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The editor org ail readers to grow
h erlie vegetable. They pny.
jWell, Sauera See-ris are bred to nni
Besn.tbev growandprosiueeeierv time.
Stone ao early, ao flrje as Salxaer's. Try
ilia radishes, cabbage. jas, beets, eu
nunbers, k-nuee, eora, etc.! Xlonev ia
It for yo. Salrer ia the largest grower
l vegetables, farm seeds, g ra&sc -a, cluv
ra, potatoes, etc
It toc win. cc-r th orr asd cd
to the John A. Eala-r Seed Co, La
Cross. Wit, with 10c postage, you will
iret sample package of ar!r Bird Rad
ish (ready in 14 day) and their great
catalog-. Catalog alone V: postage, ik)
Spte'sl ! ,B' ( otnarreui Ar;ieil.
Jj'kva, iaa. t:. aea laa-ncaa J-wli
' . at i r toi;:.t.
Mr. Ciatnoa:. a siMnwur ot Mr. AiH-a un-
Pepead apoa lie blxi for sntwt,
. whij is lanur tfter i4re
improperly feJ and nervu ifsiraUi.a
The One Tree Elootl PuriS-r.
ri; frr.
3 1113 .r( -
Bring comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly useo. The many.'who lire Ut
ter than other" and enjoy life snore, with
lest expenditure, by trior promptly
adapting lha world's best products to
jtha need ot physical being, wiil attest
the value to health of the pate liouid
Uia tire principles einbrai! in the
i remedy, F-vrop of Figs.
. Its excellence Is due to iu prewnting
I In the form mart acceptable and plea
nt to the taste, the rcfreshmjr ami truly
beneficial properties of a j.rftct lax-
itire; effectually cleansing the system.
tuspeiiinir cows, neauaoliri and fevr
and permanently curing constipation.
' It ha piren satUf action to million and
met with the approval of the medirsl
profession, beeu-e it acts on the Kid
iBeya, liver and BowcU without weak
'ening them and it U perfectly free frora
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Tim ia for sale by all rlrnjf
fista in 5fc and II brittle, but it ia man-
factured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only whoae name it pritikd on every
package, also the name, rjyrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will nut
accept any lubstitule ii oUcred.
With careful rotation of
crops and liberal fertilizations,
cotton lands will improve. The
application of a proper ferti
lizer containing; sufficient Pot
ash often makes the difference
between a profitable crop and
failure. Use fertilizers contain
ing not less than 3 to 4"
' Actual Potash.
fcainit is a complete specific
against "Rust"
, ! Niuu M., Na. Vorfc.
.aid aiT4 atisteajciu jtra ttan;
Mo2t ,;, i of t (-t tai! ai at
la -& . . oi sfr irvrei ta
I a -a 10 :ie mja-j rf ls a-l.-oinisKal
11 aat.l M inlir.
Nr. (r.i:, a M -a-T una, Mea:k4 t!w projo-t.n-.aeltaeaaie
at taraiiai.ts.ir.op
"'' I "tin ortf;a m-xtx-i wtaa
rt !t.hb iiiws. a! . u-f timrt.
Ira al.ari-a: h ra t ;! titU :ia I-
raanai 3 .t: ; .tar ti.i a t ha
pr.a a aeaarai tlut talo!U
h'm 11 c -sin.: Ri M ai iat kiU
fr aai . tin-
Bay a:x!.'r ate ta hi.-(..vN bcv t,n-
a. are tlw Ulir.-Jj iltriixitsil to
1 a tfM a f fi aL
T-i- : ii taii.,1, m ft aurM!tt ballot
r..-i ,. a ci,i, M .o-j :, L,mn ,
A a .. II- fe-r I , trgm 1, i;a, ac:t-
Ktarfe taw mil.
orwr r-uui u i ta, u m.ui a ai r..T.ii.-jl
rBa-.j tin Its ; u It itiif
riaiaaj o.sni amnaMiii isivri't
u;.- arc rtrtint lb- Mil la 1U4
butiveaaiitj Ut eat.r i ate l Mi- ;p a
Tb Wiuilt.
Mr R- .rr. I Irate ol ix. (maatf
.-r. iijj 11 account 11 N'kSra.
a aecca: it m-.
l i:e ii-rtLiiap . wnt l,l! Xn. . to r?
Pjji Ff.n3iiiA a4 .mi ti'iin
jh .1 il io i r.- - nitiiiuiM t:i- r-t' at
toa-i(biTii aa r..-ttxi an a proiuoa (era
ran.a. -nt ia ur a.i tc-u-:. . u .ij.
r. fne m o toil ai thu W!l n ci nf iae
" 1 - !:,at Ih tr-"f .l-.lt,.l.H
iavnK.iaat that -jh rnfit ot tne t.,i teanatcil
i v n,:B 1'1.
