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soiieekx .nr.K tijin.vL
i ert.llief.
T !n!p.jrsa'" tf this s?-jt-t WS
bn:;:rit w bub-I la a ay 1'R i b r
m'ntl.r-i. tr t'.e vaV'n.enl if Prof
N-.:l, that lh pr.lb; purrbe nf
f rii:.. n. k.nt..- y fa-n:-r au.fufi
to t;u.iui a y-ar, and trial pn.hal.ly
thrv-f.urih4 of the 'ociunt U at-d.
He U.n-d that by .w4 hr m-ant
that the firmer, a a B-aa. do a t know
what th-j a -d, asd da Bot care what
thry g t ta snay a-i-d n;tr.r.-a and
he buy p.Ua.-h; another may a -d ph.
pha'r and ! bcy ammonia. and null
actO'T n ay awd but a alalia lni
wie iB.Tf.ti.nt to add to h:
wU to Biik it riih. sad bo bun
a ruinpli-ui f'-ru!iifr at et.B'ud. r
able ti.t. matu-r what the
Bltak B.ad. if the lamer bo a -U
obxcnrtT. he be diatised androa
drn,a rmuuwrt-ial frrtilisi-rs aa a ahole.
Kiia-nmrau sua.tr at th Station this
a" iWi.HWrat.-d that brttrr results
wrn- i.i.uin.4 where tht BM"de.l !
awBtunly iu appIW than where a
rmuflrt fcrtiliarr. amntim- at lea
tini.-. the mat, va usrd. It will he w-rn
thro b.'f easily a farm nay rr. Cum-nwn-ial
f-rtlli-rs ontaia awa and
Bu.h elrm-nU that .oils require, lira
erally Brt-rla (."Is will ninuii all
that i Bwlrt to mas fury p,r land
yild faircmp. Now, if land ia la Ihia
nmdutoa, the ownr ran t make snurh
of a Biintakc, bo niatier what ha ap
pHea. Hut a Of Id snay 1 mi mora Brora
that it fail to prodo. paying or. p, and
yet he rich in errtaia ek-Bient.
It take jiM my many el.-mrnU to
Biakr mil rii h. but they aiu.t all be roa
Ulni'dlnR. If all but one ar there,
although some mar be ia crwl abua-
daw-e, rropa will fall. If 1 1,, amlt-d
iop t iiiillsl all w ill br wrl.
Hut tbr difficulty firrupn laUr amtrt
U to know wbli-h U th arwlil denirnt.
All raa not Mwt to hard thrir aolU
aaalywd by the fiat, and ihr al U-t
thai ran b rm'tnl ia th pi-aulta of
Ki'ririwnt atationa. Thi', to
fffM-tivf, hou!d U loatrd it. th diffir
rat pHjlmrii-al formailoaa of the hute.
Neat. frrat may row from the dle-i-Baniona
and leciun-a at the Karmera' In-
atitutra, whi''h. it 1 r..nl.-niUti d. will
be held in eery diairt. t ia the SUte.
Hut. afUT all. a farmer mini aiake hla
owa exie-rimenU, hav-d na the bent in
formation he can rain. 1I him aw-er-tain
a nearly aa (xxxible what hia aoil
ni-d. apply thin, leaving where
Botliinir la addtni lie may try In the
auiall way many of the known fertllii-
Inf elemenia and nw nh'niivi ly only
aut-a an unrve iienencial.
AaiHher way a rarnier may err la the
Uof rornmervlal fertlllierit: Ho may
cnowui wnat tn greater part of hi
aoil iwmla and net hia drill the aamo for
the whole field. Thua will he apply to
jerino lonr'e row the aartin hit doea to
the worn and yellow tilllxidn. It may
not lie needinl at all on one and lie too
amall an amount to practically benefit
tne oilier, while the averago portion of
tne lunu will lie materially Indued.
la thi day the urn of fertlllieni haa
lxsoine a Bwalty. farmer ran Bot
rlM Hir crop and aell at pivaent
prices, i rm luixir la tlio aaiue on poor
ef th
'. n il', r
.r;ve to p t
i-N tl;-it d.e
f .r-
or a kinuI crop.
( lover k In mmt InntnneiHL a nor
reign remedy for poor Ian. I, hut elover
will ortcn fall unleaa the land la given
aonie good mineral atlmulant.
We trimt the work of our experiment
Ktittlon, tlm teaching of thn hiHlltiHen
nil the farmer' own good acniut will
guide them an that thn three-fourth of
7(K),IHH now WBHted, may be dltrlbutd
among them. They mi it, Oud know,
and need it badly. Farmer' Home
. . "'r C'euntrv l MadTfor Mmnethlna.
Every eouhtry, aaavaryman and wom
an. I made to fiilHt acme purportm or
ueauny. 11 inn ntnewt In appndiended
every eountry I g,Kl and every man
and woman a khcocn; otherwise, the
whole i a fiillure. It I a common mla
. Uka wo makn In till world to try to
mend Nature's law and end our en
ergle in attempting the lniHmiilbl.
Wo often M-ak of men a "the right
man In tlio right place." (if a eountry
wo hear nothing of the arL It in a
good, bud or indifferent country aa wn
aeo It from our Htundiolnt, or as the
country I appreciated and uod.
Your HtuUi Kentucky-1 uned for
what It wn Kclally Intended. Wup
(Kwe your people fought hlucgra a the
people of Ninth Carolina would and do,
what would Kentucky amount to? The
ronMuence can not lie etlrnaUd if
cotton were made thn one erop of your
Ntute and all your grand paHturn and
Uwfc Intercut were nwept away.
