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J Pumps
INMHMiy I 1 ln.nl
I J?
We Solicit Your Mail Orders. Goods
Shipped Same Day Order is Received.
Come and Sec Us or Write for Price
Two Car Loads of Nails and Wire Just
Received. Give Us a Trial Order.
Washington Avenue.
1 ftxs
Bell X ' i
. -EV
Native ?
and Prairie
X 44
::: 0 $
gr TOWN."
A Ts( JL
The stores fto Walnut street re
i, wntly injured by fire will be again
ready for occupancy by April 1st.
Tka T,a at vha MinmrMB liv f llA
I IIO ' u b . --..... i
fire last week bug not tecn fully
settled as yet, l'it it bus been
fonnd to be mch smaller than was
t firitt estimated. The actual loss
hi cotton a tso tax determined was
The PacH!ke-L':ii'lit Li:n'wr
Ok w ill start up again next week.
Mr. lleil, the mimager, leturned
from Chicago Saturday and has
ordered everything put in redinesa
fr parting the plant Monday.
Tlie DeLcon Commedians, com
potted of our theatrical amateur
'. w ho pnt on the "Fire Alarm,"
presented the some attraction to
the theatre goer of Clarksdale last
Thursday night. We are glad to
ray the report ecmei bock that
those who attended were well
pleased with the performance and
neat turn was realized by the
Contractor John F. Barns, of
our city, who recently receiv
ed the appointment as Sup
erintendent of Construction of the
new State House is still at the
State Capitol looking after his new
duties. Mr. Barnes is a man of
fine sense and his lone experience
with material and construction fits
him for the duties he has been
honored with by oar Governor aud
Cnpitol Commission. ,
The vacant lots on Washington
venuo, near the park, should be
fitted up with seats and a band
stand during the meeting of the
JL of P. convention in this city in
May, wbare members and friends
can congregate doib ni got ana
dav during the session's intermis
sions and enjoy themselves. The
band could give concert each
night. The aboveWe only offer
in way ol a suggestion. ( j
Toriav we Dttblisb a letrer rrom
a correspondent at Belzona. This
same thing we would De giaa ioio
each week from a correspondent
at every post office to the county
' While tbey may seem uninterest
ing to l he author, oiner peopie in
different parts of the county ap.
nrMiiite reading them, as ther
t the bapsenings of places
wnere inenii. miun. - , " "
onr Bekona correspone'ent for the
letter and bope they will continue
to come eacb week ana oe joined
by onr friends f other towns on
li'l each week we can give the hap
penings of every town in the
comity. If v( i write send in your
A small boat calied Elva, pushln?
three or four large barges loaded with
grain and bay, passed down the river
Thursday. The boat is out of Louis
ville, Ky., and is supplying planters
along the river with feed stuff.
The jfua club of Greenville gave
their first shoot last Wednesday after
noon on the grounds near the court
house. Quit a number were out to
enjoy the sport. This will prove a
splendid attraction for all who love to
shoot and those who enjoy witnessing
good shooting, to pass off our future
summer evenings.
Jno. Strauther, grand exchequer of
the colored K. of P. of Mississippi, has
just sent out his report, In attractive
book form, of monies received and paid
out as benefits to deceased members of
the order, showing the lodge under his
financial supervision to be in a splen
did financial condition. The state has
few better colored citizens than this
one, and the grand lodge can compli
ment Itself on selecting him for this
important position.
The Greenville Inn Is now under the
management of Mr. Albert smith, a
Greenville raised young man, who pro
poses to make it a first class hotel in
every way. Already be has Improved
the table service fcntll it compares fa
vorably with hotels of cities twice the
size of Greenville. Mrs. - West will
continue as matron of ' the Inn. We
wish Mr. Smith and his new business
the success they justly deserve.
The Greenville Drug company, which
bought out the Clark drug store last
week, shows what a man who under-
derstands a business, with push and
printer's Ink, can do toward making it
a success. This company, which start
ed about eight months "ago with Mr.
