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:xyil!E Times
tbcon rain every day dur-
wt ; by no means irn-
lowered estimates of
: . , " The worms are stripping
U i places; ana poison cannot
i ig to the rain.
V l j f the injury If idle as it it
-r jf.nongti is Known to mart
fj shortest crop in twenty
Cotton, Ordinary -
(jood Ordinary . g .
" .VioJ.ii, 0 3.8
Pork (M..Lomj $u j5
!tmr r 5 IX)
Com 4U
uats j-t
' -"S
SU James (lurch.
Services will be resumed Sundav,
September 2d.
Moruinsr service and rniiumm;,.n
...i-.i." "
Evening prayer at 5:30.
. Tie River.
The follow in j is the record from the
Government Water Gamm far ti,
past week :
Above low water mark.
Aug. 25 4 p. iil,
15 "5
15 90
16 05
16 85
16 60
17 10
17 95
j ins, Aug. 30. The He.
audria. L snei-Ial aava
P 07 n fTom different parts of
. ere here to-uay. All are
at the crop prospeets,
.ining of worms and rain
f 'e'the poison. All say the
O w ' lM,Us " rottm!" ud the
VAZCp will be cut off not less
rcher eent
I ij. 29. Still it rains. We
i ) six consecutive days and
JlSf with intervals only of a
b -rhe streets and roads are
ill nigh impassable condition,
treain of consequence is or has
(red its names, ruining crops
hem. Much harm is predicted
n, though nothing serious has
fd yet
thermometer, 86
f 2.10 inches
August, 1888, - 10.90
1887, - 2.20
1886, 2.99
live as this record is for August
: Leland only ten miles east
is 18.04 inches.
I. M. C. 4,
The regular gospel meeting will be
held at the Y. JLU A. room (Public
juiunir; ) ouuuay aiiernoon at 4 o clock.
Mr. Sam Brown will lead. The sub
ject will be: "Things to get rid of."
The Scripture Heb. xii, 1, and the ser
vice will be short Every young man
in Greenyille invited.
Important Announce meat.
On the 3d of September Ben Rucks
will be handling sroceriea for lfm-bs
& Dunbar; which means that an vthiug
you may eet from him will be all wool
and a yard wide, with no flies on it
you net; ana mat this excellent house
has added a prize winner to its fine
stan in securing Honest, hustling Ben.
Good Ibr Travelers.
On Mondar next the WiuMnirtmi
Hotel will be onened to oniftst nrt ha
I former great convenience afforded by
mis excellent suwu restored. Mr. S.
Scobelv. manas-or. ha hud ih hnmu
thoroughly overhauled and everything
l'i'iutu ior uie coniiorr. ana conve
nience of patrons. lie is an experi
enced hotel man. and will nnnrlii, h
! Washington on the American plan.
Auzust Jii. lsss
Cairo 230
Chattanooga....... 34
Cincinnati so a
Helena a) 0
Kittle Rock 40
Memphis 17 j
Nashville 5 j
Pittsburg .", i 9
St. Louis j j 7
Vicksburp 17 7
zt nr.
A , on whom the lie
abed ,'ull,0tJ the difficult
lcwii"1 f1 out of manufac
B. riting letters, and if
'recent communications
jjCturesque rhetoric his
jj circular,"' they are still
titributions to campaign
The following letter was
. a Louisville manufacturer
j, "(Dictated.)
jjiarturs of the Hepubiican
v the L'nited States, Xo. 202
,'enue. New York f'itv Mv
r : If you believe in the M ills
111. which lias iust nasseil the
tic House of Representatives,
iliis letter in vnur wxstn.lin..tL-1-r
u ,ts of the manufacturer and the
?r are with the party which
is for protection to home indus-
i, 1 ask you to co-o(erate with the
lUimcan league or the Luited
There are. nerham v.-u w )
. , ? I i- MI
citizens who ronllv W,.. t..i tes.
L mess great cnori is maue in the
mere is danger that
will bo re-elected,
jaac Schlesinger and family re-
. 8. Weiss returned from his
a ana &ast on inursaav.
p. T. Worthiugton passed
j Greenville last Wednesday on
.home to Leota.
B. Archer is away on a brief
v trginia mountains for a few
t much needed rest
Silk Umbrellas tor sale at S.
ban's Jewelry store. Initial
A free of charge. scpl
Jon. S. Owin, of P anther Burn,
I ureenvme yesterday; and
(ns with a call.
( Stone. Geo. Hunt and llnnrv
, jr, left Thursday night for
versity or Virginia.
longino, U. 8. District Attorney
louthcrn District of Mississippi,
pur city ou Thursday.
I out
( 1-lt A. P. Kekskckkr's.
- -
,TAB SHOE 8T0RB Is dolly recelv-
p wouiu (tiauiy nave everybody
0 examine their stock of shoes,
iouiprises the finest line of F00T
ver brought to this market.
tthe Democrat mix the colors
man Thomas, whnan rnlim.
i becntendored? We have been
mm as a plain white.
for the imported Art
We are offering some lines of goods
Suob as Cigars, Tobaocos and so on.
Qot our prioes first.
At the-quarterly conference of the
M. E. church hold August 28d, 1888,
this resolution was unanimously adopted:
llesolved, That the thanks of this
cnurcn are ncaruty given to the citi
lens of the town ; who by unparalleled
work saved our parsonage from ruin
ni uiu laiu iirc. ,
That this resolution be published
u me cny papers.
, $10.75 to Lonisfille anfl Retnrn.
$12 to Cincinnati and Return,
On SeDtember 10th tirL-nra in r.mily
villo and return and to Cincinnati and
i return will be sold at rates given above
rraiviHB. - irains or I si. u.
& T. Ry make close eonnection with
trains on the Louisville and Nanhvillc
Railroad, the nulckest
route from Memphis. Through Ves-
uuuie oieepers on nignt trains. Chair
cars and sleepers on morning train.
