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ta EIT. Bl J0U5.
The eri of meeting or the Rev
b&m Jni held la Greenville bar of
course had full attendance ; drawo
from all location for hundred inile
around. Certainly his preeehiug bu
lost Don of 1U effectiveness; people
of ill dharvters, creed and cbwse re
swmd to the majrueUsm of the speak-
.r Th nature of thU attraction, of
the pewer tbi wonderful exerts
will lway bame analysis, "
mot eriUcml and acute. Given credit
for til of hi qoahtie and method,
there is yet much to be accounted for
uid to puule over in summing op Uev.
Earn Jones. Fortunately it Is not es
sential, certainly at the chief essen
tial. The fruit of tht tree I good aud
abundant aud that U Uie main, well
nUrh the whole thing. It feedt the
hungry aud neurishe the feeble, the
One thing U eertalB and to be borne
in mind by those who wUh to be fair
and lust, and not to disparage; of all
men thlj one la not to be taken or
kited piecemeal Quoted tcrapa eon
rey bo true idea of the structure of bu
rrobably the difficulty of eompre-
hentlon of the Rev. Sam Jones, of re
ducing the source of bla power to art
terra, which we assuredly do not pro
few ability to do, lie in the blending
of apparently contradictory or incon.
anient element; and In the absence of
uch gifta aud grace of eloquence,
a we' are accustomed to regard aa
Inseparable from the away of mul
titudc. That he la an earnest
nd aoalona Cbriatlan all who boar
him bellere. Thla quality luppliet the
method and purpoae of bla oratory
which la auai alued by cloae, acute, and
forcible reaaoulog. He la at the tame
time B maater of alang, of llluatratlona
which Illustrate, and exercises a nerer
falling comic adaptlveness. Thoae are
the art by which he apallet aud incul.
catca ; they are lutorwoven with and
gloat hie methods, unfailingly point
nd implant hit purpoae in tuch sub
ject! of humanity at no ordinary pulpit
preaching, no word painting imagery,
would ever roach. Bo ions; lite to 8am
Jones, say we.
rineit Biocim.
The trouble about freights noted in
the last issue of the Timsm has become
greatly Intensified during the past
week, amountlug ludoed, as related In
, the Democrat, to an actual blockade,
The power and appliances of the road
hT bocu but feebly applied in relief'
Ing the situation.
The trouble at this point may ba cl
silled undor three heads of oomplalut.
1st. An Insufficiency of side-track aud
depot ground. Sud. The doneudouco
upon b single twitch ouglne of iufurior
power, and suspension of moving and
unloading cart while that one was out
of repair for aevsral days, Instead f
m srsIsg hart. 8rd. Failures
f .nwdrf.-lj cottou until B has Bc
I : to an extent which the forco
' and laotlltloi of tho road hore Is Incom
petent to deal with, and which is moat
seriously embarrassing the business
and trado of tho city.
The first one of those ovlls is probable
tht mala oue. It will be roinoinbered
that when the railroad commission was
hore b yoar or mora ago, a tpeclllo
petition was presented totting forth
tht depot and tide-track capacity re
quired. By agreement thlt demand
.' wat reduced aud the road made tome
additions. Our merchants should make
B careful examination and determine if
these have not new been fully proved
to be inadequate. If so there should
bt an Imrocdiato request prosontod to
the railroad company for a proper and
tpeclfiod extension. If this is not
granted, no timo should be lost in ap
pealing to the commission for a hear
ing. It Is probable that with two en
gines, or oue powerful one, and a larg
er force, the present facilities could bo
man to auswor a season longer.
The causes of the Sud aud 3rd griev
ances are certainly temporary. They
were probably, at least In part, una
voidable aud will we hope soon bo re
moved. Borne of our heaviest ship
pert are ordering St. Louis freights via
the Mobtlo and Ohio and the Georgia
Pacific roads, which will In a measure
relieve the strain on the L, N. O. & T.
poth time In transit aud rates over the
jaen. route have proved satisfactory.
