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-res J-
?0L. 27.
NO. 31
Hon. A. H. Lougino, Chancellor.
Bolivar County On the 2nd Mon
y of February and September, 12
Washington County First Monday
! starch aud October, 24 days.
Leflore County First Monday ot
pril aad November, ( day.
Tallahatchie County Second Moo
y of April and November, ( days.
Qaitsnaa County Third Mouday ot
pril aad November, 6 days.
Tonica County Fourth Monday of
pru ana aovemoer, days.
Issaquena County Fint Monday of
ay and December, 6 daya.
Sunflower County Secoud Monday
f May and December, 6 day.
Coahoma County Fint district on
Srd Monday of May and Decem
t, daya.
Coahoma County Second district
I the first Monday of June and Jau
rj, day.
Hon. R. W. Williamson, Judge.
Tunica County On first Monday
t September and third Monday ot
bruary. 11 days.
Quitman County Third Monday of
ptember and first Monday of March,
Uoahoma County First district on
)t Monday of October and third
aday of March, 12 days.
Coahoma Couuty Second district
1 third Monday of October and first
today of April, 12 days.
Sunflower County First Monday of
jvember and third Monday of April,
Jollvar Couuty For Civil business,
j third Mouday ot November aud
it Monday oi My, y aays.
Bolivar County For Criminal bud
)s,on secoud Thursday after the third
udav of November, aud the secoud
ureday attor the first Mouday of
Vy, 9 days.
tfashlnnton County For Civil bus!
S, on second Monday of December
d fourth Mouday of May, 18 days.
.Yuhlogton County For Criminal
llnees, on first Monday oi January
a third Monday of June, 12 days.
Tallahatchie County Third Mou
t ef January and first Mouday of
ly. 11 days.
Ltflora County First Monday of
bruary and third Mouday of July,
3 rand Jury shall be summoned to
;ll terms of Bolivar county ana
ithlngton county.
liiotp. retell
i Greenville, Miss.
.Toan. wm. Griffin
CoeetT Attorney.
f l dice in Wllcziuskl Block.
s own the only Abstraot of Title to
ilande of Washington county and the
p ortireenvtue.
Loans negotiated to be secured by
U tnartrasre on Dlautatlous aud
Office in City Hall.
W. Jl. TttlGGr,
Ix-Chanoallot of Us 7th District,
Itorney and Counselor at Law
If III practice iu the State and Fed
W Courts oi Mississippi.
)r. J. D. Smythe
ffloe over Brill's store, corucr
atblngtou Ave. and Poplar St.
physician and surgeon.
Qrmmviixi, Miss.
Dfflee over A. B. Flnlav ft Co.VDrug
D. J. DA. VIS,
0e nv-itaJri la Weinberg Bnlldln I.
)r. .J. I. KIL.LIAIV
Use over Sol. Brill's Clothiug Store
jmt Weehsefloa At, aad Poplar Street.
HOUai, 9 t. It aad t to 6.
lown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
QC7 Groceries. Cigars and Tobacco
1001 FOB T10CGBT.
The Picayune's Burets. )
Jacksou. Mitt., Jan. 25. 1895. J I
It almost tee nit certain ih.i ,k. ..u
He sckool quisiion will be a buroloe-
iseuo In tbe campaign tor Iks nemiua
lion or members of tbe legislature.
Several newei. spore 0I the elate Insist
uai mousy collected from whit. Ut.
payers thould be used for the maiutea
auee of white public schools ouly, aad
that mouey collected fmm
axpayere alone sliould co to the
niamteaee of colored public echoole.
Appended is the report mads by
buperiutfudmt Wade of Jefr.raoa
county, to Sure Superintendent Prea
ton: Thu people of Jefferson count am
much divided iu sentiment on the pub
lic school system. The eastern por.
tion of the couuty favor It, while la
the western part where there are few
wnue ebildren, the people are very
much opposed io It, because there are
not enough while children in one sec
tion, under the law. to man nn .
school, aud the net roes resD all tea
benefits. If the wbltes could be es
slusively tsxed to support the white
choels aud the uegroes taxed in the
tame way to support the colored
school, tbeu we would not have the
east trouble Iu tbe werld to keaa nn
white schools for eight orniue months
annually. The uegroes are totally nn.