For further information apply to
gum ai (ins point, or to
Jno. A. Scott, Ticket Agt,
sl-2t 812 Main St, Memphis, Tenn
tensive and constantly growing i ' Vnlcsa great e
for a fouudry our fellow citizen thrce montlis,
Wall liim fiKinl.lisho.i s.. 'rover Cleveland
an enterprise that now employ1"1 tim a Congress that will have
ten to twenty men in its varieno furtner reason to disguise its real
pations, and he is enlarging its ! in'entions, and the next tariff bill will
steadily all the ti.no
On Wednesday afU rnoon
nessed the casting of some ar
building fronts that have not b
been the product of this pi
which Mr. Wall nn 4. ,..!
and as well finished as can i
cAtcumve lounury in the
AVhen the iron had been mol
proner consistency, thn nni
the metal the small ones by
a ii jjo one Dy macniner)'
to the nits urenared fnr
. . -
soim structures of wood
as to come to pieces when"" arguments in favor of protection ; to
avor Alexander and hla fl.ln.
i, Ixmis Schlcsingor, are back
ik opnuirs ; tno lormer, we are
uoto, quite restored to health.
it Judge Wynu was in Green-
it inursuay, and called. Ills
' about tluished and liv nnrt
)rra he will bo one of our citi-
(iu Watches, cheaier than evef -
f .. if a ...
loiiereu in uroenvilio, bought
(. Keesj.xkkh in Europe. Wait
mem. Sent. 1-lt
flnt "ne of LADIES 8H0BS AHD
leather with Louis XV heels can be
loiina n me oTAK BnOfi STUBS of Wkibs
V,, ms a'" ml lln f Misses
aim vinmren nnesnoes. sept, 1
The' COtton warnhnuan nf T. A V
Wtlcy.lnskl. near the L. X. O. Jfc T Hnl
pot, is one of the largest and .most
cuuiiiicie in tne istate. vi enormous
capacity, perfect arrangement and tiro
proof, It is a monument lit contractor
Barnes and the enterprising citizens
who have had it erected.
Billlnuslev. Starlinir. Dud.
I. Schlesenvnr. nt ul r r.
inforccments to tho stay-at-rowd.
i Samfcld, editor of the Jewish
Or at Menilllliu haa linon nil a
j his Greenville friends ; and
me iimks with a call,
I Effle Darden, daughter of Mr
is James, and her husband left
Hinty on Friday night's train for
jiuiure nome near rine Bluff.
Statuary, Bronzes, Bohemian Glass
ware, Freuch Clocks and ornamental
goods, now In stylo, artistic and beau
tiful lu finish, bought by A. P. ICkb
BKCKRit in Europe. Wait and examine
them. Goods shown with pleasure.
Sept. 1-lt
first sliinmnnt nf SI inn! (a nnur
re, ami couutrv innri linntu araln.
to eall, cxamiuo stock and get
which we can make satisfactory
il. Wolf & Co.
I bricklayers on the building next
Imee office were on a rush yes-
r, ana nanaica Cricks at a lively
I rhoy are now on the second
ready for carpenter work.
I Mendelssohn Literary Associa
MU meet at the vestry room of
rnagogue on Sunday, September
,8 o'clock p. m, for the adoption
tonstitution and the election of
Sta Shor Htorb of Wkiss &
Vkik are receiving daily all the
ovelties pertaining to fine Foot
,oul1 e pleased to have evev
il and inspect their stock. Sep 1 .
ry Johnson returned home on
fsday. He left his mother and
K west Point Col. Matt John
jme home a few days earlier.
I met lha TKw.!i:.,a r
I Graham and Junior Yerger,
mnddy pikes on their way
urass country.
(ain nunUTwlkwTand Mr.
Kobertshaw returned from
iOrkCitVtllia nrn.b Tl... .
rlly accomplished tho object of
lsit, which was to secure a N. Y.
ponacnt tor "The Merchants &
U. Scott left for his favorite
Place, Cooper's ' Wells, on
V night and Mrs. Scott for the
lace on Wednesday night. The
fll" seeks tlm nlnwio m..a
rf Cooper's Well every Summer
. this time, and comes home rein
ted and recruited for his winter
Colonel Nowman says that during
his several weeks stay in Germany he
nevor saw any one drink whisky ; nor
anything but beer and win. At the
public plaees and gardens at night a
nightcap of cognac was put upon the
evenings consumption ot beer as an
almost invariable custom, but whiskv
was never called for. Ho had almost
forgotten that there was such a bever
age until ne landed in New York.
LADIES, to make your husband a hand
some present call at the BTAK 8H011
8T0R8of Whim 4 Goi.iwnttx and buy a
fine pair of OZB CALF SLIPPflRS which
they have In assorted colors. sept. l.
It Will Day von to exnminH mv
stock Of
watches, a8t1sti0 clocks,
bronzes, lamps, tabes,
Statuary and abt Goods,
Sterling Silveb and
Silver-plated Ware,
Musical Instruments, Etc.
And learn my prions before buying
eiaewnere. All of my Fall par
chases were manufactured to my
oruer, wnicn insures
LATEST tiir.srnNH
My warrant is aa folio
1st. That my goods are jnst as
2nd. That they are offered as
low as they can be sold for, qual-
3rd. To take back and refund
money promptly for every article
ir not ionna tally np to represen
tation. A. P. KEESBOKER.
cooled and the metal hat"
the pattern frames. V
metal struck the same, i .
it was to nass into the ft Hint
a beautiful disnlav nfJlllul
sparks flying in bear
au airectiouH. it w
was worth waiting aties of
to see. And it is
that our city cat
capable of prodr
columns, &&, as
casion. There ift
c'asUnirs used WCI1
upon tne tarm. .
them at home t Sliarkey,
en ce in freight
There is nc
purity in Chiw
It is rich an
of all Whurijlfll I C
cinal purport If I LLC
Knl.l 1... 1
'icb Capital.
tions of Loral
Gcrin'O Delta solicited.
and set
The:tniia DiTcrsincatioD or
will b , ,
'roind-mnk.'inP'. Fftnrp.s
peopt o'
With 11,,, ,1vnlm (In.
SL'fa and to produce prosper-
Stt'ithat section of tho State.
$ott0ries of Fiction,
'oetical contrihw
Mr. I
New O
who ha
Iways declined.
ss) ijort
audbef MM W 1
a wild t
to unde
of oonu m a a m mm m
cessaolt ntAILY,
in ItaP
court i
revenn U1V
nothi 4
U!F? Bronwa, Bohemian Glass
French Clocks and ornamental
i, now m style, artistic and beau
hmshteh, bought by A. P. Kkk
m in Europe. Wait and esamine
Goods shown with pleasure.
liters will find it to their 1- -I
at J. (.;. IlK,,,, ,(l,8 ( ,
lilory and buv Viljhi
ilmin Wsiti.u ;
im ii-it.
