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:;x 11. M,
f TU2I!AY.N0V. 15. 1SS.
lf.fr .,a leirs.
A aaaV.vt fa'.! ar.J w,!.t-..t';,
frci'.'c sna-rary c.f tte r.'t..
. cf lh overthrow f t; e l: :
ran party. Tf ?rtf. t :'. f, " .
in rerarls f the H " C:
Scinrx st a iree.i: I'r-v'.';-
ia rrif t.rat.ou of
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vt-k. Nov. :
N ; ...-..-.l
No. 11
--, r -
t'i.- r. t-
.1. J-S.
. . .- 1 j ;.
si: .1 mother, ftottl
.! s vu e!.:I
it r. .:. . - .
:-:e vl' iu.1
f :. : it.-.
1.. and after
leaved kiiidred.froui loving frtc-uds
7 season- is now at ha 'id when ,
PAYCASH for their Merthanrli.se ;'
event ia the ; r
of the Repm ' .-. T
tear", to low-r 1 f !.
will tot ar e .th
speaker ia i? f the
levattd fj shove j -I
CCf!. Ar.I wh . . r'..-;t
flat it is ' t ! . I i : '..
- Mr. St "-.ri I t ' r. t -rLi.-
f or ;r.T - - '
f:t it to ! ti 1 -r ! - :c : -r. -
tsJ t; -; -t -rjc;
i; -itt k- 3 r; rrvr:.: pt f c:
I ;;: Lfi tk: i U . 5; t
rf ; r;r :r .i tIj- iv '
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u:sr i.ri ra..
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fr:. 1:,! - ..'
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'. : T. 5.
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, ;: :. .'t;
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:-L, . r i'
t ,i.n.fc'.
.it ."1 '
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; .!. a; ;i'fr it,f -t ui m
.i t I m '.I "( 1 1'. it
-.. . i. "1 " w;.aa -f :!
vi- J. (Ml bi. ,.
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b f lie
t!:.t ia Aefr.a tu ' :.
fcosc-r ; tl.fr ' ..
!("- ffc", I: ;:u";"
ht iert i 1 1
oa o.'r'.:j, J- r tl..: r.
icl rj i 1; .; t.:.;. !
esTtl tj- lit j ?t i 1 " t
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, t J f
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Jlrst tlr.. ;
I aa tii.:. .Ht cf ! c . ... . i
Ilt if kii." i i - . ! '
lHjftfu! iivrti'.j ".;::-.: z
aroubl tie rt";: ; ; ,i."..T. ; :
IwliTthfT tLfr-5 tt;',i a l.i'.,
noiitJ i:i 1 f 1 i;4 ,1; lii
Wen !ros ae! d: :.; .:'
iiot loo corrc; t, to j . , t
oiii!on, am! frrfi.i- t j r 4: ..;
baffle th yrun -fs! f j r
I rcpoat u:y jTf l:u.i tL.: a
lon at jou and I and our t lilltci.
and their children live, t o j.n',! oj!
parly In the I n.ud i-:..:(
date liorniiir.te a 111.111 lui the Tics,
idclicj" wliost- haia's are nut c!i an.
Mr. Ht'hnrz f chh ludt d lr eU.!!
Inj; lliv. t lovtiaiid, nml
ntinobt coiitiunuuNlv cheered.
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it t- . , r :
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: ii '.if ii.; V-.k :.
:'.; it: j " if i-'
fi r t-e -.'', tw-.t
mi C s..J 1 .
r.i.,1 e u-:;.t i.vl.-;; .f
J) iM.l.
nri "t-i )
.. It inrii
- l.if i:
,!; C
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ij 41. .
