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'Greenville- Times.
SATURDAY. DEC. 23.1876.
. ' Daaa tkr Snj rimt tart."
Tbt utterance of be "drunken
Democrat," who rule the Na
tional roat, ia reference to I lie
' hi-licf ' Court iu the Slate of
South Carolina, cut short the ex
pectation with which the public
ha bcn regarding result in the
lleturnitig Board Slate ; the pre
liminaries, the kiriuU. line in the
revolutionary programme is thus
disposed of. W e -urn now, going
through the trrUl of letter writ
ing by our leading cititeus who are
wont to decide questions by log!
cal weapon.
Many of the most emiuent meu
of the country oatside of the rank
'of politicians, embracing tome of
the able t writer aud journalist
who supported the Republican
candidate, are .warning the peo
ple of the, bo longer slow or lnsldi
' out, auproaebe of despotism. 1
' our view however, the question
between a government of the peo
ple and a despotism, has been per
-mitted by the guardiitus of the
'former to past the point of peace
ful settlement. The conspirators
of to-day who will In all human
probability be the despots of to
morrow, are now on high vautuge
We confess to feeling of small
sympathy with such men as Pro-
fessor Seelye, Jas. Itussci Lowe
Geo. T. Curtis and Carl Scburt
in their existing alarm and agl
Utionatlhe threatening of the
situation; tbey and the whole mass
of liberty loving (for themselves)
North have been 'warned as men
were never warned, that the reder
practlces in the South could but cre
ate a taste for oppression and per
aonal power, sure ultimately to ein
brace their communities In Its appe
tite. They have shown themselves
as deaf to this appeal to their inter
est as they were to that of bu
inanity in our behalf. 'They did
their utmost to elect a toot of Grant
Chandler and Cameron, and now
begin to realize their irreparable
- . .
I hey and their whole people
will in very short while realize
that the man and tho power that
cleared tho Legislative hnlls of
Bouthern States, will apply the
same process to tho National Capi
It It Damn the South Carol!
ua Supremo Court," now, but tho
same disregard for any civil power
that dare stand athwart their tath
will characterize the Hayes spon
sors iu uie future.
in a ipeeh at Columbus Ohio,
upon lits return from. Washlugton,
(ion. Thos. Ewlug, assorted that
"nothing bnt thnnder iu the North
Would prevent tho installation of
llnyes by the military power." We
tto not bollevo that this sound will
be heard. ' Or' that It will Iu uy
event bo of effect Mow,
Tho premise Unit tirnnt Dktkr.
minks to inaugurate llnyes conce
ded, niul wo regard tho matter far
on tho way, to settlement. The
country around'. Washington Is
favorable for tho ue of artillery.
And tho power represented by
6,000 or 10,00F .rained Voldic.il,
would mnko short work of any
mob however numerous or patrio
tic, urant, Cameron, Chandler
....I .... . ... - . .
miu senators snennnn and Morton
. know full well, that to play a bold
gamo with tho cards they hold
tucccst is certain ; that tho boud
holders, tho properly owners, the
.i men ui uie .norm nro uot
uui 10 use. a collision tliutinay
sweep away hwnh, property and
solidity. And however beautiful
tne Ul'IKUKg of this das uiav
rend, Without their ACTION War
la I ... tl , .
iu.)oeiuio. Aim an cmcuto of
patriots would bo a farco.
' i no lion. Mr. Hill i being do-
nouncea for saggcMlnir that tho
Bourn make terms with Mr. Hayes,
While (at is generally understood)
Uru nro being offered. In tho
rapid inarch of event's, we should
give Mr. Hill a little time ere cou
dcumlttg hint. It would certainly
bo extremely nnwtse for Southern
people to Ufce part in a mere Out
break.' If tlij House of Keprosen
tatives, Governors Tllden, Hon
McU, and other Northern Dctno
oCatlc Executives design a struggle
for our Jlbortle and tusiitutluus,
they should thoroughly,' 'openly
nd promptly, for tliere is no time
to watte, organize . fore in (he
"North for that purpose constru
ing the concentration of troopt at
Washington as the casni belli. If
-thit or tomo similar action it uot
undertaken, and wo hvo amall
hope of any euch, Mr. Hill's advice
It not unwiie. Hut before acting
upon it, left give Northern Demo
cratt a chance. .
