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. xxxm. HO. 34.
jrt? I fl. t a .,1 TaJ n f
SJ W - w - - - j .
The ii!mr bat week wan Mias
Maria ari.:.'?. Tho word s
Skin and w.- : jisnd in Gilkey ad
of inks. IV ' the word to be
found roprr ,ds a part of bird
and ia made by arranging tho let
ters of a word ia an ad so as to
spell it
This Section Attracting Capital
and Immigration.
The eyes ot the whole country are
tho annth as a narldlse of lo-
t munv veara the west
TWVU1UV( w. - 1
A .1.. .it.nl.I.m fit f.ftmtttUliV u
racmvcu kmw ' ,
home seekers. The great railroads also
home seekers. The great railroad, aim.
worked for ths settlementand progress AfilV."-'-3
of the west. Nowwe.teniaa..u e. .w I
,(, WW.
i Is a Prisoner of War Can't Play
. T .
The Flea tupping iwaes.ti
this time.
Aguinaldo the daring Filipino
A. t..wwl Toi.ll Ott
X F. Moore, of Chicago, Spoke zxz On:
Day Last Week Road a Mile Lcn
to be Built Here.
it tfle of
,k. In response to a letter, autnonzeu w - --
.1 TV At. MVflD W WaV l" mw "
. Hon. W. H.oore, o'-- re0lved a unanl-
deot of the National w -
.ubuii v i mnng vote.
S.- The following Is the committee se
, b , i . .... u.vnv Verier : " '
'"and La.. Stating iun " ijvw " v .
"on of those In charge of the A. A. Sharp, division superintendent
oad Train" to visit only six of the Y. m. v. ,
.nnofthis number , C. S. Hayden, division superintend
" ' ... ,-a . Kt. If nt'nf t.h Southern Railway.
I lHAaHw hMn Bflt3UUGU - " I V.. " -
Tat once comply with their N. Goldstein, president Board
ev would come ana uuu i
R. W. Fort.
Geo. B. Alexander.
rhas Hnft.P.
The meeting then adjourned, and all dlssolubly together AntUn wu - career. I January, from bid
" .wir wrtii. the hand of the Lection it is graufying W note, at the pu nrovince of
; i fnr the n(.o,,lo of this state at, beginning 10 - -y t "r.nnMrt .. Ietfer9
man w do prupuocu ,- -tii - - ... n,.M frown-1 ieuo
. . j ralrinTj.T,nrPi-ate this fact. They are irowu-i k .,luhiAfa 'who
delta tOe prooiem Ul a- -rr . . ji.t-nnBtt ttt- UniUIieuiull.uifi DvyU.v-
From the plans outlined at the meeting ing down or bad taken the oath of alliance to
r . "r . n civ. tanks on ral roads by ..inamuuuia . , TT . , vtnfoe I.ofp Arm-
the movemem prouiiiwo , v.!niia rela-im' -----
....... t.t..n . othBPwlBO. and the harmonious reiar i . . . .
thv tne supponoi evoi-j ui"-" , ,ia .uh the I uluc"v' " . c . ,
L-itE will be appointed on in. tlonsh.p of pre and f0 southern Lu.on to join him at a
h 1. caned meeting; vittttlon and arrangement. i in LTXards securTngThe nulld- JBWB " wl
and citizens to meew ----- ,g overnor9 Mississippi, Ar- - thal. a well as mills, " ntiall
"noVZe and Tennessee wlU be Invited nd rteUke, which means SVin,
u"80" : a .uio.ltoaretherwithotner proiuiuemu..u brousrnt into tne 8iw " 5f,.mfti;rm , Genera
- v ..... . . : a a. 1 iitjax3Dsaa t
a as receivimr the letter we at
j 1. Mr. J. B. Watt,
ICUlKW.w. ,
.ight the matter before the city
.k.i Knrfw Instructed us to
auu " J x ,
. H tlnrt OUL LI1D a.""