R W. Tllford as manager, has a trade
second to no store in ths city. In ' fact
it has been jo large that they felt justi
fied In making the above Investment In
orden to secure a store op town. Mr.
Tllford is no doubt the power behind
be-case, ancLthtttelections he has
made In Mr. Moore' and soo atotaks
charge of the store, shows" that , he
means that this' store 'will 'also be t
success. ' -Bob TUford is S'of course", as
his friends all say,, a royal good fellow
any way, and deserve, all v the good
luck that may fall to his totV , f, .
Receives a setback if she has
offensive breath through consti
pation, biliousness or Stomach
trouble, but Dr. King's New Life
Pills always cure those troubles;
clean the system, sweeten the
breath, banish the headache; best
in the world for liver, kidneys
and bowels. Only 25c at Finlay's
dro.f itore.
The Charter of Incorporation of
"The Delta Electric L.igm,
Power and Manufactnr
ing Company.
1. The hartcr of incorporation of "Tie
Delta Blectrie Lifbt, rower ana !"
" The purpoaea for which tliii oorporatioa is
created. a. follow.: To e.erte, man
fectureand sell electricity 'and gae, or other
illnmlnatias light and to dietribute Ikiiw
oyer the city of Oreen.ille. elteiaippi, and It.
uKnrh. WWh.r incoroorated or not. To
bur, nil, manufacture and deal in electrlea
machinery, tuppllea and apparatn.. Te build,
. . nA Bi.intain atreet rail-
way. on any and all rtreete, aenne and riTer
rroniaM or tne city 01 unmu...... .-rrr.
and ita enborba, the anthorlty of the city of
Greenville beinK first obtained therefor,
whether the eame ha. or hae not been incor
porated. And for that pnrpoae to acq"- "J
pnrchaee, leaee, or eonaolldation, the righU,
privilerea, immnnitie, f-anchiaee and P roper
1 Ar .n Miin MrnAration created for the
pnrpoae of constructing and operating atreet
railway. In .aid oity. eaia eorporauoa ...
have the right and power to nae cable, electric,
or other motive power forth, purpose of pro
pelling lta can and rolling stock, and to carry
.a a freight and pasaenger business on and
over it. line when constructed, with the right
e. anl nnllMtii.ff tolla and charires
from freight and passengers To do all things
necessary, incidental and convenient to toe
proper execution ei me pnwor. u.im -
mnrf tj h.va all antfaoritv conferred on corpo
rations under chapter 35 of the Annotated Code
of Mississippi of mi.
t. The names of the incorporator, at. Henry
Crittenden, Arthur maer, u. jaeger, . .
Hunt, F. Oiardina, Angelo t orrero, Alfred
Shaw, . J. Butler, H. T. Crosby, Bdward Hol
land, mx. B. weatnerDee, a. p. n, j.
4. The name of the corporation shall be "The
Delta Kiectnc ugnt, rower ana
ing Company," and it .hall bar. succession
fnr a nf4nH nf Sit. vara from the date Of ita
approval by the Governor. It .hall have its
domicil at Greenville, Washington county,
6. The oapital stock shall be 140,000 00, di
vided into share, ei I1OS.0O each, and the capi
tal may be tncreaaed or diminished by a vote
of two-third, of tk. stockholder.
, Th. board of directors shall consist of
Mven member, and th. nnmber may b ia-
,iu..i.., to not lee. than Ave.
by . two thirds vote of the stockholder.. Th.
omoer shall be a president, vice president,
secretary and treasurer, who shall be selected
from among the director., and snob other offi
cer, as may be pravlded for by the by-law..
7. The corporation may organise and com
menoe businee. when liOOU.on of the eapiul
Mock is aubscribed and the charter approved
by the Governor.
8. The liabilities of th. company shall not at
any time exceed the amount of the capital
paid in.
