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m inici?u iciTisT.
The meeting at the Opera HaA last
aigbt, the number which attended it
ami the spirit with which the ijuwhti
of the Hons. W. G. Yerger aaJ J. II.
Wyna were reived, practically cco
duJed the campaign. That it pointed
to the election of the Wjtbb ticket by
an overwhelming majority, every one
present wai confident.
The meeting waa presided over by
Leroy Percy, Ewj, Chairman of the
Campaign Committee. Hon. W. U.
Yerger .poke first, clearly and lucidly
iplaiulng anil averting the meaning
of the ticket beaded by lion. J. 1L
any of Mid partUt, but that Mr. Jacob
Aieiender stated to Mr. Ltlioy Percy
oue of tid Committee, that said can
didate had determined not to go into
the convention, a proposed. Your
aid Committee beg to recommend
that the vacancy upon the aforesaid
ticket be left open for the present;
that the filing of aid place be left
with the Campaign Committee herein
after mentioned with full power to act
in the premuee and to fill such vacancy
with such person as they may deem
Your said Committee beg leave to
recommend that a Campaign Commit
tee composed of the following persons,
be appointed, whose duty it shall be
to actively take charge or all matters
connected with the canvas now going
on far the election of municipal officers
for the City of Greenville; namely:
Leltoy Percr, J. C. Greenley, G. B.
Alexander, K. N. Thomas, J. 8. Mo
Nelly, K. B. Campbell, J. S. Walker,
11. K. Johnson, 1L T. Uucks, A. M.
Shelby, KUig Dorwart, J. C. Head, W.
11. Cannon, It. 8. Toombs, It. K. Mont-
A dilin'ui-!ic
the Iii' timund i
Georgia 1'acitic "!!'
special Oam uu I .i-t
Wyan. His remarks were la line with
the editorial In the Turn or last Bat- gomery, and J. a BelL
onlay, of course shedding stronger Y our said Committee further recoiu-
Bght and dearer meaning on the pur- "d eQeUoii W
. , ,, . at the Opera House on rriday night,
poatU.ua. He stated In substance h KnJ llutut ,t ulf
that the movement waa no war on In- o'clock p. m, to which all the citizens
dividuals, classes or vocations and had I or Greenville shall be invited, and at
Bo personal end in view. Its support- !rJkh ".". nJ. P1. "ou- J
better and a stronger municipal ad. Aj B0W b,vng discharged the
ministration, one elevated above a duties devolved upon them, your said
mere scramble for tho emoluments or Committee ask to be relieved,
office, In which the good of the city W- - yJH- I'M"-
and the selection of a fit Council was Okkknvhjji, Mim, Nov. 20, 9.
lost sight of; a government more In We the undersigned qualified voters
accord with the aspirations and destiny hereby pledge ourselves to support the
of a flourishing young city, which Municipal Ticket headed by the Hon.
would foster and give shape to Its pot- J. II. Wynn :
slbllltlos Instead of cramping and per- K K Dunbar I) V Hunt
verting its future. That Mr. Ycrirer " m 11 Yerger II N Alexander
captured and carried with him the
rtiuoiB roim.
il pnrtv of o;'it';i!- of
Uil paiui"..- sol t;.e
in t ime m uu a
!ttr!ay and re-
niiiwd in Greenville until Monday
morning. 1 Lc party coui-tc I ol
Edward Christian, Jo-h l!rau
of the (i I'. II il Co.; Co! T. M. IL
Talcoll, 1-t Vi' I'n;ilen Juo. W.
Johniton, 4th Vice I'roid-uU of the
Ukhmoud and Uauvil !;.
Un Saturday evening a huiuulT o
land owners of the Lower Ilogue coun
try wailed on the railroad party and
laid before thcui the a Ivaiiu.'i of a
branch road having the main hue be
yond the liogue, and ruuuiug siulh be
tween that stream and the Sunflower;
eroasiug the liogue aud rontiuuiug to
Murphy's Jiayou. The distance cov
ered would be about 21 mllus. Tl
suggestion wu moot favorably consid
ered and this agreement was reached :
That if said land owners would guar
antee to the rallro .d IS,0W ca-lt aud
the right of way, the proportion
would be recomtiteudtjil ts the Direct-
Oubidc the Breastwork.
