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Greenville Times.
TlJBDAY. OCT. S7, 1877.
n h
Published every Saturday
by tub
f!mesPublishing Company
"office rules.
icli oxe.
eabrfPttca Cera.
i.. Com ,b advance, t3.-00
oHcwr M,U-lH dTBce
Transient Advertising, On
dm Insertion tl:50
rfi subsequent Insertion.. 75
FeM for Legal notices, which an
. . . i -i n.lr this head, da on
before last publication. No proof
furuislJM unui w
n Rntiare
lOl 15
Two gquare.i........
Ane-fourth Column...
gnVhalf Column....-
rpuuu " -
iuit be paid t the beginning of
eaon ananv.
All Editorial Notices, except
then accompanlng the first Inser
tion of an advertaement, will be
fbafgeu ceuw im uiwj umwr
ties the same. Simple announce
meats of deaths or marriages free.
what is termed "personal notices,"
will be required to pay In accord,
suoe with the nature of their artl-
, , . hates:
ForHtateand District Ofilces. S20
Fur Couuty Offices:..'......,.. 10
For Beat Unices......... 6
Order from transient customers
verbal or written, for job work, ad
vertising, or subscription, must be
aecoiuoanied bv the Otsh to obtain
attention. Accounts of regular
customers due and presented the
lit oi eaon nioiiin.
landinn aai Distances from
'! . AND ..
' ' town.
Reforest. ......,.............. Id
Simuv Side. . , , ...... 14
KitlM Point..... .. 1
looiiwiod SI
Barnard 411
Unla.i 17
LuibianaanU Ark mm Line... 4H
skipwlth j m
Uayar.rlllt 114
I.tk Providence "I
llllllkm. lleml Ill
Month of Vuiw. i 1.W
VicMini't.,., 147
Vr Orlliam ... I7J
Hint I lioci i
tlniiil Uiiir w
st. J,.t.i.,. ill)
l(nlni')...,.i, J4
Vitchm , i
' Ad'ima.;.. .......... m
Liiiii-liiiaaiiil illulashiul Line -till
lli'.l Hivi-r....
BiiiMiSira ,. ., SnI
Wntc Inn..., , ..n..., IIH7
1'irt lluilann, . ....
lliton Rihko.',,. 4111
I'lanneiiilne , 4HI
iMtWmrltle . , v . . .'
timed.. ,,., , 4h4
riillce ., V
Hwl I'lmreb.. IW
;mll(i Ml
Nef Oi;!euu .Mil
" ' '''I?!'.'
. H
. .4NI
ArktiioiU . .
While Hltrmr
Krlm, I'oint..
Hulrnit ,
ft. fmiwln Hlvf ............. .,
Mlminlppi anil TeniHiiuH-o Line. ,
Aslipurt ,
Mule1 l'olnl
Arkalyk hJ Missnurt Line-. . .
''Hilt Pltuwsnl 4...;.. .i....
Tetincsw im Kentucky Lln.-. ,
Jr Maiirad ,,
llli'knwn i
t'niro. ..7,
Tnwr H.M!k
Clmtpf . 4. . t. ii. . .
w. JMkmtur.w
si. Loui8:l.:.v.
Rate ef Taxation
' FoV convenience of roforence, we
licrcwith publish a tabular state
ment of State, Lorce and Touu
taxes: -
Privilkoh TAXK8.
Onesehitorc stock andtrSl.OM I 5 00
On wr.h nonstock of SI .000 to .000 10 00
On each itora atook of S'i, 000 to 1,01)0 15 00
On Mek dot Mock ors3,0OD to t,0M. . . . od
On each atom Mock of SS.000 to S8,000.... 00
On eteh itora atock of Stt.VM) to 1)1,(00. . .SO 00
On each atari atoek sf 91S,00 to 15,00. . .60 00
On enctfUim atock of SIS.Ono to Bi.OOO. . . 00
On aach atora atook or SSA.m to as.ooo. .ISO 00
OntMjaiaAovtras,sW........f 00
' On itsei' Uiti Vsluntion of tmgmitr;
State ut, gsaeral purposes, 3 mills,
State teuds, 2 mills.
Cockty Tax Lkvy 1877.
faudelConds of County 6 mill.
KU Hood tnds 1 "
8:hooltaxs; 9 "
County. Tax , ; u "
Total County Tax ' 15 milts.