The Lion (from L. & N. Wilczinski's)
has been roaming thrnnnrl. v,i-
and the Eastern markets, and has re
turned satislied that be has secured a
stock of goods that will satisfy every
demand of every taste. 1 Undor its new
management the store will be made
more attractive in an enlarged diver
sity of stock. It will embrace every
thing that is desirable, and at prices
that cannot be discounted.
Chase's Barley Malt Whisky abso
lutely pure.
Chases Barley Malt Whisky rich
and excellent.
Chase's Barley Malt Whisky streng
theDi the Inngs.
Chase's Barley Matt Whiskyaids
. Wood' & Co, tele t S f r
our pi
exper hAYE Goods To SELL,
and s-
into t
Greenville Times.
said hfi
when I .
jM have Goods 10 Buy,
mereenville Times.
Advertise in
go ten times as far as prudence per
mitted the Democrats to go in the
Mills Hill.
"The League, which was organized
last December, now has over six thous
and clubs, containing throc-ipiarters of
a million members. Its growth is un
precedented in the history of politics.
Its officers will leave nothing undone
to secure the electiou pf Harrison and
Morton and a Republican Congress.
" We nronose to make a tlmrmitrlt
canvass in the workshop and the home :
to furnish ( very voter with the ablest
hold public meetings day and night in
every place where workimrmen ran h
found ; to take extraordinary precau
tious to prevent fraudulent coloniza
tion and voting iu Now York, New
Jersey, Counecticutt and Indiana
(which are favorably situated for such
'Democratic reform movements), and
in fact to ttse every legitimato means
to prevent tho continuation in power
of tho party that seeks to throw down
tho barrier of protection and flood our
markets with tho products of cheap
European labor, which would close
our manufactories and throw hundreds
of thousands of our workiiigmen out
of employment.
"All wo ask of you is a small contri
bution. We have tho organization
now. Give us tho moans and wo will
do our duty. A glance at tho accom
panying document will convince you
that wo mako no idlo boasts. Imme
diate action is necessary. Will you
aid us, bo it ever so little, to take that
action ?
" You can make no better invest
ment than a subscription to tho League,
and we do not ask you to do anything
that you can not all'ord to do, taking
into consideration the othor calls upon
you. Very truly yours,
Jambs P. Fostkji,
(Enclosures.) President.''
The accompanying document, Mas a
list of subscribers, principally In New
York, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and
Massachusetts. The return envelope
was simply directed Box 8180, Post
office, New York City."
This is a very mild demand, indeed,
considering the toue of the llrst circu
lar, and indicates that Mr. Foster's
spirit is broken. We do not ask you
to do anything you cou not all'ord to
do, taking into consideration tho othor
calls on yon," sounds tamo after the
fonnor threats. But Mr. Foster's pre
vious circular explains why ho nnpenls
to tho manufacturer for money for
their work because they get most of
tho benefits of the tarill': botauso many
of them mako largo fortunes every
(Juny, who soys nothing, must bo
having a hard timo with Foster and
Blaine. Courier-Journal.
Owners of flnfl wntrlif tif iinv dn.
script ion, such as Chronometers, Du
plex English and American levers,
cotnitliratcd snlit snrrnclw or rntinnfnra
will please take notice tlintwe aro able
to repair aim entirely re-model any
kind of watch, making them as good
as new. Ws aro no novice at the trade.
having more than thirty years experi
ence at it. Wo pay special attention to
such watches that havo been unsuc
cessfully worked ou by others, and
guarnnteo to mako them good time-
ki.mn.ra. S. I'KI'I'WIM ,V
The Old Reliable Jeweler, on Walnut
btreet. March 81.
Lively Times In a San Francisco Court.
Althea Hill, now Mrs. Judiro Terry
of San Francisco, created a lively scene
in the l'nited States Court In that city
yesterday, while Justice Field of the
United Slates Supreme Court was
reading a derision in the case in which
site has become famous as the alleged
wife of the late Senator Sharon. Af
ter a desperate struggle, in which the
marshal was knocked down by Jiulgo
Terry for attempting to execute the
order of the court to remove Mra. Ter
ry from the room, the two wero lock
ed up, and subsequently sent to prison
ludgo Terry for six months and his
wife for thirty days."
I am prepared to do all kinds of Vork
in the latest styles of Architecture ami
East Parser ef Socd workmisi&ip.
Job Work a Specialty.
may ?-i y
UKEGVVILUt, - - 11158.
House, Sip and Ornamental
Paper Hanger and Kalsomincr,
All Kinds of Papsr Hangings.
Ifo ni Stare apposite the Oelti leiiei office-
iWarkmaa. ml le tk Cntry arliaa stilrtil
Saddle and Harness Maker
IT E EPS con
stantlv on
A hand every
r t kin ir in hi
aj-ft-'f line. All kinds
. ! r.au I uk
()4 done on short
notice. 8 ells
a nd works
The re-opeuing of my meat supplv
busiuess, on or about the 13th Inst., will
be In the shop on the
East aid. of Walnat Strsat,
next the Main street corner. I have
made arrangements for
Daily Shipments by Express for
Finest Western Meats,
. 3r and w ill keep no other.-tyj
Will also supply
Intending in the future, as In the past,
to spare no elt'orts to give satisfaction
to all customers, I respectfully solicit
Formrrlr of Mnyne A Laurrut.
Orei'in I lie, Ulsa. itaut. In, I;.
-.TEH'EHY, Etc
afloatflE ADVERTISEMENTS IN Only the nmr quality kept in atofk.
.a uanaaavu V KVlllll IHIUJ IIIU
building to be used for tho merchants
bank. Tho vault has been, made, nnd
the safe is expected to bo hero iu time
to open about tne 17th.
There is no more dependable Cloth-
uig ini me mum uino stynsn.j in tne
, GreenVllle TimeS. country than ours, riuh COATS and
t.MS aim lduij iMii.itWKAK in
great variety here.
Vicksluiry. Ulis.a,
Hob Ijicey has commenced work up
on a residence building for Mr. Harry
lliill, iu the Hello Air addition.
Mr. Keller has begun the construc
tion of a cottage house for Mr. Chas.
Clark in Belie Air addition. -
Petition for Liquor License.