Mi'J.:i,;i. T'-!l
. t jft'wt. T.hi-l-i
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! j-!"' we :'
t le ii' : ..... i. :
; in . i u1 r
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4 ;.; hit T
Ji.'. l.iit I'i'.t:
t' iu-,:--f fc
in . 1 C'11 nai ii-
. lii-i -.1.: :
i.iru !(.; .. i;;;.,: t
iU'ft. i ifk: j
. t i ; 1 r
;ii.ui . r ;..'k
i-i..;"rt .. t
;l; fc IS rerv1
1 r; L e:. :..n.:.-r. i-i
I ;.f .: .1 ", '! fr : W. Ni".
IK w
hi r..
t..?..- v 1 -s t, - 4l!titifl 4'OFi
.-:: - t:-e ,tu. ruit of tLe from a lovtt.- commai.117 ne uaS
rrt ... ..-.,! Section. raver Wea culled away. Ia the u-or of
i ti! j .! & .d TLo. A. Ileudricls Lis m.,r,h..d and in the full harvest
a c-vx:-.- e-ftje 1 of the of Lis nefu!ues he has Wen cut
ii 't :. -r'. Cv'. ef. down. Excei't at the Lauds of a
' It ;.t.: i:'.e for oa$ a.i- rather, such a calamity conl.l not
Ttr.viL. s t :at:n the .'.e.-tora! Wboarae; bat He doetliaU things
t, -t f the Su.te c f "er Wrk. I; . e!l and we trost Him. He will
i a.9!a:e!y rertaia that the re 'comfort the smitten heart, lie will
tr.r..s of the proper ofSeeas of the be the stay of the widow and the
1 :.:-! on the t r!:t of the 4th of support 01 tae o puaa
.-a tie NMe&Wr. showed a decisive pla-
s nJirv ia in? State for the eleelors
surrerti.jj CXreUd at d lieu-'after the puhlie interests and reiv
t 1 V. dr. ks. If aaj dt-rest or altered ' resent the 4th Hist, iu the Hoard
x:t ' rets::. ire tow Wia,; prepared or j of Supervisors. This duty was
r.'cs ire s ra'ted. they are corrupt j discharged, fairly, faithfully and
rl jM.-.nrr tr,! ia fIslf onions of the records of the with ability, aUhou-h jealously
State of New York, and the men sruardiug against a lavish expenui
aiJ.t g or aWttisi the Biakiaj of, tton of the peoples' money, he ad
sac a tcpi.rt are criminals. ,' ministered public business iu the
It :s 1.1 1 expected that yon will spirit of progress. He laid aside
ta-nt-ly suba.it to the machinations the mantul of life gently and nu
of sach men. Lot theui under- i couiplainiagly. When admonished
The whole community will miss
niat. Twice he was chosen to look i
ra o
.lit tie
e at-
k..: l.a te
vu: ttTt'tiTt 1 it.
tVt.M. :r
;t is ftaad that yon will recognize at ; of the Christian's faith, his reply
lovi tomorrow, throughout the: was: "That is all riut, that is all
I'Litcd States, the aetaal election ; right"' and without a struggle, but
of Cevrlat-d and Hendricks by only a sigh, his weary soul quit this
;a! salutes.
mortul frame.
:rJ f-?t c L:
oct Estr, Ken-at.isat
. ti e lrt d'tres u.
:t. Pk t.k r.i i-fr to ft.i ara-)d. a:.dertood,
H t -:ti: 1;. ottr Iris.h- The men of New Y'otk are re-
mi.:, j;:i:; x::t to 1 tu f:on ' solved not to eubmit to the gross
1 ;!!. r-frt ii.i tLe l:iih "tl .-.;:.: outrage attempted to be perpe
1.1. it ti i-.rlt e lii a frure 'rated itpon their rights and will
ti..; t ts l.ta . r tore. We Int-w frpeak for tlemselvt-s.
William 11. H.vu.vum,
r:j.sa Nitinwl Ih'iu.cri'i.-t'l.ntinillw.