Mr. f!iut a.iuiii br invt.iai "au-l taf
a-i asf-r (6t aiK4 "awa."
Mr. JI' IJ .110 18MI tf ISMrtiai tb
.-ir. anniiater aaesiH hf ad ll!r a't-r th
lioatue ..oIBi "tt ria'.)i iaiTpar
ti4 t:a taw kai iea at iu l-r?- n auyr-ma-ijir
.ii-:i.ii.,b ,4 a cumr, anv -t-m an
?' ' J cr i.tc ijf ii'j at any iiwa
ra.uirnl to 1. 1 1 an i . ,r; i run at
f - ta a t -rri . tS.:i br oceii j ii.tv ot
a ii!.Hi-fj-a!:'r. ar.4 utosi C"Qt -t.'u .;u.t t
j(ii,ivv hafi:,rf not Ins lima i aor iu ,r
Bs Mr. Sral: h rue i u! ill f iu ft rr
rrai i afipr the i -,r.niara ' aut iiiuri in
lira ii)cr-..( in crl, -lam nua ruu:t ii
tii.i.Ll iu le-itii 1. ali.ix toa t.o ora
mru.i mi ia- h ii itai,no t Uw
IT 4ivoa m t p,vdi Du
fnni4i.-.i ,r. jinTi- tii- .u j , 1 ji,,!) ,,(
jainti;lfV.-l .,r tl it ot
tif t"ri-rcicrin;iiiHn."
Mr. aikaer: 1 inn. in li t aa4 IVa
iiim 11 1, r.i nu en area- paralcJ l j tuxvtil
bouoUr en."
Hi Mr. Lw '-atbail: I-sro-n-i wctmatiMof
t!i rie .4 , m i0 al i-rrvHu a ctra
) anr kaalnl tru-t or e-uuiDe 10 iwuur
Ko I--- .! adi.ai :.
Ii) lr liWlo: .H,C1 Wi nn IvlToJ tt
t ne o! ia M'tMire i-j lite uic u( t. j i
lo,, rinri i,'.-. or -h . '
tlj Mr. N.-i Hi. l. arrciKt we!nn nf the
.J1.' Mr ""n: T" '"! the ln'.-rn! eom-in-rr?
aril txnr lniiiv.s n,- bin-limi of
l-iuuuas It n-fltc o M j-i.ri l.
rjT r.n.i ox tniHi i:atDia
trrt, .ii ,Dl,n .,, B:, MW , ,
,a.f.ir .a,iiicni ..( pr;t la, ., BMB
I ..I 4(m 1,1 CoiiM; In. aii.onnt of i.m.
CMaif..iti,e yfi, ia,hlue rnra.-i
h,i iib. v,iy ,!; (r. ra lut i-ina M una
ail. a-M!ttitc!i f-oifwiril.
Th ll. o
Tbe rAxnii;tpnn ..f.i
l'.!o: M.M.e bill So. l 1.. ..V......!
in hnrean4 u uir..,!tiuf ,.., ,IBi
OpCioaw aa DattlrgrU af tkUoh,
The secretary of war has notiied
tHe oEcera of "the SMIoh IiafJeSeld
nsoeiatioti that the options heid bj
taera on the lands of tLe StHoh ta:t!e-
field euoid not be nsed by the g orera
ment, owic to the fact that eon-
irresa at the eioae of the last ses
sion pav-ed an act p'-acine a limit
on the amount of money to be fi
paaued f.r lands on that battle
field to ti."X One owner has asked
the (rorernment .'5.ftJ for 1-") acres.
Coniemnat:oa rro.ecdia?s weri !niti-
trttej aa i lit jnry awarded him ?-.'-3.
He wiil appa! the -e. A purchaiiu?
ayeni nas coen ic-m cn sa.rv for one
year, at a eot of f o to the jorers-
rcent. ana not one auri has been
Turei. l ciesa congress removes the
restriction on the price to be psid,
there r, i:i ht T-rr little land p-ir-lia.-,ej
oa that battltfiel L The option i ex
pire March 4. when the land ov.i ers
will be at liberty to set their own
prices on the land.
far Klliiaa lilt Aaaallaat,
Thomas B. Ponder, a member id the
fire department of Saracnah. Ca., who
killei t rank keenan, an ex-Srenisn,
on Jane lat, was tried and loand
fuiitr. with recomuendation to mer.-y,
after four days" triaL Ki-ei n chsryed
I'onder with harinff testified falsely
ajrainst him at an investigation in which
Keenan wadisehar?ed from the force.
