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jCnsCItlPTlOX, 2.00 Per Annum.
MX MONTHS if 1.0(1.
NO. 1)3.
.rot r. rtni s
Greenville. Miss.
OJice iu Wilczinskl Block.
i wn the only Abstract of Title to
.elands of Wash!
Inivtnn poiint.f frw. the
i;tv ol ttrw''
-Sir.' I- TH-ICJO,
gvChancellor of th 7th District,
Attorney and Counselor at Law
will practice In the State and Fed
em! Courti of Mississippi.
OBoo OP-"" .7
T)r. J. Smythe.
Office oror Brill'" store, corner ol
Washington Avo. and Poplar St.
,. ... . lU.aa
Office over A. B. Finlay 4 Oo.'s Dm
Henry T. Ireys,
OSotoo Mala 8t. on. door west of PoMoOcs.
JA. B. NB8U8,
Assistant Caahier
Capital, $100 OOu. Surplus $20 000.
jitsV H. C WATSON.
w arli-lh thn accouutH ot Individu
als, Corporations and Business Firm
The double liability ol shareholders
of National Banks furnishes almost
absolute security to depositors.
We glre most careful attention to
the interests of our customers in a!l
matters intrusted to us.
We are prepared to give liberal
accommodation iu the way of ioau to
customers whose average balances
justify it.
We issue Time Certificates of De
posit bearing interest.
Vlcksburn and Greenville Packet Co
Steamsrs Euth and Annie Laurie
Leave Greenville for VicH
burg every Tuesday, Friday
and Sunday at 5 p. ni.
Returning, leave Vicksburg every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 1
p. m.
Boat leaving Vicksburg on Saturday
and Greenville on Sunday offers the
special Inducement of one fare of $3.60
lor the round trip.
First-class passenger and freight ac
commodations. Cuisine unsurpassed,
The right is reserved to pass any land
ng deemed unsafe by the Captain com
manding. Ltnk Starling. Agent,
Wharfboat, Greonvlllci, MUs.
J.POWiCRS. Supt., Vlcksburi". Miss
Anchor bine.
tlT a. Boats pasB Greenville, two
SSMB each way, twice a week
Sunday and Wednesday. Boats going
P the river connecting at Memphis,
Uairo and St. Louis with all railroads
ana Bteamboat lines diverging. Careful
attention to way and plantation busi
ness. The right is reserved to pass any
landing deemed unsafe.
Kicursion rates now on sale to Mem
phis, Cairo and St. Louis, with privilt ge
ofretuxning by rail. Rooms engaged for
any boat cr date. Further informatics
cheerfully furnished cn application.
J. J. HAYs., General Agunt,
Vicksburg. Mies,
LVJiE STARLING. Agent, Greenville
Stair Work and Interior Finish,
Write for prices.
The old and ' Eeliable Bakerj
Dealer in
Familv and Fancy
ConfecUonaries, etc.
Constantly on band.
Goods delivered at aUhoursof the da
Fresh Bread deliveaed at resi
dsnoes every evening.
Thanking my patrons aud the public
laterally for pMt patronage. I respect
"il'v, request a continuance oftbe same
WJb Printing of every description
neatly and promptly executed at this
Ms. Send ns jour orders.
Uave you aeu tus i W siyje , plcr
tares? Jf jask for tbetn t F Ve.
The Bolivar County Journal, pub
Imbed at Rosodale, is posllively deliri
ous will, rage and fury because the
people oftbe district nuked Mr. Percy
to rcnrescilt them hifni-n II,. If I
Commission. Mr. Forcy, Copt. J. S.
as t ..i . . .
wcneiiy, sir. Overman, tlio Vicksburg
Herald and the Gkkknvii,lk Timks
come In for Indiscriminate anathema
tizing at the bands of ihe Jourual.
Now whence tbeso tears, this gnash
IllB of teeth, tliesn howls nf luarllnn.
late rage? What purpose can Iht-y
serve ? Whoso persoual spleeu dc
they pander (o? The Journal Is edit.
cd by a gsnUtmau named Farrar. II
Is hardlv noasiblo to sunnnae lhat h(
can be wrought to frenzy by a matter
iu which bo has no personal concern
Who. I hen. In I lie Kvenira whoso bate.