Pennsylvania has called a meet
:ing of tho pcoplo for tho 8th J aim
wry, to discuss the situation.
Portland, Oregon, Dec. 19.
felnr '
..'' -t
Tkf Frople Motli.
IndianapoIU, December IS. TL
Democratic Slate central et mmi
tee met here to-day, pursuant to
request rf the Democratic elector.
to consider the political situation
Quite a number of promineu
pohliciaus including Governor
Hendricks and the Stale oflicrr.
were preent, in addition to a rep.
resentative from eah cougreauoa
a! district. Kx-Congressman Julian
ho had been to LonUiaua, twin
called upon, gave his oplniou that
the election in that Stale had been
as quiet and peaceable a ia India
na; that Tllden bad carried that
State overwhelmingly. He hoped
the Democracy would have pluck
enough tottandnp for their right
and nicer the cri.lt now. The
members then gave the touilment
prevailing In their respective dis
tricts, as follows :
first District. The people be
lieved Tllden was legally elected
and were disposed to aee bim
Secoud District. Wat in favor
of the inauguration of Tllden aud
VI ... . . ... ... ..
iiura isisirici. uut little ex
citemeut among the people, but
they were willing to follow their
Fourth District. Requested the
State committee to demand the in
auguration of Tllden, and favored
State convention
Fifth District Wauled a State
convention, and were willing to
meet the emergency, let it be what
It may
Sixth District. Our people are
in favor of seeing our men ouly Iu-
ttallea in office.
Eighth District. Willtntr fore
peaceable tolution of this question,
provided it lesults iu the Inaugu
ration of Tllden.
Ninth District. General Maron
tald there was rca excitement
among his people, and tome were
inclined to go to extreme, but he
Uld uot believe we ought to talk
about war ; he did not think a mi
nority of the United States would
Insist on inaugurating a Presldcui.
he felt there was a certuluty in
someway for a -peaceable settle
ment; the people caunot afford a
civil war; risht it rlirht. and he
Alt that the great end honest Re
publican party would see that right
is carried out.
Tenth District. Believed that
Tilden should be Inaugurated ; de
precated war talk, although some
of the working classes were strong
ly Inclined to do so.
Klevcnth District. There was a
clement decidedly iu lavor of war,
but were looking to tbf action of
this meeting, and partlctilarlv
wanted a Slate convention tode-
cido on a plan to be pursued. Tho
feeling it that wo must have our
rights; peaceably if we con, for-
ioly if ncrcMary.
Iwtlfth District. Were dc
leriumeu mat Tilden should not
bo counted out; submission now
tneaut submfsilonfor all time.
thirteenth District. Were ex
peeling (hi committee to take the
initial steps to souring the inau
guration of Tilden.
A resolution wo adopted calling
couvenuon orthe people, regard
less ot pat political opinloiit. at
at each county seat, oil December
3d, to elect and Instruct delegates
10 assemble in Slate convei tiou at
luilianapolis on January 8th. to
consider public affairs and take
such action at will secure a full exe
cution of Uio constitution and
spectively to the office of President
and Vice-President of the United
States. This election has been in
accordance with the constitution
and laws of our country, and by
the expressed will of a' majority
oxceedinir one quarter of a million
of tho voters ofthe Uuiled Slatet
Tills action was upon an issue dis
tinctly made before the people of
ccouetny and reform in all the af-
fairt of the government, and the
maintenance of the constitution
aud the laws. Fair play and hon
esty, and the highest interest of
the people unite in the demand
that they shall be inaugurated In
pursuance or their election. Thit
It proven not only to the Demo
crats but to Republicans. All cii
Izens who voted for them demand
At a meeting ofthe Democratic
central committee, held this day,
it was unanimouiely resolved that
a meeting of the people or the sev
eral counties of the Stale to be
held at the county seats on K.t ,.