A. 1. CiOKM.VX.
Mi et to morrow throughout the ! An j. JWrtionate sou and brother
toaatiy s'.id expres your opinioas ! a tender husband, a loving father
ia a m.i! iter that tat.not be mis-'a tru2 friend a good eitizeu lias
fall .a i:i the line ; we can only close
ranks to battle mora earnestly for
the right.
v m '.:' '.; ,ry. l.i.c-tie tea ;
It : it-vt li,l. aad aii.-ht ct I
:1.1a N tiu-,41 I xut.ve CJlumi::ee.
I t 1
Wti tit
"Then love'i edft light o'er every eye
Shall ehej Its mildest rnys
And the h!g silt'iit dust nlmllery
With shouts of unites praise."
daUes, tl4a that ofj. V
The let tin.
r.-t -j : j :? Hi : rt
: ii t -.t :'i: . t-..T i-
i-: . . i'.' tit rk tia: a"u..e.i sotte kind of penance that night,
I; t : iti. t zr. pastor 1- sach as putting boiled peas in his
rte a pack of i:u!ev , shoes or denouncing his wife's ncv
i.r.t 4.Cv:t:s. bonnet. We d tinned preachers
Tit coaat nTa'.oat concluded ! wit!,out re-arJ t0 a"' Rfx or 1''
fvr the State txeept for New York j Tl0,,s .co,,.d,ti of crvitude.-
city. Ti.ete has nrcn.and will l.e, ",un jnj-mi'tnnaii f.untirer.
1 11:10c frit CI k his.
tlectloa Lri:rmrat la .rvs lotk
ftoie tJuriv; the
da.fc of doiiht over the icsa'.t s, , no material change fiom previous
Ccu-c and ti ncral throughout the ; Clares, which fix Cleveland's
Union. In YicLfchurg the I.hiine ' plurality at l.L'.'".
backers wrre ffrt'i-ciall.v tf.ff. Thev I The Hoard of Canvassers for
, Tla' '"'c" e xi itctuet.l of the 1 waefoit.ficd w ith highly tinctured ' Xcw York county will push the
tuition has finally fettled into an d.cpatclie from our old fellow eit-1 counting of the votes as rapidly us
tiiirclaxing watchfulness of the of-1 ict:,Niithuu I' ran!: whoe l.fo in 1 1'ossible, working from 8 a. m. to
ficUl count of the vote of New Washington joined with his geu. J 1 . m., and expect to finish by
Jorit. 10 nciiune even nn p-!cral rciuiiatiou for ' tin to snuff"' I Monday niht.
proximate conception of the d. incss, was nuppoed to render Idtn
grec of feeling taanifeMed in New i mighty good attthority, iu a case
Yotk city during the da b imiucili-1 ,l.e th. which bus been perplex
otely wieeeeding the t'ectioti, one ; is the Nut'otu l;.tt they are now
will have to n.ul the city papets ; wnac hut disposed to ipt'cMion his
of that St:,tc. When the Ilepubh strict (( cracy. Had the losers
ran i:eeutivc Cv.mn.hiee ts.M- mi. , , cded u tit y wcro bcttihg,
rd iu the tlecti,.u of If.aine in th ( m.d as I'.c duiibtless religiously
rciytceth cf the oaiutil fgmch. m,d toituraliv believed, their view
showin-his defeat j.t;dth. ir claim ' ...!d huveieen different.
was backed tip bj'Maine, the indig- i
ualion boiled to that degree here j Mll'nd rtlnn in Istaqitf ua.
tucts thoughts ftudtxpniou in! Wf learn irZ the Spectalor
action Ihe scene in that great tLllt Bl a , tho ,iti,(,1)H
tltv,the very heit of a gn U , ,r IssnBe,,a.a committee, Hon. K.
tiou, was ten. hie. Hut the cause 'J(,ff,lU,. s. 1:. , au w. K.
from wh,eU .t arose made the bght !U,;iins. were appointed to confer
whtch .ashed from .adde.,e.l e;,ts ,i!h t!l(. L y (K & T. ;. ,.
a beacon of hope and eunfidet.ee j 8!ld f,e ,,at trril;S ,PV
m the perpetinty of the Hepubhe. I eo!d induce said company to ex
The fonsptratoi.khi.uk spptdied. : tu.d the fiter nxille & Lake Wast
And the echoes ftou, Lrsggait ineto,, b,a,h cf said road down
uk-u. .arraign muster, w Liel, tMvp , Mrr,., ,.,; ,
1 1: .s is i;i a' cord.
to our Iissa-iuena neighbota.
