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Greenville Times
ciiriici cotimtt
The Campaign Committee of
Wyoa Ticket will meet during; the com
Ing week. at hslf past four,
the Wolf store. The room will be kr
open and (ume member of the Coin-
uittee la attendance at all bouri of the
day. I.WOY I'ekct, Chairman .
MniClfil EtfOEl.
That the effort to secore for Green
ville better government bai worked
well during tbe pat week, b proved
by tbe lengthened list of names, pu
lished la this issue of the Tmm
f pledging their rote to tbe Wynn tick
et, Oue week more remains, to be de
voted to aui h work as that of tbe put
work in convincing voters of the true
meaning and motive of the movement,
Not only la it for the worker for
the cause of reform needed to a?
tbe true, but to meet the false ; to ml
1 with their fellow citizen and ei plain
away misrepresentation spoken In lg-
noranoe, pergonal teal, or by thoae
whoae way are at variance with law
I and tbe moral and material welfare of
: I Greenville. Repetition though It
we will restate tbe rase ; tbe put city
) .' administrations under tb two opponl-
i tion raudldates for mayor have boeu
weak and inefficiont No man will
deny this. Vigorous enough In tbe
: puuUamont of petty offender, in "the
' dollar and cost line" of business, when
case came up requiring the shew of
nerve or vigor usually, ifnot Invariably,
omothlngomehow was wanting; and
tbe bolder or more respectable law
breaker has gone practically free. Hut
for a cily Marshall who noun possess
J tbe rruuslte arllcle of backbone,
I tbe unbearable would bav long
since, under Messrs. Alexander or
" Tilford, arrived. Judge Wynu'i
;, nomination was a protest against
i mis incapacity, which baa more
thaa once staluod our streets with
i blood, and makes of our city ordl
f nances designed for the comfort
and eouvenicnee of the cltl.mis, for
the public Interest, a dead hitter. It
is the aim and Intent to glveUrnenvllIe
a government more In accord with its
I need and merits; which would nonr-
j Isb and shape instead of cramping and
peryertlng the future of promising
and lourWilug young city.
1 Those who conceived aud urge the
! Wynn ticket believe that there should
I be a departure from the present vicious,
i demoralizing and most unjust practice,
! of paying the Mayor and police oltldals
: when they convict a man, and making
them work gratis when be Is acquitted.
. "'"" They would remedy this evil by pay.
ing a salary siitllclont to secure the
service of a Mayor who will give the
, city a court whose authority all would
tm IfJUect, whose docMon would fromjM'
EtrroitTiES tr thi wm ticiit.
Gkkk-vv!u.b,Miss,Xuv. 20, 1W9.
We tie undersigned qualified voters
hereby pledge 0"r!ve to support
the Municipal Ticket headed by the
lion. J. II. Wynn:
IE Dunbar PPHunt
H'm i Verier H X AlrianJer
(ieo W Stockwcll E X Thomas
J (.' (jrctniey
I! T Shelby
J C Head
O A I-awrence
K it W'orthain
Karuent llyner
(Gilbert liorton
11 II Holmes
A M Shelby
T K Mount
R II Campbell
W II Tucker
T C Miller
Hani ti recti
C II ( lark
II E Wctlierbee
J A liastle
J (i r'..rd
W II M.-Culloch
II C (iraliam
II J lllackburs
Geo B Alexander
lerov Percy
J P Wright
It E Moutgomery
T II Hood
Jno II Itowen
J K Johnson
J h Harbison
W B ( aunon
C II Starling
II T Uucks
Henry Crittenden Jas D Smith
J It 11-11
B P Wawon
E W llaker
J M Green
1 ave Thomas
It II Sim
W A Coer
J V Ilell
8 W Harbison
li N Kucks
W II Buchanan
W W Tillotson
Jas E Negus
A B Nance
lievln Wailcs,
J A Shackelford
J S Walker
(i P Brandon
Wallace Arnold
It J Madden
Dan Head
J S McNeil y
Jno P Piulay
A M Vance
It S Toombs
J II .eliu
W E Hunt
C T Shadd
George Thompson
I) It Ma. Donald
Kobt Somervllle
Thomas Mount
C II Jonas
J E Clark
O W Stone.
r w itiggs
II Walton
ham Brown
I) C Moutgomery Harry K Johnson
HU Putin jr W A Storey
Hi character carry conlldeuce of In
k , - . . .
