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The Greenville Time
ea..i iv.e n,xe ia of steak.?
Cut wtu est u.- thee puor,
Nur aris cruj tit,, e.llL
S-Srlik W f.-.,to tie tt,Crr tirscj
Mrau&in? thy rate:
"T kast :.itle undcrsu-oj
I'sitwrs- hoaru tht tee i their b.-el
Ai in tody tocj:
at ort. ta' hard bestead
TU very 4itiMiess tjjciks!
W: t .-pea bteof k.a
Is few t:n!l a dole;
L lie !.!; world r!B is;
Fur thoi an vt tie wbjl.
' Se Oj and njeaeer crcatu
'hr '"'I'lti tntat:
r-Allh t fi:!s iU Mtrrty eoaj.
And lr to lore; ttej Bust.
Swsllxai and the tin of Rtarea
This prison kosM via an:
The secret of :ae eana U i;sra
To Lot, the. I'oaiimror, atlil.
-CUrietU: it lcar;i.in Y. Independent
(ME, now," said
the new report
er, taking- cint
Iti red moroc-
eo-hound not
lxk. "I a m
sure you must
have? had lot
of thrilling- ad
rentnres in all
jour long ea-
engineer. How
you hud been
rvcr as a locomotive
many years did you say
wim tne company'."
r orty-tre, your lienor. ' replied, the
man. passing . Kr;ulP han(l oref
piky tx-arj. "forty-fire vear of terru)ile
iiaru work. and. though my doctor tells
,n" hae organic trouble that will
cut off my atejm without a danger sig
no!, I still work the dear old train."
-To tie are, to he sure." said the
new reporter. sympathetically, "I can
suite understand your feeling In the
matter, One becomes Terr much at
tached to Buy round of duties, to one
10 certain hour, and all that
sort oi thing, you. know. Von see J
iiate i-iiiy jt-.st joined the otiiee of the
jiiawr, and l want to write something
that shall ahmv the city editor and the
iviiows clown then- that I've pot the
ur wm oi genmr run know."
."iu latre is no doubt about it.
eolouel: you hate. sir. yon have. Any
...on vouto iff u,ai wrth uaif a eve.
Ah toon as you opened j-otir ralres to
uie just now I mvs to myself: 'Here
eianos i ne Iiioken of Ameriea.'
h, thank you, 1m sure," said the
new renter. "Won't you hare your
riasn rehlte.1? Thafi rijrht. Welt, as
I was sayinjr. ! want to write some-
iiunH- that shall make the fellows
.nreopoiR; my talents, and tlna per
haps they will quit guying me. ou
ee, I've Wen n adinif an Kusrlish fel
low called fenu. (ieorjre .ManviUe
Jcnn. who writes splendid stories
about workpeople's adventures, and
there was one excitinsr account of
railroad engineer making hia enjrine
Jump over a broken bridge, an.t fcl j
'n'ri' nt be material for that
sort of story, you know, with our rail-
roau engineers. K I came over here
to the New York Central yards, and
i saw you erairluiff out from
underneath the ears, all dusty and
u.rty, ana yet witu such a refined face
us a met, I assure jou-Iwaaeon-
mcni yon were just the man I wanted.
nd so 1 asked you if you were not an
engineer. And then, when von smiled
so pleasantly. I was sure"l had not
made a mistake, and so 1 invited vou
to this saloon, where we could have
luiet flaw together, because that is
Iways the way these preat writer
manape to get their stories, I see."
"And a tip-top. admirahle, rt-clas,
third rvitnp .ri;. ; i - ...