"Thr Oalj tiy.
Yicksbutg will i.ei! unatu r.a
ajomeu so portet.tona a inotth
since, shtauk into iiot;iii'giics.
Indeed tho j.rouipt, the savage
Stamping out of tlu- piot to .teal,
the I'reeideuey, is the most hope-1
ful harbinger; a ierfcet rt stiriee. I
te with cur
e st-tilt- v, cel. sii.ee
:... c. ..... 41... . 1 .... . ...
...... ..,.. ...u. meau ana i:.si.!..us ttcgo the pleasures of a . itx elite-
apprehensioa which has to a g,Cat-', tioa. The Cou-tielal Heraid tr-tly '
ei ui .em e.xtui loiina lodgement satLat the'
...:i. 1. - . . ! '
iiu us au siure i,ii. ,.,,. ,1,
tiie ji .(
Uie ci.rru;
I'. tati
ti.t.k ltr t
c-t.:y wav to t-iett :
tton of eat ... iett a;.
5103 t f vote: f j." X.
e patty tailt- l' ;;.it.
:.o. J. I '..-:
-i.ot.eror lii.
:-:,.. .f.. f
it. r.
f 1 . k t:
S. Ci.!:;
..!.. o.J
o!i ta
A Tone Not to ht Nistakrs.
(New Yoik IK raid.)
Out counsel i f..r peace ful
methods and are caifulahstinetiee
from any others, t.!l the la.-t s
I......... Jtl.l 11 III. I". .... ,
National Couuuittet-'s call for ' ' "S
sistatice is meant to incite I:puli.'-mr ,a k tU' f'! a
licans to resort to violent meat..'''' -. h Ue att. i:C'd lie J eu-
to defend frauds on the pretext of
preventing them, upon the 1,. -ads
of M.kfns and his fellow !i.mi.ij..!
of that committee tests the ie
spousibility fur tlio stiniug tip of
arty violence t'mt may ensue. Tup
people of the United' .Slates have
been cheated oneC by tho i:. pti!i
lican party in a I'residpiithil e...,..i
.....1 :.. , . ' ....
'" ""inme when the i?t--rr-.al os that iu t
cheat was rattlied by an nrbitra-. of t!l t'r-t'-u t '
tmn. In the lfty-ilve million ... ... ',
habitants of this country there M- -
are not fifty five thousand, if they ; l10,11"1 of i
can read and write, who to day do l'1,r oi,p""C. It I.. I i -liot
feel in their hearts that from siintletihg a.i th- i-4
.o ,, ... .nairii, i.vi, the I steamers hi:.-
men v, t o exercised tliu olliee
of rresidcut and Yico lVeniiloni I
ever were elected to them fairly, i i,tl( t't. We be here ... ;,-
Tlieru will .0 no arbitration this' ' Harvey, b rt.er r f
(die of Hie Dinlgcs.
''On the day prccediii the gen
eral election tho Tribune printed
tho subjoined startling communi
cation :
Sir: I own about UOO houses,
besides several costly public build
ings and considerable nml estato
in thin flourishing manufacturing
city. I pledge myself to sell till I
poM'.i'ss hero for one-quarter Ichk
than its present acknowledged
value if the Democrats elect their
President. Every taxpayer and
every working man uniL woman
will see business permanently pal
sied if the South gets into the sad
dle. It will establish free trade,
get j ay for slaves, and obtain pen
sion for all rebel soldiers,
P. P. ItAltSVM,
Proprietor '(ireatest Show on
Hridgeport, Conn., Nov. 2."
