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er and Peri
s tod Koveli
. MM
Subscriptions taken for -any
Magaiine or Newspaper at pub
lishers prices.
Stationers and
lition" of Fopular Toetry
Over two hundred and
numbers, handsomely
h, at 35 cents per volume.
World Edition" of Popular Fiction.
Over eighty different numbers, hand
some cloth binding, good print, on good
paper.containing mostly children s books,
of an nts Tver volume. Illustrated.
"Red Line Edition or roets. mis is
one of the handsomest volumes pub
lished. Gold relief, cloth back, excellent
paper and print. Illustrated. Makes a
splendid gift book, at 65 cts. per volume.
vork. bound la cloth. goodclear print, o good paper, being complete work. o oeveral author, named below, at following exceed-
er Scott,
le Reide,
t 3 50 I 10 Volumes Dickons,
100 ho Chamber Miscellany,
12 00 I " Washington irriuy,
5 00
S 00
10 Volume Thackery, t 5 00
8 " George Elliot, 6 00
11 Chambers Encyclopaedia, 10 CO
aims coxinrix.
The Campaign Committee of the
Wynn Ticket will meet at the office of
Verger & Percy every evening, except
Saturday! and Sundays, until the 9ih
day of December next
Iroy Percy,
Chm'n. Campaign Committee.
December OtU inst
There will be an
Elegant Supper
?KreAttSlKiS2ft SSiSSS SSSsL etciilnings and uin BOOKS
too nnmerooa to name, i complete in every parucuutr.
i ..a hv niece, from leadiug wholesale house in New York and Baltimore, in person by a mom
JS,7S ngureever offered to the people of Granville and ur-
i Holiday Stock has been
1 ,i.:..b tmtm SaM ff
y, ;n"rerpectfuuy ask an examination of ..me nd your patronage.
, "T "ji;Jc TTnlMav Goods to extent of $25 to $200 will do ivellto tetonr pricesU
!iaJut ?Zrr::' ' ,Z vrevared to compete with Meuptos and Jew uneans.
Slit! tlMCW""" v "
in the 2nd Slory of the New
AffliMR mm
On Wahlugtou Street, between Gold'
smith' and Vcnnua.
The proceeds will be for the
fund now being raised for the
nlargement of the
Is Extended
Ifo preparation or labor wil
be apared to ensure the enjoy
meat of all who attend.
and Examine our Stock
"W'ortham & Griffin.
OVEMBER 23, 1889.
1 1KTfl chops.
44 the
j nnfa'orable
he rains being fu
avy. Tha season
bat there is fear of
at is in the field.
Tfec Markets.
New Orleans, Nov. 11.
Cotton, Ordinary
Good Ordinary ,
" I,ow Middling..
Pork (St. Louis)
Flour "
Corn "
Oats "
S 1-3
$10 75
$1.60 up at
Howry at
acksonville, Illinois,
klnsr out for lnvest-
Ue is highly pleased
' complete an d Invite
nr price.
1 G.
COTT01 tlGKim.
Thl wk
um. us.
N.O.T. 75
-.n,R. . 119
a andboaL 720
' Wagen
Total thia week.
Total to date, 24,0
- -I 1,6S
Since last Friday,
Total shipment,
Stock on hand,
Above low water mark
Tkfl River.
The following 1 the record from ihe
Government Water Gauge for the
past week .
16 r-
Memphts ....
St. Louis....
Vlcksburr ..
Nov. 81, 1889.
27 7
25 4
21 5
9 8
18 9
21 8
5 9
f the building .of the
mage was let to the
Co., for 3,000. The
ected on the lot back
,ting Alexander .ire.
-6,000 yards Quill
per yard cheap at
1(1 G, LUYSER & CO.
loft the city ou last
)ral days hunt with
ou Black Bayou. It
ice. too General had
e woods and he loft
real good one.
aed If good Goods,
it, and fair dealings
ind and Library
nvillo Hardware Co.
The market poorly sappled this week,
and little troubl was found to place
the list a soon a offered at Fall
The tale wtrt limited to the offer
ings, market closing steady but bare
of any kind of cotton.
9 3-8
9 16-16
10 1-8
10 8-4
Good Ok) lusty.
Low Middling,
Good Middling,
Middling Fair,
ig Benlces.
on will hold services
iDay at the Syna
"ip boglm on Thurs
h, at 7 o'clock p. m.
2,000 yards Satines
2 cents per yard.
Li;ybee & Co.
lie ted Watches re
n guarautoed, at
Fb.ank Binder's.