Town Taxes. 1
General Purposes 9 mills.
PuftFttad l -r 1 "
1 TeirsFund 8 " ,
School Contlsnt ) "
Rail Road 1 '
' T MraM f a Vu
teres, construction tax, one-half
, cent par pound ou jotton.
for, -10 cent bonds," ono quaN
ter oeut per pound on cotton, and
two and one-kalf cents per acre on
lands t
For "6. cent bonds " two and
no-half cents pr acre on Itnd.
wtudamus 1-3 ct. pot' ncre on land.,
VOL 10.
t i
A. a. Flnluy. J. i'. r.Uf. Jno. It. 51;
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Ulan.
On Draught and b Bottles.
(SIS' Onion sola, and Garden
Grass and Flower seeds -of all do-
Cornor Wsaliiiiirton Avenns and
MnHmrrv streets,
Fobfi-09. U UEENVILLK.
W. A. POU.0CK, I M. KmtTciiiiAii,
ITea't. I CHsirr.
Ass't Unjliler,
Dank of Greenville.
Transact n General
Canlsing Bucincco
Bought and Sold.
Stioclal attention to the payment
. . 1 .1.1. ,11.lt 3i99 75
(II I.1TPI 111 Llll. lllDbllt.b vi
Corner Mulberry & Main Streets
A. fCELLESaOXT, Proprietor.
Coavrd hf tie week, two
Heals per day, ncu.
Oysters, lish, Game,
twi nit thn delicacies of the season
on short notice and In delicious
Sept 1, 1877.
VM. EHIElie,
rshop on Mulberry stnet, nenrlr opposite
N. B. Johnnou A Co's.)
Having openod n Boot and Shots
shop, I am now prepared to make
Boots and Shoes v .
of any style or description to or
der, and respectfully tlsk the people
of Greenville and the surrounding
country for shoro of their patro
naste, and 4 shall try to morlt the
Min. Kepahing done neatly.
January 13, 1877. ,
To the Honorable D. F. Thimble,
Jude of the Circuit Court :
Dlab Sib : We have the honor
to report that the Grand Jury has
been iu sesslou two weeks. During
which time tve have examined orer
two hundred witnesses, and found
true bills in fifty-four cases. '
We have carefully examined the
books and accounts of the various
County officials, and fouud the
same correct. We have Inspected
the County Jail, which we find
neat aud clean and the prisoners
well cared for.
We have endeavored to do our
duty iu every case presented for
our consideration, have ttsed every
energy in hunting np crimes and
offenses against tho law, and are
pleased to say tho same are largely
ou the decrease.
Having finUhed our labors we
respectfully aak to be discharged.
Mississippi I'olonizatioB.
Sow Orleans Eemocrat. .
The success of the Iudiana Mis
slssippi colonization society is an
example of What cau be douo in
the way of bringing Western set
tiers to the South. Tho nOulr was
a success from the very beginning.
The movement was started only a
few mouths ago, but by Septem
ber it hod succeoded in bringing
125 white families to Mississippi.
Most of these werepeoplo who had
been out of employment for some
time and had been compelled to
depend on publio aseistanco for
The arrival of the emigrants at
Benton mi Mississippi, was quite
animpoitiiut u flair, a number of
prominent citizens being at the
depot t v. cloutne the new comers.
The li -st morning the planters
from the surrounding district came
Into town, and soon succeeded in
engnln; all tho nien,somc, indeed
expres-irg regret that tneycoutu.
not get more hands.
Tureo or four of tho men having
Intimated that thty were experi
enced in ditching, $"50 wus Im
mediately raised and thcto men set
at work at ouco to ditch the town.
Tho emigrants anuouueed them
selves well satisfied with their new
homes and tho wages ottered, and
concluded to remain togclhor at
Benton, where they could keep up
friendly and social relations with
each other.
So fur, this movement has becu
a complete success, and it witl be
so beyond dispute if these emi
grants are really willing to work.
Another largo body of emigrants
from Indiana Is expected in Miss
Usippi next month.