At the Georgia IVIllo receives
the Volllhg stock in full which It
hit ordered, It will add lo tho conve
niences of the city, and perhaps stimu
late the L. N. O. & T. In service of the
tame. ;
eiorluas Tlrslnli-IiSo
The extent of Ueniocratk vktory
In Viri'ui g'jne beyond the mod
auijjuioe expectation. The majority
is over 40,000 ami Irgi.latWe gains are
reported aU over the State. This win
urelv put a quietus upon the evil
genius of Virginia polities. It ww
also cure the adiuIuUtration of sucking
tew. of plotting and contriving
agaioat the Solid South througn oar
gaina and corruptions. Nothing has
so exhibited the low tone and reckless
temper of the administration Influ
ences, a the adoption and unqualified
support of this utterly vile and un
scrupulous creature Mahone. He was
so enraged by bis defeat that, yielding
to bis devllUh temper he find Into B
procession pawing lo front of bla boose,
eelobratinir the Dcmocrttie victory
A man was shot through the kg ana
Mahune was arrested and paused the
night in the station house, lie 1
nnder bond to answer for shooting
with intent to kllL
In Ohio Foraker beaten teyond
question. The balance ot the ticket It
in doubt The Legislature also
probably Democratic. W quot from
the dispatches :
Columbus. Nov. 6. The Republican
committee at 1 p. m. concedes the elec
tion of Mr. Campbell, and admit that
the legislature l Democratic in now
branches. Uov. Foraker has telegraph
ed bis congratulations with as much
cordiality as eeuld be expected from a
defeated candidate.
The Times Star, Republican, speak
ing of the result In Hamilton county
says: "Foraker ran behind In a fright
ful way iu this couuty. In the large
German wards he was simply massa
cred. The Over The Rhine wards
turned about free from the Rcpubli
can column aud swung Into the Demo
cratic line. In that strong hold of old
time Republicanism, ward 11, more
than 600 Umiuullcana teratvhea tneir
tickets. The result was oue altogether
brouirht about by Republicans scratch
era. in the Democratic wards the
Democracy hardly held it own. The
bauner ward of Democracy, the third,
Cleveland carried by 1,190, while
Campbcll't majority was but 1,110,
and lu the fourth, sixth and eighth
wards the Democrats simply straggled
along. It was the Republican scratch
trs who did the mischief.
Iu Iowa It leoks as though a Demo
cratic Governor and, probably, Legli
lnture had been elected.
Chicago, Nor. . A apodal dispatch
from DosMolnea, la., dated 9 a. m., to
the Herald, Democrat, aayt : Tho Re
publican State Committee concedes the
election of Holes by from 6,000 to 8,000
plurality. The committee claimed
victory for Hutchinon when tho polls
closed, but generally trimmed down
Its estimate from lft.OOO plurality
the returns came until at last the result
became to plain that they wore forced
to acknowledge their candidate beat
iloston, Mass., No. 6. KIovou towns
are still to he beard from to complete
the vote of the State. The total, with
eleven towns larking, Is Ilrackott, Rep,
121,747, ItllssoII, Dcm., 118,203, Mack
Dior 14,129.
If KW YollK. ,
New Vortr, Nov. . A 10:30 edition
of tht New York World ays: The
lenic -rat !e victory is more sweeping
Id the light ef to-day't returns. It
says the Democrats have carried the
State by 20,000 majority, but the Ro
publlcaus have carried the legislature,
The State legislature wilt stand about
as follows, there being one or two dis
tricts still lu doubt i Sotinto, Repuhll
cans 19, Democrats 13 ; assembly, Ho-
publicans 87, Democrats 61, In the
present lcglnlntiiro tho Republicans
have a mnjorlty of 30 In the assombly
aim ten lu the scunto,
Jorsoy City, Nov. J. Ite returns
from various portions of New Jersey
Indlcato lneroaaed Democratic gains.
Abbott's plurality for governor Is now
believed to exceed 10,000. The politl
eal complexion of tho State seuate Is
still Iu doubt aud hinges upon Atlantic
county. The assembly will consist of
as Democrat aud 82 Republicans.
Dertflive Kail Facilities.
At yet tbore hat boon no realization
of the expected Improvement of mail
service, t follow on the completion
of the Loop ; placing Greenville sev
eral hours closer to both Memphis
and 'Vlcksburg. Sometimes only the
Southern mall got h?re by the direct
train. .The only effect it hat on the
Northern mail is lo mako it 18 hours
slower than it was before. The reason
for this it Invisible and unknown
1'atienee and hope boworer enables us
to worry along.
