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Greenville Times.
aBPAY. MAY 19, 1S77.
puTTtahad every tJaturtay
Titnss PctKshinCompany
C&sxA&& Nereis.
OnsCofJ ea J,r- advance, rt:0C
One Copy sUawratbe. in advance 2:00
Transient Advertising, One
Square, one Insertion,. $1:50
Each Mtaequentlniertlon-. 75
Fee Legal notice, which are
inrinded ".nder this bead, due on
or before hut mblleatlon. Ko proof
MrBtobed data fld tor
i mi e
- iPAci OCCMSD, ' I
t U V I io10XA3L
NW SA S M M -- r
VT SA k fs , , Jkt W.A
f 1fiL AIT fi fiM rn fir a VTOr
kl !
8 12
10 IS
18 25
25 40
40 75
One Square.
. ftauare..
one-fourth Column.
One Coiunin ...
rySueh Rrr Advertiaemer.t
mast be paid at tito beginning -of
eh quarter.
All Editorial Notice, ecept
whenaeooincanlng the Bret Inser
tion: of an admtaement, will be
charred Stt eenta per line; uinim-
rtet the ram. Bimple auuounee
hienta of deatha or marriage free.
Persons who. wish to Indulge in
what la termed "peraonal notice,"
will be required to pay In accord
ance with the nature or their arti
kks fob ahkoukciku cardi
- iiatks: .
For State aud District Offices, $20
' For County Office:. - " I
lV. IXaml ORIceS.. ........ ............ 6
Order from transient customers
...uin, written, for lh work, ad-
verttetng, or aitliaorlpllon, must be
accompanied by the CViah to obtain
attention. Accounts d regular
customer due and presented the
lotofeatih month.
i . 'co t
- o
8 fell
t S Mo !
w o
Ih i
onssmiiE, 7Ashhigton county, miss., Saturday,
Mosul's Cariosity,
MAY 19. 1877.
170. 42
ri4TwaBctkB AlivM;lo.Tie tU f a Great Moaopoly.l
A telegram from Minneapolis,
Miunosota, to the Chicago Iulcr-
Ocean, tells the following remark
able storv: About three weeks
Washington, May 7. For weeks
past the attorneys of the great
sewing machine compauies hare
lieen around, ibe Patent office
ago Jonas NeUou, a lumberuiau, I .jyag fory -me loophole for an
: while worsmg m tnc woous on uu cxteil,OB b: guise of a new is-
Upper Mississippi, was crushed I e q te 6erj- machtuo patents
beneath a falling tree, aud aner , , h -j,, fj ll00n to-morrow
suffering several aays, uieu. i s h;lt y.
comrades placed his body in a rude ow j,,- ut
I - I l I If t. Ilia I '
piuc uuim the ItfB (
Irieniis in this cuy. was over raoop,ay x
weeK DCiore ine uouy arnvcu. a.
the same time tho weatlier was
quite- cold. The remains were ta-
keu to the house of Johu l'etcrson,
where for two or three days they
were visited by frieuds. Finally,
oiie who bad not yet seuu the body
Xoueh:iak - ouud, and thefol-
K patents, on which
e sewing machine
's, now become coin-
mon protetr-F to the country : nm
vibrator wdlo and reciprocating
hntiln. tha foundation of the
m.Mvt1.lHvnnshiu2aniron Pans corresponUeuce tuicogo
" """" ' ' ' " . . , i... .. .t. ni.
lawn-roller around a vara on tmei-vnxnu . 'i"
Woodward avenue, when au oW proioumi auxieties auu uinuuoiu
lady came aloug, leaned up against dangers unuerij iug amuvat .
-w.iehed him fora sbroad, there is a broader stream
while and then calltnl out; of comedy running through it than
"Sav. Mister what are you push- perhaps through any other peeial
.,,..1 for?" portion of our common existeuce.
