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I Tte Transformation Scene 1
HAT rUe am I to do. I.ott
1 VY W'liat can I do?" With
BDL'i v jjcvtiir (iordon Hyde Hiinj; him'
rril out of Lit chair ami paced up and
!ohd the room. His wifr rested both
4'Hkk on thr table, watching him
nith her atuall. poinlrJ chiu between
her hands, and her tangled, pale ye. low
. Jiair straggling over her face.
"If I stay her ve shall all starve,1
continued younjr Hyde. ''What do you
ay, Brabazon? tiottie can't be so aolf
ish a to stop me. God knows I've dona
jnv btt!"
Tec! Brubazoo, another member of
the Miia'1 cotnpaey to which Mr. and
ilrs. Hyce belonged, was a quiet, heavy
-voting in .111. with a broad, indefinite
face, lie g!anced quickly at Lottie as
her h uk band ?poVe. He had known her
from the time when she was an over
worked littie pantomime imp. Her
childhood had been embittered by pov.
erty and hardship, but from the day
when the met Gordon Uyde the world
had more or les warn a tint of rose
color. She had been married three
years, and was only 22.
They were now playing-, a Lottie put
it, a joint in the sum. Is, meaning an
engagement together in little towna.
lint (iordon had reeently received
airly good offer for a tour in South
Africa. This was several yearn ago.
bi fore the war, or rumor of war.
fio'don was anxious and unhappy at
. leaving his wife a.nd child; but at the
fflire time there was a wild, uneon
', -5f (" delight in his heart at the nppor
tiiDitv to throw aside the immediate
tr i b , f of a trupjrlinjr, hand-to-mouth
"I Can't think you ought to take it!"
fa i -! Ten Firsbazort, sluwly looking up,
c ' he heat! of the chili!, who a sit.
t'r.f 'li h's knr e.
"It's easy to talk!" e - 'iihiW (ior
i;or.. "But if a man doesn't make the
tr.o t ( f cp'f rt'id oppn t r:t'( "
".'.V Fivr rnttvf, a utvk ain't it?"
' put ir. V- 0: v -n, .V:-v.
"Te I n I'd! 1 can't stard this
le.istly it'; '. Iff too hard I can't,
can't bear i: !"
He broke -in a lo g. repressed pas
sion of disappointed r::ge, and rested
hi heid cn hi arm :.g linot the mantel
piece. The ehi'd b. pan to cry dismally,
and Ted Krabazon put him (rently
"Buck op. old hoy! One kid is enough
la s family. S'!cng. Lottie! I don't
rhlne in domeetic drama!"
"Of eoorse yon mtift go. dear! It's s
Ane chance. Come along, Wallie." She
stooped asd pickwi up her baby.
"There, give dad kiss! We shall get
o all right."
"Oh, IT! send yen half my screw from
he first week, Lottie! We've always
gone halves, haven't we, darling? I
don't car how I rough it!"
Lottie, who had been "roughing;" tt
oil her life, only smiled fondly. For
three years he had unconsciously relied
on her strength of character and pur
pose, thoroughly believing all the time
in her utter dependence upon himself,
"I wish I could go with you," she
sighed, twisting her thin fingers round
his hand.
The longing tone of her voice, the
tears in her drooping eyelashes and the
weight of the child as he took it out of
Iter arms suddenly smote him with
sense of responsibility; be drew her
tangled hair and pale face against bl
"Ton must be a brave little women !
he said, kindly, hut ignoring her sym
pathy of a few minutes ago. "You
must try to be self-reliant. I shall a!
ways be sanding you money and
things" this waa vague, but it made
him feel better "so you must wait till
I come baeh, and all our ill ruck will be
For more than six months after Gor
don bad sailed sway Ted Brabazon saw
aa9 heard nothing of Lottie Hyde.
Then he met her In London at a the
atrical agent's office.
"Lottie! Well, upon my word!
What's the matter?"
