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The Cf rational wr horsee wbo
are iaufinj the battle afar off art
mating their tuihiuium tod boldiug
t&eouelve ap to ridicule. If peace
between tbi country tad England
wiU not b broken except by a peltry
squabble over a strip of South Ameri
cas iwamp It may well remtin ondls
I orbed forever. There win be bo war
over tha Teaeioalaa ltoatlon. Tbe
only reeult tbat will grow out of it
will be a rational agreement upon a
.abject which la looked at askance
tod doubtfully by many men who
judgment U guided by the did alee of
jo it lea aad common tense. Tbat the
United Bute government can have
any ahow of right over th deetlulee
of bair-barbarona South American re
public, ao called, ia qulta aa qoettioo
able aa the right of any other nation
aad ha ite origin in a aplrit of jmgo
im aa in-American a it la unreatoo
able. A resolution tbat any act of an
European power looking to tbe eatab.
lUhnent of ill authority over auy
part of tbe Weetera hemisphere ahouid
be regarded aa an act of hostility to
the United btatea ia a abeard at it ia
unworthy the intelligence of a leader
of the United Statee Senate. It U
merely a ipeelmea of tbe Congrca
alonal firework display which la un
fortunately Inseparable from Ibe -eemblagee
of our executive body a
survival, probably, of Ihe spread
eaglelam that delighted to acrcam on
the elumpa of primitlre Fourth of
July eelebratiuua. The position which
the United Btatee aeema Inclined to
take la tbe matter la not tenable In
common aenae, and the deeper we go
into It the harder it will be to extricate
ourtelve with honour before the
arbitration of disinterested partlea or
by meana of a war which would uot
meet with the aympatby or approval
of the people at large.
15 A181R1 timptT
Dr.llerrmaa Ahlwardt of Berlin,
the notorious anti-Semitic agitator, la
now in New York, with the arowed
purpose of inaugurating a campaign
against tbe Jews of America. lie
holde that they are a menace to the
prosperity of nations, and docs not
believe that they ahouid eujoy the
rights of citizenship er have any share
in public affair. Herr Ablwardt will
probably play to empty benches in
tbls eoantry. It la a curious fact tbat
tbe Hebrew race haa been pursued by
persecution and enmity ever since the
Babylonian captivity, aud many very
good folk will heave a sigh because
of the injustice of It aud say com
placently tbat it cannot be helped
that It la In accordance with tbe
prophecies of Scripture. Tbe lame
tort of people osed to defend slavery
on the tame grounds. The Jews are
certainly very shrewd, very intelligent
and have a remarkable faculty for the
aecamnlalien of wealth. No doubt
eome members of tbe race are also
unscrupulous In It acquisition. A
whole race of honest men would be a
strange spectacle Indeed. But America
Is rather too broad In mind aa well as
area, to deny any man the righti of
eitiiensblp beean he is Abrttarn
to ht r'iHj'T. U n:i .Vnitrioau Jew
' gulliy of a felony ' tottdeiil
'iHude la "111 p.e'ii: t drivirt
it bis right of i.-,tis':p, In as loig
ha be isn .sr'1;1 ', n.f. uil respecta
' ble citizen be need fear nothing from
the Tapering of Dr. Ablwardt or any
other blatant notoriety-seeker.
Never yet was noble man but
made ignoble talk," and never was
there one whs proroked it more
freely than Mr. Cleveland. Many and
many a little fellow hai blunted tbe
arrows of his sarcaam against that
rock. Tray, Blanche and sweetheart
have barked themselves hoarse at
him, bat tbe most Inappropriate and
amaxlug charge of all is that made by
a Mississippi paper which calls bim
" a wisuy washy excuse."
The Beit Cough Cure
II hlllt'. mr 1 bm1m(I Mn.h I. 4.n.
prom Mnp It at one with ghlloo's cure
let aale It 1
. f inlar.
