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Greenville Time
SATURDAY, HAT 37, 1878.
Erxzil -4 tnxlIUis.
rroa um Calur
The BrariUan are emphatically
laiy people. InJulcno is bora
and bred in them from jreueratio
to generation. The Id Portuguese
element of their blood hi become
to much attenuated by mixture
that only a few globule of the ori
ginal fluid exist in their vein.
It is a peculiarity of the Latin
race, which cannot fail to Le no
ticed by physiologist a in Uroug
contrast with men of anlo-axon
descent, that they take naturally
to degradation rather than to im
provement in breeding. The mor
als of the people, it may be saiJ
without fear of contradiction, are
unspeakably bad. Those of the
clergy are such a would b confid
ed depraved in any other country.
But morals like other thing, are
comparative. Little hill would
be mountains in Holland. It is trne
that the priests almost universally
keep their mistresses, that they se
duce fair penitents, and are allow
ed all sorts of- intimacies with
married ladies; about which the
husbands are not much concerned,
for theso people revel in such im
purities that sins like these are
generally looked upon as venial.
The government of Brazil would
not stand one day without the
influence of the Church, and there
fore its conduct is not strictly in
vestigated. The iguorant masses
would become the dupes of politi
cal adveuturer, and iustead of
harmless mummery, even coupled
with vicious indulgence, there
would be bloodshed and hopeless
t anarchy. It is a humiliating idea
that men should be made idiots iu
.order to become good subjects.
Should it be thought that these re
marks upon religion and morality
are overdrawn, the reader, is re
ferred fo "Life in Brazil," by Ew
bank, and "Les Femraes et les
Moeura de Bresil," by Expilly.;
Ewbank devotes the greater part ;
of his book to the character aud
religious observances of Rio de
Janeiro. Expilly bad seen some
thiugs in Paris ; nevcrtht le-s, this
not over sensitive Frenchman was
shocked by what he saw in Brazil.
I regret to ay that the wortt pic-
tares are true iv the life, as my
own observation can testify, gome
years ago, when a emus was to
be taken, it was proposed to di
vide the company into clashes, and
to enumerate separately the w bite,
black and mixed. The Brazilian
theuixelveslangbed at the Imbecile
who wasted his ink on the sujri'et-
tion. Siixedl There is black
blood erernhere stirred in, coui
pouuded over aud over again, like
aa apothecary's preparation. Af
rican blood runs freely iu the reins
of the whole people, and Iudiuu
blood swells the general current.
There is no distinction betwecu
white and black or any of tho in
termediate colors which can act a
a bar to social intercourse or po
litical advancement.
The whole population of Brazil
according to tho census of 1870,
was 9,003,755, of whom 1,357,416
were slaves. At present the ag
gregate is supposed to reach 11,
Tho Bay of Naples aud of Ilio
do Janeiro are tho rival beauties of
the world. For thousands of years
there- was none to dispute tho su
premacy of tho first. The bay of
llio do Janeiro, liko a Bcliool girl
kept front view, was blooming aud
bright, ready to " como out," as
sho has done, and eclipse the relgu-
ing belle. Now that they are both
known to the lovers of the roiimn
tic and picturesque, tho western
rival is more aud more appreciated
and admired. It is vaiu to iusti
tute a comparison between them.
They arc aliko neither in locality,
shape, nor coloring; only in tho
general undefined characteristic of
To otic coming from sen by night
and finding himself anchored iu
the harbor iu tho morning, there
has been a loss not to bo estimated;
: that of tho most sudden change
from nature's bold sublimity to
her softest look of loveliness. Most
voyagers arrive from tho North ;
but those are more fortunate who
first seo tho entrance of the bay
when coming from the South
whore the coast is more mountain
ous and abrupt. Steaming along
tinder theso towering cliffs, almost
, in the surf which beats against
their base, there is no sign of habi
v (at ion, orevcu of the smallest nook
for shelter nothing till, suddenly
. whirling around, tho overhanging
Sugar Loaf seems ready to topple
upon us from its height of two
thousand feet. Then appears, on
the opposite side, the fort of Santa
Crux, tho guardian of the port,
between which and the Sugar Loaf
il the narrow channel. Hero,
where two ships can scarcely enter
side by side, is tho entrance to n
bay fifty miles in cirBfero,
with the grrt city rated ia th
bp of its verdaat garden ; all eb.
