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The Greenville times. [volume] (Greenville, Miss.) 1868-1917, February 07, 1885, Image 4

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M'ritla: Vcm l.rr.rrs.
Mr. Hobe-l Hiirdctie, the -ciiia!
IiiikioiIaI of iliu l:.u'.ii;;:lnn ILiw Si
eve, las a;.'.ii;i lte:i tak:i; the
public iiitu his co'ifi.l Mire by tell
io;; tiuw lie n In I o ii upon liii en
emies. We tliitik if b:g !au i
tfctier.il'y adopted there wocld be
Cm v - -l I -' vi
Sc-I-r Vu.:r sr.J GreccviUe
The fat av! r. ::.t'i''
. mby nri jflLJ KTT'9 Wm
c o t t o sr M c ii 1 T M
Washington Avenue, Granville, Miss.
O.ir I.U.I. STOCK. FRKSII from the Eastern markets, is arriving
d.iih, and i-o'mprUes a full line of
Hoots an J Shoes, Ilatsand Caps,Trunks, Valises,
Plantation Supplies, Bagging, Ties and Twine,
which ire are offering a Koch Bottom Prices.
We are cole ants for Washington county for
IIA171YS I3f, and for the
SOlTMihW STAXDARD Cotton Press.
... .-.
. I;
In rrfi-niit' to tho "liar circa
lar" askiiijr snbmTiptioiia for the
erection of a monument to the a un-at if ul t.f friction ovrrcumc
memory tf Juil;o Oialtm n, the between boy.rsmid Seller. Eiv
Comiueriial Herald has the fwt-, " "to a temp, r our u. l-ii-i-in.inn.
nes error or iiiUtale tinituur.h
III the cemetery at Jar'-son rt Kt ' leads to the ritiuj of a harsh !:- '( ,,,".,,,
the remains or two of the wont ter, that w ill soon alter Jptace t:e f ;
ilititinjiiihhftl Chief Justices thin author on the (.tool of rrpci -tan. e v. - i--
.State bus ever known. Win. L. or in the alley of niiiuilnU.on. i'
aiharkey, for wore than nineteen iliirilctto a s: i 4. -
years t'hiif Jiibtiie of the Ili'h ' fcI.et m til! you Low I 'write (
Court of Krror nJ Anpealu, re- letter aul bitter e.!;!or;!s. m u, , - .
Iiones nniter a modefct little uie boy. r'otae time, whea a u;au I:. rr ' " - -
uiorial erected by hi widow. ' piteheil iut uie hu.I 1 waut to j u!- i .
Alt that wan mortal of I'otea- urie him a m t sr h ; .ry . a1;- i.
worth IMni kney Smith, for jears , t my fiidie, a:d tan !: Is.te oa i- w..
the t hief Justieo Of the .in.e aiy laare, i n:e n:r if ;ier er e
rourt. reata not far from the crave toiia! that is to J the has: I
of Sharkey, with not
to in ink his laet earthly
Some five years sime
the crave of rim luey
wua then rerv nuirh atmken. with roa. .l;u; a-a a
nothing to denote that a great jot- fto r- ',: ' --z Tier,
int alejit there. There w,iis neither I Jon't a.. l te 'etter a-..! 1 v..
lead nor foot atones not ce:i a F1-' 1 :V fi 1e:eVw
irraaay hilloek, j.laiit or I1or l'.enM oft:., e rn..; a nao.
