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Greenville Time
84TUgDAY.HQV.tt, 1876.
Publish J every Sat unlay '
Times Publishing Ccny
One Copy one f ear, lu aavance, g&OC
One Cor nix mouths, in ad vane S:00
...." BULB TWp. ,
Transient Adverting, One
Squarson Insertion,'. . $1:50
Each aubacquent Iawr(iD. - 76
Fee fr Legal notices doe on or
before last publication. No proof
f urnUked until paid for
rpace occriED, 5 5 3
One Square
Two Squares
One-fourth Column.,
One-half Column.-..
One Column.--.....
8 12 20
io is so
18 25 33
33 40 75
40 75 123
ogrSucu Regular Advertisements
mut be paid at the btfttnulng of
each quarter.
All Editorial Notices, exoefct
hen aeeompanlng the first Inser-J
tion of an adverUementwlll be
charged 20 cent per line; Obitua
ries tho same. Simple announce
ments ofdeathor marriages free,
persons who wish to Indulge in
what U termed "versoual notices,"
w ill be require'! to pay In accord
ance with tho nature of their arti
cles, 'r
DATES: For State and District Offlces, $20
For County Offlces: W
-For Beat Offices 6
Order from transleut customers
verLulor written, for lob work, ad
vertising, or subscription, must be
accompanied by the Cash to obtain
attention. Accounts of regular
customers due and presented the
1st of each month.
ooum ixwuMiiois TR1C T.
Coahoma conntv 2d Mod ly of
September and March co tinue
twelve (lavs.
Bolivar county 4th Moi sy of
September and March continue
twelve days.
Washington county 2d Monday
of October and April continue
. Sunflower county 2d Monday
of November and May continue
six days.
Sharkey county 3d Monday of
November and May continue six
Issaquena county 4th Monday
of Novembor and May continue
six days.
v Coahoma county 4th Monday of
October and April, and continue
twelve days.
Bolivar conntv 2d Monday of
November and May, sad continue
twelve days.
Washington county 4th Mon-r
day of November and May, and
continue eighteen days.
Isssqnena county 8d Monday'of
October sud April, and contiure
six days.
Sharkey count 3d Monday of
October and April, and continue
six days.
Snuftowcr county 1st Monday
of October and April, and con
tinue six days .
Regular meetings are held by the
Boards of Supervisors of each coun
ty on the 1st Mondays of January,
March, July, August, sr 0:,.ner,
nil iiih.v wiitiuuv ill jbbbiuu i umjm
nd no longer . v-
Supbemr Court,
i Terms of Supreme Court com
' menceon the 3rd Mondays of April
and October. ' A
Town Council.
The Town Council meets on
ine isi rneiaays oi escn monin.
Lever Board.
The Board of Levee Commis
sioners of Bolivar. Washinirton snd
Issaquena Counties meets on the
2nd Mondays of April sud Octo
ber st urcenviue.
JI have employed three good
excellent journeymen, sud I am
prepared to nil
all orders WITH
HOP ON SUIK IT- eerasr Lsssst. ; .
anl6,76. Greenville, Miss.
D1T,F.B T?
PsUnts, Clls, Varntshcs,
Wladaw Glass, Wall Paper
as ClattWIaite lash at MMsMssrles.
Painttrt -'$rlalt General'?,
Rbno.on Central Avenue, near
reenvville, SJtuissippl.
221 and 223 Walnut St.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Wholesale and Retail
rvEALElW in foreign and do
SJ mestic Liquors, Wiues, Porter,
Ale; Cigars, Pipes, 4c, Ac.
WE call especial attention to our
" well Selected stock of
? Old fttnrtickr Bsiritn '
RHINE, Port, Sherry and Ma
deira Wines; Goinesses' Por
ter, Bass and McEw.n Ale ; 1831
Old Lagarde Brandy, OM Holland
Gin. r
Select brands of "
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
tUDKTCT nAiicn
, -AKD
ALL kindsof Fnrnttore, Mattresses
Ac., Special attention paid to all
kinds of repairs, all kinds or Mattress
ea made to order.
Locnst St. between Washington A v,
and Main
mob l,187-6n
Lake Washington Landing,
Forwarding and Receiving
' Tea Centi Pr Pscksgi.
Grcctrlit tr.i Dry Gcsi J
at my store at the Landing and at
tne Hammeti piace. myw
Lorait and Waihington avenue,
n.EOOTT:- -- ito.