Hut I begun to toll you of Nouth Ml
aourl whem are homo I. We are not
to the manor liorn, but an- onhy adop
tion. It 1 not a new country, hut ha
not been lined for the purHwen Intended,
therefore It ban ln.cn a nir country,
with a financially p.r in.opln In It!
The problem of what It wan nulled din-
tniatund nn la . .
-....-..,.,.. ,,, accepimi an a
foo.gono ronclunlon that thn entorprlnea
must remain, or It were Mterlnnaytlip
non-enieiprlne were to remain fon-vnr
an a matter of courno. There
were nome. ton, who inninted that tame
granncs and clovers would not grow, and
mat an mere are no rnllroadn the one
uon 01 oreimnm wan aettled. All thene
ronclunlon were to hn nppnned and
proved. It wa no dllllcult thing to do.
e have never noon tame grannc do
"iter, ana clover In indlgenou to the
noil. Tame pasture do for u Just what
wtniw panmre a0 for other region.
Fruit growing ha taken a Arm hold
upon our people and In developing InU. a
m.mi prnrnming industry. Tnen come
Into bearing very early, and the quality
of our fruit I the wonder of all and
bring the heat price In the market,
rcachc are almoat a certain crop. We
feel that gran and fruit are ample and
reliable noiirrennf prosperity and that
we shall get along.- U. M. lleil, in Farm
era' Home Journal.
sl i''r f't
thr oif the U tt r
t;ght the we: b.
.A s ;. . r-i . -Minv
,: c-iij'ain t-
ae !.;:. .d in l
I the i : 1 4R i t.ttl pn-.f."' U. t
..' i '. 't"i at iA-t a .
and ei-i'lf ia tr.e f..il. a d:
taw-e of t l '.! a'.Mind tte wt '1 '"in
urfr hoi. i r c-ni ijE.-l. be i t'.
pump it If .h.K.M h -! n.-i ,.Tai.in
ally. fi,'-. buir. w.irui and e.-!i
gniUwiil gtt ia th- ii'ir, alr.l- fv.a
a few d.t of axdutioa fn.m a Cl'hy
draia ir sink. nri'lin iti wiy into tie
well, earrv r-irna eno'.fh rfcf.tdly to
multiply and .ontaiuinate ail of the -er.
Kt of trv.. an-t via- m rm
bm drain into tbe lla, a they n
Um toil, and .t that r-a.a they ihouid
aever 1 j.Unud near the source wt
drinking w a!-r. Ninitary .News.
I. r lrnu ray T
It i rlaiined that farming d-a- not
like other (-rupatloa. It i Biore
pn Btal.le than any other imlutry to a
larger Bumtier of iH.iple. or ia a larger
aumt-r of , tbaa oilier forma of
businei. Ibawe rjopie hear of an
occasional in.tanw of prosperity aaiong
B hintt. Bseehiak or Bianufactan rn,
it ia awume.1 tint nearly all aurreed,
but thn U Bot The "aiB. ty ave or
airvty-nrtra per cent of BBswceseful
an a are aever r ferrd to, while the
mall auRiijrra ho u--e. are lauded
tothetklet. This i aut the pnipor
tloa ia nearly every trade and profea-
aioa of nticcrsa or failure. A Unrnr, bei.
Ur ahowiag ia Biaile among mea who
follow agriculture. The lnteasitv
.f conipetitioa anumg niaaufat-turer
riire them to hire cheap labor. The
one hoie of those no forced to the wall
i to go onto form or txvouie no akillisl
ia aw line that their labor 1 India
pcnsal.Ie. It U Bt ne.sary that one
should go West to U gia farming witb,
the ho of lunvm I.atsr, frugality,
skill, effort, are jut an ure of reward
ia Xew Knglan.1 a la the newer State.
and the name qualification are much
more likely to give aucees In farming
man in any other profeasioa or employ
Ht-Bi. mere are just a aiany oppor
tunities to do well now a were ever
known. .ht do farmer pcnd Biore
hourw at their labor than mca in other
wuiiation. The drodiry of the
farmer 1 bo more aeyere than that ei--
ri. n -.si by the tra-l.-srnan. merchant
or professional man.ltev. E. C. Itald'
w in. In I arm and Home.
The Mealllr ef Ike K.,11 Werwu
The boll-woria U the raternlllar nr
larva ol the ilellothi armlgera. and t
Known under the aeyeral names of mm
hud-worm, corn worm, boll-worm, toma
to worm, etc., a-vording to the plant on
wnicn it ia found feeding. The moth
which lav It first i-mra In Ma or June
U very elisielr allied to the moth of
Aletla argillwra, or cotton caterolllar hn tender heart nnd a hund reiulx
.....v.., um i. nomewnat larifer and of I to aid t lie I eserv n tiooe 111,1 h.,1
apartas! H m ecvt mt Livlaa
rptmt w.tB T r s p.
A lady liviD? on the fifth fiiior of aa
uptown fit-htiut called to the
I-akini t.-ts by a violent rintfinj of
ILe li.xjr beiL
What is it?" ehe ca'Sed down
th.ro.iirh, thesis akinj tiibe.
It .V-abhy Mctiooxan." camebaik
th reply. ' I've calicd to ace if vou
have any col I vitual this mornia' for
a pr mju."
"iO 'way" screamed the lady
through the tub; "wo'way. I smell
vour awful breath c'ar to the fifth
' iluor."
S-abby Mo'I'Migan. ., was not so
easily d;poHj of at louj rang.