" lawiion it js, (for-
..... iu see, i bad twn uuier.
oeain tne cars putUn,f ice on the hot
Iwxes wheu you see me and slidiuif out
from between the brake beams, and aa
.u one oi the most onplPasant tasks in
our perfesh, whylellu, takes orf my
jumpers and overalls and puts on these
ere dirty old duds. Hut you, as an
-..or, sir. win onderstan'that ifsn.t
the attire that makes the man. and
that a true heart tuav Uat beneath
" norny nand of toil.
tiuite s. quite so.
faek a!!eumi. tv.n .i. .i..,
Of be a bua-trine here ia this 'era rni
wot froi stack on a eow-flue deawl
niasnen oa Her. The btfii grlne was
railed No. IT!, an.l aa;d to ran front
here to Albany. He was a handsome
t-an-ep fell-r as ever I aee. he was.
fnjm the top of his smokestucl. so the.
tender- coupler. There want a better
built bull-g-ine on the bull ew York j
lentrai, nor one that stood prouder cn
bis driving w heels. It Was m &r!Mn,li.
sight, sir. to see the war In whiei. th.t
preet feUer would til hisself up with
steam and stand there lust -f
and a-fret tin till he got the word to go.
1 hen he'd roar out lust ftr tJ,.
of it and shake his crank pins and curl-
lfuu- oa go stalkme uo the track
ju.i proua a l,ueier. Mat fur all
newaasncn a tne roaring bull-gine.
k..v olg oiaiinir Heart was as soft
puny toward that eow-gine I re told
you of. She was a vard enain. nj
1 mn,:h to loo!t - I csed to
j siie was too high in the earriaga
""r wvg pins and star-lmekle
nenr a,t please me. But, I .or'
"'" -Tun- you d neTer dare to n
a woru ajin her to old 179. or he' blorf
out all his steam paugrs with r(re,"
''Wait a minnte. won't you. please."
said the new reporter, '-until I get
down all those technical terms correct
ly, because I re noticed th.t .it h.
other writers are rery careful about
'That's riirht. sir: ron Mn'i l-
eerffil aK-,,. t : ,l , , .
. ua.injf i8 ngnt wom in
the riu-ht nl
1 11 stick to the same. sir. Well, as I .
ssyin', or was gwine to say. Xo. ITS
first got stuck on the little yard cow
Sine orer here in the roundhouse. They
had stalls right beside each other, and
when she was rnn in forthenf.rht vet
hard day s work he'd come living in
with the Albany express, and bless vou
r, you could hardly hold him on the
lurmaoie ne was that tearin' to jfet in
smigr and comfortable 'lonjrside his
mash. One day. when they wea rery
busy in the yard, ther pot So. l?y to
help along with her switches for an
hour or so. and you never see such a
proud old bull-irine In ve I;- n.
just hooted with joy. and pranced up
and down the yard with his biter just a
,-iilu wun pn-ie. ell, air. It
went on tike that for nijrh 'pon two
we engineers pot to mv
ticiu of it, and there was some talk of
"ruijpn tne thing up before the pres.
dent s meeting. Then one day. during
lummouip snow out at Chicaner it
was, old So. ITS had to run out to lluf.
u-r. ana ne was away two days and
n:tfht ltit M...- , . :
uivsa itiur nMrr ma m ..
.. " . uv "
as u-ue as stool in I,... n ,l.
. ; - i um me time
ne was awav. Hut nl...)!,.., ,
. " ms. a bmc Av Jl
"S tltil a utia L IfnilW H-htk.
ArxTMixritvA-Wait, Horace, I insist, until it has passed out of si -nt.
It was due to an order of the yardmas
ter I can't tell, but the fack is that
mien ao. ir got back from Uuffler.
pull open my firebox if he didn't find
that cow-gine stalled in the roundhousa
between two great big whopping new
bull-ginea. When he see that he got so
blazing red about the flrebn. .!,.
stoker was afraid he'd blow up. Then
he give a kind of Inquiring toot on his
whistle, but the cow-irin n..- ...
much as give a look his war. Tht ....
more'n he could stan'. f her had got
him on to the turntable, and iV...
alxint t fn !.!. t..,L .. J
umii uauiae rouno house
right next to a broken-down
nd away to the other end of the
vumtuouse irom his cow-gine. when he
lets out one nnearthlv
1 . J mi k iilt
. escapes, ana with the steam pour
ing outen him from every ralre. he
backs off and starts uhn- .i..
.,l. t , w "S r
,im ne ffoes I k l .fhtni..
sir. yelling through the tunnels, clanir-
ng nis tH-n and letting out his whistle
Uke a mad thing. Then when he corns
Toachnt Has ia l)mil-aca.
rkoii t.. i .
icuutngui-navo yon any
'e enaracters around here now?
iTireriot Ueaaguleb coach-Ya-aa;
''i it puny tougtt.