Ot for self-government, I see this
yearly In the section of their trustees
snd teachers. Ouo of thoir nr.n
wuo isatuers bis own nest by thoir
t .. . .
ignorance, can set thsm to elect an
et ef trustees or tsacher ha nl.
ii is within tbe constitutions ot
the Lulled Slates and tbe State to have
separate ears, separate depots, separate
".uuvi. ana seDitrelo davt for miml
ut ,,ie wuuos tn il nogrons,
wuicil 1 UOIie. Why CttUUOL Mitailalmil
anow ucr white citizens Is run their
own tchools at their owu expeuse, aud
iua negroes .10 (be tame? Illiuois
Uia Ibis tip to 1870. So savs (ha com.
ruitsioner'e report, aud why had she
auy more liberty to do this than Mis
sissippi? I cannot see it.
The CIsrlon-Leds-er ef Feb. 8. toil
uitcunteu ion mailer editorially at fel
lows ;
"Tbe amendment submitted to the
couslltullonby Mr. Jackson, of Attala
county, providlug for the divitoo of
me school taxes collected by tbe dif
ferent counties among? the white and
colored schools In DroDortton to the
amount paid by acb race lacked ouly
S votea of the necessary two-thirds In
the bonne, aud a motion was therefore
made to reuonrl.ler tbe vote. Wblle
It has utvsr beru deemed advisable te
operate the school fund, there Is no
question but tl.itt four-.fibs of the
tsxpayers or MUslauppi stand with
Mr. Jacktou. An effort was made In
the couslltuiloual couveiilieu to incur
porate au srilclo to the effect that tbe
money raited from while people
should go to the education of white
childreu, and that the taxes paid in
by uegrers ihould be appropriated to
tuai race ror educational purposes.
-iue propuiiilou, after lengthy dl
cuosiou, its r.j:oted, uot that the
members of thai, body did uot favor
It, but btcaust they doubted the policy
or tbe movemout. Tbe departure
would be a radical one, but the just
ness of It no one cau doubt, aud it Is
stie to say that ir the legislature sub
mits tbe taxatlou amendment to Ike
people, It will be carried by a large
From a distinct memory ot tbe
counsels npou tlio proposition for sep
arate race educaiieu iu the Constltu
tlotial Convention, we would qualify
what is, said above by adding after
lbey doubted I Do policy of tbe move.
mom" at tbul lime, lu that connec
Southeru Reporter.
For nearly thirty years at least a
quarter of a ceuliiry the white peo
ple or tno Male Dave borne taxatlou
to educate tbe negro children or the
Slate. Msuy o these childreu were
uuboru when tbis commenced, aud II
has been goiug nn till two or three
guueraiious of nngroes have beeu the
beneficiaries of thittaxatlou. Now, the
white people have coino to tho con
elusion that tho negroes can afford to
do their educating if they detlre it, at
nearly all, if not all, teacbeia of the
colored schools or to-dsy, have been
educated at the expense of tbe whites,
and bnt few of them appreciate It,
or recoguize any obligation what ever.
But, obligation or no obligation, the
whlto tax payers would have less
cause of complaint, and would com
plain less, and be less ditaatifled, If
tkey could see evidence of auy sub
stantial good resulting to the negroes
The white lax-payers, with tbe kind
est fettling! iu the world, have regret
ted to see then' things, but, having
seen them, they are not at all encour
aged to go ou (durallug the uegro,
when so many nliora tbey have edu
cated, cherish anything but feelings of
appreciation, kmdosn, or gratitude.
From the present outlook, we believe
Ihe question of n chauge 6f thebsaisor
distribution oi the School Mud, will
be the malu qucstlou tbis year in tbe
electiou of members ot the .Legisla
ture, and w have little or no doubt
(bat the law will be ohsuged, and each
race will have I he prlvllcgo of educa
ting Its own childreu.
OUiem IteUni-reb. ilk.
Mr. J. M. Jayne nominated Hon.'rT.
G. Ysrger for Chairman of tbe tax
payers meeting of tbe City of Green
ville, wbo iu thereupon elected.
H. C. Watson was nominated and
elected Secretary.