proposed to construct anu
.m Tills we am, uu
letter was mailed Mr. Moore
rm nis why w
urccuTiuu w- -
ayor, on being notified that he
Ui WW www
the main taken up, and the flow of im
migration and tide 01 caput" w
1 in., ...tli la ire. Win Of some of
.1.- i.. .alluu1 avatems of the ooun-
try, and better, tnese ij"' "
JL v ..h,.u.iiri(T of the south. In
llitS 1" V.. "l"" a
other words, they are bull-ling up the
territory through wnicu uoy ...-
the, will have more lrmn
are encouraginst tbt building 01 mu ''"V"V.r -W Knnslon. the
JT Te Ki The report f the
aoing Bvc. jv"". tlia (..ntnre was bronarnt to wanna
be8 interest oj inemsBiv V T Uy by the 1J. g gunboat
peopfor .last the interests of he iJ the General
rallra andp'?. Stare ou board.
same. Neither can iong I'i"" General Funston's daring pro
out the prosperity of the other. 1 heir t anJ ni()ot' ,0.
destiny for weal or .woe, UhV achievement of his event
1 in
r.ntor tb-e Home of Kev. S. C.
, JTy.rs Thursday Night,
r,. the, lvlrJpt robberies occurred
in this city luH Thurwiay morn In? tl--t'
has come to notwe In soma wait.
The residence of Kev. .
was entered between S and o'ulock ia
t,.n,ni,inii fat onine unknown cern
and a gold watch, a K. of P, pin,
cash, some gold stilus anu F" v
buttons were carried away..
The robber was not aiu
thelost found outuntil Mr. Myers got up
to dress, when he found that hUelothes
had been carried off and on hunting
found them on the front parch relieved
of everything they contained. Why it
was known to have occurred after 2 a.
m rv .Tnn.w nailed at the house to see
Mr. Myers who was siek at 1 a. m.,
and Mr. Myers states that ho remained
up at least one hour afterwards.
There Is no clue to tne rouui-m.
This is another -a.-e wtn-ro n me
courty had blooanounus. iuej w
have played a very Important part, m
locating the parly or p.irlie- wlu use
making the life of our cairns resiles
with their mtdmsrut sleauns-
Dntiimtie Club OeaniA-d.
n.Vw.r.ifnta hM organized a home
Dramatic Club with Messrs U. W. Fort,
Julius Mavor and Camp Wheeli niana-
" - . 1 H.
Alhort. M.ivor. secretary iu mi.
Frank DeLeon, inatructor. The object
.1, .ti..K in t.r t)-ndiiia from time to
Ui vuq vv.v v r
time olavs for the oenent ot ciuus,
... ' fThavflninriw o?''n.tni.'lniif
a lady's minstrel to put on in April f-r
the benefit of the King's Daughters.
The object is a worthy one and we wish
the club all kinds of success.
A C;
.V:i. H'. V.'. ' ,
(itt-otivi'V, r-
Dkar B:ft:-1 i. ,' t. '
witii a i'f a 1- "1 s
day nrii'"i t l'..u. J (. .'
Cuntrevilio. 1 am nwuux '
lar call to the !' "f
erent n;it c- ,1.1 tiin
the cttUu.i ielt. t -j " ! '
must be Ukon at once
the producers, or the j" i
next uo:um will drop f r t
of product on. 1 ai t. .r. 1 '
ate with Mr. Iledheal in ' ' ' '
and do all in your po ; '
meetings in the vaim'- A'
your state on the iiMt Tut'i'.i.v in A j t
I have icttoi'S fr.ua your people ; ' .
this action, am teei in.ti s-
will be the outcome. I trust, tlurt t
will communicate with Mr. Iveuuttiu t
at once, and see that the dtft.-.".ii t
county papers pub'.i i!t t c.tl! i' '- j 1
Our a .ocUtiou w.'l ic he'l''1"" '" ,
aoi-nrfi fur this won't! tou'i pi'i'vs if an ,
good seaoons.
I WLtuld ba pleased to n .rtiuw -j.
Yours truly,
HATIVI JO'.'.DAS, I'iv,.:,:...!!
vtoh the
obiecto of the work, ihe re-1 calebraaon.
aw necessary to get the uooa 1 noAinen. if U can be
.rata" to stop t;"" Lade W, that will start he work of
d convention, the K"arttteel buUdlng ta every eounty in
and the furnishing rf mulesl roaonu , . g uj
dMO help build the to now the gnaiwi and rlch.
hen showed the nenent gooui t, iob. ' .