('holly What's his recoril?
Driver Why. fore lk.- rif-
been dead a week he rot full
uowTiier jsioouy lanron an' married
uis moiaer-m-law. Judge.
MeU Sentiment.
Von may ta!k about the seatlocat
toe lovaly doners teiea,
Bnt If joa want s pac-iar ent
That s rn a longer resch,
Jot step lato the tirst r'ee shop
lost nippeos to tie handy.
And tell the clerk to send her up
A ereat bif bot of esndy.
-Philadelphia Becord.
irs toMiNu. si ne as r.tTc.
Ska H y OereiTCd.
There was a steely glitter in her eye
IKnf Vtftt-L1 ..1 i
"sv.rui.-uaca;iron nerre. stern
ly she gared at the cowering wretch.
,..u struTc to meet ner rare,
'False,' she said.
He said not a word.
'We haro been married four rear
Still he kept silent.
"Vou won me by telling me that yon
belonged to a auielHn oiK L..
bound to lose a mnnWr. ... ..
that there were onlv thro- i.
And that was four rears i.s
He said noSiinir. nor nr.t. i
evident that she teas on to hira.-Cin-c:nnati
said the new .
rorter, "and I n. delighted to find, Mr. 3?, 1
Kugineer. that you are using W the L . J
kind of plain yet noble lan.t b?
the fellows. workmoni,rf ..i. . eu, tl
!,. i t- ----------"".jou
, u, iu i eon s stories. Which re
minds me: Won t you please search
jvur memory to see if you can t recol-
tort, uimu l.lli:.. ..i .
Mumiun auvcniure, some
thing like that I was speaking of just
Dow-about an engineer making his
jump tne uriilge, you know.
jh urs renu your glass. Thafa
Jotingsirr ' J
Xh. that's admirable: that's just the
"... ujtusn .euows Degin theirs.
The city editor will snroW m;i, t
fribbed it, but you. will come down to
.UB oir.ee ana verify the statement.
"Sum 1V!t .: i. ...
.. -ieime see Hi can t
He my memorj- bearings and open mv
stcamcne.V.. I don't know nothiogabout
-u ruiriae jnmpinir across a bridge
hot 1 do know of one that jumped into
.r.,,ri..BBiupW, the vaives open
at that. I on see, sir, folks don t gen
erally catch on to it. but there's two
eir-Rioes tmu-gines and cow-
"I've heartl of cowtohens" id the
sew reporter, "bot never of cow
gmes." "-No?" said the man. "If.
aSI ' ?wwrai!y known, but It i
to the Harlem up at the drawbridge,
what did he do, sir, but jump right off
the track, tear his throttl.
- "h "K"' into tne river. The
"s a niizia and a sizzin". ami
twor all over. Yes. sir. and ,
I , "va a-ua?
..reisers got. him out next dar ther
poor old boiler heart
in two."
Well, that certain! t.
marr stort- " m
t . . c ur reporter,
m fact 1 never heard of antthir,
more wonderful, and, indeed. I may
say, affecting. It only shows that eren
in inanimate nature tbe ,, i i. .
they call depths of feeling. You know
that we cannot feel-that is. fathom.
1 remember now to W
somewhere about
that their engines were creatures with
moods, and all that sort of thing. It
looks to me like a rJone o, S
clde. you know.- v' ""'
"There's not a rinnl.i .iv,,.i t
Tbeykep it very quiet, sir, because Mr."
Pepew didn't want to haro no bother
lae coroner, and wh
iv.. -'' Slr' " WU1 the
Im sura iV T'm i
t,.i !. . . uov in tne
habit of receirm? moner fornn..;
yarn of tais sort However. I ll nt .
It w-Ul come in nnrl r.
j viuars
wive on mv nert nm nj i.
moke 1 11 thmk of you, tir. AUow me
to present yo, with my card. If. a
lit ,1 ragged and dirty, I'm afraid. W
haggles-Wearr F.atwt.t..,.
nd if you don t see me anyone will tell
)-oa waer yon will fiH ma . f...
tiaw for good luck? All ribt ti
yott say sa Sir. you're , author '&4
Tot!e!Ma,".; Y. Sua.