Ponder, hearing of Kecnan'a threats to
iohim up. armed himself. While he was
00 duty at the fire headquarters Kee-
oan went m and made an aasauit cn
Ponder, whereupm the latter shut
heenan tnre times, which result j 1 ia
his immediate death. The jtidees
inarsre to the Jury was strongly in fa
or of the prisoner. Ponder wis sen
tenecU to tlie penitentiary for life. He
is the first white msn to receive this
sentence in many rears in Savannah.
His lawyer will ap?!y for a new trial,
which will likely be prantcd.
Valdala Arqillted.
P. M. W. lUldwin, son of a Clcre-
land (O.I millionaire, and a nephew of
ex-l'nitcd Mates Senator Henrv I.
Payne, was. at Jacksonville, Fia., de
dared justifiable in killing Andrew
Vouman, w ho was found in Mrs. Bald
win's room at I o'clock on the morninf
of June a, lx.. Mra. ltaldwin. whoha.
been divorced by her husband, was the
state's on!r witness. Mi r!aimH
Vouman wa.s li!.-e one of the familr.
having boanled with her and Baldwin
a long time. On the ni'ht of the
tragedy, her hudhand bcin-f away, she
became alarmed and called Yonman to
to ber room. Youman came and
laid down on her bed. She said You-
nan had not been in her room
nore than five minutes when Baldwin
walked in.
Arkania Colonl.tn
ays a dispatch from Birmingham.
la.: One hundred and fiftr necroes.
ncn, women and children, hive ar-
i'r -in '1, ."". '"!' N" ' l,ioi4tiit lr
Tnr im'.u-h iv;il am no i.lit.
.... i--.iu i n.-ir.r au-i allermn to taM
eia.ij j "::: ;"-. 1 (!, hi U14I It Dl) be
t rr-..,H t-,t sti.iitiubAt iau4 lor Uk:;
1 He ramiKii-ee -ii a .rlniiture r-poriH oa the
ii.iIii;i lorra, a Ii-n on ,jhu,iural
l.-ii- f.i
llir a 14 s.s.
ivar tui:ii!) to cei-
The Strongest Proof
. 1 '-' , o the superiority of
-;rZ2& Charter Oak
Nwt-'fi Um (rts!a
Uielr record of nearly
V' ' 1 ' 611 ol a century.
Othera Bart cone . ,
aad T. bat tbt . "io.l.!?Tiw!?i
stlU with as. and RAWSJ
ore popular thaa - s
Z!LlnZ3VmJl ro- a llf U aomrs
WUXl pome U 1 U .11 It . U ba maiir brvortl
V ,:'PI I" rn .ia rar4r
a Mar oor. It eao M 4a forouli a
S. AA flm T artleia Inr lea mno-t Uia
f- fjad J J Mows. II mux Pninpir, awt
" aaJ. M, OUtmiwo ::ct.
.7Ui5r','.k" wummiiis. iiiuna-
swet Toa-n. Kirn Bnu saw
T.P 2,tli!".ppL,MU,,0 n nsm on
tti.-.m., m u 1 a ih. amai na. It .,M .tt.
71 ua, awkwtll aat HanSM. r
..A. MEANS..
K t airr-t.
,.r..-M. ,l, .,, hireOfllV- r.
Iv tiiiii ricui irf uar I.ir enn.'v-i,-
...... . . . , ru lr)
B .ii cr-'fw: lin n-it 1.4,. -in..t.ii..
d-llj," do .tM. iWa-li.. 11- ..
I'trrinrv ." o nil nits.
1 i . e imr.iu.--l and n-f Tred a. foll'm.;
o .ir. l lltin- 1 .......rf .
1 , ' ; v. . '", 1 " w-pe
.. ' ;i'e
.in w,iia iar.ua in b,
ta.ii n:u'i-?d i-irMe.
I.v Mr. Amlerun: To sulhorlie rorpora
J 1,1 .'" .uaidiaa. ajui.uu:ratra am
-!, Mrs.
,.'lfi M.,.'i!r',: ""! ll" e -d- In rtlatloa
. ... .... 1 w iu re.-
u ii ' Jf nl k.mwi Ira. hers.
i..-..r -';,: '- ili'cuie ia rviitlonto
ueVl -l". at inonaiLjf u:.itiu.Bl bj
"rM White; Tosn-endthe rwle In n-ta b 1
Mtrvn"''fi V""" l'ua:jn;nt U; im
By Mr. lolema is To amend the e!e so s to
W-ner gi-atJiaria to have real e-ti't uud.r
iears. i JU4'.r bwiw Itnu 1.mo tluw
H Mr. Wh-titniif: To mead the cole in rf
iii ab.lii. tim- of boiJini llrcuit touft id
" liillll.tll eniinrv.