"It hardly fuir to ho'd me rtoa
aiblfl for the coudition of my breath,
ma'am." he replied. 'Kiettin'. aa best
I may, odd and end from a hundred
kitchen to keep soul and body to
gether, is it any wonder that I am un
able this morning to waft up to you
through this posky tuh the odor of
new-mown huj, notwitlcttandin' I slept
ia a manner last night?"
"Will you go away, or will I be
obliged to call the dog?1
"1 am not alarmed on tha do; ques
tion, ma'am. That racket works toler
ably well wheru the folks live on the
common, but I have yet to have my
6rt roeouutcr with a dog that come
down from the fifth Boor. 1 have no
ticed that In eoniln; down from tha
fifth fliHir a do; has time to tike hit
aocoud, sober thought, and, by tha
time he reaches the street. It occurs to
hint that ia the likely event that he b)
wounded ia the fray, be would have
di moul ty In dragging himsolf back up
the stairs, or up the back stairs "
"Vou Impudent tcoundrol. will you
go" st reamed the lady, until the tube
rattled in every joint.
"I am In a mood this mornin? to
diw.-sn," came Scabby' voice, with
Jtastrtiiig calmness, "and while I
have the ban ol this npeuklrt' trunv
pot, I mny as well set forth an Idea
two that I have not, as yet, been able
10 get inuj tne newspapers or maga-
Jlne. I desire to say that, ns the rep-
reseutntivo of a larfie and growln,
cliuw, I am diametrically opposed to thii
flat and apartment-house systoft
or In in. lou suo the disudvau
luge it plaivs us tinder. Now.
were I permitted to present my clnlg
to you face to fiu.o, in cad of by tills
ero hollow mockery, I dure say thai
you would boo the dreadful necessity
or the case and cheerfully comply."
i ho spenking-tubo vibrated agui
with the liiiligiinnt mensago;
M'oiifininil you. won't you ever gor
t run ten oy tne sound .of youi
voio," roullnucd Scabby, "Unit vou
uarker color, especially In the hind
wing. The boll-worm, when full-grown,
descends several tm-lies into the soil,
where It undergmw IU transformation
into a chrysnll and then Into the moth.
the late full bnssl remaining In this
condition throughout the winter,
It require skill to winter bi'en nrore
"ly. They should Is, kept, well pro
tected from severe cold, but not in a lo
cation that allow them to become too
warm in tlm hive should chamro of
Here I wimethlng Interesting. The
tvorage valuo of home In thn whole
eountry Ufmi.il, and In Kentucky tOl.tm.
The highest prl I horse am In New
rey, PKJ.ai, and the lowest In Teian.
1 1.
erms eirungn wrien men am no
particular alniut the fissl they eat anil
thowlngnof a dove. I might porch
niysttlf ii in ii your kitchen window-sill
and partake, of no from vour lllv.
lilto hand; but, nliis, I am conipolod
to iMimmunlcttto my want In this enr
bnrnisln' nnd unsatisfactory way. mis
tered bo the tongue of the mnn who
first Invented Bats. Aside from th
single advantngo that people who live
In flats can't kuop dog, I dofy you or
nny one else, to point toono redoomln
font urn of tho tnfornitl flat system."
"I II pour caldliig water down this
liilw If you don't go," yollod the land
J usl one word." said Scabbv. "nnd
I hnvo dono. I wish to roltorate mv
iniprnraiton against the inventor and
uonignor of lints. May his tongue
clenvo to tho roof of tho highest Immii
in this town, whllo ho is obliged' to
Iniilgo In tho middle of tho road and
turn with loathing from moldy' or musty B"t his pio and cold potatoes through
dishes that they ncghvi t mri tlm B siMMikln1 tulm. (iood-day, mu'am."
horsis and catllo a senhmsly. It N Y World
takes a llttlo time to screen the oat
and remove tho dirt and chaff, but It
- ii inn tissi i diminished snd aul
main Ik'coiiio poor the amount of fmsl
required to get them In condition will
mi greater than thn amount of
now in sink a Novel ami lclileill fret'
j i-iaytning.
a nun mmio of corn hunks and
dronod ontlroly In tlio same mntoi-ial
ftMul I Is n wiell u...l . . ,.
saved In nn .lle,i ... ... .... .. ... "V. "u " ' u lf"'Ilnl"
neep int. stock always In the best c
illtlon, and tho costuf mnlnte lllinee will
lie lessened.
i in me garden seed awny In tho
none carefully lalsded, or the mice and
ant may destroy them, All sects should
run not fall to ploime thn cblbleen
Tho model Is eight Inchos tall, drossod
in moilom stylo. The husks should
bo secured In the fall when the corn Is
npo, poioro tlioy bocomo hard and
iillttlo, though dry ones could be
Im thoroughly dry, well looked over, the "'"'"'"""d nil mildo soft otiough to
lniMrfict n In of U'ets, melon, squash m A wrn foundation for
(and other coarse seeds), remoyod, and t,,,, "'"'y- Mousm-e mid mack the
mo ooxes sept in a dry place. wiiist lino; below this wind layer after
.sever wmp norso r,r not doing "'yr luisks, leaving thorn of full
what he can not understand Is wanted lo und ItulTy at tho botUm, but cut-
1 r" " wilfully refuse to ling out gores nt tlio top so as to make
perform a service reuulred. lint n,u It .1, ,i u,...i. .. . L .,
,,,,, i , ... , , rt " '.v mica pin mroiign any-
" ..... SIOIIII,
Ahoul farm Wella,
The well on the farm are a great
source from which come many diseases
Nome well are never cleaned. When
dug they are carefully H,anlis1 over, the
bump made tight nnd nnug, with the
ground sloping away on all sides so as
to allow the surface water to flow from
the opening. There Is no well water
that is pure. Something depends on the
character of the soil. 1 f sandy, and the
wster will disappear quirkly from the
surface after a rain, the well will drain
the soil for a long distance around it,
and ttw consequence will lie that a large
portion of the With of tho soil will find
IU way into the well, although the
waUr may appear sparkling and bright.