above him. Tie 't r: !a-;.a! : :l J tv a
We inquired for the jroe of I ::'e rf ; t ee. I s at :'. ri:;a-
John I. liuiou, lir.t the ttxtoa a nr jtaw.iy ia a Jrier. rt
unalilo to how it. Anottrr t ro t'ay I !A at it
found lawyer, who h.4 fr year Itea4.it our a-id wy : 'I tiou't
adminiiiteri'd jtti e and expound- know aaont tin. There" a xod
edthe law from the bem h, lies in deal of bludgeon and bowie kuifo
an nnnotieed and unmarked joiirna!i.ia iu thaL I'll hohl it
j;raTe. ( over a day lonjter.' The next day
Iu tho lame eenietery are the , I reail it a-ain. I lait-li it ml nay :
remain or William Verger, an '1'thaw T uud I cuu fctl my cheeks
Aanoeiate Justice of the Nih gi'tting a little Lot. Tho fart la, I
Court of Krrors and Appeals. If. HMiamod I ever wroto it, uud
'i rn.l .1 r I v. i-iVr a:1
n ii. j - Wu'.e ' -iT
!'. I.-'-
u !'.' V1T trs;.
I r'' M-iv.ni a t.
I I ! 1 t'
i 1 I:i.T'
r a."
r. .: !! Kri-
:: Si ! (. I I.
! Mrr. :
J. 51. WHITE.
s a i . i v - it.t II.Hk 5- ;
- -l..' orV-f r:rn-!
": ' I'll ki t
(,t. . t t r .Ni' it-.
t;i. 1
j-.- i nn rr I'"- n.Vt t.i pai ,
tj.".!-i.w J .l I" ' !-.! t..a ...ii!
rr a I'j-r. t N. rVan'
b tl i ,T.i:;ir. I:u.r. a-!.i KnSnoJ '
.). j f v.-r-. l;.Uivanil pri-n-
rr' l-vt' 00rS''...t t r Ptf..n!.
t ::r T l-.f.' o, Pol rtn Ur .! I
n- ii !'' '.. r4t ; ttil a: ,
ir ii IV J.iU uio !ih. i. na .ul
i.o r,". iffH, ; li!i ii j I MstmUl
.1 :r l. :t- : rH atv
from the crave toiia! that is to 4 the has!...-. I "T.",'r , i'u ,,a:t tw., ' a TTT VfTT T I I
t.aingle. tone, tile -mething th.t w,U n,e rCrC:-"'."'; V A 1 ii
thlr tenement. 'e; from h e. a ! rar Ui u H I V will I I I
re we stood by Irom .! f.r fieU 0 f, i-, JJff
ry Smith. It 1 ilo h,:a our i lo t. r- . .. t a-.i 2 N; r:i
itl. roast hiu! i'..'.'. a.i a ' : V ,
t t
i' i
Cypress Lumber
AI'av s on Laud.
. e . Vf.
there is n monument of any sort
above him it has heeu ruined by
t io hand of Hfl'ection, a tribiito
from his own family.
These four men nil honored imd
illuxtrutod the profeRHinn to which
their lives were devotud. Kaeh
was an honor to theJiiriKpruileuea
of MiKni.Hnippi. They were all din
tincuished for the purity of their
)ivaa,'for rnre intellectuid nhllity,
legal learning, exulted putrioliMin
and rpotless integrity. .
If the members of the legal pro
fession propone to build a monu
ment to the memory of Judge
Chiilniers, let us hopo that tho
great lights, the Fathers of .Minims-
sippi Jurixprudenee, nmy have a
place in their miMiiory.
Thomas A. IIison eannot be
set down ua a drenmer or enthusi-
list. Ho is nu uiilhoiity upon all
iimttcrs connected with electrical
science, and has rurticd the tight
to make predictions. Sir. Fdison
isronlldcnt that eleetiieity, as a
motive power, will not bo com
bined to hourebold or factory pur
powes. Jlo claims that tho practi
cability of the electric locomotive,
1ms been dcniotiHtrnted to such nu
extent ns to mnke it certain thut it
will be largely adopted Iu tho fu
ture iu place of tho Gteum locomo
tive. In the electric propulsion
of earriiigcs, drays, etc., tho draw
back bus been in tho rapid depre
ciation of storage batteries, but
daylight bcglim to sliiuo upon tho
problem and it is probnblo that
cTstitunlly most of our trucks and
caba will its this power. Car
riages without horses jind yachts
without steam or sails will yet tie
seen by tunny people now living.