To roll the lawn." be answered The fuuny scenes aud Incidents
"What do you want to roll the that are contiuually occurring,
i.-... ..,v and aro repeated from ouo to an-
wwuiorr . ,.t.t.. ,1...
"To make it level." maor
-What do you want to makoJt bubbling gaycty of youth which U
level for ?" she continued. cre or elsewhere so irrepressible.
"That's what 1 was ordered to are enougu to m
believe mat uumuu mo wuuiu v
really a comedy, really a broad
burst of divine and creative laugh
ter if to-morrow was not such a
- . . ... .t,.0J
double thread machines ; tuo vi- uo, ue un.., - r
i . ..iii. .nit tho routine nersuiration.
knv km vit.1 nrlnelnleof the sin- "But what did they order you to
nWitirMil machines: and the con-1 do It for?"
with its strong ele
I mutit of Auicricau humor, added
Peroy t I'crEcr,
Greenville, Miss.
ATTUn.iLi jar a.mv.
I UUttlNVlIXK. .-- - MI6S.
c. 7. cLAimi:,
Attorney at Law,
Attorney at Law,
Gkeexvills, MI88.
r. ti. rb!ns. Joaaa bki;
Phclpit & thinner,
StccaVUI, Mlmm.
FtoRKWiLLK, Bolivar Co. Kiai.
Imihss Casmijr. Mfmtmti.
I ipi..n.... atml A
.a. i.i..iif. '. ... i ........ Kt..v . ....ntii i.iwn i srreai pcraiw. uwu.
caueu, auu ancr amuiK " tiniious feed in continuation wun ."uj, "J - '.t., ,
nm mniumita exclaimed: " Why . . .i .... t.t,. tii. l.w.kn the best I suppose." Fm'""J
... ... w lhjiu Ul i,...v. " m " I .
jouas is svihoui " 1 i,-i motion or fore motion, ine nny , . v ,. ..tiv
. . , . . I.I..V.1 .1.1. I " . . . . - . .1. .i. U.t .!. lutrnla. 110 HB lUliluwn ui ..-v....
ueam - last is the vital principle oui 01 nawn ioo - .. . 4 a Dunitonl compouml of
ETEL : rn i...,v he.ald inn that can scarcely be equalled I GREENVILLE,
uivuviii. I r ntpill. IllB niOIIOlHIir Ua ticni-I i namii. , .
i .... i I. t.. K.l I " ' . . . .l .!.. leisowuero.
la lira uwij yj ymvi. - ftjuii million dollars. IU in uniiiinwup
"why havem you time n imi
t.ou,trol "
nirnnnl i. r-
ld ,,,,,, . 1
1,,nlUniiiuVl Ark.mNW.i... .,
Mityviwvlt ;
I j I'ruvliirme iv
M'rtlHi ofVutm.
S.0.rt1hmt ..
Hunt HnHM
timn'1 Uull ....
M. . -J '
NaMBfS' "
J'l.rl Aitsm...,:... ..... .....j
MKtivH mmI MUMiiil Line . . .
Ul Uivr
ISirl Hdilmii. .
ftttoa Kong, ,
I'laiiucmlns ........
IioIiWntIih .......
Collin'....... ... .
Kodbarek .,.
- ArkiilU
Ch fliy.r
ji -mm
niie Hlrvr
Vrim PuiHl
M. smnnto Ulvwr ,
MimMH sad I
Ahimrt., ........
Mnlc'a I'olnt.' ..
Arkaipw ami aliaauari Line. .
KiiirillcaMknt ................
