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The Greenville times. [volume] (Greenville, Miss.) 1868-1917, June 30, 1888, Image 2

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GuiiEXViLLE li:u;s
National Democratic Ticket.
i on I'i,k-ii . r.
ok : mi;k.
A . I ).
I'oK Vh:-1i:jH'K.t.
UK nlim
r'OB Cos, ibis Tiiiku Iiisiki-t,
T. C. Catchinos,
or WiKKKN.
Tlie Klter and Harbor Rill.
W'tt lltl't
iii' i:t by the
M: -i--:i j i and Lou
the iir.Ic couiiuill,
It M.-s-rs. iV.-.m
r.iiii tn M-
A mm. In r ...f
mi iti-iii- ul.i. !i
struck out. Kllil
sr. I and ( '.-it. h-
and the fu.iiiirs from tin'
tales Lad induced ii ti. rc-in-uuc
iiiiu ! u turn n u out. I;it.r
two 1
( 0M1'I:S UHEUS. '
Lmthi: kwii.i.K 'I iMt.-:
Wl.il inii. li In- lii'.-n -,'ii I shout the
j Ti. e 1. 1' i "inTi--ilii' and other cotton
j' Lark'i -- In iiiL' liij-'tit-r at (.pv-nviile
' il.a'i some other points during tJic
: - a.-i ti iinw I -i ujr, it is I tit fair to
i r 1 1; :tt the tir-t wiiiiu that a
-ion work li.v not yet been reio bed. !
Ill lEriBllril MiHIMES.
The Indiana Irrherg and the Vtwopoli
Sonej tif.
The National IIofuMiraa Convention
terminated its pay ami gnury tilting in
tlie nomination of grand son ln liar
nw ui millionaire Morton.
In the length of its kkW its doubt
ua- oin nitcJ iu Greenville
tin.- ilim-tor- introduced rate lower
than vi h.-hitherto known throughout
the entire cotton In It. While Memphis
i .,.,.. -, , . ti.oi l.,r ti.auv vcars enjoveil a rovaltv
In tuo apparent spirit of the f.nutc. i ,,,...,. , ,.. ,:,
cuttim. out it...... t,;... ni...n ..... ....... - . . .. . . ..
" "i i'""i ' , iiirougtioiii tlie initial season ol the
direction and by tint- and cu-t..iuary j tir-t compress luiiit here; Vicksburg
proce the t.ovcmiu.ut ciij-iue, r olli-1,1 11 "'ul pr hundred ; bile at Xew
cr had eaiiiii.o.l. surveyed ami at, j Orlean, S c-nu jser bale prevailed or
. . . ' , i 'otiir i-itit', (which was a fraction
proved; and iti-ertui other up"" ovir U r.-iit. per hundred, a the bale,
mere motion of the local Senator, there ilid not average 500 lb.) au.I
action upon the l;ier C'oiiiiui-i"U ! '"ra-e. lalxir, Sic. was 75 eentt
part of the bill L- to be WltMl for ith 1 !'tr l',aU'' Ut coullir, Ss " (ireenville
, . . , , iuiruiutea a raie oi uuiv ceuta lor
mt.T.-t &o.i k.im .i.ini.f 1 . . .
Prtxet din; of (fee Mav lonveiiilofl of
the bite Drm.xral or
(D.ihiima (uuntt.
L 1
aor&'e. iaUor At' and IS etiiU ir
be win that Oreeuviile eujoyed the
I'r.-id.atlUvt.'audthu. respouded ,;r'"1! uf ? M UHe '"""J
. , - uiireu rtr ior tottou hamulus ana
to the loumultee of ratlin aiiou of the fr auj-re.luctiou now made at other
reeeni in'mwnuc lonveuiiou. I tie iioliit. it lia beeu artiiateil onlr
K'tmnieuU tie eiiT'.vK-? are bevoud
prais', the lruLu beyond iptetiou and
through the r fit . T tlmt f:
OH IliOt Ii!.'m tlir.im.h M...u.iinn
. I Tlir. 1UC irLil OeOa.l t II'IIOII mi.l I -., tvr.ii.n t.uuu.
lul, prokmired and llurtujtia ivur. I . . . ' . . . . The reult of (ireenvill.i'a mln..l
. , . ". i tw wtou k-r i.'im lm urtri I . . o . ...
