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Gbeoyille times
it ctiiisci iuiiutwi.
n TVnrf.T m. V..IS M laktn CB
tbe bill rprtd by th oominiue oa
linking tad currency, framed oa th
Ud of lb President' ruestwp, but
amtuded and hapd It a announced
to toit all taction. It failed ' P"
th doom howver, the vole being 1M
tyM to HI ny. Th jt te w
eowp-d of W Democrat and 44
Republican tb naj of J7 Demo
crat, s( Bepabllean and 8 ropUu.
A the fate of the bill wa foreknown,
tb eompoeitioa of the vote, tbe partial
stisappearsno of party line, wa be
l frttara of interact It i to be
noted that Mr. Beod deph the In
OncU of tbe partiaa, o far yielded
to tb aemaad for ltniauship, a
to rot lor tbe MIL Bot tbe act wa
done cradglocly and after uch decla
ration and disavowal Uat the tote
M a manifest lneoMiitency. Indeed
tbe Ciar MVr appeared to won ad
ventage than In hi roapout to tbe
draft upon hi ladrlp on tbl occa-
iton. Commenting, Sir. Bryan of No
rsskasaid that lo hi speech Mr.
Seed yeetnly showed that b be
lieved exactly a pea the nbjct a tbe
President did, and occupied exacUy
tbe pceitlou in regard to what
he deem toand Inane. But Mr.
Keed, Bryan ld, i not bold cuougb
to follow out fully bi own eouvictlou,
ad where the President U candid aud
franc Mr. Reed I ecret aud pbiti
cal. Tb Pmideul' recent messag
to Conrret wa very admlrabl for
it remarkable caudor and It indubl
Uble alleglanc to the single gold
tndrd. Mr. Reid In bi spc of
yetterday tried hi bcit to dlsseinbl
t position enotly similar to tb Preti-
deut' and failed utterly to do so."
Nothing, It appear, renwini to be
done bat auother tale of boud. For
thia, and wktteTer ensue ai tb rwull
f the enrreuer defect which he h
Tkluly calld on to Congress to cure,
President Cleveland is blamaless. Tbe
responsibility i with Cougress aud
thre it will rtmaitt iu tbe nt well
at thi until a bill of om decrIptlou
1 puMd and presented to tb Preil
dent for hi ilguatnre. It i trng,
aud not creditable, tbat in aacb n
entrgancy a majority of a representa
tive body i uable to com to agree
ment on torn bill. Tb failare argue
groat dearth of conuroctiT talrat
Much bu been ald of n extra s-
Ion and on etn to b expected,
But we cannot to to wht good on
lea tier oould be tome assurauc
agalntt a repetition of legislative in
competency by tbe new Congr.
a mil rujiiiT.
The State paper ar all, or very
nearly all, In favor of a primary elec
tion to nominate Democratic candi
date. Will tbe Uovernor tnd otber
Stale officer be nominated directly
bv tbe Donular Democratic vote, or
will the Democrat of each couuty
vol for Dtleiate to a State Cenvtn
Hon? If tbe Governor aud other
State officer are to b named by tb
DODilar vote, how will the prty
cure a State convention, or will there
be a State convention f
These are all Important qnestlous,
and we should like to bear tbe State
pre in regard to I bsm. Commercial
While ausweriog the above timely
query a to the kind of primary de
sired, the papar which favor a Stat
primary may profitably bestow om
dlsciiuion upon the interpretation of
the mooted point of the law govern
ing the same. Under close scrutiny
that law will be fouud to posses no
little latitude for doable const ruction,
If tbe executive committee were on-
tramuuled by th itatute, rlss simple
ef comprehension and uniform appll
eation could be easily devised. But
anv Drimsrv ordered must be held
under this law, which possessing am,
Iguitle and contradictious, a well as
vaguely phrased most be applied ac
cording to tbe understanding and the
direction of U different party authori.