It Is contended that the soil removes all
the Impurities from the wateri but this
depends upon whether thn soil, by
long-continued absorption, be not
already so thoroughly saturated with
impurities an to refuse to take up more.
That the soil does not remove all the
impurities, even from new ground where
a well has been recently dug, has been
demonstrated by saturating the surface
arth at a distance from the well with
kerosene oil, which gradually found It
way to the well (having been washed
down by the rains) and imparted its
odor to the water.
If the soil be of heavy clay tho danger
will be lessened, but on all poroun soil
the liability of pollution of the water Is
gri'fit. No manure heaps, privies, sinks
pr oth receptacle for filth or refuse of
in;;i.(al4 ti wUbln Ai.u&vtrw
llln Ihefioirh u..
MM'llll Vour eueripv I u'l. ...... I, I. . . .. . .
In patiently ,,,kln u. , ...I..". ..... "J . 10 Keep the skirts
stand. Instead of sncn.ll,.., it. . , ... omH" 'mV " "Hs are
ping him. 1 wound closely mid
IVi not
noli lrv-l.(ii.u (itlt tt... . .... , , ,
to frecito, nn the boards do not rot at that I f '? ''"'I"'8'10 breadth, bit of cotton
pinned to thn hmlv
bank the earth un to the ,'" "!'T At,t' bavlug wound a fow ex-
until the tl "'ll'- tho sh.nildo.-s to mnko
wiison oi in,, year. An soon .... ti...
winter In over, level the earth sgaln. a
no warns win Isym e, rot In spring.
Itiey usually begin to decay on the
evei oi tne ground.
The markets do not demand a verv
large fowl at any season. A bird w-,.lh.
Ing about four or the pound is nioro
salable than one weighing right or ten
pound. Tho fowl that bring the host
price 1 thn fat, plump, fresh-looking
one, especially If dressed, dry picked
and clean. Live fowls should never be
Soapsuds on the manure hesn is
Is Inld over tho end of tho cob for th
mini, mnping it as wo ns nonslhle.
una is covered, with a very smooth
plow of husk, nnd tho oyos, noso and
inotitn niiirkou with a pen or nonoll.
nuii n on oi carmine Is put on tho
cnooks to give them the Hush of health.
Poioct some of tlio best husks for the
tiros, a low of thorn belmr stnlnnd
with a pink dye for the trimming
t .... . . ""
i wo tun wmtht of husks are used for
drapery In tho back, the join and nuff
being fastened with plus, which are
Hidden under the folds. A fulldranod
beneficial. Tho suds not onlv a,l,l. k l'ron front cover tho front .n.t ,u.
oiner elements oi the sunn to . cages are vnnilvkedih.t I.
the heap, but also illdllcen nhemlnl Sllllllrea rut mil .! .u- ,,!
ehanff, d,l .I,,.... - " , . ... . . " P'"
. r r " " " i'" ' sses, ne am- i.hskb cm in irlntres set underne.ih
mi in ia m t sb .. i .. .. . -
.... i " "v i'iiis vnri nuii
aisaiine matUT stars are mado by cutting
At lln u.ll., ........ . . .
' r soiunie, and reiliices
from escaping. The
.. . .. ; s i ii nn Kimw4.11 niwi ti.,.1 ..i
...... u .. r. n,,u uilf. III
be hidden,
a tiny disc
the whole to a finer condition.
-Hemp can lie essilv a-mwn In n..l.
all section of thin country, but the oli-
siacie to It successful cultivation Is tho
UlMM-of preparing It for market. There
Is ft wide Held fur lnvi
arvislntr ttiipr,prUtM marhtnnry fnr ro-
nlnllv tmnllnrt ... I ..t ...
" J ...-.iiin ... ...p ami oiner tiiirous
pinnis. wnicn demand more lalsir thun
can no prontatily bestowed on them.
To feed half-grown chick with nM
nivalis Hint ine I0W a Will tHCO.n
overfat and tho chicks will not grow,
owing to the tyranny of the larger bird!
loung males will not he allowed to eat
ti the trough if the old male can pre
vent them, and the hens will nick at
every chick that comes in the wsv. As
tne young birds must be forced now,
they should be fed separately from tl.a
older ones, and given all they can con-
ice is a good thing In the dslrv. bt
not always absolutely necessary. With
wen or spiing water at forty-eight or
fifty degrees, and a cool, sweet ,nA A,-
cellar, mere is but little need of Ice. In
me sosence of these t supply of Ice be-
saruy an expensive ice house, well-filled
etch winter, is t great aid to the sum
mer dairy. We do not approve of put
ting Ice directly into the milk or cream,
although many do it. Aside from other
considerations, i.-e is seldom
enough to be used In this way
satoty, it is better
fwm el rtrisrtor,
the pink, and sticking tho pin through
mo nnuuio, giving the appearance of
vory small rosctt'i. The ba,.,
wnlst, which is belled In with a narrow
strip of the husk nnd fastened with a
bow, is niudo of tho straw-color husk
ith n pink vest edged on each side
with nnrrow rovers of pink and straw.
color combined; tho sleeves have wide.
turned-back cults edged with pink. A
bunch of dry silk is fastened on to the
hesd for hair, the back falling loosely
to the waist, whllo the front ii cut into
pretty bangs. This should be fastened
on with glue, or tied tightly with a
thread. Tie It secure, fnr th. h....!
will cover all defects.
