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DU&strous ks they may be, the re
etnt break have at lcat couviuced ihe
people tif iho DUta that their ouly
aft iy from overflow in the future lies
i i..: .1.. . l.
in tlio iiicren-cu origin oi i" cino.
We will soon have sometliiug more
... . . ...... j .l;..,,...
piOUtttOlC lO alieuu lo miu mu uim.u3-
iou of Mile issues. JNomiug coma
moro effectually kill the Cauierou bi!L
Ihev are worth a cart load or those
verbose aud effeminate cffuiioua with
hlch some of our exchanges have
been tilled receutly. The colton tax
as eiven us the ouly protection we
have bad against the river, and the un
precedented rises inn year uas ueiu-
oustrated beyond cavil tuat h we ex
pect immunity from thii danger in
the future we must raise our leveea
at least fiye feet and widen pro
portionately all along the water front
his will coat a ereat outlay oi mouey,
aud we are not apt to wraugle much
bout whether it cornea from realty
aud personalty, or from each balo of
cotton. We have always tuougm tue
old method the most practical, aud
while according to the more advanced
Ideaa of certain would-be philautro-
pisls, it may possibly iu point of equity
be open to criticism, It has the redeem
ing feature of being the most available
and less burdensome system of taxa
tion yet iutroduced. Benolt Hustler.
We publish in this issuo of the Dem
ocrat a strong levee letter from Captain
E. F. Miller, one of Bolivar county's
fficieut commissioners. It will com
mend itself tt every thinking man in
the District, and breathes that spirit or
true pluck aud intelligent enterprise
hich has gone far to advance ttie in
terests of Ihe Delta since the disas
trous flood of 1882. l'rrsident Chas.
Scott of the Levee Board has already
prouounced himself iu favor of vig
orous line of action in the same direc
tion, and informs tho Democrat that he
nods great unauitnity of sentiment on
this subject among all classes of our
citizens so far as he has been able to
consult them. Mr. Scott favors the
issue of the :00,000 of six per cent.
bonds that can be issued by the Board
under existent laws, aud he says that
the proceeds of these bonds and the
probable net income from this years'
taxation will enable the Board to let
aud pay for $ 100,000 worth of enlarge
nieut work during the present seasou.
The Legislature iu all probability will
couvcue January next ; at that time
legislative sauction should be obtained
for the issuance, say ot $800,000 more
of tho six per cent thirty year bonds,
to bo negotiated, and the proceeds
expended forthwith Iu giving us higher
aud stronger levees. This would make
Ihe entire bonded debt of the District
(after the coutouiplatcd payment of
$36,000 or ton per cent, bonds yet out
standing) aggregate the sum of $1,250,
000. The aunual interest on this debt
at 6 per ceut. would be $76,000 a sum
which, without tho slightest increase
Id our rate of taxation could be paid,
together with all current expenses,
leaving us over ouo hundred thousand
dollars per annum for emergencies,
aud for such other enlargement work
as the needs of the District might re-
mire, llio Democrat believes this
be the true and only policy. By this
mciins we will have levees that will
protect , levees that can be relied on
all emergencies ta withstand the
Hood. Upon this problem depeuds
tho present welfare, the development
of the Valley. The sooner we realize
tills fact the better. Non-action meaiis
retrogression ; delay means disaster.
It is now demonstrated that a proper
line of dykes will give absolute imniu
ulty from the water. It is equally
demonstrated that we do not posset
such a Hue. Straightway then let us
got It. That attained all else will fol
low i Immigration, capital, prosperity,
success. Bolivar Demecrat.
Chleora l'lantation, March 23i
Editor Bolivar County Democrat)
lou should advocate, through tl
columns of your valuable paper (and
solicit the aid of every paper in Boli
var, Washington, Issaquena and Shar
key comities) an cany meeting of the
ixtveo Board aud urgo the people in
tna.- to attend the meeting, and back
the Board In taking immediate steps
toward building our levees of such dl
mcuions that will defy ovor five feet
more water than this mighty flood now
staring us iu the face. This should be
done while the collar is warm and the
iron hot, and tho eyes of every man,
woman and child cuu readily see (with
out haviug to have any sclcntillc
knowledge) that our levees aro iu every
particular loo weak. If we hold them
without a further crevasse, it will bo,
you may say, by the skin of the teeth
aud should there, bo general giving
way (which is not at all improbable)
there will not bo ft dry spot of laud
save a fow mouuds, built by wise men
hundreds of years ago. All those whs
aro at all lukewarm and think their
lands are above overflow (matters not
wnen tno levee givo way) should he
particularly urged to Visit the front
aud behold this vast ocean, and I dare
say they will at onco advise tho Issu
ing, if necessary, of two millions of
bonds, tlont them nnd have every yard
of earth In tho embankment by the
lutn ot Dccemuor, 1SU0. Levee build
ing cannot a fiord to be done by pioce
meals as we have very unwisely been
uoing; i no wnoio lino should be up
and settled before flood time, and the
moment this is ordered done our lands
will enhance double and solidity be
guaranteed. Capitalists will bo only
too glad to take the bonds, knowing
well the richness of the soil, aud tho
article produced therefrom will give
ampio biiu sausiactory security.