re to the business of a city I T," r .w. the road he
to the farmer, of the country. win made of delw
;u8ion he expressed a tata to PT dr,ined ,n4 Ued, which
tempt General I unston, w itn
Surgeon rijor iie, vu"
Newtoo, of the Auiny-iouno in
fantry, Lieutenant Auuiire 01 w
Tweiiy-(cou;l Infantry; Lituten
Commander Cameron Ta'.aa ant Mite
--of The Memphis Reunion.
itf.tnhl. iif the Fourth InfiiQ-
sasst ' , .
men, emhfi.iea on the -gunboat
Vsinaniir & id were ihuuvu uu
nnrler I aKava P.nlP : It Wfts
a rljUlMl ril I Lft uuwvw w .... I : si...! W II .Uf lltll UUi v" rPHIIllH I STfl i 5 a7iLfw - "
uaionaeexpresseu, - . .,la dr.ined and rolled, which " 7..,.., .h. United Ti .v Amin.'. emis
,in .,. here, as ureenvmo 1 - --- . -.hinir of the jiississi ) imi' wioutou - r r ,j
Srain siop uero, y . . 1 u. iim. will nrotect It fronl wasning - nnr 11 r,nt;oii Mnit'4. shoohi
of the best town. 1. tne sta - 'ilushe9 or t,urying onr Confedera J ' "TTs nsurut
,1.1 . 1 - " .. ... .... ..h a.in. 1 the city .. w. ii
. .....ti.Alu listened to by all
.a - . ...
t.hA eonciusiuu u.
. N. Goldstein moved tnat 11
' .1,. mwtinir that the
EttJUH w " .
;v-l. Train" ei tne iuu
1MMU ' ""
Railroad be requested to stop
ovilla. and buUd a piece of
d that a Good Boads Conven
held In ibl city.. The motion
Mr. I f . mnn t"""
Very F
'Tin'! ' 1 -MAW
Disease Rapidly Dectftstn Under
tbo E'Ject of tho Approacmii
Warm Weather and Dis
infecting EC.-ct. of
Old bol's R;ty.
mules ud to their ears after each rain. ne v . ' . business. Lnnr,K. v ho. havio2 captured Gen
- . . .... 1. .t.1. mm. vniuiw w R."- . 1
w vnnld sue-een inau u- " w ...... ...wintmrortie t,.asnd n!.r:f;'. w'f
tentton cool be held on May m, ga Mempbl re j tukisiar them as pristoi.era to AffUf
while the K. of delegates 01 me , Mi-iMhjoi-wilnMn At the na-ht time, wnen
Stats were in the City
I3iit itj. ajkb av 1
.a. .. ....M ka vavlli'ln I HIIIUU asaim IT " - . B . . 1 1 T .
SUU were in the city, . therlng. He saw br0WrU before Aguuiaiuo, mu-
a bigger success, ana at the Same time J 00o Mississippi Lral Fnnston pave ft signal when
send the good news home to the people e fe e Mne of march. Practt- the tables were turned ana Agui-
of Bverv county. ' I mna In the state have
T. Times lseladtosee the move- onhsnd. either
mentsurtedand will do everything It rn pt. General Cameron
.i. . .1.. it. omnd success, t , wn'1J " . .,.. k. un.
qbu w u. - " tantertalns some rear wi
modatlons of the Bluff city wilj be tax
.annc.ltv. and. in view of
. r iui. .ntsmrxnnv. has written
wis ."T"":r , .i,-
to the supenntenueu v ---Mississippi
river steamship companies
to see If one of the large Anchor Line
atfiamboat can be engaged to take his
: . . rn Bftptv up from Vlcksburg, the boat be-
a General Ufihtin Business in Green- UjrtSLX
He say. such a trip an. 1 the entertain
pi Frmif. 1 ifiHT
L LiLiV a ,w - - 7 '
naiuo tnezeu. ,
nu 1 :AlaAnti M ihftll 3 no ken
of in above article ia a Missippian
it. : iu' .n nf Tie Alit heli of
1 WM . ' . -
the State insane asylum at lack-
IT n tho Third MlsAlS-
W1U. 1A "' " - , " "
sippi prior to going to the ruilip-
pie . . . , ,
thought by many to be the begin
ning of the end of the present war.
. Are You One?
UT. v.ni Mt ni aiiharirit.iofl
list a large number who still are
dun na lor one or nunc j
, Monday night at the office of
,b & Rose the organization of the
lectrie Light company was ef
, a tii onn of stock taken -Mr.