tie. In a heated coutest botweeu a
Kuititud of candidate fer tbe an
merous office, the party will indeed
be fortunate, if the defect ef the pri
mary law do not lead to coutett aud
We may overrate tbe danger of tb
State' primary law it agincy for
mischief. But regardiug it a w do,
we would advice against an election
under Its dubious provision; anlM
the executive committee b requested
to eurcuuter the risk of it probable
consequences by pepnlar petltlon-the
only autboratative means ef expressing
the popular will. Especially do we re
gard this a the most advisable course,
u no previous State conventions bav
ever been charged with mlarepreaeut
ing the sentiment of their constituent
In tb choice orcuaiatte or aecisra
tion of priucipl.
mm immituusi
St. Ix.uis Ucp'Jtotie.l
For 20 tear tbe lti-puWic
tb earnest. auiri: s .!?!
tk. fr ralnisre f iiver. Bat
. " ,
Rpubl!c has (', ' ' -
(re coinage m emernat c u..j
ma euiov ih orot- ction of tbfc double.
or rather th alieruetive, standard,
either tbe gold or the silver dollar be
ing vaitbie for tbe iueaure of valu
a the ueoior may eieci. in "'
ords, be Republic ban anvoeaiea
bimetallism. Ami it i uo rore op-
ped to monometallism to-d;iy than
il ka been at all limte. It can see n
ren for fl)ing to silver rnonommal
Ii.rn because it bas deoouueed nd de
cried gold mononietaiiioui.
Oow i it with tbe advocates of
liver iu Cougres who are so indiffer
ent to the terrible precipice opou
which we taod irembliug? Iust
wer all at one time advocates of bi
metallism of Ike alternative standard.
To-day, almost without exception,
they weakly defend or bolaly advocate
silver monometallism.
The scuior Senator from Mistouri,
Mr. Cockrell, is reportca a sayiug
tkaftbe gold reserve . ceuld not be
exhausted too scou to suit him," and
that "the entire elimination of tbe goia
reserve would not so tuuen a create a
ripple in our fiuaucial system. Our
juulor Senator, on tbe other nanu,
made vigorous prociatuauou o m
floor of the Suit Wednesdy to this
ffect: "Never, never, iu time of
peace will 1 vote to isaue oue bona oy
ibis Government for the purpose of
securing gold in ordur that the coun-
try sball remalu upon toe siugie gum
The Missouri Senators iu tbeir de
claration are uncandid. A Senator
Cockrell U well aware, tbe question is
not between Congressional inaction,
and "the exhaustion and elimination
eftbogo.d reserve." And, as he knows,
boud will be It-sued nublndered by
Senator Vest's heroic defiance. For Just
so loug as purchasers can be bad for
United State bouds, they wi!ll be sold
for tho replenishment of the gold re
erve; under the law of 1675. Tb
real alternative, as these Seuators
realize, are the sale of bouds
uuder tbat law, and the sale under
the provisions of the administration
mesore. Tb former perptutei
and intensive a vicious and a danger-1
eu fiuaucial system. The latter Is
coupled with provisions curative of
financial and butiuos evils which all
pcrcolve and admit. And tbe obstruc
tion which the free silver Senator
effect, (Imply cmpets adherence to
the former.
While tbe charge of uncaudour
mav be todired agaiust 'be staiumeuts
of the free silver Senator, they are
neither illogical ur un practical. Tbey
ar (imply wanting iu the courage to
avow a policy which possesses a possi
bility of calamity. But It is uot to be
dented tbat the siatus quo of geueral
distress, of Irtdo deprcsstno and finan
cial unrest which ttiey are compelling.
I calculated to slrongtheu the cause
of silver. Drowuiug ruoit grasp at
straws aud ruined men seek relief
through ny chc ge or promises offer
ing, however nnsouud and lllusionary.
Discusslug the proposition contained
iu tbe reut executive mesage, th
Commercial Herald like the Republic,
a long lime supporter of free coinage
qaite lucidly and logically sums up
l's merit aud intent. But in chiding
the Seuators tbe C. fl., also like the
Republic, does not see the game from
their polutof view.