l it'
crowded house he wu addressing Is a ii j. Shelby
matter of course. He wu talking to J C Head
men proud to acknowledge aud always O A Iwrcuce
ready to respond to bis leadership. n Wortham
When.tw-knownth.tJudgeJ.,1. fXrtiloTon
Wynn hail consented to accept the H 11 Holmes
Mayoralty ol Greenville, there was but A M hliclby
on thought aud one expression among T r' Mount
tboftod ctUoD( of tuli community, TbS?1
animating white and black, Jew and t C Miller
Christian: that laying aside personal Ham Green
preference here wu the man of men 0 H Clark
to uphold law and order, give
m siruog government j witn I j j ij
nun u Mayor, the man and the oora. I it r uru.nn
alou will have met. ilia speech was K W llaker
restricted to doflulng the spirit of the J M ('roen
movement which had brought out the u'n gi"""
ticket at whoso head he had been w A Cooper
placed, according to bis Interpretation. J V Hell
In language and manner which carried 8 w Harbison
conviction he avowed Ibis to bo enforce- J,1?,'!!",'
moot of the lawe and ordinances $ w TUtotSE
those are written ; and a policy of Ju K Nogue
Civil administration which would make A 1) Nance
the most possible out of our dtv. rvln Wallea,
tiers or the lucuiuud aud Dauyille.
Wynn shall be Invited to address tbelOntbe following Tuesday a meeting
of the said land owners wa held in
Greenville, prs.lded over by Auditor
Stone, ami pledge ma le aggregating
li.Soa There is uo shadow of doubt
about the full amount agreed npou
being raised. And Judging from the
tone or Messrs. lalcott, Johmtou aud
the ethers of that party, there is as
little about the road being built next
Un Mouday next a utmiber of the
land owners will go over the route
With one of the company's engineers,
who will report on the charactor aud
productiveness of the route. This lat
ter Is simply uunurpaawd, a mere frao
Won of It however being In cultivation
This road will when built be equally
u valuable a feedor to Greenville's
trade u tho Deer Creek narrow guage.
er iiiiiBiiing mctr engagement
here the railroad party wont to Hun
ttngton ; which visit wo trutt argues
mo cany opmilug up of It tralHc ar
rangement with the Gould system bo-
yonu tue river.
About this time lat year, say ibe
Cbieago Times, the tff'nive I'resid.;nt
eleH, bow tlie l'r'id.nt in fact, wired
Li eondoitnee to Warner Miller, wl otn
he dcjcrib'l as failinK juet outride tii
breastworks where, by the way. he has
been permitted to r main.
The I'residtiitis -iient now. Indeed,
he authorizes a prtet agnint the
statement that he has said anytl ius
ah-.tever about the battle of Tuesday
week. Perhaps the very megnitude of
the tak of exprewing sympathy with
, i his mangled or routed, or frighttned
; lieutenants rppalls him.
Foraker has fallen just outside the
breastworks in Ohio, but the 1'reiideut
sends no I'arrisouiau salve by wire.
The mine has been sprung at Peters
burg aud liriitadier Mahone U s rat
lowed in the debris, but the White
House offers no consolation by light-
Hutcbion lies prone upon the
fougbtea field of Iowa, and Harrison
doesn't u much as inquire into the
condition of his wounds.
In various grotesque attitudes Ilar-
nomaa follower lie out-id, of bn a-t
worns extamting all the way jrom
Martha's Vlnevard to Sioui Citv. and
the White House doem't even inquire
Into the efficiency of the ambulance
uiu (il uu.,
Retail and Wholesale Grocers,
Cotton Factors m Gommissioii Merchants.