If the situation is as bad ns Par
ma, pit-diets, be ought to knock
tjf at least .VI per cent.
O.1 Ut Tuesday the hotuo of
!.'.';. ard Latham caught Cre and
! s.rt d iia. Very litt'.e of the
f-.tL-.t3tc ii sated, as both
he '!. ,'e n. j a-sy from
Lo:-. t t; t tts It'' bard is one
of tbe ...; id-s'.j',o and re-e;f-t4.:-lfr
tnu in the,
a. i l;Cr s;. ..'hie
t.'.L i It : i a SMI,' 'ins,
tsy. l'ii tJtre u aa t..u it.p 1
S..t.-.M ;.. 1.414 tji i o ut.a-j
L-'.i t. . .: . all the wor ot j Sew York, Nor. 7. The follow
i 'k . e' great t. ttr. t ii. address has beeu issued from
It s as t..s.-ogtagii g. If old Ir. the head.juarters of tho llepuhli
F'-rcl-r J had heard the da tun sand j can National Committee, of New
ti rifioaj forats of llaspheuiy City : 'Tho Pcpubfcnn National
wh-ch straightway proceeded from Co' unittee rejoices that tho re
tie r.epul.heaa throat, he would j turns Dow received warrants it in
have had occasion to resort to ! aniiouncintr the tiiumtihiint rlee.
tion of P.laiue and Logan. Ilcpnb
lieuas havo carried every Northern
Htetc except New Jersey and Con
necticut. Virginia seems also to
have given a majority for the Po
publican canso nriel ticket, and
there is a strong probability that
West Virgi iia has also, while oth
er Southern Fta.es nrc in doubt.
Northern States however, giro to
Hlaino ami Logan 21'.") electoral
votes, and insure their election.
In New Y'ork attempts to tamper
with tho returns have been detect
ed, Tho actual vote east in Sew
York, King's couniy and l, oth
er election precincts give nt the
utmost IIS plurality to Grovcr
Cleveland, while lo'li preciucts.yet
not heard from, gavo 2,171 plurali
ty to Garfield. There is, there
fore, no doubt that the honest vote
of the State has been given to tho
ItcpuU'.iean candidates, and though
tho defeated candidate for tho
Presidency is at tho head of tho
election machinery in this State,
tho Democratic party, which has
notoriously been the party of fraud
in elections for jcars, will not
bo permitted to thwart tho will of
tho people. Ti y National I'epub'
lican Committee calls 011 the Chair
man and the individual members
of nil
Now York. Nov. 1.1 Mr.
Stephen 11. Klkius,iii au interview
yesterday, said :
"We ask for nothing more than
1111 ollleial count of an honest vote.
And we slujl bo satisfied with
nothing less. If tho Democratic
Committee is so sure of its plural
ity, If it stands on an honest vote,
what havo they to be afraid of in
1111 ollleial count V
What indeed f Wo wonder if
Stevey ever heard of 1h7u!
Railroad Siipervblan Before the
Tho popularity of "Kailroad S11
pervision'' was, we supposo.testcej
in Tennesson nt tho recent elec
tion. At nil eveuu tho Democrat
ic. It. P. Commissioner wcro de
feated. This iiiestion nlso pulled
down the majority of tho candi
date for governor to (!,mit). The
Piesidoiitiul electoral ticket had n
majority of 12,000.
We find tho following in the last
issue of tho Spectator. It will be
fully appreciated hereabouts:
Memphis, Tcnn., Nov. 8tli.
F. W. Anderson, Mayersviile,.MisH:
"Hurry up returns front Issa
quena; Presidential election not
decided until they nro in.
"Still counting. How many do
yon want! F. W. Anukkshn.'
Synopsis of Council Proceedings.
Month.?, Not. 10, 1884.
Council met pursuant to call tf Mayor.