- uce, inis idea has bceu sol.od upon
and mis-stated by those who are
" Interested In the "dollar aud costs'
, commerce ; and worked ou cltl.oui o
, substance through alarming their sense
of economy. Such a change would mil
a asserted, be a dollar of additional
- . eipense to the oily. The Mayor' fees
, the "dollar and cost" case alone
' weiUd, convoyed Into tlio Treasury,
niake up such salary. Then tmdor
i stronger Mayor there would not be
uch an unbroken tuonotouy in the
j I docket. A proper proportion of the
(,' casetwkuld read "ft.00 or 110 00 and
; cot, Instead of tho "dollar aud costs'
uf. Occasionally there would bo
tine Imposed on tome respectalilo or
moneyed violator ef even greater iiiiiis.
lucre would be fewer case passed
over and dropped out of night,
" Is alio designed that the new
Council will, as those, of other cities,
devise or at least try to dovtse, some
ytom of utilUiug the labor of tho
City prisoner on the street ; instead
of hiring them out to the convict farm
for 40 cent a day, while we are paying
$1.50 a day for labor. Till Is called
for both as an economy and as a right.
iui cnange. will lomo one say why
mis cannot or should not be done?
C Dunn
Gee Wilbulin
Geo Clarke
Wyatt lloloway
E J Gibbous
Goo Wheatlcy
C G Ilell
It Arnold Jr
J C Jackson
ii S Storey
M Baggel
N T Nelwn
II A McMillan
W II Garret
William Daulol
W P Thompson
Davo Williams
S J Proctor
K Davis
W M Womseyr
W II Burlier
J C Chappie
r rank V atsou
M Monroe
K 11 Tylr
S J Jordan
ieo .lone
J C f Alio
M Lewis
no (i Archer
G Beardsloe
A How en
Saml II Purcoll
W II Nniidnr
II (Tiappoll
A I. Ilruuson
E Farmer
Yf XT Ilush
W W Lowthor
W A Smith
Jordan Dot irate
lb K Wood
VthH Is atated above comprises the
true meaning and niotlvo of the Wynn
ticket. It Is not. as charged an anil
.Taw ..... ...t - . . ...
wumurai, ,o aucu idea or
thought ever found expression uu til
ome of Mr. Alexander's ovor zealous
aud Indiscreet friends through nils
apprehension, and seulng hi do-
feat Utiles the movement mi. 1,1 I,.
rtlirown off the track, r.l.o.i n,t.
,(The Wynn ticket Is not to enact pro-
aiioiuon, or to war upon any calling or
Nation, when nch arc exorcised with
In t5 law. It was not conceived aud
is not Intended to compass any persoual
end, antl did not grow up out of perso
nal bottling to auy of the candidates.
Stripped .f all that is delusive, false
or misleading the movement for the
eloctiou of the Wynn ticket la boi.ki.v
1TRKLY AND I'NpKNUl.l.Y, to oivJ
movement doe not pretend to
hav enlisted all of the good and
pure cltlacn or the city, some of
this class say it is unwise, III advised
and tbe strife engendered ;dlsprupor
tloued to a mere municipal govern
ment. The position of these gentle
men can onty be met by expressing
diflerwit eowietlmi ; that thi. -more
muulclpal goverument 1ms grown to
be of the first importance to It citl
ecu. The city taxes to be disbursed
greater thau Statu county and levco'
and the city Improvement conteiu!
plated, prove this true figured on a
material basis. Morally, with nun
who are raising families bore, no
movement ever more Imperatively
demauded tbe support of true men
No, thi Wynn ticket Is not t be met
or disposed of by bellttlemcut. We
say this with tbe fullest appreciation
of tbe evils present and future, of tbe
-"prehendod strife.
Jorry Jouu
Louis Henderson
J B Boss
Louis William
M W Shaw
W J Weir
W J B Snowdon
N II William
V M Garrison
I'll I-sikman
P II Campbell
K 1) Hudson
B B (iordou
J 11 Leo
Danl Meilcly
II. v Eell
II P lUwkln.
Jo Wall
V ELaikln
I' (i liilz,,,!