H) Mr. rr Hi: toamenl the rude In Msiloa
T Mr. Woribr: To r-pea! rhanter ri. heet
a.-i ..1 i.wi .n.. . . . ..... . - '
LV. iuu.ia accruing irom sale -Mlh
ro .nr. Niiveis: In rv.ri,i to boiindjirt lint
beiivee,, M ir.on ami I irl li.ver euunlb :
) Mr. twiy: in relation to Im f iu.tice.
j V i appr...r.ai Vitora)
;'. . 'c,ln""11 a special couomI for Lut M.s-
H) Mr. Ilerrinir: To am-nd Ihe rode In tela,
lion t-i juriMlieiivn and ijvr of biards of m
fe'rviM rs.
r.v Jlr.fn-llHd: To amend the codelnrela-
ni.- r irtw a;Ki ii-iire..
Hf Mr. lal ni: Tua ne;i. the rod-in rsfer.
,tulerai' !,ltr fl' ia courts of j,i:i itue
Mr. Arbo Introduced a re'o'vtif.n toapnro
pmteK to I -an and d sinftct Uie u.,ui In
biKiii up Uie old rarvet aad p.acin. a Be one.
Tne rri'H mn a adored.
. '" Pli---n.e, to lilt h'Hiie a memo
rial Irum Hi- county stirintenden. of eduoa
lion. In Hindi l trea?.-d t.it -c:l .1 s of ih.-i-ie
rebnina to piihlie s. ii.,;,, si,. ,. ,,, maij,,
c.iPi olili- memorial be print, d f..r the uv ni
Ih- linine. Mr Itideiwool ii re, thai lb'
tutorial bt r-ferrt-I loiliecoirm.iitL-e 0:1 edura
L1? ". Mf- V"'i"n ! aaaln-t the I r ntiui.
hile Mr, ( ... fare. It. as d.d Mr. A ialersoa:
r.-ieirtu 10 me cuiuu.ltlec oa
Tiu ineiiiormi
I lie senate s nnounr1 and -!tnttled,
I.leul -i.iiv. Krans tai ii,r- hi -cai in th swak'
erseliair. Jlier.ll ot the xna;r nawahed b
lK,""iVJ -rlt csiivl the
r dlnf th houi-. liiairinao tai . sial -d Hi it
tlW bl.ihs Of lilt jo, ronveul,.,,! . l,e
plac"t In n. nnn it on Mia tt.,r. n 1 1;
! i'i",,f1,i?,ta,U ' "-iall
rived here from St. Frinc-is eountv.
Ark., to join a colony of about a like
number of Alabama negroes, to go to
i.ioeria, Atrii-a. The negroes gonn
lor the auspices of the International
Migration ancicty, of Birmingham,
which has chartered the steamer
t-aurda in Philadelphia. The negroes
will start from the port of Savannah
The crowd which came here had two
ars of baggage in boxes, trunks and
Objreta ta Ih Word "Reverend."
Prfv. J. Manning Dunaway, pastor of
(he Baptist churches at Acaomae C. II..
Hollies and Harborton. Va.. nulilishes
in the last isone of the Peninsula En
terprise a card. In which he requests
hia friends not to use the title of 'T.ev-
trend in addressing him. Mr. Duna
way saya that he has given much studv
to the subject recently, and that he
finds the'word reverend" but once in the
English Bible, and then it applied to
Jod. The use of the wont in this
Jountry, a a title of respect for all
ecclesiastics, he thinks is w rong.
Mobile Cotton Esport Trade,
The revival of the cotton exnort
irade via Mobile encouraged the own-
rs 01 .Mobile transatlantic line to
build a s-esscl especially for this trade.
ma tnis vessel, the Mobile, arrived a
that port the other day. She is th
argest steamship that has reached .h
lty wharves since the shin chaono.
was completed.
An Ana-aiita Cotton Factor,
s. ... - . .
nuu!ii, wa., a lew uavs airo. an
ittaehment was served by the sheriff
on tne warehouse of John P. Bones, a
:otton factor. The exact amount of
the liabilities are not known, bnt l 1.
WMieyea will approximate S.V),00.
r leming, 1 nomas & Co., bankers.
Killed a Ii.br.
In Lincoln countv. Kv.. a 9-rear-oU
nun 01 J a vlor backev. a farmer. -..
iaiany snot by Charlie Woods, the )?
rcar-om son of a neighbor. The latter
was playing with an old min. and. not
inowing it was loaded, pointed it at
ne cniia and pulled the trigger.
Shot an Inrendlary.
Charles Bass, a farmer, of Halifax
ountv. Va.. shot nnrl fntnli .,...i..j
I. 11. Stanfield. who was iliKenroro.l l
me act 01 setting fire to his stables.
nuer emptying tbe contents of his
ihotgun in Stanfield's IkxIv. he carrier!
mm inio nis own houhe.