Present, J. Alexander, Mayor; Sam
uel Brown. It. E. Wetherbee, II. VViiez
inskl, H. F. Krlgi-r, Ham Green, J. '.
Harris, Ceuncllini'ii.
Petitions, Goldsmith, II. and X. W ilcst
inski, sad Mi-Daniels to remove build
ings jrrnnted.
Petition H. Sehlesinger to retail
li.iior granted.
Cumu li provides for feeding hurse for
ue of Marshal.
Health Oflleer, Street Inspector, Health
Inspectors dipc used with.
One cart liriver'and one policeman's
services dispensed w ith.
M11rsli.1l required to perform duties of
Health Inspector ami Street Supervisor,
and his attention specially called to con
dition of sidewalks, with instructions to
hfive stitno repaired when needed.
Finance Committee instructed to have
fence around graveyard repaired.
Committee composed of Samuel
Rrown, H. Kriger and J. F. Harris tip
pointed to contract for putting In good
condition the iliniii:i;; in southern part
of town, ns aVreed to between the town
and II. and N". WilczlnsM and Warner.
W. It. Moore, repairing hope.
.1. VV, Flood, pauper account.
W. K. tiililart. Marshal
Alnx. Williams, police.,
A. lthodes, police
Hen ( lay, police
Harrison, cart driver
we propose to offer
SPECIAL aiij! EXTRA (r.r
lVe have unequaled facilities for 1
chase of Dry Goods ; having an
buyer in the Sew York market, who cLta-1
7 k
It would be impossible to quote all of the bargain! tra
and we give only a few.
We. Offer at Retail:
Standard Prints, 23 est,
Choice 44 ...
Dress Stitle Ginghams,
Apron Check " ' -Lonsdale
Domestic, lard Wide,
Hope ' " "
Best Brown l( "
Best Sea Island Domestic, Yard wide,
Good Cotton Flannel, Brown,
Best , " , " "
All Wool White Flannel, Yard wide,
Hunholdt Wool Jeans, - .
Good " - ,
Cotton and Wool Mixed Jeans,
Our entiro stock of Dry Goods, Hosiery, otionajfj
Boofs, Shoes, Furnishing Goods will be sold correppoudi;,
T.rco l..:nnn tl.a r15T IX Alt'
i'n-ot. j. 1 leto 111 15 j in ii-
A reasonable difference will be made to Thirty Day pan
s U
We design leaking our house the
Popular One Price Cash House cfGree:
M. tiozlcr. curt ilrivcr
'. M. e iiicll. health olileer
lliigli Ctiiihlnham, street super-
lutf iutcnt. Ae
.toe Willi, engineer
I'olvilore Taylor, lamp lighter....
W. Verjjer, clerk
si 11D01, hm.
A.I) Paie. eonl school No 1
11. Calm, chairs sihool No. I
$2 SO i
li M
".X 00
40 00
40 00
an iia
40 00
10 (K
tl.l tts
I'.il HG
2,i on
tin 00
2r 00
11 (HI
10 to
We havo just been informed of
the death of Dr. Henry Illackbitrn,
a brother of Governor Luko and
Senator J. S. C. Itlaekbiirn, of
Kentucky. Tho deceased was a
or all county commissions to take laPire (,.uiter nil nn cscoiellt hmJ
tho promptest and most stringent lll()flt ,)0lll,ur dtizcll ,)f L..collia
Circle, Arkaiisaw,
The Old and Most Reliable
jlSs Soldstsir
TT' It T T T- f 1 -r ,
n noiesaie ana iccran Dealers ml
Boots, Shcos, Groceriss and
Plantation Supplies, -Washington
(areeiivilie, Hiss.
Con si gum cuts
of COTTON and
and Liberal Advances in
Special Bargains in Bagging and-Ties-
Quite a number of persons from
a distance were in lown early in
the week, on their way home from
r. tendance upon Mhe Sunllower
Court, whieh did not coavene.