Mr. Leroy Percy ststed tee object of
tbe taxpayers meeting, aa an endeavor
to make such rsdnctlons in the ex
pend it a res of tbe city admlulstratloa
at could be fonnd possible aud con
silient with the proper admluittratioa
of city affairs, and also gave the histo
ry or tbe erforte which had bnu made
to accomplith that end prior to tbe
last cit election. He tben moved the
follewiug resolution, to-wit :
That tbis body of taxpayers reoam-
meud tbat ihe City Council adept tbe
schsdule of salariue nsaied to them at
tbe taxpayers meeting held in Novem
ber ef tbe year 1893.
That tba enipouiider'e office be abol
ished, and tbat the policemen be re
quired to eropouud slock runuiug at
large iu tbe city, at such namlual fee
at will make it au Inducement le them
to empound tucb stosk, which fee is
to be charged agalast the owner or
each animal empoundsd, and collected
by sale of said animal if necessary.
That a committee of three be ap
pointed te present thete resolutions to
tbe City Council, and urge npon them
tbe adoption aud enforcement thereof
by that bedy.
Tbe rusolutiou offered by Mr. Percy
was carried, aud tbe Chairman there
upon appointed Leroy Percy, K S.
Toomba and A. Lewentbal aa sack
committee uamed In the resolution
above mentioned. Whereupon it be
lug made kuown teat Mr. Leroy Percy
would be absent at tbe meeting or the
City Council next after this data, Mr.
Natbau Goldaiciu moved that the
Hon. W. 0. Yerger be tubatiteuxl In
his place, which moliou was carried.
Mr. W. R. Harvey offered tbe fol
lowing resolution:
itstoived, Tbat a committee be ap
pointed (o devise meant to fund tbe
bonded debt f Qrecnvillo at a jower
rate of luterest, and tbat this meeting
pledge lltelf to support no man for
the Legislature wbo will not vote to
reduce tbis debt.
Wberenpen Mr. Percy moved , that
tbe resolution offered by Mr. Harvey
be so amended to read as follows, to-
wit: That a committee of five be ap
pointed to report lo a aubaequeut
meeting of lupaj srs te be called by
theChairmau, a scheme by which tbe
Indebtedness of the City ef Uresuville
may bo funded at a lower rate of In
terest, which amondment Mr. Harvey
accepted, and thereupon tbe Chairman
named as said committee W. R. Har
vey, N. Goldstein, J. M. Jsyue, Jothua
Skinner and L. P. Smith.
Mr. A. Ijewetitlial offered the folio
log rssolutiou : That it is the sente of
Ibis meeting that wo duprcoaie a re
newal of contra' t with tbe Electric
Light Company unless a very material
redacllou en be made In the cost of
the light service, aud further moves
thst this reioltitlou be presentod lo
the City Council at its next meeting
by said committee above named.
It ouly remnlas tossy that tho coat'
mittee of which tho Hon. W. G. Yer
ger was chairman, weut batore the
Council and prrsenlcd the foregoing
petition. And by the proceedings of
that body It will be seen tbat the same
was granted as to the reduction of
official salaries. For this action, ap
propriato tbauks were returued by
tbe chairman of the committee for tbe
Tacancy oi the River commlsiloa.
By tbe retirement of General C. B,
Comitock uudorlhoUw which makes
tbe age of 64 tbe limit of service the
presidency and membership which he
held ou tbe River Commission becomes
vacant. The appointment of bis suc
cessor rests with the Prosideut. Aad
we bops that be will fill this place
so important lo Hie river country
with au officer equally as earuest and
capable in studying and performing
its duties, aa Gen. Comstock.
Since writing tbe above we find the
following In the N. 0. Picayune :
Llcateuant Colouel George L. Gil
lespie bat beeu appointed a member
of the Mississippi river eommiesiou, in
place of Colonel Comstock, retired
president of the eommittion. Colnuel
Gillespie was born In Tennessee, and
was appolntsd to tbe Uuited Slates
army from tbat state, being breveted
llentensnt ef engineers ou Juue 17,
1862. He became first lieutenant on
March 8, 1963, aud captain ou April
22, 1861. lie was breveted major
Aug 1, 1804 for gallaut tervica during
tbe campaign before Richmond, Va
He was prevented lleu'euant colonel
April 9, 1863, for gallant conduct iu
tbe campaign from Winchester to Ap
pomattox, mid as appointed major
of engineers ou S"pt. 6, 1871. He was
attached te the si 'iff of General Sheri
dan when be was in New Orleans,
about twenty years ago, aud becom
iug quite well kuown.