Kecognulng that a larg body f rep
resentative and influential 'dtixen have
united and organlied in su pport of the
Wvmi Ticket, and that th cUon
dictated by no personal ai'ms or mo
tives, its supporters believlL ' " -
'noh nrralll7llrll hV rll hi 't MCUr
improved city government, I sfer t0
thnifi Intliminiit Mil ftltl nn IO HI"' "
n.,.rll,1in fnr Vf.vni. With tha B.lirlt
of the movement which baa pro ducd
the Wvun Ticket I am in full 'mpv
thy ; though It It due to myseii i o tay
Steamer II. F. Duvol. Lake Provi
to Greenville, nn Sunday, dis-
denw 4 11 bales for Gcldsmlth Pro-
chargev. 9 Dle cotton for N. Gold'
vision Co,
UlnJfcCo. 0f Prtvidence. St,
Steamer Clt down Sunday, dls-
Lioui 10 aicoez, merchandise ad
charged 889 package paw)n.
ded a big lot of fretgtu ,
gert and Ion witu a big trip. rew Qr
Golden rule, Cincinnati to a s 200
leans down Tuesday, aiscnargev .,d
package mercbancuse ana ion warn
Hat. I
Steamer Sunbeam, Vlcksburg to
GreenvllK up Tuesday with malls, dis
charged 60 package mercnauniBe 10
bales cotton for Starling ft Smith Co,
a fn, rcaldatnln A Co.. 26 for UOIU-
smlth. 4 for Bank of Greeuvllle and
lnfl H n. m.
Steamer uuvoi, ArKansas cny w
Greenville, down JTnesday, discharged
641 sack cotton seed for Planter Oil
Mill, and 61 bale cotton ror u. u.
Belle Memphis, Natchex to St. Leuls
up Wednesday, left 100 package mer
chandise, 4-bles catton for Goldsmith
and left with a light trip.
ntv nf Monroe. KL Louis to Natch-
at rlnWll Thnruliiv dlscharsed 997
package merchandise and ten loaded
flat. ...
Steamer City of Providence, Uatcne
Mrs. C. Weiss of Meridian, it vlsiUng
her tistcr-ln-law Mrs. II. Weiss.
Miss S. Parrent of Louisville, Ky
is visiting here, guest of the St Charles.
Mis Helen Bartlet of Lake Lee, vlsl
led Mrs. A. W. Wickllffe for a day or
two this week.
Mr. Duubar Hunt, of Baltimore,
Md, Is In our city visiting bis relatives,
the Archer family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Green and little
ton Maury, are located In Greenville
now, for the winter,
Mr. aud Mrs. MUtou Huut of Mem
phis, were in Greenville this week,
guests at St. Charle liotel
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Green, the fattier
of Mrs. 1). F. Hunt, are at present
visiting her iu her home on Poplar
Miss Mamie Shields has been quite
sick, though not seriously 111, a was
reported, causing deep concern and re
gret among her friend.
Misses Mary Louise Yergorand vir-
X. FAS3,
Manager Cotton Dept.
The Goldsmith
S. COLDKHITir, Preslileut.
The Oldest Wholesale and Retail
GROCERY HOUSE in the Delta,
Cotton and Country Produce handled on
msignment on a complete Commission
Merchant's system.
Correspondence solicited
Tt3 Ai::i:23 E;;:':4L::i:i i:i
Members of the above Association
will pay the ir monthly dues to Ju.
Roberfehaw, cashier Merchants and
Plainer Bank at the date of their cer-
ti ilea to.
Failure to Ua thia will subject them
to a tine of 10 cents per share.
Nov. !6-:t K IIotRiiKf, See'y.
First Class Dress Making,
CVntral Ave, Greenville, Mis.
Residence and sewing room, third
house beyond Street Car terminus, left
baud side of the street
Satiafictioa GuratA. XotS
Do yon want a Columbus, Center
Spring or Woodward Buggy ? If so see
July 97 J. C IlEAU ft CO.
T. M. O. A.
Nov. 24th II. C. Watson leader
subject, Peroual Work" Matthew,
21st chapter, ZHtu verse.
Dec 1st Itobert Somervllle lcauor
subject, "Fulthfulnes to Christ" Mat
thew, 25 th chapter, 2 1st verse.
Deo. 8th J. C. Head leader; sub
ject, "Christian Testimony" Mark,
6th chapter, 19th verse.
Dee. lotu J. II. AuUorson leader;
subject, salvation for you" 1 Tim. 1st
chapter, 16th verse.
Dec. 22d A. M. Vance leader;
subject, "Unity in Faith" Eph. 4th
chapter, 13th verso.