Mabel-I wish you w ould took. Maud,
hTi i a t lTOU!r UU1S "'I right
Draw the Line.
sr ii .
u cKs-ucre I am, keeping two
. " w orx a stare
nicks-Why don't you get another
Mrs. nick
ay I sii
V. World.
t ode Sam'i Salaries.
"Did yon sar that b.r .( t.j
been appointed to a nrominont r.i,...
undor the jrurernment?'
And to think I waa ahnnt
poo to her!" v
mini" r,Pintlncnt changed your
Decidedly. I conl.t support her
wry mcely, but I don't know whether
el like taking chances on being ex
pected to chip in and aupport the cn
lire familyV-Tnith.
Koew Whst II. svM Aboll,.
enthusiastic Cotoml ......
v. . ... jv...r tas
..iuuoio weotimifi ti
keep de rice a-fiying-huck It out live-
u.i!;!.ra fur-re. y,B .re not re.
E- C. 8. Xf. )inJa rxi.T 1
To Boit Mutton: Put into a pot,
with water enough to cover the meat.
Skim well as the froth arises on top.
Serve when done with drawn butter
I snd capers, and parsley laid abont over
i it aud on the sides of the diah. St,
i Louis Eepublie.
i Scrambled Eggs: Ecat one-half
Jozea of eggs, and add one-half pint of
mat, salt, pepper, butter and curry
powoerill'.kea. Fut into the chafing
Jish ia which a tablespoonfut of butter
has been melted. Stir constantly for
two or. three minutes. Serve, garnish
with parsley, and eat with hot but
tered toast, or cold rolls. Uood Uonsc-
Apples for Immediate L'se: Wipe
Jlean abont twenty good cooking ap
ples of medium size, and place them in
a preserving kettle with water enough !
to about half eorerthem: then add two
targe cups of sugar, half a cup of vine
far and a dessertspoonful of ground
cinnamon; corer them tightly and let
tho apples simmer slowly until soft;
use tnem w hen cold. Housekeeper.
Shank Soup: When you buy a
shank, hare the butcher cut it into
sereral pieces and split open the thick
est part of the bone. Uoil It three or
fonr hours and set it aside. The iit
day remove the fat, and, If you do not
wish to eat the meat in the sonp, take
that out. Strain the soup. Cntunfine
an oniou, two or three potatoes and a
turnip, and put into the soup. Simmer
iu remer nntil the rem-tiiM.,. nn.
five children hare arrrived h!
-V J-. from Texas, having
i "e eunre uistanceand hei I
a rear on the road. "
, Ij" 1Fa,rin. tbe ni
tributes at the good fcrtarj
has been hi, to the luek-pi I
Zealand greenstone which he I
ned for years on hU watch ch
. Sir Isaa,- Vu. ... f
taries on Daniel." lt
clesiastical festivals were ot
fixed at cardinal noint, u "T
without reference to the dt 1
incidents, dates which i. .1
ble to Ssl-.rlH In 3 4
-Beatrice Uarraden thinks t
women of the United State h J
things to eomplain of, ,ad l
their frankness, honesty
and lack of affectation7' slTi
tarty '
'likes tho wa . ,
behave about men." "
r it... , ,
" "aru, oorn in f.
t - aiuu dim kir it
(raves Crumpton Ward, bora i
mont, October 11, 1797. are liria.
farm near Sew Hudson, Vt!
were married Sorember 1 ul7
entr-seren n . "
Prof. John Stuart Bi.,.ll.
minis nt1,. u .