This ocesu of water clearly donion.
strates tho fact that levees can be built
to staud. The high water expeuses
this year would have paid the interest
upon the money necessary to have
made tho levees cutirely safe aud be
yond anv doubt.
Tho Levee Board should have two
corps of engineers (the ouo to test the
work of t's other), tho present levees
showing f real irregularities and de
fecU. SL"t them the moment the wa
ter recede4 and make thorn report as
soon ns possible, then advertise the
work to be done throughout the world,
let out the contracts and begin the
work. We will never have a belter
ihaucc to get labor and mules; our
unumuliate planters will bo ouly too
giuu to do the work.
Yours very truly,
E. V. Mim.hk.
KMi.a, mim , M,if,.u svh,
Lditok itol.IVAR KKVIKW!
Now while tho river is up and break
are occurriug, and tho public mind is
centered ou the levees, Is the time for
dis.:iis.ung the all-Importaut questions
of larger aud better levees, aud how to
get .Ui.ni. Af'er the iver subsides
wU'.iin its banks and a sense of security
prevails, public iuterest in levees will
suUide also, aud auy article on levees
will b. read with a yawn, if read at all
If auy good ideas can be advanced
worihy of acceptance by the people,
they will iu times like these take root,
and sooner or later be tested by prac
tical application.
The break at OtTutts' argues nothing
against the levee system, bnt it is
attributable to some defect in the levee
at that particular spot. The fact that
only one break has occurred in all of
the three hundred miles of levee,
though the water has beeu up for
nearly two months, refutes any argu
ment or theory agalust the efficacy of
The reason breaks like the "Offutts
Bresk" occurs, as every eugineer nd
experienced levee man knows, is be
cause of formation of "cisterns" iu the
levee. These so-called 'cisterns" are
cavities which are usually caused by
tumps and logs covered Dp in the
levee. When these levees were first
built levee building was a new art.
Contractors were allowed to cover up
immense stumps and logs, which ought
to have been blasted and cleared out
of the levee bed. In the course of
time these logs aud stumps decay,
leaving a bole in the iutcrior of the
levee. Crayfish congregate in this
hole in the winter, and when the water
rises in the spring they drill boles
from the cavity to the barrow pits in
the river side and the sipe ditches ou
the land side.
These holes sometimes run under the
ublio road from six to tweuty-seveu
inches beneath the surface. As the
water rises and tills the cavity iu the
levee the earth becomes saturated aud
sloughs or caves in and it carried off
through the holes mado by the crayfish
into the sine ditch, aud thiscoutinniuir
for number or year make the
cistern" in the leveo, which eoojer or
later, will collapse and a break occur.
During the second rise iu '83 one of
these cisterns developed on the Glen
wooa irout on luke Doulah, ana
cuk with the greatest difficulty was
prevented. A stream of water two
feet wide and ft loot deep poured
through the leveo, caving occurred ou
both tides, two parallel cracks about
twenty feet ftpart ran cross the levee,
aud the water run Into tho cavity with
mo souuu oi water nowing into
cistern. Aftor the water went down,
ana nvnen the levee was being cut
away with scrapers, soraper tem
broke through and fell in the cistern
and had to be dug out. In the spring
of '83, a similar placo developed within
hum I red yards of this place, ou the
same levoe. The cave occurring lust
as the water rose iu the barrow pits,
was easily cut out aud tilled in and ha
given no trouble siuee.
In '84 wlille I was inspector ou the
Clark front," a cave Iu the levee be.
twi en the Clark front and the Vermil
lion Lake levee was reported. Mr.