Wonderful as these results inny
nppenr, they are commonplace by
tho side of recent achievements in
the domain of electrical science.
hope that nobody has seen it, and
I havo half forgotton tho articlo
or letter that tilled my soul with
rage. I haven't been hurt, I
haven't hurt anybody, and the
world gocu right along, making
twonty four hours a day as uatial,
and 1 am all tho happier. Try it,
in V boy I"
Kay s a London correspondent :
"Tho tjueoti l.i nduiirablo iu all, or
nearly all, relations of lire. J'.nt in
all she is (iiccti. The luvo of the
mother for her children hint never
softened the authority of tho sov
ereign over her subjects, of whom
her children are tho Hint in rank,
the nearest to her own person, and
tho most intimately acquainted
with the force of tho royal will.
Tho authority of tho Crown, which
in so oflen (and wrongly) said to be
a llrtion, lias been tlio sternest
reality to the Princes and I'tin
cesHcg whose lives seem to the
outsido world lives of mere splen
dor and gilded luxury. To this
day the lightest word or wish of
the (yucca is a royal command to
her children. I don't Rny that all
of tlieui always and in nil clrcuni
stances obey, if obedience is un
derstood to mean a strict c.ompli
unco with tho neon's desire ns to
the general conduct of life, Hut
I apprehend that a particular or
der issued for a particular occa
sion in never resisted, limtaiici s
might bo given where such orders
havo proved, doelm o when no
toriously repugnant to those who
felt the stress of them. lint to
givo them would be intruding upon
what are, niter nil, private con
cerns, nn. I tluro are some inci
dents of life's sweet (or sour) fa
miliar side which even princes
may prefer should be private."
K r i rv-.-rt 'n:r o,-- t1 't
rfc-i-r Tra t.i h r.a wt th I.. Vo.
t - V. K. bt .-ii Mm,'hU and
V r-. V. :i aint ki;o. u a. lii -t'av
ini'i" i.l be itr:ilU.
T; e i:i v i c Id ; . . - ... -, .
....j.i mm iij..ay .z:iz.j
(;!t ItlviiUm )
On ami ftt-r !.. l "th. trnlin willnr
ri v mul U':n I in rtit iltr an follow :
Train No. 1 lenii liroriivillo ;i:H p. m.
" arrif 10 a. iu.
limit ilnilv
I niin No. 6 leaven liri'nvllle ii:.V in.
" 8 arrive " 2:.K p.m.
Itiiimilnlly rTi eit Siniilar.
Train No. 1 eiiniiri tii at Stonevillr on
Tiii-mIii) . Wiiiii iiI:i k. Tlnir-il.i v:. l-'ri-ilnyit
ami Sutiii'ilav fur KurrLa uiul
I'aiMMtijjiTH fur "l-klur! nml NVw
Oilonim lake Tmln No. I for lltirilrltr.
lr lnv (irHfiivlllo utii.v at .'l:Mn i. in.,
arrl vilie In .Ww Orleans at S o'clock
next iiiiiruliii!.
I'li-meimeiH fur Miniphla nml points
North take Train No .", leaving lireeii
ville at li:.M a. in. ilull.v except hiimlnv,
arriving nt MeniiliiK."i:.'0 p. in. sunn iluy.
Ko, I arrive ul i.ri-envllle at 1 1:27 a.
III. Oil SlIlulllVH,
Train No. ) runs only to Warsaw.
On nml ntier Tnesilav, .Inn. 27th. ISsfl.
train tor Knrckit and .lolinsont ille will
connect Willi the South lionnil pitMeic'er
Iniin on the I,. X. O. AT. It. It. tit the
I'ruw-I'.rlilire, ilnlly, except Sumhiy anil
MAMI.. 11. lTllCKI.l..