Her whole appearance was changed,
She was not only white and, worn, but
hr lioht dress mad summer hat were
' noticeably faded and poor. She com
menced to talk ararriedljr about little
"But yourself, Lottie?"
"Oh, I'm oil right. I've been at
work off and on ever since I saw you
last, Ted."
"Hsre you heard from Gordon?" he
"Of course," she exclaimed. "Re's
getting on famously!"
"This hardly looks like it!" sale'
Brabason, lowering his voice and
touching her faded dress and shabby
little lace caps. Tin worried over you
dear," he continued, slowly looking up
tX her wiu bis land, questioning eye.
"I told you I've been in work!" she
answered, gayly. "And there's always
dorfton to fall back upon! " with a touch
at pride. Cant ask yon to come and
see me; I've only got one room at pres
ent. I may go oat with This World of
Woe' in the autumn, fiood-bv, old
Brabaaon was sorely puzzled. Be did
no know where she lived. She had
spokes gayly of her husband's success,
tout there was evidently no prospect of
hta return. At night, after their easual
meeting in the agent's office, Ted. lin
gered by the stage door of the theater,
-wjiere Lottie waa, aa aha told him,
"stalking on."
"Walking ea! A guinea a week!"
thought Brabaaem
He eww her coma ant, and followed,
unseen, as sh harried away. It was no
rr y?
IP x
v IN ft K A
$ $ AND $
Di. too I. me
Tomato, from hotbed t 10 I 35 t! SO
Tomato, from cold frame . . 21) 75 6 SO
Pepper, from hotbed I ft (50 4 00
EfTft-plant, from hotbed 90 !1 ti
abbafcs, ' roni ooldf rsme . .10 AO t 60
Caulidower.fromcolrifame. 1 60 4K
Aspar&iruB roots ... .... 30 75 & On
Strawberry plants 10 3.1 100
Sweet potato plants.. SO 17s
yr. B
X -V Bel
x n
R A l8
T M E N T If
ChrvMnthemnnis, 100 varieties, including
the best; Geraniums Fish, Ross, Ivy, Ap
ple, Matmens Begonias -Kea and Flower
ing; Asparairus Pluraosns, Tenaissimns
and Bprenfreril; Fucbiaa, Coleus, Helt
tropes, Cannaa, Ferns, Palms in variety,
California and Spanish Violets, Pansies,
Salvia, Umbrella Plant, Caladiums, Silk
Oak, Hibiacas, Robber plants, etc,
Speeial Discount on Large Orders of Above
Terms. A-H with
A. B. McKAY, """r?.1
iorAm. Cre1 Mica
Vitj"e ri'itr plan's - id r'ac onlera early, io tts to got c .t kooiIm.
oraer. neu ao noi re
mit br bank check with
out ad dine fep for collection
whe Writing Please men tlon thl paper,
II Ill IhlllMI liiMlllllnWl
We ate Now Here, ??e to Stay
Conway Brothers Horse and Mtile Co.
of Kansii City, M , and located in the
No. 214 and 216 Main st., Greenville, Miss., where they
will keep on hand for Planters and Merchants
Saddle and
CONWAY BROS. J. W. Snowden, Mgr.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.
Tks aviea an4 terms made u
ft. 8aa ma. Im
and to
If von want any kind of town lota, I aava it.
suit yoa.
If you want a plantation af a or siia in ths Dsltt, I hava
provad or unlnnrovaJ. Terms ana Baaisaai to suit jwa.
If vou w int ta bnrraw taoaar, I ava It. TecaM ami sf to) suit
rates of Intersst.
If roo wtlnt iiuuntaca, I kava it a rar aaat.
You hsva rant to nallact? saa ollsv thant aasi wtil ramtt ths nroeasdi
I am satUllad that It will a la vsur tntswast to saa at. be far jva iavast U
my of snaaa thins whtoa I bav saasu. ru treat yen rift sad save yon memj
vam see ma ana lata nave a sate i star n ataanaii arogtsnia.