Iho bonnet must fit the head etn.et.
nnd Is shnped like a noke. with lone.
of the Dink husk n,i,,i.,j -i.i.
straw-color on top; this is fastened .el
curely at tho neck. A coachman's
cape, with rounded corners, cover the
shoulders, while a band of husk,
brought round the neck and tied in a
flaring bow under the chin, hides the
rougn eages and makes a good finish.
touitj It ill
flowers, while the other crasn. a lnn.
handled parasol, all made of husks.
By using different coloring matter, t
great variety of dolls and dresses may
bo nuidej whole families, sailor boyi
and gypsy girls can be nmde, for the
husks are vory pllnblo and not nt all
troublesome to niaimgo. Clara Aims
Win, Id Oltlo farmer,
t rartll Traot f t.iiaa Tkswtaad acraa
ui tka o.m. falter.
The stables of American country
tioucs have grown to be models of
iuiury. and are quite as gorgeous and
onspicuous as the dwelling house
themselves, with aa much architectural
pains bestowed upon them. At Amer
icans become more devoti-4 to outdoor
life and sports the stable daily Ukos a
larger placs la their Interest and af
fection. One of the most complete
tables is thU country U up In (leoe-
ee County, and more nearly resem
ble those of some groat English coun
try bouse ia a hunting shire than any
thing known to our methods of life,
fne Walworth, to who these sta
bles belong, owa tome 18,000 acres of
the (ienesee valley, exactly the tame
tract of land that wat granted to them
3.0 years ago by the King of England.
when tt was only 16.0UO acres of im
penetrable wilderness. Not a foot ef
it has bees sold or changed hands, but
hat passed from father to ton through
all change of government In the
renter of this they have a superb
dwelling nearly a century old, and
rery little changed by modern influ
ences, except that it hat been gradually
enlarged from generation to generation.
and modern conveniences added, as
they were needed, but the colonial
architecture and furnishing of the
house remain unchanged. The sta
bles, of course, are entirely modern
and very large, with room for tome
thirty horses, for not only are they
needed for use in coach, dog cart, drag
and pony carriage, but for mounts for
the family and their guests In the
hunting season. In thU place U real
ly the only genuine bunt anywhere.
about New York. The Wal worths.
being ardent sportsmen, have carefully
preserved their covert, and have in
every lease of land retained the right
to hunt aero is II For the last two
weeks in September and the first two
or three weeks in October the place U
always as full at It can hold of hunt
ing guests who get sport as good aa
any iu the best grass eountry in En
gland. Strange to say, very few peo
ple know about this very uncommon
survival of colonial dayt lying amid
the fluctuating social life of our Ko
public, and the newspapers have never
given it any notoriety outside of the
tot of riding people who are fortunate
enough to be asked there for the au
tumn nunting. ine vtai worths are.
as might be supposed, people of great
wealth and refinement, but live the.
greater part of their lives on their
own domain, and are rarely teen In
New York exoopt for a month or two
of the opera season in winter. llroolc
lyn Eagle.
Mas Whoa Llvst llluatraud th Prlasl.
pie si CoaiMoa Hroiksrhooil.
Two Illustrious examples of solf-sac-rifioe,
or rather, tolf-forgetfulnoss, in
devotion to benevolent work, have
given the world cause of late to reflect
upon the higher virtues of human char
acter. Father Damlon dying among
the Sandwich Island lopers, and Mr.
CroBsott dying among the Chinese
soera to ut at nearly perfect typet of
unselfishness as modern civilization hat
Mr. Darwin hat beon reported as
laying that for one example of puro
unselfishness In human conduct he
would turrendor hia theory of
the doscent of man. Would not
the careers of tuch men at
these respond to hit requisition? Pos
sibly, however, the disciple of the
eminent naturalist would plead that
those men were moved by a moral or
rongious motive, high and excolonL to
be sure, in its nature, yet related to a
potent expectation of a future oe
Heavenly reward; and, therefore, that
they could not be taid to be altogether
iroo irom a kind of solfi8hnes. If
such conduct must be rated in the
category of tolf-scoklng, then let us
hnvo more of It for the sake of the
Ignorant and suffering millions In the
woriu. surely his must be a ar.,,1
despicably mean who would disparage
tho mnn who irlves himself
philanthropic work, at nobodv'a cost
out nis own.
A fow years ago a plain man of ni.lt
j . : . . i
uemoanor conferred with us on the
subject of Chlnoso and Hinslo char
acter. He gave the name of Crossett
and Intlmatod that he wat DroDarlno-
K" " voe r.ast in the character of
a missionary. This man Impressed us
oy nit spirit of determination and
earnestness, yet there wat nothing of-
iiisive in language or manner. He wat
tho same man whoso death hat just
boon reported, and of whose n n rem 1 1-
ttng devotion to the tinfortunntn .ml
sick of tho common Chinese non..u.
tlon the press has taken account vory
W. I .. ! ... I.. . P
" a ivjo.ee ,n nouniT such mnn
J liolr livos fill us with rosneel and .,i
miration for the nobility of human nat-
re. we care not whence the .
como oy whatsoever lines of
descent" or evolution the irlnrv nf
high consocratlon to deeds of charitv
amid circumstances that are ropelant
io tne groat majority can not be dim
mod by any criticism. They illustrate
the grand principle of common broth
erhood In man. and brlnu not in
ivid light those exalted element that
are ine property of human nature only,
-rhrouologlcal Journal.