). HUU v",w .
Crittenden formerly with the
r.' OU Mill and one of the larg
t.ii.H in th now company,
Ted as that tho plant wonld be
1 lva nnvf.
and in openn-iua. vj v
5 ' w , aarlll IVfl
mnt. would be . delightful, and he
..unowmmt can be made. I , ... nn'a nf
..ij w,tli tha latest electrical ata.ff. consisting tw anout 1 . . C)Tif a shitoment
maoblneryaad large enough to supply fifty officers, together with the Pn9 SMBg What that indebtedness
.v.. hi citv. Mr. G. Jaeger, 01 ana ner mam. v. . ----- - ,1n j9i
From Belzona
Editor! -Yon asked me to write
lots" tronJ Belitona. Dear " old
aa; I wish I had the ability to do
.... vtt. nature's God has
1 us with a healthy location; The
f us who have lived here so long
eatly rejoiced over the tmprove-
s and prosperity w rr"""
11 win 1. a. thine -of eauy!
Hit VIA M".. .
.. 1. ..it. til our town ana
SHOT v- .
he river facilities and railroad
Age we can ofTef as fine trade
.tages as any town In Mississippi.
..nVtndlnir country embraces
funds ia the Delta.
snre we have- th advantagft of
of the Delta. towns In point of
i. nncunled bv home
n. . -
-ho are deeply lnrrrsW in dear
ielitona's welfare, and our nana
lent" was born, and raised nsre.
xtenUon of out raUroad to . Yazoo
which we look forward to in the
.aware, W B0!'
and money to develop our wild
land give us easy tooeas M OMT
-M. Cohn, one of our first settlors
,'has settled his "children around
'.11 u dint hnainasses on their own
! "" fir the bii"'"-'.!,.
T. nM Af I hA. mnffla OT lOPUr, um I3- On ha flO"nrltV'DT L1WSB OD
the whole city.. r. . -",7,. There are now 110 rw?md nv.st
Kich HU1. Mo., will have charge 01 tne - - - BeT6rftl old Z " w due.
construction. The charter has been r- revivea Generai Cam-1 tfa we must have this
gotten up and appears Inthis usueju eron ,aTS ne wm wnen ne ... 1 m ey80 we ask all Who are
It . nwn 'l'h atockhoiders are I . . .,,a a nnxilamatlon calling p- I . ,i a,rrv man who i:.
UIB ---- ... uuui ""-r ,, . QUO M vj ;
people, business men 01 me i on sU oamps to ooaerve f" 1 h:now8 it) to remit t&e amouni 01
..111 1,. 4 atmnir concern. :.-1 .in iv for Confederate graves. I , . i,iv.ijnsia K Anril 15th.
... He to anxious that the day be fittingly if yoa d0 . pot care to take the
Mra. Saok'a MiUinery lOpening. observed throughout the paper longer,, all we twk is, to
ttits, o yB'-M. ni lo announce a list of the maids . , vou j,ave got
, Tt;fZ dC a JargeTriwd o? of honor, and give other details of the U Stop it. We want
I&At Weinesaai drew a jarg cruwu . . intiflPftSt to the I lu w u o nh-
' . . , . . , umv 1 MAmnniB DiecwuK "v t air aw niH.n 111. whuut v
iHa to the estawisnmBufef -"--r - . I v . x , . .. .4.. "xw
complimentary expressions were hearo j f y ? . - ,77
. j.aiinM iiianiBV 1 " - . . ? i iniin ai vi a v in 1 ii hihu mil wo
on aU sides over tne ua 1 The.TUreii;nromcieiv- t- 1 "-r:iT 1 t w can meet
of Easter beauties. The pretty young whloh every ertppled Confederate the rmperw that we can meet
lad? In the window attracted the gaze - , get to the Memphis reunion; buiuU.... ,amiH t1lft
can them to M 1, aa old Confederate Your debay m not remittm te
inside af the flower garden of wwa ha8 , pian 0n foot to carry jree forms a part cf
bats. We were told that the da, of raar0!ia fare all one-armed and one- Krs do) prevents
proved also .great aale Wcce, and ,egConMer.te soldiers to th .Con- f' debts
some of the preutesi I federate reunion at aiempu.n, I tharnhv hu-1 ' our cred.t
1 .. . , . .1 m .u . v m mil.' ..nt . . .1 -j . i 1 . n.w . r 1 . . . mmn. ... ' ' .
be shown no more till Easter morn. I He gts the names ot
m.. .ninir ilianlav continued until ; v,n rlMlre to I
m.. -...ll.v uiMintinn in (J ."etivil!