THIS first class house respectfully
presents Its claim for patronage,
My bar will be supplied with the
. And the finest Imported Crj,
'Fresh Ovstcrs for sale by the
g 1 gi
g i j
a p
; W
" O
I g
; I
can or dozen.
. Oct. 7, 1876.
jsw ww v
Gnnt behs the Game.
The following important tele
grams were sent by President
Grant from this place to day:
Philsdelphla, Nov 10, 1875.
Philadelphia Pa., Nov. 10 1876.
To General W. T. Sherman Wash
ington D. C:
Instruct General Auger, in
Louisiana, and Geueral Itiiger, iu
Florida, to be virilaut with force
st their command to preserve
peace and good order, and to see
that the proper and legal boards of
canvassers are unmolested in tho
performance of their duties.
Should there be any grounds of
suspicion of fraudulent counting
on either side it should be reported
and denouueed at once.
- No man worthy, the oflko 'of
President should be w illlng to hold
U if." couuted In" or placed there
by any fraud. Either party can
afford ta-be disappointed iu the re
sult' but the country cannot afford
to have the rcsulurtuintedaby the
suspicion ot 'Illegal or false returns.
- - 't V. GUAXT.
": "phllsdeiphla, Nov. 10, 1876.
To General W. T.Shcrmau. Wash
itigton D. C.: "
Send all troops to General Anger
he may deem' ticcssary to insure
entire quiet and s peaceable count
of the ballots .actually cast.
They may be taken from South
Carolina unices there is reason to
suspect an outbreak there: The
presents of citizens from the other
84atcs I understand is reqtasted in
Louisiana to see that the Board of
Cauvassers make a fair count of
the vote actually cast. It is to be
hoped that representative snd fall
men of both parties will go.
tie Hew Orleau Ceifereice.
At the request of Loulslnlsns,
Mr. Hewitt hsi asked a number ot
leading Cltlicns of theNstion to
be present in New Orleans during
the counting of the vote; the Pres
ident makes a similar request. . A
aonsldersblQ delegation has res
ponded. 'Similar delegations have gone to
Columbia, and Tallahassee.
New Orleans, Nov. 14. The
note following explains itself. An
swer will be filed as soon as re
ceived. Some Ropublicani named
have not yet arrived :
New Orleans, Nov. 14, 1879.
To the Hon. Stanley Mathews,
James Garfield, John A Logan,
WCliamO. Kcllcy, John A.Kos-
son, j; ltu Ditty, John H. Shone
berger, William M. Evarts, E.W.
Stoughlon, John A. I)!x r,url fli
ers: Thetnidcrstyied arrived hnre
yesterday. Tliev camo in answer
o a telegram from Hon. Abrnm
S. Uew'ett, chairman of thp Na
tional v l(.M!!ocratlj Conintii '.
dated at New York, Novo'nbrr 10,
1876, as follows, viz:
Tho citizens of New Orleans ur
gently request that a delegation of
prominent gentleman came there
at once to counsel peace and a f tir
and honest return. You are ear
nestly requested fo bo ono of the
fifteen gentlemen, all widely
known, to meet at Louisville Gait
House, Saturday evening, proceed
ing directly south, or if more con
venient, meeting at St. Charles
Hotel, .New Orleans, Monday
morning, lour prompt accep
tance by telegraph is requested in
this emergency, and appeals to
your patriotism. The undersign
ed are Informed you liavo come
here at the request of the Presi
dent of the United states to see
that the Board of Canvassers make
a fair count of the vole actually
cast. Whilo in the lale canvass
you gave your support to Messrs.
Hayes and Wheeler as tamlidales
for President and Vice President,
and the undersigned gave I heir
support to Tilden and Hendricks,
for those offices, ihey led assured
that all good citizens of all parties
retard an honest count snd true
return of the vote actually cast of
greater moment than the success
of any candidate for office, and
are ready to do all that honorable
men should do to seen re such re
turn of the vote cast st tho late
election iu tho State of Louisiana,
which assumes more than ever be
fore a uatlouul importance and
upon which iu this crisis may de.
pend the very existence of the
Constitutional Government. The
nnuarrncd, thcreforf, in view of
tho unLrppy controversies which
have heretofore arisen from tte
the State when its actiou could j there shall be received the state
not iu any event change the result ment of an v Supervisor of Regis-
of a Presidential election, and in
view of the desire of sli good men
that effect should be given to the
will of tho majority as lawfully ex
pressed, respectfully ask you, or
such of you as are present, to meet
and confer with tbcra personally
or through such committees as may
be deemed most wise, lu order that
such influence as we possess, may
be exerted iu behalf of such a can
vass of the votes actually east as
by ils l'uiiue- au I Impartiality
shall torn maud the re-pert aetjui
eseure of i no Amnkau people of
all iies.