Nothing looks more like a m. of
sense than a fool who holds hi tong. e.
Many who teach the young idea
how to shoot, apparently don't know
that it's loaded. Puck.
The only off.ee that has to seek the
man is the unsalaried one and which
brings no perquisites. Boston Courier.
It is very difficult to find a key to
success that will work without a
eliaue. Baltimore American.
Save us from those who know ex
actly what their constitution will bear.
and tin up to it Blots and I.lem-
It's mighty curious how big tome
faults look until after a man has com
mitted theia himself. Burlington Free
The great difficulty about advice
is the predominance of quantity over
quality. Merchant Traveler.
Poverty is a bully if you are afraid
of her or tremble before her. Poverty
it good-natured enough if you meet
her like a man. Thackeray.
The average bachelor likes to
think he it better off than the fellow
who gets married, but he does not
really believe what he likes to think.
Baltimore American.
If you want to ascertain the cir
cumference of a man, ask his neigh
bor; but if you want to get at his exact
diameter, measure him at his own fire
If grown men only knew at much
as their mothers think they know when
they are babies the world would have
no further use for encyclopedias.
aomerville Journal.
The good a man does It buried
with him, but it it unpleasantly sug
gestive that no allowance It made for
thit fact in measuring the grave.
Baltimore American.
The toil of a social circle is 'usual
ly open, and whatever falls into it pro
duces after its kind, whether it be
good nature or 111 nature, purity or
Impurity, faith or skepticism, hate or
We lament that lite It short; but
life may become long through making
life full We live longer than Methu
selah; for we know more, do more, are
more, in seventy years than he knew,
did, or wat in his nine hundred and
tlxty-uine. Advance.
courage Is needed in dally life. A
man must have courage to follow the
pole-star of principle in all things. It
needs a brave tplrlt sometimes to. call
thlngt by tholr right names. We are
not to condone covotousuess bv callinir
tt frugality, nor cowardice by calling
pruoence, nor wastefulness bv call.
Ing it good-heartedtioss. Christian at
We constantly complain that ltfo
u tnort and time it twift. If one
wishot to know how long life ia and
now now time Is. let htm take out his
watch and follow the second hand In
one of Its revolution Let him then
tninlc that since the same hour yester
day he has lived fourteen hundred and
forty just such periods, and that since
the same date last year more than a
nan million tuch periods, and he will
feel that tlfo it rather long than short,
auu tune rattier now than swift
Pepi(iB. fiocrn Cinoux i, June Cd, ISS7.
Ds. A. T. bHiai.BBsii..ea,
hochrster, l a- JIT S r: I nave
beta nslnt; vour .at;.i.'t) for Malaria in my
fajEiiv fur several years. 'or mure than a
year I had caiils. and was so low down mat
i had not streuirtii to wa.it. Mr. W nomsiev
bet-wtd me to try tne AnuJoU-. and it cured
me at once. I am a stronir, healthy
man. W e nse no other medicine in the
family, as we find it the quickest, safest,
aadalaolhecbeapest. Vours very truly,
A Wajhisotos man buys cat skins.
Shipped to Europe they sell aa rugs,
dressing-gown linings, etc
Orafoa, th rmradlsw of Farmers.
Mild, cquableclimate, certain and abundant
crops. Best fruit, grain, grsss. stock country
ia the world. Full information free. Address
Oregon Immigration Bosxd,Ponland,Oregua
The doctor follows close on the heel
of the ignorant cook.
Wi recommend "Tans Ill's Punch" cigar.
The model husbands are the men who
aever marry.
0 lefea i-art f.! d -ns t
Tn4 S e' n J, w is a A i-.a.'4
' moan or OianF t w-.n
W 30 ls;ms sue cma fl-.er Be ! I mil.
It were iwiwr r.tr us Daur fi-r ( .ars
1, 1 wer oj. 1. ' i . u -.r lein i.a iti.
K t . B.-l ... i 0 it- (:.-.
T'ara'i a buv at ap m ill. ay at last,
A&d it tells you that tae storm of disease
winch has spread iu shadow over yon will
etve way to the sunshine of renewed health,
if you are wise, and try Dr. Fierce s Favor
ite'Preseripuon. It can and will effectually
cure all female weaknesses and derange
ments, and no woman who has not tried: it
need desrair, for a trial will convince her
that it is the very thin she needs to restore
hex to the health she fears forever lost
To cleanse the stomach, liver and system
generally, use Ur. Pierce's Pelleta. & cents.
Two Tocxo ladies in New York are
earning aa excellent income by teaching
tcien tiric whist
Do wcr suffer from sick headache a mo.
meut longer. It ia not necessary. Carter's
Little Liver Pills will cure you. Dose, on
little pill B mall price. Small dose. Bmail pill
"Abbah! Where will you find a mod
ern building that has lasted aa long at
refers i, . ,
lb ove him.41 '
two botileaV, J'
of your read.-rs ,
pres . ...t., f " .
ktsjieirj .7 j - -
indicate that th,'
court suits, art-.
exnort" i. ;"" t-
tb- world. BortS':
tons of . a.
this season. " -
Cures whew oSS'iV
. . Z". ""!
own la myw"
m r.B. .
j v a. i i r
Peanefnl CIMi.n Wantonly Asaanltwl
by a Mlnloa of the Law.