2ii MAIN ST. t TeL J 59-4 t G&EmVUULE, MISS.
v?ar anrtosJty en aia part. Wondar
tcu pity klndnras of brari drew
bSn sftr ths nHriaa; little figure.
When aba elopped. at Jaat fa a
tatall, ol svvsl, nsore taaa aa fcenr's
.vk from tns thasrtcr, ae watebad hrr
4op ta tt kar key Into the door, open
.Vot?.fT (fetter waa aiek Is Ved at
lee timr). f1 I ran oat to see wist
was tbe matter; and there, wits an
nSloi-r rarb side of bim, stood Tom.
" 'Mother, be said. fcri of mosey
1'ss hem taken from tba bank (don't
ffll fntitr); sad I am arrested to
!hf . f t." Tien, reachina; out kin
h.tn''- tj r. -t.'.e iron cn them and,
), ' hr'c!'t ny hs-art wettld break
;.: - :-;!,'f. "J;o;ber." k eeied, "d
f c-r if tti; It?" a ad I Joe'
.. ! N " ac r V
Wholesale Grocers
and Commission Merchants.
Agent for Araots Ct Co.'i P&cklsL
o obs souciTD. -nasiDL
Kaar T. and af. T. sValfM DsosL
a. b. caurruuRi.
iwii. craora .id
Lihzsai Advaaceaeats oa4e
On conaignmsats. s
The Lightainf CUlsdv T&d EAtte etffent.
w Colsaotioas s Sanaa Rons. rrassM ssU Igaaalia sVrttlMWte. All
Beueee lasrassad k ate wall eaaaiea Rsady antsTdLntt AttantiM.
Cosiaxtioni qufokly nieU. The tat f rcJerenecs.
OPrTCE. 231 AUiu StrtL,
Omavfot. KlJsJ$s!prl
trots and sorrow. MXe. Tost.
cried; "but tell me who did it."
"I can't, doa't rak me, don't ask."
be aaid, with such a look of pala as
his face a I shall never forget. "Omlj
believeme Innocent; and, here, as other
is a little iro'.d eroae I ret fee jonr
birthday; krsp it alwaya, and par-
bap; some dsy you'll know." And ba
kissed me reod-br. And the votoe of
the little woman broke In a nob, and
the eves of the yonsff nmt.her were we
with the quirk dew of sympathy.
On tba same day the prism gate
eleaed'tipea enr boy the gatea of Heav
en opened t his father, and Teddy aval
ware left alone in the world.
Tkotigh I grieved for Teen assf
father, w lived happily asd eosa-
fortaMy till tba day Teddy brongbA
bona a wife; a eold, proud, Hl-Mn-persd
wwmsa. She never IHrad ass;
I wm to plain aad old-f stbtoaed in
her, tkaogh I gave her the rata sad
tried mj bes ta feet cboerfat im tola
drtran Mrr this way aad than that,
thoogfe oowetimesi ft waa bard tor ss
tell Teddy bow nmbapry I was.
Put aver aJaee Tons wo at way, b
sd id sa Tscrifd aad aasitntc f
iffn'i Us keif 6resVe bfea.
For the Best For the Best I
IOCentQsr 5CntG$aT
Sold by the following firms In
the city of Greenville, Miss: i i
Arlington Ho- Neil Connolly
tel, Saloon,
D. P. Shanosv Jtmeajordnn,
bin's Saloon, II. Schwab,
D. Corrcro, S. Conprelorie,
A. CtmgiuaU, P. L. Jonas,'
B. Bar, L. Oarter,
Phil William, (too. Mown,
C Soott, Jordaa Wynn
Dong Lea A Co Mercantile Co
Tee Sin:, Ye Lon Cbanjr,
Jake Lea A Joe Hop,
Hrther, f llor Le Siir.