West, the eugmeor In churgo, aud my
self happonod to be within a short dis-
tntiee of the place w lib largo foroe of
bauds and plenty of sacks. Tho water
was within twelve inches of the top of
tne levee, aim wunu we got on the
ground a sunken place tho size of a
nail keg had developed near the
water's edge, which cnlarved so ranld-
ly that it cut clear across tho crowu of
the leveo and the water from tho river
ran dowu the land side of the levoe
botore we could stop it. It took sev.
oral hundred sacks of dirt to fill and
secure tho place.
I saw DeOans stop a break on tho
Bell front in 1878. Tho water burst
through tho sipe of tho leveo about
half way up, and it took rapid work
wnn good lorce of men right on the
ground, at that time, to prevent
bruak. In evory Instance that I have
mentioned, to casual observer the
levees were perfectly sound, but people
living along tue tront knew that lor
yoars water had been runuluir from
sipe boles trom the levee into the
ditches. On cutting out these place
after the water went dowu, in every
instance decayed loirs aud stumD
wore found to be tho origin of the
trouble. It ho been the thoorv of
levee men that enlargement of the
river side of the loveo would cut off
these cavities, and no dobut has done
so iu many instances, but this Offutt
break convinces one that we will never
have absolute safoly until all of these
logs, stumps and cavities aro cut out.
Now the question Is, how can this be
aonef 'this Is ft question, of course,
for the Levee Board to deal with, aud
mey win iioiiDticss devise some
efficient method by which tho work
cau be done. 1 think the best plan
would bo to sink a ditch extending
from the base six or eight foot up the
lovee In width, and along the entire
lengiu ot tuc laud side of the levee,
Ibis ditch would develop all the logs
stumps aud holes, and they could be
cut out, and the ditch and cut filled
in aud tamped, aud the loveo would be
safe and sound fer many years.
J he present stage of the water aud
tho Offutt break demonstrates the fact
that our levees are neither sound nor
above the flood line, and we have got
to dig them out aud build them higher,
This will cost money probably two
minion ot dollars. Two niilliou dol
lars worth of 6 per cent bouds will
cost Jji20,000 per annum in iuterest,
Jur present revenue is more than
$200,000 per annum. We can tav this
interest and have au excess of more
than $100,000 for repair work and to
pay offprei-cut indebtedness, and this
revouuo will Increase as tho county
aevciops. aivteb Sillkks.
It was in the day wheu, seekinir
popularity, Otto von Bismarck was
eager to exhibit himself on all great
occasions. There was a eraud ball at
the City Hall, where were gathered
many society people. There Bismarck
mot his tailor, who was swollen with
prido by hts position of tailor to the
Chancellor. "It I a flue fete," said
iMHiiiHrcK to mm. " t he society is
nuie mixed, my Prince." "Really, my
ucai incuu, out you certainly coul
not expect that there would bo only
uiuuio uere.--r-v.il ica go JNoWS.
Dvspopsia and Hrer Complain t
It is not worth tho small price of 75
cents to free yourselfof every symptom
oi tueso uisiressing complaints, ir you
think so call at our store aud gel a bot-
tlo of aliiloh t aUli.r. Lvcry bot
tle has s prluted guarantee on it, use
accordingly, and if it does you no good
it Will cost you nothing.
Sold by A. a. Flnlay & Co. nU
Mayersville Spectator.
Hid the rrevae its origin on the
nver front instead or beinsf in the
itburbsn parts, few if any of the resi-
euts would have escaped with their
lives. The only hope for safety was
to mount the leyee and many ladles
aud gentlemen struggled to reach them
with the swelling torrent, on arriving,
up to their shoulders. The warehouse
of W. S. Lacha & Co, was destroyed
by nre and several residences swept
away. At an astonishing speed, the
muddy wter it spreading over the
vast improved and cultivated lands
and forests of our planters, many of
wnom woum uaye been at the expira
tion of another week through with
their plautiug. It is no longer a ques
tion of suspense as to whether we will
escape the ravages of an overflow ; the
handwriting la ou the wall, and for
tune at least nine-tenths of the county
will be covered with water. All are
now able to see in their mind's eye the
bad results to follow as sure at the
night the day. Stock and worldly c
ftcmulations that can be transported
are now beiug Lurried to the front by
those who had net taken precautiona
ry stept j this town has anything but
a pleasant appearance and before many
hour the merciless waters which re
now upon us, will be everywhere ; it
is reckoned that the greatest depth tho
waters will attain in the town, will be
one foot and not more than two at
best, aud the dwellings, many of them
being neal with broad verandas, em
bowered iu foliage, viues and flowers.
ud surrounded with sweetest fra-
grance, will be damaged very little.