Ho entered the Contr il station with
blood on his ear and an officer holding
his arm. and the first words he tald
"I want to prefer charirna luminal
this ofllcor for brutality. "
ery well," replied the sergeant
Now, then, will you return truthful
answers to a few questions?"
"1 certainly will."
"What were you dolnir when ir.L
"I hBd just kicked a man."
"What did you say to the officer
e took hold of your"
"I told him to go to Hnllfax."
"After he collared vou whnt aa
do?" .
"Struck at him twice, tore hia v,.
and jerked him to his knees. I can
lick him any day in the week!"
And he tapped you on the earP"
"Either he or a citizen who nixed
. but 1 want to prefer charge all the
fame. If you let these officer.
their own way they get too fresh. Just
put me down as William Thomas, who
wasn't doing a blessed thing, but who
was knocked down and brutallv he.t.
by a minion of the law. "- Detroit Free
Ten cents was the reward oi .
Pottstown (ra.) man tho other .i
ho fouud a ttray $3,000 team nt
A fM.rul ciflawa Wantonly AHaaltad
"I ninioi, ei in. Law.
lie entered the Centnl station with
blood on hit ear and an officer holding
his arm, and the first words he taid
"I want to prefer charms nn-alnat
una ouioer ror Druta itv."
"Very well," rouliod tho Boro-nnnt.
Now, then, will you return truthful
answort to a few quostloiiBP"
"I certainly wilL"
"What wore you dolnir when ace.i-
"I had just kicked a man."
"What did you say to tho offW
ho took hold of your"
"I told him to go to Halifax."
"After he collared vou what Hi,i ,...
"Struck at htm twice, tore his
and t,lm A it. . .
- j. .vU .,u vu m xnoos. i can
iick mm any day in the week!"
"And he tapped you on the earP"
Wilier he or a citizen who n-lroM
In, but 1 want to prefer charges all the
same, ii you let these officers have
thoir own way they get too fresh. Just
put me down as William Thomas, who
wasn't doing a blessed thing, but who
was anocKed down and brutally beaten
by a minion of the law." Detroit Free
11 lie gmmk
i IrVFFH WiimmKBlUlKTBm,,! AND
i -fi t
fcrf Science )t. ::.....f7r 1 VJ.
A National Family Paper Two Millions of Readers.
Tht vol 11 m of Tub Coarisioic for 1890 will he nnsnrpaistd by any prevtons year la the variety of entertainint m
InstrBctiyt articles. Tht full Announcement of Authors and Articles will bs sent on application.
Ten Serial Stories
fully Illustrated! and among tht most attractivt aver pabliihed.
ISO Short Stories-Thrilling Adventuret-Sketchet of Travel -Health and Hygltni
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Natural History-Outdoor Sports -Anecdotes
Etlquette-WIt and Humor-Poetry.
Illustrated Weekly Supplements
Were given with aearly every dsns dnring the last year, and will be continued. They give an incretN ol
nearly one-half ia tht matter and illustrations, without -j Increase la the price of the paper.
- Eminent Contributors.
Articles of great value and Interest will be given in tht vol urns for 1890 by
Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Hon. James G. Blaine, Justin McCarthy M p
General Lord Wolseley, 8enator Ceo. f. Hoar, Hon. John 0. Carlisle "
8lr Morell Mackenzie, Prof. John Tyndall, Dr. Wm. A. Hammond'.
Eugene Schuyler, C.A.Stephens, Lt. Fred Schwatka,
And One Hundred other well-known and favorite writers.
Four Double Holiday Numbers
Art in preparation, and will be exceedingly attractive, filled with tht tpetfal work of oar favorite
writers, and profusely illustrated. They art published at
Thanksgiving- Christmas - New Year's - Easter.
The., tour.nlr Numbers an sent to Each Subscriber.
$5,000 Prize Stories.
race, I'rHJZ? 8t' mmiMi- Th "thors of thos. which will
receivt rrises cannot yet be announced, but tht successful Storlos wUi be published during tht coming year.
The Girl That's Wanted.
Practical paptn fall of tnnifitlana to girli, u to sew
secspstlons, ant what Is but to do la life, by Herloa
Usrlana sad oth.r weU-kaswa writers.
The Backward Boy,
And Bow to Develop his Powers. A Hrl.a
eles by the Pmldents of three lulling UBlveraU
wmco wui inicrtit boys sad their parent!.
Tht Editorial, fir. comprehensive views of Important current events tt home and .broad,
w ort, sncy Work, Embroidery, Decoration of Rooms, Cooking, and Hints on Housekeeping.
nr .,11. 1 1 a l
v1 ', ;
FREE TO JAN. 1, 1890.
To say New Babicrlbsr who
t limoo addiv.. and S1.T5 fh
in.nL.il vdv... . .
clurtr. the FOI'R noilHiir l fo" " tnm th This otT.r In.
Po.t lime. addroM and ai i V. " , ni Mnd ,hl" with nam. and
Companion ' FIIKK to ji ? ?7 I1 -.crlptlon. w. will send "Th. Youth s
clod., th. n. "in rar n
Send ..;' p"0' m 0 Iim-tmUons.
T .l-Ottlc Money Order, Check, or RuLUrrd Latf..
rHE Youth's Companion, Boston,
Tloat Cnilffh tinllntna VI . . . 1
By drq
n rxni i ai oama una n tn. m.
fcsrked "Hert it a shllllnir ahnrL"
no putitinr' asked an Irishman
pi eaen s.
First Pabliihed la 1878.
ThC American ArrA.tart iRMnninnl.. m.