; Inch Hoards,
or uni in
Watches. Jewelry,
Diamor,d3, Silverware,
Illil Main Street, Comer Monroe,
A , s (I
ii rMnvil!i, IMImh.
. i7. I M- I
Dr. J. L. YOUNG,
I) 15 IV 'V 1ST
iSfOlllee over Klnlav's DntKStore.'Oa
lireeavllle, Mis
Lrtier Wu
l ht of ailfertled letlr In I'nM Otliee
at iremlllr. Miss.. Jan. H.
Vii-l n T i.u.
Vinli r.iu I Hi r in, Mr
It-.. n K
lln wii i. A V
t ir;rr .lw.V11.m4
t .,11 t:'it
t .irlr r f ip-nur
ll.ii. . V
lliintl llriiirtitiln
Inn II'
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, nf
ter a careful reading of ail the pa
pers iu tho current number of The
Century in regard to the battle of
Shiloh, sums up sen'.eutionsly as! I'iTm
pointedly, and says that "on shoul-1 y",';, 1'!'.'
dering his crutch to show how ; X'"''
Holds were won, (Jen. Grant has !:X',I,',T."jA K
put the other crutch down rather . !Jr.lu.'i7.,';,,M
lieavily on den. A. D. McCeok's ,,!''",""" Wm
net corn, and SleCook comes back ! ' "''"" '.
.... .... i '
nt his former chiof in a rather i i'"m
, . . 1 M Him .t.-.i
foggy explanation. Tho same 1 " ,,rlr
crutch is planted snmewhat henvi-1 n..i-i a'.i.'i
, . , .fill rtinii. iiiin.k.
ly upon Gen. Ilallcck s grave, but , c
no response Is likely to bo made n 'iii'n'i!" I'r"!,.
from that qunrter. Then Col. Ml'Sir"''"
Johnston, in behalf of his father, ,"1!!: Kli! k
sticks several sharp plus into den. I VniT'i m""" "
Iteauregnrd, nnd (Jeu. Jordan, in ! i;r!:,::rn,iu'
IfUlinu Ul illV iUlie'l, llllltn aOIIIC Ol , "-"m r.nm; m I'll ,Hu :ii r ,
Hin tmKt.nuirtvm fnotlioru nf P..1 "T '"llf'1 . Tr.... f M
joiiuhvoii s iutertiai. Altogether
there is lively fighting all along the
the Shiloh line, with the promiso
of still livelier in the near future.''
"Ii in in II
I link liii'I'i't
1 Hi Mil J K
IMi'. t i.l .1 i.
I t .uWI
I'lii'i.'l. AmliTW
I'.ii It . in I
I u. I t w rt
I iiun W- lnr 2
l'vi irvmu
I. MIM I tt.llt s
i...i..,n wlr.
. n f t
II. ' k. V i h ,m
l' nitit sn
-i akMHt out
J.tiir-. J...riii
.l.ihri-'H. jyt
l-ntr- ttr
!... I,
V:.... ,i,.r
llif.mlr-i J..t-n
I it ir H.i,fr
ll. t.-t I V 2
!!..... VI HI
ii--.. 1 - i
:--- t l!',,,
-I :- I
I t f
.. n, - ,.
. .
For Iiont.
'I he A -.Ii In u,l ir limit I'hintntlon near
Yx 1'i'inl. Miss. The limit's anil farin
Iiik Iiiipli nienls on said plans will lie
sold fur 1'iilh to the oc or will lie sold
septiralely. K'nr terms apply to
I'l iii'V. Vnt.;i:nA IViu'V. Alt'ys
I'ee, Ti, 'f-l. (jrecnvlllo Miss.
I.. 11-2 W V.
Fhnnirun's old stnnil. Washington Ave.
AVitrh!i, .I-v'lr.v.
