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Greenville Times.
'liTUSDAYTMAY 19, 1877.
Wa wll prist Mi mr aacarhaBta
Jtl ill sna yimalrn el
wttk liMim, tmtmm aa
The river mailt arrive ami depart
gandayaand Wednesdays.
The vail for Rolling Fork leaves
Greenville Monday. Returning
leaves Cotting .Fork on Thursday
tad arrive at Greenville Friday.
Tha weather Is beeorain much
wanner, and soon able bodied liars
win rise, wlpo the ersitratiun
front their manly brows, and swear
this ia the hottest weather I ever
Lizcx Lawns,-
JSar stills,
lzzzr8t ,
Fritm ths finest Cotton
to ths commonest Silk.
r- AHD TTT3,
which will be sold with
a snail profit for
ffJ -
May II.
l)r. Ydung, resident Dentist
lias returned, and may bo found at
hitoQceoVcr Plulay't drug store
-Our base ball club will go to
Kotodale on Sunday lo play with
(ho Roacdulo club. Our boys are
under the belter that they cau beat
any club on the river. Tim game
Will os played on Btouday.
Yajcr hut re-opi-ued Ids ice
rrcaiu saloon, and parties mid tain
Idea will be supplied at short no-
CuiKrm or tmk TKiiKnttAfir
Mr. ttlUIiigsfoy, ol the Greenville
Cotton Heed Mill, received a dU-
pateh from Liverpool this morn
iut, by tho Greenville utiil Viek
burg Telegraph llnu, iu tuo houi-i
and thirty uiloiitcs after it was
placed on the wires At Liverpool
lot t'HKAM.-Most Delightful Ice
cream, made lienh every day. and
sent to lam Hies on pnktr. ,
" " .. ' " A. Yagkh
The appeurujee of the wcalhvr
as w go to press indicates ruin
una so tar as heard from graugeri
aru willing to revive It.
Our young Irieud and brother
Dave Morris has had hU residence
liaiidsoiuely Improved, aud now
' has a home to bo proud of and bo
i-oinlorlablo aud happy In, to tho
burning shame of bis eldur aud
oldest brother, who has not yet
invested In a family.
v- There is nothing more pleasing
to the taste, or more rclreahiug,
than a aanoer of Ico cream. Our
confectioner, Mr. Yager, Is making
Icu cream dully, aud serving it to
customers iu bis parlor, aud send
lug it to families to fill orders.
T1jC;j nl Scatter.
' Tht past' week has been very
favorable ; both cotton and cor
an doiEj very well, aud free from
grass ; and are considerably in ad'
vaoco of last year crop. llior
be"ius to be a waut of rain .'n some
loc&X&a ; lit others thero fell
m . .. a a aa . t . -I
it ntn nn ia ml i iihu'.ht niuiiLa
Th l C::3,,r.:,j:;'ito E2i
is thi zt and ciiiapbst iu the
tsatrUt. Try It. Priees from 3
OUO CO. Fortaieby
11. P. HUDSON.
AtrtlLer Jewish benevolent as-
aoclija waa orranlzod In Green
;:l week. Like the B'nal
E'r::i It Uisurea to families of de-
ecsi c:z:rs av certain aunt of
tzzzry, Czlin such at theft art
tli fcJtctX'a Irtjtranctecr: :rJet
Iji Cj trcr:i.a-i tli cL: . i to
Cal.:;l - ' :
A i":r ef Yort let ereaai
1j a t' iry t:-;y to kavt
ii: i y( m J lib C
r ! rxatiiltu:
The Eiter.
Owing to a considerable ris in
the Mississippi, the fall nt Mem
phis has ceased ; and tvitl we sup
pose" be checked here. Though
the Ohio and Arkansas are both
railing, ami there will be only a
temporary abatement of the fall.
The leyee arc ail iu good condition;
though we regret to learn that a
fewplaces in upper Bolivar are
affected by the Robertsouvillc
The Phil Allen, which it run-
uing in the place of the Illiuoi
while that boat is repairing, ia a
rattler to ran, ami loses no time
iu makiug trips. She came along
like the early bird thin morning.
Tt Festival XtxtTkarslaj.
Dou't forget the Children's Fes
tival next Thursday. It will be
one of the most pleasing exhibi
tions ever witnessed here Uue
or two hundred children, each in
a different costume, will be a sight
worth going a long distance to see.