"tJne evenlrg be cur-e noma eora- v7- :V--
pletely worn out. The moment the tt HARDWARE
.-j . . I : ' '
doctor taw him he looked pretty seri
ous. Before be !f't. ne sum to Alice,
Teddy's wife: "I heps vour husband's
sfTalra are In (rood order: the disesse
is of n mnMniint t.vpr. at:d I can give
no hoj e frr his rrrwrry."
"Tcdv hsartl l;I:n. urn! gave me one
frightened glsncs: t en, turning to
his wife snrf snlri: 'Would yon lesve
mother and I alone a little while;
there's something I want to tell her;'
and, as the door closed upon her, and
I knelt down and clasped bim in my
arms, all the months and years he had
seemed to be growing from me were
bridged nvr r Teddy was still my boy.
! "For a little time he held me close;
I neither spoke, and I was almost be
I ginningto think be had forgotten what
he wanted to tell me, when be said:
'Mother, I can't go out of the world
wtri n.y crime on another man's head.
, I took the money they accused Tom
of taking, I should be where be Is'
I now. Torn knew it; be wouldn't tell;
I onee. T thoufht I'd be brave and con
fess nil, bnt Tom said: 'Jfo; I've al
ways been the black sheep, and anoth
er black mark to the score won't hurt
like one against your name father
couldn't stand that;' and, like a cow
ard, I let him go. He's been punished
for my crime; but if he has suffered
one-hundredth part what I have all
these years, I pity him, I pity him!
Oh I mother, speak to me; say you for
give me, for I was crying: 'My poor
Tom; my poor Tom!' And then I
kissed Teddy, and said: 'I do forgive
you, dear; and God will, too. for He
has seen your suffering;' and then
Teddy fell back on the pillows and
smiled, and I was left alone.
"After the funeral I took the train
for the town where Tom was, with a
heart half sad, half glad. It was hard
to lose "Teddy, to know be had not
been the boy I had always believed
him; but to have Tom home again
well, I couldn't be his mother and not
feel glad. So I went to tbe prison,
and asked for Tom. 'Isn't he with
you?' the superintendent said: Tie was
pardoned some time ago.' Tartloned!'
I answered; he never should have
been sentenced; but where is he?' 'I
supposed he'd gone home., Henry,' ha
said, to a young man at the desk, 'tell
the warden to send Ko. 17 to me.'
And in a few minutes No. 17 came io;
and, when I saw him, I couldn't keep
the tears back for pity, and the
thought of my Tom looking just like
him. And the superintendent said:
'There, there, my dear lady, we'll find
your boy if we can. Bussell, you and
Tom Haines were friends; can you tell
us his whereabouts? 'Ko. sir; all he
said to me was: "Good-hy, old man;
I'm going to change my name and
start in agsiD." 'Iid be ever ssy to
you he was guilty? 'No, sir; he stuck
to it he wasn't; but it's my opinion
ha knew who was, and wouldn't tell;
for he was a fins fellow, even If be was
a jail bird.
"'No, madam; I wish I could; but if
yon ever And him, tell him how glad
eld Bussell was that he always believed
him innocent."
"For years I've hoped and looked
and waited for him. I go
from town to town. Uy sell
ing m- email wares I manage to
keep soul and body together. Every
night I pray for my boy's return;
every morning I waken with the hops
that to-day I may find him. And, now
I must go. Ton have beard my story,
and I thank yon. Perhaps my boy
may be waiting for me now; perhaps
and this is the cross Tom gave me,"
she said, holding out the small emblem
in trembling hands.