Dr. C. M. Valdcn's Oiler to Young
I will assist ten yonng men In
their education at Oxford by pay
ing their board. Nono need apply
unless they can establish their
character for strict sobriety and
Integrity. Smoking and drinking
not tolerated. Beneficiaries of
this offer may enjoy it two years
if their advancement is commen
surate with my expectations. Ad
vances I make to be refunded on
honor at 10 per cent. Interest
whou able to do so. I only pay
board, and then only to one from a
county. Apply to II. M. Sullivan,
Oxford, who will make tho se
lections. He was Posted. Not long ago
anoflicerof the London Board was
crossing Covent Garden Market at
a late hour when he found a little
follow making his bed for the night
In a fruit basket. " Would' you
like to go to school and bo well
cared for?" asked tho official.
"No," replied the urchin. "But
do you know that I am one of the
people who are authorized to take
up little boys whom 1 find as I
find you, and take thorn to school?"
" I know you are, old chap, if you
finds them in the streets; but this
hero is not a street. It is private
property, and if you interferes
with my liberty tho Duke of Bed
ford will be dowu on you. I knows
"the hact as well as you do."
A hen at St. Alban's, Vermont,
recently hatched a ncstful of turtle
eggs. Imagine hor disgust whuu
she saw what a fool sho had made
of herself..' The young turtles aud
tho people around there generally
looked upon the thing as a pretty
good joke, bnt as for the hen
"She never smiled nor set again."
auvk by the explosiox of
a Colliery.
London, Oct. 22. A special dis
patch from Glasgow to the Tall
Mall Gazette, says an explosion oc
curred in a colliery at High Blau
try, near this city. Four hundred
men were in the mine at the time ;
large number of lives lost.
Later It is feared the entire
400 meu in the mine at High Blau
try perished. A special train was
sent to bring the iuiured to the
Glasgow Infirmary, but has return
ed, as uoue bad been got out olivo.
Twenty dead bodies have been
taken out.
New York, Oct. 22.-A Glas
gow dispatch says exploring par
ties who have beeu at work en
deavoring to succor those iu tho
mine, have little bopo of rescuing
any alive, and express the opinion
that every one iu the pit is dead.
One survivor savs the bottom of
the pit is full of dead bodies.
The Coal Mine Horror.
London, Oct. 23. Intelligence
from High Blautyre colliery, up to
11 o'clock Monday night, sayt the
shaft, at the bottom of which
knocking was heard, is rapidly
collapsing. Explorers consequent
ly are attempting to. re-opcu com
mniiicatlon from another mine.
They havo penetrated about one
eighth of a mile, but still have one
hundred aud tllty fathoms to clear,
so they cannot possibly reach the
men who are supposed to bo im
prisoned, before morning. It is
feared by that time that tew, if any
will remain olive.
Later Four miners were dts
covered alivo at 11 o'clock, but so
weak that ono died beforo morn
ing, and . the case of another is
thought liQpolcss. Mining experts
express tho opinion that oil tho
men remaining in tho pits have
perished, but even if any are alive,
no rcsciio parly can reach them in
less than eight or ten days. Tho
work of bringing up tho dead has
beeu resumed, aud the mangled re
mains show that the explosion was
of terrific vlolouce.
Hon. C. E. Hooker spoke in Clu
clntiati recently. Senator lluir-
man mado the following pluusaiit
allusion to his address on the same
occasion :
"There was ono thought that
came through my mind while my
frleud Colonel Hooker was speak
ing. While I was listening to the
earnest, true aud patriotic remarks
of that mau, who had been an hon
orable soldier ou the Confederate
side, out wno is now as true a
Union man as walks this earth
whe.ii I heard the tributes ho paid
to our army aud people when I
heard him speak of the distresses
of the Southern people since the
war, and their disposition to do
justice, I thought, had I beeu one
of those malignant Radicals who
for the last tun years have sought
to make speeches breathing denim
elation anil hatred ot one section
against tho other, I should havo
huug my head lit shaiiio and mor
The Pcabody Fond.
The following is a copy of a let
ter handed us by suporintcudent
Bunt, which explains itsoll :
Staunton, Va., Oct. l.
Hon. Joseph Ilardwell,
Kuiwrlnlomleut of Public InalrueUoii:
Dear Sir -Our income being re
duced 40 per cent, this year by
uon-paynientof interest on bonds,
I will bo obliged to withhold funds
from Mississippi for the year, iu
order to hid States that are doing
moio aud havo received loss for
schools. We have been Just as lib
eral to Mississippi as if it had ac
knowledged aud paid Its bonds
We hopo to be in a better condi
tion hereafter. Yours, very ro
spectfully, B. Seaks, Gcu'l Agt.
