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G&bkxyilli. Times.
4TVHDAY, OCT. 87. 1S77.
We publish to-day aa luiportaut
cull issued by a number if the
leadiug planters of Waskiugtou
county, for a meeting of Uu'ir class.
TUia suovsiu is vauinl lit ivspouse
w U4eHou tfeertaiu calou
and lutliyeut planU'rn of Coucor
dia larish; to take some action pro-
Ktive of the interest of tha plan
Ura aud cottou ijruUfH, agiut
the extortionate and oppressive
suaciuicnt of the Cottou E.
changes. The grievances set forth
lu tbi call aro uanifet aud great ;
but they are. firmly riveted, and
taa controlling body is of vast and
far reaching power; which lucre
resolution out never reach or
hake. What 1 needed is anor-
ganiiatiou of the planter equally
a perfect and disciplined a that
which mark the government of
tho Cottou Exchanges. Nothing
less thau this can effect auy reform.
Ihe particular recotumuudaiiou
of tho Uoucordia I'm ih Commit-
tee is iu the right Uiruvtiou aud
aoouul enlist the coopt:ratiou of
planter geucrully. Especially
should those of Waakiutou couu
ty, who are exceptioually iutcl
liKeut and largely interested, rc.
poud to thin call with activity aud
Despite th fot midable propor
tion of the "independent move,"
iu certain counties, we ventured
the aasertiou two month since,
that tho people had too accurate
Prepl"u of the danger of po-
Utteai diaasious, not to abide the
atliou of their local leader Iu Cou
veution. At the election draw
near, we are gratified to observe
that the truth of tui prediction !
being surely muuil'csted. The " lu
dependaut" otfico seeker are being
forced by tho necessities of their
aituatiou to au aitiaucu with radi
ollii,that ia fatal to success
A common feature of these
move ha been to tempt
regular nominee of the Deuio
eratio Conservative forty lu to au
cepUace of uominatiou with their
venal leader.
VV btrewith publiU certain rea-
pouse to this shadow bid such as
our parly should require of alt its
Vicksbcru, Oct. 1 W77.
Editor of tho Herald :
Dear .Stn 1 have jut returned
home after an absence of several
week, and fiud that certain iur-
ties, claiming to act under a ncH
wguiaiiou in mi couuty,
have used my uame iu their nomi
uaiiou of eaudidates, lor the State
Legislature. Toia was without
any knowledge upou my part, and
certainly fails of ray approval. I
have reijucsttd thu uditur of the
Leader, iu which papr my name
draw it, a I have no sympathy 1
with the movemeut ia wiucatue
numinaliou origiuated.
, ,, i
ltepcUuii, i
,k.,,, Va i
I learned, from rumor un
day last that the County Cepuuti-j
can ti:uii- i'OUi,:rt ,t
ttMiOm ou thu 3VU uit. ador,di
nyseir a a caadidat for the Lax-
ialaiursv Now j thia bw true, ami.;
while Ideair aud will balatitot
reiw th support of e-err govii
eittaeu f th. couuty nardies of!
T ITm.cnm.. euu tr sucn en
be eunsu-ued a a nouuuatmu by j
tuaa party, I asuun M,v. my co
ss iu n, auu, uiieuuctt x
noininaUoubv that CotnmiUew I'
absolutely decline to accept iu. !
I Late beau nouuiiaied by iket
iumocratio tousetvaure paat;
1 will staud steady to its colors.
C. V. Ctts.
Oct. 2d, 1877.
The New Orleau Cotton Ea
chaug,a has, iu rcouilaou of tho
universal disfavor of planter aud
the public, rescinded from aud di
avowed the obnoxious circular lu
relkliou tnoreto. It will not make
the three pound deduction lor side
piece. This practically ouJ the
Wahi-toa, OcU 2o The Coui
Ottee of Privilege and Election
Hive deaitled to go into the merits
of trSitd against. Kellogg. Tbis
)xvc!kav it is understood, a full
rdr"rii"3, of the dreary story. j
Tts e -sirnmeut of the Senate
ta 11:' ia cunfiruiatory of tho
'Jol thu ttepublkwu.
-s vm mwuNvn uuiu au
"it. is rentiltod with the
will continue
r- ,but
will not "o tluo'
.' WaiilagWa Csaaiy.