day, December 23,1876, ror the
purposo of considering the present
coudltlon of public affairs, and for
or ox presslon ot their views, aud of
appolntingdelegates to a State con
vention, to be held at tho eitv t,r
Indianapolis on January 1877. In
calling upon the people toresimn.t
iv m ucuou or tne foiujnittee, it
1 proper, to state the occasion
wnicn was deemed sufficient
authorise and require lrr
tin ir inauguration a right and
all who Votedagaiuit them owe it
a a duty ; American honor reyiir
it: the nubility of our institution
demaud it. There I. now a combi
nation very formidable aud reck
le to prevent the legal result i.f
the election aud to tdace meu iu
the hi'h orlice ho have not beeu
elected to them, and thereby to
defeat the change and rafurnit
which all clae of society and all
the great industrial and commer
cial interest so much require;
they have resorted t returning
boards parly machinery hereto
fore unkuowu ia national polities
powerka for good, but preguaifl
with evil; they threaten o aWparl
from the rslablishe.1 usaiee in
counting the electoral vote, by
witholding from the people' rep
rcscutalive their constitutional
perogativeof participating in the
decision of all question that may
arise in the ttroceiwoi tli n.uni
aud by clothing oue man with the
power or sUowm; and ofeirlu.lUir
votes, and thereby controlling the
Presidential election. . The pur
pose of this damrerous eonsoirar
iiiusi be defeated; the right a de
clared at the ballot-box mut be
rrspected and maintained. As
was said of Mr. Lincoln's election
the people are strong enough to
place him iu bis office. Our army
must not be used to Place either
governors or President in office
wlio have not been elected: the
urposct of the aggresive and am
villous leaders which von must de
feat t usurpation. It rerolu
tlon" and it accoiiinluhmmit will
disturb the foundation of our in
stitutions and endanger the cause
of free government itself. We
cannot maintain our iusiiiutiont if
the people allow their choice and
will, as expressed in pursuance r
law, to be defeated by fraud and
force. The committee therefore
call upon all the people without
respect to party, who make our
country's welfare paramount to
every ot her consldcrui ion all w ho
say that tho vole of the people
shall not be defeated by fraud, and
all who stand by fair nlav ami
honesty to meet at their couniv
seats ou the dav mentioned and in
make an expression of popular
judgement that cannot bo tlisre
trarded even bv the most almndnu.
ed and reckless enemies of our in
stitutions and to appoint men as
their delegates to the Slate con-
vention on the eight of next month
who will fearless) v and nrudnnilv
make ttioh declaration aud take
such action as will giVeour State
her proper position and influence
ninintaiuing a constitutional
government and the rights aud
liberties of the pcoplo.
For the Grand Mask Bull on the
loth January.
Jos A Shall & co.
T- ' AND 1 " ' ; " '.'
will be paid for
at the
I Greenvilla Cottonseei 2CI1 ssi
W. k W. II. STEAD, Propr
G. . Biijjnosley, agt
December H, 1876. . ;
la pursuance of the ternioftw
deed of trust male by W P
Montgomery, E. C. Montioitarr
D. C Montsromerv.J. m iZ7
gomeryand S. W. Monlgomerv
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W V. VliaiavV.
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window shades hcno
Satisfurti'tn guaranteed. Shop
at oui tarn. . lie fiiiircn comer teu
tral avenue and Walnut streets.
December 16, 1876 lm
Comalsdaner'i Sale. "
The State of Mississippi,
Washington Cuntv. -In
Csmdctt Court KsTcmbv Term,' ttTO
John W. Shield )
vs. m
Simon Smith et nx
T)Y virtue of the final decree '
J- the above entitled cause, rei
dcred at the term aforesaid of tl
Court aforesaid, to wit. on the tOth
day or December, 1876, the nnder
lgued Having been appointed
pccial coiuttilfcsiouer to upon I
tau'. decree, will, on
MtiiaT, tht lit lu tf Jaaury, 187?.
proceed to tell at the front door of
the Court House of ta d couniv.
between the hour prescribed bv
law lor shcriU't tales, at nuhli
auction to the highest bidder for
cusii, tne toiiowinar described tutm
land sll tinted in the town of ttreen.
ville in said county and Slate, to
wit : ine snutnwest quarter of lot
number iwentv-ttvo (2-2Y in the
second addition to the town ol
Greenville, measuring sixty-six
feet front on Mulberrv it reel, bv
one hundred and cigli'ly-uo nuil
uue-nuii icei ucep.
