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L 'JLi 1
SATl lIUAY, - APltlL 10, is;j
An Art to rcjuire Aaoii
of tbe several counties' cf tlii
fctate I o nmke an enumeration
of tlie edueahle children in each
ami cverycouuty of thu State.
Section 1. lie it enacted bv the
Legislature of tho State of Mi
sissippi, That each ami every a
tuor iu tlii State, when they
make the assessment for the year
1875, shall Mule au enumeration
of all the cdueable chihlreu In carh
aud every county in thi State,
ana snail make out a comidete lUt.
- Riving the names, aj.'e, ami color
ot cacti cuild, alphabetically, and
make out two copies of the same,
ami file one iu the olllce of the
Chancery C0Urt of the county and
ono iu the office of the superiu
ilent of public cducatiou ; aud for
itch service the assessor shtill be
entitled to receive the sum of two
reuti for each child enumerated,
payable out of tho rouuty treas
ury. Sec. 2." Pe it further enacted,
That this act ha!l go Into force
and be iu cfl'oct from aud after it
Approved March 5, l!s5.
Au Act entitled au Act to amend
sections 16(U and 16S3 of the
Revised Code of 1871, In relation
to tho returns of the ascsiutut
Sertlou 1. CJt enacted by the
Le-;Ii,laturo of the State of Mi,
sis-dppl, That the tax assessors of
the several counties for thi State
uing through a h.y-s!ach,
when vou fit to fraction aud
rout I'm awful 1 weiL a tou and
a half and tet III prowiu'! i:i:b
inetj's my favorite study, aud I'll
jrive voir lirty dollars to tin J a man
Is Eitrzoriinary Pari.
A Kintal Ei.-ijW rta Etili.
are satisfied that due diligence ha
beeu u?ed on the part of said col
lector, shall theu allow him the
amount of said insolvent or deliu
ijuetit taxes as remaiu uncollected,
and the clerk of the board of su
pervisors shall make out and cer
tify to the li.-t of Mich allowauces
ditor of public accounts ; and the him, aud the uiemU r I
auditor and count v treasurer shall say there was no vacat
pi ve credit to the collector for such ent, but he wouid take Lis name ; tiou young WJiig, and Samuel
allowances and said collector land consider his case as soon ai j Butterworth, an equally promiu
tliall be fiuallv discharged fiom -one occurred. I rut IViuorrat. aud 1. $. Attorney
any further ripjyiibility couuec- j " I'd like to commence right off,"
ted therewith; provided, however, (replied the man, "but I'm. willing
that if at anytime tht collector j to wait. Here's my came, and the
cau fiud any property, real or per-1 minlt I get your letter I'll come a
sonal, belonging to such Insolvent j flying. If you pet me you doul
or delinquent tax payers, be shall 'get much style, but yon get solid
ffi.tr'ti.l mi.l ft. 1 1 tit alli. f.ir tlia atl.l .jtt.iniM a.J .r.. m n n.
.... ....... ... - - .... . -. . - v v.utMvr vu-- Ml.'. vuu.w.
amount of taxes due thereon, aud education. You wou't ee schol
said collector shall report aud pav lars flavin; hidc-and-cooo around
overall collections ou account of 'the wood boi or marbles oo the
insolvencies as other taxes collect- floor no vou won't ! "
ed by him. Aud lie went down stair.
Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, ! Li.1 .
That all acts aud iarts of acts Helical Rogers laude Tf15.
The most wonderful scries cf
fe.i-u.i am! at'tidtuts that ever
who'll saw wins iu two ami plane! occurred m due! characterized
"em doH (i as ijnick as I can." a aihiir which took place iu Mis
His steeeh took the wind out of' .-K-imil iu 1n7. between two lead
!t.l ., in.ii...r i-t t .....I ... . :.. .i:.i. T... ......... :.... a
sa? there w as no vacancy at rre- ! rsl t.'rar.l. a i.roinin. ut and ambi-
ent IViuorrat,
for Atl.-Mssippi. He Is the gentle
man who afterwards had charge
of the Assay Iepartiuent of the
Uuited States iu New York.