('apt. W. T. Ratlin", of Raymond, nnd
one of the committee to solicit stock
for the Jefferson Davla land fund, ha
been In Greenvillo on this mission. lie
will be in tho county a day or so
Shares In this stock, the scheme of
Which has been heretofore stated in
the Tiaras, are $10.00 each. Those
who flesiro to assist in this movoraont,
aiid Who will not meet Capt. Rat HIT,
can do to through Capt. AV. E. Hunt,
imm. j inniiH '' ' im'1 r
fi.-J no j ra-;.' a aPemocrai when J
he ii.-ie himself acceptable to men of j
J parties wbo waal nouei re. j-
(uc-ut bv the people. " '"""'
Lm,u?s d'irettlr to the front. Ue 'Ailed
tbe aitealioa of the people to trir lo
cal affars as bo other candidate ever
sueeeded in ding."
We have frequently been promise!
campaign on Mate issue, dui nr.
Campbell is the ouly man wbo has
giveu us a tuoroujjn one in racat
W re convinced that the Lnquirer
truly attribute the Republican defeat
to local causes; and that the same 1
true of Iowa. Of course the defeat or
Foraker, carrying New York, the elec
tion of b Democratic Senator frem
Ohio, are eanse for sentimental grat-
liieatloB. But we fail to see anv bear
ing or material significance of these
elections upon National politic. But
there I no doubt about the lesson of
The election in the county and
throughout the State was quiet and
without incident. As will be teen
the vote wat unusually fight,
1st distkk-j.
Glen Allan, -Leota,
Stone A Robb
Refuge, (no election).
Jhd dibtrict.
Engine House, -
Court House, ...
Leland, ..... 31
Areola, ..... 40
Hollandale, - 71
riclzou!, 14
Tho estimate ot the meaning of the
Democratic victories lu Ohio and Iowa
are various. Mr. Cleveland thus re
gards them.
Washington, Nov. 7. Ex-Prosldeut
Clcvclaud was interviewed last night
on tho election results. "It is evi
dent," said ho "that the leaven of tar
Ill' reform hat at last leavouod the
whole lump. The west, which has
sulTcrcd the most from tho unjust bur
den of tariff taxation, has awakenod.
The Stato platforms of both Iowa aud
Ohio were abreast of the St. IjouIs
platform on the subject of tariff re
form. The people have considered
and pasacd Judgment. It wat for the
penplo to doclde. They are now de
ciding. It Is enough for me to say
that I am satlstlod at the ludlcatlons
and roults of Tuesday's eloctlou. The
verdict In Virginia indicates that the
south Is still faithful to tho Democratic
party of Jefferson and Jackson.
This view la hardly borne out by
tho following from the Cincinnati Kn
qnlrer, the Democratic authority in
Cincinnati, Nov. 7. Au Enquirer
editorial this morning on the Ohio
election contains the following para
graphs: "Democratic achievement In Ohio Is
a new monument to the principle of
tariff reform? which entered so largely
Into the declaration of principles at
the Dayton convention and into the
discussions during tho campaign."
"Gov. Foraker was committed to a
faction or clique of bis party and his
surroundings were not all of tho best
class. His lmmediato environment
certainly was not of the kind that jus
tllles his ambition to bo made Govern
or of he grout Stato of Ohio for a third
term, llo nssumnd a personal and
somewhat arognnt command over ap
pointments sud boards, to which the
people of the Stato had not been ac
customed, and under the laws passed
by a sympathetic legislature he took
despotic .conimuuil of the patronage
and bestowed it on men who for tho
moct part were not representative of
the party.'
"The Republicans who revolted
against Gov. Fornker did not revolt
against tho Republican party. Tholr
opposition to their nominee for Gov
ernor did net Interfere with their
standing as Republicans. Their lldol-
Ity to their principle's remains.1
"Mr. Campbell was a most excellent
man around whom to rally. He sacri-
It THU Joke I
The covert threat contained In the
following sentence, we regret to tee
attributed to Senator Walthall He it
quoted at saying:
"There will be honest and, therefore,
decided differoucol between flt, at to
what the new Constitution should eon-
tain. These differences being sincere,
will be emphasised In a canvas for
The negroes now, at a rule, are more
indifferent to partiot than they ouce
were, but their Interest iu politic, of
late year, rapidly abated, will be re
vived when these delegate are to be
elocted to a convention which they
know may attempt to unsettle some of
the Important right tboy now enjoy."
Which luiplioi, of course, that the
opposition to a Constitutional Conven
tion will appeal to the negro at the
arbiter f the "decided dUTorencea"
botween Democrat. Chickasaw Met-
This is the Tory acme of misconstruc
tion. Thore are few readers (if another)
of the quoted language of General
Walthall, who will recognize In It the
"covert throats," the "which Implies'
to obliquely teen by the Messenger.