(ieo W btockwell K N Thomu
J A liattle
J G lord
W II MuCulloch
II C (iragham
II J Illackbura
Geo 11 Alexaudor
Iroy Percy
J I Wright
It E Montgomery
T II Hood
Jno II llowen
J V Johnson
J II Harbison
W I) Cannon
C II Starling
Jl l uucks
Judge Wynn made oue point In his J, h.rTra
.--. t . i ... . . . . I a uiur
.raua wuico soouki lodge and day In ( p Hrandon
tlie mind of every poor man to Green- Wallace Arnold
Hie. He reminded them that of all
DOODle. the'
nil i...i i i.j v. . G Dunn
-v-v. , ,nnnlg government. Gee Wllhcl.n
-axe wU to do, the men of Influence GnoClarko
and position could take care of blm- Wyett Holoway
elf. But to the poor and the friend- E J t,lw'0M
lea, the law wu the only protection. jeJ 1Mllo'r
Andlnlboble hand this shlold even It Arnold Jr
wu terned Into an enginery ofopprea- J C Jackson
Ion, G 8 Storey
BoU he and Mr. Yerger repollcd the K M ""KKO
II K Wotherbee
Henry Crittenden Ju I) Smith
It J Madden
Dan Head
J S MoNelly
Jno PFIulay
A M Vance
K S Toombs
J II Nelms
W K Hunt
C T Shadd
George Thompson
D It MacDonald
Itobt Somcrvllle
TheniM Mount
C II Jones
J K Clark
O VT Stone.
K W Klgge
II Walton
Sam Ilrown
treet upersion and disparagements ?j Tk ,",B.
of the ticket and made tolling htu In whSS"
revurn, iue 111001110- cloned ! . fln .?..
imrst of applause and with a show of J Ijftno
pint which practically showed tho
campaign settled.
The ticket wu tilled out by tho col
ored aupportori of the Wynn ticket
rocommeudlng for the third Council
man Pref. I D. Shadd of tho training
chool. He ! a most rcspoctablo rep-
iracuiauve of his race, the labor of
M Lewis
Jno (I Archor
0(1 IlnanUlee
J A Ilonou
Saml II Purcoll
W II Sanders
J II Chnppell
A lj llrunson
J 10 Farmer
W W ilium
.... ,uo iaulir or -
wh.Kl.n3 fer .vera, year, past ha. w A Smln, '
"""" - way oi moral olevatiou of K Kno.
wic youth of hi. race. Without out- Jol Dot irate
ue aid he bu built up a creditable
nd flourishing .chool. He was at one
time Speaker of the House of Itopre
ontatlvesof the State.
To put the present canmaum
cord we copy the following previous WJ AVelr
procoodings from the Democrat ; W J II Snowdon
A Committee was also appointed at "
ttat mooting to canvaa, the situation, KJ C'?rrl,on
joe the other candidates, four In num. ! h Urk"
ber, aud Invite thorn Into a Conve . ' !' ""'1'bcll
on to be held Saturday, ,t which g "
time it was proposed to plice a tlckc " " (iort1""
In the field, backed by the united .mv 3 11 Uo
PAt tX'm'ootf " C',S' iJv'rrelT10
the fo l.wlng report whlcJ, ... ' Wall
lmously adopted : K Ui kin
ni Jitixim
J II Itobb
I) C Montgomery Harrv K Jnh
8 It Dunn Jr W A Storoy
J II Marshall
C W Kay
Phil Campbell
W E Morgan
T A Uussoll
W h Kandol
It N Wilson
W L Gay
Hen Johnson
T W Duun
J N Dunn
Jno Klnsnlla
C B Unroll
Car It Itusscll
C R Hush
S It dels
C K Stlngloy
G C Phillip.
King Dorwart
Thns Canada
J W Dixon
It S Clack
Wash Clark
JJitta Y'uma, Miss.
Editor GRtKNvtu.s Ttstr-s:
In occasional alluslou. in your paper
to the oxtonsiou or the Deer Creek
urancit or me tieorir a I'acllle notl.lno
I. sr.ld or au extension according to the
prorislou. or the charter, to Itolilug:
Foik, thence to YaonCltv n t i.,..,..
aouut wiiia i tuna ami rul
low a survoy that wu made heretofore
to atoo City. This would increase the
uusiuoss ot mat road aioug Deor Creek
and traverse forty miles of new aud
iiiosi jeriue territory, tapping the Sun
nower river at Itsurossiug and Stralirht
Bayou, Silver Creek and wr i .C..
nd, u I understand, give a shorter
cimuouioii uy a good mauy miles to
" ""cans man auy other road from
ureenviue ana Arkausu City.
Vft heartily agroe with our oorrcs
pondcut, ono of tho largest planters
ami most Intelligent cltizou. of Sliar-
ey, u to too exeellonco or a road by
the line he .ketches so favorably. Ilut
then this Delta country Is Just thick
with good railroad Hues, all loadimr to
!. . ' " "
The spent ball, which found it. bit
let in MUdsslppt, raught Chalmers
skulking so far iu the rear that his
name does not even figure in tho li.t
of casualties.