The admission fee will be only 50
rents, and there will be no gouglug
for anything sold on the grounds.
The charge for a cup of coffee, a
plate of ice cream, a lemonade, a
sandwich, will be Tux cents, and
no wore. This is certainly cheap
enough to those who may desire to
iudulge in any of these refresh
niouts. The children will be sole
juouarchs of the floor uutil eleven
o'clock, after which the growu
people mil hold the fort the bul
ancc of the night for a dancing fee
of !-ceiitg for lights and music.
Mr. Uillingly, manager of the
Greenville Cotton Seed Mill, will
sail for England Iu a few day
Tho enterprise of which Mr. Hit-
lingsly is tho head, is one which
the peoplo of Greenville are espe
cially interested in, at the first ex
periment of foreign capital In our
midst, and at au avenue through
which that capital And Its way to
the pockets of our people. Withiu
the year past the Creenvillo Mill
hat expended not less than bkvkx
the prosecution of its busiiirs
here. This is an ciiormou mini
for one enterprise to expend iu
one year iu a community, and will
give our reader some idoa of tho
bouellts derived from this iiii-tilu-lion.
Mr. Iliilingi-ley is a gentle
mau of fine business cupneity, and
conduct tho large uud liu'rcimlng
operation of the Mill on principle
of fairness and liberality whid
commend him to all with whom he
has dealing.'. ' Tito entorprido he
iTpreficut is wc trust the nucleus
of greater ami more extensive op
oratiou, if tlu company lind the
people willing to welcome the ex
pcudituro of capital, and tho ilevel
opment of great eiiterprlHca iu tin
country. We believe tlmt our dl
I .cm HPiircciato lliu benefit Of
tho Greenville Mill, and lrut that
Mivltilliiiirb's reception and tlio
weleonio neoorded this iuvcftinent
of foreign runltul, will warrant
him in making a report that will
Induce tho company to engage in
larger onternrlses auionxst us. 1 o
him, personally, wc wish a happy
Tho "lio-' Musijiiito 1
Frame? which wo .advertise, wan
Invented bv an Irihnfan Jer'y
O'Sullivan, of Juekgoti, Miiip
pi; is inaiiufiiclured by a Dutch
iiiilii Uuac Uloom. ot the same
place, and is sold by au Euglisli
Dewberries are coming iu fi'ce'
y, and the young African heart is
rejoicing iu the buIo thereof.
Captaiu Julius K.itlisoh, marl
net- uud occasional angler, caught
day before ycsterda.rari alligator
iar that was eight f ft long, it
was ou exhibition at his bout for
a day or two, aud was an object ol
considerable curioilty.
The Ashing teuton it upon us
and we understand those who go
to tho waters find abundant reward
hr tlioir labor. 1
Maraball's burned building is
heluir rapidly rebuilt, and will be
ready lor bnsluest by the first of
Juno, when Nelson X vo. win iO'
move into it.
Yoslerdav wat a day celebra
ted la Jewish aniiala at the aunl-
versarv of that on which the eouv
,ant ware delivered to
mmw'"" ... u
Mosaa. and wat obtorved by roll
glout servloes by the congregation
Itrael. , ,
Colonel Yager hat had hi Ice
cream saloon put lu order for the
tu'mmer campaign. ,
The next tostion of tut Mlttlt-
tlppl Epiteoptl Gouucll wilt oe
held m Tnnity cmirca,
Under the ttlusaulut of ten
dollart a ton, cotton teed U eomlatg
In frtaly toiay. Tkert It vary
1'Mla la t:o country, however, asd
'Lrr are isfortual t--t gatlsn1
t 1 r bueu caving cc" ' jratly
bIscs t'a river bvi'an to f-.l.
What a Mat Cat Staid.
An accident recently occurred iu
Ilunderton connty, a railroad em
ployee being thro a from a train
by a sndden jerk, with great force,
hit right shoulder striking the iron
rail, his body aud Hinbs partly on J
the same aud between the wheel.
one w uaing over the unfortu
nate mau' boily, the nest car rest
ing upon l;i3 chest and stotnaeh.