When Walthall, of all men, array
minority f whltet and the negroet
against b majority of the white, Bam
Jouot will be keeping a saloon, Foraker
will no longor wave the D. 8., Jefferson
Davit will cease to hit back ; and the
editor of the Messenger will be pre.
Idont of the Columbut State Female
DiBtingulahed Hen.
Governor John Ireland, of Tezaa.
Simon P. Aughes, of Arkansas; 8. D,
McKnery. Governor of Louisiana; E.B
Turner. Judge U. H. Court; Kx-Uov
Hubbard, Minister to Japan; Marlon
Martin, Kx-Lleut. Uovernorcf Texas;
ii.it. miner, r-n-uovernor oi Araansa
E. A. Terry. Governor of Florida: W
1). illocxham, Kx-Uovernor of Florida;
John I). Gordon, Governor of Georgia ;
Alex Gregg, lllihon of the Episcopal
Church anil Chancellor of the Universi
ty of the South, and hundreds of other
distinguished men of the United States
In all professions and every department
ot science have had their tight restored
by the use of Rawket' Uryttallzed
All eyet fitted tnd fit guaranteed by
Dr. N. C. Skinner, Druggist, Greenville,
White aud Red Flannels from 9 eta,
up. B. WOLF ft CO.
"Thore It nothing left for the col
ored man te do," said ex-Senator
U nice In a apoech a fow days tluce.
"but to tcatter. The West it a great
and proaporout portion of our coun
try, aud thousands upon thousands of
colored people could flud employment
there at fair wage. I hope they will
leave the South."
Tho above counsel found quick
lodgment in at least eue of lta audi
tor, to-wlt, ex-Deputy Circuit Clerk
Charley Tillman. Charley wat in the
tolla at stated iu the last issue of the
Times, Coming across the advice of
tho colored cx-Sonatorhe realised that
the time had come for him to "scatter.''
Rofore doing to he forged a hundred
dollars or to of tcrip on Leflore
county, aud euccessfully floated It and
lit out for the great and prosperout
West. HI victims had him arrested
at Arkansas City but on the way to
Greeuville ho scattered again, through
a car window.
Largo assortment of 11 rente aud
Marblo Clocks, Sterling aud Dated
Slverwaro, at
Oct. 19,-tf Frank Dindbr'h.
Gents' Merino Undershirts at 45c,
worth 76c, at J. Uomansky k Co's.
n K-Sra,
What Kellogg Says.
Washington, Nov. 7.-8pecialJ
Ex-8euator Kellogg, commenting on
tho Republican defeat, says: "The
colored voto has become ludlfforent
and has staid away from the polls or
voted the Democratlo ticket. Defeat
stared the Republican party In the
face from the time that President Har
rison formulated his Idea for Southern
reformation. Ho has departed from
Republican platforms and Republi
can theories in attempting to build up
a white man' purta at tho South.
Tho three most suspicious things in
the world are a mouse, capital and the
negro. No Southern Stale can be car
ried by the Republicans duriug this
administration, because the negro fears
that It will not protect him In his
rights. This is tho result of tho ap
pointment orcx-Confederatet and Pre
lection Denim rats, who will never vete
the Republican ticket lo olllcc.
, J-m
niankets, UlnUkets, Illauketa, frem
95 ceuts up. B. WOLF & CO.
Ia referring to the speech of Senator
Gerge at GrteavUle, the N. O. rk--yone
quote him at advocating an ed
ucational qnaJ'tncalion for suffrage.
ThU it erroneooa. The report of hi
speech published In the Times, and
telegraphed to a number of papers,
the Ilcaynne of the number, may be
;pted a aecorate and authentic.
Ia that report peat ing of the race
question his position was thus stated:
"Thit contained the chief demand in
hit Judgment, for a new Constitution ;
ene framed by the white people of the
SUte and tecortsf by constitutional
provisions, white tupremacy. How
this was to be accomplished, by what
term and what measures, he did not
deem it wise to speak. That most be
decided through the deliberation ana
conclusions of the convention, be the
urn of its wisdom. When convj
he bad views to lav no; the council
boards, bat lone which be was not
ready to surrender and sacrifice if re
jected by that crucible. Far however
various would be the opinion present
ed, the emergency demanded that what
iu finally adopted, mast be approved
by a practically aaanlmoua body.