Between this place aud the crevasse
the levee preseuts to person with
kindly fooling and sober thought
terriblo sight which must grow greftt
er in the future if substantial aid and
pecdy relief does not come. At everv
stop tho colored laborer, his family
ud his all are found, almost destitute
arrayed in faded garuieut that have
seen their best days, and affords them
but Httlo comfort and no protection
from the howliug March winds: for
shelter they have netblng but the can
opy of hcavon aud the night dow in
pity must weep as they fall. Wo
are torry for this, and they are
descrviug of help and encourage
ment: during the period whon our
town was thought doomed to destruc
tion they readily respo idod to our ap
peal for assistauce from far and wide,
no matter how dark the night or
blinding tho raiu, at the -lsk of their
lives, and for us to fold our arms and
do nothing to assist them to koep the
woir iroin tbolr fold, would show that
wo are ungrateful aud do not deserve
the name of men. Let not this be said
of ut by those who have alwayt used
strong Influences to keep eolorod peo
ple away from this county, and if pos
sible make rurinlnir here ft failure
The cry of distress will soon be hoard
if we re dilatory aud we should not
delay. Tents are nocdod and if they
re uot forthcoming many will dio
trom exposure ; food will soon be
needed and if not provided suffering
untold will bo the consenueuce. Wo
doubt not that rcliof will como, aud
that all that cau be douo will be doue
to stop tho break which Is increasing
In width aud depth hourly and Is now
6UU teet.
The Louisville fitorm.
Louisville, Murch 29. Although ft
pall ot mourning hangs over tho tuy
deeper than Loulsvlllo over felt before,
still the Drat excitement of grief has
passed away and cool view of tho
situation reliove it of much of its
horror. Nlucty-flve bodies Lave beeu
recovered up to tbi writing, and It is
not believed that moro than thirty
more people have been lost, Tho
ruin of Falls City Hall, whoro most of
the deaths occurred, have now nearly
beeu cleared away, aud the opinion is
very strong that but few moro bodies
will bo found there. Most of tho little
girls who wero at the danclug school,
ana wnose remains wero supposed to
be under tho wrecked walls, are now
belioved to have left before the crash
or crawled out with but slight In,
Junes. A story confirmative of this
opiulon is found iu tho fact that there
are so few inquiries now at these
ruin for lost ones.
The damage to property is not I
fourth of the estimates made immodl
fttcly succeeding the tempest. But the
loss of life and property was not cou
tiucd to the city of Louisville. At
Salem, Ky., 22 persons were killed, at
luidyville several and many wounded
At Shelbyyille and mauy othor points
neatn and destruction marked its path
Tho same track was left after crossing
tne unio Hirer.
Louisville, Ky., Marc" r29. The Ma
sonic Committee has wiled the follow.
ing to Leander Burdick, 'irand Mas
ter, at Toledo, O. : "
r rom what we con gather, there are
about 400 houses destroyed, Three
hundred persous are injured, but still
auvs, or whom 20 per cent will proba
bly die from their inluries. One hun
dred and tweuty-fiye are now dead,
The citizens seem desirous of caring
lor incir own ocau and in tired. Oulv
one lodgeroom was destroyed, but no
lives were lost. As far as known ouly
one Mason was injured, and ho not
Lm C. Goodai.e, Deputy Master,
O. It. Skay,
Chari.es II. Fisk.
reus cnocuw.
McNril Statiox, March 27,
Editor Times:
Dr. Humphreys attempts to prove
by Claiborne's history that lam wrong
as 10 mo worn ma Hena. Urennwood
IiCflorc's Indian naino was "Itte-oke.
Chunk," in English hard hickory
wood. Claiborne spells the word
wrong by tho Indians, as Itto is the
word for wood. It is possible that the
uovernor, like myself, being an ardent
supporter of William Henry Harrison
for the Presidency, and as it was about
the year 1848 that he named his plan
tation ou Lako Roe Buck, Intended to
give the name Los Cabiu or Itt
Beiia, for it means this and nothing
else, to his place ; mis-spelling by one
loiter, ror tbe Doctor's benefit, I will
say that I was a great deal with the
Judians in ray young days aud while
not claiming to understand the
tnvtiflffo perfectly, I m ver heard au
Indian use ho word Ilia in any sense
whatever; and their reply to the query
as to its meaiiiug was, that there is no
such word in their language.