and the manner of ii reu:t. lie e- ti-1 . . , , . rate a kwu reeopnUed bjr cotton
vention ha b hV, d tru'y w . ' . . T i ' " ",enM 'ipuieuli
niarkable. AtJ Ju. z::nU d.m.J. l a, t f - 2 ' , "J" ' f '-T OB ,'.,uie,
t w p'i-.M.i(..i) tiym
. sue iari iiim i.reenvuiea reeeliit In.
en .t-ed K-me 1 1.00 tale. tliU eajn
osr ii-t. The measure of benefit to
wn.-ii. .!. u. i ,r t ie . - Miit
iu ii' i ja .'.- - i"-ai ouv t joa a lower tarin tban
i a v uutu t 'o .i i -i.m..iw. . . . . 1 .
. , , , . , I I '-maa.'t u: "vt..im: 'JO-
m - p. e; ira I t . u 'ue rn
anu tarr.Bjt; ia:Of- uf fca.f a il. n ... m. Vmocri
i. A-t l . . . . .. -. . v ... ..It... ...
innuite varietr .f iatentiua Ineident. Iv
The have, ho ever, bven noted
l 'l.v
as 1 to h t u--i
iu a 5-ji !.:! t v-u.'
ea t-o'ii. n i, ;l.
ol''.ik-l:,l !.. ie-.- niiv.M-v.
Ill t'Wct ' "i -'a tr:!;
aien m .in i
of ra: tr.:;.i'i m u-a.
aud thkca.r L'l 'MHur up
we!l I mi r ct f.j .: .u.;-
nh uL And jet I ri. r i u : ..
irrav and Kriti ii,
tuetuWr that tva.-. i, r
alone invoked La le t l i
and tli4'utied, have made what
Itnpreon their merit deiuaiid;
aud jriven plae to the problem of the
tayiuir effect uton the voter, the real
quality of the work of the eonvention.
I lit platform U not eoneie. Neither
it it vague nor indefinite. It i, in
deed, a brd and vattcnuir t!uiiffr
upon ail polttieal Uiie. At to
the nouiinee. judcitij; by tlie lem
oeratie pre, the eouveution hai
deiirned and couil'aed the defeat
aud destruction of the Uepublu-an
party Knowing that the IVitic "l T t
wa doubtful, one who love the 1 hiua- to i-eetire and uvt tL .
man wa nomiiiate.L To ru.ure the tution,th e::"ar nl Lt- '
oaor.cw lork au old Kuow-Xoth- lnma-
in, h Wen pr-uted a token to Lhi h '
ir.A iir.:. i: i .... .. . i v -
MMUr illfUUH'D. iflU l I IP CUM Iri u'li. ..n f if &. I -i.
t i i - - " - w v u. r i-z
rrul rtaMuuiif of our fritu,U AVLilr tlif (nitrrtion a?ms.i,s! - v.
. ; .... I . : . ,..-.
. .. I It L tk. :. .
laiu withL thev are 1h in .!... " '." lu" " l-7 u s: e v : . .
hVb. HartWtfa revrdon the I hi, k" ' .VA . 2 UUi.u,i i
. ... . I ... 1'ioimiua anu wr.iirr el t
tuu It no better.no wor. than that of humblest citiren. and w ith e,a:.k tar i:
all the Kepubliean N nator, ave th. ahould cateh from the renioi. .
frotutii Weternlop. And. iu.li;itis ?lf ,!'.c 1n,, ll" l'u of . Ih I"i f r
by the .ubuen, eleetiou. I Vuu,raey ! 1 "L
, " P1 irwiiet t.y wb,Hpin)r up otti.v of their should itM every e" '
iiniutii. inn ht,.i.r.x..ti. n. I i'nA.'J.tumf miti if. I. .r-t ......
.t'(i.t -- - ',,., t.a,c us.-
bulnow i olltU utiiuff the Un. Uou, Ul1 for th f the ini w
pre.onr opinion of thi. notnitia- JtaMK
. li 'Ul t
,1 ..I'
bailiff aw 00
varioui aeet., .9 li3
guard ;2 Ou
lunatin lsj tiO
riilHi'ln con.
Jury and witneas'feeaV.'.'.'.