However long and difficult to come at,
agreement mutt be had and whea
reached be something which would in
tensify and not disintegrate white
Ia onr Judgment this stand la con
silient and logical Bt well at wise. All
who favor a convention agree as to
the disease and that bomb treatment
must be applied. The unwisdom of
advancing Individual views before the
eonven,tlQq assembles, It that It would
beget disputation nnder which the
eeitaln necessity of action would be to
a degree lost tight of; the tendency
would be to lntentify and broaden
difference which if deferred to the
convention Itself, might be readily
reconciled or accommodated by con
cessions and explanations.
It it to be noted that the only ex
ceptions to Senator George's position
are from those who oppose the con
vention per te wbo nave pronounced
the case hopeless and say broadly that
there it nothing which a State Const!
tulion car do, to relieve the strain
upon whit tupremacy s The Issue be
tween the two Idoat it (imply and sharp,
ly narrowed and fixed to convention or
no convention ; to those who believe
that something can be achieved in the
way of relief, and those who hold that
the race evil admit of none which
State power can exercise.
To the Ownersof Fine Horses.
' We wish to call your attention to
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by Bad Shoeing than any other cause.
Thlt, we think yon will admit, the
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lor yoursoir.
uly27 J. a HEAD & CO.
Killing rrotBlnent Cltiien.
Momphlt, Teuu., Nov. 7. Col. W
C, Falkuer, of Ripley, Miss, wbo was
shot by bit former partner, a Mr.
Thurman, on Tuesday last died this
morning from the effects of the wound,
It seems from the various account
roceivod that he was talking to a num.
ber orgontiemen in front of Mr. Thn Io
nian's store last Tuesday when the old
gentleman suddenly came out and
drew a pistol.
vol. f aikner aaui "what do you
Thurman made no reply aud fired
on mm at ouce. The ball entered Col
Falknerit mouth, broke hit Jaw bone
ana ranged down mi neck and ro
mained there. All possible atteution
was given him, but one hemorrhage
louewea anotner, ana aeata ensued at
the time stated.
Thurman it in Jail at Ripley and
public reeling runt bleb.
CoL Falkner wat the projector aud
president or the Gulf railroad and Mr,
ihurraaa wat hit partner in the
scheme. The Col. bought out hit part
nert Interest and made a handsome
profit by the transaction. From this
time on there teems to have boen bad
feelings between the men. Mr. Thur
man drew B pistol on CoL Falkner
once before ; the colonel threw open
hit coat and told him to shoot, at he
wat unarmed. The pistol was snap
ped several times without Bring.
Shiloh'a Catarrh Bemedy
Shiloh't Catarrh's Remedy, a mar
velous cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria,
Caukor Mouth and Head-Ache. With
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Grenada Sentinel of October 26th.
which tpeakt for itself:
Dr. C. D. Smith. Veterinary finnronn
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oy nis Kill ana learning. He has im
pressd our people with the fact that
he uuderstands thorouo-hlv his
sion and it a master In the science of
veterinary turgory. He ha operated
on a treat number of hnrana. r.,r i.
most every animal complaint, and thut
mr una dos Deen unsuccessful in a sin
gle Instance, He Is a clever, honorable
ccntleman. without a nurtlrlA nr r.t.
pretense, aud evidently knows a horse
. i. l i . i
uiruugu mil lurowa. ue Das made
many menda. Dr.ymllh will remain
In Grenada for a ftt-i H.v.
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Floorinq, Ceiling, Moulding, Lattice, Siding, &c.
Famous Mobile Cyprpss Shingles.
Kir I want your trade, and don't care if you know it.
Ail order promptly attonded to
arYard near Crotsiiig L., N. O. & T. and G. P, Kailways.-wi
is one that all can be pleased from, in loth
ity ana price. Uur j
siock is me most complete m trie uitu, o
prices that will please both the rich anath!
Uur stock of '
Ladies Cloak and Wrc
In UPliisli. an.d Clotli, j
is so large that we have Greatly Reduced fciP,
order to sell them. In fact, our slock in (
has been marked at such prices that to cor.
look means, to buy, j
. K. WILF &
mm & m
IQron Main Street, next door to tho Toet Office, Greenville,
are receiving dally an entirely now
.fan and Winter Stock of Q)
they have iu store aud eu route a very flue lino of Ladles m
Jabrlcs, consisting of American and Iuiportod Cashmere, HonrlJ
riushos, Silk Velvets and Volvetoena, Klbhona, Uibbon Velvet, Noti'
description ; Novelties of all kind.; Flannel in all colort; Ladio,;
I Wl VI 1 1 nun f.arl as Vnol.i nr.. r 1 ... .' - '
linn of Klmitna llrno. r.i.i tl r..' . '. V. . Kl
n i , r ' " umwii auu itieaciieQ Uoltout, U
mils, .allnnni. Jt-n TKa t, .... .1 . ' k
, , iiito bibw ma suureiy new SlocK oi .