The election formnnlclpal officer,
held on Monday, Dec. Sib, waa an ex
tremely quiet and orderly aflair, eon
ducted so smoothly a to cause but a
light ripple In the current of every
day lift, but nevertheless brought out
a fairly full vote, in wblch moat of the
, candidate wera w,n renreaentod. The
electi. . 'olio wed nwrtifr vuioh
wa coi. lurjy i without anaanr or
exclteme'i!, hi'hoDPh c,.,isiaera'lc fare
pulling oi. ..1 jeal W,!0-a (he elrc
tion cm,. (.,r ;, reaait the re.
eleetlon of M 'Vm. Wer with a
total of 806 vote, Councllmen A. T.
JI,?,2(lote' A- nin 227 Totet,
d II. Wilralwkl 217 volea. The
Mat of the ticket stood aa follows:
For Mayor, A. C. Illckmao, 64; for
'L!fay m K,ThemM' 176 5 W-
AU Free.
Thoae who have used Dr. Klnar' New
wnTharr ,u v,,ue- 5 tho.
idnU-,VM,J CaU on bi adver
Lr? D"f'tndget aTrial Bottle.
tei coioi us x n us sin.
A good dta' of worry and annoy
ance eiU'.s In naval circle over tbe
ditcoverv that It ia impossible lo work
white aud negro sailors together oa
the same ship. The fact was broogil
out by the attempt the fir-st made In
the Navy to place four colored
student lu the position of aeamaa-
gunnere, posta which make ibeir
holder petty officer, and against tbe
authority of tbea aegro officer a de
termined revolt wa orgauixed, ae-
eompanled by every kind of baxing
and pcrweculiou, culminating In the
threwlug overboard of one of them
one dark night. A court of Inquiry
ia bow in session at tbe Navy yard at
Waabingtou for the purpose of ascer
taining tbe identity of Ihe perpetrators
ef tbe oulrsgea against th negro
officers, bnt so strong I tbe feeliug
agaiuat them among the white tailor
and the determination of the latter to
stand together and ahteld each o ber
that but little headway can be made.
It li claimed tbat American or Irish
sailer refute positively lo work a
ship ia company with negreea, and
where tbe black are employed it mutt
be with Scandinavians, Pole and
Italians. Consequently tbe warships
of tbe United Bute are manned
almost exclusively by these national!,
tic. Naval officer are sharply criti
cising the action of Admiral Ramsey
In teudlug the tonr colored men to
tbe school at the Navy yard, claiming
that their appearance at petty officer
on any ship will be tbe signal for re
volt against tbelr authority. A
singular feature of tbe affair Is that all
the white men wbo were implicated
In tbe revolt and peraecutlon of tbe
negroea were ascertained lo be of
Northern birth and that all but oue
were tbe aona of Republican father.
Tbe colored leader In Washington
view the demonstration with much
concern and alarm, aud tbe matter
baa been presented by them to Mr.
Reed and other prominent Republi
can. In tbo Army no luch condition
of affaire exist, because wbolo regi-
meutt are composed exclusively of
colored troups, but it I impossible lo
man a ship with negroet alone, and
the attempted mixture of tbe race
hat alwayt beeu a tource of trouble lo
tbe Navy, tbe pretence or negroes
causing turmoil aud insubordination
11 the lime. These facta tend to show
that race prejudice ia luiradicable.
