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itCOU 1TI1S.
Busine dull, t ropt excellent. .No
com of eousequeuce 1 vicinity.
nDtcr tre uikiug bty preparation
Mr. J. T. Sim, tha popular uiaaagcr
of the McG ruder and Downs ptanta
tiont, aUipped bU first bale of cotton
to CreeaTlllo to-day.
Fiuetf cotton cropt bore that lave
beta wen for many year.
Mr. 11. Home. a uiot eatimable
ciliwo of our Ticiuity, died yesterday.
lie wa brave, honest and cnivairom
to fault. ltth white ana eolorm
will join in the funeral procession.
Mr. Home wa known uj ttcijiu;
and lored by all. reace 10 ma noei.
The following riantling committee
hare been appointed by i'reaiucui tai
Lkiiblativb Strcet.Magruder.pii-
lard, Tnonipaon, nenry, tuirer, r ou
tline. Abbar. Memlcuhalt, Talbot,
l'aekwood, Glaa, Wyatt, McCJchee. of
KranLllu,Kcnedy,lloone, Itinl, Hunch
BaMctt, Ferguaon, Gore,
Jwmciarv Harrli, Simrall, Feath
eintoue, Taylor, Fewell, ChrUman,
&n.sik nf'mn MuLaurlu of Kaukiu.
Ford, McLean of Grenada, llrokcr,
Sykea, Blair, ifarnoti, campueu, o
land, Ucy, Bexton, Lee of Madhton,
Allan IVkririirn.
FviHTfnvB Ycrirer. Farbtli. Jouea.
Ilcndewon of HarrUou, McUurin of
Sharkey, McLalu o a mite, luoru
Hamilton, Faiton, Wilkinson, Hart,
Bairil, Arrlngton, Arnold, Colle, Fin
Icy, llalloy, Uuync. Ilamblett, hittroll,
mknt and Ki.kxtionh Fatty, lieorirn,
Marl in of Adam. I'OWClL Ma-
cruder, Hudson, llnrkilt, Mclan of
(Jreuada, IjcMcr, ithuarUH, aiiuu, itiair,
ltnvii Mpnilv. Itootbo. Hltuoiiton.
Dean, McClurg, Hooker, Morxau, Rea
gan of Jfowtou, Mdicuee or w nainioo,
Carter, Blnford, Hell, Harris, liuyton,
Purycar, Kcynolda, Kobinson of Unlou,
Watson, Reagan of Claiborne, Mont
gonicry, Stroet.
Bill or Kkiiitm and Oknkkai,
Fkovihion Mayes, Anderson, Dab
ncy, Winchester, Morris, Henderson
of Harrison, Ward, Fouring, McUurln
of btnltb, Dyer, Edwards, Hart, Mc
Donald of Benton, Core, Holland,
Johnson, Ixto of Yazoo, (Jdem, Taltner,
Rhodes, Webb.
Fkintino McNolly, Boyd, Burkltt,
Fewell, Eskridge, Henderton of Clay,
Militia W. H. Feathorstone of
Marshall, J. I Alcorn of Coahoma,
Wm. T. Martin of Adams, J. Z. George
frera the itate-at-large, btephon D. Loo
of Oktibbeha, John M. fcimonton of
Lee, John F. Smith of Jasper.
Education Leo of Oktibbeha, Rea
gan of Claiborne, Miller, ItobliiHon of
Rankin, Donald, Richards, Isom, Jam
ison, Bpence, Sullivan, I'ottor, Hannah,
Hathorn, (inorry, Martin of Alcorn,
McDonnell of Monroo, Love, Wither
spoon, MurtT, Denny, Molcholr.
raovfCHitNTS Muulrow, Dabney, Bar
nett, Boll, McLaurluof Smith, (iuyton,
Cortincifnt ExrKNHKH Dean, Don
ald, Lore, Ervlo, Cilass, Marctto, Ito
tenberry. Ewirossmknt and IRou,MKN'r
Withorspoou, Dancy, Webb, Baird,
Quaj'i Position.