Jas, Y. 'MoNwu
An Act to amend section 1610 Re
vised Code of 1S80.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
Legislature of the State of Mississippi,
That Section 1610 of the Revised Code
of l,s0, be amended by adding in the
5th line after the words of a board of
supervisors" the words, Nr ny notary
public duly qualified aud commission
ed." Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
and be in force from aud after its
Approved February 21, 1890.
An Act to punkh persons who shall
entice servants and employees away
from their employers.
Section 1. Be it enacted bv the Leg
islature of the State of Mississippi
If any oue shall willfully interfere
with, entice ftway, knowingly employ,
or Induce a laborer or renter who has
contracted with another for specified
time, to leave his employer or the
leased premises, before the expiration
of hit or her contract, without the
conseut of employer, he shall be guilty
of a misdemeanor, aud upon conviction
shall be fined in any sum not less than
$23.00 nor mere than one buudred
dollars ; In addition to such fine he
shall be liable to the employer or land
lord in double tbe amount of damaget
WDicn he or the may tustaln by reason
of such contract
Sea 2. This act shall take effect from
nd after its passage.
Approved February 21, 1890.
An Act to require the Board of Missis
sippi Levee Commissioners and the
Board of Leyee Commissioners oi
the Yftzoo-Mississlppi Delta to re
fund to the parties property entitled
thereto, certain Levee funds improp
erly paid Into the treasuries of said
Boards, and for other purposes.
Whereas, By law. all taxes collected
trom lands subioct to what was known
fts the Liquidating Levee tax, after the
payment of the debts to liquidate,
which said tax was lovled, have been
paid In equal parts into tbe treasuries
of said Boards of Commissioners afore
said; and,
W hcrcas, Mauy purchasers of lands
from said Liquidating Leveo Board.
and from the State, being charged
with tho said Liquidating Levee taxes,
hare paid the said taxes in accordance
with law iu tbe purchase of much ot
said lands; and.
Whereas, Mauy of the sales made
as aforesaid, have bocn found to have
beon mado erroneously and illegally,
wnorcoy tne purchaser of said lauds
have derived no benefits from their
several purchoses, aud thcro is now no
law authorizing and requiring tbe re
payment to such purchasers of tbe
sums so paid out in the purchase by
thorn of auy of said lands erroneously
sold In the manner aforesaid. Now,
therefore, for (he rcliof of all such
purchasers :
Be it enacted by the Legislature of
tue btato oi .Mississippi, as follows:
Kcction. 1. Ihe Board of Misslssin.
pi Levee Commissioners, aud tho Board
of Lovee Commissioners for tho Yazoo-
Mississippi Dolto Levee District, shall
be authorized and they are horebv re.
quired, in equal parts each one-half to
allow aud repay to purchasers of lands
from the said Liquidating Leveo Board
or from the Stato all sums and amounts
that they havo paid through the Audi
tor of Public Accounts as liquidating
levee taxes, on all lands purchased by
them where the titles which they se
cured by such purchases havo failed
by reason of tho payment of taxes bo
foro the day of sale, or where the lands
old for taxes wore at the tlmo of sale
Chickasaw School lands or otherwise
not subject by law to sale at tbe time
of tale for taxes, Stato, county or
leveo; provided, however, that ny
such purchaser applying to said boards
for refunding of any sums so paid
out by him as liquidating leveo taxes
as aforesaid shall make satisfactory
proof of the liability of said boards to
refund said taxes under the terms of
this act. And said purchasers, ou the
failure of eithor of said boards, to
make allowance lor the sums due them
under the facts stated above, shall
have the right to proceed by suit or
other legal process against either or
one of said boards as the case may be
to enforce the collection aud payment
of the samo.
Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved February 22, 1890.
An Act to amend an Act cntitlod au
Act to lncorpoiato the Board of
Ixivoe Commissioners for the Yazoo
Mississippi Delia, and for other pur
poses, approved February 28, 1884,
approved March, 16, 1886.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
Legislature of the Stote of Mississippi,
That section twenty-three of the above
entitled act be and the same is hereby
amended by striking out the words
"first Monday in September" in 83rd
aud 84th lines aud inserting in lieu
theroof, the words "the first Tuesday
after the second Monday in Septem
ber." Sec, 2-. That auy clerk of the board
of supervisors ot any county in said
Levee District, who shall fail or refuse
to furuish the president of the board
of supervisors the data which section
23 of said act requires them to furnish,
shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction, shall be
tlued not less than ten dollars nor
more than fifty dollars for each ofl'eusc.