"No, mother; he's fonnd you," and
she turned to be clasped in the arms
of tbe man who had entered unseen,
while the twins circled ronnd them,
crying nd shouting: la she oar real
ly grandma, papa; ear really grand
V. O. Box 2(w, Greenville, Mlas.
. . . L
aTt I
3j fl
Babies and children need
3 : tpcr food, rarely ever medi
:'"t. If th:y do not thrive
i thfir food something is
r.ong.' They need a little
"? Lb to get their digestive
machiircry working properly.
correct this
will generally
j t'i'fictilty.
j Is yoj wiil put from onc
f. 'jth to. half a teaspoonful
! !.i lahy' boltle threje or four
1 ,hi a day you will soon see
i . 't nrk'd improvement. For
re zt children, from half to
it ieaipoonful, according to
age, dissolved in their milk,
if you so desire, will very
sofjtx show its great nourish
ing power. If the mother's
n.ilk does not nourish tiie
baby, she needs the emul
sion. It will show an effect
at once both upon mother
and child..
fab and fi.eo, T1 arsgjMa. -SCOTT
BOWNE, Chmtas, Hw Vara.
'-I would conch nearly all
night long," writes Mrs. Cbas.
Applegate, of Alexendria, Ind.,
"and could hordly get any sleep.
I bad the consumption so bad
bat if I walked a block I would
ough f rightf utly and spit blood,
lint, when all other medicine?
'ailed, three $l.oo bottles of
Dr. King's New Discovery wholly
cured me and I gained 58 pounds."
It's absolutely guarranieed to cure
Onldf, Coughs, LaGrippe, Bron
chitis and all throat and lung
roables. Prioe 5oc and $l.oo
Trial bottles free at Fin lay's drug
tore. ; -'
Be stylish and wear latest
spring Stylet-Dunlap Hat. Large
line at Brill's.
sbbbsb) aasasajaanss) .
U a. ssaaaa-nsnss.
Sleep On It
If you will, but don't tail to give
the subject of fire insurance the
fill lest consideration. No business
.man or householder ehould be
without the protection a policy
gires. Almost amounts to enmi-
fti negligence to be without it.
Rates are not high. Certainly
not higher than any one is willing
to pay for the advantages gained.
saXTw CnaD Hhi3 !X3
Fire, Life, Accident Insurance. Times B'ld'e.
Oreenvll, Wis. 'Phone 369
Mttles. Mffles.
Olios Stable. "M The Large Sta
Walntit Street, pre5entm frfes 0f , .
H. C. Sparks, East St. Louis, III.
" Will hare al-Aayson hand from which to make your selection
100 or more w- A PUntation Mules. Large team or levee
mnlcs, alii a lew good xaddle and woik horses and mules.
Come and m me before buying. You'll find it to your interest.
Hrses. GreenyiHe, Miss. Horses.
And House Furnishing Goods Seel
Best Make-
Baldwin Pianos
and Organs
I Agents for I
Lowing 1
We pay especial attention to moving, packing and hippi0,
tu re and household goods. , . . '
311 Washins:ton-ave. Greenville,
Offico and Yard, Y. &. M. V. Rf
and Alexander Street. Telephone 3A;
Commenced Business in 1881.
(Old Reliable)
Contractor and. Buil
and dealer in bash, Doors, Blinds and Building mater
of all kinds; also Builders' Hardware, Iron and Hif
Mantles, Lime, Cement, Hair, Paints, OiU, Varnist
Apot For Zanle Encaustic Till G11
Cfflce and Yard 215 Hinds Street
Grreenville M
GreenuiilG Groeonj io
' " 233 Yas!iltm-ATCfi0f
"tlass 1111'"
Tank Manufacturers j
And Wood wor!
Funeral Directors p-i--5,
And Embalmers.3ia.
IZtUllic, Cleth end Wooden Ctskds and Cof.z
mad linitys Always in Sloct.
Telephone aad Telegraph Orders Promptly Attended X
Foundry fN nachine Wc
ZD t Z2I CtstrsI Avtnoe, muvC Miss.
Pay Spsclsl Attsntis.! ta Oepalrftrg UzC
JPrtsptocM it tli MaU Btqniutt fof tiu
C 0 -
v' i " -x ;
tyZr m ka4 Erdns, rallar. Jtum, Tv l ;
Sltiir- PalWa, Caopiinja, Gsa liars, tetwr Frei.

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