On a division. Ill nmtinn in l.l.l
a declared bv the Chairman iali
t.Sf A ni.i.inlv k. t . . - .. . . .
. , i, n-JK voted asamst the Mine.
- . w. k. j -Ik,, ,.,.1, ,.1..,.l T II
if- aa i.ueu letter u teller. aud
Iv. X. tlirrt anJ H 1 D.v.n..rt
''.enii. aad tae eonvention proceeded
w 3.:ur.
Wjer,u-.'ii til II u D r i j.v t.v
, k . w.. . nouie
tutuorty of u po.er vested in him Vets A tjoldteiti".aeeo"u'iit pjii-
2i"-ttt:v" Cooiuutue. de'uirlUiefot- B- Tarson. levee ',iamaire
"IS aainett vnUuien to hare be'n . n'mmiwiwr
Head Jt Hunt, burylnir iaiineni
Hon : It It not the ntvuirct, but it i
not weak. It will poll the Mrr-nh of
uie lepubli.-an arty Vf Wliev
that the landing election w ill be de
rided in the maiu upon real paty
iftw; chleHy the .motion of a mv
teeUve tariff. If lUrris,n and Morton
are defeated, aa we tmlv think thev
will be. any other Kepubliean nominee
ant and i.-hei
Thi occasion reniin.l n ... . r
iillv of the key lie f,,,,r .
I re.vive.1 a mejii.- fnvm 'mr
ituilarto that which ;on now u:;er.
With all that ha par-d rln.vihat d,r
I ran truir mv that t , Cw' .-.t
ith which 1 heard the su-miion then
t Intensiiied many fold hen it is re
peated now
u-e Ucuaie a. Med to an.l
;irwt.er;:v tnd future of
i:au.u wica tfee ira.te
i:-:Vd 'ttsostarcBaaij.
'-w; ji use .i::.ii atarfcetvd aer
kill u
i" ' " lo ia ia suuie w.
;-- t arv:. (5en Vnedtted
v ae hii.c;; it -i;e .-jiupr"-.
n v L'4 .r .x-i.:u; istet:oa tile
t. i.-: .n.'j'.I'u '.liai .t. -juk--.:'.u
.- 4 ; o . xoney t .-d
""...T ... 3k t "iiii ixiu.-tlutt
i rvjiia.st t T, ud wuuoitt a
-a-.'.e 'U-w'tt ' fuaitsunf
T'l- .- ;!.i.:' a it' n.Qe- md
.it 3 c a.v-r. si-x i linoitar -tf
T.-if f'm.it-1 a 'je tir-.r. 'ju.Id
3J k.-r-aoJCs iti Ji. ad
rr-k .-' rfr i'-r;'Uua. iria.
' ..ru;. a us? u-kfr-a
r7rv tad -iien.-
-.vi trriri tad a,').? vl gtjrr
J r- -- u w.fy. nruia
i f. !; vi' I ( uijib
r:f. w jf.-v.. j,-v.jst va ta
eti'f t i;y;..:.-s n W'-Ts jf
inwsvCl f a:tr"!nra,. .a
- t.
t fW -a w i.-a .x .r.T-d
reteoe. :t f--.r;. ti t p.i .
!:- t:.e d:.t, - ni ,o..-;.if!s. -ia;
i l j! e.. r.r u
t-a:l,a.'Kt .Jljki M La tw t .
Iii a.-eordaii.-e iiii the resolutions
of tlie Male Kterutive f nmnitlep. a
niiv-s convention of the white Iieuto-J
i rutic voters of the eoliuty of Coalionia i
Has held iu the court house iu Friars
I'oiut, on Tnesilav, tho lUth ilav of
Jui;.'. lsrn. The Hon. I). C (Wv, the
member of the State Kvecutivc Com
mitter authorized to call the ma-s
lileetinir to order anil nre..iile nvnr. it a
deliberations, railed the convention to
order, and well stated, in a few timely
remarlt, the object of the convention.'