It I uot political, nor I It a violent
lu tbe South at among people of
Northern birth. Iudeed, In the North
It would appear to be iteadllr In
Are You Made
MlMrasltbT Iadlgettlon. ConntlpaUon, Dli-
iiatM, lM oi Appeun, iauowsam. smion-i
ViUliutUapoaltlTScur. lor mm tf B. 1
The Greeuwood Enterprise sayt that
"no man can get the Democratic uom
luation for Congret in either of the
Mississippi districts uules be bo au
advocate oftho freo and unlimited
coinage of tilver 18 to 1." Clarion
Suppose the national convention
which meet before Ibe congressional
campalgut open, tbould declare In
clear aud ringing term egalnst Ibe
"free aud unlimited coinage of silver
at 16 to 1?' How about it? Suppose
tbe populist parly In national conven
tlon should pronounce in favor of that
doclilue? Must we understand that
our Democratic silver frleudt purpose
to bolt tbo platform of their party and
rim ou tbe platform of ttinlr Piiemie
har iu Mississippi? 1)0 thoy uot rca
Itze that lo boll the platform of their
party ta uceor!:uu of tbo party t bar
ly thoy luletid their references to ' Iree
:lret" otxt year, to ho takou humor
cutty. Lome, now, worthy telguori,
dost thou uot t beoatobla Democrat
Filli Do Not Cure.
Pills do not ear Conitlpatton. Thir onlj
srxraTata. Kari't uofar Hoot Tel kitm !
fact rrcularitr of Uu bowtla. rr salt ht B,
D. Unlay.
A Yankee farmer iu Brazil who
longed for the cooling liquids of his
native land ; and wai unable to ob
tain tbem In that tropical country, hai
utilized a kite for tbe purpose of oh
talnlng Ice. lie fills a tin can with
water and tends It to the height of
three miles, where It Ii promptly
frozen. After sufficient luterval .he
kite ia rapidly hauled in aud thj cake
of Ice I secured. Tbe inventor it to
pleased with hi toy that he now pro
poses lo teud up a kite 160 foot louq
by a steel wire cable. Uuder Ihe kite
will bo suspended pulley, over which
ruus au eddluts chalu bcarluii cant at
tached to bookt. The cam will be
filled with water, aud tbe tpeed of tbe
belt upon wblch they run will be rogn
lated to tbat the topmost cam will be
couverted Into we, lufficicnily bard to
Hand the downward journey. Thit it
certainly the mott original Ice mach'ue
of which we have ever her r5. We
have tbe uthority of the South Ameri
can journal for tult kite Dying.
My EeUilcuco, corner of Poplar
oine ana juuut Ave., place well im
proved, and hat a choice lot of fruit
trees. A bargain to party calllnir
first. 8
MlRsUtlppl form Book.
Newlv-elccted inaltcpa nfllio
and other county officer ihould scud
iu me iianou-Laiiper Oflice, Jicktou,
Mist., for C0DV Of Mlaalaalnni
- - re- - in
OOllR. It It a VerV eomnlola minn.1
not ouly for offlclalt. but nrnrnnlnn.l
aud business men Dfimr.iu tl.
formi aud explauatory notes are all
bated ou tbe Aunntalait tu-
prlceli$iOO. If tlx or more are or
dered at one time. l fin nr -j
exprestage on package prepaid.
A Great and TJnuaual Offer.
It 1 inguUr how iit'ie aceutk-n i
prid by farmer-and oiht-rsf situated
as to make ueu wort: iIvuagi'Oti,
to the cultivation cf v. inter vegetables
aud market gardeuing. With oar
mild climate and very favorably fail
season a variety of vejfeiablea cu
be grown throughout thu alntei
aud thru uo month ia the yir iu
which the kitchen gitnleu luay But be
made to yield a crop of oui3 de-crip-lio;i;yet
ino-'t garden? arecouuuted
to plaut a patch of turnip and lutke
uo further effort Inward supplying
the winter month with fre.h vegeta
bles. The beat and dry weather of
summer usually breaks up at about
the beginning of October, with be-ivy
raiua, after which all vegeutiou laket
ou a freab vigor of groln alunei like
that ot early tprlng. At thit seaaou
all vegetables mature much earlier
than !u spring, aud aliuo.t all tbe len
der vegetables, especially tucii as beans
aud coru, if planted at thit time will
yield abuudautly before being killed
by frosts. The list of vegetables
wblch wilt wlthstaud ibe winter and
remain iu the ground with perfect
afety it very large. All root crop
may be planted iu the fat!, aud will
keep sound after tbe lops are killed.