Under this tremendous weight, sis
tons, he suffered everal minute,
until his fellow wotkmeu with a
united force lined the car from bis
body. Ilia fare, when the car was
removed, was perfectly black, aud
his vision entirely gone. His inju
ries were supposed to be fata),
conutiiir of a fraetnre of a thikh
bone, a dislocation of tho saino at
the hip joiut, making the limb, by
measurement, one and a half in
ches longer than the other ; also a
fracture of the collar-bone in two
plates; the ribs where the wheels
rested upou the breast, Are in
u.mber, broken, and pressing up
on the heart and lungs; a flesh
wound several inches deep in tho
right thigh, and the eyes partly
protruding from the sockets. The
doctors immediately set tho frac
tured bonce, and with tho assist
ance of those present, succeeded,
after several persevering efforts,
in putting the bone to its place,
which is said to be one of tho most
operation in surgery, aud prob
ably one of tho very few of the
kind ever performed in this State
before. Tho remarkable part is
that tho patient is improving and
will probably get out aguin.
The rival cotton seed iutcrcsts
wero iu collision during the early
part of the week, and the colored
mind wat fearfultv confused in
consequence thereof. Cottonseed
went up from six to ten, fifteen
and twenty dollars a ton, aud for
one load the .fancy price of one
hundred dollars a ton was paid,
This was a flyer, howevor, but the
thing was mighty hot for three or
four days. Finally, the rival in
t crests compromised, and tuo fig
ore dropped to leu dollurs a ton
ut which it remain
Wilt Is Krs. rrtlB;toi t
Wlillrffovlh CulUgUn.
Perhaps our renders n ould like
lo know something of our jovial
friend, Mr. Partington, so cele
brated for her profusion uud misap
plication r big words. Bho was
first introduced to tho public by
Sydney Smith. V
In a speech delivered at lauton,
in 1831, ho thus ridicules tho at
tempt of tlo Lords to stop tho pro
gress of reform :
"I do not mean to bo disrespect
ful, but the attempt of tho Lords
to stop tho 'progress of reform ro-1
mind mo very forcibly of tho
great storm of Sidmoiilh, and of
the excellent Mrs. Partington on
that occasion. In tho winter of
1821 there set iu a great flood upon
that town the tido rosi to au in
credible height the waves rushed
iii upou tho houses, and evory-
thing was threatened with des
truction. In thu midst of this sub
lime and torribla storm, Dame
Purtingtou, who lived upon the
beach, was seen at tho door of her
liotisu with most and patterns,
truudliig her moss, squeezing out
tlio sea water, and vigorously push
ing away tho Atlantic ocean. , Tho
Allautic was roused. Mrs. Purt-
higtou's spirit wat up; but I r.eed
not tell von that tho contest wat
unequal. The Atlantic beat Mrs.
Piirllngtoii. She was excellent at
a slop at a puddle; but sho should
uot have muddlod with a tempest."
According to tlio Daubury News
etiquette, vou should "never fish
for the last oyster lu your soup.'
But when you aro at a church fes'
tivol, and the last oyster In your
soup is also the first etiquette must
go under and tho oyster must
come up.
Tie City Ends.
Mr. Geo. M. Klien, who, hat
been to New York elty ou a flnan
clal mission on behalf of the city,
returned home this morning. IIo
ays he wat met by thobondhold
on of Vleksburg in a spirit of lib
erality, fully equal to his expecta
tions. The bondholders were wll
ling to compromite npon the batit
proposed, but were unalterably op-
posed to paying the attorney'i feet
in a litigation into which tney
claim they were uuneceisarially
forced. The attorueya feet, and
court cost iu the cases of the bond'
holders against the city are insig
nificant in comparison with the ag
gregate of the bonded indebtedness
aud it looks like a piece of abturai
ty ou the part of the eity govern
tueitt to allow to small a matter to
stand in the way of a final adjust.
ment. Vlckburg Commercial.
A gmcor had a pound ofauar
returned with a note, rylrj i "Too
much sand for the table use, uud
eatuuu :-'! tor W.lZu$ puriHnwe."
1 (hlnamio's Views.
Woug L'hing Foo,"ihe euthusiaa
lie yoang Chinaioan who was ed
ucated at Harvard College some
years a'o, and who has now under
taken to enlighten the American
people in regard to the doctrines
of Duddhism, made his bow from
tho lecture platform at Steinway
Hall last night, to about two lin
drcd persons. He spoke In a clear,
loud voice, and with a faultless ae-
ent., Apologizing for liavmg io
introduce himself, he remarked
tint be was imitating our miion
aries, who had gone iuto Chiua
without any introduction. It was,
he said, a mistake of the newspa
pers to speak of him as a mission
ary, for he was not ouo. He held
that it waa not necessary for one
nation to send iuiionarics to an
other. It wat his desire, he said,
simply to explain the doctrines of
hit faith, which had been misun
derstood&y the American people.