To the ttonorablu nnl nf 8uHrvlMrofWaah
nigiiau couuiy, muii) ui Hiaaiaiiiiit
Wb, the uuilorinnl citizens ami oter o
thli county, would rwimitlully pi'tltlon your
hunurable body lo Kraut llcttnitetii retail fiimui
and plrltuout tlitturs In any iiusntity kti Iban
of the Mttle Jiy Saloon" on Gri'enlllidd
1'lantatlon. lu tbe Flnl (tniienliora Hi-
UU'l. Naid K. It. tilana la a nwlileiil or ald
place In ald county, Is a aohi't and Induntrloua
man, of good reimtiillon and worthy to have
ur.n iirenae (frnnittu. ne uierciore pray you
J stronn I" Itobrta'j Smith M Itenl N Hobln
on M Waddy O White II White J Votum A H
Johnnon i Handy I, II WIIim-boii I W White
i Johnion A Wilcv A Jai'kaon J HookurC Wil.
limns (. Davit K Jonva I' 1'arkcr M llliamii V
wiiiama I) liohiing o Jonna SI Manning Wea
uavia N HcniicrHin il ill in a ( hani'V T Wll
llanu V Nidton II Cart II Itnlierta s Cooper A
Smith 4 Walkers Aluton Cooper J llendrlch
A Davie J lianlida M W nnl U.mrxn .loliimon II
llidmi'ei: llurnett M UrnthiK K Kvart I' Kreeh-
wntiT K M lloyi'H II lloyod L lloyed II Cook I
Watson .1 .Ni'lion S Jonca A I.otaon U U Uood
man A Scott I' hlnjrU Knvkina J Patrraon Hid
llnrrla I, l.ce.l .llnklna .1 Mlddlnton M slndwell
K HCiirn.ll 4 Mlti lml M Yalea II lark II ( nn
nnrd W Jnhnea M .Inhnann D r"hna ,1 Wlllama
r. nnii i' milium !. mil ii iiiienly Kloliu
W Koblnann M (iipscn W llavla li t anpnr I, M
(iaiio U II Jl.'l nl c: W M'l mil W W Taylor S
WriKlit II M.-Iimk M MelliiK It Mhawa A Moslont
R Itiii ka U t'nmii'd S I nnniul .1 t.olar It ili han
N lohnson llruwn 1. Knox J Kroahwatcr Ueo
Wilson (J lloadly (, Wlllanu A Ingram K Trim,
hie. I H tinge li T 81mm .1 OwcnaJ fllonroe i,
While M MoiilKr.iv .1 II llurdmi I) itlkia0.lohn.
on J 1'earl W (lilmori' it Johnson ,1 McKniirht
C I, Siinnis 8 Wriirht W Johnson Mohi J Hue
N West N Hmnot P II Lawson T O Watson doe
M'lson I. Schlld II Aiil.s III llBlMlSII M NCOtt II
llBiily.l Wntsou it W I'reston T W 1 1 Inlrie Iniiia
iirooks u ncolt Joe i.orrtiy M Looper Uri'cn 1
tireen W lioodman I Oraut C Jones O l.enkly
I Kdwarda I' lloinnr A Ilraim II Johnson W II-
on shall A Johnson M llaiios .1 l.avrfton CnfTy
Vennro J CarterC Hntri'iin I' W hite a llrlkcs E
Slnxh'ton M Miles I Mnrshall J lljowu J (Jrcen
U lirecii I, Morton II Wlliams II llewell u W
swan N ItobertsonJlillisonKsheltonJ Wheel
er W Fox A fox J f ox I) William. J Parker 0
Jonea P l iirfcerson A f iirirerMin K Head Jacob
Lewis T I, I.lrlls j Reyes J Thomaa II Sllyard I
Uolcman A Lowell f Oreen J (;Brroll J Carter
C Deaton K I rlmble C J. llerson W Wells Hi
Urant A Sliinrt J Wilinlriirhtirn T Tavlor Mat
Davis J Carter W Unston W Johnson tv Walk
er H lleddy C "tort S Mtort L llniin T llnlin L
mines Jr M aHll A Nelson I Allies Jastilell A
WardJ Irvln It Walker K 8 steets Wah
Alexander il Thompson J MeCoid P Fiirjrerson
C Fnrirerson I lleilrii'h M lilshmnn c Lelles C
Anderson C Hoi ley J llolley A Sail I Wright P
neiiiiiRA w cos. i Aoiilitir n issom It tleeo
W Stonl II Carrnll K Newman J Hooker Jesse
J. II. Lcavenwortli
Manufacturer of
Rough and Dressed
Flooring, Siding,
Ceiling, Shingles,
Laths, Pickets,
Mouldinqs, Etc.
All bills due on ureser.Litii.n.
The old and Reliable Bakery,
lH?aler in
Family ami Fancy
Confectionaries, etc.
Constantly on Land.
Ugotls delivered at all hours of the day.
Fresh Bread delivered at resi
deuces every evening.
Thanking my patrons ami the public
itenerally for pat patnmaKP, 1 respect
fully request a continuance of the sauia.
If You Want
Fine Watch Repairing Done
Go to the Old Reliable Jeweler,
on Walnut Street,
juii'-l Greenville. Miss
Lnrax II Mlllith H H lnle.l lindens M .lolllison J
Mtarkes m siinm r, Murton K Lin
J Lock wood M lleaees llnber K Itolierls W
W llronn
Johnson 0 tireenj ilrown SUnith W fnlim
X tdlliert Ltarters Ureon I Hawkins W Mil
ton c Ilrown A I'arker t Mitrhell lliaek (ieo
l.r. en .t Itriirhtu Collina W I olllns II llllord J
Johnson L Wilson W Johnson L Andervm .Ino
Lraliam (j Jones K Tavlor K l-ewie J Thomp.
son it WriKht T AdmaireO llwens 8 (ireatmttn
WSiirlna-erUeorKe Carter 8 lllndea J (Jreen W
llavl. a W ashiliBton P Wheatley J Mmith Lash
Smith II Oilberl it Carter ilnsklna V Lenoro
A Darls A lllekna A ( nllintin II HprinKs Melln
risher I. Klsherll Klsher LUic k U IJarkson I'
Jaekson T Johnson T White I" T homas Wlliam
Thomas : Mniniiiiif C Miles I Wrlpht sr K Ulo-
veruniiinms .1 Jinkina Mose iianlin Miles
Harden J Thomas J Key Jos-h KeysJ Fox JrM
i'raetion J Wlliams II Seott J (Jlen I' Nelson I.