B. w. FEROnSiX.
d 1S-J0 Specie tonimUiloucr
Cl" I . tT.ATTT
PORT ASltERSOS. RJIraf tountr, Miil
TIIE best Molasses iu town bv
A (citeialal Tragrej.
On September 22. one hnndcn.1
years agis within tho limits of the
hhtui ew tork, Captain Na
than Hale, of tho Continental
armv, was hung as a tpy without
the formality of a trial an.l un,i
circumstances ot pecnlutr atrocity.
He was but twenlv-nnn vn ,.r
age, a graduateof i'aleand a man
whose line literary attainments
are perpetuated in hi irrnnd-ne-
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we do not want the profits, such -onrla r, us' TMIIbf UnUUtKltd
m? hero. Our goods are always splendidly bought for
"v vuuouti an w.-.respond ngiy low prices.
dec. 16
Merchant Tailor,
Respectfully solicits the custom
of the gentlemen of the communi
ty. Shop at present on Main it.,
next door to Yager's confoctionoi y
reminiscences of thit hero-manvr December 16, 1876-St.
and tavs: Tradition has preserv- fT
ed a picture of the valiant vonna
phew. Rev. Edward Everett Hale.
iu. n gnu gives some Interesting
I - ...... I WIIU.
.!!... Ml. S.. A . !. B
..u..,, - , , Apni, u,t en.
camped his conipnnv iu the fields
uear our Hunker Hill, at Broad
way and the Bowery, and who in
September the same year crossed
the Sound, at Norlork, on his per
ilous errand. T
old in June, brlght-eved and ath
letic, he was dressed in a frock of
white linen, fringed, sitrh oi.
cert then wore, with a yellow rib
bon in his cockade, to mark hit
ranK, in lieu ot epaulettes, He had
New Livery Stable,
Mulberry street, ' - Greenville
I return my sincere thanks to my
old customers for their generous
pntronnge, aud trust they will not
forget to call on me at my new lo-
-niitu. i win give mree tquaro
meals of the best provender for
One Dollar. First, class colored
Gorman Crocsries
German Kimmel
German and French
Mulberry tt,
nu fins Kiiied ov a
shell at tho tiege of Loiiisburgt'(n
1745, When equipped for the peril
out work of of a sdv. ('antnin U.i
ch nged hit uniform for a platu
suit of citizen, clothes, with
round, broad-brimmed hat. lie
was eianoreai Huntington, Long
I-land, and thence proceeded
throorh the British camps - on
Long Wind and Xew York. After
1 i Bal ' IO lne outposts of
the British army, he stopped at a
tavern called the " Cedars." where
be was seen and recognized by a
vi, niwm, a uiMputed vonnir
mD, narowl Samuel Hale, wuo had
receded nwov favors at hit handt
n former time.. Thit double
xrmmr betrayed liim to the British
tying be wat a captain in the
f ontincntalannyanJaspy. Gen
Howe wa then residing at the
. v ..'"7' nr "'8 present
lnncti..n of Kinv-fici Simii n.i
was brnairht before bim. and frank,
y owned hit name, rank, and ob
lect. This was on the tweuly.firgt
of Sep ember, 1776, just one week
from the day ou which Washing
ton had given him hit secret in
stroriion at the Murray House
on Murray Hill. 3 uuse,
Howe had Hale hung without
tr..l .dth6 infnmouf C
Marshal Cunniniham ... .v.
letter he wroii f-
,, , , - ----- m-iroin-
ed, on the morning ot lit cxeru.
lllth "vTng
that I have but one Jife to give for
...j . iimiry. ine place of lils
burial Is unkuown, but it within
tie city limits.
Mt the time of Capfalnllatc't
execution he was eugnged to be
married to a youi.if ladv iu Con-
nedicul. .She nr. iru.l l.lin
yielded to the imnnplnnlilo. -
to . Iriends and married the never for
l got her youthful lover Wh. .1..
SuiuuelJ, Tilden and Thomat A f,n,e toLdie.t the age ofniuelv
oiidrieks have been m-,i I 55.' . . ,as. word the tpofce
waer- Hainan." t
. '
his firelock slunAehind (all officer, frlte
wore inemtniis). and at h s i.io . . ; ""
was the tword worn by hit uncle
omnnn uaie, no wat killed bv
October 21.