Dec. 29th Wm. A. Strong leador;
subject, "How to Work" Eco. 8th
chapter, lOtn verso.
Do you want a Cheap Buggy ol any
kind? If so go to J. C. HEAD k CO.
and they will sell as cheap a you can
I order less the freight. July 27
Tascn up by II. C. Low, on the
premises ef H. C. Low, ou the 1st day
of November, 18X9, a Dark llrown
HOUSE PONY, about 6 years old IS
1-i hands high, one front tooth out.
No brands. Apraised at $30.
The owuer of the above desrrilod
animal is hereby notified to come fur-
ward, prove property, pay charges,
and take him away, or he will be dealt
with according to law.
W. 1U BAIUiElt,
Nov. 23-St. Corouer and Uanger.
Petition for Liauor Licecsa.
T ftt llonorul.l. Boantnf srlr of Wb-
W th uu,Ktr.ttfuv.l t'liixan. it,l ta at orr.
of IM.trkt S. wauM rttwthiily ttrttii'.n
)our hoHoraula uooy to (fmitl 1icvii tt hiI
vluuut uml itirluiou. huuur. m ny .mitittiiT
Wm Uuui dim giillon uniu
I tho Rwllpal "tor. Bobvrl Wl blnt
ft rt..l(Wnt ol OUtHel No. ftutl wtbvr bu1
uittUI iwraoB to hv tich lloensa grtinU-il;
ad, la duty boaml, will tifl pray, etc:
hurv 1
J,'k.o V II M.UIil. N An.br W J John.on
W Henry J ll.nlfl M l.onU 1. l.r.nll t hill
II I) llowsnt M Tyler J Webb ii ll -iker KMt.
llook.r II Dunbar A Whit A Kobiuwii l War.
flM AUvil.ir AI.ewi.Jr I' , lone. U IIjbI I
K tt l,U.IVnn n ltootiT A lll'llwl A M'l.on
r M N.lwn II Wllnon Noulra linyum HI Hiirm
11 wurorvi II mm. w i.tn.iacy a Muitn Ja,,
Smith II I'homuN O.liorn. Mark Haa.Uir-
Holme. II 1) llolmea U Koott A l.ln.lwy ijllhvrt
Ulai.Kow T J Uolson J Chrl.ttaii J llanatnt
I) W llll. II I Imma. H Thorn.. II i lay J W hlia
J Parkar ' WTIann II I .Indie! J lloy.l A MaUna
M r;anaB Arnum u t'arner . n iKinmon
Mvmiii. C Jonw K Oamblar U Urooka i hltep.
hwwl P Wllliama u I'arry lina MonUoinvry I
Browa A White UThouiiu W llmibitr II How
aril WII ark W Whita Willi im i i aaoa J
II ilarrl. II lllmli T mini. K urooka n Alien
A Hooper P Weaver A Weaver A l.eo WII
llanui A William. M 1'rlre I I. roe. A T lionip.oa
M liarMll IIJeokin.J Hu.llnicJ tteetl .r N.l.ou
I honuM f Metirua T Leonanl .lone. I MiH,aw
I. Keeil U Taylor U r Wiiehioirlon J Kyr, lt .led
Kverell J llrown I Johrtnou J Thontit. kt Koa P
Ovhb W Lllieoln A HenMlotl i HeH.toii J Pro- 41
Ulemon M llnril. h Knox U l oo, h 11 Uxn.lnll H
H.'oli H KverellH I.yona O (jarroll J B Hollow
M Wblla i Hunter Ht lark II Phllllha U lien
ilerMon W CarthaK J Kobliwon It Kuteloliib K
Murray N Uut.rti llrera II William. 1 l.i.lel
Me, ill A lji"ler A William A Lee II hlr-.Hir J
4ona. II Jitinea M .lone. It Jtreki.oll T j'U II H,lt
8 Hurt P SiiiIIIi I Plumn J It Keaaetl Ar,leroii.l
JnhuiMin John Waaler W U llraoh II h,,l,ai i II
llolmaa P Hnnlmr W'ealey llunbar I, M Miller T
T WmiilWanl at T Wooilwanl Jr I) O oper Ia ah
Miller W llunlmr W Ulna M iirnwn I nniika Jn,i
On.y A Jiiiiwa J Corner (J Wuwkiril ar W Hirer.
Unit t ye llrown M tlllna I. Heeler W i'hlllliia O
Hobhnioii M MurphyT Wllliama A sie,ljt Max
Jununt Burnett J I rook H Willlnina H Wlllaln.