1UC U)B"pv.. " 4
x...,. s.n..ori an miwh intheUit thirty
nwa luijivv.
davs, that this fact through the prc-is
' . ...... U v.
-n.,...ii. ijiwriM. HLiouid bekuowa.
The business ot ureeaviae u om-
miih Vlurinir the last lour
ICICU .'-" - o
months from the tales that have gone
.. ..Mllr..V In
out abont tne tne case. o o.u..i
the city, when in fact, according to our
population, It was no worse here than
1 iAii r-tl (.ad. OT I, B HLtiC3 , av
.11 U'UOK ,
u om'dfimin has about run its
(J U 0tJ vy
course In the city and county, the peo-
. . ..3 ..1. lnn kiiat-
pie should know it anu i-uo
De Uo.OB-
Invite the people to our city uu "v
.1 ... .ho ti-o,! t-t, diitulav of beau-
llUCIU SCO ' .
tiful summer fabrics, prettiest furnl-
mm1 ohoanoL aTTllL'CridS VUV owau
IiUIO tun vw x as
oit.v hft-rii brouerht on for the
V Va - -t . ,
anrinir trade. Tne prices wtj "
tj n . tnwop r.nHn ttUV UbllC
... .1... .,..n !fw mv be oueslloned
ia me ucivrt. j-- - v --. . w
by some merchants of other cities, but
a visiii iy
..t, ih.it. what we say is true
From Dr. Udzneai, tne iuiaiiu
.... tn ,i...ut
nas v"B" ... ,
ved the following re-
UUUEW, w . . ,
as to the smallpox situauuu
. . . f.. .... 4.m... nnt thrftft of
.ignVe"n in pw hvmh w...
which are in bed ,t "No new cases among
. L-tit,.a in the city in last fifteen
days, and not over eight in same time
CO"V 0? CM.L.
TO KtOUCE Ct'l T'"J . .".'
. At the earuiit re's''-- ' ' ' '
lan, of 0orci. liv-,. . 'i ' ' ' "
O)tton Gro wj t'rotecuye A 'J'n','"
and prominent; fiirnierii t4 l..- i h
issue this call inr me ' '
countv in tnts i 1
snectiVe Co-irt i ..! t";
urdny in At-U t-. " f -
bility of reducini; t:.-r c ' '
fi.-r the present )r, If ; ' '
ways and ni.-.n fir '
stsple frm pn-'"t i.' -Mm'..,,
if the c ' s
MIU'U U Inure, I '
miopia ui po i-o" '
next f.Ul, wt" h will
treat" finanelal ea,lfi".
fi'len fie Hern
bVed a'.--o.i;-t 'i to tne actf.- ,o p-.i
tins sr.ni' 3. , ,..
Let every cotton iiti-uwr '
fi.-r!:?. Dru
tliA nim OI I BlUrai- ui "" .... . Y .i ..
waWmai,-- . : -.. . ,t ,.nnww . .... I .fca, MniMin 'tUUlhT over . i:ia
The opening oispiay :
. .. 1 "He requests ae name v. -- - "
conttnuea untu - wh0 degIre to attcne tne w r- ,,. nnfl
nviriaT avenine. ar, u i u.nhii reunion, wuemci mvj .
..tnui at this vear's success,
and than all for coming out and see
ing ttialp unexcel ea atspiaj
UIJVU... . - -
year's novelties In head dre.
' j
) ' jElks Elect Oilicet'a. ; J
rne .ias uwfo, "
; i. . ' 'Jeers last
Monday night. Below we
of those honored by their v
W111 Isenberg Exalted I
I' j, M. Hutsell Esteem
Knight. "
B. B. Goldman tsw;
ive a list
je :
Memphis reunion whether they are
able to pay their fare or not; and on you wui I see y . oiv
,umcient proof beln. offered thatth. ,..t r..,,ittin aay-
arrMcantlostalegorantiwhtle m JM 'lP" We "i f,jrtl-"r
JT, e . rvlce (if unable to his way) ' our 1,1
and b: "'I aMi-u.-rplregtmen, - , ' rrioa of
he will fcrwa-a hna a t;es to " " wnn an 1 t.,c r" ' r,
from Mphis, f.on. .an;- ",oa I ritnil and U Vtll bac-'lU.-'
lease send nan rnir' -. r.ca w . .v
uut fooL fc-'o;i tJ ! .-i.