(Ituniicd faca glares through the
glass .' Tin; episode Is over. The 1
ntioti was signed by almost evnty
proniliient properly holder aud busi
ness man in tiie dial riot, and by Incite
of Memphis, Vickoburg and New Oi
lcans who own property in Ihe Pclta,
Loiters havn been published from
maiiy lending men uraing Mr. Percy
to represent Uir public iuleresl. The
very Board of Supervisors of the
Jourual's own county have passed nu
emphatic resolut ion exprcrslveot llien
prererence and desire for Menrs. Ver.
gcr & Ttrcy to appetr before the Com'
miselou. The Times is somewhat sur
prised to find no reference to this ac
tlon oftbe 15ollvr Supervisors iu the
Journal's tirade. Iu the slate of miud
which afflicted its wtitcr It is natural
to suppose that such a circumstance
would bars lashed him into madness
In the Arizona deserts there is a bird
which, when it finds a raitlosuake
asleep, surrounds him wiih a wall of
cactus, and when the reptile swakens,
he fiuds himself slung at every move
mciit by lbs sharp tburns. Made
Irantic aud desperate by agony, be
writhes aad strikes, until at last be
plunges his poisoned fangs into bis
own body and dies.
There is no warraut for the hyster
ic of the Journal except the personal
venom of the writer of the article,
whoever be may be Whal may have
inspired that venom is best known lo
uimtelf. A search into the motives
which could prompt such uurasoi'inn
bitterness weuid bo ueilher profitable
nor Dless-iut : but :t is certain lhat the
only injury which cu be accomplished
by it is to him who entertaius them.
Au idiot in Springfield, 11!.. opened
the proceedings iu the State Legisla
ture ou the 3rd with a "prayer," which
he olosed by saying: "Forbid that
auy foreigner visiting our mw
should ever again have occasion 10
write : 'Money, money is all tbair cry.
Moncv's the tolal stun ; give us money
or else we die, oh let the money come.'
And we will ever give Then endless
nralsfl. Amen.-' The report says mis
prayer was greeted with enthusiastic
..misuse. Truly, tasie, roligiou, euu-
catiou, deceucy even, must be at a
low ebb in Ibo Illinois Legislature.
But the pity is that this humiliating
case doc not stand alone, (simiiai
blasphemous and farcical exhibitions
occur all over the country; and the
chief fault lies, as a Methodist bishop
receutly said, In permitting ignorant,
fnnliah. boorish and utterly unquali
fied persons to nfsmue the authority
of that u-otosoiou tvb.cu .uouia uo
highest and most dignifi'd on earib.
ti, wnc of Cuba ars so many aud
grievous that It would seem as if the
hand of Providence were nu
that unhappy Isle. The latest afflic
tion to befall it is the appearance ..t
the plague-claimed to be the bubonic,
or East ludiau scourgo, but ranch
i;b,.iv in be the comparatively
common disease kuowu as beri-be.I
U . very Salal i" it. effec.s, aud
spreads rapidly among the poor and
crowded classes ot irop.a. -U
essentially a disease of the trop.es,
aud, unlike yellow fever, has never
illV.ded temperate countries although
many instance, have occurred in which
.ailorsbave contracted Ihe disease aud
alcd ou shipboard. Cuba just at
present, with it. W
features, seems a prize scare y wo h
rlviug for, cither by Spam or the
Uuilod States.
Mr. irTaTmTttlTo living very
eomfo.tably ou bis uotorl.ty. Me
Ids bis time traveling around tb
country, and the places he visits sidl
veh m banquets. This is a gr.ttt y
Sg proof that ho has not were h.s
Iflcomsout.aud U a ver; W J
Times once advised Mr. u'j- -
A n to work, but ho kuows
home aud go to
a trick worlhtwonbat
-1 ' "!..".,u' hu heeu quite
ibe greater pan
rnt on a Pedestal and Worshiped by
the Men.
All plantation life is to a cniisidera-
blo extent patriarchal, except that, Iu
stead of Ihe womtn beiug subordina
ted to masculine pleasure and aggran
dizement as with ihe patriarchs of old,
they are net on a pedestal and praci
rally worshiped, says Llppiucott s. It
makes little difference to this modern
patriarch of lbs coltou bell if his cuds
are frayed and bis coat rusty, so long
as his wife and daughters wear suits
to church that are as stylish as his
crops can pay for and Ihsir village
dressmaker can devise. It Is a festers
of the day iu the South, as well as
elsewhere, that women are being bet
ter edueaied that men. In Ihe North
ern States of lha Union this higher
culture Is lending manifestly to celiba
cy, but iu rural localities through the
Smith the girl come back from acad
einios and colleges and accept the
young men who stayed at homo 10
work the plantation, tlio same oucs
they would have married had they
not gone away for the education Ihe
pareulB sacrificed su much to bestow.