Nomination for teeretary beinjj in
order .Mr. I). A. rieott placed Mr. I).
t'. 1'erkins In nomination, and on mo
tion of .f. W. Clltmr t)ii n..r.iinnti..n
and elei-tion of Mr. l'erkius were made
Mr. J V. Ti.wnstf.n.1 t).eoli.,.n rf
, . .U,.,U.VU ui-
fim.l an.) ... t.,.1 1...
the to hanuonr throughout the partv, I WASH1XGT0S AVEXCE.
tlif. M.l....fi..n rt l.a f.. 11. ....1.. I
tione, to-wit:
i.esolvetl That t)ii nines mnran-
IfOn do tirnrm.! at one tn I.m l.i-
baiiot. thre. memlm fif mn V-rMittv'm
ivommittee ironi eeh siiimnuir. 1 1;
trii t. mukini' tift.n in all h
mittee to elected, shall constitute the
the sole Democratic
.... w vuui" t UUIU I IB I
ri i louui itj r-icri iffi. iihi inr niiiiiiriir i
ald election the thairinan tball at" (l towe'-Ua r,,?1'!r meeting June 25.)
llOlUt tWu tell.Ti ti. rA.wivi. ...,.. 1
Ii . . . T ""'"' r luoniscu.
the votes cat. aud two clort t,. i..i- I t, i- ... . .
i .... ' . . v Jiartnaa i lerii.ei-OTtlelo
uou me name or the voters. That services to Julv I. S.
..,, H i. ... I, .f - ...T.. .. .
. rtuiic irriiiocrBiti vfirsr e eb . rfu.o. .lursni. I ..t ..j.im,.
county be entitled In v. i services wher si.,te fil.l r.
ballot' for tho aaid Executive Com- j'!'?-'? J"lvf,-
mittee. Jaa. 0. Marshall. Clerk and dep-
The resolution - n.i.i i... uu col,.n
i. i i- : " " ""."rr '.viair. capiiirinelieo.
.ur. ..,. umrer. Clark, umnlere.. hum
Mr. J. A. S ott moved to table the I w- K-Wuut, is ueritf, iail aeeount 4i) 30
i CM FsElifs,
Bank of
Keep on band a Pull and Complete A ssortmcnt of all
Mil Mr Gin. u aid Plilaii Gmls.
We offer inducements to all who may favor as with their order3 or
snip us tueir couoq.
Lowest Prices consistent with hkrh jrrade
of goods and honest dealing.
rite for prices etc.
Cjrreenville, IMissj.
1. 13. rPrv a Barrel of our
25 00
50 00
M 00
T7"C!rn A T-T- -
V. A. POLLOCK, President.
,-rriAV, JL
A. S. 0li5
.1,412 M
To'l 3.190
H1C ELLA.NKOI S At Kill . v. .
J, II. Leavenw orth, lumber $115 M)
- . iouiiii. uianiitn. enupt
hou' S i".
B 50
56 S
10 00
311 HO
50 30
3$ 40
1 00
Winner, account pau-
t" r L !t.-ct X j. t t L. Caaitcfc-k.
... J. I ita:.,r-i. Jm E. E-irbee.
?ir Custrct S4. 1 r. B. Ii x ker.
i-nr 3i'ir. li'.rm T. Johnson.
i it i itr-.L't i.fi' mi r. Kxir.
."nine. IL .-f!OK J. 3L Ciw-naa. '
jTia Sta.iers J. V. Cntr-r.
i'w lusc-.:t X .. 5.-KXC L tVoo.
A. I- L...u:i J'nli A 1'vae : et. ii re-
.us'".' a. a r".'T!:'d ti ocr:
' ". I i.'- C. Psriji. J. JL
r rrv 11". ? ie,
r -jMTj -t X i. iW. H. S.vni J
i. '-si.--t X i. t B Jniia.. J. R 1
'.'a.-m. X P. Crrt'rx f
i t--.: is. 3 I. Kir. j w
L. Hurt, rvl.s'rs nr..,,n,l
..... 1. ... ,
R. A. Me Ate t Co., lumber.
IT. X. C
t rr
iJ. H.iijnt. Countv Attornev,
j -irT fcrqaxner ending June
i .i- 'v
1 1. M.Jcis:son. i Urk. ex-efficio
emce b. er . to Jtiiv l.'sji
P. . I ocj-. J. I. d.xket.te....
tm ro rj tc:Ki.
X". '".!:;. a ec day
, . . vvertaLCifion.oneilavand
. i ti m:.