Beets, carrots, parsuips, onioun,
radishes, latlfy aud turnips may all be
enjoyed through the wluter iu this
way, while many vegetables which
grow above ground, such as ail the
varletiea of salads orgrceut, will grew
and flourish through the wbolo wluter,
with no protectiou, and even if
damaged by unusual cold, will spring
up agalu with milder weather. A win
ter garden ia such an assistance and
afford such welcome additions to the
family table tbat it Is qulto Incompre
hensible tbat people persistently
neglect tbe advantages it presents.
Nerve on Edxo,
I wa acrrniK. tirad, Irritahl and rran
arl'a Cliirar Haul Taa hat nindr mt wall and
kappj. Mat. . B. WoKDax
We are Agents for
H fa's MM Soaj
And have a thousand
and one other things
you need. Come and
see us.
Ulead & Co.
Bimeiallle conference.
Pari, Dee 10 The luteruatloual
bimetallic conference called recently
by the French Blmetnllists Leaguo
convened here to-day with a large at
tendance of delegates from Germany,
Inglaud, Belgium and other countries
of Europe. Tbe purpose of the con
ference as outliued lu tbo call it to
agree upon the terai of mi appeal to
tbo respective goverutneuls to reuo
negotiations for an internal ioual
agreement for the us of both gold
and silver as moucy metals. Tbe
coafcreucc expect to be lu kowtlon
tbrce day
E. If. Wrav, .In , at the Depot Hotel
Saloon, at tbe Y. A M. V. It. it. depot
It the place to bny your bottle of cock
tail and have your jug filled before lenr
lif lor your plantation home. tin I
mm m im
Fine Pocket Hooks,
Silk Umbrellas, Cut
Glass, Onrx Tables.
Wallace Arnold.
St. L011U Wins the Republican Conven
tion. Washington, Dec. 10. Tbo r.nllK.
lican Natioual Convention .V,,P ,
held at St.Loui on Je- 1,8
Tbat wa, the doelil' . '"V"..".?'
Renubllran Nai jU rtac,1Pcl ,IV llie
.'.rJi ? ?. -m committee a a-
hViin.ini J ,0-Jl,y nt plritid
balloting Mlug wo hours
Captain Sweeney. TJ, S. A
Ban ni- n-l
Remedy a tha Hrt me.llcin. 1 have .Tor fonnd
i.i.7BmDoFrr7.g,oj''' iMcew,!- 'or
Dec. 21st It colored people's day n!
the Atlanta exposition Tbo Negro
race aud in work is very aldy repie
senlnd at Allonio, ami ibey Imvo re u
onto be proud of 1 ho -bowing made.
The Galloway is the
best Alabama Cnnl nn
the market Leava or
ders with Geo. F. Ar
cher and thev will ho
nneo promptly. J. tut.
Mr. R B. SilllS has irnnn in v..
York on business for the Morohnad
Improvement Company.
mm m m
Kentucky Inaugurated htr first Ru
publlcau governor yenterday.
Bcuoit, Miss, Nov. 12, 1895.
Hall t Hog Cholera Cure Co.,
r, , Now Oilcans, Li.
Genls Wo have used vour Cbnlui a
Core and find it au infallible remedy.
Were to well pleased with tbe first tent
that we made a tocoud order atler our
herd were free from the disease
Your truly,
BlHO'OB & Speakks.
Head & Co., Greenville, Misr,
Wholesale Aguuis.