Among the number, nnd from
whom we were favored with calls
measures to protect tho sanctity of
the lwllot. The Republican candi
dates have been honestly elected
beyond question. Any attempt to
cheat the people ami to defeat
their wilt thus expressed nt tho
polis must be sternly exposed nnd
resisted by every law-respecting
11. F. JONKS, Chairman.
Sam'l Fksskxnukn, Secretary.
Augusta, Me., Nov. 7, 1881.
Chairman II. F. Jones, of tho Re
publican National Committee:
"I am advised that thcio have
been frauds committed iu New
York State.
er.ii li,icl;.fs.l.'K
tin: ' v, - v. , 1
die t !. i i 1:1 ' : L ,
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peat-:s.t.il v : if'
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A i'-f.! r iva a !:
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. t Vs. if,
s t. c i.v
ti."- "kU '.! J ' 1 l
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l-'CII1 tut.- V, K, i ii'k,
ul i 1 J',1 li' t ;" i,f,
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Hunt ti.,,.-? '(. ; j
u'lkii 1 i.e k' M-i-j f,
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t 1,..1;. r. .!.. 1 4 ... .
ti... it p 1 .. . ,-, , ...... 1. ..it, tut- iiiiiiesi voie
were t..e Men. II. K. Lott of Flovd, I c e, . .
U-anl Mr. J. A. Koothe of the ,1 tL,V , f",' f heuhln
Lurtonia PteeineU ,,Bri,h f "M 1 th c''ni"'
m-m J ,0 fce l,lat e have a fair and lion-
Tsf ".fffl -(rrr" Ba'trd. j est count. ,T. 0. P.L.vtXE.''
;Ti .i: s Dviiioi rat. j To this boomerang the Demo'
T':e raise of price of cotton Loin emtio Chairman replied, accusing
to by the Ca:ro Oil Mill has ' the Republican National Commit-
a-jsed qcite a comrnotioa among lee of endeavoring to induce the
tie eott-oii .-eed rnea of this sec-1 Comity Flection Commissioners to
i falsify their returns -, uud that the
said committee was yet designing
to defeat the popular will.
He had many
relatives, the limits and Johnsons,
in this county, where ho frcciuont
ly visited.
Maud S. q'rols a Mile in 2:00 1-4.
Lexington, Ky., Nov. 11. The
sb f.t Is broken and Maud S., the
Queen of tho Turf, has inndo the
fastest mile 011 record.
Time Quarter, :.t.3 3 4; half,
L01 ; three-cpttarters, 1:37 ; mile,
2:00 1 4.
Her next nest record is 2:09 3 1.
t,'0 per cent .f ti . 1
time, nor any submission.
iKvening News.
Wo believe it to be our tint y to
caution the friends of P.laine that
any attempt to subvert the wii! ,f
the people by tampering with the
returns will bo perilous. The pop.
"hice, ia the caso of fraud In the
nuiua, couui not bo restrained.
As much as wo depreeato violence
I?.. ri,l.r,,,ulcuu,;" W'dshed
"v.m uc nit, leauit, Uewure!"'
S., was in MeirpU'to.
Of all theTtT paj-
llonted the name erf 1 w , j t., ,v
Ilcndiicks at the top of ;
uiiin more lustily than the lii
Post. That paper is i.ow i'1 i
to its zealous campaign !,r
freely uud profusely helpi;.- t...
President elect make up Lii. Cloud.
nu i s
1. 'h
'-.'lie so
'.' us: rs
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y j'ot,. ..vu. f .
s.i; , -eine tit ; i.e
- ,i . iu 1 , ei hi .
I'','. : " L u, fvf
!tnal j
The e-flives of J. M. Edwards!
?eul naiiagT. and the other offi- j
e , of - Ke I N. 0. & T. K. li. have S
l-.-eu on,ved from VieksLnrj to
iJtutiis. !
The "Paltry Mountebank."
IComercml Herald.)