The cause w as a political one,
and as the parties audtheir friends
knew that it would attract much
atteution, they determined to ac
couipauv it with an unusual dis
play of gallautry and de-pcratiou.
The terms cf the meeting, as ar
ranged between the seconds, Gen
eral Peter 11. Starke aud Captaiu
Leech, were that the parties should
ITovidiui! for the ariH!iitmeiit of
Uelimjueut poll tax collectors by
the loarvU of sii erviMr of the
several counties of this State, be
and the same are hereby repealed,
t tgcther with all acts in relation
thereto. !
See. 4. Be it further cuactcd.
That all acts or parts of act in
C-jTtrttr C It Cjj ftr Ttiatl Trt.ft.
Hardware, Tinware and S!; '
All kinl ol rechanic's t , ')
Havo opened in the Old Stand of A,
Loek. Bntts, Strap aud T Hinges, Nails, Horse j
Nail, Rope of all sizes. Guiu, Ilemtk. and Voun. e
UH18. lieu nooKi, oeu ruu-!ies, liiveu ami Unrs TiH
Lamp Wicka, Chimney and Burners, China .j
Ware. Stone Ware. Wood aud Willow u-.l . V
ervthin" kept iu a flrst-class House Furnishinlsr8
, ' Oakum by tho bale for cork in? boats and 'K
We have aTiu Shop connected w ith oar
business all kinds of repairing il0il6
A good stock of Plated Spoons aud forks, and Ivorv nv
r.o.ima. Haskcts. Churnes. f 'h:iintup Sl-.tto t
',,1 1...-. UB.
V. vka vuk).
be placed thirty yards apart, w ith j
four pistols loaded, and that they"j
should advance upon one another
iu a hue marked off bv stakes
ArsTix, Teifts. March SO.
To Hi Kxefllenrr P. !i frul
PrcsKleut of tbe Tnited States : j driven into the ground two feet
organljeJ bsmls of robbers from J minutes to fire their four pistol,
the RcMiblie of Aleii.-o. bav n(, v.- )...
, . . ' rtrrj auu ucii tsev appearetl on the ground
coudct wh this act be and tle '.-.ntT to aa tcnt which threat- 5n Alabama, just over the Missis
santeare henbv reiealcd. and tit .i ? I . ...
.: .... .r . i i. , . -rv.. vi .r wh nrp, iaf, 1 here was a Urge ga-
tt , r! SKi C1 ,r!r- TL l5srm of rcoi le to witness this
from auu after us . v.. .1 . - 1 . .
from and after it M-sJte
Approved I cbruajy .V l7i.
1 khog:aatcr lrtui Uf.
' is tie foactrr hctarxra tt. n
;iJ li Ri Grande, eon seueut
tlee raids, in which our
iwi )e
WiUs. in
Tnm U tMn . Trw fmi
1 our or eve tla iv
desperate affair Ittweeu two di
tinguished politleiaas.
The secouds took their princi-
i pa! aide and thoroughlv drilil
S i
A11d Pump Fixtures,
Grindstone and Fixtures.
1 fall Um of Boose keeping Articles
3TWe invite the ladies to eall
and examine our complete stock as
we keop many articles for HOUSE
Terms Posi'd
Old Iron. Ca&tivn t'
Lead, Brass Bou;ht.
Job-Work done to order? "j
a r.na
tti tifir rrerrtT forcibly taken; them iu their particular tactics,
by thrM! fv-rtsfiw desneradoe. is-1..1, n..ttA..AMi.. ...t -.1
. r i. - - j-.vm, tiui v'l I H W UVUU, III'
?Mtnt f.iri. -i.. d. 1..:. - ' W i-K-TTir4i? SKil t!i!t.44 t.fTi. 4- ! , I- r . .? - .