Tcniwwwr ant Keulm ky tine
Vw kuulieJ
Unmrnfira (...,
(Jape UlranlroU
Towtr Mock
,.t 4i
,. w
I Mi
....... -SST
..... Alii
,. Il
'f. 2 g
I i 2 its
s 'in 5.' 2
V l 3-
aud imparting warmth to it. Af- . , , ilowo maclitiie the feed
I. . , ... .L.wlL . .. 1. ... .. I. .1
ter a tune color oeiiau iu auuw ...nrmi hv a thin sun she suoutcu.
self In the checks, and shortly alter . ... ,,,K noint.. work- "Go'u ask the boss I" he yelled,
' ui iiiciui nun aw- f i
bis eyes opened. The spectators . . (dl0t ,U(, wheel. Aner ..why shall I go'u ask tho boss ?
were almost overpowered with a ,, , , fr ciotn to sho screamed
senso that they were lu the prca- . . i.rt. ,,,.,. . i,itlUi onoratlon lie disappeared belilnd the houso
which nmde the machine nearly to get rid of her, and alter waiting
- - I i . a A., l.t.ia irt WAOIklTUkliJ.
useless. The difficulty was onugcu nve " 7 long did ho delay giving the sig.
by Batcheldor, who sudbuiuiou a sue siowiy - Lid iuat ibe students became in..
eyMar,ak.naeu,uou.i v ami I patient, especially a. they had
iur iiiv riuiv
once of an uusecu power. Fiually
one asked the reviving man : ' Nul-
sou, are you cold?"; Without
moving, tixlng his eye on his ques
tioner, ho replied: "Yes." The
nvi-i'iii'im 10 restore him were
is the custom in
studies for the nude model to be
posod by the master before an ele
vated plutlonu aud behiud a cur
tain, which Is withdrawu when the
pose is complete and the signal
ulveu. Some days ago Carolus
i. ........
Durau was occupied behind the
curtain in this mauuor. But so
Kakea the payment of taxss, r-X
tion, sals and Uaslag of laaia
Vndor various n-odi-
ficatioiift, one of which w;as invcut-
redoubhd, and his coudition since , . mUon j,, 1850 for a vlbra
has becu gradually improving. . ... llntch
These are frets, that a man who
has been apparently ueaii two
weeks, aud must have been frozen
in transit to this city, bus come
back to life.
Be Still Troubles lb et burcB. .
tory feed, this Batcheldor patent
has remained essential to every
scwlnu machine, whatever Its work
or make might be. It has been ex
tended twice, to tUeeUormous pro
fit of thn Riimbluation that was
hv tlie Simrer. Wheeler &
"BO'UO loiaa in v ... i - . ... . ... t i .1 i
Muckupthat you cant get within
...itlof 'cm unless you blaie an -
over with dioinonds." Detroit
Free Press.
PORT AXulRSXHgrBullrar Coaalr, KU.
... ' 1 -
const Ksra. tzzztj zzst:
b. r. TUMBLR, ,
O. W. CUtkt, A-ar,
Coahoma couuty H J.cr i t
Tke Eastern War.
curUiu. The model was an unus
ually beautiful woman, so at this I September and March t
delay the more prnrleni-mlndea of t-jj.
Wilson, G rover 4 Baker,
A short time ago we published a
Attuniiimit cuueoruiuir ot" uiu
Gray; whom our leaders remember year ago the great monopoly pool
.a till. Ikokfl
9 v ' CO " I M -. I
...vnnii vpsj-. Th eouutry third extcnslou. Jouuyisis auu
got too enthusiastic for William, lawyers woro retained by the dos
attd ho lit out, and went to Lextng- en, but tho job was too migrant,
ton, Kentutky, where ho got con
trol of a chiux-b, and on alter got
arrested for loolliig with tho funds
I uf tho church..' Ho bulldoscd his
way through tho charges nmde
.iruiiiHt hiiu thuii. and we hoped
CAB I H MaV tht his paili thunaner would be
screuonnu ins patumgu iuhihwh
a -mr . I
amongst the Hock lu ivenuicKy.
But H was not thus to be. . lho
the elder's head is level in tho ser
vice of the devil, and the sisters
stand around him like u wall; for
- ANll
A Ll. kinds of Knmliiir!,Mattr ss.
e., Special attention puiO to all
kimU of repair, all kimls of Mattnws
uk iiiHilv to order. . ,
UonstBt. between Wanhing'on Av.