The only obloc'iou to selling bonds
a It ha been done by this administra
tion, i tbat it only sfords temporary
relief, aud none but the rich call ouy
the bonds. If thsre was a currency
law basing tbe national nionev on
national bonds, then every citizen
with as much a hundred dollars
could invest iu a boud if be wished,
and tbe loan would l iu tbe nature
of a popular loan. The greenback
could be retired in tbit way, nud there
csuld be no further demand on tb
Treasury for coin. That would release
all the gold and silver, which by the
present plau must be held iu reserve.
Tb Senator are mistaken if thoy
imagine tbe people are opposed to tbe
President' preserving the national
credit, a best he can under the pres
ent law. They would rather be would
sell a billion dollar worth of boads,
than to endure two more years like
the past two. If they do uot euact a
currency law, so that the whole ques
tion might bo settled permaneutly,
they will be responsible for his re
sorting to temporary expedients.
We suppose the preseui sate oi
100,000,000 will last, as long as tbis
Congress. After the life or the next
Congress begins, th President should
call It together, aud keep it in session
nutll It doe enact a currency taw.
uiiuim corns.
Tennessee's vol having been can
vassed and the election of Evans
prims facio aoufiuuced by the legie
lalive count, be has takeu the oath of
office. Tbis complication will work
evil for Tennessee.
Au entertaiumeut, consisting of
tableaux and music, will be given st
Hester's hall for charitable purposes
on next Tuesday waning. The enter
tainment is under. the accomplished
direction of Mrs. D. C. Montgomery,
and sbe will be assisted by some ef
tb most promtut aud taleuted youug
people of the city.
0;u of tie ps- ug-r cars vt the!
V !ey sou-.h botiuo fain of !t T---
,.f ! dav was luii of coNuwa flora Io
i ... t ...... t.
tte " !amili.l i!in-. no one wtjui
trar; ot" tb bol'iir FuiitaUon oo
Luaer L VVaihngion Ta-y wr
prec'da trly iu J.uunry by tar.
fnffiiiu? :d their earning was delayed
aniil these perscu bad reporte.l 'lit
pi cti' bav betu made from Messrs.
Caldwell k Jud&h who forcloed said
plantation. Mr. Caldwell, who came
auh the ininiigrnula as tar a ureeo
viile, informs us tbat they ar excellent
citizen and that ail hat made cash
payment on thtir lands and ar
amply supplied for a year's support.
In addition i these actual purchas
ers, the couutv ba ones vhitd dur-
ue the cast week bv a number of
Mr. Clurk.of Sooth Dakota, repre
scutiug a lare laud company of tbat
State, was auiocz thue numerous
North Western vWltor. He ha been
eugaged in listing lauds for his eoiu-
canv. with a view to purchase by
them, or sale to ether parlies. It is
hi iuteutiou to oteo a real etat of
fice iu OrevtiviUe in a short time, aud
bis contpauv will be potential iu it
duciug immigration into the Delta.
A loug ilt ot laud, have been ob
tained bv Mr. Clark from various
nartie. uoiablv from Grave ud
Vinton. The method pursued will
ba to cut up tbe land iuto small
tract and sell to farmers. It 1 ex
pected tbst the plans of tbe company
will be matured and iu full operation
by faU.
Mr. McUill, of Clinton, 111, has speut
several weeks In Washington couuty
and was In Gronuville on Monday
Ho ba been engaged iu quietly pros
oectlnir sud baating through tbe
Delta, and ssys tbat the icy blasts of
an Illinois wiuter shall never catch
bira agalu. Uis-iuteutioo I to return
borne in the spring aud arraJge bis
business with view to returning to
this country to settle In the fall. lie
snys b will sell out bis eutire basiueet
iu Clinton, where be possesses consid
erable property, and invest in laud
near Grace Station, uulos he finds
other laud iu tko meantime which
please him better. He i very great
ly pleaed with all the lower Doer
Crack country. Mr. mcuiii was ac
companied by a prty of thirteen pros
pective settlers, wlio were very favor
bly Impressed with all they saw, aud
will probably locale in tbi cunty
sometime during tb present yetr.