Cilb K Woods
l,ouls Itlcliardson
II C Camilla
Louis Henderson
J 11 lioss
l-ouls William
M W Shaw
To the ftnritwi sv. u. .
lh.cri7.Vo-l , , T """'I'' Ticket ft,r
Jh. City of UrMorlll.. tuHei by Hoa. J. H.
II L Pierce
D J Davis
Horace Johnson
Shad Wood.
Jed' Claiborne
tVnsh Johnson
Win Morgau
!-yne Starling
J Keller
E X Mooro
S A liiuds
A T Torlan
Jim Nlckson
N Gordon
J A Jackson
Jim Smith
J II Watt
Jonss Henderson
C li Uucks
J L llmllion
Saml Covington
A A Miller
K Ilourgos
li II Cory
W L Kay
0 I) IllUlm
Speclul to Tlmes.Dcmiorrat.1
vaiiiiinifton. JNov. 18 in i. ir,.i..i
Stales Supreme Court to-day decisions
reiiuereu in tno tallowing rases:
No. 0H. -nln yBZ00 all(BMlflfll8.
- -I i vaney itaiiway Company, plain
t II In error, vs. Samuel 1(. Thonipwu,
slicrlir.-Misslsslppi siiprome Court!
Judgment alllrmod with costs.
Ippl V alley Hallway Comi.iinv v. ti,.
Hoard of Commlsslonors of the Yazoo
-Circuit Court Southorn
Judgment alllr
The moaning of theso doclsioiis Is
that to cam the tax exemption in lu
coarter the I. C. road has got to extend
Claud Washlmrton- k',7 '"-- rr,ut outl.orn
EH ,, , " """simippi,
U Pool .,. 1 1
There is not the shadow or objection
(there could not be) to the gentlemen
named at the young men's meetiug.
Dut all we have heard express them
selves upon the subject have obiected
to the manuer or the nomination ; de
claring mat a public meeting or all
citizens should have been called, aud
candidates dUvUsscd before It. The
result may have been the same, but It
...1.1 1 ! ... '
wuum uare given tue llcicel a more
oarmoulou. .upport than It is now
likely te have, with four other candi
dates each doing hi. Individual bct to
be elected Mayor. Thi. i. the aitua
tion now, as we gatbor it from goncral
sireei la ik. upon anything beyond
the excellence of tho ticket suggested
we will refrain from commeut. Spirit.
It seems to us that the real issue is
not now the Wynn Ticket wu con
ceived; but whether or not it jiosscsscs
upenor merit, surely uo good citizen
wlo grauts tho alllrmative of this
quostlon, who sees tho vicious influence
exerted by government based on per
sonal candidacy and run on the "dollar
aud coU" .chodule, will oppose aud
rebuke this new movement because of
U. origin. There was a plain reason
for the ticket to bo formulated as It
was.. Those who took the lead in the
demand for better administration
realized that If a meeting were called
before a response could be had through
the appeal for reform and a stronger
aud hotter government, beforo an
organisation of those who would
respond could be effucted, the porsonal
caniituato who had beon iu tho
Hold for mouths securing support aud
personal plodgcs would combine aud
overwhelm It. Hut after being in tho
field fowor day. than tholr antai-
onlsut had boon mouths, thev then
challougod them to measure .trcngth
With the Infant ticket In a public meet
lug. The challenge was declined and.
as mst nignt i meeting .howod, wktiy
Careful attention given to all orders, mail
or otherwise
Highest Prices Guaranteed
to al wId may s is Conntry Mm or Gottoi
ffc carry a Large & Well Assorted Stock
And Will Not Be Undersold.
Write for Price Lists-
cSs CO-
ii ttention, Housekeepers
And 5 and 10 Cent Store
Offers tho following special low prl.g, which all economical house
keeper, should avail themselve of:
buy u l It lolliiwlLg.rtklM:
Siiu WrMnPsr.
13 bi a worlfit Shelf Piiiici.
1 Ixiitn I.inp Wicks.
S l.rk.l Vnu lti.
1 iirona Chins Ituttu&S.
I Uoi TiKilh firka.
S Dtw-liH Nvtlls.
i I' m" Tsi ks
S Koxft ltlrkln.