CI or Us and 'In ted ware
f.il.l at close llu'iires. and ptiarantee
.ii mt.rlf .lit to bo rnit! 11 r'tr-l
All kinds of Kin and l oinpliiajed
Watihcs rupaireil in lirst-clase si tie by a
l'lt Al TIl At, WoltK MAN OK 4.
Years experience ns Watchmaker.
In every Instance of a :ln Vat h left
In tuy liarte fur repairs
Planed Lumber.
tb OF ALL KINDS, -is
M VHIIt l l'l..all:tMi
vvr. iiii.i:m.ii:ii.-.
Pit KKT,
I'.illi su ed to onli-r on short notice.
(.reenvllle. Mlsa.. March s. sx.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
i amnri t
V ill BT IMF.-.- w " - '
lles to inform the pnt
llcoftirecnvilleaiul vi
clnily that lie lias Jii.t
returned from Hi Kast
Willi a lare anil cure
fully si It't led stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Vlaled Ware
and viirliiii.'t article
Ilavlnj! pnrt'liasetl these good lit re
niarkalilv row llijiires. I eitn sell them at
rroin 2.". to In percent LOW Kit than they
Ilave ovor b:ea sold in Creoaville.
I'lease liear ill Inlnil tliut this Is the
same old mid rclbldo. .levvelrv House
opposite (lieenvlllc Hotel, that "has heen
in tills tow n for a nniiilier of years, and
hi' not chmiretl hitinls.
In ItKI'AlltlN'U line watches I can
Gmrantoo Entire Gatlifaction,
linvlni! twenty-live years experience nt
tills t rutin myself, and ninploylii(( only
tlie most ttkilirul workmen.
Call lit niv store nml price my goods.
WXO 'i'ltm:i!l,K TO SHOW.-Wg
Oct. ll-tr H. PKPPKISMAN'.
u UK Mh.ntha Ir-sd In
.M ol II. .i r... H
tr'.i'-.li... nml h.i.
lin.l uhU.imI Hllhti
wiuriiY itnni,.
. . ., in
ti h.tiwnn III. U.' f i(
Hi. (ml hi Mut iim. r.nl.,
inmiK tlir imiliif Me.1!
illMInf throil.li.m.
A. L. MINI!.
in. ai ..I, ra
Siiiiiiv ii..,,s..ti
I'tKt.l ou.
For sale by A. II. l'lnlay A Co.
Allan Cotton Sood For Sale.
I have a quantity of genuine "Allen"
Ioiir staple cotton seed for sale, which t
w ill deliver either nt Pinafore or llur
dette. In new sticks, la lots.of not lees
than.'il) liushels. at ."slci'iils per bushel ;
or nt (Ireeiivllle'nt I'll cents ; nnd In lots
of ft tons or over at $'Mi per ton; or at
$:'S per ton loose, to wagoil,'nn my plan
tutlon. Addres
r. (). Ilox 4:1, (i reenvllle.
Or Ilimvv A Am n r it.
Al Til iuyOh
A' if(lq,.iinl...1 ,.. w
M UHMStrmun. a
at wrd Miir tw
Vj 0llllinMI,i5
Ranger's Notice. .
T1IK STATU OK Mississippi,
WaniiNOroN Cot niv.
Taken tip by .Maniit'l White, on I!nt
tlestiake llavoit, .lannaiv 121 It, s.", r
IU.AI K M A I! K Ml I.K.'iiliimt li.j hands
ii'H'i. nooni yntrs oiti. vvinte niiinth,
inane roiohetl. no brand. Appraised
nt - 1
1 lie (ivv ner of the above described e,.
tray Is Iteivliv notnleil to conie forward,
prove properly, pay charge anil take
her away, or she will be dealt wigias the
law directs. m
l.rvi XI 1,'oi.i.iki!, Hunger.
(Jreenville. Mi.-s. .Ian. 3t,
Strayed or Stolen.