H.ict, !-".irii. one day """
.V'-cs..ri. one ii.iv.
73 00
25 00
25 HO
7 !3
4 00
5 00
S 10
4 IV
3 oO
Bankino; Bn,!
u mess
ff Sell Exchange on all
' VjlRrv,'
'J. C. Ceeenley. "
J. II LEE I (f
Will nll.l 1 j.1 -rs .. Iv
atHiuu iu me iteming and Le
of property in Greenville and surron?
vu ,u,v uuetjuoii oi rents andti
payment of taxes.
We have on hand Dwelling and Store U
)r rent and sals, . w a. , 0r"K
flOTS A-"."
. Testerd-
lired every
'we noted
week si1"-
j fields Ii
? tfd much wi
, -in on Ve'
tuaUy henvy
,-Jie afbrn0011
t Jong the er
i-bttrg thanl
pons and the
fcfonuant sta
piteU rei"--'
t theriuomei
AVe print to-day a letter from a
leading, well-to-do colored c'.tizen of
tdiarkcy county in which he take the
position, that the Kepubliean Executive
Committee w hich meets itt, (..reenville
on the Il'th of July, should simply de
clare it unwise and impolitic to make
a noillin'ltit.n an.l lesvn lltA ...Lir..1
Kepubliean j free to vote for (ieueral
aicuiuirs, i oiiiiuereuii-iieraiu.
We object to this innocent ffatheriutr
of political orphans being coaxed into
the courso suggested. In the first
place, employed in political burlesque.
they have their Uses. Then as enemies
they are 000 : as allies they would be
exhaustive. "n let tliem
produce the sacrificial candidate. W't
guarantee the hieranhal orHeiates at
the unbloodv aaerltii-eof the
5d: the soothsayer can be dispensed A,- . .. , - "a tW
with a, the portents have spoken al- ' ' ana Tor Sale hnfh n.. .l w. sin
and Business T.nt. ., . "mi Q nv ut
, ' """.rurtit o the city.
lira ft Ion 7. st.. Ti-7j T .
l.m a K
ty home
Locrats i
knd taK
'of K.
,,,, .". , -rour year, agw knew that our Uve j,.e fani,r; ad are.1 tie!
would have aharrd the same f.t.v Tb I chief execut ve niti.- if r . .. . . . I
manuf,.iurer.. the cnx-ratiou. , hrnarvLa. migbt drift littie bv " . . f f !
intend just a. un.vasinv for .W .frv,u. ll " h-m it , . Jfv
they.ould for-an, ticket S, 17 I
reprtxnung the iut. ret of their lunch it. mooring, had airtadv Ua 1 FMl V rtPT
aw. Harrison wiU not r, ;i i), kMv.enesl I knew fonr t.ar. .. t-..- '
eacr; Maiaf?
: - . iii4 airraur fa k nl
will not excite the b"ncd. I knew four vcr ao tow '
iasm that t.rvshain the princij If rf JaC.r.atilu t.
t wa w u.k,Hi bv I M T ' 181 Cn
popular etithusia.'
would Uve; but will be bA.ke.1 b . l-f-,'m,yT,rT f"r !" crnd cp-i tiie 1,'wsiaJ tTcsf Callailas
the money power as the anti-railrvsad j fti' .1n,.,, M i i
.nulire would not t. It t. b.m 1m.,'i.i.,v ; ' ,. ; '"1 1 ' l...ra-l tVataic-a. n's'v
tvartr In-M In !;... .( . t I tioa then waf..r iv . i tiu r
-p."-. mr CMUKraiAl - " ...I'll n . .
are reaonablv certain to w in utart.n Ipl of their safety ami Pis.prr. , J1 f Misaipj i k in need
WithK.aded diee-.vU.J. ' KUXlM ! - ? 11
,k. ... . . ira.asvnce. i.a t en pt into the man
a I - sa, a'ua . . ,j
ture, andtlie45ofXt wYorkaudXfw P0' lnow tbeir numerous f-nna n.r ' ut' Mj ritU onuide. do
Jrrst-v little k nre. . U" tenvity of t!,t:r era:.. I kne I ".' r-'b f-T the Su:e ef XLs-
Ti -j :-y n l w itae e claim has
li'' Vi.i. ! .1. . ... .