They know what splendid material
Ihcso men are made of, aud Iu Ihe at
traction between the eternal womanly
and Ihe eternal manly (ho question of
bouk-learuiiig counts for tit lie. To
lead a patriarchal lite without a patri
arch would be dull indeed, ".ml it must
be said lhat It requires courage of a
superior order lo remain single iu a
situatiou which would offer little aim
and stimulus outside of wifehood and
maternity after youth has waned.
For this reason youth is considered
the high prize, the valuable capital
aud stock iu trade. The wonrn fade
no earlier than t hoi r .Northern sisters.
but, owing to au Inherited habit of
thought, the label of decay is respect
fully fastened ou them by the popular
miud while they are still is their
prime, and iu the Northern aud hast,
em States would be accounted capa
ble of till Ihlngs. even of marrying
Citinenrj Building and Loan Associa
A nieeling of the stockholders of
the Citizens Building and Loan Asso
ciation of Greenville, Miss, will be
held at the office of Ibu Sc-crotary, No.
31 Poplar Strert, on Mauday, June
7tb, 1897, lit 7:30 p m ,for the purpose
of acting upon the report of commit
teo in regard to ro-apportioiunenl ol
(ho stock of said Association.
J. II. ROBB, Secretary.
Vicksburg bs a delightful social
ft r a t 1 7. -I lion. Romnosod of Vitffinians
aud their descendants, the object of
which is to keep alivo tne prion auu
iuterest of its members In the Old Do
minion, and to foster that fseling ef
kinship and kindliness which is so
characteristic of Virginians wherever
found. Greenville also possesses a
largo aud typical Virginia colouy, and
might with great advantage follow
the example of Vicksburg, or better
still, let all Ibo Virgiulaus of the
lower Valley form themselves into an
organization, with chapters in the
different towns.
Nothing pleases the Timks more
i, m rnnonl the raising of extraor
dinarily fine farm products Iu Ihe
Delia. We hardly expected to have
he apporlunity this year, dui some
ipecimens of Irish poiatoe. have boon
iroueht to the office which ars really
remarkable If thoro cau bo such a
hing as a superb Irish potato, inee
ate superb. They were growu oy mr.
F C. McUlewD, ou me tuttuu
n ran mill oast of Gracufille.
and are well named Ihe Peerleas, be-
ng tbo finest we bare ever json ar une
..i.i -.,ni,u Home Mover Is
among you, aud ready for business.
Many years' experience is my guaran
tee that all work entrusted to me will
he satisfactorily done. Leave order,
at Yager's Bakery, or address 705
Main St., Greenville, Miss.
jue5-lm THOS H. PERltt.
There Is Nothing So Good.
There Is nothing just as good as Pr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion; Coughs and Colds-so demand it
"nd do not permit the dea er to sell you
aome substitute. He will not claim
there is anything better, but in order to
make more profit he may claim some
thing else to be just as good, lou
want Dr.King's New Discovery because
von know itgi safe anT reliable and
guaranteed to do good or money refun
ded For coughs, colds, consumption
and for all affections of throat, chest and
lungs there is nothing so good as is
Or King's New Discovery. 1 nal bot
tle'free St Finlay's drugstore. Regular
size 60 cents and $1.
This is the way the Wichita fKau.)
Eaele mixed the report of a swell con
cert with a cattle show: "Tbo con
cert by 16 of Storm Lake's most beau
tiful, bewitching and highly accem
olished young ladies was highly ap
predated. They sang in a charming
manner, wiuulug the applause of the
entire audience, who prououueed them
the finest cows In the country. A few
of them are of a rich browu color.bul
majority of them are spotted, brown
:'d whUe. Several of tb. heifer,
were fine blooded, lithe limbed aul
mals aud promised to prove good
properly." The editor left towu on
the fl.st traiu. j
g,ud yonr Job Work to the Tim Eg
Lunatic Euchre is the very latest
gamo society dames are permitted to
enjoy, and one Is tempted to prophesy
ibat Ihe game will he bailed Willi de
light by Ihu devotees of ouchre. .