J II llobb
J M Monro,
Wm Starllnir
Nat Jacksou
A II ( union
l.onls I lodges
T II Grcon
W W Wiun
,1 G Low rev
M li .laekson
K J Went.
N A Stewart
W 8.loi tilng
It II Spires
S E Conway
J 8 Morbry
Mo so Meaks
Wm Gaines
It Diiiiii
V Perkins
I M Lewis
W K Meddletan
Buck Hicks
ioorgo Thomas
llin Watson
owe William
lorry Johnson
I B Stewart
! K Bass
oo Davis
K (Timer
ack Wallace
Win Thompson
Ballev Frazlcr
Neil Hartho
II Hose
Ben Johnson
'ale Stotio
eo Rolilnsou
II Brown
ile Eversoil
Olllcc llulluid
Im Johnson
W Taylor
J Adams
G Bardwcll
II Jolly
A Ingrain
M Jovles
W Preemau
I .allium
1) Williams
A Scott
D Sander,
A Jncknon
A Sandem
II Walton
A Jones
S Iloss
James Fowler
J T Jeter
J H Plshcr
S S eagle
G Blackwell
A Bryant
S Miller
J II Marshall
C W Ray
Phil Campbell
W E Morgan
J A Kussull
W h Kau.lel
It N Wilson
W L Gay
Hen Johnsou
T W Diinu
J X Dunn
Jno Klusclla
fJ K Durell
Car It Kusscll
Jerrle E il Johnson
John Scott
Joe Smith
li J Grimsby
J M NickeUon
A X Brooks
C Still
II Wllllnms
J M L McNeil
Churlcs Bryaut
S Putnam
Walker Jones
C E Bush
S It Gels
C E Stlngloy
G V Phillip
King Dorwart
Tho Canada
J W Dixon
It S Clack
Wash (lark
Claud Washington
K B Pool
II L Pierce
1) J Davis
iloraite Johnson
Shad Woo. Is
Kicbardson vVasb Johnson
Win Morgan
Lyne Starling
J Keller
K N Moore
S A Hinds
A T Torlaii
Jim Nlckson
N (i onion
J A Jackson
Jim Smith
J II Walt
Jonas Henderson
G B Buck
J L lludllon
Saml Covington
A A Mlllor
K Botirge
L II Cory
W L Uny
O II llillm
Jno II Moore
Tobias Smith
A Burko
(I C I Alll Is
Horace Crockor
M X' Johnson
Klinoro Veal
John Overstroot
W T Ash ford
J J Alexander
M F Jncksou
Charlo Smith
John Stalworth
Joe Wilson
Prod J Both
Cornelius Ktncald
Mack Mclllen
Calvin Johnson
Acy Davis
Simon Smith
Peter Rollins
(! L Barsley
Harry Foster
Charley Whllo
W II Paxton
C M Mayson
J Addrrsou
Henry Jarvl
Fred Dixon
Bus llopo
Kli.n Jenkins
(ieorgo Barloy
Nelson McParllu
I-ee (ille
Tom Martin
Jama Tavlor
liobt Taylor
Gabe Steward
Arthor Brown
Peter Uollln
John i'ntlers
Sam Jackson
J P Jloikin
J L Young
W W Tov
M II Mckoy.
Jos C Cowan
T L Mallery
A A Anderson
Wm Scott
T Walker
P l'orter
C Washington
it Braxton
J Marshall
it Cromwell
George Porgusou
J Granville.
S Ouillntid
Jim Curry
Dave Allen
U Merchants
J Thomas
E Berry
J Moore
J Huirgitis
Ike Hobcrsoii,
J D Sinythc
J Henderson
I-ouis Henderson
C S White
H T Irey
II Waters
I' Phillips
II Williams
U Williams
R Waiker
T C rUMn
Jim Tai lor
J E Vatitfhn
J W WiUiu
Nick We:!