(alinJ WHiamsJ Walker I. Mei;ord S Iti lil .
a poster n ureen llarrlston .1 wolson lor
nn tiovan W Ilrown H Itoherson II l.reeti Win
urown ii hera w I affey II Green A ( oleman A
White CUraen K Urnen J iluirhes K liarles It
Winn L Iteeil ll.lohnsnii Ifenrv VViishlnvteti h!ll
Shaws M tillbert C Mini urn M Jesman II Jiles C
fhotwell W Jackson II Jehnon 8 llradfnrd T
Johnson M Speneer A ( lack P Wilson W Mid
clleion II itrow n P Hall J Smart M Hariri Kred
Harris HenneiH .1 wonl J Moses Wm Hell d
llowman t Kdwarda K Jones H lloladar Tlioa
YsnilK A Hell II While S I liossas J ItineT Arm.
stead K Vlerrid I Ilell r Davla M Kills U Ley
W Mosston T L Iwson R liovilnian It Aimer
J llnssell I' Kolins A Honey A Wilson A Wll.
nama i ivniiams if nnitmnn l Al ikes John
llunhes P Layman J Buy 1 W lllliey II John.
son K lliskins J Hepheiis Tavlor A Tin ker A
isrnoiey a uaoerson 11 wien win lltompson II
'i'bomoson A Jones M Johnson J VVstson A
Stort J Parker It Wriirht H Wright J smith I,
Smith II Preston J Hwitt I Handel! I Manniiot r)
llraxton P Mannini P i'reston A Wanl II It
Krans W (illhart L Lee ; Jones h Havis M Ilay
W Kevnolds T Ihoma" Wm Thomaa II JeiTersnn
II Wriirht K Wrljtht M Jessllps Jim Parker Joe
liarner M llanes L Joaes N Jones J (;rein P
Gantry J Wyutt KSunipter C Null J Lliiilinan
K Iw-ia Knos U T hompson P Pollard J Green
A Hpencur Pnston J Wilinins J Yoiinn Wm
Johnson W Lewia Htreaith W Rohlrsnn dam
Ilrown J lllnek 1' Mulch K l.stwoo.ls ft Wilson
W lioodiow J t.alanav A Jolititutii W Murinir
P Nelson Kll !Saticl L IioiikIss f llotiirlas N
Kpriiiiis s I'leiiL'n ll l ielils Ii tt illiam. s John
son s) WlrKeld l Johnson II Walker D Deliold
DMftrka i Meeles II llossey (j Brown II l.oek
wood II walker I! Jneohs s Alexander T Nislow
M ollina II Urowu. ept 1
e Wiimlera exial in thoti.nniU
of (urn s, but ar uriuued by Ilia
nutrvels otinventioa. Thoe wuoara
In neill of umfltable woi k thiit eiin ba
done while Hum at hoint shotild at ouee arud
their ad'liesa to llullet Jt Co., Portland, Maine,
and leceive free, lull tnfnittintion how either
sex, of all anes, euneura from a.h, to Sl per
dtiy and tipwaid wherever tliey live, oll are
sturteit free, t'upltsl not required. 8oine have
made over ; in a sinttle day at this work. All
Petition for Liquor Liconse.
To the HoBoniblelloanl of Supervisors of Wash
iniltou tounlv, state of Miaaiisippl.
We, thennderslxned citizens and voters of
this enmity woiilil respectfully petition yont
liotiurithlc body to grant license to retail vinous
mid spirituous liquors In any iiiaullty less thau
one galloa to
Jo WtUaiaiki & Baa Rieaar.
of I. ake store,. Miss first superylsor'adlstrlef .
Said W llrilnskl A Itiewr are tesliientt r snld
plio r In said county, ami are sober and Indua-
triune men, of good reputation and worthy to
have sueh heetiseirranted. We therefore pray
yon to grant sueh lleensn.
kUlb.on A Hunter J Olen It Whiten John
Stewart M Wlllania I. Monroe tieorge Le Hoy II
TTioiims III Kreneliea W l uffey ' Luens T llny
nea I. Ilaynea M 1 linmaa I. Ilovkin N sliepa'rd
P sharp l, smith K II. .Hon H lialoway II Smith
C W heeler U M.ilirnlhK A llohlnson II Jones II
Mradley II llatts 't ChsMnut L liavistl Coleman
W Johnson J Johnson J Hooker W llrantley W
Koie C aloes J Carter Jerry Carter s Nelson I
Cray V Cooper J Jaekeoa u JoIiiikoii J Carroll
J W heeler P Whltly II t arroll J keva W liar,
dea P l.ylea MannliiKChaa llerrlu'itton Jake
keys J Walker c stiirdivantJ Thomas C Petty
rord 11 tiivins I Marshall I. Clark h liraham V
Itllnps I. Martin S street K pppa I) Cominon J
(ireen U t,reen A Koster Wm Ureen P Wlliams
W llerrlnt..n II Howell Win llerrlnirton (ieo
WriKht U smith H Wehstor J HrownS Ilrown
J Ilrown jr I Combs (i Combs f Holly K T hen
bee J Holly W CMinms II II Hill U Join t.alie
keys T Kdwarda S Callioun J l.luin A l.ai.ll 8
H t alsman ll II llrnwn K Kerirllsoii J Pawnnl P
(Irani s Ureen i Kn 1 Spi ni er I, Saehal lleny
Jonea A Walters M Morrla A Taylor K Wi at M
West r West S Johnes I Leirnls K Saull Kdwnl
Taylor I Mlti hell c Maek T Watson H saili M
( hill N Chill W Sntsna J Homes II Ulllaid C II
Manning A Ilrown A Williams K Saney P Nel
son L Watson A Johnson J L Lason J Nelson
M llynea M Yahes A .Mildery S Johnwn Harris
i sru'is mirjier i i.arson it Stewart H Himten
CTIreen It W right , M fox II Handy I Wlliams
L Hoilgllis I" llollglas K VTetors C Nelnon Tom
Mlshey J Til v tier S Ullllson J MeNeal Ii Casper
8 N il Hams II Clark c slnehiillu W Walton II
Vnung O Uoudniaa M Seaat Kmrv aingietoa K
(ilaneeT Williams J Watson K I'rmton Joe
(louden W signer A t'ersiiaon ll Wlliams Itobt
limns s Krneihlan c Ilraim I, II Chirk I Man
ning It Clintman s Stewart s shatme M ( upper
.1 Carry T Moore II Seott C Millls C Jones John
Mllllnlian II Thompson Ii Cooker c Jones I
Kdward.l Rial W Snehol A Parker Admire II
(Ireen T Klrksey II Miles J llll. li A Smith W J
I'arker II Itoherson P Kstlne P Ureen S Ilurke
I Wright J Handy C Thomaa L Wlgerson John
Walker W Alexander K Liner f Lluerjr Joe
Ilrown J Ilrown Ir s Ilrown 0 i ambi Comle W
Norlord P West W liooden J Dally C llollly II
Williams II Fields 11 Tilmhie Win Marahull K
Perry II Wlllia HJerTerson C lllgiiliis II John
soaC Washington S W ashington K Crnhsm J
Smith M Ureen A Smltn J Walker B Seott P J
r'ergusoii J Harden W Thomaa P 'lliomas Joe
Mel ade J Juekson U Turner (1 Johnson I. Cur.