Mr. Joe Neill, the contracting
painter who came to our city from
Memphis about two tuouts ago,
has found a rich harvest of work
here in store for him. His splen
did job of painting and graining
on the Pollard house new belong
to Mrs. Carson, has attracted the
attention of everyone in the city
who baa painting to ba done, the
results of which .he has secured a
a great deal of new work. He is
now, with his workmen, engaged
painting the Goldstein building on
Washington Ave., which he prom
ises when ttoished to be an at
tractive borne, Mr. INeal is not a
cheap man, as he uses pure oil and
lead in his work which means long
life cheaper in the end.
i b for Sale cheap.
' Par bred ball- terrier duds
. . . -
of the most improved breeding,
sired by Sleepy Dan A. K. C. 8.
H DtftiU, dam Fawn &U595.
These are very fine watch or
guard dogs. Write for prices.
' H. B. Eobinson,
P. O. Box 41. Greenville, Miss.
Also eggs for setting from
standard bred B. B. Plymouth
Rock chichans, fl.Oa per 13.
'lhe preValiilg custom is pine
finish hardwood floors for
interiors, and it is universally
conceded that for a private resi
dence nothing can be found to
equal tnem, in being at the same
time artistic, beautiful and dura
ble. My stock of all kinds and
grades of pine that are to be desir
ed is exceptionally large and line,
great care being taken to keep it
in good shape, and you will find
it to be as represented. I have a
beautiful line of hardwood floor
samples in my uptown office as
well as wall paper samples that I
am always pleased to show my
patrons, and a call from you at
any time will receive prompt
attention and be appreciated.
H. N. Alexander.
Bankrupt Notice.
In ths District Co.rl of lhe U.iiled Scale', for
th. Souther. District of Mississippi, tn Usuk-
In the matter of
W. B. Hunt, Ia Bankruptcy
To whom it may concern:
Take notice, that on tne l,in any or Decem
ber, lio, a petition was Sled in Bankruptcy by
the above named Bankrupt, praying that he be
discharged from an ma aenta prov.Die against
hia eatate. exeent anch debt, as are exceoted
by. law from aueh diacharge.' The hearing of
such petition ha been set for the loth day of
April. A. D Mttl. at Vicksbunr. alias., before
the Hon. H. U. Nile, U. 8. District Judge, at
which time and plaee, you are required to show
cause, if any you have, why the prayer of such
saouia not oe grantea.
L. B. MOSELEY, Clerk.
petitioner Mould not be
Trustee's Sale.
On Thursday. Ih. 4th day of April. 1M1. at
toe .tore bouse or . M. Uirnnee, in Moor
head. Mia... I will offer for .).. at nubile out-
... J (W . . I . . HI... IV. UHR. . II ... I
r in balk lhe entire stock or goods end Oxtures
in said store house. TbU stock invoices M.-
974.7(, and is good oleau stock, consisting of
ary Koou.. grocenee, nartiware, ere., aucn a
I nanaiiy lepi la a art! claae eonntrv stor..
No winter slock Private bide for axld atoek
are invited on or Deiore aia date.
4. M. CASHIN, Tru.tee,
Greenville, Mise.
I have taken up a stray mule.
dark sorrel, long gray saddle mark
on right side, slit in right ear.
uwner can have same by calling
on me at tr aducan, Miss.
"I would cough nearly all
night long," writes Mrs. Chsa.
Applegate. of Alexendria, f JndJ,
"and con Id bsrdly get any sleep.
had "the consumption sa bad
that if I walked a block I would
conghTrrghtfulIy and spit blood,
but, when ali other medicine
failed,' three -ll.oo bottles Of
Dr. King's New Discovery wholly
cured me and I gained 58 pounds."
It's absolutely guarranteed to cure
Colds, Coughs, LaGrippe, Bron
chitis and all throat and lung
troubles, rnce soo and fl.oo
Trial bottles free at Finlay's drug
store. '" ' s
We will have a full line of
Spauldlug's Base Balls, Uitte,
aad Masks, in on April 10th.