A party of prospectors from Iowa
aud Michigan arrived Iu Greeuvlllton
Monday evemug, having traveled ovr
the loop line of th Y. M. V. Ry ou a
prospecting tour, with a view to in,
vestment and tettleiniiut The party
consisted of Mr. N. B. Jacobs, protni
uent broker aud real estate dealer oi
Chicago, and Mestrs. C. J. Charleston,
C. Malson. B. Holland. John .M
Thompson, Andrew Wicks, O. H
Peterson. Ira II. Oiscti, O. . Kueid
on, W. Nlchol, G, E. Normandlu,
Albert Johuson. Tom Simon, Jo.
Gibble. E. II. Norton, and Peter Mr
ran. Thev were attcompauied by
MalorJas. M. Edwards, of th Y. M.
V. Ry.. ai.d returned to Memphis on
Tueadav morninii. luteudiug, how
ever, to return in about a week, aud
bring wlib them thirty or rorty bona
Hi e settlers, who will purchase small
farm from the rilroad. lhe party
were entertained on Monday evening
by the Mississippi club, aud exprsid
themselves as exceedingly well pleased
with the country tliny had seen aud
the prospecis for future homes. They
represented a clasi ol well to do low
aud Michigan farmers, owning farm
which luer av Uiy can sell for $50
uer acre oab : hut, as tliey teutlbly
ob'erv, they can buy belter land her
at a much lowor price, aud aro anxious
to leave tbe North on account of Ibe
extreme aeverity of th climate, which
appears io grow worao with each
year. Whon they left home tho now
was four foot ueop, aim tuey uaa een
Ice and suow bound ever since th
beuluuinK of the winter. Tbe cou
trast which this conutry presents I
very (triking to them, uotwilhitand
inir the fact that we also have hsd an
excaolioually severe wintr. The visi
tors seemed to bo In earnest lu the
natter, sud proposu to go aboat it in
practical and bonnes' lite manner.
To-day's Commercial Herald has the
followlim :
"Two parties of Iowa farmers ar.
rived last night, lhe larger party will
go Into the Delta probably Sunday
evculug. with Mr. J.T.Edwards. agent
for the Valley Houto, to ane what is
to be had there. Th visitors are all
farmers aud mostly of middle age or
beyond It, some buiug soldiers lu the
late war."
All of these visitors represent
widespread sentiment iu the North
west, for tnimltrrating Southward
Tbis arises from a nwmtter of causes
probably chief among which is bard
times. VVltu iaruir uo gei iiviii
out of th ground, hard times lu
country with six mouth or snow
cuntend agaiust, cuveys s vastly an-
ferent mesumg from wbat it uoes
a country where vegetables are grown
for nine months iu the year, and the
need of bousing stock is small. And
for some ysars past, owing to the se.
verity of tbe winters, ll has taken
about ail tbey rale lu the summer to
keep their cattle and horse during the
winter, or what they sen must oe uis
posed of for coal.
Hailing this movement as possessing
th utmost significance for the future
prosperity of Washington couuty, we
will observe it test ana development
with profouud Interest. Every citisen
who is brought In contact with thoe
sutler ehould do all lu his pewcr for
their content metil snd comfort For
each in ten si, aud tbat of the taxpayers
generally, Is bonud up in the success
of these pioneers in their new home.