""JMttl" aUEENVlLLE, M1S8,
nidi I. IST-On-
the studouts cxeliangca sigumcnui g,- tlld' Mareh-evl.
vlauces. Still the siifual was not I ,.vv.iVA diva.
o . . . . - . -
London, Mav 12.-An otnciai given, cu., T .i Vw2 .nr.nriu"
r..atfti.tln.iilo dispatch says that Amciicuu witimrew tue cn ":" '
and tho Russians haviug attacked ou and there tho famous artist . was t.unJowor county-li l!.-;
- - . , . , t f thu poisiuuu Uiscovercu uusuy eiigageu w.i of Novemt)er ana Kay-ct
n "r- WM .rr-liirllll. November ana .ay-eo i
mliliOR dollar, to . pM .1 ol Miotirn -
lasting eight nours auu , -1 - - inaiimii. .
suiting iii tho complete rout of put his color-ladou palette care- 0f November and Liy-c:
auiiiuj i- i. ii. Vnt I tnrnlva dnYB. v
the Russians, who lost four tuous- icssiy upon u n
and men. Tho Turkish loss was .eelnglt.tho fair Venus uau aat
cousido.al.lo. Po. Henco thesttoatlon and
'Kiscunew, May 12.-U Is oftb- tho tableau, more artlstlo than
cially coiitiriuod that the Russians Ideal or dnsslcul, before a half a
rtv of Mexico, v iu Brownsvlllo, 81mk a lu. L'e Turkish inonuor in utinurcu la.isi.ni.j
. . i - . . .i.-ii
Wednesday, May 2. Ougio'R, tl0 Dauuuo ycstcniay. a biioh
with ono hundred and thirty-five neuei rated tho boiler of tho moiii
memdors present, counted the tor, rcsiiltiug iu nn explosion,
which fired tho magazine, ine
oven for Washington conscience.
St. Otiwrieva
at. LoaU...
For convenience of reference, wo
herewith publish a tabular state
ment of State and Levee taxes :
On Sash Sl.OO Talaalloa of I'miicrty,
8late tax, general purposes, 3 mills,
Btato tax, bouds, 2 mills.
Privilkob Taxkm.
Oa aanh Mm atonk vmlwai.ogo &
Ob aahatMiataekerai,0OUto2.unn
Oa each atonatnok ofW.lW to .
Oasaeh stars slock uM.ooo to 5,,
N 73 I
'4 H . f .
g -g h i
yf . , I
Li.:: wf.-i ,P . te -g . c
K fji 53' S H' B x.t ?
EEi-I O 818" ..rt
Kill I . aaa aBS
::r.:::::: : r-1 ui w
::;:...,..... ia : M S . a$ g
Presidential votes uud declared
General Porfir. Pitir. President.
Ou Friday, tho .fourth - instant.
General Diaz went to tho gates
of the city oud was presented to
the army as president-dec! , nnd
by it escorted to tho palace, where
tho' troops passed In review. At
niue o'clock yesterday morulng he
was- inaugurated, with much
. . . . i..i. i.nnn.ai,i Lulniiinitv and clitliusiiisui. After
Hoi k. ami tuov wiau m - - - ,
r . ,! out. But taking tho oath of office, he Sol.
.utilised by the sisterhood aud his emnly declared that ho would oo
own unparalleled check Gray holds cupy the presidency for onotc
.W : . -n, rliv of the only. The diplomatic corps, with
1. Lve protested against his the exception of the United States
... ,, ..fthe pulnit. and iu miuislcr, was present
thoMdcr's ways aro tviuuing, and
the ladies ihluk it no s'nulng for
such a charming teacher to follow
brother Beoohcr, It stirs up the ire
of the old rams and wethers of the
was present.- a cmv
in'fieeHRioti. followed by the mill
tary, then escorted tho president
to tho iintiotntl palace. The term
ofilin nresctit consrrcss will not
expire until tho September elec
tion for senators and members of
tho Hutn'cmo court has been or-
Coahoma count y 4ti I ! :
October and April, au.i t-,
twelve days. ' .