its blaads, share, and atantaa
dor, dnrcd ia HiKim't vr-
fading color. It is
v ' )
. '
W iuoBik iltt ta atdtti '
apprvh the i,vre. TVr
stand a Nt. W.lH:. lai
bav thev recede fc tea sttmn
miles, keeping gmardowtVstj
deasprwi oat Woa4 tair hi-.
over this Suiet ! Vcntw.
ith aU its fo of ftr
hold as ia sach wndce al reali- j
tatia .f sabliaitv. X destiuwl
tioa can jonray a ittiinder-ttona
ia this bay ; aoae bat that in By
ron's thrilling words, abca be
stood vpoa the banks of Lake L
man and saw the flash from the
"live thunder." Soil piavaand
echoes here. Not Wing itself, as
ia the Alps, and becoming silent
in the far distance, it poos from
mountain to mountain ; not across,
but around the whole circuit. Xew
it bursts with startling crash, ech
oing loud, then faint and fainter
still, till it has reached the di.taut
Organ peaks ; theu, leaping from
one summit to another, it comes
b rk again along the chain on the
other side of the bay, and at last
dies away on the shores of the sea.
The black clouds seem to have
climbed np the mountains frcin
their slopes lteyoud, and now roll
over upon the plains in bodies of
water, coming in big drops, then
in streams, and at last in cataracts.
Suddenly, more suddenly than the
storm came, doe it pass away.
The sun bursts forth with renew
ed splendor, and almost instantly
the glistening tears of Nature are
dried, and she smiles again, as
freh and Joyons as ever.
The life insurance ejrent, Benja
min P. (5 nun, the other day heard
that old Mr. Smith had no insur
ance npon his life,so Gutiu conclu
dod to drop in to see him. Smith
had no acquaintance with Gunn,
and when the latter entered the
office he Introduced himself by nay
"Mr. Smith, I railed to see if I
could take your life."
"Wh what do you say?" ex
claimed Smith, In some alarm.
"Isavthat Tve come round to
take your life. My name is Gnnn.
As soon n I tteard that you were
unprotected, that you had nothing
on your life, I thonght I would run
in and settle the thing for yon at
Then Smith got np and went lo
the other side of the table, and
said to himself:
It's a lunatic who has broke
loose from the asylum. He'll kill
me if I holler or run. I must hu
mor him."
Then Gunn, fumbling Su his'
pocket after his mortality tables,
followed Smith around the (aide,
and said to him :
" Yon enn choose your own plan,
you know. It's Immaterial to me,
Some liko one way, and some like
another. It's n matter of taste.
Which do you prefer?"
"I'd rather not die at all," said
Smith, in despair.
"But you've got to die." snld
Gunn. " That's a thing there's no
choice about. All I can do is to
make death easy for you ; to make
you feel hnppy as you go off. Now
which plan will you take ? "
" Couldn't you postpone it until
to-morrow, so as to glrc me time
to think?"
"No, I prefer to take you on the
spot. I might as well do it now as
at any other lime, xou nave a
wife aud children?"
" Yes ; I think you ought to have
some consideration for them, nud
let mc off."
" 'Well, that's a curious kind of
an argument,'.' said Gunu. ""When
I take you your family will be per
fectly protected, of course, and
not otherwise."
"But why do you wout to mur-
rtormc? I"
"Murder you I Murder you
Who in t he thunder's talking about
murdering you ?"