T rue'";? 0
Moud.y in tb
Mills t'-r G"e--;t:
follotting e-mmt
c5inua: Jbu
LeKoy Perc... H
Tnce a.;r:tlenea
respond witn
dustrial Ageut of '!ie
l!!ZHS DtlJ
jtUMa iMlsli' Birloas lou.
lere-t of C!l.u
e ei.po'.nted t la
w. ;w St " -e,
;iuo. r, HT.lrcs.
iinau Wit!toL
re dir-'etrd w or-
Mr. G. C Powers, lu-
Iiliaol Central
R.B-,now tu BoS u netting tor a
nfr.r-.i bv Grenvlll as
th. site of a cotton mill, lufaeili.ie. of
transportation, the -
ing material, coal, c iv -Hon
of Mr. Power- to bring a deisga-
.i f n.iil ni-n a me OUui -
m tlmrtlv. and to
claim of all cities bamg spec.ai ad.
..,. tonfftr m II bo considered.
i'...i.riiinv tae tuoi,ii"'"
cotton mills south ard, l be
ter, N. H. Mirror, . y; -U 'y
b.toureye toil fet, bct lb.
mauulacture of eo.rse goou. ia
has advantage hich are Itkuly to
draw tbat to ee ion the new mill
desigued frthat class of goods. lby
caumak heavy r .ttou for enough
ie than tbe cost t oar mm
m leathern eou ioI of te market.
.... ...:.An u..r.i
It 1 UOt MUiy mcureuvaiij ...
it has been deoi. nstrated by exp-
-i Th aouil era souou lacioi w
itood thst hve found
ready market aud made money, and
ti.v aro eoinir to keep doiug it. New
England's supreuuey iu thi Hue l
seriously tbreatemd, aud .he ha got
to do br best to lsiaiuiaiu . i
r...i.i to Cemaif re's
, ft'O. i. W-J M"-- J".
, deroyr4 by bre mis
k waj discovered at
riMtetbe piviis aud leacbers
It is Dtftifveu
3- 'O!'
.('ilsick. w
.-.hu bread''
to hive cangiilfroin th furuace doer,
j, ft opvn bv a careirs sorvaui.
I.. f.li nndr briabt au-
UPffc mire " -
. i.;. fc.rinir in nrollmeUt Of SOOUt
L. hundred Dpil. A 11 the pupiU
...-.a..t in teavio the building with
.,t ea-uallv. A great many of them
i thrir' neronal effect and much
of the furniture of the collie w also
Owing tu an insufficiency of water
ih firemen soon saw they could do
tiothiug toward saviug the buUdings.
emistiug of three in uumber, ud ds
voted th'inMve to removing th ecu-
Interstate Firmer' Imtltate.
A Congress of Agncultorslnl will
Mmble at Vicl-burg on tb Uetb,
2lst aud 32ud of Fbruary. 1895, for
the purpose of disenssiug the most p
vautagsour methods lu farming in
Mississippi aud el subject of interest
toth. cotton planter. Tbe lmpor-
tauce aud interest oi thi meeting to
aiielawteM cauuot be ever estimated,
Addresses will be made by Gov. Stoue
nf Mis.. Ex-Gov. Hoard, ol V iscou
sio.tiov. Jackson of Iowa Gov. Fos-
ir. of La.. Pro! Wm. Ueardshsar
Prcsidoutof the Iowa Agricultural
olieife.aud mam other Ulstlnguisdso
neikiira. It it expected that the
r . ; . . i . .
meet u ir will e .nils reiauoua
cordialliy betweer the people of Mis-
In no aud of I e aorio nest, auu
r- .. .
greatly eucoiirau i the strong tiuo oi
Immigration no settling imu m
State. Tbe best botels of Vicksburg
offer very low rat. s for tbe occasiou,
$1.00 to $160 I r day, and tho Y. &
M. V. Ry., Is otle ing tickets goou to
retnru uutil Fut ruary 23rd, at tbe
rate of one cent or niilo for tbe dis
tance travelled. A special excursiou
willberuu to V cksburg from cities
iu Iowa, Wiscoumn and Michigau, and
larifu at teud suce from those
places is expected Premiums will be
given for farm pi iducta, the Judges to
besclbcted from each state represent'
ed. Do uot fail i atttud.
... .