Bolivar county 2J I zz f
November and May, ati c.
twelve days. .
Washiugtoii county 'a I
dav of November ana L.:?, t
cohtlnuo eighteen days. .
lsswiucna eoumy m--
.... . . illlnm.
a pUOllSllOU meuiuriiu onj .
aiug rev lallouB as to certain dis
orderly and anii-Cliristian acts aud
hnliiis indulged In by lho said Wil
liam Gray, and that lho charges
and imputations upon bis Chrls
it,. nml ministerial character havo
,...i ...ilmv limn itiniinisiied. I dercd.
n,r . " - Matamoras. May. 12.-Iufo.ma-
f Lustaln us in our attempt to' rid Hon has just reached here that
"u l?..t Avnlnniwl Dnrnla. both
thentof this source oi aiinayauce, " .t . i..v.
..... ft. nttnr otwhom at different times havo
and bUmoabie tractor served as governor, of the Stateof
of the man who now presumes to Nurvalcon, nave orgau.u
?f T. t.L ... oi al hundrci'. men in New Laredo
the largest congregation. In the to co-operate Genera, Esco-
..llv '
rctlttoB for the JteaoMl or Frcl
A potltionls. circulating in tho
monitor sank, nnd the entire crew (;ttv ot Washiuirton. asking for the
and two hundred soldiers perished, removal of Fred Douglas from his 0fltomr t,i April, and c:r
la Ti-- a I hl,..n 1.1 lUnralial ftf the IJISU'ICI. I bliT ilava.
Wbattue StRfOes tklnk rBM Columbus Alexander has asked to cilmrkoy county-2d J:zX
IB South CaroilBi. .,o rt!cased irom hi. bond. It Is ! - . .
clulmud he has proven onllroly un- RIIILWI,, countv 1st V:z
Ritas M. Pttttoi sou, of tho South fli 4or the dace, and that hi. Ice f Oetobor and April, ani ec-
CuroliuaSnprcuio Court notoriety, tul.e exhibits feeling against the linue slxdBys .
a son of Honest John, w'. o repro- ,eoplo of tho district which makes . aWMxu"C0VUT. ' '
scivts bouiu ivruiiu 111 uwBvii.. mo liupnriiBi uwnu " i Terms oi eupreme uours c
Imsiust returucd to Washington functions of his office Impossible I mencoonthe8idMo"iay.ofi:
from Columbia, where no uas ocou
lu the interest of tho Congrosslon- "x'hero never was a tlmo whon
al Executive Committee of this the iusurauco business was so safe
oily. Ho declares that Hayes has ng jt uow iH. All that a moti wants
lit the Radical party to the dovil, l0 Uo oftor ho gets insured is to
and that a Republican Convention tu0 r,,ht quick before tho coin-
will never bo held In the State ., dons. But ho dosen't want
...!,. ii aars the South Caroll- tnhnfnnlinir around, livinz and
a ja aa a ia - i w - n '
aud October.
jinxiEs oTHR8t7tr:3 cevr?.
H r Slmrnll, Chtrf Jaattra. H B Cti
i. A. P. Campball, Aaaoelataj.
Clerk, , A. W, 1.
v. u. cittctriT cocrj.
na uegroes aro very bitter against having a good tlmo.
Uaycs, and that ir tho rresiuent
were to undertako a tour of that
State, they would pelt him with
ottou eggs. Patterson says uo is
mortified to think that his father
Runt. A. Hill.
Goo, T. Hwana, i
Tmi tola In Jaeknon oa tha 1st. i.
il.iyi lu May aad Novambtr.