C5We are agent for the new and
Georgia Cotton Tie,
which we will sell in lots to mer
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Call and examine our goods and )
prices ueiore purchasing elsewhere,
STATE Or MlWiawpl ' I
liOLlVAB Cwjir (In Ch;l!
wuuu n. wiiKerson
Xo. 411 vs.
Ado . V. Wilke
It appi aring fr.m duo proof to
the tiitistaciion of the court, that
tho tuid Ada II. V. Wllkersonre-
riiios out oi tne state of Missis-
ippi, ami uiai her place of resi
dence and poHioflle in in M
Tennessee ; It Is therefore ordered
by the court, that them !
Inir in the facta charged In com-
)iamuui out ncrein lor a divorce
f ' he. .n.c3tt ,er,n of court, to
be held in and for the said county
of Bolivar, at Itoseduln. ii..i'
nn Ik. O.I t I ,
Kii'iiuir oi May, a d
1877, and it i further ordered that
? coy of this order be published
iuthe Greenville Times, a public
newtpapcr of this slate published
ii Washington county, Misshwippl,
(there bcin no ncwsnaiinr imi.i.
... . .
eoiiiii;;, loriiien laceor oneillOlllli now Ari'iit,!.l l. - t
before the snld dav of hearing.. KI.JMh"1.!? ..K.1?' Margaret
if Zl ",s court FoV termVapplto rC'"-
..... . vrepaia, a s , c. W. t.vwia
codv ot this order. nronni-W Hi
tect to her at WaaU i-LY.Ti ' , : f; j
- i'v.ivhivu nu
A valuable plantation two mile
terms ap
from Greenville.
ui v to
Dec. 91 Ii '76-tf.
Kor Ilent.
Nil . 1
a no residence ami ...mi
ground!, yard garden &c, ofthe
Ordered, adjudged and decreed,
this 18th duy of November, a. d.
A tme OODV from llm ml,tlni
Attest : H T. VvoRtr, Clort,
y U. 1. WRIGHT, D. C.
dec. 16-30 - .'
Chs, A Geo, r. Scott for compll. ,
' l i .i
Dry Goods
. ' ' ' AND
.' AND
Plantation Suppllcn.
v-rw nuDitijrtun rtnu. and Mulberry it,
sept. 6.1874
Sale and Feed Stable
5 C. P. EMHETT it CO
'.8fid ",,d flUeU un 8 Sale
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trautnt riralldlw.
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public for patronage.
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iv oNinngion County. J vT
Circuit Court. To Anrli T,...m
Trigg Buckncr, F1.F.
W. B. ft Emma V. Whn.n
II V virtue orthe
"''ented, Ithail TcVpoo
&,?! .u' ,1 door the
in . i . ;"M,",I,U IPonvmetw tl.
Inthe hourt prescribed i. t...
tothhlglrt OUItur, iorcash on
Kriimi V WlT..i . . ' W B. &
pSETThe publio are resneetfuliw f..ll, i m??!" ttothe
say- -7, szFB:
In W.l.l .. . ' "ICCII-
and Winter
Finest Prints,
Silks, ' '
KMBttAClNO '' "; '
ino suinn
upon at I ho
reunout, W,
w II
IlllVinir been l.,t..4
property of ,heDe.
lV Kmtni, V
Dcalert In
ouBuaicu ii aiauuarv. a. rf idtV
and recorded ii deetl book u
o. s, Ui, auu Hie olhtr
dated 2d January, a. d. 1872, and
recorded in deed book " D. Ji0
pa-e m 209 and 810. (of tbe'reV
ord of Washington count v, fctat.
of Mi'sis-ippi.) each to teenre the
indebtedness therein nentioned
to W. E. Montgomery, the naderl
signed a trustee will on the , .