Havana hnnd-mude and Havana seed
cigars a specialty. ( . BLKD30K.
auglS-ly Cigar Manufacturer.
ioam tr BirnmoRS.
legoiir lectins, rebriary 4th, 189J.
Tbe petition ef A. H. Stone, succes
sor to W. W. Stone aad & K Swain,
a the matter ef the lease of E 1-J and
1-1 W 1-3 sec 16 T. 18 R. 6 W,
haviug been presented and considered,
it was ordered tbat the Superintendent
of Education be directed to make
lease of said land fer a term ef five
years (being tbe unexpired term for
the lease tbat should have been exe
cuted from Jannary 1st 1895 to A. H.
Stone, ancestor to W. V7. Stone and
S. R. Swsiu, iu consideration of a
cask payiaout ot $4o0 and an annual
reutal ef $100 por auuum payable on
Nov. 1st of eacb year of said lease ;
aud aa agreemeiit to maintain the
Improvements upH said land for said
lease. Said $450 bslng tbe amount
ef fee due by the Board lo Wm.
Griffin for services rendered in een-
uectiou with the aforesaid land. Said
money to be paid to said superinten
dent, aad be to give a warrant for
aalat $450 on Ihe Treasurer In favor of
said Wm. Griffin.
Ordered that N. Goldstein tad 8.
A. Bareflela" be appointed a commit
tee te examine repairs en Iaxram
bridge by W. II. Net), and to report
at next meeting.
Ordered that C A. Winter and 8.
A. Baredold be appointed to examlue
brt lge built by F. M. Wallace acraes
Black bayou and te receive the same.
Report of committee to examine
bridges across Meeks and Castslman's
bsyon by S. H. McCliatock received
sad paymsut therefore recommended.
Ordered that N. Goldsleli aad S. A
Bare field be appoiuled a committee to
examine Perrin bridge to bo bailt by
F. M. Wallace aud receive same.
Ordered tbat D. W. Lee J. T. be
cited to appear and answer the peti
tion efL. A. Sanders to be release 4
from his official boud.
Report of committee accepting
bridge across Black bayoa and reooaa-
mending payment therefore received.
Ordered tkat the office of E. Hinds,
constable, be declared vacant.
It appearing that Wash Llndley, a
coanty eonviot, was unable to labor
frost bodily Infirmity, the said Llndley,
on recommendation of Mr. S. Archer
and two physicians, was ordered dis
charged frera the oounty jail for 90
days from this da'e.
Iu the matter of the petition of the
trustees of townsliip 19 R. 6, W. It Is
ordered that the reboot funds of said
Township be leau4 en security to be
approved by the Clerk and President
of tbe Beard at 8 per cent per annum,
said Interest to run from Jan'y 1st 1896,
aaa said loan te re ror owe year.
Ordered tbat George G. Johnson,
County coutrsctor, be allowed tbe
sum of $779.17 In full settlement of all
demands tbtt be may have agalntt tbe
couuty ef Washington at couvlct con
tractor. Said allowance Is made up
on condition that the same la accepted
in full ssttlcaicut by the said contractor
and In said settlement said Johnson
crsdits tbe county with $453,15 erro
neously and illegally allowed blm by
the Board of Supervisors at its Janu
ary meeting 1896, so that In making
said settlement said erreueens allow
ance Is rsturusd te tbe county, lesv.
iug balauoe due said Johnson of $326,92
A contract was eutercd iuto be-
twesu Weebiugtou county and Gee.
G. Jobutou for lease ef tbe county
prisoners for the term or two years,
beginning 8rd January, 1896, and ex
plriug 8rd January, 1897, tbe terms
and coudltlent of wbicn contraol are
spread la full npon tbe mluates of the
Board at tbis mee'lug.