Sec. S. That If upon the day fixed
by law for the meeting of the Equal
izers a quorum shall uot be present,
those present may adjourn from day
to day, or to day certain.
Approved February 24, 1890.
Geo. G. Johnson, G. McD. Hampton,
Sam'l McDowell, C. T. Worthiugton,
T. C. Wright, Merritt Williams,
Cornelius Howe, C. A. AVintcr.
II. T. Ireys, Jacob Alexander,
W. J. Guice, D. A. Love.
J. S. Johnson, Sr., J. 11. Hebron,
E. Rose, 8. W. Perrin.
E. W. Scott, Chos. T. Casey,
Jessie Drew, Jno. II. Crouch.
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in Act to lmena the School Law.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the leg
islature of the State of Mississippi,
That Section 67 of chapter 24 or the
laws of 1886, in relation to free public
schools, be amended to read as follows :
There shall be ft winter term &nd ft
summer term during either of which
ft school may be taught at tbe option
of its trustees, majerity of the pa
trons consenting therein. The county
school board shall fix the day for the
opeuing of the schools of the winter
term between the first Mouday of
November and the second Mondav of
January, and for the opening of the
summer terra on the first Monday of
May or as soon thereafter as they deem
Sec 2. That section 68 bo amended
by striking out tbe section to the
second proviso and inserting: the
schools shall be kept iu continuous
session four months and as much
longer as school fuud of the scholastic
year will maintain tbera. Trustees
may, with the consent of majority of
the patrons divide the session and
have such portion of It as they deem
proper taught in either term; pro
vided, they notify tho superintendent
of such division and tbe scholastic
month at the beginning ot which they
wish to open. Amend section 12 by
adding after tho word "term" in tbe
(15) fifteenth line:
Soc 3. Provided, that where the
trustees have heretofore refused or
shall hereafter refuse to tign the
monthly report of a teacher without
showing good reason therefor, the re
port shall be presented to the Board of
Supervisors, who may by order re
quire the superintendent to issue
thereon pay certificate, if upon in
vestigation they find tho report to be
correct. Amend section 36 by adding
If trustee shall refuse to discharge
the duties of the office, or shall refuse
to patronize tbe school, aud the super
intendent shall appoint another person
to be trustoes as hereiu provided.
Amend section 65 by adding (of said
' Scc.5. Licenses of the second and
third grade shall be valid for oue year.
Licenses of the first grado with
genoral average of (85) eighty-fire por
cent shall be valid for two years.
Licenses of the firwt grade with
general average of (90) ninety por cent
shall be valid lor three years and the
second three years license shall bo re.
newablo in the county whore issued ai
long as the holder continues to teach.
Ameud section seventy-two by
striking out tbe word "soveuth" aud
Soc. 6. To make on or before tho
fifteenth of October, aa annual report
to the Stato Board of Education,
duplicate of which shall be furnished
the co i' ity supr rlnteudeut showing the
amount received for public schools
from each so aree, during the preceding
scholastic year, the disbursements for
the several pirposcs and tho amount
of school warrants unpaid ; tho treas
urcr shall cciparo this report with
the account kept by the county
auditor who sb.U cerfy wnother tho
roport agrees w;th tho account kopt by
him, if fouud to be correct, tho treas.
urer shall at the same tlmo mako i
special report o' tho receipts and dis.
bursomcnts of township funds.
Soc. 7. Amond section (14 fifteen by
adding after the word books, the
words fuel, olllco-desk and printing
notices. Amend section fifty-four by
striking the first sentence out aud In
Sec. 8. Two first grade teachers or
graduates of a college or university,
ono to be appointed by tue county
school board and tho bthor by tho
supervisors, shall with the county
superintendent constitute an cxamin
ing board. A majority of said board
shall be present and conduct all exam.
luatlons ot teachers as herein provided,
aud they shall, as board aud uot in
dividually, review aud grade the ex.
animation papers submitted by appli
cants for license to teach. The
teachers or graduates composing this
board shall receive fifteen cents each
for examing, reviewing and grading
the papers of each appllcaut for license
to be paid out of the school fund in
the same manner teachers' salaries are
paid. On Thursday aud Friday of the
first four weeks of October and April,
the examiug board shall hold ft writ.
ten examination of applicants for
licenso to teach. These examinations
shall bo hold at the county site, undor
regulations proscribed by the State
Hoard ot i.ducation. Iu counties hav
ing two circuit court districts the
meetings shall be held alternately at
tho places of holding courts.