tls T Nelson A Nel-on S ( arroll II Carroll Isaae
wrigui a uiovera maek h Harris J W anl W
etlzan C Ferguson C I siroll A en Wllllaies 11
Seott J 11 Hrutton J Williams U Washington K
Mol ade J Johnson K Morrla P Adams It New
inaa r Anderson II Andres W Ilrown M linvis
i unvie J i.awrenee T Smith J Hrlght II Clark
W Mltrhell W ( olllns J Samliy W Casey Mosa
Caey K I asy II Cook M Cook Ii Usher K Klsh
er K Klsher I, Klsher Ii W llker.on J Ihirria J
Kills K Havis I) Mld llelou J Mlddleton J llnrke
K James It Jeirerson C Monroe L Monroe Sblny
Monroe N Truman K Hill W liavner K klner
l Johnson K (.lover I' kluton .l,,eol Mllehel v
Itielv k Jones h Jones s Mills II i.miis 4 Wil.
liJ ilajnes II Clsrk W Hernia A Page Wlliam
Thomas ll Mark W Ilovd 1 ll.iv.l J Wllliima s
McKlnle (; Pteston C Hun 111 J s'( aaey T Layer
r ( arrol J Mnrton I lliidenmti k rami, m.i.
Harnett W Moore I, .In. k son J Hrndly K S 'mine
11 lleown H Ilrown (1 Voitntr A l ook c silier m
J Ilrown K Moore P Moore M Johnson (; llraneh
A (Hamon C Klnley W Seott J Mltehel S Ilrown
A UrnhamU Itobinson J White L Steels S Jonea
VV T rimble J llrooka A Hoyd Hill ltoberton M
Hall H Jones A Smith J llavls A k'ultee Areliie
Jonn J Collow II Carter It Wilinms J Willams
) Jaekson W Seott J Howe A Stewart r Jonea
o ouie l- mnn j nast r joiing A Walton A
Itoherson U Mneker i; llavls J hlte 11 Itrail.
ley It Kings M W Ward S Hart M Hare Thomaa
Bradley L Johnson J Smith W Stlllllll W How.
I Lee It Join's II Alexander W Kl.,,. I'. V,,i,ir
II llronn J Ma tin II Whjly II W arf.-r II VVar-
fer I Ijlry It lliirgs J Carroll N tlsprl. .1 clBvlr
J Uearn II lintson S Hiitwni J Re-,er 8 Jonea
W Ureen K (ireen J W hitjey It lime W Camp
bell C Clark IKiooilman WSya.C Lewis w K
ieiiooi iine.1 eiarts ll Clark A Miles Harris V
lohnson K Ilrown C lln tnes (; lt.-rl H Jek.
snnM llayoi J Henry L Lee II Coleman A foster
M Jaekson J Davis W Johns J Louis J lliirld J
Hand J Lyles I, Lvles M klney It klney Mon
roe Samson It Smith C KaiHl It Willams Tom
I oung I I'nee sln lvlnsi; Lonls K Hardy J
llrnwn J (Jreen A W My J (Jreen O White Ben
White C Maeatly J Walker I) Lee It Lnnee Ifllll
Itileker 11 Stewart W (iibson II Meklnnv Kill
llrnwn K HeasU- P Nelson W .I.,l.,..,.n w u ii.
er W Hr.idleyC Morris II Mills I Mills J lle.k
ard W Havis Chas Hails II Column 11 Harper It
Yonngl West s Collina W Heed II Ue A Jaek
son J Johnson It Martin S KHniore I lark Lem
niiiiama s Williams T Williams J Kisher (ieo
lasterd W hitloekJ Howard ll I'arker Isaac
urner K I orrel sept I
Tellow r"JitkviTine.
J konville, Sept. lThe new
reporte.l today are umnemu,, but it is
now rertaiu that eevemi pl.vst.-Uns are
not making reports to the board of
health, averting that the posting of yel
low &ags at the patient's gate and pnb
HsLino; the fa.-t that they hare yellow
fever lias an injurious elTe. t iu fright
ening them. These physicians tell
patient that they only have a little
bilious attack, but treat them for yel
low fever. They say the disease
frightens more to death than it kills.
It i now believed that the total num
ber of cases of feTcr not reported is
The board of Iicnlth are iinlljoiaiit at
the neglect of the physicians to comply
with the law. Some of the conspku.
ous offenders will probably be prose
cuted. The failure to stamp out the
disease in Its Incipiency was undoubt
edly due to the neglect rf physicians
to report the first suspicious eases
promptly to the board of health. The
pre has been very unfortunate during
the past few days. The announcement
was made to-day that the Horida Cen
tral and Peninsula Hallway, in connec
tion with the Ijjuisville aud Nashville,
will take refugees In parties through
to XahvIllo without detention. Many
will probably go by this route during
the coming w eek. It is diilicult to jret
information about trains iu the future.
Much uucertnluty prevails among peo
ple who desire to get out.
Jacksonville, Ha, Sept. 4. The
ollicial bulletin this afternoon reports
forty-three new cases, making iu all
S;l, and 0110 death, Mrs. Stark, of 1 16
East Forysthe street. Total deaths to
date thirty-seven.
This has been tho worst day vet.