Mr. L. P. McCormick, of ladi
onopilis called ou us yesterday.
Mr. McCormick represents the
Mississippi Immigration Associa
tion, and bo has just brought over
two hundred immigrants from In
diana to the Northern part of this
State. Ho expects to plant another
colony about Edwards, in Hinds
county, within a short time. We
think ttr. McCormick la the rl-ht
sort of a man, and wo comecrJ
him to tho hospitality of onr el'
jious. Vicksburg HertlJ. .,
1 Uaa-Tatner's Feat.
l'crhP tile most magnificent
act ot heroism ever performed a
this vicinity was witnessed during
tho performance of a circus at
Reno on Saturday last. Too Hon
tamer was giving au exhibition t,f
his control over the icrouous
brutes under his charge, wheu
suddeuly he was observed to turn
pule and tremble. The largest Hon
of the x n the cage hd display.
ed unusual sullenness ond auger,
aud now refused to obey Ho mas.
tcr. With glaring'.cycs it crouched
in the corutr, aud evidently tuea.
tatcd a spring. The trainer rccov
ered his self-possesshm la a mo
ment, ana keeuinr IiU "7U nrmty
fixed upou that of the huge beast,
dealt H a terrific blow with his
rawhide over tho face. With
fierce snarl tho infuriated Hon
bounded forward. Catching no
of hi open jaws in either hand,
the powerful man held tho brute
off for a desperate moment by
main strength. An electric thrill
of horror ran through tha.ciowd
which surrounded tho cage iu an
Instant. The beasts in tho other
dons shrieked aud roared in cho
rus. It is In a moment liko this
that tho real heroic element asserts
itself. Without turning bis head
in tho least, tho brave mau firmly
whispered; "Pass mo a small
boy!" Ono was instantly seized
aud crowded through tho bars,
With ouo. superhuman effort the
trainer thrust tho boy into tho hot
closing jaws, and then bouinlod
lightly aside. A snarl, a few sav-
ngo crunches, and the beast turned
agaiu to liia prey. Btrl the hero
was gone. The door snapped bo
hind him, ond gasping "Saved I"
lie fainted iu the arm of the cheer
lug concourse. San FraucUco
Had Been There. ,
gome colored ipcn yesterday lqfl
a mule In from Macomb county
and oncred him for sule, ana a col
orcd resideut of Crtf"tt street
found that the ho could exchange
his horse, pfty a uttlo cash, and gcfr
ogoott bargain. Ilowovor, being
stranger to mules, ho wanted this
ono looked over before tho fcraij0
wa3 confirmed, and ho went down
to tho central market aud Bough
tho wisdom of brother (.rarduor,
"S.irtin, Biirtlu I'll go right tin
wld you," replied tho old philoso-
pher. "I hcz looked over uiore'n
a thousau' mewls 1" "Y day, an
It pleases me to' member dat eb
bcry single ono o' them came to
do same bad end I predicted."
They walked up Randolph street
till the mule was found, and Mr.
Gardener asked :
"Now den, am I 'xpeetcd (o toll
all about this animal?"
incysttidho was, ami tie wont
on ' . '
"Wall, now, iu do fust place we
want to secure a vacant lot. j)cn
wo want three log curias, two
hundred foct o' iuch rope, a new
halter, a pair o' hobbies, four
stout stakes, a sledge-hammer aud
'bout ten good men. We'll frow
hislaw dship down, wind tie ropes
an clmiin aroun' him. lie hH head
to do ground, havo do ten men si
down ou his heels, an' If I doail
tell you how many men he's killed
an' how many waglu" he's smash
cd up, den I won't charge a cent."
They rsfusod to enter Into any
such proceedings, ond the old man
stood back and blandly replied i
A II ... . . .. .
aii rignt. no u-c "usun'any
no' llhirature 'bout it. I hez bin
right dar, you sec. I knows all
'bout mewls till ye can't rest, an
when somebody sees me foolin
at ouu' ouo which nln't fastened
right down to a clay bank den he
may pint mo out on do street an
sayt Dar goes a man who's Liu
tnovin' arouu' ott top dis yenrth
fifty-live years widout learuin'uaf
Dn." Free Press.