"Why, didn't you say-"
" I called ta get you to take out
a lifo Insuranco policy iu our com
piinv, and I"
"Oh, you did, did you" said
Smith, suddenly becoming fierce
"Well, I ttint a coin' to do it and
1 want von to skin out of this of.
Hoc, or 1 11 brnln you with tho po
ker. Lome, now, skip. '
Then Mr. Gunn withdrew with
out selling a policy, and Mr. Smith
is still uninsured.
It Is estimated that there are now
240,000 Angora goats on the Pacific
coast, and qutto an luduslry is an
tlclpatod In breeding them, as their
skins mako excellent, lap-robes and
gloves, while their wool Is very
Elderly agriculturist to season
tlckct-holdor iu tho train: "You
don't have no ticket?" "No, I
travel on my good looks I" "Then,"
after looking him over, "probably
you ain't goln' very fart" General
smile. u
TV ty frta En1b.
Oae d av krg ag a ivtroit
lawyer had his attention called to
a btklit bov wandering r.r and
. ... i
.... v ,
ed that the Ky a aa orphan and
t!kt the evy a aa eq
-T tap
NT Ul Jlll-V
nj: The lawyer
toi w uti nJ k
Tkoata on trial, agretn to
NJ tfa fcrd, and give him a tittle
"m-wMi i he was a good
Tl ln 5J J" chM
to become a law ytr, and he was so
enthusiastic to get ahead and be
come known that he broke a chair
and a pane of gia the first day.
When the lawyer gently suggested
to him to restraia his ardor, Tho
mas promptly replied:
- There' nothing like making a
law office git tp and heal I"
It was amazing how quickly that
boy picked np a knoa ledge of le
gal business. It was his duty to
stay ia the efflea whea the lawyer
went out, and he filt all the im
portance of his position. When
big bors came around to ask for a
job of carrj ing coal op-stairs, he
went for them heavy,
Boy," he wonld answer, in se
vere tones, " I don't want to see
yon come to grief, but if you don't
hnrry right down stairs, Til get
out a capias, switch yon behind
the bars, and have you hung before
the grass starts."
The attorney had to go to Chi
ca;o one day, and he told Thomss
that he might wash the windows
aud slick on a little. Thomas
cut in. He had new matting pnt
on the floor, put a paiuter et work
and hired an old woman to wash
everything that could be washed.
It was a neat joi .W wound, and
he felt a if be ought to be praised
for his enterprise. The attorney
began to scold, but Thomus said ;
Aint we as guod us those one
horse lawyers across the ror.d ? Is
this a law office or a bam?" .
Two weeks ago be was told to
go down and order half a ton of
coal to keep the stove going Jill
warm weather. Same one told
him that coal would be considera
bly higher next year, and so, ou
the ground of economy, he ordered
ve tons sent np, and most of it
had been dumped on the walk be
fore the attorney discovered the
situation. Thomas would proba
bly have lasted a week or so longer
than he did, but for tho reception
of a lady client who camo to see
the lawyer about applying (or adi-
rorce. J lie lawyer was trying a
cise, aud the boy had solo charge
of theutrice. lie received the lady
in his usual urbane manner, and
when sho Inquired fur the att r
ney, he replied :
IIo is out, but my legal servi
ces are at your disposal."
Sho didn't seem inclined to con
sult him, and he went on :
"Is it a case of wifo-bcating, or
divorce?"- .
She intimated that ho was an
impudent boy, and he replied:
"Very woll, madam; we can't
take your case at all."
Sho said sho called to sco tho
lawyer, but Thomas answered :
" It won't do any good ; we can't
take your case at all uot for love
or money." -
Sho returned two hours later,
when tho lawyer was in and Tho
mas was out, end it was decided
that the boy should seek some other
profession. That evening, when
so Informed, he replied :
" All right. If I'm going to bo a
lawyer, I want things to git up and
git around. You don't want a
lively boy around here. I. saw
that a week ago."