The record has again been broken.
The list records names from almost
every quarter of the city.
Robt Lowry Governor
O I) Mliamls Lieut. Governor
(Ieo, M (ioran Sec'y of State
VV I, Hemingway treasurer
W VV Stone Auditor
j M Miller Attorney tien'l
J H rreston Sup't education
Judges ) Vo0'f .
Supreme l ourt ,, rn.01,','
J Campbell
tk unvcr t.llltim
Judge or Federal Court 11 A Hill
'lerk las MeKce
J II. Wynn Judge Cireult Court 4th Dlslrlel
W. s Kiirisli HUirlet Altorury 41 Ii "
W. It, Trigg Cliuncellor 4th "
kri'llt-ISTATIM- m UlllsLATtmR.
Wm, u. Verger.
It. ll. ( amnliell 1
1 . Casey I House
Harris J
has reyomtionUe. the world
during the last half eentnry.
Not least among the wonders or
inventive nreirriu Is a methiwl i.t
work that can be perlonuuil all over llieeountry
Without separating the workera from their
homes. Pay liberal j anyoneeandn tlonvork I
either sev., young orold i no special ability re
nal rest. Capital not neeilil i yon are started
rree (iit tins out and return to us and Wrf
will send yon free, something of great value
and Importance to yon, that w ill start you in
business, w hh-h will bring you in more money
right away, than anj thing else In the worlif,
i.iisko orrm rura, Address Tang A i;o.
jau il Augusta, Maine,
This Tea in composed of the following jmre Teas:
Formosa Oolong, Assam. Japan,
Moynne Gunpowder and Orange Pekoe.
All blended with "pcclal reference to (linking tea for using with Ice. For
richness of color and delicacy of flavor in the nip, Ibis Tea is tinstirpnsspd.
For sain by the
Sa. Broiii Grncer Cipiy a! 75 Cents w'ML
We also sell Ile-Xfi and C'nn Tens at 78 cent.
VV olli-r a good sthiidurd blend Tea at fiO cents per pound
To those who prefer To tin mixed, wo keep a full stock of the best,
Green Moyunes, English Breakfast and Japan.
tiTlf you want Tea, eomo ami see ns before blu ing.-
a" a -nm ntiATtnr MeMm mm.
June 10 CtJXiSi. UiM,J VV XV LrltUUlJt UIJ,
mxiiaas or bdaiio or n rsRvisoaa.
M M Spencer District No 1
VV W VVorthlnffton District No 3
N (ioldsteln (I'rcsldeitt).. District No 3
S It Swain District No 4
Win Wood District No 5
W B llimt....Slierlfl and Tax Collnctor
John liGrlllln Deputy Sherlll
loiinson. Chancery lerk
J U Marsliiill Circuit Clerk
Jos A Sliitll Dep Chancery & Clre't I lk
John 1' Fliihty.,.. Treaaurer
S Archer Supt of Kducatinn
M orris Ititchelinan , Assessor
VV H Barber Coroner and ltini(ter
11 K lohnson Surveyor
District No 1 1 M tlasket
VV K DeKndclille
Dave l.ee
District No 2 A F dray
K " James
C Warlleld
District No ; D IIO'Hannon
. , 0 Wlnslow
Wm. Summer,
District No i , A Jones
H 1 Weeins
District No 5 W ) Ferris
J A Waring
no a no or i,vi cohhissiovkiis
Chas Hcott (I'res't) Itolivar county
Miller Ilollvar county
M Williams . , , .
J T Casey Washington county
S 11 Duncan Issaquena, county
A t Phelps Sharkey county
S W Ferguson Secretary and Treasurer
Wm, Starlinir Chief Knirlnecr
C W Dudley Cotton Tax Collector
Verger & Percy Attorneys
ATLIUAY, SiymiBER a, t
ItElit'LAR MF.PriNQ gEm. 3 m
Wrwv?- (-UU, president;
W W. ) orthm-ton, SJ. M. Stncr s
It. Swain, uieiiilwr. 1 &"
It U ordered by the Hoard thit the
ly leued for county purpose, to wit:
tor General Countv, V 4
ror County Funded Bonds,
including interest, . 2
F or New Uailroad Bonds, i
For Old Uailroad Bonds, :' a
It is further ordered that the Clerk
or the Board certify this order to the
Mientl of this county and to the Au
ditor of Public Accounts.
Licenses to retail liquors were gran
ted to Weiss, Haber & Co, Hampton.
M- spmoarn, Areola; M. Kosenburir,
Belmont; It X. u0we, Ijlhe Store;
Sam Harris, Pettit.
Assessment of A. Yager on lot in
Greenville reduced from $1500 to
10W, and Uroy Percy on bonds re
duced $1000.
Dr. Stockard medical attention
to pttujier, . . $ 10 00
Circuit Clerk, registration ac
count IH8, . . 122 6o
Jack Fjitcs, pauiK'r account, & 00
Ctlicers ami members, 27 00
Tho tax levy Is about as we calculated
it in the last issue of the Timks. It is
probably higher than it will bo again
for some years : as next year under
the new real estate assessment an pro
vided for, the State tax can doubtless
be reduced. Tho county levy will be
affected simllaily ; nnd this year's tax
lucludes provision for a deficit of 1.6 18
and $8,000 of the funded deb. This
will lessen tho interest account in fu
ture. Illustrating the unciiual rating of
values we compare those of Yaoo aud
Washington. In tbe former tho aver
ago value of Mules Is $78 75; 8,633
mules in Yazoo aggregating a value of
$! 13,11)5. lu Washington county 6,650
mules arc assessed at a total of $336,910;
or $59 80 per imilc. Horses, Y.oo,
1,98'J, total rvaluo $1'.".',232; averasre
$61 30. Washington. 1.400 horses, to
tal value $76,155; average $50 60.
The total real assessment of Yazoo
county is $:lI9'J8,6,2. Compared by
area, population aud production of the
two counties, the dispnrity is no less in
land than other values.
, Council
Ii. VV. Tllford
11 Wllczinskl
J F Harris
Kil Kennedy I
M illaiiton f.
J 11 Kvaiis I
U II Harvey I
w KGIIdart Marshal
'nnn ll Moore Treasurer
f ''! Attorney
Will Verger clerk
Harry Smith i Hanltary Inspeclor
, ' ,t I Htroet Supervisor
A M Shelby Assessor
si. dan as rpiaRuiHil amrier, yery Mnnilay
1,1 It , -,.,1 1 .. n. tW... . -
" ""' f "'- "ih. vryss, uecior.