A Wllliama P diaiinmn Owen Kolllna l: Jonoa U
JobnaonJ Hunter I I' lllnle I MriunlelC Wi
ley J Jamea II llanlrn A lianten a nowatti i,
Karrla I. Pvtraway It mrlyn.a A I.ewU Al
Mil, hell lit rwf,,r, W June, n nunin nan Jim
AtwalerJ Cola W HamlylaillT Uynl J T Iiurtiiaii
L llitnlar I Keaalon A I. Wurntaon II Drnihar J
Hell W R Terrall C T Charlea J llliiknia W Nl
on M Koaeiiberir C I tllrambera T W W illi, t)
JohnannT Parker J Hounn t "luiulner li An-
lrew a i Phllliia T Him ktiian I M Mill,, r n nan
rlera A Hoi kln(r A II lillli" A ( oaraey A I'avla
r. airiiairan 1 raraer a ininiinai w w, .
W Perry II Ullnln W Knell i Kliulit M Heoll
t Jmikina J Kuox J Siiinlora A Johnutn ; W II
llama L llanay II l.rkeir S" li. rrm T An,eraon
II Amleraoil ft ll,iliiii,in II n il. on f Dunaiio i
Wllllama J thaler i II Ilia J Knlillil If Joiim M
llriMib. ar M llrook. Ir Ueo lliirnetl A llaihl M
Voiun W A, lain. J Holilnaon I, llolloway lieu
lliirtrer Jinlite Wllliama I. Mtlla H Walaon lim y
Kuril 11 linvla H H Marabell t wliiii'gton Hill
llolmea II r'onl A Wilaon U HraMon WinlU'1,1 8
Colltna N Uarrell II 111. Iniril" II Hlilllh (i Ali'V-
amler II Jonoa II Jatnea A luiMUn. L vanillin n
1 II llrown I) t:noMr H Nioeu h " iiiniri,,n it
llllllnril rilllllniilar r lillllatnllr l Kniulil J
rloutheru K Paiker A Lincoln u klillliran John
Washington U Waallluaton (J Arnohl (. Hinkle
N I'errell J .tlrK II Uxrrett II ,l, k.uo K llorney
w Miiaa II Ne eon I vy l a l. ninnn n rnraar
Parker K l.i'e M Moore II Jnlui'a lonte Jho
Johnaon 1 Wllllania I, t'ranklln N Hllliler Itolit
Hunter A W leitt .1 llitnka II .lohnon I. I'M ,il
l avlnr A T Nlewnrt M II, ia aril 1 I. llmol It Ki
ll- U Wilaon J lllaek , llrown rT'liornton W A
KiirnierU Thorn W Williams I, w line J llowatd
II (Jnl.lwrll T t alrlvyell A Miuolera .1 A,liion l
.Hinltli II Harvey J lllaek H Tiller II Smith A II
HuMen A AililUon C I liomua W Htuyler II JaeV-
aon li win 1 llniinll' llollaml It Murtin .loo
K'l yrit'il-.1 Kuiflea M (limit I Mill, o lil:'a. .1110
l urry K.lwiirila J Taylor It Artlinr A Kreenia i
U .Ito'k. 14 W,,"hlllKI,.n It Wiiahlmrton II Taylor
JeilVr.on ,1 MelieeP Hike M llnrrta A t.ooil
Takcu up by Hoht. Taylor, on the
premises of (leo. P. Archer's planlv
tiou, on the 9th day of October, lHH'J.
a Bay Hoksb Mitlb, 6 ycarsold 14 S-4
bands high, saddle aud collar marks
and a Dark Day IIohhn Muuifi years
old, 11 8-4 hnntls hluh, no marks or
brauds. Apiiritiat'il at $7.1.00 each.
Tho owner of the above described
(stray is hereby notliled to come for
ward, prove property, pay chargis,
aud take thorn away, or they will be
dealt with as the law directs.
W. 11. llAHIlKR,
Nov. 23. St. Uanger.
One 2nd limit! Mllburn Huller (tin
aud Condcuscr, right baud, 9100.
Also two 16 and 1J bore (livens Ilain-
Rierlcss Guns, new. Oun 2nd hand tun
bore. Two Mares, one Horse ami one
Duggy, used past summer by my sales
ootfi-tf C. M. WILLIAMS.
A Grim Disft.
A Great
Il..n ...t ..M.k.f ...
tt..:" """r cbeapBuMyouMijlaflergo
ja uBun nuts jj vuuvausi Sj vwh w
Miss Corlnne Urqubart
Mr. Harry Ball, now a resident of
Memphis, where he 1 engaged In com.
merclal business, ha been visiting his
friends and former home In our city.