Fall and 7inter Ilillinery, j
wnicn win ue pretmoa over by the Misset Alexandor, exsoriene
who guarantee eatlsfaction In Hats.
All goods are marked vrv lnnr ti.i. m .. , , I
.. 1 .1 r - ---- ---- j ui uuun niu uui d unnon
buy ttrlctly for cash, which will enable their eustomon to eet tho b
cash discounts. Them voiitiamon .1 ..ot... .i . . , " , ,
-- .nous iu vuBiia vue Eeiierona nuoi
liberal patronage heretofore extended to them, and eolicit a liberal si
future. Aruen from tha nnnnlrv r.ll,.io.l ..,.1 .1.. , J
tinad Jar; Tor Dec. Tern, 1880.
District No. 1.
U. M. Williams, Geo. V. Ward,
JoeOfner, Jno.K. Nutt.
District No. 3.
Jno. It. Shields, E. T. Worthiugtou,
J. W. Scott' E.F. KubauU
District No. 8.
Lyne Starling, Jake Wilezinskl,
J. W. Thompson, Ed. Kennedy.
District No. 4.
W. L. Hay, James Goodman,
J. W. Harrow, F. 8. Aldridge.
District No. 6.
It. B. Parker, J. W. Duprey,
J. C. Lushy, J. C. Maxwell,
One Slid hand Mllburn Mnller Gin
aud Condeuser, right hand, 100.
Also two 16 and 12 boro (iiveus Ham
merles Guns, now. Oue 2nd hand ton
bore. Two Mares, one Horse and one
Buggy, used past summer by my sales
men. octS-tf C M WILLIAMS.
Planters, Attention !
Why buy wood for your Gins when
I will contract to put
at your staliona for
Much Less Than Wood Costs Ton!
Place your orders now aud get the
lowest Summer prices.
Merit Wins.
v rinfltr tn nr In mi ..it!-. mi. u..
have betn selling Ir. KinK's New
iicuerT uir v,nnannipiion, nr. King s
New Life I'llls, Bueklen's Arnica Halve
and Klretrtn Itlltcra and
handled miiedtes that sell as well
or mai nave gtven sueli universal satis
faction. We do not hesitate to (rnaran
lea them everr tlmn. nt ma atm.t mb
torefimrtthe uuchase price. If satisfac-
Itiry lTBUr-yi noi ioiiow mcir Use.
1 Iiaaa rd Mies havm B-nn l,ai.
popnlarit p. My on their merits, A. B.
For the next thirty days
we will sell a good
Dog Cart mid HnrncM
for the small sum of
oetiwt J. C. HEAD & CO.
Arliflcial stone Pawn
We are now prepared to make any
amount. Give in your ordort before
bad wcathei.
Iufornmtion aud cstimatct cheerfully
given. J. J. LEONAUD & CO.
110X814. GreeiivillcMiss.
350 Martctftg Ontlt at 9.v
sept. li-8m J. KoMAStn & Co.'s
To Visit the Great Mining District of
the South.
Grcennlle to Binniniuam, Alabama,
AtTh Low Ratk or $9.25.
Tickets for sale at the Depot of the
Georal. lVInc ttMlt Co For
further Inrormalion appply to
... G. 11. HWiiS, Agent.
Cheatham's Chill Tonic Is peculiarly
adapted to (lei-sons In enfeebled health
and invalids. It assists digestion, aud
i sa perfect strenjrthencr and appetizer.
Satisfaction or inonev refunded
rraie oy A. p. t Inlfty ft f0.
Large assortment of plain Gold
"- "'"bn yoia anu rial
lueweiry, at
uct.i'j,-tf Frank Binder's
W.H ItSKSrs, Pror(tr,
Suit Agtnt for
Th World Renowned
TThe Stowei'
P1AK0 and FURNlTUr?
Furniture; Trunkst
Washington Avenue, GItEENV-J
Wo offer for sale a largo aud well assorted slock' of
Also a Large Stock of IMPORTED Gl
.Just lleeeiyecl. . J
1 - ,
Greenville Oil Dor!
Mahcfacturkrs OP j
Cottonseed Oil, Meal, Oil Cake and Lii
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton X'
nrwther free on board jar at railroad nations, or dcliv C .
, w.
- r

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