Many things concerning his coun
try were misrepresented by Lun
iry wcreu..srepreu , --'7 iirlnn granted to tzc umlersign
lian missionaries iu order loobtaiu nf QU the ltn jay 0J May, A. D.
contributions. A proper know
ledge of the real state of things in
Chiua would have the effect of ul
uiiuishing the receipts of the Board
of Foreign Missions, n ong cnu
...ut...l .,ml f,.loi IilnAa in l-i'SIKlct
. .. " t . i ..
lo nis race cuicruinoi uy nmnr
cans. "I never knew," ho aut,
that puppies wero good to cat
uutil I was told so by American
people." If mistakes wero enter
tained bore about such simple mat
ters as the diet of tho Chinese, he
argued that much greater errors of
belief would prevail in respect to
their religion and other abstruse
mutters. Intelligent men, ho said,
must necessarily believe in a tiod,
aud as proof that there wero Intel
liifcut men in Chiua, ho pointed to I
ner 4oo,uuo,uuu people uviug uuuer i
. . . i.f i i
a good government, ruled more
easily and commit ting fewer crimes
than' one fourth the number Uviug
uuder the American flag. God, ho
claimed, had given to every race
of men a system of revelation ac
cording to their peculiar wants
and their peculiar nature, and the
practice of sanding out mission
aries to other nation only tended
to confound matters iu religion.
Chiua and America, he remark
ed, were the most opposed of na
tions. Ju America a gentleman
took off hit ha. in society ; the
man who should do that in China
would be counted .a barbarian
Hero wo shook our friends by the
bund and made the in suffer for ma
king our acquaintance, whereat
Chinamen shook each his own hand
and tortured himself for his friend
"Which is tho more civilized
way 7" asked the speaker, and tho
oudieneo laughed. . At meals in
America sotin was eaten first; in
China it wot the last dish to be
partaken of. Hero wiuo was drank
cold ; there it w as made steaming
hot. Hero when a man called ou
a friend ho immediately Inquired
for tho health of his wife ; there a
Wife is considered too Insignificant
a creature to mention, licro mcu
married recklessly ; there they had
to be careful, because they could
not get divorces so easily. Ito
ccoding with his discourse, the
gentleman argued that a certain
denomination in recently passing
resolutions to tho effect that all
heathens would be damned, iiu
piigncd the goodness of God, who
would be made to appear as having
forgotten to reveal himself to
300,000,000 of souls. He contended
that Buddhism did not teach that
the soul It annihilated, and quoted
from the Bible lu support of his
declaration that Christ wanted
men not to belicvo iu his name
morel v. but to do good deedt.
Coj'fuciuulsm and Buddhism, ho
said, taught the same doctrine,
so thut a man who lived up to the
doctrines of either of thco would
load itist such a Hie at would a
good Christian. v
i ii .
A preacher took up a collection
on Sunday, and found wheu his
hat was returned, that there wasn't
a penny in it. "I thank my God,"
said he, turning his hat upside
down, and tapping tho crown of it
with his hand, "that I have l ot
my hat back from this congrega
tion." . .
Capital hat been teenred, it Is
said, for tho equipment of three
expedition! which are to be fitted
out at. different points in the West,
for the invasion of Sonora. The
design la to revolutionize the Gov
ernment of that region and annex
it to the United Bute. There is a
great doal of land in Sonora that
would be avallablo for railroad
subsidies, whatever its other
merits or demerits may bo, and it
is supposed that tho expeditionary
funds are largoly contributed by
gentlemen who havoan eye to land
grautaf The country it of no great
use to the civilized world in its
pretcut couditiou, , and, if the
Washingtou Government will not
take it, nobody will bo greatly the
loser by any other possible disposi
tion that may . bo uiode ol it.
CUc-o Tiuwt,
The Washington "'corrwpoiMent
of the Philadelphia Time say of
two distinguished Southerner:
"Senators Gordon and Lamar still
remain iu the city, and it wm pro
bably fortunate for the 6outi that
ttiey were detained heredtuiu;: the
early day ot th'u Administration.
They have been not only valuible
adviser in tks iuteret of eii'.rr
vatism, but hive steaiiiy refesl
to make reeonuueudaiion for of
fice except in easet where two or
more colored men were candidates
aud their advice was asked by the
President. Courier-Journal.