, , j ,r, uvi.if , ' -"-"-'j ;c-u jTi.ic.pai ic imuiuaiu ins
...nu on or ueiore the first day of i at if be had !! draws ever rnoes 01 f.roteetioa are given, ! position and receive the shot of
Muauy lucreai-jusif uoor sor aa seer cr tvo,!"" "'" s' ri i-rrak-np j , aavcrsary vithout iueurrin?
ter, return the ascsmcnt lHKk.ea'.k4 imi ce of lie Kieicrr V settlcmci.u. On the Vfith ! ih hr.t f .I5i..ri,t.. th .1
litrd of rdocatioa. aad ftl.ijBc -Kth a large) arty of th-e curacy of his aim bv advancing.
to tho elelks of th t MI4r.L ... tf tV
- . .. . j.. .7.j r i . - 1 1 mil vi ui aim iv mil'
Tcrvisors of the several couniicMctrvdsicri Vxsh'J as Wiilitm .r1' " pctersted into the into-j Two pi-tols were placed ii
vci iiled bv aflidav
T' lV i Kt'.J rty :vcl aB I he ccitrtt j Corpus Chrisii, robbiup , jn their belt. Butterworth iu-
TT i2 i.Be 11 furlter wjsL kw f rrapj.-y ,T , 5, : ; mJ ram he, nsnrdering and . gted on the two In the belt hav
l hat the board c-f ajrt f;' IV, a l.x4iuf Jw a t-.tnatir-n i ; l':of tlihea, atid rapturing j iv.g the hair trijrer sprunj. His
each county ioil &cMt.r ' -'l-w4 tenJwr." JestrojiB IVued State n.a..nmuti.nt nnM..ii.
ai me coaritosKf. ii All ;nt.l. I i renl to vcur TtmII. n.! i . . t. ., ,i
-uouaay of y, 4K"X1 fctio- w-M,.rhif wl.y U,e man tiw'i j'T proteetioB for the people of) ,t Li friend' ol-iections tLiukir"'
.a 1, n . I. 7 E 1. 1:1 iitr a . ru.n t.iii.
the asse-Matat Wfl., t U u V 1 1 ef.r.id haveWiijrht a idle f
lections i. v.v'k. . ' . . . . - -
jectJOtlS, to V tuw raitnmi.i.iti. 151. .... .: i
Kieut, and to exaailse ! rtIve .he o,an. HTwurinj? w i;h Lis hands
llit Unit. 11 t.ilr I wri ' J ', . -
Ur. ... I . : l ln .cca.BM.J don't a-mcunt ,
" ss-ia ciaru fcLiJ li n'.
ii.Bi rouBiy apuns-i uiese inva
sions of outlaws. Since they have
been of wetk!y occurrence for
iveral months past, aud are in
creasinr in force and boldness, the
ciiircns of that rountrv Lave been
, r p
that he doubted his coolness and
The liitgcr were set, the par
ties took their position, the w ord
was given, and Grant aJvanccd
slowly, took deliberate aim and
., . rm.i wi.rjiM'i i sisceu ine ucml-et.
11 mi
" ' ,M w em-i.t , I want 1 get la hcrf In !,
roll, as examined and ron-rrtiil tr.u ' , ..1.,. 1 .1. .
one or w hich he hr.:i transmit to : wain s do vou pav y
the Auditor of Pi.Uk Acrt.unis. j " I'm afn.id-"' knn the ni m.
u or before the Ct Monday of! her, hen the chot,itaaer inter.
Aujrust fuliowing; the ojht-r hr'rupted:
-I - l t i. 1
utui urnvrr to the tax rollector,
on or Kforc the rst dsy of Au
gust, and the original he shall 10
tain a a public record in 1.', cf-
tce; and should tijiy clerk foil, or
mere to the towui or t roiection.
es no security exists outside of
these towug for life or rroivrtv.
janrt the to 1c in the towns even
(hold themselves in ronstaut rcadi
i ucs for defence. I trust that your
I Eseelleury w ill deem it proper to
-('hi well. I spose you pav',r!V' w:Ma,!r to the people on
goii.g vnge. and that ail 1 is'u ,b rjo G border, ia view of
-K lor. I elon't w ant to put oa 'u' uw j,ive you U;at
nyle sud live Llsrb. as I'm t.uu - i"9 tIlrtK1 aece s..iiy exi,t fvr ii.