" Mtisig on the infinite, eh ? '
aid a facetious chap to a melan
choly looking individual who was
walking along the road wltn bow
ed head and serious compliance.
M Well, yes, same thing-thinking
of my debts." .
The humorist of the New York
Times sagely remarks; "No wise
mau argues with o scientific per
son. The latter can always over
wholm him with unsavory scien
tific terms, to the ue of which no
sulf-rcspectliig man can descend."
A little child picked up a feather
in the- ynrd, aud told his mother
tisat he thought " dv had drop-
te it out of tl pocket."
NO. 13
j, Talk wita Thiers.
"It seem singular, VonsUur
Thiers, that you have never visited
America," I remarked.
I have never had time." he
promptly remarked. "Mine has
been a busy lite, aud your country
three thousaud miles away
iinn-prer. l may Day vou a visit
yet who knows?"
I assured mm that In sucn an
v-nt he would bo received ana
treated as tho nation's guest.
That," said he, as his Utile
eyes twinkled pleasantly, "would
be something worth crossing im
Atlantic for. I have otten envied
Lafayette tho ovation he received
at the hands of your ouutryinen,
suppose you don't remember
that," and agaiu his eyes beamed
with humor.
I humbly confessed my guiltless
ness ol any participation in the re
ception of half a century ago, aud
ended by complimenting Latay
ette's ability .aud patriotism.
"You are ouly half right in
your estimate, my young frleud,"
said the sage. ''Lafayette had
plenty of patriotism but no ability
whatever. He had too Uttlo brains
for a soldier, too much heart for a
politician, aud uot enough tact for
a diplomatist, lie was a rutturo in
everything he attempted was dan
gerous ouly to tho cause ho espou
sod, and but for his American es
capudc, would be unknown to his
Finding that I had put my foot
in it. I changed tho subtect. "You
knew Talleyrand ? " I asked.
"Intimately," be replied; "he
was vory kind to me as a young
man, struggling to get ou in Paris."
What is your opinion of him
might I ask?"
That ho was the homeliest man
I over saw," retorted tho ex-pre-mler
quickly, and for tho first time
laughed- I joined him of course.
a3 it is not often one has au oppor
tunity to cauhiuato with an ex
President of Iho French Republic,
and ventured to say that tho pi
tu res of Talleyrand certainly bora
out hi statement. " Ah, but they
do uot do him justice," said M,
Thiers, wl'h increasing vivacity,
".Talleyrand was much homelier
than any of his pictures. A fa
tnous artist to whom ho once sat
told mo Hint ho did not dare to
paint him "hs hA actually was, for
fear of Insulting him. Ho said ho
was ashamed to tako such a picture
to any man for his portrait."
"Then ho must have had a hard
time with tho ladies?"
"Not at all," replied my com
paulon. " Women' lovo extreme!
and Talleyrand was a great favor
ite with them. They seemed to
be fascinated by his horrible ugll
ncss, If you havo read Hugo'
L'houime Qui lilt,' you will uu
derstand what I moan."
I Informed him that I had read
that book, aud romarked iu addl
Hon that 1 admired Hugo ver
much. :. .
" So do I," said tho pigmy-colos
siis, "as a poet;" then after
slight pause and quizzical smilo.
he added, " and dramatibt, but uo
man can do everything well ; great
writers rarely muke a great sensa
The Sitting Bull Commission
Failure and the Commissioners
Homeward Bound,
Chicago, Oct. 22. A Times
rpecial from tho Sitting Bull Cora'
mission at Fort Walsh, British
North-west Territory, of tho 18th
says the Commission has met Sit
ting Bull and has utterly failed to
obtain any satisfaction or terms of
settlement from him. Tho Time1
special , correspondent describes
Sitting Bull as a swarthy, black
beardless savage, with -an air of
judicial gravity and intelligence,
He continually fears treachery on
tho part of the Americans, and
distrusts his own tribe when they
are near, He refused to shake
hands with the Commissioners and
said he wanted them to tit out In
full view and behind tho table.
Sitting Bull smiled broadly at the
word surrender iu Gen. Terry's
speech telling biui of tho Presi
dent's desire that hostilities should
cease forever for the sake of all
parlies ; that all hostilcs who had
surrendered to tho United States
had received no punishment, and
that the samo terms would be of
fered to Sitting Bull. The speech
produced no effect, and the offer
of peace was rejected. Tho Coun
oll brc and the Commission-
ers tu
'r faces homeward.