Tho foolish man will ask a wo
man ifherbabvis not a tririecross-
rved. bnl the wise inau will make
his Inquiries by postal cant.
fcttftte of. , H. HAUB1SOX.
Statu ok Mishissiiti, )
Washington Cou
juty. S
LETTERS or administration,
with will annexed, of the estate
of Y. II. Harrison, deceased, ha v-
ifc?7 hv lliu Chaucerv court ot
vWalili.lrtnn eouutv. State of Mi'
sisslppi, ail person having claims
nit.&t titiii iwiaze are reawiwi
to exhibit tho same ami have them
rcuisteretl iu the niauncr and wun
tn Km lima nrescribed liv law, or
thev will bo forever barred.
- w- A hAylU.V r. Adiu'r
may 19, 1877-4J
state or Mtsstssirn, I
Bouva Covntt. (
t P.TTER8 of administration on
JU iim estate of William McGlm.it.
deceased, having been granted to
the undorsijrned on the tftli day of
Mav. a.d. 1877. by tlio cnaneory
court of llolivar county, State of
Mississippi, ail i-sons
,.,.,, ?. xii1jit the tamo and
r .. . . i i.. .1.. ......
,ttVo tnem regisiere iu me mu;
nor and within the time prescribed
bv law. or thev will bo forever
barred. . .
(Postollice address :
WwblntftoucuuiitJ-, llln.)
may 19, 1877-43
I AM prepared to furnish the
public with tho clioisest Beef,
1 utlnll. IWL- Venison. Bear &c.
that tho markets can afford, and
I respectfully solicit a share of tlic
public patronage snopon uasn
ingtou Avciiuo.
Dec.9,'76 .
This fine young harness Stallion
" Chatham," will make tho present
season at my stablos on " Chat
linni!!. plantation, Lake Washing
ton, six miles from Lnota. Ton
dolhm the. season. Iho moitoy
paid in advance or before rcmova
ol mnre. ;
ClIATHAM.Is n boiuitiful blood
hav. with hcavv tnaiio and tail ; is
fifteen bands, thrco and one-half
Inches high, lino stylo uud action.
CHATHAM wns sirod by the
great siM ot trotters, Alinont 1st,
dam oy luailiurilin; iiiumpiuii m,
dam Pejrgie, by St. Lawrence: 3
dam (roldiist, a Canadian mam.
Mares sent from a distance cared
for at. ronsonablo rates, but at
owner's risk. - ap28-6w
' State of Mississippi,
Washington County.
Taken un lv Prnnk Baker on the
on the 80th, day of April 1877, on
tho premises qM. u. woriningion
A Koucs Colored Hare Utile,
between W and 20 years old, HJ
hands high and uu under bit in lull
The owner of tho iuovo descri
bed csfrav ia hereby notitlcd to
come forward, provo property, pay
. -. , - -. - , .-,.,
ciiarge,or u,o ejiray m ue emV
J. A. ROGERS, Ranger.
May 12, 1877. , .
Citation Ilotioc.
Thk Statk OF MtSSISHim, I
Washington County. )
Cluooerjr Court, at Knlc, April 9, 1UT7
Mina Wartski
No. 738 vs.
Markus Wortskl.
Iimi oiienlnir and filing tho ta-
pcrs in this case, and it appearing
from tho affidavit thcrcJii filed that
Markus Wartski, tho defendant
therein, is a noii-resldniit ol the
State of Missi3Blppi, aud thatrom
informath Imrl that ho is a resi
dent of the State ol New York,
and that his postollice address is
No. 84 Warren street, in tho city
of New York, it it therefore orde
red bv tlio court, that tlio snm tie-
fendant, Markus Wartski, be sum
moned to be and appear before the
Chaucerv court of Washinirton
county on. the fourth Monday of
May next, 'then and there to plead,
answer or demur to said bill of
complaint, or the same will bo ta
ken lor conrcsseu at to mm. auu
It is further ordered that a copy of
this order bo published in the
" Gakkh vii.lk 1'imk, " a public
newspaper published in said coun
ty, for the spaco of one month,
and also that a copy of this order
be scut by the clerk of this court,
postage propaid, by mail to the
said defendant to his address, No.
84, warren street, New York city.
Ordered at Hulas this April mil,
A. W. BHADD, Clerk.
By O. Met' hath. D. C.
r. Viltlioil n.t A K Yrgi r eol.