Miss Mary Stirling passed through
the city last week en route for Wash-
Ington D. C., where she will visit
friends, and will pas most of this win,
Mr. and Mr. Hugh Atkinson and
'Htle ion, of Jackson, Mlsi., arrived in
city Monday night and will spend
timo with Dr. and Mr. O. W.
. 1 1 t A J rrsm mtf I
best and most honest effort w mld U 8t I?ui
have been to the same end, which, tliey
I have purchased the
. Skinner, at $7,600.
itage ou Main street
depth of 220 feet;
era for a spacious
naslum and baths
icr innocent attrao
urpose of the Y. M.
bree story building
e superior in appear
oy in our city, and
ill be justly lute rest-
O.000 yard Quilt
er yard cheap at
jib, Leyskr Si (jo.
proclaim. I thank my friends for
their support, and hereby release them
from the pledge o generously made.
J no. II. Moor.
That John Moore would or co uld
stand out against or withold his sup
port from such a movement a be
states tills to which he defers to be , no
9ne who knows him believed. ' la fal-
i Dg into line with it he is jnst wbor e be
belongs. We applaud his action, dic
tated all will avow, by sense of duty
and conception of the right as be see) it.
Howard, Waltham and Elgin Watch
es,! Gold or Silver, at
Out 19,-" i 'BANK HINDER 8.
Dlstlninlsheil Tliltor.
Senator Joseph Blackburn is In
Greenville, visiting hi lister, Mr.
Fit inrnov. at her residence on Broad,
wav. lie will be here until Mouuar
and then go on a bunt witu nis rela
tives, the Messrs. Worth ins ton on.
Lake Leo.
-,-IH Tnnle is ncktiowl-
' ' best, I'hysinlaM uoe
H Cure guarauteed.
A. B. Flnlay t Co.
. Union Cashmere
vorth 1.7ft, at
o manbkv & Co'8.
,0 1UL.
;ril W left Friilny for
lie s low days.
1 n uiroaa tjo .iiiis-
k-erii in Grc .ville
.1 avo n grct t ,M we
they cai led. , -
y. A. E verman, has
c for s veral days,
ld friends to their
Largest Stock, Lowest Prices, at
ox taetory.
Mr. C L. Merrill has been In Green
ville for several days and has finally
about closed all necessary arrange.
merits for establishing a large box fno
fairv at this noint. He has been met
in the most liberal manner by Mcr,
Dcaton and Sklunor, relative lo a site
and has placed all the stock Le wished
to OIkikww of without difflcultv. Jle
left to-day to look it some cotton wood'
north of here.
ntton L. & N. Wilciinskl, added fiOO
K.-le compressed cotton lor exports
,nfJ-lea with a fair trip.
Dieamer nouunui to,
Capt. W. 8tone of Jackson, spent
a portion o Ibis week In Greenville,
where be ba J mny friend be find
it embarrassing to impartially dispose
of himself. , ,
Dr. and Mrs. P- nn. wu
r-mnhla thia omIt. ltt Dt. atten-
ei.,.M .n it. Trt.Htata Medical Con
uaaaivw vast a.w " I 1
ira.tiiAtl Vn Dunn WU mo7 OOiDl
UbW enterUiQed by Mr. W A Etn
Mr. aud Mrs. M. F. Johnson, oi
Phatiiam. annnt a few day in Gren
vllln lmjtt week, relumed Dome ounoay
evenluir. Thev were entertained by
Mr. and Mr. A. B. Canron ana vp.
and Mr. W. E. Hunt.
The family of Mr. S. II. King return
ed on Monday
Col. Edmund Berkoloy of Prince
Wm. County, V.. 1 visiting his daugh
tors Mrs. McNelly and Mrs. Nsuca.
His son, aud their brolber.Capt llorko
ley and his family also came with him,
Intending to go on a bear huut at
Mai. Helm's. But he is Superintendent
of the Division of iho Richmond aud
Danville road from Atlanta to Char
lotte, and was called home Monday by
the washing away of the Catawba
For Hale.
One Brunswick, itnlke, Callondar
Billiard Table. Apply to
Nov. 16.-21. J. Scott,
Men's Suits,
Boys' bMs,
Mta's .
Ladles' Cloth and Water Proof
Goods 75c for Monday.
Three Yalaalile Plantations at a Bamain
Immediately ou the line of the L, N,
O. & T It It., as desirable property as
to be found In Washington couuty.
Plantation of 45) acre. KWolrureil. IU wootla
Plantation nf 1,M arm, I, lino rlearnl, SOU
wo.,,1. aui.oui.