Co ) is the oldest aa well as lar(rot and most
profusely Illustrated building; Journal in
this country, snd as such we can recommend
m vu. i vmiora.
"Boss, kin I tit do tnh nh claanln' .,
dit hesh bsnk?" "No, no, my good
nan. Yon are too late. Tht cashier hat
aireaay attended to that."
Ir you : want to be cured of acouirh
Hale'a Honnv f Hnhn,,nj ..j t. b
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one mlnut
cepUble to the itomach. nmmnt i
mistrated for having lost all her teeth- sctlon ttnl t'uly beneficial in its
Both the method nH m..,,u.
. . ... . .tuiw nuvu
oyrup of Fiira 11 takon It i.
..uiuiugto trie taste, andacU
KUUy yeipromptijr on the Kidneys,
liiver and Bowels, cleanses the m
tm pITootnoll- j: i , JT
aches and fevers and cures habitual"
constipation, gyrup of Figs is the
only remedy ofltokind e?er pro-
u"' pieasing w the taste and a&
A rAyrr a woman, who was being com
Is rated for havlnv 1n. .11 k.. . " .u
neanny and aereeah Bi.h.t.n
its many excellent qualities corn
mend it to all and have made it
the most popular remedy known.
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gwto. Any reliable druggfst who
may not have it on hand will pT
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wishes to try it n nt "JlT
anvsubstit,,,, ""I
A WAIT WTOta tn a trtA 1. n 1.
1 . , , . -- .. it, urrwifl BSK-
nlm purchase books. From neir
ligenceor avarice he neglected to exe
ouw the commission! but fearing that
thff corresDondent mlirht K
exclaimed when next they met: "My
. uuTcri tu it'ttor you
- u.v awuvuw mju uuuks.
!!T8 pRorroB- ' I-'. 0., hat pat
Mited s process by which It Is claimed
ten thousand cubic fwt nf uin,i-..i
gas can be extracted from one barrel of
Llma oil. 1
Thk English woman whn
professional spanking establishment In
Iew York has emit tho h.in.,. mL.
mothers of that city seem to think they
can manaire thnlr '
0- .. - .1 vitnpiuig.
"Tine skeleton m.,ir., K - . , ,
t dealer In those gruesome commodities
IS verv Orairtrimr v . . .'
,i. . - . , -n-p: Rv a nrsv-
class article now fnrihi..s
whereat the nrlce three ear. ago w
MlL RnnlrTUiitaB, St.. ...11 a ., .
lated all the canons of the printinir
office hj ending 1 oopy lortKc?
In,".T r tten on th tides of
wi . .
EsGLIrlH llAh nmnti V i r .
is t bane
eh., CoB.,lp.on ana Ptl, .has
Tutts Pills
Bold Evervwhnro
22111, New York.
Is . " nPlrlrWrnfau S,
'lc.. HnlMrmm V.r.r" J".,,. W ARK.
8nd for CaUlaini! t VCiV. I T, 1 i,id Street
ty call on i,.'iS b ?i1,ip U''M "hen la
JlfaBSTOSMriB, , ta. m "
Ely's Cream Balm
EC kV J 11 k
iM, Regulator
Gold in Head
Harf uu.
CDt It nUH?'?
A WAUiV whA 111.. .
Jenn. l.A'V...""" WCKenf
j ...m, mug nrr living hvnrn...
ng snd repBiring dolls, died fn 4 1',"'
lately. Hundreds of little friends art.
muurning ner loss.
NlJtKTY-NIMB nop mnl ... v !.j . I
trv .ml .u..inon to I
that Is necessary tn . ,
w,mn...i.. ' '" ""ver
ThiRTT-FIVR thoiinann Sm.t.j. 1 .
year im.lo.e.ti V ", r"1.""!
tAuunrntra "nan'
Dr.Buiri Cough Syrup
will rnr. Mn.
la ""'l rt'WITSl
Msll order, receive tht
low price hi;
FREE Covernrr
Lnrttj now to fi tln. f
van, ria mmt
Pfani rnrnSm for
When 1 nj rnr I do not
ritm nnd then hfifelh"11
rrtiral cur. 1 hp mmt
tftinY or FAM.INU BU'KNP"
nnt my rtmtHtT to cur
othri hw fHMilsnori',i
ctirp. Pend atone for t.trw
njf InrnlMhle remwly. HI;
H. U, HfMIT. H. C IHffV
riiiiu tail TAni in
sent freeis rrT"-
wmai ran nr.. , ,lf0 rua., Pa,
lf's p h as rsniNv
U'F-WiSTin gnew
I, ever, el,y .nricitnn"' '
inrun. With hriMtm. liru.h'
anlcl. of houaeholil on1"
not.Heke.per and itorekPfi
b.mlitome pmfll. Write 1"
I"r samnle free by eipre'
JMiMsiBie tun-m '
Ell. I
Steamboat Repair!, f
"sirs r HAKIrlK -JtwrHAill
THII PAfEE swtry mt'
WsntMtBtjfwrTtjBwfji., pfirs"
In esr Rrm Brwrs, itpfri""'
tT HaM TUB PAttM ttsTT m ,
UAIIP tTUBTi Bookkv"
Ii U 11 C thorth"""
7 mli. uireBlsui re.
t7 !ltl P4PIH tttrj
ifm b (tour ta finding iht sweep.
kn thouwnd to eX ud
a. n. k. r. r
WAGONS ii?,,
UT at 1 HP ear . .
mm taat rs v I'
iv (.
rai thk rare. Mr, M ft i u

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