Chalmers has telegraphed to
MoPherson, in Washington, that
he will coiitcjt tho election of
i..e t ;
Fiilntkn, Fla, has been burned.
The New York Tribuno thinks by
negroes, beenuso of Clevland's
election. This is not very compli
mentary, either to the moral or
mental fitness of tho negroes for
the duties of citizenship.
Oneida, county, N. Y. gave
Cleveland a plurality of 28. It
gave Garfield a plurality of 1,971.
Kings nnd Oneida, the homes of
Conkling and P.eecber showe d the
chief losse s to P.laiue.
The work of raising the embank
ment for tho Arkansas City nnd
Greenvillo and laiko Washington
branches of tho I.. N, O. & T. R. U.
is nearly completed. Tho weather
has been favorable and tho work
has been rushed.
1 1
' '- i-i '. Cev.a j-e,u
It. tVUl.. jT-.ti t,,U! I i, ', tfi '.j,
'ej,,.;, J'e 4.U . l,.r-. 4,4,1 vt4
Until uud li.e ."'.t.,. .., e . 4 -i ;;,t
uj'to. ' int. ban :,.) ii.t U fi t
l"j;.t !ii44:: 0 f. - ..ii.n.e. , .''. 1
Lcrlorc's majority for ditchings
was 790. She also enjoys the hon
or of bejng the only county in tho
District, wo believe, w hich ;avo a
majority for the National Demo
cratic Ticket.
Tho Yallcy Flag heartily en-
Our Mr. Weiss just having returned from the Eastern it"
em markets, when, lie carefully selected nn immense and w
til'til stock of goods, consisting of the latest shades of
Silks and Satins, in, Plain, Surah and Bn
CASHMERES in all shades, nnd Trimmings to uiatck.
An immense assortment of Dress Goods of all B
An endless variety of Plain, Striped. Cheuked a ttashet Flannelo all shuts
A most beautiful line of Lsdics, Kisses and Children!
in Silk, Llslo Thread, Merino nnd Palbriggan,in solids, strip
Our stock of Linen Table-wear, Xoweh
Ladies Taney Embroielerod and P.aln Xlandkert
Also Lace Collars, Fichus,
and other Seek Wear cannot be e.xceUt
too numerous to mention,
Wo also curry the largest stock of Corset b 8'
Ladies Silk, Merino and Woolen Vcsti
other Underwear, in town.
We would therefore reanost yon kindly to call around and!
our stock before purchasing elsewhere,
As it will be to your advantage.
Ittspectfiiilv yours.
1m ti Ho.
3 vi the i.e it House tie Demo ! Morgan ! The paltry inouu-
;t.s fcave a majority of i t. tehai.lt is ready to do anything to
1 is oo3 e ocj:h. " keep him before tho public, even
. '; for a brief period. l!o ought to
-'y follow the example of his proto-
"Te i.ot u eietp h a well, norj,-T JueLts Iscariot. Whatever
o i i,s a elttrrh dooi; but 'tis ' c' was sai'' of Judas, he bad
ioi'i't M-rve." j the courage to rid the world of a j dorses thenssertiou of tho Gkkex-
.TTi . 7,- .. i worthies lil. Chalmers, on the , vtl.t.K Times; that "the Levee
IiV-.J,r7 U' ,l01" of, 'd no offense against I
V V l:0,V?-. ,-Lo-"of men. it is meat, drink and rai-: Gov. Lowrv." -et.,.
i, 4ue l..e-etaodK..etrs re-1 mel!l , hill j V. . i
..-n0 ,;Ai..A tfaeClaiue Liec-i apital prize Louisiana Lottery, '
;w -.'7J- jnty for Cleve- Vauderbilt has joined his eon-j Dcr;!M btr 0. 00(1 I
,l'u ' . iratalaliou to those of Jay Oonbl. Secure j out titkcU iu time.
W. A. rOLLOCK, rretideat. .Iamus KoBiatTsflA.
s.mismg business
ril C v-
A ir lork Correspondent,

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