Plnnlallon of 1,JU acrea, m) clue, mil MO
wootla .Hi,iNH).
Mules. Imiilcnieiits and Corn choiiiIi
to run the placo auothor year will tie
sold with the plnco, If doslrablo, at low
rates. Iho two larger places have
each a Htoain Glu House one of them
built aud equipped with now inacbtu
ery this year. The three places arc
adjoining ono another, and should
purchaser desire to socuro the entire
tract ol 8,308 acres, liberal concession
will be made. Correspondence or In
spectlon of promlnes'lnvltod.
Apply at Timkh Ofticr,
Greenville, Miss,
We Invite your Inspection of our
new and oxteiulve stock of fail and
wluter good, with the certainty that
you have never yet seen auytbing that
will compare with tt for variety or
gcuoral excctleuee. The equal of tho
stock has never been seen In thia neigh
borhood ; it is peerless and perfect.
Jnst Wiiat You Want
It has been our endeavor to provide
jiint what you want lu quality and In
price. We are prepared to suit any
customer, however extravagant or ex.
Irmno. If thoru's anybody dissatisfied
with purchases m the past, this ii tbelr
grant! opportunity to get satUfactlon,
What We Offer You!
Wo oiler tho widest choice for taste or
faiiey. Wo offer tho newest goods,
pittcrus aud styles In the market.
We oll'tir you the best value you ever
received. We offer you the lowest
piii'cs ever mado. This u uo high.
fiilutln offer; it Is no empty boast or
brag, but
oi mm Mm
They lovo Uorne more than they
love Crcsar" Is the way Brother Ward
spoil the Wyno ticket movement j
which comprise "the truth, the whole
truth aud nothing but the truth." But
tho Wynu-lto are ruunlug on that
lino "without bell, wblstlo or cow
catcher," nothing but a big bright
from Now Orleans, headlight, and evorybody else bad best
T K T IV HTi! T.T. A I win A Unit! P II IIMulenmn P Allierl J
U a XJL J. t- JU j -a-J Xi I He,
where they1 have had a most pleasur
able sojourn of several weens, incy
will remain for the present wiin Mrs.
S. H. Rucks, on Central Ave.
Mr. nd Mr. W. A. Cooper and a
few of our vouiib ladles, Misses Willie
and Sallie Ilucks and Mary Valllant,
chaperoned by Mrs. Lawrence Wade,
made quite a Jovous and gleeful party
as tner ooaruea in noon tram vu
clear the track.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Dr. CD. Smith, Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist treat all disease of I
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Sheep, Swine
Saddle and Harness Maker
lEEra con-
stantly on
hand every
thing In his
ne. All kinds
rep a I r 1 n a
done on short
notice. Sells
a nd works
H. I .
TlioNa . William)
tit I' Au.liv T Slnuiil II Mi-Ih. M Onvi'II. Jolin
Wiley N auiii.J liilintiiii i Mnnrue V i-mlili li
Rnlllna A Wourl. Wmnliirl Sol, lull H Wnl. II
II A WiimlxU l.reen I l,,ual.,n .1 Blitrk J Mil,"
A Ruymrllil it Jollltann W 'llirtler P lliirney T
I'llre .1 .1 ,in-,m Vi l,illnn, A llnvl. M llnyla U
llaylalt Wilnelniflrn J r'Hlrell li Jnhnann II lln
yla RJiililiaon K Itaymonil III Wil.nti RThuinaa
K Kiilrlnaon K llnyia I Bunker II Tuylur I. BilxH
II HiiriierNrlaher W Carter l llrcmii A Ilrnl
.1 MniiirOliriilil W.leiiklna TKilwnnla I. l."tt
T TluiliiuatJ l'ukr P Myera II Wilaon r Mllea
UHmilh JTeruvll 8 Mnaf J Alexawlei i; Wll
liama .1 .lohnann II ,lntinann 11 C'owun A Puvan
tii, i t w Hi, , ile r il Wiililnat,in I llnvl. J Multi
ply r. .leifernnn I. Kli'1,1. I Pratt II Brown 11 Al
bnmk M Jolinaim l Prlee ll.lie'V-nn J .luiikltta
A Martin II llnriirtt A Hlli.liell II Huller A Ian
LBirllliieUUIyeiia W II Hu e u walker A ai
er W llarleri: 'I'hitriilmon K Tlromtwon KrI WII
lama A .luiie- II .lonea II Karen I ll.i-mii lu rry
WilHHti'ltl'lira William DJeQeraull A M-mre I)
Tayhir A ,lr J Heniiloa.. rtovr vi
If anybody offers you more than wo
do, or better than we do, or lower
prleea than wo do, take 'om up, quick,
it's a ton strike for you. But nobody
ou enrtli can iliiplltuto the good W0
show for the prices wo make. Those
good must be sold.