The following claims agalust the
county were allow ed ;
WKGilrinrt.servtMStnClirtittCeart.t 8JS SO
Jne Ll.riino virions nocountt
O W Hlonejull pliynician
Andrew Jeokaoii.Jsntror
Peru lUnlypuiuersllnwence
W H ni.rbr, Wm Bub Inqtuet
T L Do4ob port mortems
Drew &Uoorebuil4uig KliaolheuMltb
Jack Tbnmu Ulolorr rewunl
S H MoUlDtockbulldinc bridges
t.tM St
a oe
to en
t 00
to to
M0 00
100 00
lone oo
t it
87 SO
n m
e Archer auul Kd. ealiirv
8 Archer elal flimitur. to,TUR4fund
C A Winter Inspecting-bridges
Geo U Johwion county contractor settle
ment In full to Jsn 1st IK!
Louift Smith sale of esiray
e II MrfJIintoili freight on mrbellneam
I so
4 B Hehron inapectlnK bridges ,
It 00
15 10
Iti 59
as w
Wetherhaeh'dwan. no. aocnnnt
C M Ham mailing rorcourt huaeo ...
Marshall A Bruce stationery
ureenrlllth'dwnrooo, naile
lnijuedtjurrortat II cuch
A brace at D, post mortem
OrernTllleleesootl co
W D Love lnTee oomr
1 70
4 00
10 00
as so
to 00
r II Wallace, bridge building t 71
C A W inter immecllnf bvidnes t 00
8 A Barefleld inspecting bridges I 40
A Household Treasure.
D, W. Fuller, of Canajohane. N, Y.,
lays that he alwava keeps Dr, King's
New Discovery in the house and bis
family has always found the very best
results follow it use ; that he would net
be without it, if procurable, (i. A Dyke
man Druggist, Catsklll, N. Y says tbat
Dr. Ulnars New Discovery is undoubt
edly the beitCouxh remedy; that he
nas usea it in nis mmny ior eigni years,
and it has never fulled to do all that is
claimed ror It. Whv not try a remedy
so long tried and tested. Trial bottles
free at Clark's Drug btore. Regular
size 50 cents and fi.
Tbe friends of Mr. Wm. A. Smith
who won numerous admirers and
lanrela en Ihe dlamoud last summer,
will be pleased to know that be has
signed for the coming season as nisut
ger of the Lynchburg Va. team. Tbe
Lynchburg Newt stales tbat ha bas
selected bis team wiib great judgment,
and speaks very highly of bis record
aud abilities as a player aud manager
cm c$racn.
The Council met la regular session
at the City Hall on Tassdty, reb. 6th,
the Mayor aad fall Council being
Tbe committee appointed by the
taxpayers' meeting held ea Monday,
appeared before the Council and pre
sented the resolutions hasted at tbe
meeting, with a request that the Coun
cil consider and act apoa them.
Tho matter of ike light at the Inter
section of Washington Avenue with
the Y. M. V. R. R wm referred to
the City Attorney.
Ordered, That petition of Dan Wil
liams to retail liquor be granted.
Council having appeared and offered
a compromise la the case of the City
of Greenville against John M. Leo for
money loat in the Bank or Greenville,
It was ordered tbat $600 bo accepted
la settlsment of tbe judgment agatust
said John M. Lee. Attorney J. R.
Yergi r was allowed $60 for preeeeo
ting i be ease, aad the Bute Revenoe
Agent will be entitled to $120 as M
per eenl of the amount collected.
Ordered, That tbe petition ef John
Atklus to bo allowed to drive a well
near tbe Seathsru railway, be granted.
i no election or w, u. Cannon as
chief of tha Fire Department was ap
proved. '
Ordered, That petition of Anale
Mosby to correct clerical error la as
sessment roll bo granted.
An order wm passed empowerlnsr
the Mayor to district the city fer san
itary purposes.
Chas. H. Smith being tho highest
and beet bidder, tba city prisoners
war leased lo him for tba ensuing
A schedule of salaries of city officials
was preseated by the committee of
the taxpayers' meellug, and tho adop
tion ot same asked. After considera
tion the schedule wm amended and
adopted m follows:
Salaries af policemen. $60 per month,
and police force lo be red need by one
member. One cart driver dispensed
with and aalarlea of the remaining
three to stand at $21 per mouth.
treasurer to be paid $11 a year
watchman aad driver at engtue house.
