorial. to tho soldiers
nnd eailors of tho World War, who
car, g.avc their lives in the cause.
Tho names- of
forty-eight men
"No; where would X find hhn?" from Tazewell cc....ty who lost tholr
Since 1918 prices hove dropped 10
times .and gone up 11.
I It's a sad worul. You go into a
garage with your engine missing;
and when you come out your tools
We know a wiso guy, who- bought
a hundred thousand German Marks,
and deposited them at interest in a
Berlin Savings Bank. Last week he
got word that the bank had stopped
paying, him intorest, and gone to
charging hiny ^orago.
War Savings Stamps
What have you done with your War Saving Stamps?
They are due the First of January. Bring them to
us NOW and wc will mit them in line for payment so
that you may have the money by the first.
Called Victory Bonds?we will send them in for you.
We have gold and will be glad to supply you, but we
do not recommend gold as a gift. Give the young folks
a Savings Bank Book with a de/nosit entered on it.
Such will be seed sown in good ground.
Farmers National Bank
\ARON RUSS, Cashier
HXmas And New Year
j| Wo viz r.iUkini; extensive preparations for the premier
j?nij markets of the year?Christmas and New\Year. As predict
l%t fed prices for Thanksgiving were high, selling from 50 to 60
cents a pound. Did you Poultry Dealers, Farmers and Ship?
pers realize this price elsewhere? Some may quote higher
prices to get your produce but me dear friends it is not quo?
tations or fancy promises which puts the cold cash into your
hands but ACTUAL RESULTS. Compare our Reputation,
Service and Prices obtained with all, you will then be con?
vinced Philadelphia is the highest and most profitable mark,
et, and Frank Hellerick & Co the house to receive my ship?
UPositively ship ONLY turkeys for Christmas?your mix?
ed poultry, chickens, ducks, and geese will sell higher New
M Year. If you have to ship mixed poultry pack and mark it
?| 1 separately.
m We are Receivers for a Trade of over two million happy
Hand prosperous people. Our Plant extends thru an entire
city block which is a veritable stream of BUYERS bidding
for their goods. We are bound to have wonderful Christmas
M and New Year market. Our Sales and Accountancy depart
u ? ments are ever alert and on the job, financial ratting un,
questionable?what more cculd you ask? You want top
ylj prices, then ship to F. H. the most widely known poultry
0 i House in Philadelphia. Have your dressed poultry any quan
Lity arrive December 20 to 23 for Christmas, 26 to 30 for
sfl New Year.
3?[poultry jfousa awry day in i/tej/Bsi*
M*J6*?r^ St. 120 &
, tPAi/adoIp/iia,
120 @i//o?>/ti//
Slenderize Itbur Figure^
by weaving a
.Sizes 38 to .56
Note the Difference
THE COMFORT BRASSIERE bconnruciedof specially mercerized
corset miterial, scientifically boned to induce a muscular reflex, which
will reduc? the fatty tissues, weight and bulk. It it 'adjustable to fit
perfectly, and will not ride-up over the coriet.
Give* the Figure a Trim Straight Line Appearance)
Supports, Flattens and Reduces the Butt ^ ^
Prevents Bulging of the Diaphragm
does the Proper Abdominal Support
Adds Carriage to the Figure
Mokes You Appear ! 0 to 20 lbs. Lighter
The Comfort Corset Brassiere outlasts a dozen ordinary"brassiere*
and will retain in shaping after long .wear and repeated washing.
Prices #1.00, #2.00, #3.00, #4.00
The Big Store

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