A M-raiea Colony.
Ttere is a M.r.Tn cxlcsy ner Bat
S' Loai whieli tea tc-ea Cjurlsainj ia
a quiet wij for tso yr-an, aoJ b$ now
reached quits rrspeetable dimension.
They naa-bcr, ail toil about thirty
soui bow, aai several accti;siots u the
faith are ia prospect.
It wasia October. 133. thst t"0 el
ders (j.-ia hsTi aai Hjaiot if poarei
io the tkin.ty aad b-r ssriaj the
seeds of ihrir fait'a. T-ry reclined
eat.1 Mirch, aai wtre su-;-cii. J Ly two
a hereiier. who biptin-d ta E:si coa
verii to ihe Ciun.hof tae Litter Dif
Satan. Taoy coasisiei if a family of
iire ala'.ts rts.iinj on the Ciiacsv.Iie
road, a'-out Cvj milt frcs town. Th
Up-U-n uo'i p'...-e ia Biyjj Pailip.
TL foiioain; June two mre faa;'.i:t
oiacd the caufeb, tf.ey resiiic; en
Bayou Gaioa. Toere sen six p:-r.on
'! and tby wer bap'.ia d ia Joriaa
river. Otis on'.iy there tiers n;w ar
.-essioas, unt 1 Bo thi cvlony naxiier
about thirty o :ii. Tii.r present place
of worship is a rrivt dneiiic?, but
ibey have acquired a piece of latd at
the head of Bito- Choctaw, and intend,
ia the near future, to erect an cd;lico ia
wn.ca l) ba a ibeir reiiioussjrf.e;.
Sp.ciai to New 0.-:cir.s Pirajiiao.
A lli.d af Eobb-ra Optarrd.
Tte rinjltaderj f a biul of roubera
r.i tj ttes were captured at Bif.ie
Seld. Neshoba coumy, 3J tr.:l nonh-
estof Mer.uiin. Tbeir 1 .ten cip'.ott
was ths hoilin; up in rcguHr D.ck T-r-pia
style of a man named Hanwn, aha
was t.-ampin? thro-ay'i ih coun'ry, and
horn they rubb-. J of $7 in money. Tee
part.es arresied are Van Davis, a for
mer dp-ity I'oited S ates nw.hai; Cal
Pierce and Jjhn llous. Taero bavj
b?n nutiieroiis roblerii's aai bursaries
ei rcaatted in the lU'.ib-fi-.-id ncigiibor-
bojd. and it is thought thi se o-.cn ar
lar;)y r-spon nbU fxt lb ui. Ta did
in of the liameuiate neijUborhool
mido up aracn t!utneivs a aim c.I
money toerapioy counn I t proscreui
the parties, an 1 a co.nraiiwe wai in tbo
Jity today in tbeir b.ha'.f.
nrRRAn fob rEJfsnxTAsiA.
The l.rniers of Fennvlvaaia are to
be coczrtitulated. M. M. Luther, East
Troy, Pa grew over WO bushels Sai
ler's Silver Mine Oats on one measured
acre. Think of it! Now there are
thirty thousand farmers going to try
and beat Mr. Luther and in $200 in
gold: aiid they'll do it. Will you?
Then there is Silver Kinir Barley,
cropped on poor soil 115 bus. per acre
in l?i'S. Isn't that wonderful and
corn 230 bus. and potatoes aid grasses
and clovers, foi!der plants, etc, etc.
I reight is cheap to ail points.
Ir voc will err this orr asd send
it with 1 Tc postage to the JoUn A. Sai
ler Seed Co, La ( rcse, ViF you will
receive tbeir mammoth catalogue and
ten packages grains and grasses, in
ciuuing above oats. free. (g.)
'T:s U a sal occasion for ; o-i, sister.
epsaveu ILe ieoifrler. "I aiiow it is," aa-
eUtj ti.e w:d iw. -But It is a heaj) sadder
iiS bi." lur...n;ipoiia Juurnab
A law Tbal Should Sot It Ibsnc.l.
It will bo a great mistake for tbo lej-
Is'.aturo to ttnk any cbires in the
la relating to the S'.ato ravt-nu" t' at
and Ids duties. For years the legida
lure w.-r.id to mako the law cunfoi
the rcqtiirrmen:a of the constltut'oa.