Viualia, La., Oct. 10.
At a uitietiug of the planters and
eo:uu Crowcrs o the parish
loueorJu, he.d lu ulaii oa tho Sjuor and Upright ail ut?w aud
3d dav of October. 1S77. we, the; uiicla. sold direct to the people
uuder;gueJ, were appointed a
cotutuitiee to correspond with th
cotton grower in the parishes and
J tualit -M of the Valley of tha Mi.
i i!iipi, with a view to lake some
ie Kt toward protectiua our.elvt
a-aiust the wroug iuaicteU upou
u by all those coucerueti iu the
marketing of our cropa, an4 espe
cially aaiut the Cottou Kachan
gvt powerful corporal ioua that
have receutly sprui.g up amongst
ui, and issue their edicts like a de
spot. Some two seasons ago the
grower went ordered, uuler cer
tain piiiu aud peualtiea, to use
only a certain number of tie ou
their bale. Now cornea another
edict in the very face of the aiatute
made and provided by the United
State goveruincut for the protec
tion of lite add property, that they
shall but ue ude-pieces sutler
penalty of a reduction of three
pound per bale therefor.
Among other manifestly unjust
charge borue by the t'ru ''
briiu'a"e, excessive insurance and
pre chateat, autouutin in the
HX regale tu over 75 ceuu per bitlu,
ail of wbii-h are sinciiouuii by tiiu
Exchuiiet, tacitly allowed by cus
tom, aul too Iuj eudured by tiie
much wronged grower.
The Cottou Kichuuc are Kjt-
teu up wholly In tlie iatsiesi of
tho buyer and. consumer ; the
grower i entirely ignored; aud
their tntlueuee ha thu far beun
greatly itijiirious to the inUifstof
thu grower, iriiicipai!y by their
over-estimate of the crops, thereby
kcepiu tiottu the price ot cottou
until the grower, forced by hi ne
cessities, hit parted w ith hi crop,
when the mistake i discovered
aud all the beueiit to be demd
Iro in the advauce in price inure
to the speculator aud comtuwer.
We respectfully suggest that you
call a meeting of the planteraaad
grower ot your couuty, tt con
sider w hat tep8buuiii b taken
for the pui'iioseoi e.siug iuus
to correct the pres. .'.(. abuse aud
prevent tuiure artncruv lejfiiiia-
tion aud euactmeut by the Ex
ehauge detrimental to the, grow
er' interest, aud 'u correpuu(
with u a to the ddvwbJity ut
calling a gieraL conveutiuu to
meet at sotno eetttral !H.iut ;a. i
n h. iMif.Lf?.. f
h' r.s.nutLBs.. ;
yja poa to-the auv sujjge.,
ion, we wouid invite thweoUow,
plautera of Waaiuugton mmm? w
meet wun u in tmveui.iou ii :
the Court House iu GrpenvuUs. ,t
auauat mat, .ittvenaev .-fc.,
to estauuau c-iiperat.i.oa 'ea ;:e
UlUutT tiltuTtit..
MaU k'. Joiuiswiv '.T.. 7. li:Mui. .
E T Woniumttutt. A- i. Fditto
a fi
.. 7 r
L H Utt:r,
n ,
-ha J. rtati
E il.ir!ps
C K.uL
II F iiiriier,
Jo ilet J ateitea i.
D Q O'Bi
',V il w',r"Uttt'(' v
Lorn Aau. Ja .7 lf.irrfw
Jlva(,um W Z Haal"
' II T Wrtuiutau ,r V
tom :li4a v
4 'MM ; MWdiin Orlaaa. 34. .
w far puuuo aaa ;
trera Anrctrnj.. T'ttonm ..,.
partiailv lCl better but auaatw
niic oeeo Usu
Sew York, Oct, -5 u-
Cotton sttia.lv, If.ddiinij Upiaud4
1 1 ij-xee; iUilduair Orleans, XL
t-loc Sale of iX! bales.
New Orleans, Oct. 25 Cotton
air demand, market firm ; sales of
51,000 baiea. Good ordinary, 9 7-8
a 10 1-ise ; lov luiddilug, 10 3 -a a
105-8c; utiddliug, 10 31 a lie ;
good middliug, H l-i a U8s,
middliug fair 11 5 8 a U 3-le ; fair
13 l- a 13 My. HeeelpU l uet, d.lii
bale ; grow, 0,703. KttporU t uoue.