Prof. Fitihueh etimat oisiota at
fifty ihousaud dollars, which l cover
ed by nineteen thousand aud fiv hnn-
.lrrl dollars nsurnce. igai inouwuu
being on th furniture aud tbe blnc
on the buildings in me iohowiur
pauies: Royal aud Lweiin:,
Manchesfer, eacn ai'jw; j
ion and Greenwich WW eacn,
. Mutual, of Nisw Orlean nd
Peuusylvui,of Phlis'lalphi. tlXM
each and lhe German American, of
Sew York. $8,000.
Tb weather this moruiug waa ibb
coldest ever seen here, the tceruiome-
i-rrPffiBiei intfouly four degree uovc
zero aud the p'tplls, mauy of them
rrMd to leave the buruiug buuuiog
ithmit their wariug apparel, suner-
.d nuirh from the cold. All ol them
however, were soou earod for by tbe
fititens of tbe town
In obdience t the reoueit '
oa mo by many fnondsandvotMio
eounty, l uereuj anconnco ttjaaf
csnuiuate ior me vuico oi alnr.
Washineton county; subject to !.
incation ot the De nocratic pwtj. ;
We are authorized to nnoainj.
a candidate for Sheriff of Wuhi,
counrv ; ubject to tb actios o(uy
ocrati'c party. Election Noyeoite',
W are authorized to announce (
as a candidate for Sheriff of YitthJ
county: election, November lsO
ieetto the action of tbe DtaufJ
We are authorized to announct
as a candidate for Sheriff of WW
ton eounty. subject to the actloa.
Itemoctaticparty. Electio W
Loop Lewy,
M ail Fii Groceries. ;
We ar authorized to announa
county ; election, November hat J
let; -- utam
We are authorized to announ
KEUl!.tUCtt. at tit. At. rt
as a csnuiuate tor inancery rj,
W ashington connty at the Not
IKjo. election ; suoieci to tu u-,
We are authorized to annousa
l. ft. HUUU
as a canaiuate ior t,uancrj (V
n asmueton couuiv. oudimi i
action oi tne itmocrauc psrtyj
tlon November, 1SU5.
We are authorized to snnouw
as a canutoaie ior ro-siectlosi
office of Chancery Clerk of Wat
County ; eubject to th action
Democratic party. Election (toa
We are authorized to snnouio
as a canaiuate ior unaacerv u
Washington county; subject It
tlon ot lite uemocratto party,
November, 1SM5.
24 Walnut Street.
Trustee's Sale.
Bv vlrture ef th nower vested In me
a trustee, In a certain deed of trust
executed by Kate H. Adams and Robert
J. Ariuma. oa the 11th davof AD'il. If9l.
to secure to the Interstate Luildlng A
Iian Association an Indebtedness there
in mentioned, which deed of trust is re
corded in book E. 3. at pane 197 et seq.
of tbe record of deed of Washington
County, Mississippi, and default having
been made in ttt payment of the sums
of msaey scuvd to b paid by said
deed of trust, and at the request of said
Building 4 Loan Association, I will on
Monday, tub 4th oat or March. ISM,
at tte f.ont duo-of the Court House of
WashiDKton County, Mississippi, he
tween the hours of 11 o'clock in the
foreioon and 4 o'clock In the afternoon,
offer for sale at p.ibllc outcry, to tne
hlEbest bidder, for cash, t!io,-e certain
lots, or parcels, of lard situate In the
City of Greenville, County of Washing
ton, State of Mississippi, described as
follows, to witt Belp g lots two and
three (2 and 8) of block Twenty-seven
(21) of the rikinner Addition to th said
City of Greenville, Mississippi, accord
lag to a map and plan of said addition
of record In the office of the clerk of the
Chancerv court, and further described
as follows. Beginning at the north
west corner of Broadway street and
Walthall Avenue where they Intersect
each other and running thence nsrth
along the west tide of Brotdway 310
feet, theuco west 198 feet, tnenc south
to Walthall Avenue 210 feet : thence
east to Broadway 11)3 feet to the begin
ning, k. h, (ii'NHnv, nudes.
rtbruary 8th. 1SH5.