. 1 .,. . . " r 1
m ir oiu, ana w !! to save miih
same are hereby repealed, aud that
this act shall Uke effect and I iu
force from and after its passage.
. Approved March 6, 175.
An Act to amend article lit thup.
2 of revised Code of 1S71.
See. 1. Be It enacted by the Legislature-
of the State of Mis-sis.
ippi, That the tax collector shall
present to the hoard of supervi
sor at their meeting on the first
Monday of March, of each vear,
a report of all delinquent and iu
solvent tax fryer?, iustead of the
first Monday in January, as pro
vided for by section ITiX) of the
lievisod Code of 1871, aud the
hoard of supervisors shall meet to
receive and examine said report
on the first Monday of Match, as
herein required, and a list of such
allowances as may he authorized
oy tho board shall bo allowed t
the tax eeillcctor by the, auditor of
puuiie accounts and the county
treasurer, in his final settlement
with them, aud immediately after
the auditor ami county treasurer
shall have allowed such credit to
the collector, they shall re-rhnrge
him with the amount of such in
eolveutand eleliuquent lists; said
collector shall retain a list of s 'h
insolvencies, and proceed to col
lect tho sniun ,...,,!.!.. 1 1... 1 11 1. 1 1.
j,,ullulll Uy cc- "ftu-uuoiv, Pain linst u lir.) ,.,.
Uou 1723 of the Itevlsed f'n.lo nr tho
.0-, - -----i -" wuimicuons; And.
Eec. 2. Be it ft,r,i. " .1 . V. Z ':"' ,,,al'
Thatsaid co lector al.nl! ....t..... .t . .. "i-'lt ou
wevooer ri,o member was gcttimr elen.
followimr. when ho shn . aspe-
ttl.. i 1 r . 1 , ami as soon as lie cenild c.-t
V the hoard of raperviwri a nal i Woi he mU . 8lt
nt of such insolvencies ns still "iwiiii.t. ,....
remain unpaldf Vcrifled by y, Jx J -d
wTu. Mmt- rc1"lrc'1 b "Ad 1 know- ,iM,u.,u
ci 1871; and saldrd, npou au
To the Governor of Texas :
Ve-rr rcsnectfullr.
reiOM' Horn j:t esase to eomi li 'iutnitr."' Kjchakd Coke.
uh the jirorisicw of this act, he -'As I wr$ .?.? to rcuiaik-" ' Governor of Texas,
shall tot fallowed atiyeomKa-iskid the member, whrn the seW TLe &wtarf f War eut the
auoajor uis labor ia transeriKug I musier snddeiilv ianuireJ i lowing answer :
u.e a,a MU; and tt is hereby -Io they allow licking in ,Lc
made the duty of the auditor of school, here ? 1, thevelo I'm he
publle accouni. to report to the man you waul todies the iZ
board of ...pervisor of any conn- down. I've had 'em come for me
ty any clerk who shaJ fail nr r. l.r n. a , . . ,
f - ... . '"l ii,mi u f ouw do voiir
t 'J - w , Uid 'eml
..ulawfud'fohe Vrl Z l h "
tisor of any county ia this Statel ,tl;'. , .!... . , 1 ifrouticr.
to make any such alowar t..iii .s.i... . , .
, : 1 i .i hk meiveeiust.es recite.
rte ret ?" " screamer, I tell vou
rece.pt of the auditor for said as. c.,.. ' . , '
cessment rolls. , 7! MUeU y,
c m t. It ' v " i'ni ! j i
!M-c. a. Ke it further eun'-iWI I .t i .
rr- . , ,, . , . miuii mint commenced
Th&t all laws and 1 arts of laws!.. v. i.. .. .
couaiel Wilatlus act 1 unit iii ...... .
.... 1 uiu rr tun iki.i nil . . . .. . . .
VI eet:re you won't take mp
unless I pass eiamiaulion, but 1
wunt airaid ofne.t iiasiug. I'd
The President beinsr absent, vour .T" coat' shirt a u',(ler-
telegram has been scut to me.' Or. . .OI .""erworth, without
""t1"" " ceu scui 10 me. ur- ...
derswill he given to the militarv ,1 T , . r ,,rIU"g
authorities to take imn,1L.; e b.clt "t where his two spare
people of Texas on the Mexican
n . W. Eelksap.