One dark hav 111110' mule l'i hands
A:!'.3 Ca'.::fi:Ucn is SziriStSsd. high, branded illmlyJ. W. 011 left shonl
Klannan's old naiitl. next I" lUi'ley's ' der Will pay f Jo for her return to J.
' "K -o re. n.i.-n- r-.niiiirv " ai-iinia- vv il.vlnskl. f.reenvilie. Miss., or to
V'il...in.i t i- tM.:i.iM ri...-.i.
.....I- 'i ... iv vo. .iniiiiin 1 lutiint 1011,
nov .-.lru . .... ...
: from wbi h place the disappeared about
I 3 rekiillT.
Asts The World's Wonders jr "L J-'.-zivpkl
WlUtfi TntTJiV;.; K;;.Ua. Allen Long Staple Cotton Seed
j kr litnl it to tlw'ir iiitt-r'it ! fnl
ttM'ir ftrlii 11 ttr work.
r tmi i .rtttMPiri po'jk.
- .1 u
To hit h we i!i ire to call the attention of all interested. Thin Press has a frre.it
many ail vantage overall oilier makes, principally the prict, $1 10 Complete,
t an be opemted by steam or lionte power: U very simple in ronhtrm-tlon, and
obviate consitlrrable inintnessary labor. Ill order to (rive a practical illustration
t.f it working we are now havinK one erected on our Wild wood plantation, a
ittrt dii-luuce from town, where we will be pleased to explain all that i claimed
for it. Press t.i jut vi 1.1:0. and unless it proves satisfactory money will be refunded.
Agent for Washington, liulivar. Issaquena and Sunflower counties.
WuoleimL ami Itelsil Peulrrls
Wine, rorter, Ale, Cigars and Tobacco,
I call especial to my well selected stock of
Old Kentucky Bourbon Whisky
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
VSalilfl If lavtl I I J
. I,WA IWW, -PliQimiETOli,
Convenient to Steamboat Landing and Rail
road Depot.
. - H. . I ... ' 1 ! . 111
Tho best attention given to guests, ami
tho table supplied with the best the market
adonis. Kates Reasonable.
ro"7 have no authorized agent in any branch of
my business.
JA3. E. JiEGtTB, Jit.
Tiantiact a General Hanking and Financial HtnonesH.
Collections and Correspondence Promptly Attended to
Exchange Bought and Sold,
Corrospomlontis x
Union National Bank, Xew Orleans, La.
Mercantile Xational Banh of JSew York.
Mechanics Bank of St. Lords, Mo.
3. FENLAY & CO.,
Porfuiaory, Toilot Soaps, Paints, Oils,
. Onion sets, and Garden Grass and
Flower seeds of all descriptions.
Conicc Washington Avenue and Mulberry Streets,
1 j;;
I 1' t I. I - !.'-" .1 'ft
Viirril riit
-I'V.'f!;'!, ft
1 !'.! r-.ii(. .
j .1 n..r..- .
I u .in ." 1
..- ...
t " 1 .'X- t I.'
I 'If. "S t : .1
...... ,. (
ti..t tv.l,.r
I.u . ... u.
It was an .Vrizona man. With
steady band he filled the can ; for
as naml with liinr ho filled tho
chalico to the brim. Appalled, af-1 a nunsi
F-tlpir l'liillipa, who waajovi!
Konl, nettletl ninny teat m ego n, ar
the head waters of the J-'natjut- ;;:,', ;,'..: . fc.':T'.!
hatina. He was in rat t, a I'le.hy.
terian dominie. Ho was full of
humor, nnd ready with his r par-
tco on
i I-...
,'vl I- ,
, M.,i!. .l.u.
.;(,..; r..iii. g .