Sec 9. All school funds received
and collected within the scholastic
year shall constitute the school fuud.
But if their shall remain a balance In
tho treasury to credit of such fund
the board of supervisors shall apply
such balance to the funds of tho next
scholastic year.
Sec. 10. That hereafter it shall bo
uulawful for tho superintendent to Is
sue pay certificates to tho teachers in
excess of the amount of tho money
collected or received on account of the
public schools for the current year.
And any certificates so issued shall be
Illegal and yold, but the superinten
dent shall be responsible on his bond
for the faco valuo of such certificates.
Sec, 11. In counties where tbero is
at present a deficit oih.iccount of the
issiiauoj of the school warrants in ex
cess of tho school fund, tho board of
supervisors are hereby empowered to
make a special levy or lcyics, to pay
off tho indebtedness heretofore in
curred ou account of public schools,
provided, that any surplus school fund
remaining ai tho end of the present
scolostic year may be appropriated to
that purpose.
Sec 12. That educablo children
may attend ny chartered high school
iu their county, and shall be enrolled,
reported and paid for as other pupils
iu said school, provided said chartered
school shall have been established aud
located as a frco school.
Sec. 1 3. That at the August meet
ing or somo called meeting prior to
November 1st, the county school board
after ascertaining as near as may be.
the amount of school revenues for tho
next scholastic year, shall determine
tho number of months schools to be
taught and the superintendent shall
fix the salaries of teachers so that the
amouut to be paid in salaries for main
taining the schools one month shall
not exceed that iraetiouai part of (ho
whole school fuud, which oue month
is of the whole number of mouths tho
schools are to be taught.
Sec, 14. That this act take effect
from aftor its passage.
Approved February 22, 1890.
NO. 38
At time when our Congressman,
Gen. Catchings, is exerting himself to
the utmost in our behalf, urging the
War Department to make grams for
the protection of our levees, and guard
ing our interests geuerally with unsur
passed fidelity, it is disgusting to think
that within few hours ha may be
unseated by an unscrupulous majority
of the House, and au iguorant negro
installed in bis place. Yet such U the
ease. Bolivar Democrat
We advise those papers who are
firing into Senator Diilard, not to be
too severe. The Senator acknowl
edges, frankly, that the small pay for
advertising deuuqueut Stato lauds for
sale was an unintentional error, and
we have no doubt that he will be the
first to rectify it when the opportunity
is presented.
We feel cure Senator Diilard is a
man of rugged honesty, and he de
serves credit for exposing the Treasury
shortage. Commercial Herald.
We regret to learn of very painful
accident which befell Gov. Alcorn one
day last week whllo out driving in
company with several gentlemen. Iu
crossiug t forge the buggy seat became
unloosened and tbe Governor fell
backwards, the seat and ft gentleman
railing on top or him. We trust Ti is
recovery will be speedy. Although
long siuce retired from tho fields where
bis labors brought forth such abundaut
fruit, the public generally entertain for
ihe Uoyeruor a warm aud solicitoui
interest in bis welfare. New Coa.
In another page we give place t a
communication from Mr. J. F. Ses
sions, member of tho Board of Con
trnl, charged with the duty of looking
aftor and caring for tho convicts of
Mississippi leased to certain plautcrs
in tho lazoo bottom under the law
which tbe opponents of ccnvlct-loascd
lanor vainly attempted to have re
pealed by the legislature at its recent
session. Mr. Sessions iu this preseuts
another sldo to tho picture made for
tho readers or the Commercial of Sat.