Thomas & Urliltn, Atty's. fSi-nitl
Its Bureau st .lackson, Miss,, con
ducted by thst experienced Journalist,
Kdgar 8. Wilson, who treats impar
tially all question relating to Miauls
sippi aod Misiissippians every dsy In
the year, has, In -be language of tlx
Mitsiulppl press, "made the IMeayune
lndipensahle to i !sisiippiaus."
The Picayune aaches snd creates
MUniasippt on all runk lines the very
Cay ot lis publics .on.
MiniAippl this year holds its first
general election i uflpr the new con
tltutlon. All Ktatr County and District
"ftii-i'rs, incliuling i Legislature, which
will in January, 1 M, choose a United
Htales Senator, ars to be elected. The
Campaign will be a memorable one.
The Picayune, In addition to its Bureau
at tbe Capital, hi s an intelligent cor
respondent nt ev ry prominent point
In Mississippi. N.) item of newa will
escape it.
Get the News, s 1 the Newa; and get
it freah.
Read tbe Plcay uie.
We are authorized to annomol
as a canniaate ior re-election
otlice ot circuit vierK oi whi
ounty; subject to tbe actiot
uemocratic puny. ,jueuuug.iffl
W are authorized to announct
as a candidate tor Treasurer o(
ington county; election is M
ts'Jo, subject to tne action oi ttt
ocratic party.
I bee leave to announce anil
dldate for the position of freu
Washington county, sud tut til
tion of Democratic County lew
Citation NotiM,
Stale oil
To Charles C. Currier, Trwtt
Thn AllUnna Tenat PAnniit
Itod: I
Yea are commanded to ip
fore ti.e Chauocry Court oftsi
ty of Washington, lu said it
tbe first Monday of Msrcl.tS
to dtifeud the suit in uld 6
Tbe Yazoo and Mieelntpplj
Hailroad Compttuy, wlierM
defendauts. J
T, i . j.u .1 -.. t L' v . i tr
fch9-u31 By IUevkyMius
11 yon are in need ot t itiitij
cut go to JOHN TURNKB'M
colored Ton sorml Artist is in I
120 Walnut Street.
BELL the Photographer,
received a lovely line of (
Frames. Call and sesthisl
window full.
In obedience to the reuinremenls ofheetton SH11 nf the Annotated (I
of Mississippi. I will sell at publio outcry, at the outh door of thcOns
or wasiituton county, in ibecity of Greenville, between the hours prc.
law, comuienclng on I
and continulns until said lands are dlsnosed ol. to the hiuhest
all of the following lands, situated In said county, or so much thereof.
iieceeiuuy to maae tue amount oi taxes aue tnereon ior tne nscai ;
otner years ana all costs:
Im if t.i Pa), Sm if Stcliu, S. 1, L Hcres ." to, Iu S?
Wiley Murga Kaite, H twH K Bogus 20 IS S '34 1 W
" " ;' sw.i4nei A wdHt so is ( isn 4 i
'. ' ' nwMw),BWi ss la s litO 144
' .!) wacHnwX 20 is S l iil
Kit James, W aeres off eontli iUe twji t 15 S w i 70
Unknown urSeaaifina, nK lots SOU S3 01
Uaknownor Williima, nX 15 ,120
! " nwH I It 1 so
swh a so 1 so
1 19
I 04
1 IS
1 40
1 75
I 10
1 110
.ivn r. nntrit Oh.iiT Tu Col!1"
vVaablnston Couatj, .
Bates' iiiti Cii I
oxa tin.
Daily and ensdav, One Year . $12 00
' trnday, 24 to 32 ratres, 2.00
Weekly, 16 narres, f-tsued
Thnrslav Mor Ine . . 1,00
HIOHOLSOHfcOO., Proprhtsri,
Mew Orleami, La.
The Most Prolific Cotton Known.
Q-len A-Han,
Greenville, :

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