Tho Courior-Journal'i Washington
"correspondent glvos this Uollultlcm of
Quay's attitudo lu regard to the Force
bill: "He knows that $1,000,000 from
the niamilacturors to spond lu New
York, Counoctlmit and Indiana lu the
campaign of 182 is worth all the bay
onets that could bo stacked lu the
ttoutb. Ho docan't care anything
about the South, Its Interests or the
negroes f tho Houth, and bo would
not walk across the Sonato chamber to
break the solidity of tho Mouth. As a
matter of fact, be wants tho South to
remain solid for the Democrats. It
helps his parly in the North. Nor
does he care anything abont the politi
cal fortunes of 1'retldenl llnrriaou or
8peaker Heed."
From a purely pnrtlau standpoint
It would probably be better for tho
Democratic party that tno Force bill
should pas. It would not break Dem
ocratic solidity of tho South, though it
might crcato souio disturbance In this
section, and It would create a rc-acliou
against tho Republican party at the
The leading business meu and man
ufacturers of the North arc opposed to
sectional legislation, and it is they
who furnish tho sinews of war for Re
publican campaigns.
Mr. tuay is a practical politician
and his opposition to tho passsgo of
the Force bill is basod entirely ou tho
ground of party expediene)- And
what is inexpedient for the Republi
cs!!!, it wonld seem, should bo Demo
cratic polley.
But it is the bounden duly of the
Democrat to light the infamous measure-
to the death on patriotic grounds.
Such precedent as its enactment cnu
not be allowod, auil ir it is once on uio
statute books, several years mny clspse
before it can be repealed.
Greenville's rosiofllce
An Appeal special of tho 19th lust.,
relative to the Grccnvillo postolllce,
says : "There Is not to be any change
lu Greenville, Miss., poxtoflico in the
near future, although Young, who
seems to stand the best chance of se
curing the plum, is very confident that
there will be ono within a few weeks.
Mr. Wortham, tho present iucumbcut,
has considerably more thau a yenr to
serve, and I am assured ou the best
authority that Mr. Wanamaker is
averse to making a change at prccnt
aud seems to favor Wortham serving
out bis term. However Headsman
Clarksou is now Acting Postmaster
General. Wanamaker being ahscut on
his Summer vacation, and he nmy dis
regard Wanamakcr's wishes aud seize
the opportunity to cut off a Democrat
ic head."
On Fri-lay iiioniiiif,' Hip Ii iut,
died at Arcote, his n -lili-ni-e, G u.
Wm. L Iiraudou.
There has parsed away one of the
landmark of ihU section aud of the
State, fur his history i largely the
history of MiMniippl. Full of years
ss hu Has full of honors, his
birih aud early life dates back to our
territorial days. From lis early man
hood be was a promineut figure in all
that concerned the interest and honor
of Mississippi and ber citizens. He
was a man of fine Intellect, cxtcusire
cultivation,' and commanding pretence;
trulv a typical Southern gentlemen ot
the old time, no man In our commu
nity so linked the preseut with the
pat as did (n u. llrauaou. Jl ' m
the soul of honor brave, chivalrous,
npriiiht and ju(. When came Hie mil
to arms, he was oue of the lir-t to an
swer, sud cheerfully, he uiadu every
sacrifice in behalf of the Southern
Confederacy. Asa soldier and a man,
be was truly without fear and with
out reproach.
Abler nens thau ours will lu due
time do justice to the memory aud ex
ailed characted of the illustriuus dead.
Ilia eld comrade in arms, and the cit-
ixeui of Wilkinson county mlugle their
tears with those of his family aud ret
at ires, for all loved and revered the
name aud character of Gcu. Win. L
Brandon. Woodville Republican.
Geu'l. William 1. Brandon was born
in Adams county, Miss., in October
1802 and settled In lelH, near l'lmk
ncyvillo, Wilkinson comity, Miss.,
where he reclaimed from the primeval
forest, the A rcole 1'iantation, ou which
he resided and cherished to the day of
his death, which occurred at 1'.' lu. of
Friday, August 8, lX'JO.