It was intimated that ho hadn't
better "sass" any one, and he
blandly replied:
"No one is sasslug you. If you
want this partnership dissolved
we'll part friendly. If yon don't
want to rush things, this is no
place for mc." ,
He is peddling peanuts now, and
tho way he dusts around is the
cause of his having half a dozen
fights per day. Detroit Press.
Thcro 1. a delicate, and at the
samo time a very keen and subtle
perception of the female character,
in the remark of a candid observer,
who told ns the other day that a
woman's exclamation of "Oucht
very often means ''Do it again."
Brooklyn Argus.
Yazoo Democrat : Welcnru tlm
the grand jury has found a true bill
sgainst A. T. Morgan, for the mur
der of Mr. F. P. Hilliard. Others,
it seems to us, should bo indicted
for aiding aud abottng iu the same
Wado Walker, who was killed at
Edwards the other day by another
colored man, In addition to his
connection wljLl tho Clinton riot,
Is believed to have set fire to the
gln-hottso of Mr. 11. O. Dixon
which was burned down during
t .. i .. n . ...
uie pnsi w unci . . larion.
Mcfllif la !sMWia.
Vndcr directions of tnc nouce
iurtlihed br J. 7 Gcor? Em,.,
chairman of State Exeetitiv e Cow
1 r..ili
Democratic litrvaue
, ,riv a mcctuu! i herel'V ciuhi
; i f ? ra l" . , , -t ,.M
at Stayers l"c " u;,., ' " ""v
l!:, of the lVmKratie Conserva
tive citiiens of Issaquena county
It i csrufftlv sagiTfstcd that each
snpenuor dUlrict and every pre-
!t fullr renreKUteJ. sue
object of said meeting is to select
delegates to the State Convention
at Jackson on the Hlh day of June,
and transact other important busi
ness W.S.Faish,
Tildcn, Thnrwaa or Bayard, as
the Presidential candidate, with
the propcct of the remaiuing two
In the Cabinet, would decide the
result of the lWidentiil election
before the day of rotiij arrived.
X. Y. Herald.
An agricultural joBiaal adver
ties a new washing malnender
tho heading Kvcry man hi own
asherwomcn," aud in its culiuary
department says that Vo'si'oe
shonli always be boiled iu cold
fanxtiai or LcTfe Tax.
Xs Art ta cni f eAV Smttf U rallee
tioa of ti t levrt Tsx of DUttkt So.
t, mmI i Trrt tt Uiw, std
forthr purj'O-.
Section 1. Be it .enacted by the
legislature of the State of Missis
sippi, That hereafter the Secretary
ond Treasurer, aud the collector ot
the cotton tax f tho board of
levee commissioner of levee dist
rict No. 2. shall uot receive from
anv sheriff, tax collector of any
kind, depntv agent, xr other offi
cer, in payment of taxes or other
dues collected for account of said
board of levee commissioners, any
lond, certificates of indebtedness,
ct rtiilcales of allowance, surplus
np; rrrtiS.'ates. or other evidence
of debt Riicd by said board of
levee commissioners, unless such
otSircr, depntv, or aaent, as the
case may be. shall previously make
and subscribe an oath before some
officer authorized to administer
the same, that he, sueh sheriff, tax
collector, deputy or agent, receiv
ed each and all of said bonds, cer
tificates of indebtedness, certifi
cates of allowance, surplnsage cer
tificates, or other evidence of debt,
at their full value as indicated on
the face thereof, with interest,
when such evidence of debt bear
interest, and that tho same were
received for the taxes for which
thev purport to have been collect
ed ; and any false swearing herein
shall be perjury, and any such offi
cer who shall e'xehonge (or permit
exchanged) money, legal currency,
or current bank notes, by htm re
ceived or col'ected for such taxes
or clues as aforesaid, fur bonds,
certificates of indebtedness, certif
icates of allowance, surplusage
certificates, or other evidences of
debt, shall bo doomed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof before tho circuit court of
the county In which such officer
resides, shall be removed from of
fice, and be fined In a sum not less
than live hundred dollars nor more
than ono thousand, and be impris
oned iu tho county jail for a period
of not less than six mouths nor
more than one year.