I k irt Shl.
All Suf Fit e;inl.
All niiv J. llv Pans.
No. I ur No. i UiuCbinnty.
bar uy ol U articles t
1 Wash-staotl Splwbsr.
1 SSmuI Share).
1 m fool Cloth LI as.
1 Bottl Kojtl Shoe P -llrt,
I Vt'hUI B.twm
1 i mil (k-nili Brash.
1 Two-r.i Huts.
I Pair Scisaora.
1 V ni Cun Ofientr.
I Blu'kinn Brush.
1 It inch Kilrhra Suooa.
I House? Wrench.
I II Lantna lor tt cents.
1 M cent Lsatera tor 9S oraU
AU sise baelsis We, ise, aja, 79a
eon cssmiMt 8eu for M,
SI MTU Sett for l e.
l so Unip for .1.
lis Hearth Broom for He.
3e Coal Rous for 90 and SO est,
Bank of Greem
W. A. POLLOCK, President.
A. f
CAPITAL, S250,(x
Banking Businf
Buy and Sell Exchange on all point
Xew lork Correspondent
1AM. I. ttSfiCS, rraaldMt.
n - wr,.
uapnai, $iuu,UUU,
I. B. COWaH,
IY1. SALr,10IM, Pioprietor.
Tho most completo stock of
Corner Main and "Walnut
Wholesale and Retail Dealer
Liquors, Wines, Porter, A'
In. tli city.
fTn.tfl f!fira 11
jjyjyjia mm auoes, unaerwear
aud iu fact everything a rn.n or &M need, ln Furni8hIng Qoo 1
The following celehrnt.fiA hnr,J. )
m stock : j
Budweiser Keg and Bott:
Erlanger Keg and Bottled!
Anheuser Standard Keg and Be'
Pale'lLager in Ke
City and Country Trade C '
Families supplied wUh my Groeer!
A large stock of Ladles Shoes to be sold AT COST Con t.Tn of I n '
n am going to quit handling ladiZoods traCtOr and B
G-reenville, Mi
Thoso Who now criticize tho Wvnn
tlokot. sluco tho last nk'lits nirrtliKT
nJ after reading tho list oritssun-
iiortcrs which wo publish, (U will bo
"vme ns long noxt Saturday,) arc sini
ply dealing in protoxts. They had hot.
tor turn to tho other candidates. Wh
(in mil Hm,u ,...,i . ..
a"i.;iiiuii uy me was' an
uuuuco ttioir couucllmcn ? Is It possi
mat moy can tiiink that tho cltl
Kette (if 11 ii ...mi . ...
. vi.vvuriiiu Wm. nr , , v,
....uuig .,oiui oi material destiny, turn
ovor their public morals and growlu(f
interest, to dark horse, aud unknown
quantities? Do they not sob tl.. . h,
IU Valley branch to tho Mississippi M W,ot tho eaudldntes for tho city
v.. ,ro , n ,,ue j , IHVm , ,lro,lt sclectillB SUcil rmnmll.
room at l.reenvllle, but not m,.,.i, men as can bair tho nini .,r i, it....
The I-Cinliflitstillirot thorlulit ,.r. o t the oloctlon. Is
I lint tL' Ann . T . I .1,.n... i i
vvva. ,1V xiugufl auu JJcer I rnnk . iu unrKtlcss M.ir il.m. -h
- 11 . .... ""M.i..
7 llum 101Z1 uo West here ; about clse' lU0 Wynn ticket and iu strength
tllfl Mlilv .... ....11 . . I la . . ... O
... uuvccujiiou ground to the " l'ru""' against that
South and Kast.
iweion, .0T. SI. ,1.) HI Ij. Rnlllr...
was seeu to-dav in rrln..n .i.. m
OOOoirercd by "the California Athletic
"Tho Califoriiia AtUI fi.,i. i
wnat I ollored them wlirn r ...1..1 didnlei n,l ii.i.,..
...... . - -.un
prme, ucscrvo. better measure than
Co. ,11.... 1 1 , .