Geu'l. Brandon, always a prominent
member of the community iu which
be lived, was by profession and occu
pation a planter.
lu April of 1M61 bo Was chosen Cap
tain of ouo of the Companies that lell
Wilkiusoii county lor tho scene ol war
iu Irginia. Thl Company was
mustered into the ervie of the Con
federate State at Richmond, Vs., on
April, 28, lHril, to nerve for the period
of the war, and soon after became
Company D, Xlst Reglmont Mississippi
Volunteers, Lougstrcot' Corps, Army
of Northern Vlrgiula.
This Regiment was commanded by
Lieutenant Colonel Braudon, at Mal
vern Hill, with such conspicuous skill
and daring aa to wlu high aud lion-
oralilo mention. Nenr 60 years old
then, be left a leg ou that stricken
After tho battle ofChlchamaugn, on
account of bla ago aud crippled condi
tion, togothor with a lecling that bo
was in the way of the promotion of
younger and more active officers, ho
rosiguod his commission, but was sub
sequently assigned Department dutici,
with rank of llrlgadior General with
boadipiaoteri at Enterprise, Miss.,
which position ho held aud tho duties
of which bo discharged to tho conclu
sion of tho war.
A gallant olllcer, a gentleman of tho
old school w hose heart was as tender
as a woman's, tho words "sans peur ot
sans reprocho'' express a lilting tribute
to bis character as a mau aud a
sohlior. Feliciana ScntiucL
12,000,000 10 Win,
Now York, Auir. 20. Mr. Webb,
Vlce-l'aeslduut of the New Y'ork Cen
tral t "I have enough assurances from
the flremou on my road to con
Tlneo me that iu cso they are ordered
out a nitmbor of them will uot go,
Then, if necessary, 1 will stop every
partlclo of freight trallle, closo up cvory
house, and keep them closod up, until
obtalu a siillielont number of new
flremen. This I think 1 eau accomplish
within forty-eight hours, as 1 have long
lists of men who will eomo at tho
wages wo will pay, My road will ex
pend 2,000,000 to win, and lu my ac
tion 1 am backed up by tho stockhold
On Thursday last, Rev. Win. Cross,
of Greenville, Miss., Graud Chancellor
of the Knights of l'ythlas of tho Stnto
of Mississippi, nisilo a visitation to
Damon Lodge K. or 1'. No. 4H,of Kllii
vlllo. At night tho Chancellor deliver
ed a public add ions in tho court-room
to a large audience, ami clearly ex
plained tho alms aud objects of tho
uoble Order referred to. Tho room
was brilliantly lighted, and tastefully
deeorod with inscription, bauticrsaiid
bunting. After the speaking the
Knights nnd n hundred or more in
vited guests repaired to tho West Sldo
Hotel and participated In n bamitiet
the cursino of which would have re
flected credit upon experienced und
professional city caterers, luaword.
it mny bo suiil, that the occasion was
the most brilliant all'ulr ever witnessed
iu Elllsville. Tho I. & C. Band fur
nished excellent music during tho
evening. It is hoped that tho visit of
Mr. Cross will result lu great good to
the Order. Fllisvillo New South.
Bro. Cross is a hustler from away
back. Ho is putting more tifo into
the order than any C. C. tho order has
bad for years.
Mr. Steve Seoberly, proprietor of
tho llolol near tho 1 N. O- &, T. R.U.
died ou the 17th, after n short illness.
Ilo eamo hero about 8 years ajjo from
Brookhaven, and since that time has
liccu engaged in tho hotel business,
ilis gonial Intercourse with tho peo
ple and honest dealings with all gain
ed him many friends here. Ho was
uumarrled, but leaves some brothers
aud relatives iu Now Oilcans aud
Brookhaven. Tho remains were ship
ped to the latter place for interment.
Col. f. A. Newman, "mine host," of
tho Now St. Charles, Is absent on a
summer niiting to the fashionable sum
mer resorts of Virginia. His able Lieu
tenant, J. It. Mayor, will hold tho fort
as of yore, miring tuo leavo or absence.