See. 2. Bo It further enacted.
That hereafter it shall be unlawful
for any one to remove out of the
levee district composed of the
counties of Bolivar, Washington
aud Issaquena, any' cotton upon
which the levee tax has not been
paid : and any ono so removing
sueh cotton, knowing the said tax
has uot tieen pain, shall bo deemed
y ot a misdemeanor, and npon
conviction thereol by a court of
competent jurisdiction of tho coun
ty trom which said cotton was so
c.niovcd, shall be fined in a sum
not less than double the amount of
taxes due on said cotton so named.
nor more man nve uunarcu dol-
nrs. and be imprisoned in tha
county jail for not less than six nor
more than twcl 'o months.
Sec. 8. Be it further enacted.
That hereafter It shall bonlawful
for any one to use tho levees in the
district, composed of tho counties
ot Bolivar, Wnshr and Issa
quena, as a rondwH,, r U remove
from' said levecs nny obstacle pla
ced on snld levees by said board of
levee commissioners to prevent the
use of said levecs as roadways;
and auy ouo hereafter so using
said levee, or removing said obsta
cles, shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof before auy justice of the
pence in tnc county where anch v -
olation occurred, shall bo fined in
a sum ot not less than ten nor more
than twenty-live dollars for each
offense, or bo imnrlsoiiod in the
county jail for uot more than six
months for each oflense. or liv
both fine and Imprisonment; and
tue stud justice oi tnc pence before
whom said trials are had are hereby
authorized to issuo execution, anil
any other needful proems for the
collection of sueh fine or fines, to
gether with nil costs incident to
Mud proceedings.
b 4. J?e itinrthrr enaotcd.
That this net bo In i'urco from and
after its ptisnge.
Approved April 15, 1878.
building of flre-tiroof vaults in
the clerks' offices ot the Chniicerv
and Circuit courts, according tit
plans aud speolticntions now ou
file In the office of the Clerk of the
Board of Supervisors of Washinii
toh county, will bo received bv
said clerk until the 1st Monday in
j my, ltwe. Jim Hoard reserves
the rijjlit to reject any and all bids,
By order of the Board.
v A, W. H1IADD, Clo:k.
BlacaHta IIore
Machine and Boiler
Work thiie expeditious and
skillfully. ,
aarShop on Mulberry street,
North of Washington avenue.
Greenville, July 17. 1675
b tta Hatter ef Licence! to EstaH
ORDERED by the Board that
from aud after this date par
ties be and thev are hereby re
quired to take out their licence
within thirtr days after the same
are granted "by the Board ; aud ia
default thereof their licence shall
be revoked.. It is further ordered,
that a copy of this order be pub
lished ia The (Jrkkxviu.1 Times
for thirty day.
A trne copy from the minutes or
Board of supervisor Washing
toa county, March 7th, 187$.
Attest : A. W. S II ADD, Clerk.
By C. McGbath, D.C
o .
W9 a
s s
Paints, Oils, Tarnishes,
Window Glass, .Wall Paper
n Clus Wlnsow Is-S at Msmpals price.
Painter Materials Qcntrully.
Khop on Central Avenue, near
Hie v hoiT-hrwvt.
The Vanderburgh,
TVic Best Cooking Stove Made.
Cooking Heating Stoves
Lamps, Wlcks and Chimneys,
Ohsapsr tau any kons ia -V- SOntael
We also put down the DROVE
WELL8.-? -
.Cash paid for old Iron, Brass and
All work guaranteed, and orders
eonciieuaiHi promptly attended to'
SllOD on Wnnlilnirtn iu...
cone door from Locust street. Terms
HAVINO Nowdtted op ana turn
Ished my Saloon, in the
Large Two Story Building
Agrltmltural AcvsMauate sa4
a r arTNVMl fa
tarsal at this da.
a - S.