In a Texas city invitations tout out
for a recent card party bore the Iu
scripllon "Lunatic Euchre." Of course
every one invited was on the qui Vive
to understand the meaning of those
words, which might mean a r.nVction
ou Ihe players or auytbing else, aud
the luvitallous were er.gorly accepted.
As to thu game, It is played similar
to regular euchre trump turned up,
discards mado, etc., the Important dif
ference being that instead of holding
one's baud so that only the player
sees it, Ihe cards are played with tbeir
back, bold to the player, wbo thus
gives the oppoueut a full view of bis
baud. Or course one has no Idea
what one is playing, whether a bower
or tbo joker is put down; and theroin
lies the fun of tho whole thing, fol
lowing suit Is not expecicd, and the
game Is, or is not, progressiva.
Frizes are given as In Ihe regular
Apropos of card parties aud prizes,
the host oss should always provide
prizes for the luvited guests, as well
as the prizes usually given.
Try Klectric Bitters nsa remedy for
your troubles ? If not, get a bottle now
and get relief. This medicine has been
found to be peculiarly adapted to the
relief and cure of all Female Complaints,
exerting a wonderful direct influence in
giving strength and tone to the organs.
If you have Loss of Appetite, Constipa
tion, Headache, Fainting Spells, orsre
Nervous, Sleepless, Excitable, Melan
choly or troubled with Dizzy Spells,
Electric Bitters is the medicine you
need. Health and Strength are guaran
teed by its use. Large bottles only fifty
cents at Finlay's Drug Store.
Bchool Commoniement.
Exercioo. Iu Ibo Primary Depart
ment will be held ou Thursday moru
ing at 11 o'clock. On Thursday night
a dress rehearsal will tako place at the
opsra house, aud the regular com
mencement exercises at the scbooi
house will be held on Friday muruing.
The programme is one or espec ial in
terest, and the public is cordially in
vited. Reduced Rates to Rnsnvine via south
ern Kaltway, Account Tennessee
Tlio Southern Railway has ou sale
from all of Its principal stations tick
ets to Nashville and return at very
low rates ou account of the Tennessee
(Jentcnuisl. Call on auy Southern
Railway agent for particulars regard
ing schedules and detail Information
about rates aud tickets.
E. H. WE Ax" . J r.. at tne Depot Hotel
Saloon, at the Y. 4 M. V. R. It. depot,
is the place to buy your bottle of cock
tail and have your jug tilled before leav
in tor vour plantation home. an4
Last Wednesday was the first day
for mere thau two mouths that the
river report was neglected, and ceased
to be a matter of auy iuterest or im
portance lo the public. Ever since
March Ihe first Iniug the Greenville
citizen has done iu the morning bas
been to hunt up the river report, and
it has formed tlio stock topic of con
versation fur the day. We are free
from ihe tyranny of the river uow un
til next time.
Vnr ihn hioirfii of all those who ars
subject to attacks of bilious colic and
severe cramping pains' iu the stomach
or bowels wo wish lo stale that Cham
berlain's Colic, Ciolcra and Diarrkooa
Uemedi gives immediate relief and is
plca'anl nd ale to laKC. ror sair
by Uiarke's Drug Store.
Our Itfcglige Shirts.
This season, many neglige shirts
will be seen going to business.
Sumo 'it bo uucuuiforiiib'i: ;iOt at.
Soiiii color 'II tnde..
C? : lit rs 'll be pooily cut, badly mid".
Not if bought hero.
Wabneb & Searles Co.,
Vicksburg, Miss.
The BkbtSalvk in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chill
blaius. Corns, and all Skin Kruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded, frlce
25cents per box. For sale at Fini.av's
Druo Stork.
Sumcrsi KiwoiM's Cbrist
ian AssociationJ simile, H. C.
Reduced Rales via Southern Railway.
For ths occasion of the meeting of the
Summer School of the Voune V omen s
Christian Association at Ashvllle. I .
C. June 15-25, lts;)7, the southern Rail
wav will sell tickets to Ashvllle. N. C.,
and return at rate of one fare for the
round trip; tickets will be sold June
lUth, 14th. and 15th, good to return un
til June 2"th. 1SS7.
Call on any agent of the Southern
Railway for further information.
Summer School I. M. 0. A., KeoxTlltc.
Itan.-Bednced Kales via Southern
For the occasion of the meeting of
Ihe Summer iscnooi ot tue i i. v. .
at Knoxville, Teuu., June 18-27, 1897,
the Southern Railway will seb tickets
to Kuoxvills aud return at rate of one
fare for round trip. Tickets will be
gold June 16th to 19th inclusive, good
to return ontil June 30, 1897. Csll ou
any sgeut or the Southern Railway
for information.