Secretary of War.
Italita SsleE:t Ktrrjisj lasritaa
There is a pretty piece of scan
dal in Nice this year. About six
months ago two young Italian gen-
tie men of rank came to Nice and
. 1
i "iueiTes very conspicuous
in society. 1 uey w ere handsome.
11-. . - c - - v.veUU u 4icir manner, troll
o-e aword I ran't spell! dressed aud Very amusing One
or instance, CV.enrh: C-a-t-a-r- was named Maruis Laurfati, tS
r-h D-a-n-J-e-l.u, IWdion, other Count Uggolino. The other
I'lCS. L-U-ff-U-b-r-iw-ii.. 1 .,..
brioua.-Uh! Icunknock the socks
right on a thee swellhead tear)..
ers and not half trv."
" I should like to help you," put
In the member, "but'
"Oh! you needn't think I'm be
hind on geography," interrupted
the teacher. "Forinstnnee ; V. i.ni
is an Isthmus? An isthr.iu U.
narrow strip of land connecting
two larger hoeiea. Is th Prld
round or flat ? Bound. Whv it
it round? Because it is. Which
is the largest river iu the world?
The Amazon. Which is tho hiirh.
est mountain? The Andes. 1
might go ou for seventy-five days
In this w ay, and then not tell you
bn!f tint I know."
"You seem to be prettr well
posted iu Geography, but ns 1
w nuted to tell"
"And on trrammar too"' iini.i.
cJ tho teacher, jumping np again.
",u " noun r A nouu is the
name of a person, place or thinir.
fi'i'i tiU .... .
example. .Man, dog,
lug. Oliver is rierriwiiv r!t.i
11 1 Wo havo liiiilntiiii.o,! n . ...
eetlon 1720 of the liovisod C.Ja ,vn. T " . . "r" '!n!'lic from I,ccl' fr "ndor it in n mn.i , " "S lTc coIu,,," last
cf 1871; and said J.-rd..,nJ ,11 "c n,mcd the Uu way. Ah, well, ho l.i Z . 01 T y. Jlut
fmlmg tip ngalu. "icuu
S uie tal.lcs like light.
iiimiA l..i A nii: ii.... .
.v0,Lllc,, iviiiug nun mat unless
he sent 500 francs to the postoffice
to the writer, certain secrets of
his life would be published which
wouid render his immediate with-
urawai lroin ice mporative.
me nouio count took the letter to
the Chief of Tol'iec, w ho told him
to send a bauk noto to the address
given, which he did. A detective
was on hand, and Immediately
seixed'tipon the person who uskeit
for the letter, w ho. to the surprise
of everybody, turned out to be
the Marquis Laureati, w ho was at
once sent to prison. A trial en-
, uu iu me course of its pro
eeedings it turned out that the
Marquis was a hair-dresser from
I alermo, Rna the Count a lackey.
ioth gentlemen w ero engaged to
young American ladies.
I fancy Nast is something of a
philosopher from the last cartoon,
where he stands bowint? at el..'
door bv W hich his old friend Andv
enters the Senate
1.1 , . ' "'"
oiem 01 tyranny) has fallen dow
ver mi nose, while ho tries
the wher pistol into his right
hand and advanced a few steps
lurtlur, when I'iitterworth. rest
ing his pi'tol ou his left arm, took
deliberste aim aud fired. The
ball grared the upir lip of Grant,
causing him to recoil, lie quickly
resumed his self-possession, aud
advanced with Lis second pistol
uturworth fired aain, aud the
t-uiict entered the mawl
Grsnt piMol, caused U to ex
plode, aud knocked it out
Grant baud.
Grant immediately drew one of
the pistols from his belt and
at about ten paces, his ball passing
step toward the probection of thJ!nto1! causing them
people of Texas ou tho M.;.. ?Poaef withthe muxzles
the contents loelgiug iu the earth
an t rairly enveloping Butterworth
with dirt and dust.