Notice of the Proposal
Of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the
Town of Lelaud, in the state of Mississippi,
to issue bonds of said Town.
Notice is hereby given, that the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen of the town of Leland,
in the state of Mississippi, will, at a special
meeting to be held on the 16th day of April,
I1I0I, in said town of l.eland, provide for the
issuance of the bonds of said town, to the
amount of ten thousand dollars, for the pur
pose of erecting a system of waterworks in,
and for the benefit of, said town, which bonds
will be in the sum of S500.W) each, and num
bered in regular series from "1" upward, and
are to mature a follow, to-wit: Bond No. 1,
to mature in one year from date. Bond No. i to
mature in two years from date, Bond No 9 to
mature in three years from date, Bond No. 4 to
mature in four years from date, Bond No. S to
mature in Ave years from date, Bond No. ( to
mature in six years from date, Bond No. 7 to
mature In seven yean from date, Bond No. 8 to
mature in eight years from date, Bond No. to
mature in nine year from date, Bond No. 10 to
mature in ten year from date, Bond No. 11 to
mature in eleven vemra from darn Ua.h wa i.
to mature in twelve year from date. Bond No.
w mature m tnirteen year from date. Bond
No. 14 to mature in fourteen year from date.
Bond No. 15 to mature In .
date, Bond No. 18 to mature la sixteen year
from date. Bond No. 17 to matnrA in
year from date, Bond No. 18 to mature in
eighteen year from date, Bond No. is to ma
ture in nineteen year from date, Bond No. V 1
to mature In twenty year from date, and all
bonds bearing Interest at the rate of six per
cent, per annum, from the date of their iasu
anoe, and interest on all bonds to be payable
annually at the Western National Bank of
N. Y.. and are to h l!th.inhi . V
signed, sealed, registered aud issued, a re-
rea ay section sois. nfth. tu.ni i
tate of Mississippi.
Clerk of Town of Leland .
Petition For Pardon.
To His Excellency, Governor A. H. Lonidoo
lour Detitionar. alitrrltt Uplri.nA i. ,
Mtltionfng, would show unto your Excellency
thai at the December term, 1898, of the Wash
ington Conntv eourt. be was frinvieied ol as
aanit and battery with Intent to kill and mur-
that Urn. he has been confined in penitentiary,
servlugsente.ee. Your petitioner would state
and show unto tlie Coart that prior to thlsof
renae be had er.ivri a v.
said otlensaw committed la thi heat of naT.
made a good and obedient convict aad that a
number oftha leailln. rfiiu.. w.ri J " "
Ownty ami with him In this petition, request
log your Bxcelleasy to grant him a pardon
mI COT"l'lered,- e.ltloaer
:rr. a. po mm
pny, etc. txw
-mioa.r will ever
Bankrwpt U. OH H 4
la the District Curt of th Ceiled States tr
the SMtkera- rfHaUslpy), , n,'.t
I. th. marter ri
rt? k l aakrapUy.
ie sua
Staple and
Free Delivery, AH Goods Gtfantnteed. Cf
You will find all Goods Frtsh, Quality the Best,
It mar
Take notion, that on th. 11th day nf nieian.
ber. law, a petition mIMU vllinTtj
the above named Bankrupt, praying thali, he
5'eea.artred team all hi. debt. proY.bl. aVn.t
Am. exeant aeh Ahm : :
by law from suoa discharge. The hearlnVaS
Boa. H C NIum, U.S. Dl.Vric4 JnoTitwhiih
tlaM aad plaee yen ar. reouirdd to 12....
If aar ran hare, wh ik! JL
Honor soon id aol be granted .
L.B. a0,T.ci.
C. D. BASa., D.O.
Jtist RcccivccJ
VfiU.Bc Sc!d Cheap ktf
Take The Tim-s M
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