Your, respectfully,
aTucil J Joiiu M. Palmer, Ly
mau Trtimbull. Wiu. K. Mm iUu,
of Illinois; Sauititl J. llamlall, A.
J. Cunlu, Win. Bialcr, of Pcn-
nylvauia; J. E. M l)nu:iltlrof In
diana; J. II. Doolitite, George JJ.
biuiih, of Wls'-ouilu ; Gcoro W.
Juiiau, M. IX Miiu-on, John Love,
ofluiliatuf lleury VaHeioii, J.
W. !?lcveuoii, lleury D.Mi lleury,
of Kenuu ky ; (.KwaM Oilcndor
fcr, of New York ; J. B. sallo, of
Ohio; L?wti IMy, James O.
Broaillietul, C. Gibou, oI'Miseouri;
John Lee Carroll, V. F. llamil
ton, of Maryland; VYY. butiiuer,
of Coiiueciiml. Ganield of Ohio,
sud Mr. Kelly, of l'eunvyivaiila,
Bill arrive hero to-morrow; wlicu
the lkepublh aus will reply to the
communit utiou of the Democrats.
- ,
CeifereKe Ofrllaei.
New Orleans, Nov. 16. The fol
lowing la the reply of the Republi
cans to the communication from
the Democrats, inviting a confer
ence! New Orleans, Nor. 13, 1876.
GiMTLBMBMt The majority of
the undersigned, to whom your
note of the 14th inst,, was address
ed, only arrived lathis city yes
terday evening, and can only re
gret that your communication
should have been given to the
press immediately upon its delive
ry and without the possibility of
an answer accompanying it.
You remark that you are in
formed that we came "at the re
quest of the Prosident, to seo that
the Board of Canvassers make a
fair count of the votes actually
east." and ask that we meet and
confer "iu ordes. that such in
fluence as we may possess may
be exerted on behalf ot such a can
vass of the votes actually cast as
by its fairness and impartiality
shall command tho respect and us
quiescenco of tho American peo
ple." o Join heartily with you
lu counsels of peace, atid in the ex
pression of an earnest desire for a
perfectly honest and just declara
tion oi the results of the recent
electlod iu Louisiana, by its law
fully constituted authorities, and
wo may add that wc know of no
reason to doubt that such a declara
tion will be made. Cut we do not
sco the propriety or utility of a
conference On, tho hauls, and eii'-i-
juct to the limitations you pro
pose, for we have no such duty im
poeed on us as suggested by the
clause of your uoto first quoted,
W e nro at most requested to bo
witnesses of what shall occur in
the canvass of tho volet, without
power or legal influence over the
result, or over the means by which
under the laws of Louisiana, the
result is to be determined. We
cannot doubt that in this, yontip
on reflection, will concur with us
We are hero as private citizens,
with no olcul powers; we there
fore cAinol supersede or modify
any law of the State, nor have we
any right to control or influence
any of Its officers, as to the man
aeriu which they shall perform
ministerial or judicial duties Im
posed upon them by its laws, and
should we, being strangers and
without official functions, attempt
this, we should bo condemned ry
the people of every State in tLl
Union for an improper interfer
ence with local administration.
The following extract from the
laws of Louisiana show that the
Canvassing Board Is tf pr-ssly. jre-
auired in certain mi) U exercise
judicial as well as tnisteritl tac
tions: .! - .
"Sec. 8. Thai la such etttf
and coinpi::it:c3 t's T
oCccrs is!l f r:m t : .'