A strnngo story thnt is walled
the north of Spain Into tho Pall
Is obliged to nilnglo with ucn men Mft), (jttJ!olt0 brings to lulnil a
asIiayosaudEvarts.bothofwhom ,.i1BD,er "Midshipman Easy."
.10 no
.15 en
30 00
faaeli-loraatockofSi.OiwtoSs.ow..- '
IM -inM ala-k of SM.taW to U,CI. . .80 W
Oa-atchMora atoek of Sli.oss to 15.W0
w mt.M ui nauooa to so. ooo. ..si oo
.ja aaek abira atoek ofSSft.MO to ,0S9. .MO
Sj.u.dinuun ton so
AaaeaatneMU - Oil IllcrchandltC
J shkHbe made on the slock on haud
the Urtt tlav of Fobruary
CoiHjr laxes Joined to above
not in atoned Itfteeu mill., except
tntniat on bonda. to bo levied
lstHoiiy is geptembor.
Levaa construction tax, not to
xet4 one-ka'.f cent per pound on
octtoa aui oue dollar per touou
Tor "13 cciu bonds." one quar-
trc;xt par pound on cotton, and i
two cJ c-z.tZ.-T ceU per aere on
t & ocxt tlud" twr' a-1
10th of May In New Orleans, over
thu freedom of tho city and Slate
from bayouct rule. Tho rejoicing
was wormwood to squire Packard
however, aud In tho heaviness of
. . ... T'.tntiin
... , iil, his soul ne leicgiiiiB- . .......
Saddle and Hurness maKer ,.Tll0 overthrow of tuo lawrui
PManville. KIM. B,teffovernmontwasappropriato-
. ..!...
,.... w.,.Ta the public ly eelcbratoa toiay. viui
.Hespeei.u... - -wtue (lf ih United States army ana
that lie lias T.pt tor " tt..-.,l with the white
!u.'!o.'tn supply his friends and . AlttUttma and Louisiana
eu.tom.ra wUb any artle n hU cclebr.tio of Democratie
Did poetic Justice require
' .lout Lerdo. The indications are
They had a graud time ou lho .. . tJl0 .,8rty i, ready to
think Returning Boards are good
enough to make Presidents, but
not decent enough to moKe uov-
An old negro, who was badly
wounded in one of tho Charleston
.. . .i... vnaaoiiBUlO raiu"
line, u in . .--r lir(.i1..illlf ..,...,
Call ami see n..u uv.v.r - achieve-
Sept. l, I"'"-
will bo paid for
at the
mnit should thu. bo equally divi
ded In the absence of the commis.
slou 1 The gray accorded a poet of
honor to tho blue, and asked no
nitnlntrV. Tha customhouse and
"!..iU are closed in houor of
.... it la probable that Unl
ted States Interference will not be
required hereauer." ,
A professor was exnosiuinuug
with a student for his Idleness,
when tho latter said : Itsnouse;
air- 1 was cut ontfor a loafer."
"Well," said the professor, sur
veying the student very critically,
whoever cut you out underflow!
initiate a strong movement to ic
gain power, comincncli.g on this
frontier. Groat activity au
watchfulness exists among the
friends of General Diaz, on his
border, to promptly meet and sup-
nrcssauv overt actoftneir oppo
nents toward revolution.
- The funeral of a Ch'Hiamau who
recently murdered in San Francis
co, seems to havo been quite an
unliitie affair. Tho dead tnau held
a trnnn-edirod carver in his hand
and a yellow flag bearing the word
"Vengeance," covered, tho coffin.
A mounted Chinaman rode at each
nomor of the hoarse, and Ah Qua
rode ahead to clear the road. Ho
iuccecded in running over a while
man, Injuring him severely, aud
getting hlmselt arrested.
"Little Susie, looking at somo
picture of winged angels exclaim
ed "Mamma. 1 don't want to be
an angel," "Why not, dear?1
"Humph 1 Leave off all my pretty
clothes and wear feathers Hko
hen I" .