Mtt fey f DtauW, a. L tl
offer for sale and tell at the door
ofthe Court House of laid eountr
of Washington, at public outcrv to
the highest bidder for cask 'the
follow ing described real etate in
laid county, known atuLotUi
plantation,' on Battlesuake bayoa. .
to wit : three hundred and tUirtv.
aix (3S6) acres in iccl'ion 10, loan
ship 17, range 8 west ; five hund- '
rett aud sixty-three (563) acre ia
section 11, tame township and
range; threo hundred and forty,
lour (844) acres in section S3, town
ship 18, range west; ninetv-fr
(9) acre in cut i alt of t'.-ctioa
14, township 17, range west
eighty (80) acre in east half of
northeast quarter of tame tectioa.
townsbiD and rai and
dred aud lifty.four (1W) acre In
secuon io, lownintp 19, range
west; all of said lands lying and
being in the comity of Washington
and Slate of MUtissippi ; or to
much thereof at will pay oft taM
indebtedness and interest nad the
expenses of thit tale.
nor. 25-17 Trustee.
Grand Central llot:f
Crccn vllle, . . . Mist.
COL. I A. KIwTCAff, Proprietor
Only ui Blitk tna iki BtMHttat I'i'g.
ry This hbuto hat latelv been
enlarged and undergone tlio'ronyh
repairs, painting ana new furni
ture. The table will be annulled
.villi the best that it iu I he r nn ii.
try, and defy competition.
Give me a call. '
Gcorgo Washington Vertlet et alt
James Gallagher et nl.
In purstinnco of a dneren at ilin
Chancery court of Bolivar county,
Mississippi, miule at the NovciiiIkt
term, a. d. 1.76. iheimif. in th
above styled cause, the undersign
ed will, as tpeciar commissioner
appointed by tald court, on
Miniij. the 8th iay tf Jaaaarj, 1877,
at I ho door ot the Court House in
the town of Roscdulc, in laid coun
ty of Bolivar, proceed to sell, for
cash, to the hlghet bidder, the fol
lowing described land in said
county of Bolivar, to wit Tl
southwest quarter of section live;
all or section clx; tho northeast
quarter aud cast half of northwest
liinrter or section seven : t he north
west quarter or icetioii eight,
township twenty-one, rnngo tlx;
the northeast quarter and north
hn f or southeast quarter, and east
hair of south half of southeast
quarter of section ono. townshlu
twentv-one, range scveu.
Sttid hale Is ntiirin tn ilr.. ..I.I
d . u ,v CU1I.II flllHI
oerco in favor of complainants,
and the title is believed to be good.
Special Commissioner.
December 2, 1876-18
Strayed on the 10th September,
A Dark-Gray Kara Mnla.
branded J. M. on left hip, between
4 ami 6 veors old.
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the mil c. or ft.e iir.....,..ti- .i..
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111 cnablo mo to get hor. . t
beer, T-W' POWELL,
Iec2-5l. Effsr's Pnl... mi..
WASHISltlua C'tl'NtV. "
May Term, 1870. -Kate
S. Cay et nl , .
vs. f
John ill. Evans et al.
' No. 691-btll and croit blli.
In accordance with tt. ......i.i '
the final decree ren7ffl
tint cause ou June 2, 1876, the nn-
s fJd 1atVcM -
vZ Tf J cc,Iou ne (9); the
west hair or section eiirht fo t l a
north half of .n.uJ . f".W: ",e
townshii, niB ..:.-V,,v"e,' W ..
Ww-rSlff1 roTBlfck :
FMej.iH in WaThn" 1
ana state or MisslssipV; and ftu '
or tat v ; xu.B,'.r prp
nnH B "'"'esatn aocree
ana cost. .and. win k. . ..
riKST MoNDAV im J it. . ...
?Hie takina t, aco n..:n..-
within let, Y8h'Von bounty '
sheriff' of ws.i.w;HT. :.
loner' nov26-17 i
T KwTltEt t
And completo line of rTtStmionvt
Ot-TOurdeDarl lltnlii t.f r. A lirt.ti
SHoEH I unsurpassed In Uaul v
durability and price. .. "y
. M-TFIiieatiick ormti) 1t.... ....i
uuav pnESS GOODS '
WW .Ap IHo67kTC
' rinUtlo8upPlit,d
utiioritv ni.r,..-i .
under the chnrton e.i..n .
elwmVroceedaprW- 1
cribedbylawto dittraln on the
J; forth. r,ax ',. for jh0
nal year i7r
QtENT LIST herewith published..,
"""mil orpt, o,
V v
.'OnWashing-JonT;:68- ;
- ' Tax Collector.

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