liaUrd M. Daivl
Sain ( oliuaa
Ben Wsltou
liobt Hope
Horace Scott
Frank Joo
Klia. Grave
S D Frazitr
J W Kitchen
A D Pace
Will Jone
Cougo Brow n
A P Stewart
Gu Marvine
Z Bliviu
Kli Green
Nelson White
Jamo E Baker
Jake I jne
Jno Peters
Charley William
Doc ton Johnson
Jas Flemmlug
Lre Grandisou
It W Walton
Geo Johnson
D F Salli
Jus H Anderson
Will Caddenbead
Kiug Davis
Andrew Wilson
E J Teagle
J ii Lampkin
A W Brooks
Charlie Ray Held
Kdward Johnson
Daniel Golu
E A llobb
Harrison Jefferson,
It J feesslou
Jim Johnson
Tom M. Daniels
Dave William
Osborne Addison
Dave Cameron
Frank Harris
Thomu Smith
Wm Hunter
Andrew Jone
Frank Phillip
G T Green
William Moore
Win Kaufman
L I) Kitchen
Milton Turner
Wm Cross
Henry Chase
Frank Delauoy
II T Grubb
Sam Houston
A J Carter
G Fisher
G 5 Davison
Jol.u ( raw lord
Cuibrv Thnma4
J M How anl
Robert Riley
Henry Jone
ST Motor
Jim WatMin
E B Hardy
Steve Colrman
I'U'i. JoliUnon
(i E liclole
Tern Pawey
W K Gtldart
Tom Saunders
It M Staudifer
i J $ Gubprll
U4 It Iamb
Allen Jacksou
D Ward
Frank Nelson
J M William
lsom lluu.lt rson
Eekiel Davis
Noble E1U
Fred Dixon
Geo Trubart
Andrew June
Llge Robinson
Paten Gilinore
W B Salli
Cbas (iamache
Cba Muller
G G Starke
I D Shadd
W II Bailey
Henry Watson
Richard Walker
Charley Kiug
Jeff Ad. li -on
Sharp Hughey
Prima Weston
W W Cadieu
E E King
Hobt Hams
Albert Foster
Jne Herring
Jim Baker
Juo Wells
Mose Jackson
Charley Jone
Wm Pu Imaa
W C Lloyd
Wm Tumor
Ed Davis
B J Holme
John HklpwUh
Jerry Jone
Sam Boyd
Kobt Chapman
J D Jenoi
Wilson Chase
Sam Evlson
T WGrubbs
Hy Blruby
Arthur Barrlngor It L Dolor
it u Aicxautlor T P Price
II L Smith THUodwoll
W E Itodwell Marshal Canada
Saml Greenley Pctor Black
11 Stlngley U L Magmdov
Alf Stewart
The foregoing list number 617. to
which 1 to be added those of oue hun
dred othors who object to publication
of their names.
If you want a now, nobby, neat, ty.
llsh aud cheap SUIT, you'll Haftcr go
11 An Kit & LEVSEK.
The niest complete and.wf' rtfr1J
K a t si r '
u 'Vi'Ala'ICLESevordl.nlay.
u iu Greenville. There t no taatt or
wish In this line that cauuot be met at
NovSOtd (Iro. F. AnciiKit'g.
Tewe, ref, When There Ii Ko
puuno eicltemont Is porhap the
greatest evil or our form of eovoru
ment. The theory Is that evory citizen
!..... 1.1 ....t-il.. ... . ... . . .
iiuuiu iiiiuuy, and wiiiioiii lot or
Hindrance, rowird or animadversion
approach the polls aud donoslt his hl
lot for the best Interest of the commu-
tiny, uur History 1 nothlmr but
ropotltlon of tho same unending tale
of trilo and faction. Poland for a
inousauti year was a ccne of disorder
and contontlou until tho turrotiudlng
nation stopped In, partitioned the
oouutry, established law and ordor and
gave to the unhappy masses peace, so-
corny aim quiet, urcouville, the little
"Uucon City," has been uotod far and
wido for tho unity of public spirit and
singleness of Its people In ovorythlng
pertaining- te advancing Its wonderful
growth aud prosperity.
ine cliartor, laws and ordinances
are fairly good and the administration
has been unusually free from lohbnpv
and corruption lu comnarlann with
now towns ol phonominal arowth ami
cosmopolitan population.
Ail classes, sects and nationalities
have been sunk lu the common .,,lr.
tion of a publlo snirlt that
shoulder to shouldor with a unaniml-
iy mat attracted the attont on of
traugors, and la the best earnest nf .
continued prosperity that will In a
very uort time place our eltv far In
advance of any citv in tho sttn .mi
give her an Importance that will take
hor out of the lank of towns anil place
nor lu the list of cities.
r.vcry thoughtful norson denrnc.in.
political excitement that carries away
tho people and make nubile niieatlnna
ot matters purely of social.
ligious complexion,
It Is undeniable that the nennla
being more or less divided lu the mn.
tost for tho mayoralty with a heAin
enthusiasm that can only prove a
source oi regret aftor the matter shall
ue over ana tue sober ro-actlnn h.n
again unite the people In a common
im ei puuno entorpriso.