V.U...IOIIHU cauuiuatcs, as
gcr Invited you, "como
lick log"' nud glvo tip
sonal candidacy. Stand
confessedly. In the way of the general
good. Greenville lm outgrowu tho
son 01 government that ucrsonal
very evil
Cajit. Ver-
up to tho
your por
no luuger,
Thf U&ilnnil.m...l .L-
t, .rT . 7 IT8" . 10 the mtter here
Chairman, to report that they h, di.
charged th. dutlea developed 'pen
them, and report as follow. s P
" John it. Moo
'no II Mourn
J M Moore,
And ovor one hundred other name.
nuicu win do published next woek.
We Xal the "lamlssion-Ro Kicking."
will do. I will meet tliA ftnirt.i A ..i...
iMImlr .I..I . , ""H"Jr
000 Is hung up, aud that's my ill
tho??,-. 1 ? wlin,, to meet any man
they put against mo, but they must
carry oiiMhe deal about .Jackson now,
or it will cost them nmm n.m.v
they come to talk it over aifain."
men you refuse to go to the Pacific
you are giving il.
. I 1 " 'v fs ivj iiiu 1 11
'The GRRRNvfM.M Ttum u. ,l0PUUIw the nurse l8''o.nioi
Columbui Indet have cortninlv marh. . . !ha to lo prli-o for mo inn
uu as aiftur ha H.i
n w T,!?d0r' a- Td n ,ta de"",B th MconKer-. posi:
vi uie t,iiv ot i:nMt..:ti. 1 '"nn tuv iuosfionamr si si it ( ..i.t.i
-nlng elecUotC U.oy 3 S 1?!"'
following proposition, n.mcv t in, 0Ppolon to the calling of a Con-
WhjaVMBl ex. I 'a I atlhlHnttat .1 ,7 . "
committee of the .upporter. of J "0t hoMrln the "acme- we
J"1". IH Aill power and m'J! ntMV " to those of our
a colored
Pe.oo .nd h.r,,onvTn -?"fiH?
J5rd',pC,,?.,Dt"roto tho
Wwehold FmTL
22. iMt . .L. "u"y. Aovemlwr
Oiy oYenvllbV "3 !?
""fI-niUoB, to be composed of
the active .unnnrm k..... ' " . I.0.'
otora,pf., u.e-Vam.id ZsTt
Zn 'yori ni ,llBt env n.
Uon nominate a .-.ndidate to be cho en
ni.,r-r-J.' ",ur na "oniinate
Oty Coondl,
A . . ,
uanAiMltocolutotb. wnvemS
Nl. F.Hunt,
. 1 . J. C. (iRKKSIM
reader, who asreo with n..t .o.,..
slitutional Convention should be held
.i gniiaru Kniguis of the quill
iiiBi inn iiiitainft aiwini.i .s
tied wilhlu the party aud there is to"
uk, MiMiig aiter the result is known.
uu. i.i.i.ur wnai mat result may bo.
iucu mo -uectttcd dilrerencos', are dif
ference, no longer than the moment
.u ...njuriiy oi uio people-, rcprescn-
I All Vna in 11. a . i 1
... . exi lx,rilure shall
speak. Uood.
lleforo leaving the sublert. h
wo want to reniiud our friend oi the
iiiura mat tils rr II rlsin f s...i.
K reaus mrollff li our i.n..i...l...
n..- ..in, u.rsuer man wo ever intend
ed ours should bo towards any anil-
"emocrai, and that said
criticism did not seem l I..
itrictly to the .ubjeel matter, n' ha.
v-.u. iiuuriTOI Vlnwa imllnn... ... ....
University had to do with the di.cus-
I'hIm . (-'onut"l'l Convention, is
little beyond our "acmo" of Comoro-
ueusiou. Chickasaw Messenger.
Gents' Jlerino
d therein WM'roce7y.d fro0J I Worth j'Sr wT
coxsriTcnwAL co.xtkstios.
To the Editor of th Ccimml.nwt.lth:
Ti. . ...
uu opposition to a constiintu.,.1
convention ts divided into i
u. oiug uiuerenr aud contra
' ' "CSS, UU8 llm'lar... il...
.VAi.,11.1.... I.. . . . v' lu.
Iliihter. I win .... ...il ..7 " " " ,0 luVCiy
-hlje ma,, for a mmX 'ZZZ fiZZ
the othor I want the full .i.,n.. . the lllv. ti .i " . . '.. w P8,ut
What .!. wi...!- Hie sitlta-
"ifs ii n.n . 8 w ie m
them I. . .. . ",u ."",L" Ul i . .. '"
. . . 1 "K"1"" me. i have no " iwicitiou. a
!., . . ,col,or0(l """, but they ""Pro" perfection.