He Impersoaate tie Detli, In.
district court rosacrn::
A landed proprietor rorusert to re
ceive the consolations of religion.
His family sent for tho parish
priest, bu! the sick man declined
to receive him, and tho priest with
drew, declared that the dovil
RuM. A. Illll, lr
Geo. T. Hwano, : i
Sea-Ions enmmenra la Jackton oa tL. -
Monday- of June and Jaaaary.
Ttcsrular meeting, are hzll f"C
Board of Supervisors M l
j Mondays of January, liar; ,
August, anil uciooer, a-, i
i continue In session 4 Uy (.:. .
longer. ,
riots lust before the election, como WOuld como iu porson and cltrry
on bore lost week to solicit aid. He 0ff -0 hardened a slnncras soon as
went to the While houso to beg
moiiev enotiifh to Uke him home
with, but Hayes had hint leu out
of tho mansion. Some Democrats
furnished him tho necessary aid,
and ho went homeward rejoicing.
Silas Patterson say Hayes' treat
ment of this old darkey remiiiod-
cd him of the priest in the fable
who administered a blessing, but
refused a half penny.
KeU Catkriral lire.
Mela. Mav 7.-A fire loke out
at 4 o'clock this morning iu tho
Mots Cathedral. At five o'ciooK
the wood work ot the roor was in
flames. The Emperor, the Crown
Prince, and thoCouut Von Moltko,
who are visiting tho city, and also
the Bishop were on the spot su
perintending the exertions to ex
tinguish tho conflagration. The
fire was extinguished after the bur
ning of tho roof, bat much damage
wat also done to the lficrior. The
lire originated from firework on
,tho occasion of tho Emperor's vis
it to the cltyt
he wos dead. A few hours nitcr-
wurd the sick man died, and while
the members of tho family were
watching over the body tho door
of tho room was opened with a
great noise, and there appeared
upon tho scene a personage array
ed in red, brandishing a pitchfork,
dragging a long tall after him, and
smelling very strongly of sulphur.
His appearance created so much
terror that tho women present
tainted, and tho men rushed ont of
the room by another uoor. a
man-servant armed bin. self with
a revolver and made bis way to
the room. For tho moment ne
was terrified by the appearance of
the devil, who by this time had got
tho body in hi. arms ; but master
ing his fears he fired three barrel,
of hi. revolver at him, awl the
devil fell to the ground. Hi. maj
esty proved to be the parish .ex.
toil, who by order, of tho preast,
who aro suspected of complicity
In this attempt ' to work up the
superstitious fooling of the family,
have hen taken Into ciiuf'idy.
county orriciAM. ;
NSMBtHS Or TUft BOA MB OT ltrt?lt
B 0. Slm, Prwlilsnt, W. If . P- . '
Woloolt, Dun Water,, W. at. Wo,.
W.K. Hani, -A
W Bhailii,
I,? P. M Walklaa,
Itiihten I.ncaa,
Klijuii Booker,
8, Archer,
School Supa...
Town Council. ;
The Town Couneil c::' 1
the 1st Tuesdays of each cc..
CotmciwBH.-fc, Wit-' r. 1
A. ETtrman, 1. W. Saiuu,
0. W. h. Walker.
D R. Brook,, lfakat, t U X
Ibeodora tool, 1 itasurcr,
. LkvusEoako.
Tho Board of lve C
sloners of Bolivar, Vt '
Issaquena Couttles 1
2nd Monday of Jaucir.-,
ly at Greenville.
LEVEE prrxiAi
rionini''---- W
M-mtt Wlr-ama, V
W. a. farwo. U-
St. l.lblljr. )..'' J
W Ev-mtWi Senral.
W. K. Collins. f "il "
W.&W. H. STEAD, Propr..
December 18, W78.
his busiueas." .
:r b::sL

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