Kdinborough- Hi. acti
thvh ,k .. "a r
....... w,.src Kcnerations .mt
eighty-six he U atill rig0roo ,
Tiring so many famous m c
his friends, he is justlv cali .v. .'
o'theSoo.." " ' """"ii
Foreign paper, say that t
I uutc .uue. iieleno
i tne
. ,.-g. ,,-i, wu
piiutK ui i.oitroania
tender. Half an hour befom dinn...
add a tittle powdered sweet marjoram,
catsup and some salt Boston Budget
-lioast ISeef Hash Browned: Cut
some nice pieces of roast beef from
Sunday. joint, nut them in a . i P?" "
b.-.andchonuntilquiteflne.t.ienadd JZ
skins ...! .u- j , . : " "Ml.
on.season well with salt . ."L uuKfier ot the court..,.
per and Just a pinch of red pepper, and ZTtJ .vrl', Wh k H
cnop the potatoes and seasonings in s, , . ,. .
w th tl,k ,;n ..i K Min. Isabel a I eeeh, it..,..
Melt some well-clu'riSed beef drlpplnp Lf .ff ''7 IT? ,n h' 9
lo a frying pan. and when JJ i! " c faut li wplovi an .,'1
... . J ! . tln I ,. , . r " 1B;1
rut the Hashed beef and potatoes in I , ufQ-''-' masseur at lew
pour over a little hot water from th.!twice. " weclt- Mra- towe has J
teakettle, and let the hash eonL- f.
isruorniteen minutes, stirrinir alm,t
constantly: at the end of this time take
out oi me trying pan and put it in
B platter that will stand ll, !,. ...n
Make the hash up in a mound shape!
me ioP oi me nash with a red
hot iron.-I'arm and Home.
Macaroni and Cheese: Hare a
large saucepan of boiling water In
which drop one-half pound of maca-
....... n.eep me water boiling until
the macaroni is quite tender; drain,
and uash some cold water over it
Hare ready six ounces of grated cheese
-Parmesan if you can get it Place
layer of macaroui in a deep dish, sea
son slightly with salt and popper and
a sprinkling of cheese. eontin
materials are tired, referring som8 o( i afterward a total eclipse of th
with Mrs, Hooker that one
young forerer" in thU a... "
-Miss Emily Ocrry, who dled.fe.
". o. united the davs of t-.
pendence with the present t;uie Z
v. M.e iwciaration of
r V """-uur, ice-presideutw
--. ........ wora "mm
niandci-was made, and wa S
three years old, having been bornwlw
her father was flfty-seren.
-Writers of fiction should be tntM
how they trifle with natural
One popular uorelist described will
much eloquence a tronlcal fn
and represented aa occurring Immecii-
SOt much! mm. ..
v w i p 1 work J's'hts S. i
Not a rale Ta.
Little Glrl-Our baby i. smarter than
Mttle Boy-Tisn t.
v.w.cu . 'ur iiiirtv i iw-i .. .. :
to talk." ' "'"if
'V-e-s, bnt ronr
Cood Sews.
From Her Bachelor Tarte,
I've s secret to diiciose,
Sweet Marts,
It concerns rour ruddv bom.
Sweet Msrle,
It wouH sooa come round all t'rtL
And ones more be pearly while.
It you wouldn't lacs sa tight.
Sweet Marie.
.. Chicago Tribune.
i,- t . . o
. .. e.ieese lor the top layer. Corej
the top with rery fine bread crumbs.
Warm without oiling s large table
spoon ul of butter and pour evenly
over the top Brown the top with o
hot shovel held over. Sever brown in
the oven as the butter would oil and
so impart a disarreeabln . .u.
dish. In boiling the macaroni, let it
be perfectly tender but firm, no part
. w men, ana tne fflrm
.rorveu. -orange Judd Farmer.
sun. an . i
, --"""uuiitat luinossibilittit
uch a time. An American novejta
represents on of his character, a
pointing to a oartain star in the conn,
wu.crarann, and name, as the .
ocs uate oi ttm incident a dor whet
the star is tiaible in na part
batiy U a girl."
A C ertahi It -turd j .
isn. sam .Sirs. r..rntM.l mi..
Z' . , , . D,e wa' r IteP leop!e
from tnlkin' about .u,ij 11
1 her is," replied her husband,
t.r, .
"in ler ode. Tt, .t.
bmt e ter yer face--WaLhinon
At Homo and Ahmed.
He cold tell wttbom a sta-er
When out upon the stamp.
How to settle monetary national sttile.
But st home he lost his awajnter
He eouldn I settle Baaoce wtth his wife.
Bostoa Tratellsr.
Aa t'aneeesaarT Dlreni..