Butterworth was then left with
out a load, aud Grant with one.
But Butterworth. with m-eat sp'f.
possession, stooped aud picked r.p
one 01 themscharged pistols, cock
ed it aud leveled at Grant, who .
turned the compliment with his
remaining pistol.
Neither desired to fire, as it was
a great point to have the last shot,
which would have placed the party
who had discharged his last load,
completely at the tiiercv of hU .
tagouist, who could have walked
up w ithin a few feet and deliber
ately shot him. Bntterwnrth't
second, perceiving his ruse, and
anowing mat the pistol he held In
lusnauel had beeu fired, felt elecply
concerned for the result. Itn it
was evident that neither Grant
nor bis secoud observed the ma-
All that we have described oc
curred in about a half mimiio.
when the parties were brought to
a ianu with their last shot, n
pause of nearly a minute cnsueel.
There were consequently eight
and a half minutes remaining for
the combat, when a parlev was
called by the seconds, and it was
proposed that they should with
draw their principals and load for
another shot.
While tho seconds were prepar.
ing for this encounter, the crowd
S!'. ,'aa1bcc,' kept off for some
,7V i ,l",0,' Hie lines and
T 8 T tw,H" me comlmt
end there. The allair WR there
tore adjuuined, but was never re-
lln llltlal I. ..
utitad rrimlv to "hi u .
other picture, liniRhed but never luLa'
....., i,., TOie w ent the other
.j,ni.u uie impeacumont failed Ti V" V, -
This cartoon, now in r...i. jL.T1 ' hU Argus says that
agcntlemnnof hisci.;,reprV;;t ".T. V" "olmc, 1,1 n r-Colmubiatip.Bi;--:
ou oue oi eue rresiUential chair
micai instincts havo a iiliv-lii.
and as he slides down tho stens of nfV . 1 , ,( sl,i,fttio". ' 'e
the White House, his crow if 2 of b.lh.
liuway, Ah, well, ho laugh, ; ZV ' T j!ut "
who lauahs la.i IU-..I.I..1" rc.,1!,vr '"-'V'r Mumbled
UorrespoudenceNewYo,lcv: I .l,VT k !,t we w ere
liking aboi.l.-Cyunu Journal
;s. coLDsnmrs amoukcio
I have just rilled my "j
. With a choice lot of
COMPRISING everything needed or desired by tho pmobJ
villo and vicinity, for table use. ..r"
I beg to call the attention of J fefchanta, Planters and H
generally, to call and examine my largo him vwW
atoek, which Is undoubtedly equal in qualit y and '
lower In price thnn any ever ottered In tills Mar.
ket. I buy my good direct from hirftest
dealers for CAH ONLY, and om en
abled to sell them us client, as any
dealer South of tit. LouU ; niul
, respectfully invite country
Marchants, Planters and ths Put
TO examine my stock and prices before purchiisliw pIscwKmi
T will from n.nl i(l .!a i. .. .i . ,
above St. Louis figures. (it. 10
1875 Sarins'
- w 1
look out Fait orn
wtueu our Senior partner C W LEWI3
lTl Tt . -w-isi - I
Consisting of tho latest and choicest stock of
'Dry Goods, Ladies' Dress Goods
Gents' and Boys' Clothing ever brought to Grc:
And all ths Latest Styles i
KT 1 1 ... v I
novelties 01 tne season.
fcTCall at our n, p W . DESBIf Tf
011 Wnshlngtou av. and see for yourself.
lZl v
With ample Capital, which
A. VAN HOOK, Secretarf
Co. cf Mississk
Cor;i8r Stats i
' MfytJH'r ' S-S Insures ttnlnfitlossesr
rMiJ'-" K-$-&cMn dwelling houses,1
Im?W 5r-fc4-ita'i'l ware bouses, gh
rjmKf.-.vtW..: .;, 1 nercltaiulio, cotton,'!
JW' Vi.-.1 ihaznrd of marine.
;(' obkJ
i t
ISS221 ook3' Stationery, &o.

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