Subscribe for the Times.
via ibo Vnz 10 and
Mississippi Valley
Railroad to the
Aud Iuternatioual Exposition
For the aliove or.railon Kxcninlon Th-.kett
will be on suit from April i'Tth, an follows:
silk for ilto round trip, on tale daily unlit
uciouer i.i, goon returning umu uvumuc,
$1.1.10 Tor tlin round trip, on sale daily until
October 15, 1S.17. good for roturn tuouty Oays
from date of suit-.
$0.60 for tlie round Irip, on sale Tuesdays unjl
Thui-sdaya ot'eai-b we-k until Oi'tobur 1'.,
good for return ten flays from date ol'sale
Wm. Murray, IJiv. Fisi. Agent, New Ork-an.
J.io. A. Scott, IJiv. Taaa. Agent, Memphii.
i. n. HANSON, o. r. a., Chicago.
W. A. K KlaLOMD, A. tt. V. A, , Louisville.
T.ntlnrA nt nil mini.il ration Oil t ll C
estate of Will M. Lipscomb, deceasod,
Daving ueen grautod tue uuuersigueu
hv Ihti Chmirerv (onrt. of WasblUSftou
county, Mississippi, on the 19th day of
January, isa, in persuance tnereoi
uotice is hereby given lo all persons
having claims against said estate, to
have ihe same probated and registered
by Ihe Clerk of the Chancery Court
of Washington County, Mississippi
wiihin one year from this dale. A
failure to probate and register such
claims against said estate within one
year from this date will bo forever
Witness my signature this the 12th
day of May, 1897.
msyl5 s Administrator.
Notice of Sale.
Indcrand by virtuo of the authority
conferred upon me, LeRuy Percy, as
Trustee, Eubstituted instead of the orig
inal Trustee, Thoa. W. Smith, in that
certain trust deed given by J. tf . Bowles,
E. R. Bowles and J. S. Cnger on March
1st, 1S94, in favor of the mercantile firm
nfeii.(r. Woof- .fe r.n Knid trnflf, deed
being recorded in Book J . 3, page 440, of
tne iteeoru ot ueeus oi tne uuiny
Washington, State of Mississippi, for
the purpose of collecting the indebted
ness secured by said trust deed, and at
the request of the holders of said lndebt
edness, I will, on
Monday, June 21st. 1C97,
between the hours prescribed for Sher
iff's sales, sell, at the front door of the
Court House of the County of Washing
ton, State of Mississippi, at public out
cry, to the highest bidder, for cash, the
following described land, situated in
said County of Washington, State of
Mississippi, to-wit:
The s 1 of the sw J, the w of the se
f and the e J of the s e i of Section 25,
and the s J of the 6 e of Section M. all
in Township 16, Range 3 west : and the
e J of the n e J of Section 14, Township
16 Range 4 west ; and the w i of the s e
i and the s e I of the s e i of Section 34,
Township lfi, Range 3 west, less three
acres in the s e t of the s e I sold to the
colored church ; and the s e i and the s
1 of the n e i of Section 13, Township 16,
ItaDge 4 west ; and the s w J of the s w J
of Section 8, Township 16, Range 3 west,
and the s J of the n w of Section 22,
Township 16. Range 3 west : and the w i
ol the s w and the s w i of the niol
c..tinr, 411 I'nnrnihin 1(1. RaniTft A West !
and the n J of the n w i of Section 22,
10, 11 and 12 of Fiskville. being a partU
nrUAn,mn O TrtTvneMit l.V HftncrA 3. ftDiTl
lots 10, ll, la ana id oi tne towu 01 jjc-
zoma, beingsuD-dtvisionsot 101 4 01 sec
tion 2, Township 15, Range 3 west, as
aUnn.n Ktf 1 .1 t t, H GIIT-VOIT IIIAdA 1V .1 .
P. Little on April 3d, 1879 ; and lots 1 to
8, Inclusive, or biock i ot me nri au
dition to the village of Belzonia, as
i,n...r, , , t.ini- roni.rrl ri on nnLre 4 of
the Book of Town Plat, of the records
ot the County of Washington, state oi
Mississippi. '
Also 77.56 acres, except about eight
acres sold to Mrs. J. W. Meek, Allen
Brooks and E. B. Toler prior to March
ltt. 1SS4, eald land being a. fart of lots, 3
and i of hection 2, Township 15, Entire
S. described as foil.vvi : Beginr-ing a
the corner of scetioiit i and 4, 1 .wniliir.