I wlS v?"i 8Uia h Ua-
Irish Barber-Down, la it? Snre sor
there . nothing els. butdown to te
Harper. Bazar.
"It is less dangerous than the bicycle.
ucmuresi a Aiagazinc.
Comfort Sltooia h.7o7,ld.r.a .. Yv.ll .,
There i. no reason in the world wh,
l't le girl may not be dressed com
fortably. nnd at tlm ,.. .."
i-i, t i . m.o iiuie nrettur.
lhe frocks of to-dav nr. ,.,.. '.
enn,,,.l. ... ., .7 "
rnn .. I , , llUIe WOraPn to
- .."aua nava as much exer
cise as seems necessary, and those are
unw,se, mothers who do Bot
tor tbe comfort of their little peon?
Mth each change of the weather The
leather leggins comfortably lined with
flannel, are quite as snit.Ue for a g 5
J tor a boy . lfmademoisel le's hat re
use, to stay p!uce unK. thc a
band is very tipht nt.!ni,i
ami ti.. u.". : "-'. '"uovo mat
... uvi ilil L tin with i 1,1 . .
? this way you wili
mg a headache from a tight-rnht
'. and yu wm ,.,1 .'"V:
impossible for
touch good.
a SrVJl i
t ;S'r J ,Ju
1 .-
s l' v i" '
Jl!Tj0Ur har seem to thick Ican't
anpport you. dearest
She-Thaf. not hia fault Every
time he. hn, passed the parlor, the
edd Mora Ka--..
Miss Buvem I ner .
andcarpetscbeap. ThTpa
just crammed with bargain..
I Mrs. Buvem I W i. .,
Misa Bnrem If.s- v. tj. -
b.retotetaUthn;ol" "l1
or eh get married. xY y. Week i r
A Rraiar VmiiK
Mr. Iliihmann I dont
my daughter shall . "Ta.u"s lna:
worUl. wt along in the
Young Slimpnrs-Well. I think Iv.
Mown rery good judgment in selecting
a father-in-law. don t . .?
WooL-W . ' i"uf ,.
" "I BISO Itlllkn II
a e.ltviln.o .....
pat the rubber band ZuZ.i ' 10
nd so cause them to lose their shane
make ho. . """1'nsr will
ueU coming that
Allow her shoes to be a tittle b,r
the foot a chance to grow "i
f you take my advice von Twin i'
. , A JIf Pew Words.
Ada-U Jack Hoger. a talkaUre man?
ffn $g ffiaijo tin, tpeak:-:ife,
Wherw tho Cost Cornea.
Philosopher-The only thing tht
"ke "y rich or poor.
M W' Md l0V 0t
theri"1 MaaTTnje' but keeping
the iored one in clothe, costs like the
01 S ick-S. Y. Weekly.
R1'S" to the Kitcfaena.
The question as to what i. t,- w .
Sl,the 1
hat had just .come in, "must be left to
the cooks and rhould tx, determined by
a nine rote.--thicago Tribune.
A Novell T 1Q Vrj OBO-fc
Jlareyougot messenirer W.tt.-,
1 calico; mada'mT'
Hhy. yes: th. WJ-.J .
in. you k .r'ntJ not
Permit the boot to be easy
-re better than ' ?, ! '1
car of little wni T.,
thins, that k'I ' V"" ln"''ome-
tor herself. t7 ? dwi
tO thc UUtlerh' Mt
make it nart nf X,,"0111' then
thatencl bitn" :n..Qi ,,ytn to see
yer little .,0 ,01 rcu:;rt'. ?" d
n about and t,""01 16 afr!l to
-ealtu.-La(nB,If; -'ingood
Hashed M, r
I se a hint. r . . " '
cW. aVnoV 'UT' ',ai' Pint of
m.lc pepper a IlZ"1 H,
tablespoonful of bu,,e7.nd flUr'
slices of toast. P.,t Vi ''nall
chopping tray and sn. n,neat D tlle
Pepper en,rZ,.ml it the
oilier coarse. Sow tint i" ChoP "
tewpan with t .? .,P in ""all
-A country eemetoryhas the follow
tog notice orer the gate: "Only th.
dead who live in th. parish are buried
..cr. i-niiaueipiiia Ledger.