J -here be belong-
Till! 1. ,..,.... n.nv... .,... .. , . "
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raiicisco.Nov.Sl...W. IU). , We too prosperou. and hai-nv
Vnri'i0r.ti",iie.,,1,or of tl,e l"trated Uef,d. ? improvement, therefore
The Statu is lu
position that improve.
All 1 ., looking V the ""nttoltnTZS:!:
T "M 1 woukl "-"Iklng.bo'nt a convention o
light a colored man. but thev Improve perfection.
nov 0
Call and see these goods before buying elsewhere.
Porkony's hand-made Shoes and custom
made a specialty.
1) M Cm rnnmi
MUltlVro. DK ALEB iff I
t T . "ni.JlK8 in I 1
naravvare, (Jrockerv. Stovpq mrl Tin,, r. ULL LINE op
WSS-SS ji.rL'SSSs. Qware, Glassware J
nov 16
Kpl'fopal Convocation orSitchei.
in . t0""ifl't Ulegraphod John U dt"lhiug. Our di
lynau.. I. ... l
u..iit . .rutin lj. i . c- ... u.ivoou .u uesiipr.
b 2T U: T.' "Am llorir.ed ",c remedies are i.npo s ibl .
by Nan JosofCaM Adil.-iu a. ......!. therefore do i.nil.i,,,, i. i. ... ... .. '
joo.relo.ooo forum ; h tb.t both prenii,eTtan b t'Z
IWerJackson. liesm.nd. h "" from these .liverso as....,,,,, ' . . ., !
conclusion i. reache!! mi.
must nccessnrilv l n...n 1 ' p.... .
tho premises Is false. The 'eou.li! ,
of the slnto is fur from ..lUr.. .
on Urn .,11. ..r i i .. . ""' n,,u
. , . " vy Ho means
beyond l ie ro. h rr """"
,, . "".-ines.
I Is uoliDenan in 1..11 i..
dreda..d,lny thousand whlr.
SiVS conslitlon of ,!
admirable, and it i
1 .. .
nope mis purse w be ina,l..n
....1 .1... .1 ....
" iini mi' coon Will do Sullivim
Planters,Attention !
n ny ouy wood for your r.ln. .k.
i mil coutract to mil.
at your stations for
Special to Times-I)eniocrat.l
I ort Gibson, Xov 2n.-iT,0 Kplsco
pal Convocation of Natehna n.n
c f - .... - w
jo., u sines cnurch yesterday, aud
arter a 1 session of two day. adjourned
hi. afternoon. Tbore were present:
Key.. Lowell Lmn.
l'Jg ; ,n Cro8, wcretary, G roeni
v lie ; K A. Deiossot, Notchc ; Arthur
""-u uu,j on unison. Mr. Cook,
tiibson, representing the laity.' The
convocation i. still in its eir.rima....i
(ago. . and the principal measures
(opted at tho present session are .uch
as 100K to placing it upon apermaueut
basis and perfecting its system.
Resolution, ol resnert f
regnrding tho death of Rev. C
Uiighlln late of Diamond Hill, and
Jlr. iiolcolllb Hllllrirnnn . 1..
luiik i --.-b""i "iimu,
both member, of (ho convocation, do
censed siuw the last meoiW
Iu his opening address, the doau,
who was a deputy u the ltn o-n,.i
Eonvention at J,ew York, gave a very
.t.VlinilllW MIIU lnaiPIIPtiVA M.. -a-
tl.M i v iuouiiiw UI
.uo nurs accomplished by tht body.
Kllrain mav knock nut s,,n:. ,n.
wishes, hot that ha. nothing to do with
the miliaria which "irrow. n.i! i..
soino of the swainv ml,. r n..
rites'- ' b0CD tbero
Grkrnvit.i b s r
tienllemenllaviuir nn.l v '..
Illnml.n.l'. r.'l 7
-"-""" ..i-nja ionic since 1883.
I ehecrlully recoinmoii.1 It . .i...'
.i,ir..i r ' . . " " "'
""" "iu iossoi appetite and dys
pepsia ; also as a preventive of malaria,
....,,, uwu one uozcu botlles iu
. wmkii. i , ton.