"Will you tako this wommi for bet
tor or wusa, an' give me i for nmri yin'
VOUr' Was the tlnlinam.n,,A. !.:. i.
a Georgia Justlco uuited two llvts.
ia Behalf ef Bemomifc Biraou
Wa-nmuU'ii, Pec 10. X uiofetueni
is ou fo. to r- Id a joint caucus id
tfruiotra.ie enalon aad representa
tives for tUe purpose cf Irving to hr.
uioniz-i existing Uitlrrfnc iu
era. ic ranks and t agree up
line of I'oIicY to be followed iu notOiirom lerry, wuc.o -
ll.mae id Su..e durin? -he pr.-en. J nee Purdou ha sued for a divorce
m-,s1ou of Cofgrew. lupreseuiMive from Lis wife, Mane Dawson, aud tne
S.al'ii.if of Al.t.ama, who is oue of rcssoraiiou of bis bachelor Dame,
the leader ,.f tbi movu.ent.ay: John Purd.m was as a My of he
-Here iireallv.inlv on-qnestiou re.!fild, wbiob, toilintj uot and neither
warding h!c!l ti e Dem..r- - ' apiuuiug. iu Iayi arrayed iu g ory
badly divided. That b t;.e il..u and seeking opportunity to .continue
q-i-siiou and if e can leach .otne hi effulgence. Th.t search brought
tifciorr agreement by whicu Hi him up with Marie Dawson, a prac
tuy be eliminated from our di,cu...: ileal womau with a bank acconnt, but
slouforthepreieut.iherelsiioreau not practical tough to waist John
why aeshoiiid not get together aud ; Purdun, whom she know lo be a
nrwienl a ma ,1 front to IUe Jeiiuu:i-
eaus. I am Iu favor of free eiuag,
but I do uot believe ihe dincustiou ot
Ihut one 411.0. iou cu advance the
ean-e .11 Mif' r u a, lala U iI.'mh
gitziug ell' el i. exlrrm :ly btinful to
Ihe party ami 10 the Sjoatb. I would
be iu favor if a c ntereuee of the
whole pariy iu (,'oitgre-s cm be ar-
ranj'-d, of l:avi:g a coi.iitiltto ap
puiuud to ci.nfer wiih the President
aud i'eretary Car ile regarding tiie
steps in com j 10 secure a degree of
hai iu; uy and e.4ab!ih a polie) upon
hU''i wo a i ail uni(e.r
Consumption Can Be Cured
Bt tka naif shilsb'a Cnra Thia mtai cotih
nrt la the oulv known reniiy for that terribla
liucaae t ut by B. O. riulaj.
Can Ihe Courts Comnel One to Drink T
A Kauaa Judge receutly committed
the local aueutof the Aubeuer-Uuch
Brewing Compauy to jail, for cou
tempt of court. The otTenne wa tbat
the aforesaid brewers' agent refused
on the witness stand, wheu summoned
as au export, to ill ink some of bis
beer, aud itive evidence a to whether
It coutalued an intoxicant or uot.
Like FalMatT, who would uot give a
reaaou on compulsion, "although rea
sous ware as plcutiful as blackber
ries," tbe witness, wbo could doubtless
make " schooners disappear down
Ida I broil as rapidly a " nulls" down
the eplagus of au ordinary mortal,
utterly refused to partake of the flow
ing oowl n the order ot the stern
iuiiko. l.ike itio Dorse, i, could be
brought to the water, but hi conltlu'i
be ma.le lo drink S" off l.j the unit
I in keep be went, there lu Ixiwuish
until a writ of habeas corpus release
hitn from the tyranny of au arbitrary
court. We do uot believe tbat lb
action of th judge will bold water
much less beer when review td by a
superior tribunal, but there it no tell
ing what a Kansas judge will do.
lo uiaKe good sauitage yuu need
trcsu huge. At
Finlay's Dku Stokk.
11 you are in need of a suave or hair
cutgotoJUH.N TUKXKlt H the beet
colonel ronsorutl Artlut tn the city, at
ixw n Kin ii r ,-Mreei. sep.1-
ilull's Hog Cholera Curo is guarau-
teca to cure ami prevent cholera.
lleud & Co, hoiesnle tgetits. For
purticulKra uuil liH.iinuuiuU aildros
Hall's Hog Cholera Curo Co. Lock
box 667, New Orleans, or see Head
when lu the city.