Stock ou baud, Vt.O.'u bale.
! luttou Irop.
Tho cottou report of the satti
ticatiou of the Department of
Agriculture for Oetobor, make
the average couditiou nearly a
high as iu lMtk U is 8H against
82.7 last year, aud the year be
fore. The decline iu couditiou
during September is less this year
than last.
Fulton Jfarktt Beef
l or sale at
Joa JL Naxsox Co 'a
At U fwla Uo-"
riftoew Cwita a DHtV
l ot tka Bsst Liquor
TJao Bost Off or I
W will .-!! dun, f fhM times
$00 PIANOS for $2j0
U5 JOr 5jU
lu Img GRAND.
Aud all other
f proportion, including
Ai factory piicc. No acuts; uo
commission, no discounts. Ibcee
Pianos made out) of the liuest dis-
! pl at theCeuteuuial Exhibition
jai 're unanimously rwommeu
a i'-wzzt Hssok."'-.
Uiuulai'lv iucorporated Mau'itac-
Uu ui j Cu. New tuauufactory
oit of the largest and liuf n iu the
world. The friiuare coutain M
thusvit' tif patent LMiles Over
strung Scale, the jretest iioprooe
moiit iu the history of I'uuo ui v
kinj;. The Uprights are the finest
iu America. Piano teut ou trial.
Don't fait to eud for Illustrated
and Descriptive Catalogue uiailei
U SNadwaj, 5. T.
('or fl.UO we will scud free by mail,
any one of the following loia:
S ittun.;t farilies, XuuUii; Rmiri, Wiiucr
t tiioluut isiiillt BsbtuniM, Wioisr Kun-
$ J:ti viw iso' CuosUoit Pioij, Wtatnt
distiii'-t fsitvtisnr CbiiMst CarjktiiUtts
WiUtejr liuttkiriiiH.
i tlbttiuci tstix .-, 6iuAteituunzM, Wiiitct
xii.-t.u t i-!.:is!, tHtt ucsitiuius, Wia-
JlSt-t Vttiluca, IV Ittsa litfliulUlUS,
VV lU.ttf Uvws.iu.
i itjctinct iuuuts, tkiijlrufei. Winter
iltstma ..; Alimiiaii, W n r 4u-
1 U$liitut vril;, Duitbls louisum, U imu
ItiiMiiKi vattsUMt. Aasiuts, wmtcr fltrssr
rid. t UistiuU taiistucs, Ui'ottmt CkJas, willst
awiuut VktKnifs. Dauroiuias. vtalsr Itow-
'lUUlltk V4THHiS, StSVbt 4Alt KUNUiriUUUI
wiuniff (Utnmv.
4tsUta osiWUss, t'tL.uijs, kiatet lloviw-
4 Oistiua iwiutas, Dauiil Vmitu, wuifsr
1 lowsr hi,
1 fciiiw liu.siis, IWiik), aosuul sail
Itlutiutci. vaAUuvsr I itwtui),u, w talsr iltm
t tun .
. rictuis, srbs, :'ar wtuuia Ct.-.
I " I'HtU.
" aS4tifc, lt
" llyutilt 3a.!j. "
. muwrmi Ttiim, Uui Us.
" t.r?iu. '
is " t't..
4 Lllf u tlM V uirt .
.' lasii '1 HUSiuaSV
J m say ut a sintte t, t jwttuit, tor a.
1 j.
r .. ..
u ;
1 " 7
" -. -naii .,f ::iuUsmu
faswMU i. im rmmm " M.t". to
nuca citiiar uiuu .aosuk tni
d" r. t uij,
"SO. IJViMMtsli
oswnun csauumss urst
a Flomt.
Thf r , 1 f,, '
a. .a ,.v m a. t a kA. v u iii'iirii.iaii-i
i 5 illcniir if I 3u K - ttrt ai 1 ir
vapied or -o.. A. UaiI K
Cow ,"Uli invito t.Ti'rvbdil V !
to ttne and see irtt. a li
ia?- i.'ortcl tided, apua the!
iKdlciutioa ot many i'rieado ,
to miiico the nrics.-
. .