If you (lout want to havn n..i..i
Ullsa a I omc for 50 cents aud l oo
rorsaloby A. a Unl.y Co.
Mr. BaTl. Better.
Evening SuteTj ov. 21.1.1
the cool, braciniratmni.i, it .u.
mor-lug hashadmnel, ioZln
d'lcing a very material rh... ...P..
. . I MM n . 11
Washington Avenue, near Bank of Greenville. MW' and Guttering J)n i
ms uro
THE imnn
V- -V
Wo offer for Ie. .rg, ,nd we ,Mort .
- uxts AND HtOl)
Also a Large Stock of IMPOFM
or. lowrr-i TbiDksgiTliig froclwa.
Special to Commercial Herald 1
Jackson. Mis... Nn ai n. r'l.
ry to-day Issued the following thanks
Jiving proclamation:
" ' w,,o and
. n". " lM pDl, dO SOt
apart Thursday, th. 28th diy of the
v , x,ovomt)or, a. a dav
of thanksgiving and prayer. TheDe
te!?" Amended to
woM"J7 W1? P of
his .limi.n. ui . w "uu 'or
..uuuuco oi uie ssmn . .
propoV;o-nu sss EC
Dose and iti,m.7 . Pr-
contributed to the V . " 5!5b??"
Brew of our emm "". " . '" Pro
'et u. .nmooLTdX-Torv!
a --mm ill. courts.''
There will beTunlon .ervico at the
Baptist Church on Thanksgivg 2
condiicia.t , r. , 6 "m'
" sii... ,.,,;
and I
ic all'airs here is
J"'l as uusum 1. To I .1 . ..
.... .i .. .. . '"!i dial thev
," '0 no,muK 'o improve their ,it.
Much Less Than Wood Costs Tout US, '
l laco yours orders NOW as twl irnt 41.- I Kr!tlU..a i
IowphI Summer prices.
yours orders NOw and get tho brilliant MMssi; editor",CD bf
250 Marseilles Oulli. .1 nn ..
iept.U.8,n J. ItuMANv '
v VV. I
.., .,, who waa n..
SJlnr .7. W'l'ly Wof
ui 1118 lt!XI WHB MllMtal.I-- .
SSr 1'll,?ician- who called a,
he tenner rcsideneo esrlv ti,t. L "
oy iter. E. r in
other pastor. 0f our churches
To the Owners of Fine Horses
thei:7J rour .ttentmn to
b.V Bad Shoeing hnn.r, rnined
This. . mTi "e tilnn "".y oU'er cause.
ntstenU,rjl7..W'U.(,it, the
i he yard Engine ef tUeL
l tGrecnvill ....... . a- u'
J. C. UKAn ,.
- " m
Greenville ooatiu
uesday even
K.I . ...
-vi.uging io y. f
Wednesday ' ,7""'"
.. ' ' V"'UB rn Into
expressed himself
grateful witb. the great change wrS
i'i his patWt condition li.W
"mm me
past few hour.,
iju-go assortment of
Rings, Set ln...
Jewelry, at 6' "u,a
Oct. 19,-tf
I'lain Gold
id Hated
kiudiin-ofth. L::.oueK?
driver ,nd .u. the
on the part of th. reeM-
Hnnter. Mm Z " for (to
j'ea, which w m?.?1 ng
low price., WP- at astonish!
ls Agmts for
Harrari anil Ererett
T World Beaowned
MM and FUR J
pianos, oi
IHi-smmIa , I
culture, xr ur
X GriArlr. T- ... !
In i l , r
jcuu anri Tr- lroly ,
Thi... . vyllltRr i.J
IM..J1 TVW. li . . . ltd ,..,
1 ,une. w oiiB.Warn - "portoa CashaV
?oy, HMeVuT1"' of all a". Sbbon. "ibbon VH
Calico V Gingham, b' Ti017 dJcrIpt'"n.
which will be r,ri i i Winter Hilli
AI1 WhoTar I"" Miw AIoxador,
. All good. . " . u''ce satisfaction m n.t
nna . . - iiiHrira . "
HUeni r,... ' . ffOUtlemntt 1. O"
Hood. i...7 d,llr'.
I And nrrib
- -rruHtuon. ntryolicilod and

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