1 Safe Investment.
Is one which Is Rimrnnteed to brlnR
yon satisfactory results, or In ease of
failure a return of pun-hasp price. On
this safe plan von enn buy from yourad
vertispd UniRKi't a bottle of Dr. King'
New Discovery for consumption. It is
guaranteed to bring relief In every case,
when us-d formiyancction of the throat,
Lungs or Chest, such as Consumption,
Inllsmstlon of I. milts,, Bronchitis. Asth
ma. Whooping CoiiKh, Croup, etc., etc.
It Is pleasant and agreeable to.taste. per
fectly safe., and esn always tie depended
Trial bottles free at A. B. Finlay &
Cos.' Drugstore.
A. F. Gardner, a prominent attorney
of Greenwood, was lu the city ou bus
iness this week.
The nianv friends of Judge J. H
Wynit will regret t lcaru of tho loss
of his fluo library in the lire at drocn
villc in tho early morning of August
11th, uuiusured--Now Conhoimuu.
Distinguished lien-
Governor John Ireland, of TezfiS,
Simon I . A unties, of Arkansas; S. I).
McKnery. (.ovcrn-ir ori.ouislann ; h. 11,
Turner. Judge V, H. Court j Kx-linv.
Ilulibard. Minister to Julian: Marion
Martin, K.x-l.leut. tiovernorff Texas;
W.lt. Miller. Kx-linvernnrof Arkansas;
K. A. Ferry, (iovernor of Horiila; V.
1). Illoexbani, Kx-(Iovcrnor of Florida;
John It. Gordon, Governor of Georgia:
Alex Gregs, liisliop of the Episcopal
Church and Chancellor of the Cniverst-
tv of the Houth. and hundreds of other
distinguished men of the l ulled Stales
In all professions nno every iiepuriineiii
of science have had their sight restored
by the use of Hawkes' Crystullzed
Lenses. ...
All eyes fitted and tit guaranteed by
Dr, N. C. Skinner, Druggist, Greenville,
r i a r rooan
r "in $ h i lam
t ' y i 1 Mil II H I ! i I M !1
w www
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ni Friday,
SEPTEMBER 16, 17, 18 and 19, 1890,
i ills
C. M. Williams, Lync Starling,
N. Wilczinski, N. Goldstein, Board of Directors.
Harry K. Johnson,
cirroll conn.
To the (Ihkf.nviu.k Timkh:
Ou tho fit ta hint., a grand oxeursiou
over the (ieuigia 1'iieltio railway from
Wiuiina, (ircenwnnd nnd liiecnviMc
and nil lnterveiielug points along that
lino of ronil, tu Carrullton, was given,
irrnud old fmdiiuiied bnrlieeuo at Air.
1 1. 1 ). Sliiiu'i .Sprintfs near tow u feasted
tho many guests. At VI M the an
nouncement of dinner was heard,
when ftOO guests assembled around the
festal board w hereon wero Jilaeod dol
leneius Unit would iimko tho mouth f
an l'',iluurliin water. Tlio mutton nnd
shouts wero Imrhociied In true old
Southern style and were nronomiecd
by all to ho done In porleet style. Ut
ile children, old folks, soeiety belles
and trallniit beaux all enjoyed them
selves and went away feeling better
for a day lu tho open air.
( 'iirrolltou is a iiuiut old sternly town,
full of romantic iiieldont and historical
Interest. It has furnished some of the
most illiihlrions men iu Mississippi's
history. Hero the Hon. Dsn I). Kus
sell lived and died. Hero Sheppard,
lieorge, II. II. Southworlli,JIii. 11. I.
Money, Judge ColUran, Jus. 1). Som
ervlllo mid others added tho genius
and tidents to the always splendid bar
or Mississippi. Senator J. Z. George
first bung out his shinglo in I'arrollou
and nl prcxcnl owns a lovely homo
near towu. V. L. Hemingway grew
to manhood here, and hero ho lived nt
the time of Ids election to the olllco of
State Treasury in 1N75, Biul it is right
to eay that his many friends hero aro
as firm lu tho belief or his integrity as
they wero twenty years ago. Tho liar
of t'arrolllon Is above tho average and
while no "old" lawyer lives hero tho
young lawyers aro active, studious aud
well postod, and all do well A. II. Horn
ervlllo, Southwortli, Stcveus, Markus
Askew, aud Lapt. i'aviu Mica, com
posed a liar. Mr. Soincrvillo is one of
the best lawyers iu this part of tho
State Mr. I M. Southworth, "the
boy Senator," is tho Senator Tor this
District and is tho youngest member
of thnt body.