.. '"'I CO.
this stale.
"The ;.
slate" l. t
company he
o.ant will be requi.
--- tnd, r-'g".
el , and
the battle In which he lost s i-.-m.
. Aim'se&tio'.s should b--
d to
air an
' ) to
Our r
f!ist"churt:h is look
.,ii mwtsi' " on" 'he
.re to wei!ON,e ii.any
lhi n. lnrn
',. We
- i.i
, .it .i.t f
w,.' '-
t o
to .
A P"
"n b"T t.'.-ity
u to j ska bnii8
,,rs how sn
Kn! lit.
' D. L. Vctall-
.if, i
iv, .
e. n. '
Th'.s io
suu.emi 1 .
tV,ir Ki-
T rt ''.!
d Loyal Z. T. Uoskln-i, t - ' ven,
treine Le"l iring
Utive to
Mr. J. W. Sno
icharjeof Conw
this plaM, left
;i, tl:o I.
f ;.'i
1 n
1 Cm
.MJ a
icy e .
."''-yCc y
t .-I 'in: IV' ' ' r
i ,,',
I a G.. ;
, S 1 I i ' .
Ilnishta of Pythias.
V.'e auppwe every one knows by this
.... .v,.r th. Kn'-'hts of- Pythias will
, in t.!.;. i-:;t in May. mat
i t.i a, roval reoepuu-
iuvi .--" - -. -
nnr !oe.l loujs and our citizens is
jt n Knw the Question to
- ...rv man who lives here is :
v. ni Jn'tour uart to entertain
If 4JL. JVW - .
.t i v.,,, will, then take the trou
i.i.. .,ifu tha luimmittea of the local
lodge of your goed Intentlos. Let
-m know the amounv jim .;"-
Bd when to call sa you lor m. x-i
. i..ttinv ha.ve started for the
YUlLMg WVM.wJv. -rf
most popular young lady in t'ae county.
..ii ... tjt the fund, should be
IAI MUM uw; --
..,! hv takina a few votes for
"" "" . . I. II .V....III
cluiice. IXm t e airaia n...
and that it may
Vk.u .......
he wiiafd. 1 ncy are ui -
men, ai.d ht they get-large ur
. . 'i ...in am-iit for the ht inter-
. . . . t n.i f F.vftrv
v.... nnd rrofi--on will re repto
w- .Jhvthe dde -rates who w"l t-
., ' ' fiwe'S.--Z B:vl th':r e"'MDi
. - , to inv- tit and e'.-y's
Is this Mr.Tilford?"
"Yesbir! That's my mmc.
'Well, I'm Ibeinty reporter !
The Gieinviile Tiws end I in
dorslaud yon hnve bonybt Hie J.cv
'Yef, the Irailo was !,.-.--
mnttll .on M'U-l-h lii'l. f v ';
r.oi,l rn-h for it. have i'...i 1 i
bnildina from Mr. Wui.h.- - i v
another year.
- "So you have two stores now
and intend to run both of lln-iur
- -"We will run tne two. ini--.
t'lnrke stoic we will have Mr. Js-o.
II. Mooro. t....l h' b". ' -
Jioore, the former Jr ninny j -
with L. K. Ci..ie & .". I. I i
lay, aii't is.? s 1 !
f.ir evi-ihi
Taylor of t'n'st-.'y
be in tne store.
EH'.t End store, wi
t f Mr. W. A. i
ifjistered ilot"..
f.-irS Vtltll lalli.V,
an, Mss-i-ippi.
ii is your i'-"W ventstr..
En.-t r.iidf Iwa h:i-.vc.-ii.!f
Yea in every way, our
l.ae everjlSiii ,! s p-to
I v,
il i- 1
v m'.l i
II run t
' t', 1 '
:.j J.....:
.. A pi ll 1
1 a
in; t
n.cu ia '
'. their
he atriii'
y f - ' "
'io e.t Oil tl
.'ies as 1 f.'
fl'ifcin :
i.ci-t I- 't I
1, t.
i in

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