$440 a year: aeaistant $140 a year
physician $100 a year ; marshal $800
a year; street eupervlsor and Inspector
$600 a year; dark and assessor $60f
year; tax collector $600 a year,
Oflee of Impounder abolished. This
cbedule wm adopted to take effoct
from ana after reb. oto, 1896.
Tbe committee an lights wm re
quested to confer with tba Electric
Light Co. with a view to reducing ex
pense or nam bar of lights, and to re
port at a meetiog of tba Council to
be bold next week.
Ofleers' sslmtt
Ml 00
Msrabei awl peueemen
Ureal Horn, leauor
, tsoe
, aft on
, 17 00
Wetrbmu snd aMtetAiit
Joe Wsll, eiflaeer
Kobt SonserTllle, real city hell
atrt B Meiers, pay let IB. Aie'bi
do do ( A. Blum
Mrs i Aleitader, pay oa asarkel boose
(B. A-i'e) .
aire 1 AlnuUer, pay oa sawket bents
is 00
m 00
00 u
l imnji
raj Alexander, dst oa market bouse..
4 S I rr, Impounder, 1 mo At dtys.
'ra Qu'na, leading prisoners
Itr Marshal, tramp1 1 peapers
lira police ,
t 71
w .
J H Lesrnwerth. dump lumber.
11 18
s at
it 00
vna et pneiey, Diaoasmnn
PilWharf Coel Co, ooal for better
Joe Wsll, work on haaier
J B Hamaer, tel.. feed ,
40 00
a, itTifr, aw asp i nod nn ,
Wetberbee Hdw. Co, hardware
H BommoT A sona. barflnc 4 neaDen
as to
10 46
71 SO
a 10
71 si
17 Si
woo. n iieeiiey, int. engine noma
Southern Ry Oo. kaaUni lief (at.
1 ,
. rand
alt H r
n a wnaan, eeese jt ua at
J A Bag
ler, ndse for paupers,
a Bros. A Co. Dtuoer. .
W H Meal, work city (wit.,
ernnn raxa.
J H Leeveawerth, luiuber
w tt Hni, pey roil
aaueoi. mo.
Jordan Branch, Jaalser No. 1
atargmrei jonnaon. ' " 1
Martha Woodward. " " S
ie on
44 S5
Geo Wliaeil'T, ina. ea Ne. 1
tireeaelue Spirit, printing, Mo. 1
S H llnan. brnema. An. 1.1S1
4 00
t to
netneinee uaw co, ror i, s a s w
Try Klectrlc Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not, get a bottle now
ana set relief. This medicine nas Deen
found to be peosdiarly adapted to the
relief and cure of all Female Complaints,
exerting a wonderful direct Influence in
giving strength and tone to the organs
If you have Loss of Aotietlte. Constipa
tion, Headache, f ainting Spells, or ere
nervous, eieepiesa, jtxcitaDie, Meian
choly or troubled with Dizzy Spells,
Klectrlc Bitters la the medicine you
need. Health and strength are guaran
teed oy its nae. large Dottles only arty
cents at tiara s u'ug store.
By virtue of the power vested In me
as suDHtitntea Trustee in a certain deed
or trust executed by Kmd Friend and
Bell H. Friend to aeonre to the Citizens
Building and Loan Association the in
debtedness therein mentioned, which
deed of trust bears date tbe S6th day of
June. 1889, and la recorded In Book Z,
No. 1, at page 608 et eeq. of the record
of deeds of VYublngtoa County, Missis
sippi, and default having been made in
the payment of the snmi of money there
in secured to be paid, and at the request
of said Association. 1 will, en the
tth oat or Fbbrdart. 188S.
at the front door of the Court House of
Washington County, Mississippi, be
tween the hours of 11 o'clock io the fore
noon and 4 o'clock In the afternoon,
offer for tale at public outcry to tbe
highest bidder for cash, tbe lots or par-
cela of land situated In the City of
Greenville. Wuhlngtnn County, Missis
sippi, described as all of lots four (41 and
five (ft) In block fouiteen (14) of the Dell
Air or Dianioo Aauiiion io me sain city
oi ureeuviue. nn. uatmx,
Substituted Trustee.