.Alt tlrraka. ucr??tyiar .widl
forI' ceEts. r.i L7 cent;;
All ..Lnaki. Leretuicrtr- -oidi
u. rat 1 1 ' tajati; ;
,-, . t. l
nz,,- u.is., 'te:
iiasaw T.iiji. i
.i (Its is.
T -.1 .
iZO. atin t .o. .mttrwrr
.-s- zjiZm. star !;.'n
fluW. ;
,ut r h ' - - J
Alt CA.irt NO TRADE."
loauntsalttBPr's Hale,
Statk op Misstsstrrr.
Wasiiington Cuiuu y.
By virtue of a decree rendered in
the Chancery Court of Wasttuijttou
Coauty, State of Mississiitni. at the
May term 1877, thereof iu a cer
tain cause therein uendinir in
which. AY. 1. aud Katie IvreuU.
mar were eoinpiaiuaut and Thos.
U. Walli deleudaut, nud number
ed on the dtx-ket of said Court No.
71 J, 1 wilt on
Tttit'gday th 1st day ofNwmber
between the hour proscribed bv
law for Shcritr sales si the front
door of the Court House of said
eouuty sell to the hluhust biddor
tor Cash, all of tho right, title and
interest ui Hie said Tho. U. W si
lls, or so much ttiereof as mav bu
necessary, in aud to the follow iug
described proptuly, situated iu
said couuty wild State tow it !
Au undivided tlu-ee eighth of
lot 2, 3, 1, X 6, 7 and tt, of seetiou
i, audau undivided three eighths of
the north half of lot 1 of scaivin j,
all in twp lti of range H weU Said
sale w ill be made subject to a prior
liuu in tavor of the Moltne Plow
Company, upon which a decree
has been oulei sd in case No. 7H
on the docket ol said Cueucury
Court. ,
Svpt. .'.'-S
MerchauJi- !. now complete
t 'JZt Kto. of th follow Hue al oou Pn.
in timet trom tirst hand:
The Latest Strle of Ilats
Keytar Tuilcr-Uade C lothios,
Dand-Bade Boots and Siioes
Gents. Fcrrisyns ds
V'e Leep a full itock of
aud the
A'ways ou hand, which will sell at
Planters ".visiting to purchase either
Pratt's or Hall's Sia Stands
can do so advantageously through us.
For "Cash Across the Counter
Sell as Ctecp cs aajbsdj.
a T7. lewis & CO.
i 'LINT K M u
C tti.
ilonol" itutl
i.1: Wul.t of
; t-t-.xs iut.tuuuis
ij.ij . o ' V
tJa lur aZ3u. i
it ti tiie pew.
tr;tt j'ts
V .".1 .
... itwj- 1'aitin.TS.
J., r.i, i'rice.
nt, pt-
i. as. ii'Aa I 1'a.rJw :
- .
. wr- S wm t turn- r:u
'wreet . j . :t- .jtLi.t u.
aisU. t.stt
Sr )J. .
iaan wnicat: . itjuus-huus caw
30iiMRtitnsS4..'.tir met ;uuatei
tiuauiiab. iiJTT 'TIHttUU! IIWTI J
GMsuacsv ueK&-vatiia.uie: iiiuuin..
iatnWlM - f XLer-are-
i-ntviMa ssiilr
I lnsas (ax 'IHsSsW
tiurmsj ivaav
t htism im Pnas
Sw Ptsati!uLis Ovtrssras iisis
is the greatest advance ia the his-t
tory tt Piant makiiis. protiuciu-4
the most. a(oiiisitiiia power, rit-u-nessnnd
vtepthot lone, aud aotis-
taiuinj siHiumr iiiiaiity never bei
loi-e altaiuea, heiug a j
snusst rtaaM, is i
A.uit taa rir ajutnn;a.
1'bey are prveouueed the " Planus
o tUj b'ttture,-'
Manufactory and Warroomes
No. 41. ;;! itjs
v t jim sti-wt.
No, 808, W. 2. Mt. si8 & .870
loth avenue.
Planus Stat ut IriaL
lUustt-ated and descriptive Cata
logue mailed tree.