wil M m ion
and Dogs j is In Greenville, Miss., Pbr- If TT1 "IT
MAKENTLY LOCATKD at D. F. Huut'S llll) 1
AM I Ilf'T UUimtjU 1111 UUVU IIRIU WM I . . a I v
Thursday, en rout for the flourishing lablcs, where he will treat cienuncai
Ilttlo city Denoit, to attend a grand y all animals rcqutrlug medical or
Men's Overcoats,
boy' 8 0 vet coats
Children's Overcoats.
I Hunts at tl.MO. at
och. ,
from lonar. llntrerln?
ies to robuat health
n ttie lileofthelntli,
remarkabb event
eraory and the agency
il health has been at
lly bleiiaed. Hene It
la heard In praise of
So many feel they owe
to health, to the use of
Ive and Tonic, It yon
It ifity disease of Kltl
iraach, of long or short
I surely find relief by
Jitters, sold at Wle anil
A, ii. iluiajf & Ui.,'s.
Wantkd. A well furnished and
well veutilatod room in a private'
hmise near business portion of tbe
city. Addrea "M," Timrb office, stat
ing price and location.
In the meeting last night there wa
a good lot of spontaniety at some of
the point made by the dial initialled
speakers. This is well, but bear in
mind, boys, that this campaign is on
iH iucinle and tor a prtuctple ; "no
enemies to punish" after the fight is
won. In the languairs of eur epigra
matie friend, Dr. S. It. Dunn, who the
other day browed this advice on ye
editor: "Keep 'em in the middle of
the road." .
Mcssr Tatorno ft Convert have
moved iruo their now nt nrjio !n itirTpa,
butliltug, and will be pleased to have
all call aud see their work. Oct 12
Men's Separate Pants.
Separate Pants.
Pure Wool Fancy and White
Full Drones Hhirts.
Motheri' Friends Waists 1 Alt
Star Shirt Waists, H"6"-
Neckweak, the Handsomest
line ever came to Greenville.
"elcb.-ated DUNLAI 8TIKF HATS.
3, Ey 3Utsoa'i Soft Eats (Genuine.)
m Dnati anri vnnoe
MBII .'WW a"M wiavvo) Haka.
(Every Pair guaranteed )
Everything Jn my Hue ia bOfgt
Headquarters, and
arc put In my establishment
Nov.2-tf Clothier,
ball irlvan In the new hall. On their
return, each enthusiastically reported a
charming entertainment
Mis M. I Verger, la her usual
charming mauner, entertained hor
Mnuda Thnradav nltrht at a
IvoTea. The young hostess.
u?gtK . 'd by her parents, was most
ably assist, -y,M .,. decorations
fascinating, U , ..fUnali mnat
mosi oeauinu ih tba eMn.
dainty and delicious, u n,t th
iug uuun ny mo swilliy a.. wth
guosi most regretfully deparu stfu(
nvKuowicugea inana ror to aeng.
an eyening.
Ditinguihed Hon.
Governor John Ireland, af Texas.
Simon P. Aus-hes, of Arkansas: 8. V.
McKnery. (rovemor of Louiaiana : K. B.
Turner. Judge U. 8. Court: Ex-Oov.
Hubbard, Minister to Japan; Marion
Martin. Kx-Lleut. Governor t,l Tnxaa :
W. R. Miller, Ex-Governor of Arkansas ;
E. A. Perry, Governor of Florida: W.
U. Blocxham, Ex-Governor of Florida :
John B. Gordon, Governor of Oeorgla;
Alex Gregg, Blahnp of the Epiacopai
Church and Chancellor of the Universi
ty of the Month, and hundreds of other
iltatlngniahed men of the United (Hates
In all iiroleaaltina and every department
ot science have had their sight restored
by the use of Hawkes Crystallntd
All eye fitted and tit Eitaranteed bv
Dr. N. CSktiintr. Druggist, Greenville,
I)M?oratcd Tea and Chamber sets at
the Greenville Hardware Co.
surgical attention. Chroule lameness
and dentistry a specialty. Calls day or
night will recclye prompt attention.
An examinations free. nov. 16 tf.
Union Undflrshirt at 25 cents, reg
ular mice 40 cents at.
cpU-3ia J. HOMANSKY ft CO.
At the flautist narsonage, Tuesday,
the 19th, by the ttev. i; E. King, W.