Tha A.tr! I.Mti-i i'r vMn Cn.h far
If.. ... ,0 I.,-,.- ,
It la suH iu t!.e i'i!ihbiii;;li,livotilcli
Teleprupli llu in ht 11 queer feature of
Atistiitiu unny life winch is proliulily
not laiown iu imerieii. Km iieror Fran
cis Joseph turn over every vour to the
chief of his private cabinet mnmthlni?
like ?:Jj,000 for hi private fortune
This mini In used In pnvlnir Ihe tlelitaot
tliHtinfruUhed army ofiieers, providing
the ileots arc honorable end the officer
are of tuRlelcntly hlirh rank.
Every yenr the np)ortionnient t t
haiiKtvd lefore the end of fie. yi ar, aa
Auatriun army ollleers nre pnnerliinllv
nulueky in fituinees. The ilisfennd of
ficer, over Ms ears in tlel.tK ami threats
r.en with disirrtice, muUen nut n statu
mint of I.Ih eiue, which la h M 1 if
the old ruipci-or'a kindly eo
luude wrtain that the d' ' "
gambling debts and 'w Hre not
unavoidable, no -en nioderately
directs tbo ov' J "Pt'l. the emperor
to grnat lle' of private cabinet
list'' reIitf- This custom was estub-
-u long npo.buttheemne.roreanaf
jord it without having to deny himself
of necessary food and clothing, for the
private fortune of the Tfapaburgi.whieh
he Inherited from hit father, was $1S,
000,000, and he pete a salary of $3,000,000
a year for ruling Auotria. Next to the
czar of Russia, he la the richest mon
arch of Europe. , .
Fubllo School la California.
Facta ns to the development ot the
public school Bystem of California ffhow
that although it it only 47 years since
the first nchoolhouso nan built in the
state, yet. now the annual espendittrre
for public schools ia nearly $t,noo,oo(i
and e.JOO tencliers nre employed in in
Btrttctinfr 2-10,000 pupil. Tbei,e tenehet-a
nre pnld more liuernlly tlmn in manj
other states and they rank hiih in ef
ficiency. The stnte university und M
nliiliated eullegesi have been very lilier
ully eiuliiwed und the competition of
Stanford university hna hele4 Instead
of Injuring- It. Tim bequeat of J. C.
Wilmerilioff of $100,000 for the estab
lishment of n (school in whlMi boys may
learn Irndes has fallen due and this new
technical school will be under tlieptnte
university and every effort will hetntide
to render it efficient.
CombnltloB of Celluloid.
A Oerman scientist attacks a nebular'
belief hy asserting that celluloid is
ifrniteil only by nn open flame and that,,
therefore, there is uo more reason to.
be afraid of th inflammability of cel
luloid articles tlinxi the iiiflnininnbility,
for instance, of a muslin dress. The
story of the celluloid billiard ball which
wis ignited by contact with a burning
Hjrnr 1- injr on the rim of (lie billiard
table, and vil.ii li in Its lin n set allre tlii
liillinrd i lotii. lie deelm-es untrue, be
cause irnposslde. If the burning end
of a e!(. ;ir is "held closely njrnlnst a cel
luloid liillinrd ball, the hitter melts nt
the point 1 11 contact and vnpors arise,
but tha b? jt ia not sufficient to lijnit
thet'ie mjiorr.-.
See B. I. Pluley ami buy a boti le
of Howelev'R Spaying Mlxturo, guaraia
teed to d. the work at a coft of
to 10 cottte per head ( uo knife, n.o
dnth. Por particulars write die
Ilowtley -'ipaytug Company, New Oif
leaus, or re FH-loy wheu In town.
I Seal Xew Wcauu.
Straus aa weiru iira uhc-h
out ff'ttie Southwest, particularly
tbat part of li.e section known a
Otkhouis wh;ch a born under
unuul e udiuon", sun wuien is noto
: aftlie'iug if uot progfCeaive.