Sksuiass iwnvst
We, 5 BswoAwnr, M,w Teehfc
Bt noun
Por the purest, whitest aud bust
quality ot Flour, go to
Joust ILNklsom & Co's,
Mtt. wiLWAH scorp. ua.
tiveot WlgtousUlre,Seotlaud, who
migrated to America, ud resld
ea, when last liid of, m Uimt
(ireuuviile, V.'a-.hinjitou. eiiiimy,
Miisu,j,i, ur Hljl.,( A . Ju'
lorntrtumi a. i l,im, ,Hi. i
tvi l.M,u,, . W, i. I'll,
nilnli.h, "...utlm.d, , i-
TJi9 We!!s Tea Company
lmKiitw ui
! Pure Cfi;.ia and Japan Teas
-VI ruitou street,
eils Tea Company
'HU.uu. w ., luwm liiiuti kitices,
i- 't uu aimaui..iL.
.pulj 1 (j ilruitgiiu,. Upturn!
umir .. atlivr k-mm tu l:uil
hiius (Bickiitw ..I mm in.untl wti, ,u
nuinm ul i.s -Hiiis.k,pa':l . :uui tu j lb, ,
-u iu. 1-ua.ss.. k tm iwtituia.s uu
"t''"1 - "'1"".
(H a UtUtS iiUSllU UiflttWtUt. tiuu is icivst, sts-
risi. rs in nwHvnt. mid
ilium i.wxrMumimMi.n iuiui il-uni. aiit lit
.lit t'SMW itatu.t (hit 4uutr i tlletr 3utis,
6iriuiMi witen itutis.l.
Uir iriHii,u- tiMit uia.- ttf iimltT
witKU.H th titft.iuiK ii U t-'ntemrvpiu--
a"1""' 'uih turtiw,- trjul,.
Ts q'!& Ta I.imm.m.1
wens isa uofnnany
m mm wt lllltl .-Hil vou an Lis
: U !""'Tim wiu.niiit I'm in
" umr
TiT'll riTl ll
sjyg nul 1Ww"jJ.
- , Lsave New Orimios for
l(;rwtt;!...... TUUUS
L'Jsl a i p. a. It-aveslii-eruviile
New Oewaa every SUNDAY.
4ii. Ttckanc.
. TMR. Hasan- W, s, taljuw, tt'S
.Jry Leave Grwnville. rw
asm uai(Hu girv WED-U-k'i
as 12 p. RK LU-turuirt"-.
i aves- t7..-w0iile t'rrNew Orleans
, eer vat. 1 at 5 p. m.
f riiosw o-taituef rwsetve the risht
to nasaail Lau.ii.r tht ,h-iC.
tarn mav consnW otti
Passengers by taese eleaan1
ieaiaer to New Orleans make
ajthtuinjr tunev avoidins? IUitn..l
jueiays aud tx pease. The tare and
I S""" aeronHKlatious, cannot be
t exeedetL
I F!?11 l'U8 uu rn here on
ly throttieh the cottou season; but
also thrwiith the dull mouths, to
wnre a pttblie convenience: wultli
j shippers should couiiuue to reciiw
Greenville Cnierr
Broad, Cakes, Pastrv antl
Alwa.ye kstit,
OUnKK8m.LJt.ttsj,, f)1. m h
' Wain mm, i.t.M Mali.aus ,!
Election Notice.
I The qualified voter of Waaji
I ta!J,oB county. Miljppl.
that on the first Tues-
Vfter the first M I XgT
. la ,j7 , - Ice lion w 11 be
Lfld Ly ti.e Ifgany
oflciais between me
U.m.aud 6 p.m., to elect the fol
i lowitis State officers, to wit :
One Governor ;
One Lieuteuant Governor ;
One Secretary of State ;
One Auditor of Public AcconnU;
Oas State Treasurer;
Oue Superiuteudent ol Publte
Eduratiou ;
One Attorney General ;
Aad one Senator for the 29th
Senatorial District, aud
Two Legislative Ccpreseutativ es
for said county.
Also the following Connty and
Beit officers, to wit:
Oue Sheriff ;
Oue County Treasurer ;
One County Assessor ;
One County Surveyor ;
One County Coroner and Ranger
Oue Member of the County
Board of Supervisors aud two
Magistrates and Constables for
each supervisor's district.
A vote will be taki for or
agaiu.t the proposed constitutional
amendments one to abolish the
office of Lieutenant Governor and
tho other to have biennial sessions
of the Legislature.