It Is suggested that them l a n.t-l
olio respoiisibllty resting unou our oil.
Irens to make a united effort in i.i .
end to faction. Party has never been
recognized iu municiiial ele.-iim.. nn.
""o ovor uceu nu election that
divided the people further than the
mere casting of votes without engen-
ueriug me least particle of feeling. If
we are drlftlug away from that stale of
aiiuirs, lot the ground be recovered at
oucc, aud let each aud every person
have his preference without rctupera
t on, heat or III feollng. Let the dec
t on and the canvass be so conducted
that whoever may bo successful that
success shall not be at the price of
presenting a cup or bitterness to the
defeated, who aftor all are integral
factors ef a town that has herctolore
been free of the ovils that cl,r.,...u-
clcctious iu other less favored aud los
free-hearted and united people.
J. I, Lkno.mfiri.d.
Tad Cxnpalsa i Ue Opposltiea.
Tbe gentlemen who are entie'rin
the fortune of the pcrsijuai candidate
fur Mayor have been eatd duriu
tbe pat week in trying to effect a cen
souJaUon of forms : and t udr
after much negotiations couiumuutUjd
or "arranged" for, tbe withdrawal
of Mr. Tilford iu favor of Mr. Al
exander. Considering that t'-itre was
the bitterest contest and feeling be
tween these candidacies, both two
year go and before the Wynn ticket
was announced, we are at a loss to
divine what argument were used to
effect such incongruou combination
without listening to and countenancing
report,of which to say the least, aud we
think the best, is to say nothing. But
will any good citizen say that aa ad
ministration having it strength and
source in unknown and secret collus
ion and method is to be given con
trol of city affair? Certainly Mr.
Tilford follower have too much
sense of pride and thought to sanction
thlWarraiigcment" by their vote
and they will not be swapped and bar
gained off like a lot of cattle.
Tbe Councilmen put forth by the
manager of thi movement are Messrs.
II. WiUainskl, T. It. Shaw and
rt am iu ten nair interest In a cav
ing Country Cash Store. For infor
mation call on or addres the Ti.Mts.
Our stock Is new comolete and In,
vite the piblie to ret our prices.
sUTinciTiox or coubsi.
We wish to emphasize the Messen
gert opinion ou the subject of refer
ring tbe question of a ratification of
tne new constitution to the oeonle.
Our theory I that thi i a voverii
ment of the people, for the people aud
by the people, and if the beonle am
qualified t soled competent men to
irme a constitution, they are quallllcd
to pas open it after all the compro
mise and concessions are tnadn In nr.
dor to agree upon an organic law. We
care not therefore whkt nreeedent m.v
hare been tot heretofore in this Slain
or elsowhoro, the Mossonger favors a
ousuiutionai convention, and that
the work of the doletraters shall Im nt.
submitted fa (he people for their rati
fixation or rojolciug. Chickasaw Messenger,
What tho Messenger savs I doubt.
loss meant for the Antl-Caaveutlon ex.
peucuts, seme of whom are writing
aud working thomsslve into a late
of vision and dolusloiw. Certainly no
one, In our knowlcdgo, who favor a
Constitutional Couvention doslre the
adoption of It production without tub-
mission for popular ratification. Son-
aiorueorge, who Is nnfA'-- 4
ii .. ,.M "rtwiuun lunuvr I
v -?V'ouvontIon policy, when in
Greenville expressed himself in eon
vernation most emphatically upeu this
point ; that undor no circumstance
should a constitution be adopted with-
out ratiiicatlon.