unlay lost by a correspondent in I
special from Jackson, ami produces a
very strong array or convincing testi
mony which, added to what be asserts,
tnd we otherwise have the best reason
for believing, is his attitude of hostility
to the lease system, makes for him a
very strong case and oue that we can
not controvert and must accept. Re
gretting that ho has beeu compelled
thus to come into our columns in his
own defense, wo aro ueverthclsss
gratified, bocause he presents himself
lairly aud with temper and disposi
tion quite worthy of gentleman who
fills so important an office. Memphis
Capt. R. W. Banks, editor of the
Columbus Index, has been interviewed
by one of our correspondents upon
the question of the Constitutional
Convention, and the result will be
found in another page. A public man
of high character and much experience,
Capt. Hanks covers nearly the whole
held or Vlow, and Is very clear iu what
he has to say iu reference to tho ques
tion of the franchise, which overtops
all others, lie is opposed to a prop,
erty or educational qualification for
voters, and proposes, besides tho Aus
tralian method of secret ballot aud
longor rcsidouce in tho State ami
county, tho "making of a poll-tax re
eclpt, by some well advised plan, i
sino qua non to a vote. To this no
otic can object, for it Is an almost in
disputable proposition that be who en-
Joys the security and blessings of good
government should contribute bis pro.
portion towards sharing tho burdens
of government; and no man who
shirks such responsibility ought to be
permitted to have a voico or any par.
iicipaiion in tne selection or tho otll
cials of his government, or iu shaping
and controlling through the ballot its
destiny." Capt, Banks thus reaches
conclusion of the all-absorbing ques
tion that is totally that of a majority
of the people, and Is tho ono most
likely to be adopted by the convention
in making a Constitution. Commer.
1 Yankee Trick,
Gen. Josntih Wlinelnr liia wrllfnn
letter to the Montgomery Advertiser
In which he relates that petitions for
the passage of the compound lard bill
aro beiug circulated oyer the South
seeking signers.
The petitions do not reveal tho na
ture oi tne bill, aud many unsuspect
Ing persons unwary of their guile,
migni oo inuiieod to sign them. In
fact, General Whcclor states that such
signatures, from honest farmers in this
section, nave already been secured
Ibis bill, as tho Age-Herald has re
peatedly pointed out, is meant to im
Pose the Inlnuitous nxetfld tar nn in
Important agricultural product of the
South in order that a Northern pro-
uuci may oe relieved or competition
irom mat source
Tho bill is aimed directly at the in
terestOftlie hontliern eoltnn o-rnirnr
Its paseago would result in bis loss
and ho would do himself a wrong to
petition Congress for its passage.
The Sew Discovery.
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at A. B. Flnlay & Co.'s Drug store.
Distinguished Men.
Governor John Ireland, of Tezus,
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McKnery. Governor of Louisiana ; K. B.
Turner. Judge U. S. Court; Ex-Oov.
Hubbard, Minister to Japan ; Marion
Martin, Ex-Lieut. Governor tf Texas;
VV . It. M iller, x-Uovernor of Arkansas ;
K. A. Perry, Governor of Florida; W.
t). Hloexhmn. l'.T41nvapnn. nr Vl..I,ln .
John B. Gordon. Governor of Georgia :
"'es, msnop oi me episcopal
Church and Chancellor of the Universi
ty of the outh, and hundreds of other
distinguished men of the United States
in all professions and every department
ot science have had their sight restored
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All eyes fitted and fit guaranteed by
Dr. N. C. Skinner, Druggist, Greenville,
Fine and Complicated Watches re
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Oct. lMf Fba.sk But DKB'a.
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columa Ji iw; ai'W1 stwi
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Privilege of cbsnghi? regular S'lvtrtSjenieuU
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sertion. Other reading notices same
Personnl articles
for or declined according to their nature.
Communications on matters of local In
terest solicited. While correspondents
may sins miy surnttiiire 10 communica
tions, real names must seeouipan v same
t'ustoiners will iiIhnm uiv. uv,. 'it., it .11.
reetions of length of time for publication
ui u ciiiBeiiieuis,
Larger advertisements, quarterly, half-
yeany ami veany,
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mers due and presented the 1st of eack
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L.X.O.S- T. R. H. Depot.
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will keep ou hand
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Office at the Yard.
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CIOARS. Eta.-. Eta. novzr
0. Tilt: AULKH A PLAN.
Coionkl I. A. NEWMAN. Manager.
Oroonvillo. Miss,
Colonel Newman respcelfully in
forms Commercial Travelers and the
public that ho will from dato givo his
exclusive supervision to every depart
ment of the St. Charles Hotel, and
will keep It
First Class In AH Kcspccts.
Day boarders will be accommodated
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Saddle and Harness Maker
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lyj-f' .- ' hand every
' X4 hins; In his
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w' ' ' -"M)! done on short
- - .-J I notice. Sells
"a " nd works

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