order: Tt-y c
thVt!:-'-:::i'j f -votLjj,
nrtr!" '
trvet 6 C
rc " 3a f"l
tration or Commissioner of Elec
tion, In form as required by sec
tion 26 of this Ai l,: an affidavit of
three or more citizens, ot any riot
tumult, sets of violence, intiiuida
tiou, armed disturbance, bribery
or corrupt influence, which pre
vented or iuteLded to prevent a
fair, free and peaceable vote of all
qualified electors entitled to vote
st such poll, or voting place, such
Rcturningotllcers shall not canvass
count, or compile the' statements
of votes from such poll or voting
place, until tho statements from
Ml other polls or voting places
shall have been canvassed and
compiled. The Returning officers
shall then proceed to investigate
the statements of riot, tumult,
acts oi violence iutimidutiou, arm
ed disturbance, briton"? or corrupt
influences at any such poll or vot
ing place, and if from the evidence
of such statement they shall be
convinced that such riot, tumult,
acts of violence, etc., and did not
materially interfere with the puri
ty aiid freedom of tho election at
such poll or voting place, or did
not prevent a sufficient number of
qualitlod votes thereat from regis
tering or voting to materially
change the result of the election,
then snd not otherwise said Re
turning officers shall canvass and
compile the vote of such poll or
voting place with thoso previous
ly canvassed and compiled ; but if
the said Returuing officers shall
not be fully satisfied thereof, it
shall be their duty to oxamino
further testimony in regard thoro-
to, and to this end they shall have
power to send for persons and pa
pers. If after such examination
the said Returning officers shill be
convinced that said riot, tumult,
acts of violence, etc., etc., did ma
terially interfere with purity and
freedom of tho election at such
poll or voting . place, or did pre
vent a luffltlout number of the
qualified electors thereat from
registering and voting to material
ly change the result of the election;
then the said Returning officers
shall not canvass or compile tho
statement of the votes of such poll
or voting place, but shall excludo
it from their returns; Provided,
That any person interested In said
election, by reason of being a can
didate for office, shall be allowed
a hearing before satd Returning
Officers, upon makli'S application
within the time allowed for tho
forwarding of tho ruturus'of said
Hence, If thcro nr'.so any facts
requiring the judgment cf tho
Board Upon the validity ot any
election or return as affected by
such frauds or violence it would
be a mnuifebt interference with
State rights and local self-government
for persons like ourselves,
without official rbht. to nttctain
to influence or coutro.l Its Judicial
action. .
Had a rorrtaponuin,? Board In
the Statu of New York, iu 1868,
Decn authorized to pass upon the
frau.tulft returns of votes of tho
city of New York that year, and
had a delegation of citizens of
Louisiana, however "respectable,
attempted to influence its Judicial
action upon the facts presented to
It under tho laws of that State,
such attempt wculd have been mil
versally condemned.
If the duties of tha Canvassing
Hoard of Louisiana were nicrelv
ministerial or clerical, as in case of
an officer charged by law the duty
ofverltying and declaring there
suit of an election and invested
with no discretion, as wloi e Ike
President of the Senate courts
and declares tho votes of the Elec
tors of tho several Stale in the
election of President and Vice-
President under the Constitution
of tho .United Slates, n different
case wouid be presented.
II is, in our Judgment, vital to
lie preservstiou of oustltutioiia
ltbr-y, that the hat., of bbe&ttc
te tj forms of law should be ssdu
lonely lncu' and cuUlvated,
and that tL ' ;;rt to extra con
stitutional -o'es of re j fcr
actual grievances r .U U '-cli
ed and condc""-- ) rrrc'.
erf, dUor - -,-1 f -
tho cc-
25, 1876.
NO. 17
been adjudicated as talld by the
Supreme Court, and would be
wholly unjustifiable here, as well
ss iu sny other State of the Union
which has provided laws to pro
tect the rights of voters and the
purity of the ballot. We cannot,
therefore concur in your proposi
tion for a conference on that basis.
Very respectfully,
John Sherman, Stanley Matthews,
J. A. Garfield, of Ohio.
Win. Kelly, of Pennsylvania.
John A. Kasson, of Iowa.
E. W. Stoughton, of New York.
C. Irving Ditty, of Maryland.
J. II.. Van Allen, of New York.
Eug. Hale, of Maine.
M. S. Quay, of Pennsylvania. .
Will Cumback, of Indiana.
Ed. F. Noyes,of Ohio,
Job. E. Stevenson, of Ohio.
John Coburu, Lew. Wallace, of In
diana. ,
I. M. Tuttlc, W. A. McGrcw,
J. W. Chapman, W. R. Smith, of
Iowa. .
Abner Taylor, S. 1J. Haven, J.
M. Beardsley, C. B. Farwell, of
Sidney Clarke, J. C. Watson,
To tho Hon. John M. Pattier,
Lewis V. Bogy, Lyman Trum
bull, James O. Broadbead, W.
R. Morrison present at tho re
quest of thd Chairman of the-National
Democrat Executive Com
mittee '
it ion. y or iie democrats.
Now Orleans, Nov. 15, 1866.
To Hon. John Hiennan and others.