BplH 14, I&77-37 ,
lA-avin' th Frcueh restaurant,
I inform the citizens of Greenville
that on the itH of M u ch Mr. l.oni
?. ,.leihvci's Hestanraiil will be
under uivthai sre. I will; always
I liavo on hand ail tho delicacies of;
i ilto Mason, such as
i u ill .also keep at all times a
I will take boarders at $? per
week, 2 meals a day.
Keuiar meal trout 7 a. in: to 11
in., and from 1 p. in. to 5 p. m.
Greenville, March 3.
llctiw of Mssetytioa. .
The partnership heretofore ox
tleir between tho undersigned
under firm name and stvle of
Nelson & Fixi. av, is this day dis
solved bv mutual consent. D.
Fiulay retires from the firm, hav-
ii'' sold lus interest to Joiiu ii.
Nelson, who continues business I
aud who Is alone authorized to
collect debts due said firm, and
who assumes all liabilities of the
8. I). KlNLAV.
Greenville, Miss., May 10, 1877.
IJeferriu1,' to tho above, we beg
to announce, lo ourtrieud that we
will continue business teinporarily
in tho McLean building, 0posite
C. W. Lowi & Co., until our buil
ding (I lie old stand of Nelson Si
Fiulay) is completed. Hoping to
receive, a imre or tho puiulc pat
roiitige, we are, respectfullv,
May 10, IS77-81
GTI have employed three good
excellent journeviiieii, and I am
reiiarca to tut nil orders nun
IH0 ON MAIN IT.. Ctfttr Lttatt.
an 15,70. Greenville, Mitt.
boot aits snomm,
IHIiop oa Hnln Rfraet, two Alton below t
SchltliiKr's ttalova.) -
Having opened a Boot and Shoe
shop, 1 am now prepared to make
Boots and Shoes,
of anv stvle or description to or
der, and respectfully ask the peoplo
of Greenv o and too surroiimtiuK
country for a olmro of their putro-
natro. and I Mian try to merit tne
same, ltepnjring done neatly.
TJavre Sewinx MacMno
January 13, 1877.
May 1,1877, to April 30, 1878.
Tho Hevlnod Stntules of tha Uni
ted State?, sections 8232, 3237, 8288,
and 289. rcnutro every person en
gaged in any business avnention or
employment wincn rentiers mm
liable to a anoelnl tax, to prornre
and plane eoiiRpicnously in his es.
tnb s inient or piano nt nusmcss,
stamn dpuottn; tho payment of
said upeeinl tnx for tno special rnx
year begiunitig way j, inY,Deiorfl
comnieiiclng or eontintiing bust
ncss alter Anril 80. 177.
A return ns prcsrrincii in rorm
11, is olso roqiiirert tiy taw or overy
tiersnn liable to special tax, as
The faxes' embraced within' the
provisions of the law above quoted
are as follows:
llertlflcrs - 200 00
25 00
100 00
Dealers, wholrnp.lc liquor,
Denlcrs In malt
wholesale, - B0 Ot)
Dealers In malt liquors,
retail, - . - - 80 00
Dealers in leaf tobacco, 25 00
Retail dealers in leaf to
bacco. - - 600 00
And on sales of over
$DO0, fifty conls for
every dollar iu excess
' of 1000.
Dealers in man fan tobacco 6 00
Manufacturers of stills, fiO 00
For each still tnanfnetnr'd 20 00
For each worm " 20 00
Manufacturnrs of tobacco, 10 00
Manufacturers of cigars, 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco, first
class fmoro than two
horses or other animals) ftO 00
Peddlers of tobacco sec
ond class (two horses or
other animals) 25 00
Peddlers of tobacco, third
clnss foue horse or other
animal) - 15 00
Peddlers of tobacco, fourth
class (on foot or public
conveyance) 10 00
Brewers of less than 600
barrels, 60 00
Brewers of 600 barrols or
more, - - - ..- 100 00
Any person to llablo who shall
fall to comply with tho above re
quirements will bo subject to to
rero penalties.
Persons or firms liablo to pay
any of tho special taxes named
above must apply to M. Shaugb
nossy, Collector of Internal Reve
nue at Jackson, Mist., and pay for
and procure tho special tax stamp
or stamps they need, prior to May
I, iH?7,and without runner notice.