The latest is
vtfiillttl'ian i irwuic. r--
I.,. .1 (.inrh however, ta lhHial that
111 ma i.lHratiun of her placing a for-'
lino at Jahn's disposal be shouia as-
iiiiue her 1 am Wo may never mow
what rustle rged iu the mauly
hooni of John Purdou between the
eontei ling eiuotious of pride ami in
ter.sl, but the fact th-.t luterest
irium, bed aud pride went io the wr.11
it teen iu the otber fact that the
mauly Marie led the blushing John to
the aliar.
1'erbapt Marie did uot live up to
her coutract like a mau. We are not
permitted 10 read all Ihe details of
iliu famous ra-ie, but the fact that ur
rige U a failure as far a Johu Daw
s.iii, m e Purdou, is concerned, ii at-
itte'l by ibe ilivori-e proceeding. It
uny be that Marie wilt not reit the
grautiug of a decree, but the will
doubtle make a bard tight against
the allowance of alimouy.
It takes a real new couutry to maki
real ucw womuu. St. LiOUil lie
?az:o & Mississippi Valley B. E.
Ioolcont Mountain.
Cheap Uatet via Memphis aud Bir
mingham or Chattanooga.
Ten days limit, $10.90.
Twenty days limit, $11.90.
Long limit, $20.40.
For all luformation, apply to
W. T. Stkqkr, Agent.
limiting in the Delta.
Capt. Billing., pay director of the
United States Navy aud statioucd at
New York; Capt. Drain, in charge of
tbe naval exposition at Atlanta, at'd
Lieut. Commander Buckingham, com
maudlng tbe Lulled States steamer
Dolplilu, arrived lu Graeuville last
Saturday, with letter to Major C. M
William ami will speuil a week or
two in camp'buutlug. Tbe C. II. has
frenueutty taken occasion to com
mend the doll a the finest bunting
grouud In tbe South, If uot In tbe
Uuited State, a belief wblch no
sporltmau wbo hat had experience
mere will dispute, ind it pleased to
tee that It It bclug freqtieutod by ap-
preciauvo visitors. Commercial Her
To the Citlieni of Greenville and Rur
rounduiK Country.
lam uow piepared to tupply all
who are iu waul of my Patont Elbow
tor your ttevo pipes. It will save
vast amouut of trouble and expense in
cieiimug mem out, ami will prevent
your stovo pipes from smoklug and
tilling your rooms with smoke and
soot, i have Just received 500 of thorn,
all ready for Immediate use,
I. A. Newman, Patentee
The Bkst 8alv In the world for Cut
Briilsea. Snrpa ITlnura Unit im..... l.
ver Sore. Tetter, Chapped Hands
blaint, Corn, and nil Skin V , lill
anc! positively cures l'ijo -.itiptluni,
qtilied. Ills Kimr-ui'' . or no pay er
ted ntii-fHi tiii -;eil to give per
I'rlre 2.1 cel'.t ' or money refunded.
A. t't Mu. i'"' box- For sale by C.
For l'titor Halo,
Lfirge i'lauiiiiloii on Lake Wanliiug
ton, above overflow, flnoly Improved.
For terms, apply to
Mrs. Lily E. Allen,
214 Washington Ave.,
novl6-4t tirocuviilc, Mint.
Sauta Clum it going to Uopp's to
get hit Christmas candies and fire
Cheap Plantation Property for Sale,
I donire to pell the property known
at the Green place, shunted ou Black
Bayou, wlihlu a few miles of Ihe City
of Greenville, and am willing to tell
ou very reasonable terms, requiring
ouly a small cash payment, tho de
ferred payment! bearing a low rate of
Interest and for a long time. There
It about 660 ncret lu the place, nearly
all of which Is elenred.
1 also hsvo Tor utile, a valuable plan
tation on l)-er Creek, beinx the north
end of ibe l)ileltley plauitiiiiui, eilg.
lily lociiled, being on Snntlieru U'y
and the Y. & M. V. II. U , with depot
on the place; lino Deer Creek laud,
much of wblch It- new. 75U lu res about,
in lliu tract, 660 of which U cleared.