Gentlemen t We are in receipt
of your answer to our letter of
the 14th instant, in which you In
form us of your determination not
to confer with us for the purpose
of exerting suoh iuftucuce ss we
may possess in behalf of snch a
canvass of the votes actually cast
at tho recent election in Lousiaua,
as by its fairness and impartiality
shall command the respect of all
parties, We sincerely regret this
failure of our attempt to secure
tho co-operation of all the citliens
from other States, In furtherance
of the. purposo which, as we sup
posed, had brought them hero at
this juncture. We regret it all the
more, because your ref esal to con
cur and co-operato with us appears
to be based on a serious misappro
henslou of the language, no loss
than tho Bplrit of our communica
tion. It can"ihard!y havo escaped
your notico that our statement of
the result to be attained by tho co
operative action which we sought
to bi Ing about was a simple repro
duction of tho languago of Presi
dent Grant, at whoso request wc
understand you Rro here, in Lis re
cent order to General Sherman.
Hint lauguago was deliberately
Used, no doubt, lu view of the fact
about which, as we conceive, there
can bo no dispute, that tho first
aud most esseutlul prerequisite to
au honest and just declaration of
the results of the recent election
in Louisiana is a fair aud impartial
canvass of the votes actually cast.
aim ii seems to us that you do tho
first great li'justlco iu supposing
mat in speaking oi "votes actu
ally cast," ho meant to Includo
votes illegally cast; as you certain
ly do us injustice by the imputa
tion of a desire to insist upon so
narrow niiu vicious an interpreta
In our judgment, the expression
votes actually cast " of necessity
designates votes legally cast, and
as a coiiKequeiico of such votes
only did we doslro to secure a fair
and impartial canvass. We beg
leave to say," therefore, that you
aromistakcu iu the belief that we
sought unduly to narrow' tho basis
on which we Wanted your co-opc-
.ri .i j " ..
uuru n'jiiuu. Aim you are no less
in error in attributing to us a pur
pose to interfere with the legally
ciiisttiuted authorities! of this
ta.le in the discharge of their du-
tlei, to claim rights and to arro
gate to ourselves powers which we
do not possess, lu wrlwng our
letter, r trere fully owaro that
both vi organization and the ac
tion, w'-iber Judicial or minis'
nil, t 'i. Ewturit'ugTJoari r
joe - r na any id-
Percy & Verger,
Greenville, Miss.
w. K. TB1CU.
Office in Bank Building, Main st.
g W. JKSGU80H,
'attorney at law,
WILL PRACTICE ia the Coarts
t Tauiea, Coahoma, Bolivar,
Washington and Isaaqaaoa Oe Has.
and attend to tha sale, paiehaaa and
leasing of plautatimis aud payment ei
Makes the payment of taxes, ndea2
tion, sale and leasing ef laada a
Attorney at Law,
Grekxvillk, Miss.
Dec. 25, 76-tf
TOm? 7. SIUXIX3,
Attorney at Law,
Green villr, Miss. '
Dec. 25, '76-tf. - . v
W. U. Phtlt. t jMhoa aalaatr.
?hel)s! Cl eialntbr,
rBTUf, '.
MaTWill nraeUea In tha IT. ft
Courts, Supreme Court and tho
ijourisor Washington, lh-llvar end
Sunflower Counties. net. 8.'7C
a. c. HfaSmt. sas. M'coMifSLL,
Practice in all the State Courts.
and in the.Uuited States Court.
Office In Isouberg's house, Msln
street. oct7
Flobbtvili.k, Bolivar Co. Miss.
Craaty .MlNslaaloiil,
October 87 -nO.
Resident Dentist.
OHlce np-n!u ov.r A. II. flnlCfl.'s
ururf oiora. HKunissiua a. , t
Teeth Exrraoted Tthout Pain
nov. 4, 1876. ..
A. n. Fiular. J. P.flnbr. ' Jao. U. Moora
hi. U. r H skits UUU,
Paints, Oils, Dyes, lassA.
soda ant nnx3AX
On Draught and tn Sottlei.
(HT Onion sots, and Gardes
Grass and Flower seeds of all de
scriptions. j. .
Corner Washington Avenue audi
Mnlberrv streets,
. j. '
Tho nubile are resDSctfullv In-.
formed that I am now prepared to
entertain all who may favor me
with tbelr patronage, In a manner
not surpassed by any house In the
State. My house has been put In
complete order ; the bed-rooms are
large and well ventilated, and the
table will be supplied with the best,
the market can furnish.
Greenville, Aug 1
ON the first of December I will
open in my new brick building,
on Washinirton Avenue, a first
c s Meat-House, for the sale of
Line-grass Beef and Southdown
Mutton, and respectfully solicits)
sharo of pstronage.
i ii ii j i .
actiou c! the Rcturclrj Eaar
we Wharf-Wat. t

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