The following are the places of
votin? for tie respective election
Iu the 1st supervisor's district,
at LeoU and at Wilczinski fc
lieiser's store.
In the 2d supervisor' district,
it Stone & Eubu's and at Kefue
In the 8.1 supervisor's district,
at the Court House aud the white
school house in Greenville.
in the 4th supervisors district
at Stonevilie.
In the 5th supervisor ui-triet
at YVWburg and at Burtouia.
A final registration (and revision
of registration fur tht purpose of
cm-reeling errors and erasing from
the bok mime l such voters "as
iasiunvii by satisfactory proof to
have died, removed from tiie elec
tion district where registered, or
who amy tVum any Icgul cause
have become disqualified,") will
be held at the CO CUT- HOUSE
ou Friday, Suiurduv. Alon.lay and
Tuesdar, tho itith.'27tli. 29tl and
30th davsof October. 1877.
J'. S. MXEILY,(l B.R.)
E. tt. WOltTlIAM,
oct. ti Itegistrai-s.
The following is a list of Inspec
tors, Clerk and Deputy Sheriffs
appointed to hold said election.
Leota Fhbcixct.
i). T. Wortliington, Geo. Johnson
and tiispt't-tir, J.
B. Fcrnmn, Joe Wilrxinski,
Wlori., tu. iviounsa anil U M John
son Dnputy lieriff.
Lakk Wahiunotox i'n::cixcT.
Matt V Joiii.;it, 11 M l.ashli-- sm.l
InspectMw, .luiiii-
"yiiEtvin aud Ben Ib-is.-r Cl.-rk-.
Victor Ei v in, J E Ha iti' iicji in
Si-DSE & llOItH' I'liKcrrt'T.
".VlilliitiiSlftvart, ,V T Giiiihr-rv.
Dempsy Newm.tti. IiijiccHhm,
Sum. W'orthiugftMi nmt T U s.
!i Clerk". Me'rriit Wniiauis and
11 L j3.iki.-r Deputy Sin-r. lis.
Utcfcnn l:;:ct.N r.
Jas. Art.-lM-r, Y W Maiuimu. and
Pkk ilH.ft. InspeetiV. T B
Wartieid and iirili,;r.
Clerk. S Archer and 'o W liar
row. Deputy Slieri'l".
Gnt;i:.TviLLi:, Sthohi. llocsn.
S W Fergusoit, Jn II Xtl-oit ami
J D tVtibatnr. fimpeirtors, G V
AMteran.l J a Hmks Clerks, G
H Helm ami. George Watt Deputy
At the C;crt IIocsb.
Win. Mawhall. aud Jno. II Jloore.
SxoxEvitt.B Precinct.
Marsh Buttb'tt. IVtr.. tt'inv.
field nml Wash Burns, Inspectors;
L Harfman and Thomas Hinds,
Clerks; llicluird Bunlett and John
McCutchea Deputy Sherifta.
WEaxBc&a Prbcisct.
W M Fieldiuir, A C West. A D
Aldrtdge, Inspectors: A A Mor
sou and Dr. Atterbury, Clerks ;
John Casey aud P M Alexander
Deputy Shertll's.
G P Walne, T L Koss, Ifenrv P
Eckford, Insneetors; John K Min-
w'.' MeMurt'X Clerks;
yy C Morn aud J S Bowles Dep
uty sheriff. 1
The attenti .u 0f Inspectors of
f.lectwt.4 is directed to the follow
tux Provisions of the Code :
" A space of 20 feet in everv di
rection trout, the pulls shall be kept
open aud clear of ALL PKKSONS
exeept two challengers, selected
oy each party, aud the person vo
tmg. V oters must be caused to
approach the polls froi one dtrco
ttou.tiud depart in tho opposite
damitlou. To the end that this
provision tusy be complied with,
uspeetors will see that the place
- voting are property provided
" The couutiiig of the votes will
hBt"!!"W,!CVtl upon thu dosing of
he polls at tip, ,., Ulll oxoentuu
ur s intermission loV refresh
eiits may b had, coutiuuo uot
w an Yi, If ;iul ll0?5utd
e i n, ;,l,iuU'1' 1ullouHuu.