til sidTa--. ..... '"V". -J- J tii-n. J. .! ifougu 11 win m
.:aS.ls.tU ,sU, nJnwLe: -i sC I dAy Jily Cal U t,,,d in the lis, of
- Tr .f tl-r; .,.?:to exhibit the cost of
C 'rA, efWm-nW the r,5i una. It U something like
i-v-J- te.txv'acarraa3irurr. ; ' tlta tint of the preceding
Xo one w:i: dt jr tie nwrit ef wlaj I 3 t'tr .t tiaX ti 5 tl o: i;L-;y a suitable jail
is said f,p tte t,rwa,u t war? W'ti x:ni -! tie s:; toake prop,-r pro-
We doubt a t t-a, Mr. Irrlne , 1 STl.j?:;1 ' i.1."!4.8'- T l
- ---- - . ---- -- v or ses'n,
I'. C. Crr. CU .-sua. ) "I --:rt house" is a' going
r. C. rn cjt. -rurT. taxLIar term with our readers
tyefiaii cay ejected VvtiefaJ. ' aW be
case rcsTEu--n-f wi:t i,vn'.
Tea-sent CaTjtjaJ. las ! -"5 tfce eCefti saVlVa-' ? c-
then hvuirttdnr of the b' tr.n. .
-arua ottr;i,-!:..n, tut I ,U r.,4
V .f fs. , II
r' r-i'-T, cxinee. c-x is " ' -6r--d bis h: bsn,iaUa,
U. t:.t V'.-a-e ixBKvta:y ca t2 t Af " Jr'f rl in " at noon
vi w.a rc.nvxun and'; ' 'r.i o sev cinb alH.n.
, lie ca..,! to ti barkeeper. -Iifre.man.
vu' s",!,. i -, :;jc rtn-vn. TJ....
f rvsedd to erfiiirati.-a.
If You Want tta, To j " ' tJr W
Fine Watch Repairing Done ? " T lands in al1
t;o to the Old Keliable Jeweler, C0U1ltl t Which IV6 Will sell 071 easy term i I
on Walnut Street,
JMI1 ,MiM. A11 transactions ntru.ted to m Mm
It I about srrttinirdnwn in -f), aiih H..... .1 -a. . . "Ui
cheap labor- when a lady can buv 7 "wu"' ATOIlipt Attoulion.
tid tl kite
leaving o
nice dresii unttorn fop it.;.
And that is the style of bargain some
vi our menuauts are swtugiug out.
Electric Bittora.
This remedy Is becoming to well
Inn.', an.t .n ,.....t - . . . , .
-y -..... cv I'oo.iiar as 10 neea no pe
eial mention. All who have used Llec-
11 ic ouiers sinirineswme song or praise.
A purer medicine does nt exist and It
is iril&rantptoi 1. .1 nil 1. ..t: 1
Llectric Hitters will cure all diseases of
urn anu iMiineys, will remove
pimples, boils, salt rheum and other af
fectationa ciuou.) h- 1.1 t ...I.
. . ""l-'llCUIWU uu
drive malana from the vsteu. and nre-
Vllt mall ..... it ...... 1
..... ...mr an uiaiaruii levers.
roreure of headaelie. eonstlpation and
indiKetton try Llectric Hitters. En
tire sMisfactiod guaranteed, or money
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-' Country Custom Solicited.
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know bow bitter. Low rv(k! and j V'- f- id to reaire tie i S-aaitr. J. W.'citrrr.
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patriotic and iust. but I .1 D,.t kn.- : ' JV'-'' aivst t-pcrauir it v.
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Having purchased the
ice propose conducting it on first-class principk
A.1 inland su to the man' of M 11 'WZ Secured the Services ofJIr.J.SM
1T - f7' experienced Laundry man ivhowillkh
MILL AM, n.uN BOll.L!
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iiuiauor is imported awl experienced, ori
W "'e m Guarantee satisfaction to all patrons.