That has bet a accomplih'-d aid it is
now w .rking like a cbarai. For the
year lS.j Uoa. Wirt A lams, St,tc reva-
nue g nt, coilocu d and turned into the
Slate treasury 5),0-.'0 of bv.k taxe
Ibecn.co paj j no apiary, ti.o revi-nun
to the cob etur a'.l dc-pcnding entire
pon tae aucccs iltbosuiia brouir
Ceafncs Cannot Be Cur4
bv locil appiicutiona. a they incnct reach
li-i u jeael Kirt-oa of ti ear- There is
cuiy oa ir to cure tleaiaess. ar.d that is
by corn-.imUoaul remedies. lafnes is
caajed by aa inflamed cocdition cf the mo
coi!s iitiinij of tt Euatavbiaa Vihen
this t-.be ,-cia inliiuQeal vou Lave a ruEbiiLi
sound or iifierle t bearir. acu when it is
entiroiy ciosed i-Hfuea ia the result, ai d
scless tba iflltammatii-a enn be taken out
a-i-l this tai rtiitortJ to its nenrai crn
diii a. heariDT wiil t tiestroved foietcr;
ainecjsoa out of too are caused ty catarrh,
w ilciis Botiiiig but an iifijmcd lOLCition
tf the ai't- o is surfaces.
Vfa wiil give One Hundred Pollars for
any case of Iva.'r.os (ia..sed by catarthi
tijis can no be i-ur.l ly Kali's Cattrrb
Cure. ter.d firr:rcnlars.'frte.
V. J. fnrsiT & Co, Toledo, 0.
P"! I br Dnii:?!t. T3c.
liaii Family Puis aie tho best.
Tnrax wo;i! l Bnt be any abwlite reces
sity for rxaerveif the wnrhl wervl onest;
vet eveu then il would proie eiii.cLL
cbenst. Le.
Th Lift ol Cood stonursi
Is ore t-f the met beneficent donstlons
vo-l.'ini'e! to tis iyr.it ire. Ilowpfirnit
i irroiy ub :-d ! Wbetlier lire stomach i
n mira iy weak, or bus btca reoUcrcil to by
i"-.;mi.ic;.r iu entii-.g cr drinkirc. Hostel,
t-i- s ht.ir.iach llnters is the best 1 pent for
Its restoration to via-or and atttvitr. Roth
("irestu.n and ai;ite are reniwtd hvthi
fii.e boui--. whi. ii ttho ovcrvxin e rrnstii--tion.
biliousness, malarial, kidney aud
. mm a. c i."
ir- -.
aty fc-
m a
Btrriii-TtTKixs are. for tbe most pai L b .t
tiw n.iaJoivs of great truths Trvon
Frrs All Fits .tf-pped iwfcy pr. Kll-e
Crtat N'ci-ve l'j-st.n-er. No Fits aft- r lirst
nay's use. Marvemii. cure. Tre.nieand j
trul brtiSe free to Fit cases, bend to iir.
Kiiie, 'Xi Aavb tst, Ptiivic ihia, Fa.
Tits man who ilrir.W. too nEo.-H .-
'j r-css.'til in hie, but be is t-oniuTuaUj
to gctur.g .Uad.
White WashiDg
Clair ette
i - j v. 1 , : - 11A
A ii
v . , . e .rvey:-:
t i -
All washins' is nnf vrbito
; washing, as all soap is nottrfV V'
iiairctxe. That bath-hr rlr: . .
tint -when seen in clothes, al- ,","
ways proves that they are stran-1 "
I gers to Clairette Soap. Try it V' "y,
;Sold everywhere. Made by 7
- .
. a
- i
" f
- -
A Mad Dog's Ron.
A large brindle Hop. afflirleH wiib
.vuropnonia. passed throtirrh the
streets of Urenham. Tex.. Ih. nib...
igni, oiling everything anH
body in its way.
Mlied lists and s ratal Fraras.
TllO mi.l'ne Mn 1 . .
..j, , ,,,, causea icm
noss to snoot rrank Meade and Job
iiigginsm tarter county. Ky. Meade
is aean ana inggins is badly wounded.
Shot TThll Aiding a Arrest.
..A "''I'rille. Tenn., Policeman
"alker was accidentally shot in the
breast by Policeman Wilcox while they
. 8 a jinsaner io jail.
Murdered by Bobber.
In Jackson county, Tenn.. burglars
hanged Joseph Day and beat Mrs. Day's
brains out with a club Wan. v,.
would not give up their money.
Determined to DI.
Casper ParroTincini, a cabinet maW
:ommittd suicide in Montgomery. Ala
'e was prevented from drowning him--lf,
and cut bis throat.
Will t's Bourbon.
Miss Harriet Eichardson. of T.i-
ion, Ky., will christen the battleshin
Kentucky, t-he will use bourbon in
stead of champagne.
t annery Ueatrored.