January nth, 1899. janao-no.39
aTraacs:mo Txmacat. r
One year, In advance, ...$J 00
Any subscriber deslrlnc bis caper die-
continued wiUpieasenoUfy us promptly
The followlne- will mvara rntn uihui
retadTartltlaa.doiBeauetad toraun:
aue.l ;mi
1 inches....
4 " ....
5 " ....
4 SO
s ust
4 10
5 ')
t ' ....
So 04)
seeol SUM'
PTtTll.fofcbajila reralar adTrt1amnta
eaee a auiata without eauat
Beat Offices, a 6.00
Couuty and District, . . 10.00
"Calls" Charged M Announcements.
"Locale. snai or n TaH striatal turn HiAta
this type, 10 cents per line tot flrat,
cents each subsequent Insertion.
Southern Railway,
Weetewt lyet
PasMncer tratna arrlTa at Rnunviiu.
rrom DeerCreek1rnarrowO.1..9:10a a
From Atlanta and East 11:10 a m
Passenger trains leave Greenville.
For Atlanta. 4:00 pa
For Deer Creek, (narrow guage) 4:15 p m
Cloae connection mad at winonn h.
tween O. P. and l.C. trains for all poiats
TALLLARATcnni Ttmwra.
Leave Webb's 6:00 a
Arrive ltta Bene (Junction)... 8.-3S a at
Leave " S:16n m
Arrive Webb's 8:lu d m
iratna to and from Atlanta carrv tfeeo
ere. Winona to Atlanta and Atlanta to
New York without change
. . u. rarDMOKT, Agent.
f. A. ICBK, O. V A , Waaklnften.
C. A. BINoCOTBB, A. (I. P. A ,
Kaoxvllle, Teaa.
Tuoo tnl lOtsiggippl Valliy B- B.
Trains arrive and mu nmanvfiia
..t r . ,
No. 134, North,....
...leaves 10:35 a i
... - 4:06 pi
' 8:55
... " 8:30 pi
...arrives 11:40 a
11:00 pi
leaves 4.50 p i
176. forLeland
159, from
174. for Percv
173, from Perny
... arrives 9:86 a i
1 173, for Huntlngton,leaYeslO:34 a at
' 171, from arrivea 4;0 p as
Connections made at tfamnnla with
all lines for the North and Bast aad
Weat ; at New Orleans fer the Gall
ooast resorts and bouthera Tcxm and
ihrough tickets to all points now
on sale at the Y. A M.T.K. B. de
pet ortioe ; baggage cheeked through.
ror information as to rates, routes An.
write or vpply to
w. T oTKona. A st.
Jas. Dinmns, Dly. Pass. Agt.
W. UoLinaa, AGP. Agt, Mew Orleans.
A. 11. lUneoa ki.P. AM Ckieas.
Vraal.leiit. Assistant Uah lev.
Capital, $100,00(1. S&Dlu.aa
i. M JATNI, H. 0. WAT40J1.
jamcs i. maus.
We solicit the accounts of Individu
als, Corporations and Business Firms
The doublo liability of shareholders
of National Banks furnishes almost
absolute security to depositors.
We give met careful attention le
tho Interests of onr customers In all
matters Intrusted to ns.
Wo are prepared to give liberal
accommodation iu the way of loans to
onstomors whose average balance
Justify It
We issue Tlmo Certificates of De
posit bearing Interest.
Baceeaeor to X. Goldeteia Co.,
Cotton Factor
HNorth Walnut St.. Greenville, Mis
Henry T. lreys,
vacate main (., roar aeora east on'oatofflee,
Utate of Mississippi :(
To Anna Clara Kenoye. and her guar
dian, Charles R. Keesecker, Andrew
P. Keesecker, Frank Charles Keeseck
er. Charles B. Keesecker, Boxy Ke
noye :
You are commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the County ot
Washington, In said State, m the first
Monday In March, A. D. 1TO, to show
cause. If any you can, why the final ac
count of C. H. Htarling. administrator
de bonis non of tha estate of Andrew P.
Keesecker, deceased, with the will of
said Keese.'ker asnexed, should not be
allowed and approved.
Tbis 13th dny of January. 1893.
Jania 0. M, JUH.NSO-N, Clerk.

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