I r.M-l. .'i . I..-.., -II
!. "I t: ".I. JS
. - .--if . .- I. f '
,1 V,' :.l .,.,....
ne .i-l ' i.i'il I' . j 'fin'-
In.;-. -. ... ... . ...!'!
i I offer for sal a larife (juantily of the
pi.. sbtite t-otton seetl
-!.' i Il-One Dollar per Buahol.-ll
' ; delivered in my nw ai-ki at in v land
'h . ietr on ti e i i,imti nie and Yaroo
,.i livr. Tf.- e) er seleetetl fr.'tn
llr, year's enmth and fiiarapteed pure,
i -r 'rt l..i it'L' a into h a ton or
lll'.re 1 lll tu-M fit a nttO'h rltt;,er
Iti.e. Mvtriiii r,f AI.I.KN itTii
lai tear s -'id by Ie-r. I!i.-l sMi"ti i
t Mav ul r I r'l t. Y. V I MS f,,r firt
I'ii-litiif ntl Ht I'.IKK.V and OX
Tli Til
s mm m n
HAI.r tllijl k.M f.r !atj.i. g.
t'e. t
B. 8.
Y i try.
all oceaHionn. Jack Hick it!, 'Zt. '"'rT "i"'.X'!- I 9JZ0P
i pnrislioner, who wan more ' "" '' i iZS?
al at tho river than at :" "'""''"!:":" ,M ' " 'Ji-' SSl-
, presented the chler one' i iG - f (
e bar, in trembling Monday inornii,- with afineMrhi-: T Tf T TZ "K! T.T. A i ' ikc 1 & -.ed,
-Look hyar' of pickerel. Klder l.h:li,,,J' OJliiiLA. -jp
.en, pard, I'm think-!, hanked him K,acioas!y f.r 'ti, , Tu" V 2flQ'
't cider that you're ' pi ft. -lint, Klder." aa'-.-fited SaCd.e and HLfneSS Maker,' 1 rLOEAL QXilT
frighted and ilimiuiycd to sco the
wholesalo liipior raid, tho gentle
man behind the bar, in trembling
toncft, exclaimed
Yon are tniotakeii
tns. That Isn't
tlrinkiiig t" The Btraii2er'a face 1 Jack, atill rctainiiiLr the fisir-t!
trew dark and sad j he looked iih were caitht yesU rdav (Samlavi
though he had it bad. In tones of Perhaps jer r onwiem'e won't let ;
reunae.nektiitu with ye oat'om." "J:k." renlietl the ,
s!'ii'K r-riit. ioi iv.
KKPS con
a ri.oriii.i.1. ful l..t. . ulr .
. .V,.. WO..MIO. limit j -i oil re tnign
tj richt, Htranger. Good heavens J
I wouldn't drink that much cider
for fifty dollais'-Uuidetu.
elder, iitretcliiiijr out his )a, ;
toward the airing, 'there's one j
thing I know; tho pickerel arc j
not to blame." Peck's Hun. i
I ''!' I e r,t rvt fifr,.i p..t ,r-l iiw. r
i"lrt..i". HI!-. it ..i l,..-.. r l t !r vn
IjQ t '- slartlv on c.".. w w in iv d in r, . .. Itk auiyi
'2p- 'VVZ' J thine in Ins (......wm.,'.,.,..!,,,,,:.!.!,..,,...
r . VT3a lit. Allktnils' I-.? .''-r .' 'i-'ri-'i t' f l.ft "vrr, r .1'.-wit
L,rL. ''f miairina i Vid.i sr -if.i.i v v. Kt..
I done on short i BKi VJK. R.e... W. T.
a'nd'w oTk". i "nt I'WKIKIt It K Kit on lap at HEX
i lap. jTEtt't. The.tloctontsay it U the heallle-
.oli.iiid. ! ict liter made. Jtnseit
We are now prepareil to npply a loii(t-telt want In this community. Namely :
Clean, Pure and Wholesome Food Products
We hare paril no pain to make our Xew Grocer)" Store PlltHT CLASS In
every reei-t. I o.r .-helf tiotKl are nt arranged as to make It Impossible for
IrwH to reach them. Our hugar. Teas. &c, are In clean, tight bins, no
arraiietl to
Kr Fret from Dust ami Itirt.
t?T Kspccial Attention Will be Given to Lard and Butter.