Said properly -au be purchased on
eRiy terms, or am willing lo rcut cither
of the above plantations at a low rate
to a responsible puny. '
Correspond with
C. li. SUIT,
uov.27-tf Frederick, Md.
Dr. J. D. Smythe,
Office over Brill's ttore, corner of
wasmngion Ave. and l'oplar St.
Grkknyii.lk, Miss.
Olliee over A
15. Flnlay ft fJo.VDrng
GBKEUV1LLK, . - Mj88
OHoe nn-staln in Welnhert Bqlldln i.
Ilss opened a fully equipped olTlee In tbo
Wilczinskl Bnllilfn,! Koom , wheVe he
It prepared to do all kinds of Den'al
Medr0' brld8e a,ia
i Great 13 At
Corros States asd Istkksation
ax Ejiposmox, Atlanta a open
Sept. 18th, close Dec 31st 1895.
tell tickets from Greenville, MH , at
the following rates for tbe rouud trip,
$14 95 good to return withiu fift-en
davs from dale sold.
$20W good for return passage un
til Jsn. 7th. 1896.
Information in regard In littes.
Tickets aud Schedule etuerfully tu--
nihed by auv uepreseutativa or akcui
of tbe SOUTHERN.
C. M.
tab Leading n urnimre ueaier ortiiB
Mas on nana an
T 1 t
Mm, CarBGts, Mm,
Which will make suitable and desirable
Something that will be an ornament to the tj)
and will last from one Christmas to o;aothtr
When thinking of making a friend or
member o5 your family a Christrrias fm Z61)
buy some trashy article, but call at Ctlxt
Great Humuure ana secure "nmehhin 4hi .
Remember the place,
H. I. H&70B
Is the most stylish,
The prettiest, and
The Cheapest.
Cotton Seed
Ca-IlKlilWILLli:, MISS.
ab. a. HbuuH, rrts't. A UI.UM,
w. a. nut, nnim,n. i.enerai ainnager.
The Plants
i i ,i
always pay ine
Sav your corn and, buy
your stock. It is cheaper and more nutriloui
riimters at , cordially invited to call
and eonvei'ii t.i eg, and learn our plun of
Torian's Mi Store
tilT WaHlifntrttpn Avenne.
JVow oven and ready for your careful inspects,
as to latest styles, quality and prices.
Have just purchased in New York an entir
Mew Fall and Winter Stock of the largest an
best SPlfifffid n.sxnrhn.nt. rF nil hinls nt ifOOu
pertaining to Ladies and Children's Wear.
SLowest Cash Prices-
The Goyer Company
Wholesale Grocers
Headquarters for
Office, 200 Washinolon Ave
J. D.
Cotton Factors,
Commission and General Merchants.
.WO. n. BAtrin
A eomfonaWe resij, , ,
owned by Gre k"
Walnut str-tt, in theV-"""'
ville, c:, bl..,uglil ch;a""t ,
eaH payment, and
interest and long time or . i"
cau be rented oa 'v " '
terms. Communicate t"-
nov27tt CV5,XrT'.
tl '
J f '
,ier, i
M BCIltb
, -fet
3 .
I G to B-nu's f,M.
rear .
cauuies, hi mikes
cieganc line of
Em, Hoass km
all the
t the oc'
t i fall
I Don't let
bh the
I S- wi
-m bull
M ro)leg
tor. Main and Wab
i nict
it. w.
Hiliol I
j Foi
Hy rest
1s W
a fort
too tl
it, but
to Ib
Vica-l'raa l. JAS. ItOUEItTSHAt, W
Oil f-ii
i i L -i.-i u
niguesi miiiAei uiw,
Cotton Seed Meal toft
and inspect our Mill bu'.luing, mtcto
management and operation. J
' It
Bagging and Tics.
. f2ix.oiiv.11c.
W. T. BO
J. C. OflEKM.EY.
ii Mi
M i
tl i

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