"Hut tho Messenger a an all-the-year
. u..u ....uiniB oi a Constiliillouid
ionvonnou, whiles U to bo undorstood
u ai ii i unalterably and unconiprom
ismgiy opposed to a property or clucn-
nuiiiii qiiniiuoaiion."
ino liMRs favor au educational
...-Hit ii
quniincauon; or at least a repeal of
mat clause In tho present Constltu.
tion, prohibiting the enactmont of a
law providing such qunlillcatloD. We
think that those gentlemen who
have depleted tho wrong which uch
quallllcation would impose have boon
v-nuu ,u mr by outlmeu Of
course there would be Instance of
hardship, but In thi ago of cheap edit-
canon anu with tho condition ef life
uot hard, we caunot bcliove that m.n.
desorviug men of even common intei
lect, or any sort of ambition, hayo
failed to pick up enough education to
road and writo. But as Senior
George said, and to did the Messenger
on a former occasion, we are willing
to submit any viowt of ours to tho Con.
voutlon. Wo have no dispute with
toy one who favors a Convontiou for
the purpose of amendment, enlarge
ment or rcstrictlou of our organic
statuto. Lot u havo the
ud theroin adjust differing views.
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4 l.t I..
1UUKO OI 1110 llnnnvn mil ...J 11-
iV "Wl,"uny. with a charter
.... .....rinmii oi iwouty-three by the
nl(if.lnn nf !.. ..llt. ... -
? . , i ""10lnK onicors:
a.nii inner, licwuavis; Estocind
Loyal Knight, N. Goldstein ; Eat 1
.onng Knight Jere Horn; Secrol.ry
A. O. Mrauss, L Hextcr, Treasurer.
Ihe order of Elks la nnn r .1 .
eminently respectable beuevolont or-
;"""!"'" ,n me t lined States. In
New ork the inlliatinn fu i. .
and enrreannn.ili...).. 1.1.1. 1. .. ",,u
great cities throughout the country
In these great centers Its membership
...... .h.-vij o inn M.i.i
writers aud men of Intm 1.. .i. ...
of charity have placed it in high itt,n.
v. u,u worm, anil elevated it lo
the proud estate of universal esteem.-
Itobben entered Geo. Areher's.inr.
Tuesday uight and rarriod off Kogor
Cutlery, Gold Pens, &c, ainouiiting
lo $300 dollars. They forced au en-
trance from tho back by cutting the 1
Biun hi 1 no tmmow aim Dreaking thf
belt making such a niiiet loh nf 11 iii.t
the walcliiimn iu Uilll's ttore did
uot doioet it until after thoir do.
partiiro. No clew have been di.-nv.
T. M. C. A.
Dec. 1st Unbert Somervilln le.di.i
subject "Falthfulnc to Christ" Mat
thew, '25lh chapter, 21st verse.
in;c. nth J. C. Head leader: sulk
jeet, "Christian Testimony" Mnrt
6th chapter, 19th verse. '
Dec. 15th J. H. Audorson leader;
subject, "Salvatiou for You" 1 Tiiu.
1st chapter, 15th verse.
l)cc. 22d-A. M. Vauco leader;
subject, 'Unity hi Faith" Knh a.k
.i.niui, toiu verse.
Dec. 29th Win. A. Storey loader
...ujcn, -now to work Ecc. lith
Three ValaaMe Plantations at a Baritain
Immediately on the Hue of the L, r
O. & T R. It., a desirable proper v ..'
to be found in Washington cour.ty
t-l.ms.lo. .f 4M , oo eld , m w;0,
eltared, 3a
eloarcil Nil
A. Known Faot,
Carry the largest assortment of Ladies i
it ii yjiiLLiorvns yiuah auu irraps 0 every i
and plain materials of the latest iV
ported fabrics and colors. I
Gents, Ladies and Childrens Underwear of all p,'
A complete line of Gknts Clothino. Our stock comprise all lis '
in a household. Every quality and grade can be had j
GrocerlcM, Wholesale and Retail. I
Special inducements are offered j'
We solicit Cotton sbipmcnU and will niako liberal advance m
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Our Star Sloe Store
Leads ahead in Gent, L&
dreus foot wear. We hart it
Umbrollas, Hal and Itubbt
Poplar Street, between Washington and Main. j
I have laid on my shelves "r
largest" but THE CHOICEST and mot'
fully selected stock of j
in this mnrlfpt flrn
---- vji i u mo v uui
I strive to please.
runnunn or l.Jjj Knt M
woniln Sin mm
PlsnlHtinn nt
wo.iils s,l,U00.
l.W sous, Wi
Contractor and Build
G-reenvilet Miss.
n.ii ",l,.tnpnea Watches re
P o ,ob.aJ'sfcllon K'""-aiiteed, at
uct. i9.-tf Frank IIindkus.