St. Jnsi ph Ciilliollij survlres ryery Snn.lsy
IIiKh Muss at :. m. Cilwbisin at $.m li
in. iH-nniiriion nt 4 :W p. m. (in mk ,l,iv-
.. , M,f r, , nursienuruoi'll.
Prmliyli-rian Sprvlcfs f vry Rnnilay at 11 a
"i. an.l 7 i. m. On f'riilay al 7 p, in. J. T.'
llnptut flsrylres svnrr sumlny nt II a. in. anl
rtiver niis'iitnr eviw rrn,-,iBV
I ,, nil nn R niM'iiiiir i iiiip.,tw -. -ui ..
Mcltioilist Samicfs rverv Sunilav nt II a. n,
i ii ''imi Vn'-!'T vcr WkIikwIuj-
Nynairiiguy or the lldinw t'oion Seryires
I rula) 7 m. Salurilay in a. m. Joan
itdffft, iishiti
iTi' 1. V, A, -rMwt' Sumlay at 4 p. in
in tlic Public Library.
lWla tomman.lrry K. t -Mela on Thinl
.miiismbv m nu n ijwntn. wm, tMarlii'l K. 0.
bun U. Ilead Swremry.
Itilyar It. A. tbapler No. Il-Mt9 sworn!
Tiics.,iy night in phi Ii nwnth. Wm, starling
II. I'. Tbrmlore I'ohl Sei-retary.
Orwnvllle UW S. 1 A. r A A . M.-Mi'ft
swonil Tlmr-liiy nlirlir in nu-h monlli. K It
1 humus W. II. Theoilore Pnlil secretarv. '
I. O. O. r. !H Stwfs 1st anil Tufsrlavs in
rarh month. . liMsirin N. u M. (....-le,ii
..... i,unger iv nniell.
Kulelila f Honor 72M SIfs FiiM unit Thinl
Tnurwlara in i-ari mnnlh W. K. TliKg I'li-
...-.. . ,, M miHirw neponer.
K. of P-HmMs 2il;anl 4th Weilnoskavs In
evury month. Thmdortj Phl (;. (J. M. Mayo
X. l H. AS.
S. ii.I.j(piii
Mis. I,. WnMnurr
I. Sclllpslntrpr
Mini Manih J,ls-iiImi ic
Vicp Prrsvipsil
, Spu. A T'lTna
. Lihiailaii anil (;ritn-
Kvcning I'ost.
Elsewhere will be found tho monthly
report of County Treasurer Cameron
and his statement of tho county indeb
edness at dato, the latter prepared by
htm at the special requestor the Board
of Supervisors. Tho showing made
l one that cannot but gratify the tax
payers, reduction ot $12,862,14 hav
ing been made in tho debt since Sep
tember, 1887, When it was $84,270,36,
Its present amount being $71,908,22,
oat or atoneme.it.
On Friday evening next with the
setting of the sun begins the most im
portant of the Jew ish holy days, called
Yom llakippurliu, or Day of Atone
ment. It is a time set apart for fast
ing and repent auco; a holy Sabbath,
when no labor of any kind shall be
done. All Jewish business houiei will
bo closed and tho whole day spent in
the synagogue, which remains open
until tho setting of tho tun on Satiir
dny night. During tho period of the
second Jewish commonwealth the cer
emonies at the Temple were very elab
orate ou that day, tho High Priest
ministering in tho sanctuary. The im
portance of tho dny is fully narrated
in tho xvith chapter of Leviticus, and
a description of the rites is also given
in tne various prayer books for the
Services at the Synagogue of the
Hebrew I'nion will begin on Friday
evening nt 7:30 o'clock, and Saturday
morning at 10 o clock.
Wo acknowledge recnlni. of cnniiill.
tlientnrv ticket to the above Fair I In.
giuulug October 16th, it lasts to the
l'jtn inclusive, its catalogue presents
a rare attraction to lovers of lino stock
and excitement of rncinir. Thn neo.
plo of Aberdeen are known far and
wnio ior tneir style ana succes in all
tmuiuer of public entertainments ; and
the management promises unusal at
tractions at the races at the season.
Oood premiums nre ollered and large
purses await the winners. The pigeon
shoot will be a decided feature and at
tract the champions from far and
M. r. Lnfliil, Mrs.S. Onl.liBllfh,
A, ilium, Mis. I. Schli'Singe.,
Dr. Boleu.
Messrs. F. A. Wolf and W.S. Hamil
ton of Jackson .Mississippi have been
lu Greenville during the past week;
tho former prospecting for investments.
Mr. Hamilton has accepted a position
in the Merchants and Planters Bank
ami will be a citizen of Greenville in
future. He is a young gentleman of
high character and first rate capacity.
From a long and Intimate acquaintance
with him we congratulate the new
bank iu securing his services, and the
.city in gaining him as a citizens.
A word iu season sometimes goes a
long distance. Last week, in a notice
of Mr. (,'asc, a sewing machine seller,
wo said that no homo was complete
without a New Home sewing machine;
whereupon Mr. A. M. Vance, dealer in
machines and attachments (office in
Head's corrugated iron wagon and car
riage house) ordered a dozen. We
don't charge bro. Case any commission
on this sale, but just to copper the fact
that a notice in an extensively read
newspaper always brings grist to the
Harry P. Lee, tho old conductor of
the Georgia Pacific railroad, has swit
ched off Into the real estate business.
Ills office is one door west of Bank of
Greenville. If you want to couplo on
a square man, hitch to him. lie knows
this country from the river to the forks
of the road, and will give through
tickets to tho best bargains. '
Their Business Booming,
Probably no one thing has caused Inch
a general revival of trade at A. B. Fin
lay Co.'s Drng Store as their giving
away to their customers of so many free
trial bottles of Dr. King's flew Pweov
ery for Consumption. Their trade Is '
simply enormous In this very valnnble
article from the fact that it always cures
anil never disappoints, Coiurlia, ( I'K
Asthma .llrnnehltis. Croup, and ail
throat anil lung diseases oni. Uv niroii.
Von ciin test it hefore liiivlnir hv c'tii't
I trial bottle frne, large s'ae $!. e.jr
bottle warranted.

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