Me "
li s T c r
h i
.1 ' 1
decSS I
it. b. jomrcou cz co.
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
"D ESPECTFULLY solicit the attention of the Planters, Metric..
A Mechanics and the public generally to their large and wa 13
ed stock of .
Plantation and Builders Kardcr
PAiro, cii3
. i
Ch:::3 vui:-:j cf t:i::::3 zzl c
At reasonable price. We have ai'ci to ear
lathe country, which enable os to cake a
'Estimates made on Building or lleelanical work
Plana and C?eci2catl
Onr Uudcrtakingf
Department is T
furnished with v
Mrr a Lie and -Wooien
Cases i
Of all sizes.
r3Piifa fVnm IO tf AlA nrrnrrilntr in aim and . '
Xijt - w" r-" - -
With AEple
E. RlCMAnSOn. Pre:!.';::.
M. A. VAN HOOK, Beoretary; .
;i If W ' ' jx
w -V ' r
if.- .
iMsaaamaaarsT.ie aT i nas i jasmnaJi'-
Gzzs, Fktc!s, CcrtrL'3 czl C:'.!::
Jas. II. Hall & Co., Plow
Kcw Ground Plow with Coutkra
Hamtja, Traces, Back 'Eiadi;
Collars, Horta tsd Hula
; Plow BridlM, EinglaxrJ Double Tr::3.
Aarcnts for Ihe eelubrntntt
with and without porcelain build
Household F irnlshiiiff Goods,
'nt....... r -n i.t...P. '
11 ivmii 111 Illl MIIIIIM..
lieltlnir. truin nnil I.ontlmi.
... I
Rope, Grass Cotton Plow 1 una
Pumps, Gas Pipe and Polnlsaud
A full lino of Japanned House
Bath Tubs, Foot Tubs, Chamhzr Sets, X
tIn a larfre and varied atook m we lave we ecu
not mention everything
dwva wiiipieie, in every Drancn cf roczi, cisaper v-
y 'y city on the river south of tt. Lcds. we
attention of small dealers tr.i r! 3 ta our 1 i
ir. lea wa.nll sendthrmiStSaT..'- am fr::i J
v '
jk-m 1 .,rvu9 patrons.
Or- -
J in -iiir rani, nn in
Lc:::t pj V:hi;A.:i Av.
XL O. AUL ft CO.,
MAVING Jut opened this first
clns house, we respectfully
It the patronage of our friends
and the public.
Our bar will be supplied with
the choicest
Liquors and 71no,
And will be undor the supervl
s Ion of Mr. Act, who has no supe
rior in the art of making fashion
able beverages. w)2,75-0
Paint, Oils and 61
aud azsjim
D Li vac:;)
rcrrL: i ca
( linear
J imUatloaofr
tallies, i,
, every rr
. have tha u-;
a i , arv.
i December 4, icrj. ,
Capita, which
Co. of Mississ:-
AurnonizsD caljil
Insures .tffainst losses t 1
AM J III.. 1
lu iiwviiiug imuses, i
aud ware houses, gin li ,
nierolinndlse, cotton, s 1
; haiards of marlns and Li
Jim vtml Inn
t r
is-. L .
: "
T A --
17.1 -
Ma A- "
reservoir and'
Iroukitcheu altfa
Queensware, Crockery and Glea
Nails. Horse, Unit end Fencing,
in..bn n ..... .,t r
rnnn kr.ln iu hQt t thn marlr'L
Chain Pumps. Crrrifo BolU ails h
isiivator and Pnr.-cr.
FurnlsLL- Goods, inchidlug-
but purchi::ra will find c;r
- ,t" - wa-V VNhVi.J -v VM-t " '
A.th , .M .Mmavaii p'
. 1
( )
Pure Havr-C.
lageLeer, I ia.
oo: Matu Etreet, Ciavli

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