d until 8 a, m, the following day,"
uwsummmIh mwmmIu wiLam
Ji Li
''.;u.i.. u,.Y7. ' ; ViC wnf
i.U i,.,ta (,, ' "Wi. hlllAdi, Ha,.tlWtt1
. tub 8TATJ or itnsis-nn ,
Wasuisotbb Conn, I
Taken np on the premk
IL G. Sims, on or about lis"
of September -
markinl in right ear wlj, a
crop, iu left ear with err r
ipl't, two yearlings
and having stick throt-(
The owner of the art i
dcii cstrays- is nereorac"
come forward, nrovs
pay charges, or the
dealt trith i thn Uwsf'ss-s"
orti7, 177. -
TBI st ats or Mr I ,
Wsswnwresi CgeJ
iik.cn up op ioe friz
ueorge liini, on tae 17ii i
14 hands high, 10 or Ucr
dart man aud tr.'i. tzy't
mane parted ia tie tLL.il
edU S onlefttoL!r
Th owner of the alere c
ed astray ia keraby tz'
come forward, prove frr
charges, or the astray ttj i
with as the lav 'r.
J. A. lw
oct 27 . r '
ceiBiri c:;. v
Would respectfully ixen f
public that oar lonj eijt."
ia the above branches of oar I .
neaa iriree aa adraataea It r .
ing the wants of the trai t. ,
no other house iaoarltnlvt i
city possesses. All weasklstL
and impartial trial.
We keen constantly on haul s-
fiti aula h tiirim nml wnll rft-
stock of
Iron, Steal. Tspa Terf VX ZL 3
sni Raw CsruJ,
and cvcrvthinir in oar line al r .
uuchu rates.
Machine ami Boiler worts ;
un short notice.
Tho tax parnr at TTat.! 1
county. .Missiiipi,ara brr rt
tilii-.l that Slitie, eunaty aul ( . ;
taxes for thr fliwal year r ;
now duo and payable at ay a' )
in GruenviDe. 'i'he fbilovL J L
statement of suid taxes:
SlillO i!IV, - . t l' J
tifiii-r.il t.'otiutv, "
eh.Ml. -' 3
Cuiinn Com!. .''
!::ii!:-..ud Bond. - i "
Ijiiuitlaiinif leycv 5 mnls peraera
I') i f tit levw tnx 2 -enl per am
.vi'intlatiiiis I-.i eui per acre.
T ix piiyera are further aotLT ?
'hut tnsr-K unpaid i;pon the C
t i-uili of DeinlM-r will be i
liini'ient. mid additions ctisien I
l:iimigis aci-rno np'.ems.
W. E. I1CXT,
si ,:j Snoi-lir ii nd Tat Colleet-2.
State of Mississippi,
AYashington County.
Taken up by J. il. Smith, faf'v
m-M'-,iuu of a convict oa LT
7y.'.trs old. Ill band tr3
brandett W on left shoulder.
The owner of the above dz:.
bed estrar is hereby notl?J R
come forward, prove proertr, r
charges, or the est ray will be L 1
with as the law direHs.
.T A iriMiK"- Pp IS.
oct 1877.
i.-; utwf j
below pxjsxcrncz.
Mulberry street, Grec.T
I return my sincere t-aiikntsrT
old customers for their t'-
Iiatronage, aud trust tkar r i
forsret to call ou me at try
cation. 1 "will give tiren t 3
tueais ol the nest pro vox x
uue uotiar. rim eiaaa
gentlemen alwaya ia at::
see stock elegantly eutert
a. C-irrrcir, r .
Mulberry strati, - C 1
Having just op 1 t t
Saloou, I reepeeC: j L J '
IVieudsaud the pul t'
t rial. The bar ia er' - - -
and cn . ' ,
has been fitted upflr ttasr -
are foud of this hetltly r75t
October 21, 187J.
itnii-ct-rra til rin;
Tha pubho are ratr"
fbruted that I an ae-x r
eutertaiu all wka tc
with their ptrur-s t
not suru-sstl ly a I
Htate. yr hu. t 1
eouipleteor- rt U t .
lai veaud well v- '
table wlllbesur'..,v
the market com
Ureeuvillo, Aujl
' t ti
t. Tt
1 S(,1M, ,.,.
''""I 'm..i ,.i.

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