The Sceman canning factory at
Bridgeport, Ala., . destroyed by flr,
tlie other tyetilng, jun M the bMndt
t4 iieppf 4 worij.
j by the r-renue g.-nt- A numkr
these suits are now pending, ml
rLan;e la the law might result in llic-
lefeat and a great luss lo the State. Li
the la alone. Yi. i jo City Uitra'.d.
Mrs. Mlrbael ( ant ur.
.Mrs. M.cbacl Caatone, an honort
and respected lady if Brookhaven, di
Ustw.-ck. Mrs. C'antone as born
L merock, Ireland, November 1-S, IS.,
see came to Je Orleans and lire
tbero sonj years, moving to B lox
M'.ss,, from hich place she came to
Brookhaven, in 1T4. She leaves Ev
:bildren. Mrs. Martin MiGralb, Mrs.
Peter Lucicba, a singio dauuhie.- an
two sons. Mrs. Cantuno was a devote
and alloctior.ato mother and her d -a'.
is mourned by tho wholo community,
Options on Vitkibnrg Land.
The subcommittee of the Vicksbur?
national I'ark Association, which wa
appointed to secure options on the 4.000
acres of land surrounding the citv of
vuxsuurg ocoupita by tho armlei o
(en. CiruBt snd tien. Pcmbcrton during
tbo sieje, hsyo comnloled their work
and departed for Washington to prcsen
ineir out io conunss for the tiurchas''
of that battleCe'.d. The land wiil cosf
more than twice as much as the land.
on the Shiloh battiefieid would cost hai
in government availed itself of the
options held by tho Shiloh Battlefield
Asoeiation. The committee cons der
itico 01 mo i.ina ai icttsbur; very
rcasonale. and will ie oxmend that
the government purchase the 4,00 acre.
costing SllJ.OoO.
A Case ol Chltkea-ro.
Kin.l.fcriM ,e
"'""'""i " i5 ttiero is no
smallpox at tbo Agricultural Coliei-c.
After critical
uy tboco.lpgo surgeon, in consultation
witn ur. t. V. Connell, bitb unhesita
tingly pronounced the case cbicken-
pox. Ibis is th eighth day and the
party is almost well. He his been ex
posed to chicken-pox. His family at
borne had it, as shown, by a dispatch
irom uo health officer of Pike county.
examination nnde today I vwi'j..xSieVSs
Killed by f alling Tree.
Helen, Jan. 18,-Mr. O. Alston's Pule
son. about 10 years old. wasaecideninilv
killed Thursday of this week, near his
nome on the Streiti place. Tbo little
boy was cutting a tree down, which, in
ailing, caught him under it in semo
way, killing him instantly. If
ongni, promising little lad, and the en-
pociai lavorue and pet of his parents.
......rep. inrn.i, . wiilt Man Soondly.
A few niphU since posse of armed
men with masks on the lower portion oi
their faces rode up to the house of a
white man named MaiiTonn ,
tives about two miles tinr'W..i
1'ieriaian, took him from tho hon.o e.-.
tied bim to tho woods near by, tied Li n
tJ a tree, and administered a
S3und thrasuinir ur.on hia n.,,l .,!..'
He was released and carried back to the
house, where two other moo .j
they were also taken out and chastised
because they commented too freely
upon the chastisement of Miu-one
Voted for Waterworks.
The Waterwoeb. clce:. &. ...
last week pissed off euietlr, a lioht
vote being poliod. and lut f.i . ,.Hi.1
ergetic citizons who took time to notifr
tbe voters that it wa, election day, the
vote would havn V.o ,... i.ll.
After the toll, clod t u.'u:
counted It was found that
rotes polled there e.nnld i. v.... .un
votes discovered againa the city fQr.
mshingcfl5.ooo to hmld
complete waterworks mn.m Tk
reduction li, n,rance and a g
befiMotb.d welfare ef tba
I M critirclvciireilof bcmirrhage cf
b.v i'lso s C'mo for Or.sumption. L
u.suaxA., ieifany, jio., J,-a. e, ;H.
Tais is the courc of every evil deed,
th-it. u-n:..?,Uing, ami il brii.es furth eru.
Cokri Jft"j.
Fob rclievip? Tutoir Di.siascs an
Colua, UM ' il-WH'. lIO.I.'(ll..l ItfKiut."
A TrmxT berer tisu-th of true friend
ship, tor of perfect li Iwrty. lliogenes
r j
Kmil ClTT. Jaa Ml
i,Ti.K-nest bctves I J .VI ( i i
M-vkvrs II .a I )
NaiiretOTS t SO I :
t!m( iioira to aeavv I . si a ai
WHEAT-No. irc l
No 5 tard
CORM-S.a B.5cl
OATS-S tatxel
l:VB-.- i
FLOCK l'atcat. er sack.
Faa y
BAY-'bo:c3 llmo by
Fancy frair.e. ......