We promise our patrons
Good Value for all of their Purchases,
Gtiaranlec all Goods Sold to be as Represented,
Any arti. le boinrlit of n that doe not come up to quality a represented enn
beliETUiNKD AT (H it EXPENSE. Our aim will be to rT',rewm,u cnn
Iveep Caootln oi' the lioMt .(iiallfy
and to Sell them at Kensonnble Priced.
We invito nu examination of our Goods and Prices.
Murchl.-,1SSI. IJItOW,' & AHC 11 1U
a Woa Vq si wrw u uunaaw
lasuranco g.oa.1
Companies Represented;
ti....! Hnl I nmliin ntt Clotie I'.S. Rrnrti-hi ;on.l..
New Orlean Iiuiirante Awociatlon (Miss. lJepartincnt) laVli
Kaetors and Trader, New Orlean
Iloui. New York "
Phii uix, Hartford, t on "
Hanover. New York... '"
Western. Toronto. Canada '"
Georgia Home. Columbus, lia
lieitcent, Xew Orleans, La
The abore eompaniea are koown for their ability and reim,,,
meet all iotwa Inmircd with their agenta. '
Wc insure Stores and Stocks, Houses and
hold Furniture and other verishalUpT
Country Stores, Gin Houses, Machinery and t-
Etiuitable Life Assurance Society of tb United States, Xe York, jl
The Etmitablo has Iteen renowned for many years for its In ta
dealintr w ith insurer. Xo company stands on a lirmer, Mlit 3
reliability. We are also agents fur the " "H
Travelers Accident Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut..,, J
Otlico on Mulberry 6troct, in tho Finlay Drug Store Bj,,
We have this day admitted W. A. EVEEMAN, bite of Greeotll,
partm r In our business. UEOUGE ABSoJ
i:4TAi:nsjci:r isc2.
Wholesale Grocci
272 Front filroot, Memphis, Tcm
We will give cnrelnl attention to the purchnse nnd sale cf all foot
line, and will make liberal advance en
Cotton or other Assignment!
For Low Prices Go to the Old Reliable HardwarJ
Dealer in
Hardware, Guecnsware, Glass and Tic
''fable and Rocket Cntleri of Best Jllal
Cooking and Heating Stoves of alii
iVortlnvcHtern lJ:irb I lot; AVir,
Pistols, Gun Implements, Wads, Sheila, nnd every variety of'
Saab, lloora and Minds, Window Glass any size
Gas and Steam l'ittinirn, lieltinirand Packinir of every dei
Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Dryers uud Colors of tho best bnwj
Manilla and Sisal Xlopo olK
Lime, Cement, Fire Brick and Tile,
Wfifrnn ATntorUi! Pin a.' lMnw ri nn, TTnmoi iri
- v v tuif i iunot iUn mi (1 , tin in' l
Agricultural Implements uml Plantation Goods all kinds, M
Solo agent for Hazard Powder Company, nml keep t
band in Magazine uIurj;o supply of Kilie, Duck ami
I'owiicr, at St. Louis prices.
All Ordor. Promptly, rill4 at LOWEST Mark.tH
W.& W. II. kStcad, Ld. Prop's.,
M.vHrrACTCHr.its ok
Crude and Refined Cotton Serf
Oil Cake, Meal, Fertilizers, 1
Also pay
Highest Cash Price for Cotton
delivered at
Greenville. Stoneville. or Arj
ta W QjElijUW
Billiard Tables New and in perfect ori'
Lemp's Keg and Bottled 3
Xonc but the
DTf'X llnttnr.. -'. .TTe".'
DWI u'UKS VPi; Always
& iinpuiicw)
fciM have no aufhorired In 0"r,v i...t. ... t
Spin. IWKI '

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