ATTOIIaE at law.
Percy & Verger,
Greenville, Miss.
Attorney at Law
Greenville, Miss.
Attorney at Lawf
Greenville, Miss.
W. U.POelv. Joaho Skhuwrl
Phelps Cl CMnner,
Flobbyvilijc, Bolivar Co. Ulatu
Maybbsvillb, .
I toaatr. Bita
Makes the payment of taxes, redeKB
tion, sale and leasing of lands a
speciality. '
azo.n. cr.Ar.n,
POUT AXUEK30X, Bolivar Coast , Mil
DR. J. L. YC'J:,
Resident Dentist,
Otic np-atalra ovtr A. B. JflatayaCe.'a
Drugstore. WMhlugtoaAv. ,
Teeth Sxrraoted T7ithont xia
noy.4, 1878. y
COURT.TSXS. ms.72 tZZl.
B. T. THIMBU, iaigai.
C. W. Clarke, . DIM. AMoraoy, ,
Coahoma couuty 2d ilondty of
Sopteiubor and March continue
twelve days. ,
Bolivar county 4th Monday or
September aud March ouitUBU
twelve days. .
Washington county -Sd Monday
of October aud April conthine
twonty-four days.
Sunflower county 3d Monday
of November and May continue1
six tiny. . . . ,
Sharkey county 8d Monday of
November aud May continue aix
Issaquena county 4th t!aiay
of November and May continue
twelve days.
Coahoma county 4th Monday of
October and April, aud coutinne
twelve days. ,
Bolivar county 2d Monday of
November and May, and continue
twelve days.
Washington county 4th Mon
day of November .and May, and
continue eighteen days.
Issaquona county 8d Monday of
October and April, and continue
tlx days.
Sharkey county 2d Monday of
October aud April, and continue
six days.
Suuflowor county lit Monday
of October and April, aud con
tlnuo six days
SttPBBMB Court.
Terms of Supremo Court com
mence on the 8rd Mondays of April
aud October.
11 F Slmratl, Chief Justice, HU Chstmanrs,
I. A. P. Coniube.il. Associates.
Clerk, r A. W, Letts:
V: 8. ClliCtriT COTJBT. ! ! '
Boot. A. Hill, Jud.
Goo. T. Bwuin, ' Cirk
Terms begin In Jsckson on too 1st. Hoa
days In May and November.
C. 8.
Robt. A, Hill, Jude. ,
Geo. T. Swimn, Clerk.
8esalona commence In Jacksoa oa the ftl!
Mondays of Juno anil January. , , .
Rogular meetings aro held by the
Board of Supervisors on the lit
Mondays of January, March. July;
Augnst, and October, ami may
continue in icillon 4uayi and no
mkmbim or run boaro of svriavisoas.
R. O. 81m., Prcal'ltmt, Vf, X Hood, I: tj;
Wnloott, Dun W titer., W. M. WonhiagtoB. .
W, X. Hunt,
A. W, Shwld,
!,. P. M WntklBS,
B'thlen Lnciia,
Elijah Booker,
B. Archer,
' 8kriVi
Cbaneawv C'k.
, County 1. iir
, County AaMHor.
School SuperlBteBOaat.'
Town Codncil.
Tho Town Council meeta rl
the 1st Tuesdays of each mot. J. '
town ornctAU.
Coiinciibsw. t. WIleaiBakl, Ka'-w, W, ;
A. Evernian, J. W. Shielde, John utni
O. W. h. Walker. , .
I. E Brooks, atarabnl, JHXelsoa, Ostk .
Theodore Pool, TntMOrar.
" Lk vxb Bo AKDt .'"'".
The Board of Leveo Cosasii '
sioners of Bolivar, Washington al
Issaquena Counties meets on tl$
2nd Mondays of January, and Ja
ly at Greenville.
CommlMlonem 8 W Fefvaaon, re,J'"'-t
Mi rrllt Willlm, Washing oq. T W. u .
IV. H riiilnh, iMitqlMna, 1 If I(Mkm, t ,
M. Libky, Bolivar Conaty .
W. A Ev.raian, Seeretary Satt T "
T 8. Audrriton, :
W. E. Collins Col otnref(;oiw,ii

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