TllBGltEH-VH,.glt.R& CoAI Ua
to vwtnsyoR rv -t ftii
,.'l,S- R- 0uice & V new store
new store
have th:'
on Walnut streot 'l'i.n
lii-nlli.i .1 '.
n ! " m lie "est no
of Crockery, 0.eei,.ware and tilawl
ware ever soph i.. h , 'assk
" U.CUUTUie.
On Wednesday, thn 97il. i.... u.
4. tf r, ... . UO-
.DCu ..eury cnttenden' corner aud
ray residence, corner Central and Thco-
.Z "I r' " SMALL Open-Facb
Z t V y ,na UoLD Chain with
.1 , . . . uacK 01 ws,ch enirraved
the Initial. "J.T.C. to M.U." VlK
'ww will be paid for lu return
W. L. Gat.
Notice Is hereby Tiveu of the disso
"Hon of tho partnership. r n.,.. .
M-iEiis bv mutual consent, It, II Spiers
retiring from the business, j n
i..0T,D M "M,U,nei' liabilities or
the late llrmand IIq0.ii,
collect all debts duo IL
. .. .. MI.Bowen.
uoro'-4( u. H, gl,
Jlonev 1?
ftllna. r,.,..l , .
!",r,U",!l:e.fe '"er year will Te
r. "i" J"aw lf Ooefable, at low
liniit.nl. . "u"c uu oi mem
1J W M.u'l'Pfd with new machln-
a lloinli. 1 ihB Lthrc8 "lac,!i re
purch,er desire to secure the entire
, liberal c.ncessiou
"1" be made. Correspondence r in
"P'oction of premises invited.
Apply at Times Ofpiob,
Greenville, Miss.
me old and Sellable
Dealer In
FauIIj and Fan.y
loonfectionaries. etc.
Constantly ou hand.
Good, delivered at all hours of the day
fresh Bread dhv.n . ....
Alices every eveniuR
Thaukinir mv Dntrons .n ., t,n.
Sn;ST rVl re, U
fullj request a ooutinuance of tho same
Queensware, Glassware and Cit
Boofinst. and Guttering Lone on Shod
Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron ffj
W.M Itswtrs, Praprlsltr,
ols Agtms ff
Harrart ani Ercrett
Th World Beoowued
The mowci
Furniture, Trunks, C
- Washington Avenue, GREENVt
ho same
J. KlTaRTi?T.frA
tSOCCIfigsOH TO T. O'coHNiri. ,
Saddle and H
-,.w. n WAIJf uT 8TRKBT.
' standi- ,
vr u . j ' "
-ifhinj in his
uiu.aiioi(ieraoi ther.reenvlllnti.iiu
1U. "na g Association will take
U-....H mat mmr monthly due. are
payable on
wni their attention is called in r..
oI Article VI of the By-Laws, to-wif
Lach and every etorfclmi.io. .
trustee who shall neglect or refuse to
Py his monthly dues or interem ..
often as tbe same shall become due
nd payable, shall forfeit aud i.av !,
Ulitional sum often cents m.mtliiv
u eacu ana every dollar duo by bin,.'
xh. roHL, sec, and Treas.
Hh. All lu. .j
of rt?piiirtoK
J dona fin iKnJZ
nd wotVs
hand high.
...l.li- ... j
14 3-4K fad l lT.u 8
The owner of . .T.-. ,MCD.:
Pstrav is hcrebv n 7fl a uccribcd
W, pr e L, t ton,efor.
-lenlt with l' r!,;r y Wi be
' directs.
Not. 8S. st.
'VV. H, Barhbb,-Banger.
Corner Main and Walnut Sli
Wholesale and Retail Dealer IjH
uquors, Wines, Porter, Ale
ST.l.oulSvMO, j
Te fuwing celebrated brands alv(
m stock :
Budweiser Keg and Bottled
iirlaDger Keg and Bottled Bee:
AnJieuser Standard Keg and BotttlcJ
Ialo Lager in Kegs. !
. i
Ciy a;ud Couatry Trade Uoli'
siippued with-mi, Crhcprv 1

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