15, Range 3 west, and .Sections ai and 3o
of Township 16, Range 3 west, thence
east along the line between Townships
1 and 16, Range 3, 37 chains to a bayou;
thence along said bayou south 29$ de
grees west 5.27 chains : thence south 32J
degrees west S.lchains, thence south
39 degrees west 3.97 chains, thence
south 31 degrees west 7.42cliains, thence
south 17 degrees west 3.59 chains, thence
south 7j degrees west S.92 chains, thence
west 21.27 chains to the line between
sections 2 and 3. of Township 15, Range
3: thence north 4$ degrees west 2S...
chains to the place of beginning, being
the same land sold to E, R. Bowles by
Edward A. Kisk by deed dated February
10th, 1882, recorded in Deed Book N. 2,
page 496, ot the record of deeds of the
County of Washington, State of Missis
sippi. And also any interest other than
that above described held and possessed
k.. oithni.',f thp irr.'intnrft in the
L IJ V'i i.i,,,,., v.. --"
foregoing trust deed on the first day of
Mareb, levt, in ana ro any pan ui aa
and 4 of Section 2, Township 15. Range
3 west of the County and State afore
Witness my signature, this 22d day ot
Mav, 1897.
May 22-nSO-s Substituted Trustee.
Postponed Spring examina
tions will occur as follows:
For white teachers at School
Xo. 1, Friday and Saturday,
June 4th and 5th. For col
ored teachers, at School Xo. 2,
Friday and Saturday, June
11th and 12th. Examination
begins at 9 a. m.
Supt. Education.
211 Main Street,
We represent none
and solicit a share of y
J. S. WALKER, President.
iMf III. 1
Collections and Corresjjonaence Solicited.
baFAl) Correspondence answered and reiui;ta:irc.- wade on day rt-wived.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Foreign Exchange on all Civilied Countries'
R. W. FORT. Acting Manager.
Greenville, Xliss;.
Cotton Seed Oil, Meal, Oil Cake and Linters.
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton Scod
Either Fre on Hoard Cars at U.tilroul ; tali'-n. . ur I'rlr.r r. r, ,n Mifi.
CUKR S FON J ' LN '.' I 1 1 '' 1 '
a li
lim a
Post Office Corner, CS1SEEXTI 'IAaE, MISS.
A full line of latest Periodicals and Novels.
A first-class assortment of WHITINGS, KURDS and CK ANIL'S tine wriliug
papers, Courtesy Notes, Invitations and Visiting Card.
jrOrdere taken for Eugravlug. Triutiug and Special lilauk Books.
Anything not iu stock win hu ordered promptly.-.
The Bid-
Cotton Factors aii Commission leroiaits,
Grreenville, l.iss.
Filters Cotton M
JA8 E SEGCS. Pret't. A. BIXM,
G.'li ALKXASUKK. General Manager.
The Planters ill li
Highest Market Trice raid for Cotton Seed.
Patronage solicited. Prompt settlements wade :.nd mt Hluithn: '.uuuiUeod.
Save your corn and buy Cotton Seed Mud to feed
your stock. It is cheaper and more nuinlons.
Planters are cordially invited to call and- inspect our Mill lmildlnt;. muclunery
and conriences. and learn our plan of management ami operation.
S. S. Brown, President.
M M. Jonks, Vlce-r. jsiiler.t.
First Pool Pittsburg Coal, the best in the market,
' supplied to Steamboats, Railroads,
Machinists and. Families.
Office near Foot of Main Street,
la? blss W eaI 2s
inisnn i frmnn
(jiluu Limm
a uaiues,
S S3 ii -'
E' P w V, iZ-ii
f a gin
rr' r.-i wi i - a trruR - -3 '
Si P. tm fail?, urn
sift Oriliing M
Viee-Pres'f. .1 . KOnK1?fHAW, Treas.
ttbSltV tlillKMltN, ivlary.
C. P.. Ryan, Soc'y and Troas.
It. K. SfBt-:r, tienT Manager.
. ytl .
but reliable coi
Oil r b,i '.7,7 " s.
V. THUS. 1;)SK. Cashier
iJ Planers But,
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