"I nerer gire anything to a yoaw,
hPf) I f h IP vs.. .... M w . .
rrip, uetfo-ar "Dn
expect me to Iwrotn. . m :' i
, u .riupiii
. .uu.uii,- riiecend. H ti..
Hicks "And h.. di.i
Wi t mv ,? tiK,'ti l,el0U,, (h!'
Meka-"Wcll. yea, he did wear rathei
rapt expressionBoston Transcript.
"There I. troublo in store for Lour
eu. -ironblo in store?" "Yes, or
iu several of them. Hi. wife gare hio
a sample of dress-goods to match to
u. Jiurtoio Courier.
-Handsome Knglishwoman-"OiiI
... i . "nu lnr,?e tTraty hairs i
. A stuviimua i?o
"tr i s tncy can be counted, madame,
they don't count."-Pall Mall Budget
"'ly'11 Hallucinatlon.-Flr3t Girl
V0"' is nlc w. only he has to
Much to say." Second Girl-"No,
t hot a just where his weak point lies,
He thinks he has. --Detroit FreePim
-Origgs"i aay, old man. what.
Sood for insomnia? I haven't closed
y eyes lor lire nights." Colonel
J" want to hare a boxing matd.
The first time I tried it, I remember,
Tit-BiU C'!"'d fr fortniht-
-"Are yon interested in golf, Mi
Jennintrs?" askod Sil..i.
--- s ju miiiiiHiumw
comfortab.;" - ' ! t!2""
"ia u tnev are nmnoetn ... . : -i. 8 '"""J- i m nottnmiliar
nd sewed ni'lvnTlaco th'ff'1 ,0 Z e "tv-'rk8 ." "Ped the old
re ho.f J, 10 PlBC0 that tunes ,a(1.V. "What has h. .r- n.
per'. Bazar.
-Slobbs-'-Did you hear how WiP
wag a tempted to console that unst
cessful auburn-haired author?" Blobht
bi, ,t! f .? hcar it-" Slobbs-"He told
him that there was .ome consolatioa
'? f1"" even " hi book wasal
wad 1.1s hair wa8.philBde!phia Be-
"ian. "a br h r
4U . . ..RU 11- DDI
UnTrA0t deIif''ted interruption that
lollowed conrlnced Mm ,1...
remark, would not be listened to with
man W tbe "tterance. of .
man of h s.ni.. s,. .,
bune. vincmnati in-
"-"Mamma," said tb. t..- .i,.t
are yu soakinir vour foi "iu.
waT.T ,"'Bd ',che, 'cm-" The baby
was tvlaent v tm.i.d . t i-J
Th! v tvhoulfht tor a few minutes
Inen he broke th. .iu,
Mamma, if ronr , u
you soak your head
famnJtdy.WS8hoB'inr Ti't-
lamiiy Dortrnit. ; t,." -
officer there" U ",V
.. , ' "luiurui, sne ssiu,
as my great-great-grandfather. H
simmer for half m. i T . VOTpr "nd
butter. Toast ,heU fc3;"; the the
' arm dish !J a.nJ "ang8
"Pon tandWrveatonce.-NvBfv'1';b
-Th a-r- -1V florid.
s 'iuuvnreH . - .
0"'V-4CJ ill Hit ,
j to rnn, vou know,"-irBlh1
"ave a decided penchant f P Volte'
V. like many otl,"t,Vfor -Mtritno
en. Two of .,Pmpret,y Jung
.".hort time &c:nfre rried
Adding antoherii ' Attba
i "'Jivr in,-. !. -i
nnn; t tho bri,la Bb,l'i'
-'cent!y.mau. L . . 0 the vari
hiU: ;.tt-.,r.,',desof herfamii..
Ine chnreb
aus r
nd uli;
MH oraTeana IS.,- u., i.k
?rt ?nf?r,unle of men. He never
lin... Uln ln whcb be "id
Then f. Tm. 0T carried aw.y,"
Dart ii h! added Proudly "H took
Tlt-BiU. WeDt'Mour eOeToyrmepti"-

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