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reacy ir lrxn; t de'.ivery. at the Mil
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wg blackleg, who laid p d plot- j 5 the ndininraU.. now "v." rl- - ... ,s. p.: de! ! J 1 $
the credit of ,.i;, i . , . . ' " i'' to the reditu:.- ' n -! :? tsd intenfv ti-rsnr.1 t -t a .f Mr. iw .. v. ; - --e i;nn ll-n-.n wh i. ...it JWrtu I i.-..1",'". ? tl Utst XteGI Vrt Ponrrfl nf
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r b-5'iua.ners n-,:,,:, a XlVViT.r: , IV . :"", ,' tl,c. ri fi" uA.i Ac?
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risionntMath.ho '.w.nl tiat I in dae t;me it atr.V-rtv tb.. Tf 1 v dltr-Urrd in nib tiin.-w aii t.-. 5 :V iu down there -1 WXK:1. Wit ! rJ
to ride into tSe , rs; .,. : t n r ' -J-taa. in the i.L M. tf Lis u A l . e,.-,, ' "i :fa-t.. .f ai tie .VH:. a,, - -? s f.ntK.rt ! ii.rn. M.m,!.,,,,,,, N;.iriX" SJ - I;
n their worthies, and L. j taed to hi. Vr tb, Exv. ' 1! ff iC 5 r':!.fro.n -eend to ! ? VI'l.T.-'vlVS
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Is to be regnrvkst with mixed ft::--. ,U
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an Klines revenge. Xo : tbvo..a
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lbwn conventions; th,;r lht ,vv.:.
The wont tf thi cw, a v its
k.w morality; the estire Wme of
true inspiration or rigit a-; i rati -a. It
wall dicker and kning. j.vky;
and pnlUns. in a field of t. fiiv.-rlus.
The Vke-IYrssjJcjKy was htera'V a-ie.
tinned on" to the Xew York d. vjn;;, a.
In summing op HarriWedermy.. n-'
ek-s the most imivrtant .b-ti. to
him Las bees entirely overlo. led : V.t
recorcl on the Ire r Commission He
ood nqnare with Genera! Coras;, k in I
his narrow and ilkfonnded opjswi;ion '
to the Conmiisikw p!n atwl work.'
Tbe Kcpnb.'icaa nominee in bis t:k
and his votes on the ( orrn.ission ,
prakvt!ev.1J,.-t bo . j porro
nity to dis.Trs!it and obstruct tie ;r.e.
provement vT tlx- lower river by
tbe t-ovrmm-nt. ile is oB
rcwrd as an opp. m at of ti ,-r,s.
BerwMitv. but the manner and evrr,-s-si-m
of his opisi;i,.B j.-,.re,l Mm a
'"'. mi-Mitieient i-ic4: and uf.
a. -l L . .- . .
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a v'-ifvt of siv-;s.;. ,
Vft st --s- k .f J-
:i 1 r -
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a --. ; 1 '.i. ";--.
lie axf-s wi'.-i ,
.! BKK1 llt.rtt.!T,..u:.l ..fav.'l
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btlt wfKh ti, R.fTff -
of tbe Tin,; jni.-tr. . ... .
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A'.wai, viriast and a:-:n .t j M..
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, J'c"'b" had a fr.ad is 3. VtX(. i
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soemfd it i i frt-
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i' iiJ.eu fn,m li'U i ' VWV whltea ..iZj,L.".,,,?r
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i. ..'.I ! Sherman V I ,' , ,i" " '-"lUsHeld
. " . " '"'"I Vanipliell V ln,!' i. s, '!" J ' '' "r'l
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r. ... . .. .. ' nr.a II n.i.hi 2 A ttsh.
t.'t l."i..j
la Cvr
r. c. h. Mure,, v;"..".1 '''';'."'" i .."-!..,
i., r, . i ... . .. . i' - ll:.ll I. s,.,i..i 7,
nee M Lemlei- ,
While enr iti-.d.s.tr u ' ' j ..
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we caiioot refrxla from r ; j-Ci; r; j,
of t.V f,it-..irg sis: we u,r o: -,-f
Ersielyt a,4.np.-i!, , f iL, n.r.