HKAX-ISadieai 4J
tiVTTF.n-t h ice creamtrv .. M
tKKSB-ruil cream 14
KilOS-iTiol-e ii
PUi'ATuiiS gj
ST. LOC19.
CATTLK Native snd shipping I
Teva'.s is,
FirviS-Heavy 9)
SIIKKP-Fair o choice
Flifn-tbobe SO)
wheat -No !red
COIts'-Xo. t miie I.
OATa-No. t mind
KYK-No 1
Ul TTtn-Creaaiery
LA KD Western steam.
CATTLE-CorooioB to rriirs,..
HOUS-Fackinx and shipping .
SHKKP-Fi.r to choice
I L0C R Winter whtai
Wheat-No. I red
CfiR.X-No. I ,
I. A hi)
31 A
in a I i
i n I si
ii ai: m
to T 0 1
a v
h n a
i a ni
11 (l Ii's
U b
t 14
O 4 40
4 oa
a it
li 90
t IJ 41
t f.
i oi
CATTLE -Katlve steers.
lli !Gi to choice
FLOfR-Cood to choir
WHEAT No. S red
OAT.S-Na j
On i E K Creamery
9 4 OS
W Ti
4 I 30
te4 1 f.'i
l'i 4 I I
3. 9 SS
lii I!
i a i m
a i w
4 i)
1 !
O It,
T t (I
aa ii
li a
10 M ,1111
- n
1 or se-5 V
J flr v L
The Personal Side '
Of George Washington
Not the General nor President, but the lover,
the man, the husband and neighbor. Three of
Dtich articles by General A. W. Greely, the
famous Arctic explorer, will shortly begin in the
Ten Cents oa All Newg-etaads. Oae Dollar a Year
WANTFD ASen,s ,0 look renewals and nctr
uniULU subscribers. Profitable employment offered.
Tb Cartlt Publlshlnf Company, Philadelphia
aoeifceeit, tut, at ti dm Vummms tamn
u- -
r. .
11 8
Here You Are!
The DeLONG patent
Hook and Eye
stays . fastened
until you undo it
5ft thai
Kll..m.i. I. - ... -
J ns I. mnri a
broa, PbiUdrlFh:Z
the old reFuit
DMCtlrli ATICM Headache, Troth Li
J ; 1 and PAINS Kenert
G. W. GUNTER. Cajhttmvh t a 4i. ., 'l f..Hj nitsiraM I IMIMrVTlii a
btwrnaedy fpain.jCTerjiij- Itstrsaw.-''
tST For COLIC in HORSES and MULES It Is a dead shot
m" - .. T'TTriTii" " "...7i
ffiMiffi:::: 11
Also CABLin SOULTiy. runrii aun a.aa. iciiMI
m!.7.1,1,l,T'?. """Piste Ih? of Smoolb Wlr Ftncln and rimnl-f .very nrtlcls
' sooiiiaer qua, iiy w, can HTI yea money. CAIAXCODa FRK.
r i-:-e"':i, . .vs
Salzors Scads Sprout Quickli-. 6,oa Vigorously. Produoa Enoratt-.
In Mfrritsi. .u. c . . i r.psn .) '"
coiptot lOffwtt ,uis. iSitaheiriiv alnnr 6 crnU. RrtrUffJ
borrowing from health.
K J.
If you have borrowed from
health to satisfy the demands
of business, if your blood is
not getting that constant
supply of fat from your food
it should have, you must
pay back from somewhere,
and the somewhere will be
from the fat stored up in
The sign of this borrowing is thinness ; th r1r nr.,.
waste. You need fat to keep the blood in health unless you
wim no reserve iorce live Irom hand to mouth.
otuw emulsion ot cod-liver Oil is more than a medicine,
t is a food. The Hypophosphites make it a nerve food, too.
t comes as near oerfection as rronri th
ytQrft b viiiv,iM u,u
Si nrijnpt Snll'i Zmultin mkn . a,, u . ,mi.,H,.
Scott & Bowne, New York, au Pruntots. soe. and ii.
Stacks. Stand Pd
ti. es jfTt-Msi at.
w mm mmm m m "uriiuitj.w,- -
trio Booaui ittoix-ED t t.att'
IlolUra for lllmr. "Sore." FlsntlM.'
dytrtisemtnt wl!b the Soothtrn ,v
a . . i , . d.U H1lK '
f (turn nr. nenaian, eaiiii""
-r. . .. .l
sasrpkln a"",T nrt
. , - . - a.t
niMiiii aiiiiiuiitfVHihirtnrri P".
urium r. t."ri, tuii.iB'
am ami nui wn
A. N. K P.
a. kdBrMmH i
"W Mfl T WWW P - -

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