Since the railroad was bultt Carroll
ton Is Improviug rapidly, lu point of
health Carrolllou Is unsurpassed. The
people aro all educated, refined and re
ligious. Tho town lias 10iK) inhabi
tants aud Its altitude is inch as to pre
clude nil suspicion of Malarial In
fluences. It Is tho first 'hill" town
west of tho Delta ou tho Georgia I'a
cillc railway and is a most desirable
placo for "we swampers" to purchase
snmmcr homos. Tho school facilities
aro unequalled. Tho Cnrrolllon To
mido Collego nnd Carrollton Male
Academy aro both woll attcuded and
aro growing erery yenr.
Tho celebrated springs of Mr. II. I).
Shaw, situated about half a mile from
town, arc as cold as ice and as clear is
crystal. Mr. Shaw bus a beautiful
plivre in perfect cultirntinu. Ho has a
nnlitorium equid to auy bathing house
In the North or Kast, and a beautiful
hike In which nro plenty of fish or
every fresh water variety. There Is
not a healthier place Iu the world thnn
M r. Shnw's. The scenery around these
springs is very picturesque, nnd it
paints Us borders upon the sublime
Hugh Hills, renrlng their rugged heads
almost liioiintuiu high. Deep ravlucs
nnd tho silvery sheen of the placid
hike I'oini a picture pleasing to Ihocyc.
Mr. Shaw is a public, spirited citizen
and will give away "0 building spots
to persons who will obligate them
sulyes to erect cottages within a certain
time. He eipects Lis place to become
tho most popular summer resort in tho
Slate, aud bis expectation is well
founded, for it Is healthy, convenient
and accosidblu to tho Delta people.
It seems to your correspondent that
every ninii iu the Valley would hasten
to titko advantage of this generous offer;
Tor the buildliigs would cost but little
aud the owner would thou havo a
very deslrnblo summer homo, situated
within a stone's throw or a delightful
town, nenr to railroad aud right at
two good schools.
Carrollton Is only about 70 milot
from Grccnvillo and four paisonger
trains run dally, rendering transporta
tion facilities as good as elsewhere.
It hu everything to ninke it a deslr
nblo summer homo nothing todotraet
from It. "Ou Bwami-ku."
Merit M ins.
We desire to sny to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling llr, kings'
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
hints' .New I. lie Tills, liucMen's Arnica
Mtilve and Kleetrlc Hitters, and huve
neer hnndled remedies tluit sell as well,
or Unit huve given such universal satls-fin-llon.
We don't hesitate to Kusrnntee
them every time, and we stand ready to
refund the purchnse price, if satisfacto
ry results do uot follow their use. These
remedies have won their great popular
ity purely on their merits, for sale by
k. h. Finlay ft Co., Druggists.
k leutnrul Linguist.
Prom New York Weekly.
Aunty "Wouldn't you like to study
lnngiingos, Hobby f "
liobby "1 enn talk two languages
now, nuiity."
"You rau ? What aro they."
"Knglisti au' baseball."
Having established a foundry in connection
with my Machine Shop, I am prepared to make
all-kind oIron and Brass Castings on short
notice and at reasonable figures for cash.
Boiler Fronts, Grate liars. Stove Castings, House Frouts, and Every
thing rortuiulng to the Foundry aud Machine Shop Easiness
Terms Strictly Cash. Repair Wobk Promptly Uoni
Shop on Central Avenue, near Georgia Tacitlo Baitroad
S. 8. Bkowx, Prosidout.
N.M.JoNra Vlcc-I'rcsiucut
C. B. Ryam, Sec'y and Treti
Geo. T. Millek, Geu'lMsMJ
Registration Notice.