S.a ' i-t C.--.-1 ..; c
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f-t oi ti - -n.'- of X E Mii l'of lfcf
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-e -f Li baiias -iutt.d
Ma S Cs.t st Vi,i f -,. efl.ttijj'i
fan ire i s. , n,ud-bok mt-rr
VAI.VE LX'.;t ilt DK;aLiT
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u,e liar.fEX C.'X 4t KAVEIXE
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Utty i ' if Hr.e-
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e'iavrc t" tu 1.1,4.
null,:-!-, imyiwc tie Iiru'e-ra
I.X"-u- t m,u:--; if ejahoiiia
esmure, Htn. I A. nstt is a few im
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Slurte i. s.;.;,; js, L pAg Ui, lsr:ii- I!,,;,'
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vi,!.: be i,ki b,- bn.iicL! tip a L u,..' r.k.u:
'.'llt SLTtd the. .-,...1 I...-.' .vi. r
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" : - f - I.'r.Qs and 1'hv. awi s , 7 " " i' n:JP ,.'
,...-. In,.,,M .. T lUrrif r I. J 11 11 11 l",M l J
' ..7 '.....piio. -itr?tiMii$
bv .re avy ts. tfl-. e. to over-' i-i wn.;.; ,l.,,":'lT ' "'"'"'-'w
. -'Uc rso. 1. 1. .:r? i B-..e.r w etirtiii M.-v!ilir?i,.v.!
BS3-. JfT It. s-tl,,!,,. tMMt ' Hurl.. II cnn,i , 1 "'-M.T II
. mt . A M.liu.n H " 'I
V U-l,.. S-.;ir
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ror.d tmf Ltu
"V. '.'f ti,. CUr
!- '.'iu U r- -!!.'.d us
' :' !' Mil t, ;.:. ,.
: '.!' Ira l' s-i;;;.'.J
. . . . '
n.ii e.,t vu..L-
A M.Ou.n H f....u .
M I W .s.b. j ' "".
4 1 . ... .;n. r '",,i
Usl. J i. .. . . I. nr.,, u
1 ,. . 1 . ""n 1.
T f I ,, . 1 . , . . tl"'rs" A III,!,.
f . "ilfcO,. I. S;i,
- e.. j I.. . i..,-...:w .w 't"'i"i,
w A s.,..r, K- ' v V .7 1 . -'IhiI-
I. .
IVStS tiaat be was m'i . ... v. a ' n.iu n-
- -- i-o ..re v,'HiniiS"S1M""'ii.,T- j i.'ii; bo ss'ius.e . ..e '
I n is 1..
!S till
i ivmnxndaUon t wok tigh-'y n:w-l,k2-j.
tin cfb-rt m a.ai;,. . . -i u. .' ' 1 ul'"lV '..' A t.e I i; . "?'iK ' em I
tee .rs.'inilie -mub taitn- w et- .i.v ... i . Ul" ", r-'-:v-J tn.tu J'.m.a. n J. ,Z " Jr, J P tvu-
Guaranteed to be the Best that rnmn? frnm Pittshurt?.
Sold Either b) the Ton or Box at
ll....., r ..
A. J3. PACE.
THE OLD Rett am.: !
-lie Only VltH.c 0 Gt lvlllt Y wvaut. '
I LMilMlV 4 11
STi mr "6 bought l c8e lots direct from factors, t
" Jile-inawc C VO mii-i.,n.n.. .... .
ucnotit of lowest prices. ,
A I.AHOE AND AKssnrjTirTv uTevi-iT.-
...uVVi.,lljl; kj 1 V V A V J A
Indian Linens. Prmin,. r,..,. vs.o.c.
, -"1111 II f HIUIOl"'-,
I'irihroidcrics, Laces. u,Jhnmhkfa
A tva.l.l . sw.r... ., .1 tl' 4 ilflX
ij !,.,,. ,,,.M'; nagging,,,, Tf!l .... ,. .
. . . h,ihmi m Plantation Supple
T ttontlo mi(, t0 C0imiKnninnt8 of Cotton.
iVrivs ... g,m
m,k iwiu I r, Proprieiors,
, Cr"7 mi Lino in All Grades of
men s' Ladlcs. Boy's, Misses. Children's Shoes.
Nr Amh r,,r 8allor Lcwln & ci.'i Celebrated Ladies Shoes,
Vo Misses
kvt. e
Wiir studcn
trnielon, '
luriug the
Inn aud tin
lie conuci
.a. The
iKitore, i
linriu ii
lie: "Ail
luage to
fcmn Lftun
nhe lrgt
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MTe lear
Vra i con
I bntinesi
Ution ol
Bong wbi
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