Special tax stamps will be remit
ted by mail only on receipt from
the person or firm ordering the
same of specific directions so to
do, together with the necessary
postage itamps, or tho amount re
quired to pay the postage Tho
postage on ouo stamp is throe
cents, and on two stamps six rents.
If it is desired that they ho trans
mitted by registered mail, ton
centt additional should accompany
the application.
Commissioner of Interna! revenue.
. march 24.
At Cost for Cash!
The cutirc stock of Goods now
on hand, eounrising
Fancy Gccis,
Ladies Misses and Childrcua'
is from this date offered
At Coot for C&ch-
L. D. McMEEKIN, Agt.
April 28-m -
The conartnershin heretofore ex
isting between Nathan Bros, and
Theodore Pohl, under tho firm
name of Nat has 3b Pohl, hat
been dissolved bv mutual content.
Nathan Bros, telling their enttr
intereet to Theodore Pohl. The
latter assumes all liabilities and
collucta the accounts of the lata
tlrin, and continues to carry on tke
butiuess in all ltt brauclMt at tho
old stand in his own name.
.... V. 1
April 2H, 1877-41
lteferrinir to tho above. I would
rcspcetfullv return thankt for tie
patronage "heretofore extended to
the hoiwe, and solicit a continuance
of the saino to myself.
All creditors of fttaanena Coun
ty are horoby notified aud rwjsrti
to file any and all warrants tl:y
mav hold against Issaquena Cot
ty with C. S. Jeflords,. Clerk cf
tho Chaucerv Court of lata""!:-
Connty, at hit office In the Totr
of Maversville ou or btf.reU
o'clock m, on the
tobofundedundertheprovl:''' T
an act of the Legislature of 1 . V
sisslppi entitled "An Act to cr;"
viae lor tne runatng or tie w i
rault of Issaquena County, i.Z
for other puiposet, approved
uarv 80. 1877. On talu of b . :
barred if not tiled before tr ' I tL v
Bv order of tho Board of u: :r-
vltort of Issaquena County-.
c.8. JEro..a,c:otx.
IT' v
' AND "; '
Would respectfully Inform C J
public that our long exjror!
In the above brtschci of our t : -nest
givet us advantages for r
ing tho wants of tho If adj v. ' i
no other house in our linn lt I J
citv possesses. All wo ask la a I:
ami impartial trial. .
We keep constantly on hand a: i
for sale a largo and well tciecl. J
stock of
Iron, Bttol, t-t Wt TkI, H.
ml Fltw EattrM,'
and everything In our line at re
duced rates.
Machine and Boiler work iter o
on short notice.
Will lay and point Plowt
with tlio best stool, at- u i
Furnish and put on Mir
shears. Lj
Plow singletrees, best hick
ory, per sot, , ;, i t)
Shoe liorsot all round, new
thoos, - ' ' s .J
February 8, 1877 ?
aattJTajaf I kaav
Planters furoithod with gz:z'.z?
able rotes, by
jai.18 C. W. LCU O C
STATU Of MtfiSr'SltFn, I
Ilul.lVAR tOUf . '
Cluncrnr Cmirt, In Taction, Smvmj C,'.
John 11. xoungci ais
Goo. W., Henry and
Atlini-l Vonlatntt.
Upon oncning the papert i t
cause, and it appearing to t 3 (
Isfaction of this court, frta t
atlldavit of J. II. Young cr
tho complaiuantt herelu, (
George Washington Ytil ,
Henry Vcrdelctt, and Albert .
dolett, defendants herein, t r
residents of the Sttt of l
sippi, aud after d'.'.tont r
their place of residence aw j .. ,
office address cannot to f : .; .'
, . i . i i , . . .
is mereioro orocrcu 17 1: 1 (
.1.-1 1 j, . ..r . .11 v
inai iu uovrgo rraai.. j
delet t, Harry Vordelctt, a J 111 '
Verdelctt do enter tz-'t t"
aucc herein at a torn eft'
eery court to be hc'.J In t
of Uosedale, Bolivar com' -.
of Mississippi, on the 3d i
in May, 1877, and pmi, t
demur to a certain Ml " f c r
ants filed by John II. Yc
against the above nair.cl 1
ants, or tho allegations cf 1
will, be taken for con
them. It is further on!
copy of this order bo p"..
the 'Green v"'e Timet, a r. :
published - " ooui ty ct
iugloii, 8tto . !ps!;
iwing no news"?" or
tho county of I ji.. ; ., -for
four v
Sll i'"t
, " R.,bl

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