L Robb, of Wlnqsboro, 8.C,nd Miss
U WATaoit, of Moiitiocuo, JVrK-
Valrern. Arkansas, on the 16th
At a. , residence of tbe bride's
lust, at u "Hamic Gkiffin and Mr.
mother, Mr. .. 0f Bolivar coonty,
At theresidence oi inn oi. v.
. ,. ... trttA M!i. l""r
cr, in uouvar couui , r jj
Mr. W. II. WooTF.it ana wis i-ait. .
Miu.kr. on tbe 14th day of Novembei,
by tho itev. 8. Archer.
Wantt sell half Interest in a pay
ing Country Cash Store. I' or inior
nw!ton call on nr atltlres the Timkh.
Jnst think of It 2,000 yards Salines
In remnants, n 1-2 cents per yam.
Former price 20 oent.
Sold at Factoey Tbices by
Tlie Goldsmitli Cotton and ProTision Co..
"Iove thy neljrhbor." You can ncvor
do this If you allow your noigbor to
suff'.T with Itch, Tottor, Ringworm 4c,
without advising him to use Hunt
Cure Cure guaranteed.
For sale by A. II. Unlay ft Co.
Labor VgrentM.
To tbe Planters of the Yazoo Delta
r ; and Arkansas.
We will furnish good Farm Labor to
nlitnters on the lowest rates. Orders care
fully tilled. No town people handled by
its. None but farm labor brought, ac
cording to orders. Correspondence so
Ciivfk A Oi atiibiiv. Agents,
James' P.O.. Washington Co , Miss
II. 11. Ciir.KK Co.. Rnlcigh. N. C,
The Br.sr Sai.va In the world tor Cuts,
Bruises. Sores. Ulcers, Halt Kheum, re
y.r Wnraa.'l ollpr Channel! Hands, ( llll
blalns. Corns, and all Skin Eruptions
and positively cures Pile, or no pay re
niiired. It is guaranteed to give lierfeai
autlnractlon. or monev retunded. Prlee
25 cents ner box. ror sale by A
rinlay A Co.
In nil your trading experience yon
never hud such a chance to got fixed
for wintor at bhcIi low prices. We're
out for the stulT, antl we've put price
down right, at tho start where they are
bound to win. We don't ask yon to
take our word but to lot the goods
speak for us. Come and see them.
Wiilnut (Street.
Greenville, Mic3.
'l 1 '
t I
I li ' ,
Lillian Lewis will play at the Opera
Hall to-uight, dividing time with tbe
cainpaigu committee of the Wynn
ticket which has solely alTorded miter.
talumeut for the past week
Large assortment of' Bronze aud
Marble Clocks, Sterling; and Plated
biverware, at
Oct, l,-tf Fbakk Bwder'u.
Nitkcl rialod btudenit linn a
simiaitv at the Greenville Hardware
yvr tl: rvrno iv.
Oil Mills, Compresses, Steam Boat
Owner and others who have Heavy
Forging of auy kind to do, we wish to
nay to you that we have a first-class
man in the person of Mr. Christopher
Smith, who is up in all that class of
work. All we want Is for yon to give
him a tnal. . Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded. We refer you to
our customers as to his ability lu this
line. Give him a trial.
ju!y27 J. C. HEAD ft CO.
Pateomagb Solioitbd, Tbompt Sbttlkmhtb Made band Satisfaction Guarahtee:
Tboir Bualnes Booming.
tn.h.m nn nrm thing has caused such
a general revival of trade at A. B. Kin-
lay ;o. 'a inig niore men
awav to t heir customers of many tree
t.i.t' k..m.u f lir. Kinir'K New Discov
ery for Owsnmptlon. Their trade Is
mnitrinnrmoiisln this very valuable
article fronA the fact that It al way cures
mm A laannnlnta. CongllS. ColdS,
itvnnriiitl. CrotiD. ana all
thrn.t .nrf li, nir rllaffMUHl fluicklv varvd
You can test If before buying by getting
a trial bottle fre.. large size $1. ivery
bottle warranted. '
vi.,t ...om ot of Carver and
Fork in the cltv at the GreeiivUle
Hardware Co.
Rcfnnant In Press Goods TueUy
25c on the Dollar at ,
B. WO c0, 8l
.'litlfi M; Ml8t''B::'r'f.'R I ., r ,
It . . '?-!'-;' .-.
lit- . . r ...... t .. -. vj-w.-.-,-' r ' , .... . - .
I . . , .
Planters are cordially invited to call anil liigpei
learn our plan of management and operation.
eel our mill building, nmchinery anu convm.ieu. ,

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