Washington county. f
Under the authority and provisions of
an act of the I,egllutiire of the Stnte of
Mississippi, npprovod March Mill, W',
1 will, fortlie purpose of registering all
qualilied voters Hint are not registered,
visit the respective precincts of said
county s follows:
I.nke Wellington Precinct. 1st super
visor's District Monday. August lMh.
l.eola Precinct, 1st bupervisor's Dis
trict, Tiiesdnv. August, Inih.
Stone and KoUb's l'recir.ef.'nd Super
visor's District, Wednesday, August
liefnge l'recinct, 2nd Supervisor's Dis
trict, Friday, Aniriist'iind.
Kngtne House l'reeinet.Ureenvllle.M
Supervisor's District, Saturday, August,
At the Court House 1'reelnt, Green
ville, in the Jtrd Supervisor's District,
Momlnv, Auirust 'i.'itb.
I.eliu'ul rreeinct. 4th Supervisor's
District, Tuesday, August ltli.
Areola rreeinct. 4th Supervisor's Dis
trict, Wednesdav, August 27th.
Ilollandnle l'recinct, Bth Supervisor's
District. Thursdnv, August SMh.
Ilurtonin rreeinct, th Supervisor's
District, Tuesday, SeptemDer 2nd.
.1.(1. M AUS II ALT.,
Circuit Clerk. Kx-f)tlieio Registiar,
W. K. Uilit I). C.
July in-dOil.
Notice to Bridge Csntractors.
ollce i hereby given thnt bids will
be received nt the olllco of the I linn
ecrv Clerk, until the next recnlnr meet-
ingoftho Hoard of Supervisors, the
First Monday iu September, 1890, for
tho building of a l'ilo Uridgo across
Door Creek, at llollaudalc, lu Dis
trict No. 5. l'lsns and specifications
mnst necompauy all bids. The Hoard
of Supervisors reserve tho right to
reject any and all bids.
Hy order of the Hoard.
Aug 9-t. C. It JoHMio.N, Clerk.
ICINC IOIlWAirr, Manager.
Greenville Oil Ms,
Mahvfauxukkhs of
Cottonseed Oil, Meal, Oil Cake and Linters,
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton Seed.
aajrEitlicr Free ou board cars at rnilrond stations, or delivered at tulV
Correspondence Solicited.
J. C. HEAD & CO.,
Pittsburg oal o.
Jno. IS. SCIU Maiiaser.
'irst Pool Pittsburg Coal, the best on the
market, supplied to steamboats, nan
roads, Machinists and. Families.
Office near Leavenworth's Saw Mill,
janUS Greenville, MlM-
Dealer in-
Genral Hardware, Queensware, Tinware,
A Full Line of Brlnley's, Avery's, Calhoun's and qtherPIo
aud Gearings for same, at very reasonable figurei.
Also Agent ibr tho Danner IManter.
A Well nHHortnd afoi-lf nt
Wagon Materials. Doors. Sash and Blinds t Factorr M
Special Batgaius given on Heating and Cooking Stovei.
Give us a call before Purchasing elsewhere
h Carnlfis'
ralijlfcj JUMP SEATS,
S2Jiaii wains
Prompt attention to orders from the country. GIVE US A TRIAL
To Keep House
Without a
wire mm ( nun i;it oak stove
ia a Blow business. Tlie Old Reliable Hardware Uonse of
ia the only a2ont for this pride of the kitchen and for other favorites
aino (iniU8 largely lu ,
Hardware, Queensware, Glass and Tinware
Barbed Fence Wire and
Oldest Hardware House in Greenville
Roofing, Gutteriuir and RanuM nf all tinda in oor Hue don
order at Extraordinary Low Rates, and at Short Notice.
Oldest in the Delta
Both tho House and tho Liquors of
Out Age all Competitor
rr. . 1 I tar
iVioLesale department stocked with W
or ail brands of Liquor and Tobacco.
na.,ko7SreWo.lvi"2 " Um Avenue, next Gold9n.ith;b
-SOT tr. Afitrvrr pon
Christian Moerlien Brewing c"
A. B. Finiay & Co
DRUGS A N n ir r n i p I N ESi.
Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Paiats, &
Onion sets, and Garden Grass r
Flower seeds of all descriptions.
Uirnw WMhlngton Avanue and Walnut 8tret '

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